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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  September 11, 2016 10:00pm-10:36pm EDT

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ground sir ceremony early and stumbling helped into car. what her doctors admitted. what happened to a 6-year-old supposed to be kept away fromler father? your news is next. father? your news is next. the new family feud what's minstant game playing with top prizes of a hundred grand? survey says... (ding) winning. on the spot. play family feud from the pennsylvania lottery. and you could win... on the spot! keep on scratchin'
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live from center city in philadelphia. this is fox 29 news at 10:00. live in lower manhattan, the tribute in light to the twin towers, the victims and all that we lost on that tragic september 11th. now 15 years ago. two pillars of light honor all those who died in the terrorist attack on the world trade center from the tolling of the bell. marking the momentings the plane hit the towers to the reading of the names. president obama laying a wreath to the ceremony in shanksville, america will never forget.
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i'm lucy, iain is off tonight. the 15th anniversary of 9/11 attacks brought crowds of people to ground 0. but the site of presidential candidate hillary clinton apparently ill and leaving ceremony early lays concern, joyce evans is here to concern. >> word is hillary clinton is resting at her home. her doctor released a statement saying she has pneumonia. she's on antibiotics and recovering nicely. her campaign says she felt overheated during the 9/11 ceremony. you see here democrat nominee clintons's standing on the sidewalk outside the site of the world trade center as her suv pulls up. she's leaving the ceremony in ground 0 in progress. she appears unsteady, her aids and protected detail holding her up. she stumbles moving toward the
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van. as she is helped inside. a law enforcement source tells us mrs. clinton had to wait at the curb for her motorcycle because her detail was caught off guard by her early departure. the source says her knees buckled and that one of her shoes came off while clinton was being helped inside. the former first lady went to her daughter chelsea's apartment. about 90 minutes after that, her campaign put out a statement saying mrs. clinton left because she felt overheated. but was feeling much better now. shortly afterward, she came out smiling. >> beautiful day in new york. >> last week on the campaign trail, clinton's voice sounded raspy at several stops and she had that bad kind of that interrupted one of her speeches. when asked to comment today on clinton's early exit, republican presidential nominee donald trump said that he didn't know anything about it, but new york
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congressman peter king also republican told the "washington post" that during the ceremony, it was trump who told him about clinton's health issue saying, quote, it was actually trump who told me what was going on. he leaned over and told me that hillary wasn't feeling well. i said, really? no doubt we'll be hearing much more about what happened to the democrat presidential nominee, and how she is recovering in the days to come. lucy? >> thank you. in bucks county hundreds gathered at the garden of reflection, brad sattin joins us from lower makefield. >> reporter: coyote a night. lucy, the garden of reflection in bucks county opened in 2006. really turned no a special place. as i step out of the way. you can see where fragments. you will see on paper 4,000
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doves, a symbol of peace and love. people came with a promise they would never forget 9/11, 2001. peter flowers says we must always remember, he and others with the warriors watch riders stood at attention as people require arrived at the gander of reflection >> never forget what happened and we got to keep reminding, as bad as it hurts, we have to bring it up. >> reporter: 11 torches were lit. in memory of the people. one for first responders, another for the plane hitting towers. each torch escorted by a 15-year-old born in 2001, and now it will one day be up to them to insure 9/11 is never forgotten. >> sandra wright was 57 years old. >> reporter: each name was read of 18 bucks countyians killed followed by the toll of a bell. nick berger was it a years old when he lost his father, who died in the south tower while
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helping others out. dedicating a song to all lost >> i don't know what to say. i don't know what to think. >> reporter: a former police officer writing a song. ♪ . >> reporter: candles lit up the night sky, remembrance in light ceremony. >> announcing the names was very emotional. >> reporter: folks of all as seemed to feel the loss, a fifth grader born long after 9/11 tried to comfort a crying friend >> i felt bad so i said it's going to be ok. it's going to be fine. and i felt so sad. >> a lot of people felt so sad. nearly 3,000 people died that day and also remember tonight the 6,650 military men and women who had been killed since 9/11. there were certainly a lot of tears. a lot of folks tell me as they left, they did feel inspired. lucy? >> many people still grappling with the health crisis. thank you so much. in new york city, to
