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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  September 13, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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then donald trump makes a stop in delaware county we will tell you where you can see him. both visit, could impact, the morning and evening commutes. and hillary clinton's health still in question. she's taken a break from the campaign trail as she recovers from pneumonia. is she being judged unfairly because she's a woman? scary moments for ryan lochte on dancing with the stars. >> hey, backup, excuse me. >> reporter: the protest, that caused the show to abruptly cut to a commercial break. >> dope i show that is but people love it so i won't say anything. we have what you call grid will be in our city of philadelphia. >> yes. >> it is more than just grid lock because we have grid lock with no other options, bob. >> yes, we have options. >> there are options.
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>> we always have options. >> okay. lets go outside, live look at the jammo on the schuylkill expressway, eastbound all lanes are closed, at girard avenue because of an accident. look at this we are bumper to bumper to bumper. >> that is coming in the city that is coming in the city. that is a live look there, stacked and packed as they say, all the way from conshohocken, all the way into downtown. we saw a few folks trying to turnaround and go back down that on ramp this fellow coming from the right side, he would be coming in from montgomery drive. some of those guys have been turning around and going back down that on ramp, all right. now, are you ready, alex. >> i'm ready for these options. >> ready for your options. >> only option because they are shutting down kill i drive and martin luther king drive because of the presidential visit. that would have been an option. your best option to get to the blue route 476 south, it looks
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out of the way but better to be out of the way then no way. southbound on the blue to northbound i-95 and you can come back in on vine expressway. not easy, you will not be only one doing that because the vine expressway is bumper to bumper here as well. about but if you to have get to the airport from king of prussia, montgomery county, yeah. >> you know what i would do. >> i would drive to manhattan; get on amtrak at penn station and take that down to 30th street station and maneuver. >> there you go. >> that probably would be quicker. >> southbound on the blue is way to go coming from haverford, havertown, route one south to the blue route, that is definitely way to go in the airport and then work your way back in on the opposite side. look at the vine street expressway, jammed solid from 95 all the way over. that is just a gaper delay, for folks slowing down to check out the accident. the big problem right now is that your option would have
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been the drives for both kelly and martin luther king drives are closed, so they said 7:00 o'clock, any second now, basically cutting off access to this whole art museum circle, eakins oval and ben franklin parkway because of the presidential visit and then regional rail lines. almost like we are back to square one here. they fixed 18 cars. we rang the bell all excited. and new those 18 cars are back in the shop. septa says bottom line fewer cars on all of the lines today, and expect a crowded train and delays on the regional rail. sue, back over to you. >> at least there is in problem with the wet they are morning. it is enough of the mess on the roads and rails. we're giving you another ten today. it will be very similar, maybe a smidge more humid. we are off to a nice start. a few clouds. temperatures in the 50's and 60's. the bus stop buddy celebrating fortune cookie days. those are some of the clouds. makes for a spooky looking picture there 65 degrees.
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wind are calm. sunrise happened at 6:41. it is 55 in allentown. forty-nine in the mountains. high of 85. nice, once again today even though it is a smidge warmer. tonight muggy with a low of 68. we will talk about the heat and how long it will last in a few minutes. i need visual proof that they are shutting down the roads around art museum. >> they are doing it so early to get ready for president obama. >> four minutes ago it was supposed to start. >> do we have our proof yet. >> what we are seeing right now it looks like a little bit less traffic. here comes another band around the corner here. it looks like things are about to be the same here. i want to go over to the stage. the flags are. old glory, stage where president obama will be speaking in a public event but hillary clinton campaign is asking people to rs vp before coming out here. president owe bala will rally
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with which supporters of hillary clinton who is taking time off her campaign trail as she recovers from pneumonia. we have video of them together at dnc here in philadelphia in july. this will be the first time president is campaigning for clinton on his own which is rare in presidential politics when you think bit. clinton's campaign says that the president will talk about how high the steaks are in this election with a major voter registration effort under way what many people say is key to winning pennsylvania. the clinton/kaine ticket they have unleashed a major voting drive here, thus far, in pennsylvania and specifically philadelphia clinton lead in pennsylvania by six-point in the real clear politics average of polls. the president will be speaking at 1:45. the president will open up at the doors, it is outside but doors will open up at 11:15 at eakins oval. back to you. >> i text awe while ago if you
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can answer a couple of things. find hoe where gary johnson is in the national polls now because gary will be here in a matter of minutes. can do you that for me. >> reporter: yes, i'll do that for you. >> people can rs vp. >> i respond to you. >> do you respond. >> yes, it is a response. better late than never. >> donald trump is also in our area. well, donald trump is heading to aston delaware county for a private meeting at the aston community center. >> is that the biggest thing that ever happened the aston community center. it is no the that big. the event is scheduled for 7:30. we know donald trump, this is what he says, will talk about some sort of policy discussion with the stake holders there. they are not giving us too much information, about what they are going to talk b
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county officials say they are working on having a public trump event so we can all go, there in delco. next week. very quickly. all right. this morning, a police involved crash end horribly, deadly accident at the owned this have chase in hamilton township, new jersey. >> investigators say it happened near busy intersection, and for the person who died in this they weren't even related to this. >> no, no, innocent driver just driving a honda steve's at the scene right the now, steve? >> reporter: real sad aftermath if you look, you can see a car not even involved, it was park nearby, left window blown out that black tinted rear window shattered and below the car one of this young woman's shoes. extremely sad. you can tell it was a young woman, but look at this, look at the utility pole snapped where her car was hit. she was crossing broad street
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a main drag. that is trenton on the other side. hamilton on our side. she has the light. she is going through. little does she know is there a speeding trailblazer, one of the largest suv's on the road about to hit her broadside on the passenger side look at her car, can you make this out even. >> it is or was a honda accord. there goes the trailblazer. that gives you a size of the size of that carries. sky fox here right afterward at 10:00 o'clock when that happened. what we do not the know is details about where a pursuit may have began and why it may have began. we are saying why, may because we just don't know for sure. police will often tell you yeah, they tried to pull somebody over or tried to arrest somebody and people take off. even if the police called off the pursuit people don't look in the rear-view mirror and say cops are not the chasing meal they will go back to
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25 miles an hour. they fly, drive recklessly thinking people are chasing them. that may have been the case here. what we're waiting for is mercer county prosecutor's office to release some details. we understand why they wouldn't this early because this just happened nine hours ago or so. but what we do necessity it is likely another case where somebody took off trying to get away from the the police and a innocent person probably running an errand will probably hear something like getting something for their child or get something milk late at night from the 7-eleven here get killed just doing what they do every day not knowing, the lurking danger coming our way at the same time. a car accident send six people to the hospital. people slammed into several park cars and overturn on samson and 59th street around midnight. people were taken to hahnemann hospital. the extent of their injuries is not yet known at this time and no word what caused the
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crash. police in north philadelphia are searching for a man wanted for shooting two women last night. this morning, both women are in the hospital, in stable condition, emergency crews were racing to the scene, north 15th at west huntington around 11:30 last night at this time, we do not the know what led to the shooting. alex? detectives in bucks county are trying to figure out what caused a two-year old boy to be shot in the chest and killed inside his home. the initial call was that the the toddler shot himself while father, nicholas weilly was also inside. police say he is cooperating with the investigation. no one has been charged. 7:11. hillary clinton will return to the campaign trail after nearly collapsing over weekend and admitting she had an pneumonia. >> that fainting episode is raising new questions about the health disclosures of both clinton and donald trump. doug luzader, one healthy looking guy, what about this? what do we need to know about
