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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  September 12, 2016 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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philadelphia win. eagles have now won five of their last six openers and seven of their last nine. >> rg3 what a way to start, that was it. the first drive, we scored a touchdown with the perfect pass, this morning reaction from the team and the fans, and it is the stumble that could change the presidential election? hillary clinton caught falling while leaving ground zero what her doctor finally admitted, about hillary clinton's health. take a knee across the country and right here at home football players from the nfl and high school taking a stan but one school district is speaking out about what its players did, taking a stand is an interesting way to put it g
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day, it is monday september 12th, 2016. lauren johnson is off this morning. sue, have you heard, to take is september 12th. >> yeah. >> it is the launch of the q. >> that is right. >> he has his own show. >> of course. we're going to be watching and we hope you will be too. >> what time is it on. >> i don't know, we will have to check. 12:00 noon. >> yes, 12:00 noon. >> we have only said it 18,000 times. >> now he will be watching. >> he questioned me before the program about the number of the day and i will tell you where it is, it the is double digits today, yeah, ten out of ten. we have a cold front that came through yesterday, in the morning, gave us a beautiful afternoon yesterday, and then that weather will continue today. we are here at philly international where they are just waking up getting things going. comfortable 65 degrees low humidity at 48 percent and sunrise at 6:40 this morning. other temperatures only
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45 degrees at mount pocono right now. fifty-six in reading. 58 degrees in trenton. sixty-one atlantic city. sixty-five down in wildwood. where we, we see nice weekend in wildwood. forty-six in trenton is dew point so dew points in the 40's and 50's means low humidity, and that is wonderful. breezes coming from the north and the northwest, and so that is a good thing, and here we are, plenty of sunshine, marvelous monday. 82 degrees. what more could you ask for bob kelly except for a day off. >> but you know what everybody will be in the the good mood this week because of the eagles win. it is amazing how good mood, bad nude shifts here with the eagles game yesterday. if you were down at the game or did partying tailgating at home send us a picture at fox 29 good day is #to use and we will put up your eagles pictures on tv all morning long. looking good on the schuylkill expressway no problems or delays at all in or out of the city but we're looking good on i-95, in problems coming on
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the bennie, coming into downtown philadelphia. nice and quiet. most of the the overnight crews took the night off to watch the eagles game yesterday but that vine street expressway is opened, this morning. so that is good news for folks coming into center sit the eye. as we go to the maps coming from south injuries any problems on the the freeway, looking good just keep in mind we have construction zone 42 heading in toward. 295 and that bellmawr interchange. looking good, up and down blue route for foulke, to and from the poconos, no problems on that pennsylvania turnpike from valley forge all the way over toward, bensalem, and in lower providence, only one accident, the only one on the board here ridge pike and and germantown pike right outside of the collegeville. if you are typically using that route one, pennsylvania turnpike, interchange that is philadelphia bensalem interchange is there a new traffic pattern, for folks, entering and exiting the turnpike here at route one as part of the that eventual new ramp that they will put in there, not the that far from
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the neshaminy fall and then hello, villanova that construction continues along route 30 lancaster avenue, right at route 320 spring million road. heading to the and from the campus you'll find delays. keep in mind as you mentioned last week was first week for many of the kid back to school. today that is first monday where everybody is back to work and back to school so the school buses will be back out there, with our morning party again. chris, back over to you. talk bail party. how about at the link yesterday. we are one and zero. fans in south philadelphia, fans every where really of the eagles, very excited, yeah. so, the newly christened nfl quarterback carson wentz did not disappoint. in fact, he went, peterson area is off to a flying start. rookie quarterback led his team to the 29-ten win over the browns. wentz was 26 of 37, 278-yard, two touchdowns and his performance has eagles fans
