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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  September 13, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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people fired up in the city of brotherlbrotherly love. >> i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. a lot of eyes on the president's visit to philadelphia today. bruce gordon is live at i wednesday oval. president is back on the campaign trail now rooting for the woman he had a tough fight against eight years ago. >> reporter: yeah, absolutely. mrs. clinton resting at home in chap what new york. politicoes reporting think afternoon the clinton camp has put out talking points for surrogates to send a clear, concise and consistent message with regard to her handling of this pneumonia diagnosis. and it's pretty clear president obama got the memo. >> president obama drew a thunderous ovation as he took the stage for a midday rally designed to sure up support for a candidate now on the campaign version of the disable list. >> this is not me going through the motions here. i really, really, really want to elect hillary clinton.
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>> reporter: mrs. clinton nearly takenned when she was led to awaiting van after leaving a 9/11 memorial event early on sun day. our dr. mike cirigliano. >> my opinion, and if she were my patient, i would have had her in a hospital. >> reporter: but dr. mike says new known ya need not be all that serious. it depends on other factors. >> as long as it's an uncomplicated pneumonia and she doesn't have any other underlying medical conditions, she should be okay. what she needs to do is rest, give it time. because pneumonia doesn't just go away. >> reporter: the president never said a word about mrs. clinton's health during his 40 minute speech but he made sure to sell her fitness for office. harkening back to their 2008 primary battle and his subsequent election to preside president. >> i have seen how smart and savvy and tough she was. so i asked her, join my team and for four years, i had a front row seat. i watched her intelligence. i watched her judgment. i watched her discipline. >> reporter: clinton supporters insist there is no
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story here. no game changing medical myste mystery. >> she's not, you know, going die over it. she'll get over it and go back to campaigning. >> i think before -- i was concerned knowing she has pneumonia and was dehydrated i'm not concerned any more. >> it's normal. when you're 69 years old, you can have health issues and things go on so it's very normal. i think the republicans are trying to find something against hillary and they can't find anything. >> reporter: mrs. clinton is due back on the campaign trail sometime later this week. you know for weeks now, donald trump the republican nominee has been vaguely suggesting mrs. clinton lacks the stamina to do the job of president. but, now with this episode, her every move will be even more closely under the microscope. maybe stethoscope. iain. >> all right, bruce, thank you. the republican nominee will make his case to people in our area not long from now. drum and is scheduled to give policy speech in aston. he'll be at the richard field house at the aston community
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center the event begins at 7:30 tonight and of course fox 29 will be there. voters in the first state of heading to the polls today to choose candidates for some of delaware's top offices. six democrats running to replace john carney, jr. as delaware's representative in the u.s. house of representatives. also at stake who will have their name on the ballot this november for mayor of will i didn't know of ming ton and six candidates toed their names into hat for lieutenant governor. polls close at 8:00 tonight. we'll bring you the results on fox 29 news at 10:00 and 11:00 everything you need to know about every upcoming election is on very easy just look for it right on the home page. >> a big problem in a big mess in philadelphia's overbrook neighborhood. this hole in the street just one symptom of a water main break that happened near 60th street and lansdowne avenue this afternoon. officials have turned off water to the 20-inch water main. they say there's water damage to to a few properties in the area and people in the area could not believe all the water they saw.