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someone's health? how far should we dig in? >> reporter: well, i think most record released came from john mccain who released a thousand pages of his medical history. i don't think anyone is suggest ago this much. health is a big campaign issue for both donald trump and hillary clinton. the despite the almost collapsing load nothing to her vaananen sunday, hillary clinton says she felt fine moments later. speaking by phone while taking time off the campaign trail at her home in new york. >> once i could cool off, sit down and have some water i immediately started to feel better. >> reporter: clinton says she defied advice of her doctor who tell her to take five days a off after being diagnosed with pneumonia. after blistering criticism from republicans and even some democrats, campaign officials
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admitted they should have been more forthcoming about what happened if clinton was brought to her daughter's apartment. new york post reported that the campaign actually circumvented secret service, protocol to maintain secrecy and avoid taking clinton to the hospital. >> thank you have one. >> reporter: donald trump kept his distance from the issue only saying he wishes clinton well but he has repeat thely raised questions about her health, stamina despite releasing little information about his own health. campaign events yesterday, though hammered her over her statement that half of the trump supporters are bigoted, a basket of deplorables. >> she was attacking millions of moms ape dads who love their children and want a better future for all americans, that is what they want. >> reporter: trump meantime is slated to appear on the doctor oz show this week, where he will talk about his own health status, he says that he had a physical just last week and
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again, we're expect to hear more from hillary clinton's doctors this week as well. >> that is for sure. >> doctor oz appearance is thursday. doug, thank you. we will see you tomorrow. more trouble for samsung company. >> the company's galaxy note seven phone has reportedly exploded in a six year-old boy's hand. >> another user claims that the same phone burst into flames while charging in his jeep. i bet you have seen that photo. you can look at that. that is from a phone. you you can see the car completely engulfed in flames. no recall is announced for the device. no recall. samsung, however, faa, and consumer products safety commission of asked note seven owners to power down, and i mean really power down make sure your phonies off and stop using the phone. in case the battery catches fire. officials are working on a official recall. >> how long does it the take
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to put together an official recall. >> a matter of hours when phones are blowing up. it is the samsung seven note. >> but still how long does it take, we know this much, they should be make ago announcement on airplanes. when do we get it together and put out a recall. >> someone barfed eating bad lettuce boom, next morning, no more lettuce. >> ryan lochte was on dancing with the stars. drama follows this guy around. >> sure does. >> bizarre moment last night during ryan's very first performance, on the dance floor. >> excuse me. hey, back off. >> all right, all right. >> excuse me. >> so during the judge's critique she flips out kerry ann because she sees two dudes coming out and rush the dance floor and ryan and his dance
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partner. so what do they to. wow. just throw to commercial break. they went to break. and then the host explained what happened. >> so fell -- limb yan eddie moses was in the audience. he got cell phone video. showing a different view of what happened in the commercial break. >> i see the guys being held down by security. >> people watching, looking on. >> they are getting him up. >> people are clapping there to get him out of there. >> so all that i think is happening as they are throwing to commercial and then tom came back on and slain what happened to the audience at home. >> it had to be scary for him. >> he was a little will bit scared. why wouldn't you be. then he went backstage and almost burst into tears good he has been through a lot. >> yes. >> all of america is judging him. to have someone take that it far. >> all i know is if you are going to be a man at night last night and you have to be a man in the morning. >> physically attack you though. >> i don't know credit they
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are still so upset bit. he got in trouble. he got reprimanded for it. he is suspended for a year. >> apologized multiple times. >> protesters, at dance performance, his hair is too wet. >> he can't get in the pool with the oil hair. >> big slick. >> it will help you go fast. >> yes. >> shave their heads, he has it all put back. what are the solutions for what is happening near the first zoo of america, the philadelphia zoo. >> stay right where you are and just chill, pop another pop tart in the toaster. good news. they have traffic moving again now, east on the schuylkill. we have two of the typical three lanes opened from that earlier accident there at girard. here's the backup that begins at conshohocken, bumper to bumper all the way in well over an hour, it was time at
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hour and a half. ninety minutes to get from king of prussia into downtown. alternate would be blue route, blue route southbound you you can take down to i-95 and take i-95 north that will get you to the airport. also get you in from the back side into center city. southbound on the blue route is there an accident near saint david villanova interchange. we have been talking about the presidential visit. maybe they have eased up on that hard 7:00 o'clock detour because of the shut down of the schuylkill. but any minute we will see that, excuse me, kelly drive and martin luther king drive closed for the rest of the day, excuse me. >> bob clinton. >> i don't have pneumonia. >> are you sure. >> i'm not sure. >> are you going to faint. >> i will go to my daughter's house and just rest for a little while. >> let's bring sue in because martin luther king and kelly drive is close todd vehicle
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traffic at around 7:30 we will call it. and septa, still having problems with those regional railcars but sue, at least it is sunny out for all this outdoor stuff. >> somebody hydrate this man. >> i need a water. >> hydrate, hydrate. quick look at the traffic because we have used tropical storm ian, middle of the atlantic ocean with the the northerly pass not expected to bother anybody just so you know. nothing to show you on radar we don't expect rain today but from this cold front tomorrow north and west of the city you can get a quick shower tomorrow night after we get to a high in the 90's. one day though, only, of the heat and humidity, because by thursday it is a cool change and it is in the 70's. eighty on friday, two very nice day. saturday looks good it will be cloudy though, getting ready for possibility mike and alex of some rain and thunderstorm on sunday. >> on sunday. >> okay. >> speaking of sunday when we all watch football the nfl is continuing to track down on
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players doing celebration touchdown dances. >> even on monday night football with the national scale. latest offender antonio brown of the pittsburgh steelers. did you see this dance. >> he got into it. >> more twerking, look at that. >> he is twerking. >> um-hmm. >> this is against redskins. >> he just scored. >> yes. third quarter and that dance earned him a 15-yard touchdown. >> he pauses, wait for it and keep going. >> it looks like he is ready to poop. >> apparently emily, who i would love to see this written somewhere twerking is banned because it is, sexually suggestive. would i love to see twerking is banned from celebration dances. >> lets talk about twerking. >> okay. >> twerking is kind of sexually suggestive. >> fun toy see that written in the official rules. i'm in the saying it is right.
7:20 am
that is what we have come to we have to write it down in the rule book. >> you have to read the twerk by laws. >> you should not twerk at work. >> this twerk at work. >> that is just a place of work, the football field. >> i have twerked at this work. >> have you. >> yes, it is on video tape. i did it right over there. >> yes, you prepped me enough, i will to it again. >> should he do it. >> that is different twerk. the his is pop twerk because it is pop, pop, on. his is a rounding twerk. you to have break down science of it. we are doing play bay play of the twerk. if you do it, you have to pop it. >> i can pop ape lock it. >> lets go, man. >> we have to move on. >> we have time for this. >> i'm only here so i won't be find. >> okay, marshawn lynch. >> would you like to see that good let me put the my own take on a twerk. let me work on that. >> what do you need to work on. >> it can all be so simple. >> camera is moving for you.
7:21 am
>> it is moving. >> no, no, no. >> how do you say no and then get up. >> it is more of a popping. >> pop, pop, pop, pop. >> he is way down low. >> this is inappropriate. >> i'm saying it is not appropriate good is what the penalty in television, a fine. >> i'm so close to being find. >> i'm on thin ice and you are pushing it. >> i'm not pushing it. >> we needed to an this for the story. >> push, push. >> a lot of people are talking about this from yesterday. >> i don't mind celebrating. >> do you mind twerking. >> well, twerking yes because kid are watching. >> whatever happened to the old day of the icky shuffle, do you remember that. >> yes. >> ryan, find me some icky
7:22 am
shuffle. >> back when it was fun, now her gyrating around. >> or high five. >> yes. >> yes. >> anyway lets get back to the game, before the game last night, it ways late game but you didn't see this but colin kaepernick, tea ache knee with the teammate during the national anthem, so is what the right thing to do here. this debate rages on so why dove we have someone on good day fill after the break. i have a sense this will get heated. i want to you hang around.