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pretty darn excited about the future, finally. waking up this morning beaming and hopefully, the team can keep it going as we head into chicago against the bears. steve keeley in pennsauken. how steve, how are you. >> reporter: chris, what a great thing to lead the newscast with a football game because, we had a tough stretch, stressful week, september 11th over the weekend. we really needed a positive distraction, something to uplift everybody, and i guess simple football game and a young rookie can do a that. how about him going from within one weeks, from third string, you are not going to dress for a while, too first win and first impressive win at the that. how about doug pederson also getting his first win. i watched bob kelly on the air yesterday what a coincidence he wears his darren sproles jersey. he is right up the alley he has the deal with the most traffic. he allude is a a lot of guys in the the couple of running backs and whole team played
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great. here's some aftermath from fans and players. >> just knowing, the maturity level he has and things i was trying to get across to the fans, to the media, this is who he is. this is his dna. he really handled himself great all week long. he prepared like he was a five or six year veterans. he played that way. just so happy for him and his family and the team. we're so exited to get this first win but, again, with carson how he handled himself from the maturity level was outstanding. >> we're happy with him. yeah, like i said looking comfortable. i think it will be a great year. we will see where it goes. >> so, maybe some of the fans watching the game at the sport bars and watching at home noticed what i did. doug pederson during that half time chat the with the reporter, always uncomfortable, andy reid made it feel like somebody was trying to get, pentagon, troop maneuver movements out of him but doug pederson very polite
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and how about him getting the first win in his first home debut, as an eagles head coach in 40 years, not since dick vermeil has somebody done that. wow, that is saying a lot too? yeah, dick vermeil took us to the super bowl a few years in too. also, it is worth mentioning steve that doug pederson now, as the head coach is really five and zero. we won all four preseason game and one that counts yesterday. >> reporter: yeah, that rolled right in the regular season. you know what they are starting the regular season, were not some of the greatest team. cleveland and chicago, probably the schedule is playing in the eagles favor as well. >> yeah, that is true. chicago and monday night football up there in chicago. steve, thanks very much. team started the day carson wentz tweeted this first of many, great team win. love the way the link was rocking #fly eagles fly. his team made jordan matthews said great team effort, more work to be done, congrats on
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carson wentz and coach pederson or their first w. by the way vice-president gentlemen biden was at eagles season opener. he was on the field. the vice-president joined first responders, and along with members of the armed forces, we can show the vice-president, i'm sure we have video of him. he was there they is. holding the flag. you can see to his lefties head coach doug pederson and that flag covered the entire field and it was there during the playing of the national anthem. for more fan reaction and highlights from yesterday's big win head to our web site at fox we want to see your eagles pride. send us photos from the game and use the #fox 29 good day. 4:08. doctors orders, days of rest for hillary clinton after a medical scare, video shows the democratic presidential nominee, nearly fainting on sidewalk, and this morning, she's home recovering from pneumonia and dehydration. clinton also being forced to cancel days of campaign events, and fund raising, there she is right there, her
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blonde hair being held her, her left arm being held and she kind of stumbles making her way in that. is uv and then she falls down. dave kinchen is live with more on this story, dave, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it was a frightening situation when all of the networks or many broke in with this news on september 11th, we can continue you hillary clinton for a few days canceling her campaign-related events as doctors treat her for pneumonia and dehydration. democratic nominee for president left the 9/11 memorial ceremony in new york sunday morning saying she felt over heated. video which you just saw there and we will show you again shows her being helped in to a van in her motorcade, staff literally holding her up, swaying inn stumbling and lost one of her shoes at one point. she went to her daughter chelsea clinton's house after and then spoke briefly from the press. we will hear from her plus local reaction.