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>> i was coming up the street, and i seen all this water, like, down here at 58th. when i get up it's gushing out right here. i don't really know what happened. a lot of water so i wanted to make a turn and come up here but i couldn't. i had to go back this way and park because of all the water. >> it's no word on what caused the break. officials say repairs aren't likely today so we of course will keep updated. >> a mercer county woman has died after police say a guy trying to lose the cops hit her with his car. it happened last night in hamilton township. prosecutors say state troopers were in the middle of a drug investigation when they say they saw a man take part in a deal. troopers tried to stop this car but police say chandler, sped off then slammed into a honda civic near park avenue. the woman inside the civic 22-year-old deja ferrier died. the driver face as long list of charges including death by auto. a bare sighting kept
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students in inside today at local school. skyfox over the ethan elementary school in radnor. someone saw bear this morning near that school. that started lock down and police searched the area where the bear was seen but they didn't find it. the school district says a radnor officer will be there tomorrow to provide extra security. early fall preview continues in your fox 29 weather authority. live look at trenton just a perfect day to do pretty much anything outside for more reasons than one. weather is great but things are about to heat up on top of it all, of course s meteorologist kathy orr. >> good afternoon, lucy. what a day we have. just a few fair weather clouds out there. that's just about it. plenty of sunshine. the normal high for this time of year is around 80 degrees. 84 in the city. going up to that forecast high of 85 i think. 74 in the poconos. 84 degrees in trenton and it is 83 in wrightstown. our dew points inching up the humidity coming up from the south. right now the dew point temperature right close to that
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60-degree mark and that means turning muggy tonight. 60s to the north and west even in millville and dover feeling a little sticky and that will be more noticeable during the morning hours tomorrow. this evening, sunny and pleasant at 7:00 p.m. any practice or taking in game like the phils looks good. 79. 9:00 o'clock mainly clear, 74. by 11:00 o'clock, clear and comfortable the temperature 71. the humidity will be rising with the temperatures. we will be challenging record heat during the day tomorrow. then a cool change in the seven day and a chance of rain for the weekend. we need it. looks hike we're going to get i more op that coming up later in the broadcast. i'll see you then. >> talk to you soon. we have breaking news right now in montgomery county we go. police are on the scene of a barricade situation. this is franconia township happening on bartlett court. now this call came in just about 2:30 this afternoon. we don't know of any injuries. we do know that a neighborhood entire neighborhood is evacuated because of what's going on. of course we're on top of this one and bring you updates as
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they happen. now three shooting victims rushed to the hospital including a pregnant woman. the shots rang out in philadelphia's kensington neighborhood just after 12:30 this afternoon. each of those victims including the expectant mother is in critical condition. our shawnette wilson is at philadelphia police headquarters. shawnette, what do you know, what's happening? >> reporter: well, no motive yet, iain. and we haven't heard whether all three victims were the intended targets. what we can tell you though is that police are looking for one shooter and so far no weapon has been found. this shooting happened at around 12:30 this afternoon in kensington on the 1800 block of east thayer street. someone fired several shots hitting a pregnant woman in the head and stomach. we were told that this woman somehow managed to walk a block before getting picked up by police. also, shot 22-year-old man in the groin area and another man was shot in the head and stoma stomach. mary maigres was her on her porch when a bullet went right
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by her noon her front window. >> firecrackers. boom, boom, boom, boom. when i heard it i was sitting on my chair and i ran if my kitchen. ooh heard people going up the street screaming after it happened. he was laying right there the guy that got shot. he got shot in the head i heard. the stomach and the head. >> reporter: and back here live, a different neighbor tells us that they have surveillance cameras outside their home that they say captured one of the victims standing on the sidewalk talking on his cell phone when he was shot. it is unclear whether the gunman was actually captured in that video as well but police are reviewing that. we are told and again all three victims we're told are at temple hospital in critical condition. iain, back to you. >> all right, shawnette, thank you. catholic priest from lehigh county facing child pornography charges. prosecutors have charged monsignor john steven razz this morning a pastor at saint ann's church in em may suss.
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jim martins says a friends of the 66-year-old priest found a file on razz's computer and was labeled with a reference to naked boys. that friend alerted the diocese of allentown and the district attorney's office was then notified. investigators say they found evidence that razz downloaded child pornography and sent it to detectives for analysis. >> as a result of that analysis it is 11 that the searched internet for images of underaged males engaged in sex acts. >> before serving at saint a in many ns he was a catholic school administrator. the diocese removed him from the ministry. >> transgender student wretch registered at a local catholic school as a girl. when he returned as boy the school turned him away. why the school says he's not welcome. a fertility dr. facing shocking allegations tonight. the troubling length he's accused of of going through to help his patients have babies. >> it's that time of year when the pros all the way down to your children suit up for
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football. how do you make sure your child is safe on the field? one local company's solution to keep your kiddos from getting a concussion. >> and new at 6:00 an alert for nj transit rider what is officials are asking you not to use on your vehicle because they're worried they could go up in flames. ♪ i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. i know more about isis then the generals do. john mccain, a war hero. he's not a war hero, he's a war hero because he was captured.
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i like people that weren't captured ok. donald trump compared his sacrifices to the sacrifices of two parents who lost their son in war. how would you answer that father? what sacrifice have you made for your country? i think i've made a lot of sacrifices, built great structures. i've had tremendous success, i think... those are sacrifices?