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look around pennsylvania and it's not hard to spot winners. and with over 2 million winners match 6, cash 5, and treasure hunt every single month, that's hardly a surprise. winners, winners everywhere! play today! idonald trump says he alone can fix the problems we face.
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well i don't believe that's how you get things done in our country. it takes democrats and republicans working together. that's how we got health care for 8 million kids. rebuilt new york city after 9/11. and got the treaty cutting russia's nuclear arms. we've got to bring people together. that's how you solve problems and that's what i'll do as president. i didn't know you could do this, by the way, people are very prominent public official, in philadelphia says that, hold on, his name may be seth, you need to work on your twerking skills, mike, in all honesty alex twerking would be better for ratings.
7:26 am
>> no, nothing big. >> would it be better for ratings. >> yes, please. >> i had no idea you could put a hundred dollars, you can go over to a local olive garden, love olive garden and pay them hundred dollars what do you get for that hundred dollars. >> pasta, bring your big boy pants, unlimited pasta, soup, salad, bread sticks. >> for how long. >> for seven weeks. >> so for hundred dollars, 21,000 of the never ending pasta pass that he is olive garden go on sale starting on thursday. they are making ten times more available. last year they hade 2,000 available. they sold out in seconds. they are making more available. it does olive garden need to do this? they need to get customers going there again. fast food companies always come up with these crazy, concoctions, right, cheetos fries at burger king. the at the food tore, food prices are cheaper. owe olive garden and
7:27 am
restaurants in their category are kind of struggling to peters fast food and grocery tore good olive garden they have that lunch special unlimited soup and salad and bread sticks. >> yes. >> this just add pasta, last you seven weeks, whole point, to bring family and friend and get more people to go, they don't expect to make money but they do expect to gain customers. >> once you get in there you can order the stuff. put up a picture of what she was talking about that thing at burger king what is it. >> it is cheetos chicken fries. >> yes, they go on sale, tomorrow actually. at burger king. under three bucks for nine. it seems like cheetos. >> chicken strip deep fried like a french fry but covered in cheeto sauce. >> good explanation. >> i think the batter is made of the cheetogoo.
7:28 am
>> yes. >> okay. >> for the love, i thought we had a picture. >> will you make another trip to burger king and try this. >> oh, right you were supposed to try last week. >> the whooperit o. >> i walked down to market and. >> i walked down to eighth and market and live on television ordered a whooperito, 30 minutes before they went on sale. i got it at 9:55. take that. because i got to make it. >> and how dit taste. >> here's cheetos chicken fries. >> did he give one to you. >> did he bring some back, very nice of him. >> what a gentlemen. >> it was like a bomb. >> we will see you tomorrow. >> see you guys tomorrow. >> all right, lauren simoneti. >> did they say when they will be available. >> is it really that exciting. >> okay. it starts tomorrow. we will make deet situation. >> i will make walk tomorrow.
7:29 am
>> you just said it is not as exciting. >> half hamburger and half of the burrito crammed together. >> yeah, okay. >> hillary clinton's health still in question but should it be? she's taking a break from the campaign trail five days of rest because she has pneumonia? but is she being judged unfairly because she's a woman.
7:31 am
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good morning everybody. good nice/bad news. they cleared the accident at girard avenue. bad news 81 minutes from king of prussia into downtown on to the schuylkill expressway, because of that earlier accident. we have the presidential visit. they were going to shut down kelly and martin luther king drive at seven. it looks like they have postponed that for relief from some of the folks stuck on the schuylkill but bottom line is through the morning and all day, the kelly tray will be closed, pushed on to fairmount. martin luther king drive at syringe garden push on to 676. lets go live, we have a camera down there, on, eakins oval, as you can see, traffic is coming around. this is what they are blocking off any moment. my sense is that they are all kind of working together here trying to give folks that had been blocked on the schuylkill, this is a live look there our camera right
7:33 am
next to the cathedral to give you you an idea of the presidential visit here today. it will take place right there on eakins oval. septa says regional rails, fewer cars, expect crowded trains and delays coming into philadelphia, again we have dave kinchen down there on the oval all morning long and will stay down there as we get ready for that presidential visit. sue, air force one will touchdown at around 1:15, and then motorcade madness, do you think we will sun roof opened the president, into town. >> i doubt it. >> it will be nice enough. >> it would mess up his hair. >> anyway, you know what, we will have unbehind by then. we have a few cloud around. is there buddy celebrating fortune cookie day. kind of cloudy. temperatures in the 50's and 60's. we will see sun behind eventually if not seeing it already where you are. sixty-five at the moment. still more humid then yesterday with you still cool only 49 in mount pocono. fifty-seven reading.
7:34 am
millville is 55. sixty-one in dover. that is what it feels like walking out the door. after that cool tart. we are close to 80 degrees by lunchtime topping off on this tremendous tuesday with a high of 85 and sunset at 7:12. seven day forecast coming up in a few you. hillary clinton says she's feeling better since doctors diagnosed her with pneumonia, her campaign nowing a it wish they handled her medical up owed differently. >> they admitted she had been diagnosed earlier on. >> yes, fellow democrats slamming the team for not being forthcoming about clinton's medical condition. if she was diagnosed on a friday, why did they hide it into a sunday afternoon. >> that is what happened monday, clinton explains she got dizzy, lost her balance after leaving 9/11 memorial. but insist she never lost consciousness. clinton experienced what she called self dehydration a few times in her life. her campaign promised to go release more of her medical
7:35 am
record later this week. it is pushing bag suggestions that she has another undisclosed underlying condition, something even before this latest episode happened, there was narrative people were writing up and trump, and everything, questions about her health. >> we have doctor sammouth, thank you, cysttent professor of political science at rutgers camden university which also got a great rating in u.s. news and world record today. >> absolutely. >> nicely done. >> it is all my doing. >> okay. so people say she was diagnosed with pneumonia on friday why did she go to the 9/11 service on sunday. my goodness she's a senator there new york. >> not only senator from insuring but first serious female candidate for president. >> you have to go to the event. >> this is essential for her campaign. she's tough as nails. she was thinking she would get over this quickly. >> do you think then reasoning people saying you should have
7:36 am
told us earlier we have a right to know what is going on. >> i think we are incredibly tough on candidates and we don't let them show any human weakness at all and everybody gets sick. i think she has gotten over being sick quickly in the past. >> why do you think, why not just say i'm sick. i have been run all over country and just like anybody else, i have an pneumonia. it is friday. i have a pneumonia but i will tough it out and go to this thing on sunday. what is the fear. we keep bringing up, is she judged differently because she's a woman. >> yes. >> do you think so. >> there has always been a double standard for women in leader ship. >> you have studies this. >> this is what i study. we don't know what to to with powerful women in this society. strong man is something to be admired and strong women is something to be feared. i think she's trying to fulfill this powerful role of
7:37 am
command inner chief especially and it was essential for her to be at that 9/11 memorial, and i think she thought she could not show human weakness. >> since you studied this why do you think when a man comes out and says i'm sick. we will get better. when a woman does can she handle this or that. >> you see, what happens is instant she shows weakness is there video of her stumbling played again and again as fit is serious underlying condition. we have no knowledge of that. it seems not to be true but the instant she shows weakness she gets jumped on. >> why do we do that? why do we view women differently. >> we expect women to be weaker already and which is par of the why she was trying to be so tough. >> i mean throughout our lives we have been told that men are stronger humans, we have bigger muscles and it is so
7:38 am
stupid. >> these are muscles notwithstanding, women are stronger in a lot of ways particularly in endurance. so faster swimming, men do better n long distance swimming women to better. >> isn't the presidency mostly between the ears. >> boy, i hope so. >> i hope so too. >> what do we do about this ? not much you can do? it is, stereo typical stuff. >> i think we can all take a step back and think fdr, one of the greatest presidents. >> he was in the wheelchair and nobody said anything about that. >> yes. >> he too, showed how tough he was, all the time. >> hey sue how old was ronald reagan when he took office, 74. >> yeah. >> and is what donald trump he is older than hillary clinton. >> he is 07. >> now that even more medical
7:39 am
record do you think that will hurt perfect help her moving for. >> if she can get over this small bought of pneumonia quickly, she will be fine. the problem is she has been campaigning for two years and we know tend to look at different things in a campaigner then we look for in the president. i think she's just exhaustedy don't know how long you have lived in philadelphia. there was a mayoral race, lynn abraham, a former d.a., she fainted, during a debate or whatever for a debate. >> i heard about it. >> she weighed in last night about this. he said i can really relate. >> she hit the deck. >> if you think bit we are doing this campaign in the heat of the summer and living in philadelphia right now it is awful, hot, humid, the fact that hillary clinton has been campaigning 24/7 for almost two years.