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>> beautiful day in new york. >> how do you react to what happened to hillary clinton. >> sad, very sad that she's sick with you i hope that she would be okay. >> reporter: clinton was supposed to go to the taping of the ellen show and also go to some events in california. again, those scrapped for right now as she recovers. you'll recall briefly earlier this month at a campaign event in cleveland she had a coughing spell that interrupted her speech, and so she's been dealing with some perhaps something like this for a lit while now, chris. >> keep an eye on. that. donald trump was at 9/11 memorial as well yesterday in new york city. when asked about hillary clinton's medical issues he said he didn't know anything about it the but new york congressman peter king told the washington post that during the ceremony it was trump who told him about clinton's health issue, trump has questioned, clinton's health in recent weeks during the campaign. meanwhile latest poll numbers the show the race for president is getting closer
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in, fact national poll average has clinton at the 43 percent, trump at 41 percent, contest especially tight in several battle ground states in nevada and new hampshire, clinton is up by just a single point and in arizona two candidates are now tried. tied. atlantic city was place to be last night as miss arkansas was crowned miss america, 2017. >> the new miss america is miss arkansas. gabby shields. >> gabby shields won. you really liked me. shields succeed outing miss america betty cantrail. savvy performed a jazz dance for which she won a preliminary competition earlier in the week if you played close attention to the progression of this. she received a 50 you this dollars scholarship, a new six
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figure salary. football players across the country are now taking a stand you can say and new on is local high schoolers are, feeling colin copper nick's lead or we should say following. but what does the school district to have say about their reactions. the answer is next.
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what a beautiful sight, just enough of a breeze, the flag will look even better. nice morning out there, you will walk outside and say, oh, how refreshing or word to that effect because it is, kind of on the cool side. we have cold front that came through yesterday, all of the clouds from that are well off shore, no precipitation to show you on radar but we are getting to the point where we are could sianni use some precipitation because we're in a a very dry situation, and watching, we don't have an official drought just yet but we're getting there. there is the cold front, that came through yesterday, high pressure, that took over and then another cold trent that will come through later on in the week to prevent us from getting another heat wave because we will be getting almost heading in that direction and eventually we will be warming up, but for today we are watching this disturbance in the middle of the at the plant i can ocean. that has 80 percent chance of
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becoming over next named storm, so as we look at our list of 2016 atlantic hurricane names, next one on the list now that hermine is long gone is ian, julia and karl after that in case you were wondering. keep an eye on that tropical situation and temperatures as we are's walking out the door cool in the poconos with 45 degrees there. fifty-three in allentown. fifty-eight in lancaster. sixty-five in dover. sixty-five in wildwood. sixty-five here in the the city. wind are not extreme but we have those slight breeze that he is we saw coming out of the north/northwest. so as we look back we did have our four day heat wave last week that ended on saturday with that high of 95 degrees and thanks to the cold trent that came through early sunday morning we had a high of 58 yesterday. so if you were at eagles game at the link you enjoyed the weather and the game. nice when you can do both. average high is 80. only a little bit above average, giving you a ten
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today and ten tomorrow, and 84 . then we will get back to heat and humidity which would last if we weren't getting another cold front but a cool change by thursday, we may not even make it to 80 degrees. we will probably will on friday, and then chance of showers and thunderstorms, into i, the weekend. so that is a look at your weather authority forecast, bob kelly, i know you are in a good mood today. >> yes, eagles won and actually the soccer game that austin had, was early on saturday so we got out of that heat and hopefully that was the situation for everybody. all that heat and humidity we haddon sat the day but what a difference yesterday was. the it was beautiful out there at the link. beautiful outside on the baseball fields n problems at all on the vine street expressway. we are good to go out of downtown this morning. construction crews will be back tonight from about 10:00 o'clock until this time tomorrow, all this week, working on the vine street expressway no problems on i-95 from bucks county down to the delaware state line including right here in front of the philly international.