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>> develop to go night catholic school in camden faces criticism. the camden catholic high school in cherry hill is on the defense after it says it could not make accommodations for a transgender student. >> well now students are coming to the support of that student. fox 29's bill anderson joins us from the newsroom. bill it seems a lot of people online have this student's back. >> reporter: iain, quite a future family is both surprised and touched that so many people have come to the defense of a 14-year-old transgender student. mason, thought camden catholic was the perfect school for him and that apparently felt the same way until they found out he was transgender. >> i thought that it was disgraceful and i thought they should be ashamed of themselves. >> reporter: 14-year-old mason really wanted to attend camden catholic high school. his father went there and he was thrilled when he was accepted. the problem is, when he was accepted at the end of last school year, he was madeleine. after he came to terms with the fact that was transgender this summer mason emerged madeleine was gone and so was his acceptance to camden catholic.
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>> they had said that we cannot accommodate for my situation or the fact that i am transgender and i was told i'm not allowed to go to the school. >> there were series of meetings mason and his family explained his transition. >> this is seventh grade. >> they say they tried find a compromise but there was one area that they stood firm and that was a deal breaker. >> one thing that was certain is that mason was not going to be in a girl's uniform. we let them know we love the school, that you have parents who are willing to compromise, to cooperate, and they said no. you have all of this in your hid head at 13 years old. >> support a friend started a petition to support mason that's currently flooded with support and asking camden catholic to reconsider. neither camden catholic nor the camden diocese were available to go on camera. but they sent statements. from camden catholic, as a catholic school, our principal mission is to form students in the faith and we must always be
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true to the teachings of that faith, even indeed especially when those teachings are challenged by the secular world. for now the school is sticking by their decision and mason and his family are forced to deal with it. deal with it perhaps, but they don't accept it. >> i just want awareness. like you said, and just to not make any more transgender people let alone transgender catholics feel rejected or feel scared or feel like they're alone. >> reporter: support is overwhelming. the petition blue passed their initial goal of 1500 signatures in just days. and now remains to be seen if it has any impact. we did hear from camden catholic and at 6:00 i'll also tell was the camden diocese had to say and fay help is ahead for mason and his family. iain? >> we'll look forward to that's correct bill, thank you. happening now, in north philadelphia, the search for a shooter police say that person shot two women late last night and it happened just before 11:30 near north 15th and west
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huntington streets. the women were each shot in their thighs. they're in the hospital tonight and doctors say they are stable. so far no word on suspects or a motive. the ceo of a local charter school operator who was the focus of a fox 29 investigation just last week is now off philadelphia's human relations commit commission removed by the mayor. jim kenney spokesperson at first said our report hayes send his removal but now she's saying it did not. investigative reporter jeff cole is on the story and joins now. >> his name is alfred al frayedo calderon and he's the ce. eo of aspire a the his removal became public today but the reasons for it are changing. >> i'm jeff cole from fox tv. >> fox 29 investigators reported last week that alfredo calderon the operator of aspira the operator of five philadelphia charter schools accused of sexual harassment by as peer as'
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chief executive officer. evelyn nunez accused of him and as peer rah of sexual harassment and retaliation. according to legal documents she sued and the case was settled for 350 grand. as peer rah's insurer paid the bill and 151 grand in legal fees and costs. >> you paid her. >> sir. >> your insurer paid her $350,000. she says you sexually harassed her. did you sexually harrah's her. >> sir, i can set up a meeting. >> that meeting never happened. instead a spokesperson said calderon would like to speak about the case but is legally barred from doing so. he added, under calderon's leadership as peer rah has hired women in key leadership positions and has a no tolerance policy with respect to discrimination. the story was broadcast on september 7th. tuesday, it was revealed mayor kenney had in letter dated september 8th removed calderon from his position on the
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philadelphia human relations commit commission. kenney spokesperson had first said it was due to calderon's busy schedule forcing him to miss meetings and added last week's fox 29 report hayes send that process. by mid afternoon, kenney's office had walked that back. claiming the mayor had already made the decision to remove him before our report came out. lisa haeffer is a member of the alliance for philadelphia public schools. a watch dog group. she applauds kenney's removal of calderon from the commission and now wants the leaders of city schools to pull two charter schools from a spear rah because of mismanagement. >> src needs to do the right thing and take these schools back from aspira. they can do that thursday night when they vote. >> calderon served on the human relations commission since 2012. his spokesperson says he worked hard to promote fairness and had expected to be replaced by jim kenney for some time now. city council woman maria
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quinones sanchez who has past ties to aspira says other women were unwilling to come forward with sex harrah's many claims. calderon's suppose spokesperson says the councilwoman's comments are unfair character attacks against calderon. folks, back to you. >> jeff, thanks. the new museum of the american revolution starting to take shape in old city. crews were there to put in place a display of five revolutionary can nance on the museum's outdoor please sam the cannons on long term loan from the jay estate in philadelphia. the museum opens in april. >> scary site on airplane runw runway. an airplane skidded before finally coming to a stop. nobody is hurt. what happened on board that's behind the close call. >> this turkey is welcome in this woman's home but it's not headed for the dinner table much it's owner says she can't live without her pet and now she's got new mission. >> man stumbled upon military momentos and new someone somewhere probably really wanted them back. the heart warming lengths he
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went to to make it happen.