7:40 am
i think she needed a break. >> dehydrated, you have all these assistant hire a water boy. a guy with the bucket. >> sometimes when you are outside for long period of time. >> it is so easy to get dehydrated. >> i just don't think if trump had kind of would bled in the same way that we would be treated it the same. it is part of the double standard we are expecting her to be weak and second she sows any signs of she's human she is in the strong enough to be president. >> you are the expert. you have studied this. good to see you. >> come back anytime. >> thank you you for having me. as expect ladies and gentlemen colin kaepernick in the second game of monday night football took a knee with the teammate during the national anthem. he is no long's loan but is he right? we will debate this issue later in the show. >> there is one that everybody has an opinion on. >> it is not even right but
7:41 am
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7:44 am
route 30, in saint david, to go south, on 476. it has been block for last ten or 15 minutes. we are bumper to bumper at saint david/villanova interchange. sixty-four minutes on the schuylkill into downtown. the just over an hour from that earlier accident that occurred at girard avenue. it is just a hot hot mess trying to come into, downtown combination of the one hour delay on the schuylkill. folks are using options every waste they can and trying to get into town before they shut down both kill i and the martin luther king drive. at some point this morning the kelly drive and martin luther king drive will be push around off that art museum to make way for the presidential visit. again, president obama coming to town not set to appear until 1:45, but those detours will stay in effect all through the day. is what forecast looking like for the president today? sue has the presidential forecast coming up in 15
7:45 am
seconds. ton of traffic problems out there but none of them have anything to do with the weather. high pressure in control. we have another beautiful day in store. slightly more humid because high pressure is starting to move off shore but because of the secondary cold front, the one that came through on sunday, we won't see an extended heat wave starting tomorrow and then we will be in the 90's. 67 degrees in philadelphia 50's to the north of us and south of us, we are in the mid 80's later in the day 85 our high temperature. another 106789 down to eight tomorrow with the 90's but will cool change starting on thursday, and "good day philadelphia" will continue after this. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
7:46 am
7:47 am
he's a race-baiting, xenophobic, religious bigot. donald trump is a phony, a fraud. he's not a serious adult. i can't vote for donald trump given the things that he said. trump should not be supported. i believe he's disqualified himself to be president. i just cannot support donald trump.
7:48 am
let's get into this. debate continues over colin kaepernick's decision not to stand during the national anthem. in the second game of monday night football last night colin kaepernick and his teammate eric reid took a knee during the game with the rams. kenney brit and robert quinn, right there who played for the rams raised their fists in the eras well. these fess tours are forms of protest begins racial injustice in the united states and sparked debate. the let's have one right now.
7:49 am
back here at home coaches and all of the two players on the wood row wilson public high school team in camden made headlines lines saturday after taking the knee as the band played the star spangled banner. the catholic church diocese in camden says it warned players and coaches at its private schools, that they could face suspension if they do the same thing. so chad lasiter president at black men at penn's fred tease here to debate this issue. let go back to the rams with the the fist in the air that takes me back to 1968, olympics. john carlos, tommy smith at olympics up there at the ward ceremony on the award stand there with their fists in the air. that goes back to 1968, chad. lets start with you. i mean this is not the first time, maybe it has been a long time since but the first time that athletes have used their platform to talk about in justice. >> that is key thing using
7:50 am
their privilege, platform, and also, leveraging to it bring about some of the changes that we need to see in our society. when we think about what james baldwin says as it relates to the the national anthem, what muhammad ali said about the national anthem it is great that the modern day athlete is coming into his or her own being as relating to speaking about injustice zest. >> fred, national anthem can be a form of contradiction i got the that from chad, what do you think. >> there is a third verse that was never played that some people find offensive, but that is open to interpretation. you know, no problem will ever get solved unless people say african-american find part of the national anthem offensive that is their legitimate decision. it is legitimate decision is a lot of americans, myself included, find it offensive what they have done here to protest during the national anthem. i think it under heinz, under plays, ignores the things that this country has done. is there an old phrase that
7:51 am
someone used with me talk is cheap. if african-american and black athletes have a real problem with this going on then put together, ties, take a 10 percent of their income and put it toward organizations and things to try to fix the problem. >> they are doing that fred. >> they need to do more of it, fred. >> how much do you think they need to do more based on what. >> based on the fact that they need to do more. white at heat as well. >> let me tell you what i'll pat till man who gave up his nfl career and ultimately went in the military and died for his country. >> that is a great point. >> can you let me finish making it. >> let fred go. >> my point is, if they want to help, and they have a legitimate concern. there are racial injustice zest in the country. but same things offensive doesn't solve the problem. the lets talk about, presidential is everything. if they stood up and said this is great nation, i believe in it, but we have a problem,. >> chad, would you agree with fred that they have to go
7:52 am
beyond just doing this at a football game do they need to talk bit more in their personal lives. >> what makes us think they are this is doing tonight their personal lives. secondary our country is about protest. there are veterans on every side of the color and againer line who fight wars and they come badge and treated like second class citizens. they are this is just black athletes who are feeling this. they are young people all over the country, who are sitting down and staging protest and that is what our country is for. more than just looking at third stance as problematic it is deeply racist. we're into the spirit of humanity. our country gives us right to protest. >> hold on real quickly fred. >> we keep talking about this third stance a in the the national anthem. >> there was a third stance a that francis scott key wrote after he wrote first two. and it is about what ways called colonial marines which was, by british and for the for british. look, key was a slave owner.