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in problems at the airport, by the way, on arrivals and departures we're looking good from 422 from reading on in. no problems up and down the northeast extension. but the new jersey turnpike heading southbound at exit number eight, watch out for a disabled tractor trailer right there into that outer roadway, right before the turnpike kind of splits into six lanes there. a crash in collegeville lower providence ridge pike and germantown pike and coming in from south jersey we're looking good on the freeway heading in towards philadelphia, chris, back over to you. mr. kelly, thank you, sir. a lot of you saw this huge plume of smoke pouring from the new jersey side of the delaware river yesterday afternoon. fans watching the eagles game even spotted it from the linc, but it turns out it was at camden iron and medal yard. no one was hurt and fire was quickly put out. in trenton powe are trying to find a shooter, including a teenage their wounded another. at shell gas station at greenwood and chambers early yesterday morning police found the 16 year-old and 21
4:19 am
year-old man, both shot, in the head. third victim, a 19 year-old man was rush to the front private car. doctors expect him to survive. if you have any information, of course, you are asked to call the police. in dover, state police are searching for two men, who robbed a sleeping family, it happened on weeping willow court on saturday night around 1:15. two masked men broke in the home and held up, a three two-year old woman who was asleep with her seven year-old daughter. three other children were also in that house. robbers got away with money and the safe. no one was injured, not physically. more nfl players are following colin kaepernick's lead. he made headlines refusing to stand during the national anthem. here at home a similar display at, camden high school. fox's joann pillegi has more on their reaction on what the players did. >> reporter: in this you tube video posted on of the pregame national anthem, the coaching and two of the
4:20 am
the players on the wood row wilson tigers need as star spangled banner played. >> they running with colin kaepernick. they stand and i have seen a couple people that actually need and they did the same thing. just actually becoming a movement. >> reporter: a movement that has spread through the nfl and even spilled on to the high school football field is here in south jersey. >> i think it is a good thing and a bad thing. you are not thinking about the people that died for our flag so we could have our freedom. i think they are doing it for a good reason. they are trying to represent something. they don't want to represent a country that has racism, disrespect and hatred. >> reporter: kaepernick's demonstration for social justice has divided fans and sparked debate over freedom of expression. >> once a celebrity does it, everybody wants to do it. so, i mean it is like people say copycat and stuff but i guess everybody just has their own perspective on it.
4:21 am
>> reporter: wood row wilson coach preston brown told his team he planned to neil during the anthem for the high school season open's against highland high. >> i think in regard to the national anthem, you should show respect. traditional to stand and you are here, you live here, you might want to stand but to each his own. >> reporter: camden school district issued a statement saying quote the district supports standing for the flag, but this is a personal issue, and we strongly respect our students experiences, and their exercising our country's first amendment rights. whether or students choose to stand, neil, or otherwise, we are proud of their engagement with what is more broadly a very important social issue. >> joann pillegi reporting there. more drama with personal e-mails, and not hillary clinton under fire. judge said governor chris christie's personal e-mails must be searched, or he has to
4:22 am
prove that is already happened. this is all to comply with the state's open public record law. judge is ruling answers of freedom of information requested filed last year by a north jersey media group. they were seeking a number of record including christie's correspondence, during the time of bridge gate. 4:22. the bird are flying high after yesterday's big win, cities excited about two of the teams rookies, sean bell breaks down the team's performance next up in sport. speaking of winning, here's your winning lottery numbers. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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donald trump says he alone can fix the problems we face. well i don't believe that's how you get things done in our country. it takes democrats and republicans working together. that's how we got health care for 8 million kids.
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rebuilt new york city after 9/11. and got the treaty cutting russia's nuclear arms. we've got to bring people together. that's how you solve problems and that's what i'll do as president.
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good morning, i'm sean bell. the eagles had a picture perfect start to the season. carson wentz, doug pederson making their nfl debuts ape both impressive in every single way. carson wentz on his first drive as an nfl quarterback showing pinpoint accuracy. nails jordan matthews in the corner of the end zone. doug pieder managed this team perfectly as a head coach the the in the third, look at this pass, once again, he dropped a dime to nelson agholor right in the bread basket. eagles win 29-ten. as impressive as a start as they can get. wentz showing no signs of being a rookie. >> i you know, i dream and you want to win. i came out, we got a great team win. i think it will hit me after the game, you know, i have
4:26 am
been dreaming about this since i was a kid but again, it the is just a first of many. we're on to next week. >> once again, it gets no better than. that that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. eagles fans very happy this morning after yesterday's big win, steve, good morning to you. >> reporter: well, chris, they get an extra day to celebrate, eight day week for eagles fans. they don't play again until a week from today monday night football in chicago but they will have plenty to talk about before then.