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thousands gathered at ground 0 to remember the lives lost in the terror attacks. >> exact times when the planes hit each twoufrt world trade center. both donald trump and hillary clinton paid their respects. families at the ceremony read the names of the 2,977 victims killed 15 years ago. >> i was only two years old at the time >> this one to the 40 people who died on flight 93. a group of passengers from that flight fought with the terrorists and prevented them from reaching the target, which officials believe was either the white house or the capitol. and at the pentagon, president obama laid a wrinkly in memory of those who died on 9/11. the crowd observe a moment of silence at 9:37, which is tw the third hijacked plane crashed into the pentagon in the midst
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of morning. the president had a message of unity >> it is so important we reaffirm our character as a nation. people drawn from every corner of the world. every color. every religion. every background. bound by a creed as old as our founders. of many, we are one. >> 184 people died in the attack on the pentagon. ♪ ♪ here in philadelphia, procession in old city remembered those who lost their lives 15 years ago. the police, prison and fire commissionerers led the groups from firemen's hall museum to the betsy ross house. first responders held a flag folding ceremony and a bell ringing to honor the fallen. still ahead, how one 9/11
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widow is making sure local children never forget those who we lost. later in our broadcast. on your radar, we got relief. finally. a much cooler evening at 17th and chestnut. a lot of folks out and about after our last oppressive heat wave breaks. co is here with our first look at the forecast. >> after days in 90's, finally we're talking about a break in the weather pattern with highs in the 80's. outside in old city philadelphia, very nice, 76 degrees. wind out of the north and that is a cool northerly wind. you can see the effects of this. the poconos 57, allentown 65. pottstown 68. it will be a cool change for many of us. as we head out the door tomorrow morning. at 8:00 a.m., 65 in the city, 58 in the poconos. 61 wrightstown and 61 in atlantic city. we'll talk about the changes in the seven-day forecast.
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seasonal to start the week, mid week surge of summer heat. it's going to be back before fall returns in your seven-day forecast. we'll see you later. in the broadcast. fans in south philly want to know, eagles fans everywhere beyond ecstatic. sean bell is here. you got to be having a bill old smile on your face, hopefully this is the promising start to the good season. >> reporter: hopefully it is. you couldn't dream of a better start. carson wentz doug pederson both guys making their nfl debuts and both missed. carson wentz on his first drive as an nfl quarterback showing
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pinpoint accuracy. doug pederson managed a perfect game as a head coach in the third, another dive to nelson agholor put it right in the bread basket. eating within 29-10. wentz showing no signs of being a rookie >> you dreaming you want to win. that was the goal today and we came out and got a great team win. i think it will hit me after the game, you know, i've been dreaming about this since i was a kid. again, it's the first of many. on to next week >> on sports sunday we'll break down how impressive this kid really was. looking like a six-year veteran in his first game, absolutely amazing. >> i know. there were so many questions, then he came out and look what he did. my goodness. our crews had at chuckie and
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pete's to get the take. >> ain't nobody like an eagles party. carson wentz he did his thing. ♪ . >> he's eagles fan, monte keys who tweets me all the time. love that man. so many words that is a reaction we got from fans at the south philly sports bar and while we witnessed a ton of stand-out performance, carson wentz is on everyone's mind. >> ♪ >> he's looking great, comfortable in the pocket. throwing darts all day. looking great. i'm happy with him. >> moment is not too big for carson wentz. i love it. >> let's see if we can keep it going for week two. the game against the chicago bears. a lot of you saw this huge plum of smoke pouring from the new jersey side of the delaware this afternoon.
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fans watching a the eagles win spotted it. this was at the cam iron and male yard. the fire is out. video of police opening fire on a man during a traffic stop. why this video is finally coming to light two years after it happened. what happened to a 6-year-old who was supposed to be kept away from her father? also tonight, a neighborhood staff, a church caught up in a feud with a nightmare who hasn't even moved in yet. what is so offensive? church leaders are trying to pray it away.