7:53 am
there was a lot of slave owners. it was wrong. it is a black mark on the soul of this country but what we did. what i find offensive, that hundreds of the thousands of americans died during the thing called civil war to end it. it is not our dna. it is our history but it is no the who we are and it is no the what we are. >> chad, go. >> excellent point but you there are other people who find police brutality, and police, some police killing black and brown people with impunity deeply problematic, institutional racism, systemic racism problematic. so, that is not the problem. problem is injustice and intolerance in our community. you and i can reach consensus what we are doing today is a dialogue. people think this is confrontational thing if you we have to tiehl with the cop flick. over board with the socks and things like that, that is too much. >> go, fred. >> i i agree we have a problem. i agree that one african-american kid shot by
7:54 am
police is too much. but my problem is, that there should be none, okay. but i'm sorry, i don't believe that the statistic fall into this thing. when you stake out these officials, not you in particular and you put people like he, kind of on edge and defensive, we have to sit down and work things out. >> why do you feel defensive. >> because i don't like told that somehow that there is this motion that there is an absolute under mining of the people this this country, out to shoot black americans. i think it is wrong. >> my question is why is it whenever people of color speak out, somalia in our democracy have a problem with that. >> well, they shouldn't because if you have a legitimate concern good our country gives us this right to protest and what he is protesting is not the iron. the nfl has issues that run gamut of domestic violence,
7:55 am
drug abuse, of the offensive logo of the redskins, first nation people telling us that the red skin logo is a defamation of who they are. their humanity and we are in the doing anything bit. he's seeking about things that the society needs to address. >> they do, but my point is when you do it, when his presentation is done in such a way. >> who are you to say. >> it is offensive. >> let me ask you this one last question can you have national pride and still critique rituals. >> yes, that is my whole point, okay. my point is say when you paint with this brush that somehow, not you in particular when he paints with this brush that there is a problem with the country, national anthem, that is a broad brush. i look back at men like tuskegee air men, men who went to war and died for this country. >> martin luther king, died for our country. >> let me get in here. martin luther king greater per
7:56 am
vaer of violence is my own you had government. that is martin luther king. you can love the country. critique the country. you want to move the country to be better. >> is there nothing wrong with that. >> we have a quilt with everybody opinion's, everybody's humanity matters. that is not what happens in our democracy. >> listen to me, some people find parts of the things offensive. when -- you have to let me finish. when people a talk the foundation of america and national anthem it than mines a lot of things and it headaches people offensive. just as you find many things offensive. >> one last time, fred, can colin kaepernick still have national pride and take a knee at the national anthem. >> that is a great question if he did i think his message would be better delivered. >> i think that in our democracy, you can have have a national pride and you can move beyond symbols and look at the spirit of the democracy and provide critique as long
7:57 am
as provide witt love. we are caught up with it upset about a symbol but not upset -- >> no, it is national fortune cookie day so you both have a for tune cookie. open up your cookies. chad, do you have yours. >> mine says? >> there goes fred trying to go before me. >> i just can't read. >> my fortune says the following play lottery today, lady luckies upon you. >> mine says only when free from projections we can be aware of reality. >> no good thank you both. >> how is that. >> quick break we will start 8:00 o'clock hour. narrator: terrorism here at home.
7:59 am
fourteen americans killed in a san bernardino mass shooting... but after this tragedy - when pat toomey had the chance to ban suspected terrorists from buying guns - he voted against closing this loophole for terrorists - and with the gun lobby. katie: we have to do everything in our power to keep guns away from terrorists who threaten our way of life. i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message because we can't risk our families' safety on a loophole. pearle vision has been providing expert eye care. today, we make caring for your eyes even easier. right now, buy one pair of glasses, and get another pair free. this is genuine eye care in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision.
8:00 am
politicianness philadelphia, president obama, donald trump, gary johnson all
8:01 am
in town. gary will be in our studio in just a bit. local students take a stand begins rape culture they are angry at this university of pennsylvania frat party invitation. they come on live to explain why they trashed it all over campus to spread their message. and helping the homeless. >> hey, how are you. do you need anything. >> no. >> at plant city native wally gavin traveled the country to to just that but she's not done. how she's expanding her dignity project, with haircuts for the homeless. storming the floor. >> excuse me. hey, backup. >> reporter: to men crash ryan lochte's dancing debut what happens when the show quickly cuts to commercial break. >> we will play the whole thing for you. plus it is national fortune cookie day. sue, is what your fortune.
8:02 am
>> nothing is a waste of time if you learning something about that. >> "good day philadelphia" philadelphia some people think is a waste of time but you learn something new every time you watch it. >> what do we have here, to be an honest man, is a master craft, of all crafts. >> i like that. >> sister le verna wrote that. >> i'm still an apprentice in that regard. >> we have had a ten. three, in a row. fabulous weather. >> it is, we are saving heat and humidity tomorrow. enjoy today. when a few clouds, we are off to a fun start. bus stop buddy is, we have not figure out what his fortune is. he is fortunate to be on this program. temperatures in the 50's and 60's. we are looking pretty good with just a 3-mile an hour breeze. 57 degrees in the mountains, 61 in trenton. atlantic city is 62. wilmington delaware as 67 degrees. eighty-five for a high. warmer then yesterday.
8:03 am
tiny bit more humid. that is your weather authority forecast, bob, we have had nothing but messes on the roadway this morning. is it getting better. all of the incidents are gone but we are left over with the jams. here's bumper to bumper in the camden side up and over, domino effect of the earlier accident, blue route heavy coming out of the mid county down to the schuylkill. schuykill expressway close to an hour into town from conshohocken, all the way this to center city. so pack a snack, open up a jump wow coffee if you are coming in. main culprit right now is closures for the presidential visit, kelly drive push off into fairmount. martin luther king and spring guard up push on the vine street expressway. basically no access for the rest of the day from the art museum circle eakins oval all the way up through ben franklin parkway. then, of course, motorcade delay from the airport to center city between one and 3:00 this afternoon.
8:04 am
>> he hand at one and will be in front of the art my seem where we are going to take you, he will be at the art museum at 1:45. that is pretty quick travel from philly international down to the oval. if you have a policees cord you can make that in a few minutes. watch for that. that is with 1:45. last for an hour and a half, two hours there. and then this evening, in delco donald trump will show up. >> he is heading to aston for a private meeting at aston community center, that event is scheduled as you said at 7:30 and trump will have a policy discussion with state holders and county officials say they are working on having a public trump event next weeky made a joke some guy took an offense too. i was just having fun. i think it is a big event for that community center. >> she says there are lots of event at aston community center and you apparently don't know about them.
8:05 am
>> would like to be invited but i think a presidential candidate showing up is a big deal. >> very big deal. >> one hundred injured veterans, cycling over 300 miles as part of the 9/11 challenge. >> this road to recovery began sunday september 11th in arlington, virginia and end tomorrow in new york for the 9/11 memorial. >> where are they right now. >> we're in willow grove at hampton inn. thinks start of it. motorcycles revved up. policees cord ready to go. you can semen and women in uniform. that is why they are here. united health care ride to recovery challenge. these are 100 wounded veterans who are taking place and part of the ride. thanks for being with us. i appreciate it. >> are you the organizer. >> yes, event director for ride to recovery. >> tell me about this. you want to do it every five years. you started where. >> we started in washington d.c. we will finish in new york
8:06 am
city. it will be 80 miles as part of the united health care challenge series. today is for united airlines who lost 18 employees on 9/11. >> you don't ask about their injuries or how they suffered them or very much about their moment in wartime and theaters overseas. what you do know this is a great way comradery and recovery. >> absolutely, cycling is uniquely qualified to deal with the scars of war especially those fighting with ptsd. having these vets side by side they get to talk, unique thing, they don't get other places. this ride in particular is a totally cathartic experience. they have a lot of these veterans, they signed up, because of the events of the 9/11. impact to them this week is most physical and emotional. >> absolutely. as we saw as well. joe, thank you for your time and effort on behalf of the soldiers and troops and definitely have a safe fun ride up to trenton. >> yes. >> from trenton, guys, they
8:07 am
will head up to new york city tomorrow. are you files ready to go? or toy hold you up. they must be on their journey off to new jersey. thank you very much. >> there you go. >> nice job all you guys and girls. >> probably should have headed them off before we got there. getting your kid ready for soccer, shocking, shocking statistic that we learned yesterday afternoon. >> the rate of injuries has doubled. >> doubled for our kids playing soccer. >> what is this. >> well, what are the injuries. >> concussions, skeletal issues, all kind of things. why is this because more and more kids are playing soccer but it is american that. they are more aggressive and much more aware of the risk of concussions. little johnny or susan gets hit in the head they will get check out. >> it is aggressive. my daughter jessica played
8:08 am
high school girls soccer. they are aggressive. they knock each other down, cursing, hitting each other. >> i used to play ice hockey with a bunch of amateur i'll call them goons and they are dangerous because they don't know what they were could go. i didn't know what i was doing. that is when you get injured. remember all kids will to have use their brains to make a living, very few are going to go professional, so be careful. >> i think they should have helmets for little kids, little kids and high school kid they should wear helmets. i know you don't like it. >> real quickly here zach ertz got hurt in the game. is he good, such a good player. a displaced rib. what is that. >> this is kind of intriguing it is a first rib it is displaced and broke. >> a collar a crossbone but right up here, the problem is it the is real close to a lot of very, very important veins. look at the arrow.