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eagles, had a huge win yesterday in the season opener this morning we have fan reaction plus what the team is saying about their new quarterback carson wentz and love to see how you celebrated yesterday. use the #fox 29 good day. plus clinton overwhelmed, the incident that has many people talking about her health this morning. paying tribute 15 years later, vice-president joe by when an emotional appearance here in philadelphia we will look at 9/11 ceremonies across the country there is joe biden holding the flag right before doug pederson a giant flag, beautiful one, sue that covered the entire field. it is morning after, morning,
4:30 am
monday, september 12th. where did you watch the game. >> at home, yeah. a lot of folks were with other folks, at the a stadium and enjoying just about perfect weather, because, the cold front to came through in the morning really cleared out a lot of the humidity and we ended up with weather like we will of today, a ten out of ten. two in a row, fine weather, now that the cold front is well off shore and we don't have any clouds or rain to show you. so let's talk temperature, 65 degrees, in philadelphia with an 8-mile an hour breeze out of the north east. the here's your official sunrise time at 6:40 in the morning as those days get short but we have low humidity, not all sticky like the end of the last week. the that is really almost cold, in mount pocono. 45 degrees, 53 in allentown. trenton has 58. so done last caster. mid 60's in wildwood as well. the breezes coming from the northeast. nothing extreme but just
4:31 am
enough maybe a sweat they are morning but probably not. you'll be fine. we will get in the 80's later today. 76 degrees by lunchtime. sunny and dry. 7:14 is your sunset time and that takes care of marvelous monday. we will see how long this weather pattern will last and if it will get back in the 90's again when we bring you that seven day forecast. bob kelly is here right now back to the grind. >> back to the grind, and my darren sproles jersey work. i wore that on sunday when difficult my traffic update and then later on in the morning, bam. >> i'm not washing it. i should keep it on all week. it was autographed. i which not wash it. speaking of the eagles if you have pictures of you down at the game yesterday maybe tailgating shots or maybe you like to watch the game with the whole family, pop you have picture on facebook, twitter, instagram using the #fox 29 good day and we should pop up on tv all morning long. live look at i-95 out of northeast philadelphia, a day
4:32 am
after, an eagles game and eagles win and always better with free coffee. you get a free coffee of dunkin' donuts proud sponsor of our traffic reports, free dunk and coffee after an eagles win n problems at all 476 between i the five and turnpike no really problems at all on the schuylkill, coming into downtown philadelphia we have got a accident, ridge pike and germantown pike. they are telling me that red way closed for at least first half of the morning and a accident, truck took down some of the power lines, and so it is a peco power play out there and then southbound on the new jersey turnpike a disable truck at exit number eight right in the outer drive right after both inner and outer drives kind of split in the six lanes. we will pull that cord and drop down to the freeway, heading in toward philadelphia, light volume so far this morning and mass transit looking good. chris, back over to you. thank you, sir what a start to the season. bird are one and zero.