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another day, another chase on california highway. this one was a biggy though. police were after a man accused of stealing that truck right there this morning in san bernardino county. the california highway patrol says the man refused to pull over because he quote didn't want to go back to jail. the truck belongs to company that halls hazardous waist and old electronics. thank goodness the company says the big rig wasn't carrying anything dangerous at the time. that chase went on for about 45 minutes. actually went on for awhile ended about 45 minutes ago in a town about 100 miles east of los angeles. some tense moments indonesia airport early this morning as pilot's landing gear fails on the runway. you can see a trail of smoke coming from the cargo plain as it skids along the runway. the plane was carrying fuel and officials says the pilot had trouble landing because of the foggy weather. thankfully no one was hurt. a major partnership today to help bring an end to the heroin and opioid epidemic in our country. >> the national broadcasters association and congress are
5:24 pm
teaming to shine a light on opioid addiction. fox television station is teaming up to spread the opioid abuse message on air and online. >> it's affecting families coast to coast. in small cities and small towns and large cities and everything in between. >> opioid abuse deaths are sky rocketing. they are up by 248% over the past four years. donald trump is not the only candidate for president in our area today. libertarian candidate gary johnson stopped by "good day philadelphia" today. johnson former gov governor of new mexico making his case to voters. he's confident he can win the presidency. that means making it into the presidential debates. the commission requires an average of 15% in polled to that. right now he's around 13%. >> myself former governor of massachusetts both of us governors, we are the only third
5:25 pm
party candidates on the ballot in -- >> governors make pretty good presidents over the years. >> i think so. that's the case. both of us. fiscally conservative. socially inclusive. we are both republican governors in heavily democratic state ma making names for ourselves. by being good stewards of tax dollars. >> governor -- >> johnson addressed recent incident during a cable news interview when he of course forgot what aleppo the city in syria was. he apologizes for that. promises that he up to date on well informed with the situation in syria. in nevada, maybe he was searching for a picnic basket. surveillance cameras captured bear rummaging through a trash can at the sheriff's office in lake tahoe. someone watching that scene unfold actually told the bear don't knock over the can and the bear apparently obliged clearly not your average bear. and the big guy later tack off after a quick little snack. a fertility dr. facing shocking allegations tonight
5:26 pm
troubling likes lengths he's accused of of going to to help his patients have babies. >> it's that time of year when the pros down to your children suit and for football. one company's solution to keep your child from getting a concussion. >> kathy. >> everyone is talking about how comfortable it is around here. but guess what? the temperatures will be spiking tomorrow. more temperatures in the 90s. we'll take look at that and your weekend weather coming up. when it comes to risking social security on the stock market...
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pat toomey wrote the book. "i'm...i've got a whole chapter in my book where i... specifically lay out how i think we should... reform social security." toomey's plan requires wall street and bankers to manage... the accounts. collecting fees out of your social security that could... total billions. fees they collect, even if the market crashes and... seniors lose everything. pat toomey's looking out for wall street, not pennsylvania.