8:09 am
that is not just his x-ray but that is a cat scan of ribs showing displaced fracture. >> how long can that take. >> if it is simple and he didn't tear anything he should be back in a couple weeks. >> he doesn't need surgery for it. >> unless he did damage to the brachial plexus or arteries in here. >> most famous displaced rib, garden of eden. >> thank you doctor mike. >> i love you. >> the cafeteria can be, you cab go, can be a lonely place for some children when sitting at the table by themselves. there is an app complete created by a teenager and in one has to do that anymore. angry students at this university of pennsylvania frat party invitation, they join to us explain why they plastered it all over campus to went the message.
8:10 am
8:11 am
pat toomey started his career as an investment banker. then, a wall street wheeler-dealer, overseeing stock trades in new york, london and tokyo. next, toomey moved to hong kong to work with wealthy chinese investors. in the senate, it's no surprise toomey's been siding with wall street. voting to allow banks to continue making the risky investments that wrecked our economy. pat toomey. he's for wall street. not us senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
8:12 am
did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive? i got your nose! i got your nose right here. i know that's your thumb, grandpa. talent! learn about it! twelve minutes after 8:00 on a beautiful tuesday morning. we had a few cloud which made for a beautiful one with high pressure in control. it will be a todd more humid
8:13 am
then it was yesterday but with this cold front on our doorstep really tomorrow it means we won't get another heat wave even though we will be in the 90's on wednesday. that looks like it the will pro tuesday rain but as we look at the future cast, i'm thinking maybe not, at least not for everybody. here's today a few cloud here and there. here's tomorrow, you can see how rain just dissipates before it makes it the here. maybe northern and western suburbs getting some rain even though we need it, we won't have any rain, tomorrow with the cold front but boy will you feel difference. 85 degrees, we are up to 91 tomorrow. record for wednesday is 92 abe we could tie that, for thursday, it will be only 79 degrees by then and then warming up slightly in the weekend. >> good morning. delays coming into downtown as a result of that early morning accident on the schuykill expressway.
8:14 am
so we're stack and pack from the tolls up and over into downtown. on the the freeway we have an accident right here near 295 and then schuylkill expressway even though it is moving still a one hour delay from conshohocken. 8 miles an hour into downtown. now, be ready because with the presidential visit, kelly drive pushed in the fairmount. everybody moved in the neighborhood. martin luther king drive and spring garden street will be automatically detoured over to the vine street expressway. again basically clearing out with no vehicle access from the art museum steps to eakins oval down to the parkway with the presidential visit and donald trump comes to town later tonight, aston community center at 7:30, that will leave with us delays during the evening rush hour. we have tag team events, we have wrestling, at 7:00 o'clock, philadelphia is cross the street, double jammo into and out of south philadelphia, for the evening
8:15 am
rush hour, and of course, that motorcade madness between 1:30 and two, president coming from the airport into center city, mike abe alex, back over to you. party invite set by a fraternity by freshman girls in the university of pennsylvania is even raging people on campus. so they copied that flier, and papererd the campus with their own version writing on it this is what rape culture looks like. we have a manned, first woman to be quoted about this story. we have sierra who offered up her apartment and authorized printing of these flyers and abby, just getting signatures of support by members of the greek community. >> when you saw this, for the first time what did you think. >> we were really frustrated but it wasn't first time we have seen something like this. i think that is part of the reason why we really wanted to do something about it.
8:16 am
>> your years on campus you have seen it before. >> yes, just example of treating women inferior. >> it says if you are a freshman girl we will have a big party and wear something really tight to the party. >> ain't down be a tease right there. >> yes, we have been receiving e-mails like this all throughout our time at penn. we said enough is enough. >> abby what made you decide let's get everybody together. >> i came late to the protest. i had seen see air a i ran and said i am a member of a sorority that is off campus and i want to do something about it, and have my greek life give back. >> you got a lot of response. governor of the state of pennsylvania, has commented about the students, who stood up to campus rape culture. on us to call out and end this behavior. stand up, like these, penn
8:17 am
students, take the issue, take this pledge to help keep students safe from sexual assault. and then our senator weighed in too. >> senator casey says this is what the rape culture looks like. thank you penn students for standing up. >> and all the waste to hollywood, ashton kutcher. >> yes. >> what did he to have say. >> he also spoke up saying that this behavior is not acceptable and it is important foremen like ashton kutcher to be speaking up a begins this because that is important. >> as a father of two daughters, this really made me mad. so what happened to these little jerks, tools that came up with the idea. >> they have not responded yesterday. >> have you tried to talk to them bit. >> reporters from the daily pennsylvania and tally newspapers about it. >> what fraternity is it. >> it is an off campus organization. >> off campus thing. >> it is impossible to punish
8:18 am
them. it is what made from my perspective decisions made so important because we have signatures from on and off campus sororities and greek culture. >> the guy who wrote it thud be kicked out of the school. >> what was the response, you know, governor and other people tweeted about it but on campus as far as other students what was the response when they saw these flyers every where. >> it is overwhelmingly positive, fortunately. many, many people had a lot the to say about it because it is done directly or people they know. >> men and women. >> men and women. >> that is good. >> when it comes to rape culture for someone who may not know some people may be ignorant to the fact what rape culture is, remind us about it, why it is so bad. >> it is bad because it is a lack of respect and we're really just trying to keep women on campus safe and we want people to be thinking the fact that their students and school and we should be learning not worried with our safety on a daily basis university of pennsylvania, did give a statement, alex.
8:19 am
>> it said quote the text of the e-mail was offensive and has no place at penn. universities made clear and policies and protocols sexual harassment and sexual assault are unacceptable and will the not be will tolerated on campus. challenging speech is important and wholely consistent with the university's ongoing efforts and national conversation about preventing and responding to sexual misconduct. >> were you satisfied with that. >> yeah. >> there is action. >> i want to see action but it is really, we think that the university support is really valuable. >> how do people come together, i know you guys put together these flyers, you have been getting this petitioning around, how many people have sign. >> we have more than 900 signatures currently and we have hopes this changes converse assayingses inside the fraternity and sorority and people and fraternities speak out.
8:20 am
>> let us know fit happens again, okay. >> keep us update todd on what happens. >> especially with the the fraternity. >> good for you forgetting involved, your friends too. >> yes, all of you. >> he is running for president, and he is also in our studio this morning. no, not donald trump. he will be in aston. the not hillary clinton, she's in bed, resting because she has pneumonia. it is gary johnson. governor johnson joins us here next. >> reading pays off some new jersey students get a huge surprise for finishing all of the harry potter books. how their teacher rewarded them. >> sue finished books too. >> so have i. >> magical. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
8:21 am
i know more about isis then the generals do. john mccain, a war hero. he's not a war hero, he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured ok. donald trump compared his sacrifices to the sacrifices of two parents who lost their son in war. how would you answer that father? what sacrifice have you made for your country?
8:22 am
i think i've made a lot of sacrifices, built great structures. i've had tremendous success, i think... those are sacrifices?
8:23 am
>> let's get into this harry potter story. >> one reading teacher in newark, new jersey gave three students a very special surprise. this is because students read all seven harry potter books. >> and they get thicker and thicker as you go along.