4:33 am
fans in south philadelphia, well, for that matter, all eagles fans around the world are happy, right. and, to be honest about really, carson wentz debut, and boy did he look good. carson wentz/doug pederson another ace off to a flying start. rookie quarterback led his team to an impressive 29-ten win over the browns. how about that. that was the first drive and it end in the perfect pass. jordan matthews. twenty-two for 37, 278-yard, two touchdowns, and fans really excited for the teams future. eagles fans have a lot to be excited about after this. many hoping that we can keep momentum going until we go up to chicago for monday night football. before that happens, steve keeley is getting reaction. anyone there reacting? it is 4:00 33 in the morning. >> no, how is that for a simple answer. maybe we should have went to dunkin' donuts, had i known free cough east after a eagles win maybe i would have been
4:34 am
there instead. no free coffee here at wawa but good coffee. we have a photographer greg gill roy starts his day with the dunkin' donuts ice coffee, end the shift with the the wawa hot cough east, every day, that is his routine. so cleveland by the way passed up a chance on taking wentz with that second picky cannery mind everybody and traded with the eagles. well, browns may have began to regret that decision right during that first drive, that resulted in a touchdown. fans could not be any happier with this carson, cents the days of johnny carson. >> he looked so good. >> i'm so proud. >> he looks great. he looks comfortable in the pocket. >> i'm happy with him. >> the stage is not too big for carson cents. >> i he is a special player. i think a lot of what he does is credited to hard work, preparation and belief, you know, all he does is work his
4:35 am
bleep off, sorry, but you know and just believes he will make plays and, that is what happens. >> that touchdown pass to nelson agholor was a perfect pass, and you do not get any better than. that that is one that sealed me on carson wentz poise. by the way wentz starts, number one overall pick, jared golf picked before carson wentz did not start for rams. number three pick joey bosa did not the play either. and, chris murphy, if you weren't watching, the nfl red zone like i was and watching every game at the same time you may not have noticed sam bradford not ready to start and play for vikings yet either with just eight days to learn the new offense and new team, sean hill played in his place and vikings won. you have to wonder do they have a quarterback controversy over thereafter making that big deal for bradford. do they bunch sean hill after winning a game. >> i'll tell you what we got
4:36 am
this one right. one person we missed yesterday, chip kelly, boy, it was nice to see doug pederson in there. >> yes, it was. all right. vice-president joe biden by the way was there for the season opener. he was on the field for the september 11th tribute the vice-president joined first responders with members of the armed forces to hole the giant american flag, during the national anthem. in politics days of rest for hillary clinton as a medical scare, this video shows democratic presidential nominee collapsing on the sidewalk, her aid and security details literally holding her up this morning clinton is off the campaign trail recovering at her home in new york, let's bring in dave kinchen with what they are now saying about how she's doing, dave, good morning. >> reporter: good morning toy. her doctors telling hillary clinton to take it easy after this event, that really came through, in the form of a news cut in for some of the networks over the weekend and
4:37 am
especially on the 9/11 tribute event that we're taking place. doctors saying that she's being treated for pneumonia and dehydration, democratic nominee for president, leaving a 9/11 memorial ceremony in insuring sunday morning saying that she felt overheaded. the video, showing her being helped into a van in her motorcade, staffers were literally holding her up and in fact we're told the motorcade was a few minutes behind schedule because this was such a sudden departure from this event. she was swaying, stumbling, even lost one of her shoes. she went to her daughter chelsea clinton's house afterward and spoke to the press. we will hear from her and plus local reaction. >> beautiful take in new york. >> there is a health issue, then she's probably going to have to take it easy until things look up. it is probably not anything too serious, you know.
4:38 am
>> pneumonia they say. >> pneumonia. yeah, that is serious. >> reporter: what is your feeling about it over all. >> just hope the best for her. >> reporter: clinton was supposed to make several campaign stops in california, and also go to a taping of the ellen show but all that of course cancelled. you will remember earlier this month she was spoking in cleveland and she was interrupted by a coughing spell, perhaps that is related. we will see, of course with you clinton taking it easy for a few days. back to you. dave kinchen live in philadelphia, thank you. just surfacing video of police opening fire on a man during a traffic stop. why this video is finally coming to light two years after it happened.
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welcome back at 4:41. let's get to north caroline where police released dash cam video showing 2013 officer involved shooting n2013. as you can imagine warning comes with this, it is disturbing, to say the least. here it is,... >> so, we have frozen the picture and we will not the listen to the gun shots but the shooting left a man, in his video paralyzed. lawrence graham later died from this. federal judge unsealed video in the middle of the wrongful death lawsuit, the police chief says it officers denton little.
4:42 am
graham was ate passenger stopped for a traffic violation while another officer was searching driver graham jump from the vehicle. police say officer little fired three round, two of them hit graham. little never faced any charges and is no longer, in law enforcement. 4:42. more trouble for rowan university. what health officials are now saying about the school's water.