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we can't risk our families' safety on a loophole. ♪ welcome back with live look at one of my favorite places. bush kills falls from pocono mountain camera. now, just another beautiful mild day today. but more summer heat is on the way. things will get hot coming up in your fox 29 weather authority. president barack obama gets voters fired up today outside philadelphia museum of art. the president hitting the campaign trail for hillary clinton. she is resting at her home in new york recovering from pneumonia. president obama said that hillary clinton is more qualified and prepared to be president than donald trump. trump will take part in private event in aston delaware county later tonight. a shocking and really just disgusting allegation against indiana doctor tonight. he is charged with lying to investigators over allegations that he used his own sperm at the fertility clipping he ran.
5:30 pm
>> fox's jesse wells has both sides of this story from annapolis. >> reporter: helping women get pregnant for years in indianapolis doctor is accused of using his own sperm without his patient's knowledge. >> it was unethical what he did. he was telling his patients one thing and doing another. >> reporter: that woman who we are not identifying says 77-year-old dr. donald klein scene here leaving court is her biological father. working out of this professional building on 86th street, dr. klein always told his patients he used sperm from medical students during insemination but acorin to court records, this year dr. klein admitted to his donor children that around 50 times he used his own sperm when ever he didn't have a donor sample available and he added that he felt he was helping women because they really wanted a baby. >> it's very sickening to think that, you know, he ran his practice up until the time he was around 70 years old.
5:31 pm
>> reporter: the case turned criminal because in 2014, two of dr. klein's donor children sent complaints here to the state attorney general's office. >> the overriding concern here is truthfulness. >> prosecutors say in response to the complaint, dr. klein provided this written letter. that letter said at no time did i ever use my own sample for insemination dna proves that simply wasn't honest. >> from our perspective, the moment it goal elevated to an investigation by the state of indiana into the allegations, it was his obligation to tell the truth and he lied. >> reporter: some of dr. klein's biological children now simply wish they knew how many siblings dr. klein produced with his own dna. >> i want to know every sibling that i have. i don't think that that is ever going to be a possibility. i just want validation. i want to find out as much truth as i can but i know deep down that we will never ever know the complete truth as to how many
5:32 pm
siblings we have. >> reporter: klein's attorney sent us a short written statement that said the former doctor has pleaded not guilty but is reserving any further comment. jesse wells, fox news. back to your fox 29 weather authority now. i'm personally loving this weather. you're going to real be happy very soon. >> yeah, i am. i loved today as well. >> hard not to like today, kat kathy. >> picture perfect. look behind me. beautiful. not a cloud in the sky again for yet another day but the heat and humidity will be moving on back much that's what iain likes. the temperature right now 84. the high today 85. our forecast high. winds out of the southwest at 13 miles an hour. that is a huge indication that everything is about to change. southwesterly winds are strong, warming wind and wilmington it's 81. 84 in philadelphia. the same in trenton. williamstown 84 but look at the shore we have a sea breeze, a strong sea breeze going on and you can see down the shore the 70s, even inland hammonton 79. warmer in voorhees not being
5:33 pm
impacted by that sea breeze the temperature 86 degrees. hot again as we see high pressure slide off the coast over the next 24 hours. we get into that stronger southwesterly wind. ahead of this cold front. the front will be passing through the delaware valley late tomorrow afternoon and that could set off a spotty shower or thunderstorm especially to the north and west of philadelphia. behind this a cool change it will really be feeling like fall for at least a couple of days. so with this front it's still will be mainly dry you can see most of the precipitation in southeastern canada with a line of showers moving through chicago. by the afternoon, after the noon hour, we'll take a zoom in and you'll be able to see some clouds to the north and west. even the poconos a few spotty showers at 2:00 o'clock. and then pretty much everything evaporates as our front pretty much washes out as it moves through the i-95 corridor. so you have that 20% chance avenue spotty shower or thunderstorm tomorrow. thursday the probability nil. the same friday and saturday. so it stays very dry with precipitation so far below
5:34 pm
normal for the month. in the city overnight 68. in the suburbs 61. mainly clear. little bit more sticky. tomorrow with hot temperatures you'll notice the humidity s as well the high temperature 91 degrees. a spotty storm is possible in the afternoon especially north and west. if we make it to this 91, that will tie us for the all-time fourth high west number of 90-degree days in one given year. we will challenge the record heat. the record is 92 set back in 1995. we're going for a high of 91. on your extended forecast from the weather authority, none tomorrow. 78 for thursday. friday a cool start the morning low in the city 58. the afternoon high 78. good for high school football though friday evening. comfortable. saturday the better half of the weekend 82. sunday a chance of some scattered showers and storms. pretty good chance. monday a morning shower. and then tuesday sunny and pleasant 82. down the shore, if you plan a week away looking good for wednesday. 70s lower 80 ace cross the board. with those ocean water temperatures still in the upper
5:35 pm
60s and lower 70s and that's a look at your extended forecast. not too bad as he we round the corner into the second part of september already. >> i know. slow it down. i'm not ready for what's coming after kathy. thank you. imagine coming home and finding someone in your home. you didn't invite them and you don't know who they are. the scary discovery one couple just made and how they handled it. >> actor alec baldwin could be headed for a courtroom drama. what he's accusing big-time art gallery owner of doing and how that woman is fighting back ha hard. plus, coming up new at 63:00 city workers recognized for out standing a chief manies on the job. see how the owner brought one police chief inspector to tears. as prosecutors, we checked out pat toomey's record... and we saw a guy who has our backs. toomey crossed party lines to support background checks....