8:24 am
>> yeah. >> group was awarded with the wizarding world of harry pot inner orlando. to you want to see their reactions when they found out. >> i have a special present for you. it is an invitation to go to orlando, florida right now to go to the wizarding world of harry potter. it is your reward for reading all of the books. >> i won. >> it is an invitation to go to wizarding world of harry potter. right now. right now. are you ready ? >> yes. >> let's go. >> do you know what harry potter world is. >> yes. >> yes. it is a dream come true. >> my gosh, they just got on the bus and headed to the
8:25 am
airport. >> i bet it is an amazing experience. you can drink butter beer, they have their wand, everything else and their scarves. there is the hogwarts castle. >> they are fifth graders, right. >> yes. >> all seven books. >> in one school year. >> they read them all. >> i bet they had a great time. >> it is so much funny don't think ivoried seven books in my life. >> i have been to harry potter world twice and it is so much fun. >> sit. >> you goat ride on the train and go to hog warts. >> yes. >> i have no idea what you are talking about. >> sue knows what we have been talking about. >> we have been there. >> isn't it fun. >> it is fantastic. >> should i put it on my bucket list. >> yes. >> okay. >> my bucket list here visit harry potter. >> wizarding world of harry potter. >> dueling dragons ride you you can be in the red or blue
8:26 am
float. >> i forget the caribbean. >> yes. >> get down there for a week. >> put it on the bucket list, go in between. >> teddy would have a blast. >> bathing in turpentine and shaving my back hair. >> i think you need to give hairy a chance. >> helping the homeless, we have such good people on the show today. she's an atlantic city native. her name is locally. good goalie, miss loyal. she travel to the country to help the homeless and now she's coming up with a project called dignity project and she gives haircuts to homeless people. she's here. narrator: terrorism here at home.
8:27 am
fourteen americans killed in a san bernardino mass shooting... but after this tragedy - when pat toomey had the chance to ban suspected terrorists from buying guns - he voted against closing this loophole for terrorists - and with the gun lobby. katie: we have to do everything in our power to keep guns away from terrorists who threaten our way of life. i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message because we can't risk our families' safety on a loophole.
8:29 am
is sex ed in schools a
8:30 am
waste of time. new worldwide report that says it is getting a big thumbs down from kid. so should we give it one too. get craft i with nail polish. we are not talking about nail art, do it yourself home decor you never knew you could make, yes, yes, with nail polish. sue, do you do that, you are very craft i. >> i will probably learn something today but that sound like it is right up my alley. bus stop buddy has school to take. take a fortune cookie with him. temperatures in the 50's and 60's. we are off to a nice start this morning. it is 68 degrees. 3-mile an hour breeze out of the east. but still comfortable with 61 in allentown. fifty-nine in reading. sixty-two in millville. sixty-four in wildwood. it looks like a nice day. very similar to yesterday, it is ten out of ten, with a high temperature of 85 degrees but there are changes coming, roller coaster ride this is seven day forecast and we will
8:31 am
talk about that in a few. >> coming up at 8:31 on this tuesday morning, it looks like we have jam up here in saint david villanova. we had an earlier accident from the ramp to route 30 to head south, schuylkill expressway, still a mess, on into downtown close to an hour coming into center city the we have the presidential visit, therefore kelly drive closed at fairmount avenue, pushing everybody off, there is no access to the art museum circle, martin luther king drive, spring garden sent pushed off to 67 have and get ready for motorcade madness later today, between one and 2:00 o'clock a motorcade from the airport to downtown. mike and alex, back to you. a local woman, this is good, local woman makes it her mission to show a little humanity, dignity to a group of people oftenneling in order on the streets.
8:32 am
>> hey. >> atlantic city made i have lully gallon vin embraced a journey. >> i decided to give them tooth brushes. people feel uncomfortable, or intimidated by helping out someone. >> reporter: lully dignity project is about giving essential toss those in need and giving them a chance to share their stories with the world. to break down those barriers it also helps people reach out. >> we're told they are dangerous or they have a stigma, addiction but more i work with them and spend my time with them, i learn that is the opposite. >> reporter: she toured many other u.s. sit accepts, helping the homeless one bag at a time. they can go to the latest project. it is tree haircuts in the home less for philadelphia, small gesture that means the world. >> so we have lully gallon vin here. one of the people working on the the street project. you are here with us. good morning. >> good morning.
8:33 am
>> this is cool. >> yes. >> it is cool. >> yes. >> you have a whole sack here. >> this is what you walk around with. >> yes. >> what do you have. >> base this was donate had by someone, a nine year-old kid inside of getting birthday gifts, got donations for bags. >> can i look in one. >> sure. >> do they have same stuff. >> no, they were brought for a party. >> we have got toothpaste here. >> crackers. >> hold on. you have deodorant, tooth brush to go with the toothpaste. >> um-hmm. >> you have a bar of soap. >> yes. >> that is good stuff. >> clean out your ears. >> yes. >> and then shore cracker. >> yes. >> hey. >> and look at that, chap stick. >> chap stick. >> that is an example. >> that is an example. >> you go around the street and see homeless people you you hand this to them and talk to them. >> we hand it to them and we spend time talking to them and i hear stories via social
8:34 am
media and it just pick up from there. >> it all started with a guy name tom. >> tom, yeah. tom is first guy i took out to lunch. i basically sat and shared his story and ever since then kind of been talking to him. >> why is it so important to you. >> i think because he was so relatable and his story was likable. >> why does this touch your heart so much. >> because they are just like us. they deserve time. they deserve, a part of us. >> tom showed thaw. you realized as you met the more and more they have something similar and something in common. >> yes. >> so now it is haircuts instead of just taking them to lunch, haircuts. >> that is where dana comes in. >> yes. >> do you dye their hair blue. >> no, just the cuts. >> what is their reaction, like what is this all about. >> i mean just like anybody else in the salon they get their haircut and they feel
8:35 am
human, they feel beautiful, it makes them feel good. >> you're surprised at first. >> like you want to cut my hair. we do it right on the street. so, it is like right here and we're just cut and they tell us what they want. they will tell us whatever kind of haircut that they want. >> they are making their next appointments with me. >> yes. >> do you have stories, of lives turned around by maybe an initial meeting with you. >> i don't know have any specific lifetime stories but just sharing of stories and hearing how people got there. it has change my perception and i'm able to change other peoples perception. dana's experience, anyone that goes out, volunteers, kind of sees a different side of these people that we pass every day without even talking to them. >> people purposely walk around them. >> yes. >> they don't make eye contact
8:36 am
>> a lot of avoiding eye contact and it provides a touch. while she said we just have a conversation, just regular normal conversation. >> companionship. >> i bet they love to talk to somebody. >> they love it. sometimes they don't want to stop talking and that is cool too. it is more about the timing and effort and the energy and the presence. >> how can people get involved if they want to help you out and walk the streets with you are you open to that. >> sure, people talk to me all the time. i'm on instagram, and facebook >> real human. >> at real. >> yes. >> how do you pay for it? to we need donations? can we help. >> people can donate, absolutely. i was able to raise, what you saw in the original video $15,000 to go across country, and now i'm off not as much but i have been getting
8:37 am
donations in the form of these bags. >> where are you from. >> new jersey. >> south jersey. >> yeah. >> that is cool. >> where are you from. >> i'm from bucks county. >> yes. >> thanks, dana. >> glad to meet you. >> i love you too alex. >> thank you. >> but you love me more. >> yes. >> can you do something with her. >> sure. >> do something green. >> i'm good with color. >> blonde tips. >> we will talk bit. >> brad pitt or something. >> yeah. >> well, thank you. keep us updated. >> thank you for having me here. >> can you believe it, 20 years since tupack shaker was killed, one restaurant out there, making his dream come true, today, did you know he wanted to open up a
8:38 am
restaurant. >> i did not know that. when it comes to risking social security on the stock market... pat toomey wrote the book. "i'm...i've got a whole chapter in my book where i... specifically lay out how i think we should... reform social security." toomey's plan requires wall street and bankers to manage... the accounts. collecting fees out of your social security that could... total billions. fees they collect, even if the market crashes and... seniors lose everything. pat toomey's looking out for wall street, not pennsylvania. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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8:40 am
8:41 am
♪ >> 8:41. let me tell you this, today marks to years since the death of tupack shaker. >> one restaurant is paying their respects pie featuring special menu items that pay tribute items to him. >> i know that sound weird because this is why, apparently i never knew this he had a dream of opening up a restaurant 20 years ago. >> yes. >> yes. >> back in the 90's. >> unfortunately you can only get these items at this restaurant in fresno, california. that will not do you any good and only for one day. so before he died, tupack made a logo and theme, in hopes of
8:42 am
opening his own restaurant a place where artists can create their own recipes. some of the food on the menu include passion cake, they are cake pops like you get at star bucks. >> mack and cheese burgers or a california love chicken sandwich. >> doctor dre. >> um-hmm. >> so that is pretty cool that they are doing this. >> especially for something you want to do. >> mack and cheese. >> yeah. >> so there is a bio pick of tupack called all eyes on me and it is due in theaters on november 11th. >> i would go see that. one of my favorite performers. >> at his restaurant what is burger king's logo. >> have your it your way. >> if were you in the restaurant owned by tupack shaker, the wait staff would
8:43 am
say this... >> ♪ >> thank you. >> so how do you want it. >> yes. >> you know what his specialty would be. >> wraps. >> i like that. >> that is good. >> so how does it feel. >> i'm for real. >> yes. >> so if you ordered a wrap, the waiter will ask you how do you want it. >> yes. >> exactly. >> that is their theme. >> very good. >> have i run that out. >> yes. >> he is, i kind of feel bad because he is looking right at me some people call him other guy in the presidential race. he has made headlines. he is one of the most fit candidates that ever run for president of the you had. talking about libertarian
8:44 am
presidential candidate gary johnson coming up next.