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look at ultimate doppler radar and it shows us, us a whole lot of nothing. we have a cool, morning. the heat and humidity we had has gonna way thanks to the cold front that came through yesterday in the morning. so that is, out of here. we see clouds ape precipitation from the cold front in north carolina nothing will bother us with high pressure in control today. cold front is off shore. once this high moves off shore and that will happen on wednesday we will start to get hot, humid again but thanks to the secondary cold front and it will prevent us from having another heat wave. that last one was quite enough, thank you very much. we could use some rain, latest update on drought conditions, in our area as many counties are, in the dry stage we could really use some precipitation, and we will keep an eye on that because we don't have an
4:46 am
official trout guess yet but we are heading in that direction. future cast, doesn't show any rain today, doesn't show any rain tomorrow, just a few cloud, even wednesday night the when cold front comes through, things like precipitation, seems to dry up before it gets the here. next chance would not be until, the weekend, sorry, 65 in philadelphia. sixty-three wilmington. forty-five in mount pocono. fifty-eight in lancaster. cool, comfortable and chilly in the mountains. 8 miles an hour wind coming from the north east. with the northerly breezes, that keeps humidity nice and low. so now our average high is down to 80. we were well above average during four days of the heat wave, wednesday through saturday. saturday's high 95, sunday's high only 85. so that was nice yesterday. we have another perfect one today. still nice tomorrow. heat and humidity return for a day, on wednesday, but that wednesday night cold front
4:47 am
will cool things down into the upper 70's on thursday. back to 80 on friday. mid 80's on saturday. chance of showers and thunderstorms by sunday which we don't like that happening over the weekend bob kelly but we are getting to the point where we need some rain. >> definitely watering new plants there yesterday. good morning. 4:47. hello northeast philadelphia looking good on i-95 no problems or delays at all but we're all in a good mood today and show us your good eagles pictures from over the week friend yesterday. we had a big tail date party on friday. post your pictures on facebook, twitter, instagram and visit #fox 29 good day and put you on tv throughout our monday morning. everybody is in a good nude after a eagles win. amazing how a football team and one win can kind of make it and break it for everybody's attitude for a monday no problems out here, in king of prussia, we're all quiet. but in south jersey route 47 which is also the delsea drive, right at the end of
4:48 am
route 55 here right here near port elizabeth cumberland road. they are doing an investigation. power lines are down. same deal in lower providence ridge pike at germantown pike and an accident pulled down the overhead power lines. the peco power play is on. the southbound on the new jersey turnpike a disable tractor trailer right the here near exit number eight height town and if you use the philadelphia interchange of the turnpike notice a new traffic pattern, so just be ready to hit the break there entering and exiting the turnpike at philadelphia bensalem. chris, back to you. meantime, barely a weekend we don't report about a crime in the city but what about those crimes being solved. in chester, pennsylvania the answer to that question is, a light chance. new numbers released about law enforcement being able to solve crimes in chester. philadelphia inquirer is reporting only a third of the 323 homicides have been solved, since the year 2,000. homicide rates there more than
4:49 am
doubled philadelphia's homicide rate. philadelphia say a spiral have job lessness and poverty after manufacturing base collapsed following by trucks, gangs and lack of of resources for police and a pervasive no snitch culture in chester. new jersey state police say a tailgater left hot coal in the met life stadium parking lot and then spark a fire. six cars were damaged. half had to be towed. flames broke out, right before kick off at 1:00 o'clock. game between new york jets and cincinnati bengals. this is action on the field. it is unclear if anyone will face charges. in your health this morning, more trouble for rowan university and its water issues. school officials say they have found more lead in the water supply this comes after a week after university's president announced water testing showed elevated iron levels and urge students not to drink from certain fountains. not all are impact by this. lead levels are fine and
4:50 am
buildings on its glassboro campus. school officials say they will prevent students and faculty with filtered water options while more testing is done. 4:50. state officials are launching efforts to improve treatment and support for people with autism. state's governor is set to sign legislation to form two programs, inter agency commit thee on autism and delaware network for excellence in autism. the aim, to show information, with agencies providing services and support for individual and families affect by autism. 4:50. some good news for regional septa riders, two stations are getting up grates. septa has received four million-dollar in federal funding to improve bus services for transit riders in the the state. a lot of that money will up great wissohickon transit center, which serves passengers on a dozen bus routes. it is one of the busiest transit hubs. part of the funding will go toward a new pedestrian under pass in the lawn dale section
4:51 am
hunters in pennsylvania face changes for the season. game commission is canceling fall driving tours and or programs due to budget constraints. state is considering an increase in license fees for hunting, and caretaker. there has been a drop in the number of hunters purchasing licenses over the past year and officials say tight budget has the gaming commission monitoring its spending very closely. all right. have you heard of these words: move and not apology. we will tell you what is going on with these two new word, straight ahead.