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that keep guns out of the hands of criminals and terrorists. true independence, and real guts. that's how pat toomey is helping us, keep you safe. senator pat toomey, the best choice to protect pennsylvania. independence usa pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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for senate, a clear difference. katie mcginty: for background checks, for banning assault weapons, and banning high-capacity ammunition clips. and pat toomey? against an assault weapons ban and against banning high capacity ammo clips like those used in the orlando massacre. listen to pat toomey brag: "i have had a perfect record with the nra." pat toomey gets an "a" from the nra. he's not for you. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. ♪ actor alec baldwin suing a big-time manhattan art gallery owner accusing her of well the old switch cherry.
5:39 pm
baldwin filed some papers against art gallery owner mary boone. the actor says he was promised an original piece of art he bought from boone in 2010 for $190,000. baldwin says experts later examined the painting and deemed it was not the original. boone's attorney claims baldwin was made aware he was not buying the original artwork and called the lawsuit a personal attack against boone. bizarre moment for ryan lochte on dancing with the stars last night. >> the night started out you know normal lock teen his partner cheryl burke danced in their first performance then they stepped in front of the judges for their critique but while judge kerry was giving her opinion two men rushed the dance floor. it happened off camera but you can hear the reaction. >> you brought your best to this show. off long way to go moving -- excuse me, hey, back off. excuse me. excuse me. excuse me. >> whoa. off, off. >> all right.
5:40 pm
excuse me. >> wow. >> okay. >> i'll tell was, all right. we're going to -- we'll take a break. we'll get the rest of the judge's comments take a deep breath. we'll be right back. >> tom cool, calm and collected. eddie moses posted this video on instagram showing a different angle. you can see security grabbing one of the two attackers and wrestling him to the floor. each of those men by the way wore anti lochte t-shirts. this turkey is welcomed in this woman's home but it's not headed for the dinner table. its owner says she can't live without her pet and now she's got a new mission. we'll explain. it's that time of year when the pros all the way down to your children suit up for football. one local company's solution to keep your children from getting the concussion. sean? >> lucy last year temple shocked penn state at the linc this year the owls travel to happy valley to try to make it two in a row. the player talk about this big game coming up later in sports.
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big oil polluters. they have a friend in pennsylvania. millionaire pat toomey. toomey voted to protect their special tax breaks. saving oil companies twenty-four billion dollars. and big oil polluters have given toomey seven hundred thousand dollars in campaign contributions. tax breaks for them. campaign contributions for him. pat toomey. he's helping big oil polluters and millionaires. not the rest of us. lcv victory fund is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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idonald trump says he alone can fix the problems we face. well i don't believe that's how you get things done in our country. it takes democrats and republicans working together. that's how we got health care for 8 million kids.