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♪ tonight at the memorial to to september 11th on the 15th anniversary of those horrific attacks how a widow lost her husband is making sure a new generation remembers the victims. more nfl players are following collin kaepernick's lead. he made headlines refusing to stand at the national anthem. a similar display at the camden high school. joanne pileggi joins us from camden headquarters. joanne. >> reporter: good evening. everyone, the school district here says it supporters the coach and players' freedom of expression, one day after the coach and most of the team needle during the national anthem. in this video posted on of the pregame national anthem, the coaches and all but two of the players on
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the woodrow wilson tigers kneels as it played. >> they with collin kaepernick. they stand, i've seen a couple of people that needle and they did the same thing. this actually is becoming a movement. >> reporter: a mutual that has spread through the nfl and even spilled on to the high school football field in south jersey. >> i think at good thing and also a bad thing. you got to think about the people that died for that flag and we could have our freedom. i think they doing it for a good reason but trying to represent something. they don't want to represent a country that have racism, disrespect and hatred. >> reporter: kaepernick has divided fans and sparked debate. >> once a celebrity does it, everybody wants to do it. a lot of people would say it's like copy cat and stuff, but i guess everybody just has their own perspective on it. >> reporter: coach preston brown
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told his team that he planned to kneel during the anthem for the high school season opener against highland high. >> you should give it respect. if it's traditional to stand and you're here, you live here. you might as well stand. to each his own. >> reporter: camden school district issued a statement saying, quote, the district supporters standing for the flag. but this is a personal issue. and we strongly respect our students's experiences and their exercising our country's first amendment right. wet whether they choose to standing kneel or otherwise, we're proud of their engagement with what is more broadly a very important social issue. >> reporter: coach brown is quoted as saying he supporters the movement to bring attention to social justin and economic disparities throughout the country and coach brown is quoted as saying he will continue to kneel during the
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anthem. lucy? >> thank you, in trenton, police are trying to find a shooter who killed two people, including a teenager. then wounded another. at the shell gas station in greenwood and chambers early this morning, police saw the 16-year-old and a 21-year-old man both shot in the head. the third victim 19 years old. he was rushed to the hospital in a private car. doctors do expect him to survive. if you have any information about what happened, call the mercer county homicide task force or trenton police. a man is in jail for killing his 6-year-old daughter. authorities believe he was somehow able to steal her away before the terrible act. the little girl was in protective custody. her grieving family says something needs to change. they spoke to fox's evan lambert in florida. >> lyla was extremely happy-go-lucky. doesn't matter what your mood was. she can make you smile >> her smile shines through in almost every snapshot capturing
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a moment of the 6-year-old's life. now all her family can do is cry because lyla isn't here. detectives in asheville north carolina found her dead. her father, 36-year-old seth pickering killed her. >> there should have been no way he should have been able to find her >> her grand mother says the girl was in protective custody after the state removed her from her dad's custody. he said lie she came to florida to 68 her abusive husband and tried get her back. local media report authorities were in the process of putting out an amber alert when they found her dead. a call from north carolina broke the horrifying news to her mother, ashley. >> she was sitting on a step rocking back and forth and screaming at the top of her lungs, mom, bring lyla back. now, her mom is in the hospital
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after a breakdown and possible heart issues relating to her daughter's death. the girl's family in spring hill is seeking answers from north carolina authorities. they want lyla's death to be call to action, so this doesn't happen to any other child. >> it was too late now for lyla. hopefully through this some laws can change or something can change where the kid will be safe. >> reporter: evans lambert fox news. a bridge collapsed and sent rescuers scrambling for survivors. what was happening to this before it went tumbling down and. i'm besides myself. just i can't believe it. >> in a community shocked, 1 its neighbors under arrest after she tried to flag down help for her husband on the side of the road. what happened that has her in trouble with the law. remembering those with lost on september 11th. what one woman done for the new
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generation will never forget. what we've lost.
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playing the new million in an instant gamethan with top prizes of a million bucks? winning. on the spot. (cheers) play million in an instant from the pennsylvania lottery. and you could win... on the spot! keep on scratchin' winning lottery numbers. ♪ ♪ china, a cram rolled at the exact moment a bridge collapsed. a cloud of debris is all that's left. which also crush add vehicle. it happened as crews were
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dismantling the bridge. they say three workers are still missing and five others injured. in north carolina police released dash cam videos showing a 2013 officer involved shooting. as you can imagine, a warning comes with it. shooting left a man in this video paralyzed, lawrence graham later died. a federal judge unsealed the video in the midst of a wrongful death lawsuit. the police chief said the shooting involves officer little. graham was passenger in a car stopped for a traffic violation. another officer was searching the driver, graham jumped in the car. police say little fire three rounds. two of them struck him. little never faced charges and is no longer in law enforcement. in texas the wife of a fire captain was frantically trying to flag down cars to help her husband. she now faces murder charges. authorities say 47-year-old bob
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pointer was found dated. his wife, chacey, officers say she gave conflicting statements. so she's now under arrest. >> i'm besides myself, just -- i can't believe it, because she was too, you know, they were both a sweet, nice couple as far as we could see >> police are looking for another person, they say they saw chacey point er with another person as she tried to flag down cars. still ahead. >> i move on but i don't forget him. >> a husband's final words to his wife before he died on september 11th. what she has done so that a new generation will never forget all that we lost. tonight, a neighborhood church caught up in a feud with a nightmare who hasn't moved in. what is so offensive? church leaders are trying to pray it away.