4:52 am
kids don't know how to act fake. i like your face. so we're learning to be more like them. removing artificial flavors and colors from general mills cereal. i like his face. well at least he's wearing shoes. well done champ. get gooey, flaky, happy. toaster strudel.
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4:54 am
that is a cool song from the 80's. 4:54. here's your chance if you ever wanted to own and operate your own, diner, all right. the poconos has one thaw can have, for free, the diner, at tannersville shut it doors last year. owners want to sell it the so they can build a met or cycle dealership on the site. after find nothing take tours buy that dayer for $30,000 they say it is available to anyone who wants to hall ate way. they hope whoever takes it will keep it local and operating, all right.
4:55 am
today you'll see some new word in the oxford dictionary and some of them, may surprise you, yes. brackettology, idea of predicting teams in the tournament. you are shaking your head there, brackettology. typically ncaa and creating a bracket is what happened here. march madness started there. also added gender fluid which is, designating a person does not identify with a inning is will fixed gender. how about non-apology which is a, statement that takes the form of an apology but does not constitution an acknowledgment or responsibility or regret for what has caused offense or upset. okay. keep are thoughts to yourself. 4:55. beyonce perform last night in st. louis, missouri and fans weren't the only people wowed during the show, ashley everette, captain of her dancers, got a surprise from her long time boyfriend john. he proposed to her during a performance of the all of the single will ladies, all of the
4:56 am
single ladies. thanks, for you help bob and sue. everette accepted and said she was shocked. of course, beyonce was behind the entire time for the act. don't miss today's debut of the q, on fox 29, brand new show, with our quincy harris. today at noon it will air for the first time. big name guests and bigger party at noon right here on fox 29. can't wait for that. q is such a big guy. great show. what a morning for eagles fans. steve keeley, good morning to you, sir. >> i guess i can use the phrase how fans were woed and not by beyonce here in philadelphia but carson wentz, shorter hair. wentz continued, he had a standing ovation even before the game when he ran on to the field. ovation was way louder after and fans on his feet the entire game. despite your best efforts.
4:57 am
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the philadelphia win. the eagles have now won five of their last six openers. >> got to love that. >> eagles pull out a big win beating cleveland browns in the home opener. this morning reaction from the team and fans about yesterday's big game, and it is something had could change the presidential election. hillary clinton seen falling leaving ground zero. what her doctor finally
5:00 am
admitted about her health. and, taking a knee, across the country to right here at home football players from the nfl and high school now taking a stand but now one school district is speaking out about what its players did. good day it is monday september 12th, 2016. lauren is enjoying a four day weekend, sue serio, i dare say, where ever she may be weather is not as good as in philadelphia today. >> it has got to be. hard to find a place that will be nicer then we will be today because we have, for you, a ten out of ten. now did you like yesterday in the afternoon how nice it was. well to day will be just as well. look, it is chocolate milk shake day. bus stop budd it is with his indulgent breakfast. temperatures in the 50's and 60's to get your started. long sleeve eagles jersey is a good idea today, celebrating the win yesterday, cold front came through, in the morning, yesterday, and it the is now well off shore, and so we have some dry


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