8:45 am
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it is another ten but people have heat in the mid of the week. tomorrow, wednesday. cold change on thursday. that doesn't last long. some rain on the weekend. we could use some. we are not thrilled by it but that is the forecast. here's first couple days. now the rest of it. showers and thunderstorms possible on sunday but it is a roller coaster ride. eighty-five today. ninety-one tomorrow. not even making it to 80 degrees on wednesday, that is a look at your seven day forecast. >> thank you very much sue serio. >> major politicians including president owe bam. that would be a major politician. >> and donald trump are making their way to the region today. president obama will be at eakin oval. donald trump is heading to aston delaware county for a meeting at aston community center. there is also one more candidate in time, libertarian presidential nominee gary
8:48 am
johnson. >> look where he is, sitting right here with us. >> good to see you. >> i'm making a pledge if elected president i will be the most frugal president of our lifetime. i will not snarl cities when i come to philadelphia. there has got to be a smarter way to do that, everybody appreciates. that. >> me at the top of that you are at fourth and market. there is no snarl in olde city. there will be a snarl at art museum in the president coming in. >> freeway coming in, airports when he lands and takes off. >> so only candidate not in philadelphia today is hillary clinton because she's recovering, she has a pneumonia. first of all, comments about that i'm sure you wish her well. >> i do, and i think it highlights just how burning the candles at both end that is running for president. this is a 12:00 o'clock, 5:00 o'clock a.m., 12:00 o'clock midnight gig every day. >> should that be important?
8:49 am
should we, should that be something that would determine whether you are president of the united states if you feel as a voter, my goodness i don't know if their health is strong enough to be a president. >> it is certainly a consideration whether or not it should be or not. in this case, give hillary a break. i think it highlights how tough this all is. >> people get sick. >> people get sick. >> but speaking of consideration, you're considered one of the healthiest candidates we have seen. >> i am in the 1 percent of the 1 percent but i have dedicated my life to that, hell and wellness. i'm not elect president i will ride the divide which is a 3,000-mile mountain bike race from canada to new mexico on the continental divide. >> my goodness. >> this is nothing for you we are showing picture you have climbed mountains, try athlete. >> good fortunes to climb
8:50 am
highest mountain on each of the seven continents, so mount everest. i have done a hundred mile run as they were posting myanmar thon times today. >> don't you have a car. >> you just run every where is that why we are seeing here. >> walking over here this morning, but this is the life that i live. i always tell people find out whatever it is that makes your life kick and get as much as you can, in my life, it is athletics, it is skiing, mountain biking, road biking, i have done hawaii iron man, four times. >> quit bragging. >> you are than expiring. >> whatever it is, mike, that you love to do, get it, do it, i know you know that. >> yes. >> lets talk about the poll thumbs. at this point you are at 1 percent. you are trying to get to 15 percent because you are trying to get on the debate stage. >> how do you feel about that
8:51 am
the fact that 15 percent is not law, it is the presidential debate commission. they are made up of democrats and republicans. they have set 15 percent of the threshold. i have never had an issue with 15 percent but not in one national poll has my name appeared on the top line. if mickey must were on the top line mickey would be at 30 percent because mickey is a known commodity but mickey is not on the ballot in all 50 states. myself, bill wells, both of us, governors, we are the only third party candidates on the ballot in every state. >> governors hade pretty good presidents over the years too. >> that is the case, both of us fiscally conservative, emotionally inclusive, we are both republican governors and heavily democratic states making a name for ourselves by being good stewards of tax dollars. >> governor, i necessity this is lame, should you say it. >> yes. >> i believe this is lame but i feel like i need to do it.
8:52 am
we're not going to play the aleppo comment, do you think that is hurting you in the polls? it doesn't seem to have. >> first of all, 90 percent of americans don't know what aleppo is but 90 percent of americans aren't running for president of the united states. i am. >> you should have known. >> i do noah republican owe, i do know the situation, do know policies and just how cook eyed policies these are whenever it is that the united states government our military goes in and supports regime change. >> i wanted to point out just yesterday they did another pole among activity military personnel on whom they support for president and i'm the pick. i'm in. it is based on what i'm saying. >> by a big margin. >> it was 37 percent. >> and for a third party, i think that is very significant. all that said it is important
8:53 am
the president of the united states knows about these policies. my apologies for making the gaff and the apologies to have do with i feel passionately about the fact that we sent men and service in to battle, they lose their lives, they get injured, they come back irreparably damage. i don't want to see that happened. if we're attack we're going to attack back but how about use of the military and that is not being world's police. >> when we create, a world policeman we create more trouble. we haddon twitter betsy ann wrote in you know what you will do, gary johnson you will dilute the democrats vote and trump will end up winning. >> i think couple days before this election i think people will be asking themselves will you waste your vote on clinton and trump when you can vote printed. >> you know you will in the win, so what is the point. >> let's stop. >> i wouldn't be doing this,
8:54 am
bill wells and i would not the do this if we didn't have an opportunity to win. only opportunity to win is to be in the presidential debate and if we're in the presidential debate we have a chance to running the ticket here. >> getting for that 15 percent. >> what is it. >> national fortune cookie. >> i'm allergic to gluten. believe me, mike that could be poison but reading my fortune. >> the other side here. >> pay attention to your non-verbal coups and try turning it down. >> i have no idea what that means. >> here you can read it. >> this one said i will be president of the united states >> wow. >> maybe this is the future career here. >> good to have you in philly. >> thank you both. >> we will take a break. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
8:55 am
donald trump says he alone can fix the problems we face. well i don't believe that's how you get things done in our country. it takes democrats and republicans working together. that's how we got health care for 8 million kids. rebuilt new york city after 9/11. and got the treaty cutting russia's nuclear arms. we've got to bring people together. that's how you solve problems and that's what i'll do as president.
8:56 am
fourteen americans killed in a san bernardino mass shooting... but after this tragedy - when pat toomey had the chance to ban suspected terrorists from buying guns - he voted against closing this loophole for terrorists - and with the gun lobby. katie: we have to do everything in our power to keep guns away from terrorists who threaten our way of life. i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message because we can't risk our families' safety on a loophole.
8:57 am
kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever.
8:58 am
is sex he had need schools a waste of time. new worldwide report that says it gets a big thumbs down from kids. soy should we give it the a thumbs down too.
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