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kathy? >> refreshing change to our weather. it's a front that draped along the coast moves out to sea, be comfortable for now.
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♪ ♪ (bells toll). 15 years later, we're
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marking the morning our lives changed forever, september 11. the pain is still fresh in our hearts and we hear the names at ground 0 on the pentagons and shanksville and tonight, the lights commemorating those once mighty twin towers shine into the heavens. it will fade with the sunrise tomorrow morning. closer to home, many are gathering at the garden of reflection. tonight, a special remembrance in light as those they left behind honor them. but events throughout the day helped family and friends remember those they miss so much. sabina kuriakose reports. >> michael a, bane. lorraine bay. >> told me you he loved me and i
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said be careful. >> reporter: 18 bells tolled for the ones who never came home among the 3,000 victims of september 11th terror attacks. count let's broken hearts still trying to heal. he was 29 and trying to start a family with her husband, michael, the best laid plans destroyed. >> we didn't have a child and that was a huge, another huge loss for me. >> reporter: as the wind gives wings to the pain in circling the garden of reflection. she says there's symbol of hope. she enlisted school children to make the doves, insuring a generation will carry on a promise can never forget. ♪ . >> reporter: the 9/11 remembrance ceremony somber with song and prayer.
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haunting memories of ash and dust. heros and loved ones, long lost but forever mourned. among the pain and scars that were laid. there was also love and even joy. >> i move on. but i don't forget him. >> reporter: in lower make field township, sabina kuriakose fox 29 news. . in pennsauken, the community honored the first responders 10 civilian heros of september 11th. hundreds turned out at cooper taking part in the 9/11 hero's run. the manian foundation and the camden heros scholarship fund hosted this local run. you can watch the tribute from we're videos posted from all the official september 11th memorials from the pentagon to shanksville to ground 0, of course. a baptist church in georgia is fighting against an adult's
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only hotel. the pastor says it's inappropriate. if plans go forward for the hotel, it will sit just feet from the 150-year-old church. pasztors quite worried about what message the hotel's business model sends to the community. the church of pastor, says they're not a lot they can do but they will continue to fight with prayer. a lot have been praying for a break from the opposed weather and we got it >> after four days of heat finally a break in the weather pattern with temperatures in the 80's. an ultimate doppler, not many clouds. the normal high is 80. temperatures soared through the weekend and we have a break. 85 the high. temperatures falling well into the 50's and 60's. take a look at these temperatures upstate new york in the 50's. quebec in the 40's overnight tonight at my philadelphia 76. harrisburg, 71, williams port
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61, humidity very low in the 40's from philadelphia to the north and west. and that means the air is bone dry. northerly winds keeping the air dry. that means the atmosphere will allow to cool even further overnight. fair weather high pressure builds in a sprawling high pressure system. days that will be sunny will wait for this cold front, a little bit later on in the week and behind it a refreshing fall-like change with highs only in the 70's later this week. in the city overnight, 63 in the suburbs, 56. mainly clear and very comfortable. tomorrow the high 82 degrees. sunny and pleasant. seasonally warm. the winds out of the northeast. another cool wind for us. on your extended forecast from your weather authority tuesday, 85. wednesday we peaked ahead of the front and about 92, another day in the 90's. much cooler behind that front. 78 thursday, friday, 80, saturday, 85. and by sunday, a chance of a few showers, 85.
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look at these shore temperatures, if you hold -- if you held off your vacation until september, you picked a good week, temperatures in the 70's and 80's down the shore, looking pretty decent with only a threat of rain by the weekend and lucy, we do need the rain. >> isn't that the truth? are you excited about tomorrow? >> you know it's the q. don't miss the q on fox 29. and a brand new talk show with quincy harris. big name guests and bigger party tomorrow at noon on fox 29. that will do it for us, for your fox 29 news at 10:00. keep it here we got one heck of a sports sunday for you. ♪ ♪ we're talking eagles, eagles and some mo, eagles. the city is excited and they should be. you saw the performance by two
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rookies we haven't seen in quite some time. carson wentz, doug pederson, both doing work in their nfl debut. we're break, it down with garry cobb and hearing from the team mates about how impressive of a performance this was coming up on the sports sunday.


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