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rebuilt new york city after 9/11. and got the treaty cutting russia's nuclear arms. we've got to bring people together. that's how you solve problems and that's what i'll do as president. ♪ from the nfl to your children's football leagues concussions are a major concern. new technology designed right here in our area is working to stop concussions before they show up. fox 29's dave kinchen gives us a look. ♪ >> reporter: for many of us, it's a religion. accept sunday prayer takes place in the stadiums. it's where millions will be this fall with high school, college and pro football back in action. but there's increasing concern
5:45 pm
with the common danger that comes along with the grid iron glory. >> it could be nerve racking sometimes because you just never know playing football anything can happen. >> reporter: 2015 blockbuster movie concussion blew the issue wide open. >> you turn on the lights and gave their biggest boogie man name. >> reporter: long drive kick anotherring more pressure on everyone from junior sports leagues to the nfl. players and many spectators demanding change and fast. >> play that sport can cause people in the family to feel oh my god the money is good but i may lose my son or my brother in the process. >> reporter: a small business that believes it has an important answer. >> i tell people, um, you know, football is not ping-pong. >> reporter: joe roman spent years taking hits from the pros. >> i have very different look than i do today. >> reporter: playing for the new york jets in the mid 70s and early '80s. >> we used to call those kinds
5:46 pm
of hits white lighting because that's what you saw when you got lit up pretty well. it would be stars and white light for moment. you would loads your balance. >> reporter: he's had his share of concussions, too. >> no one medically new or defined or communicated to us that, hey, this is a problem. this was -- that happens all the time. smelling salts, get back in there. >> reporter: but now he's using his head to help today's players protect theirs as ceo of defend your head. >> we know that there's a seat at the table for companies that are creating technologies that can be a part of the solution to reducing trauma and keeping players safer. >> reporter: roman's firm developed protect a patented soft shell foam cover that fits on top of helmet to soften the blow. >> you can reduce the force, you can reduce the level of head
5:47 pm
trauma that occurs to the football player. these attributes in summary are absorbing, dissipating, making belows much more glancing and allowing us to guide away the force. ♪ >> reporter: to get an idea of what happens during a helmet to helmet hit i put one on and john just walked me through what's going on here. >> it's not a pleasant experience if you're not used to it. you can hear that noise. >> you will you can feel tight. >> i'll come at you again. that's a front hit. it's absorbed april side the helmet by the inner shell technology but if it's not completely absorbed, then your brain is going to move. >> reporter: to reduce that movement, roman put the outer cover on the helmet and gave me another wack. >> you can hear the difference. >> it's softer. >> it's softer. anywhere on that helmet it's going to absorb the blow. >> reporter: we surveyed some who have played the game or love
5:48 pm
watching it. special hot it coating on the helmet it minimizes the impact. what do you think about something like that? >> why not? you know, it may work. >> it will keep us from losing our people to something they love to do. >> reporter: but brain injury prevention may be as complicated as the brain itself. even john roman says his technology is not the complete answer. >> i think what you're going to see is evolution of technology. i think you're going to see more rule changes. i think you're going to see a lot more education. >> and then there's the challenge of adding safety without losing the toughness. >> i think it certainly was the culture and i still think we're fighting some of that culture today. >> as of now stop crying. it's a man's game. you get into it. it's a rough, physical game. >> reporter: in chester springs, dave kinchen, fox 29 news. >> washington state woman who's living with lupus says she
5:49 pm
depends on animal for badly needed emotional support. >> but it's not the animal that you might expect. mary pierce says she depends on sammy who happens to be a six month old 30-pound turkey. pierce also says having sammy to feed and care for gives her a sense of purpose. and helps her battle the depression that comes along with the painful symptoms of lupus. >> she keeps me going. she gets me up every morning at 5:00 in the morning and having a turkey around just keeps things interesting. >> pierce says she cannot imagine a live without sammy. she's working to get sammy certified as emotional support animal and to do that she will need a prescription from a doctor. she expects that to happen by next year animals can be such amazing therapy for so many people. absolutely. imagine coming home to find some house guests that you didn't invite. and you have no idea who they are. >> that's what happened to a michigan couple when she stumbled upon burglars in their home. they're talking about the scary morning with fox's taryn asher.
5:50 pm
>> it's very scary. it's very unnerving. >> reporter: justin and his wife denise shaken up aft she came home early saturday morning to find two burglars still in their royal oaks house. >> my wife saw the one guy pretty much falling out the back window. she never even saw the other guy who was still in the house behind her. so he was in there with her by herself. >> i was actually on the phone calling 911 when my husband and our friend saw the second person leave. so i didn't even know there was a second person in the house with moo. until afterwards which makes it even scarier. >> reporter: one guy escaped out the back window it's believed the crooks pride open to get into the house. the other suspect was hiding in the closet. and when they walked in, he took off out the front door. justin followed. >> i gave chase down the road. um, while she was on the phone with 911, and i chased him down the end of the street and he made left on sixth street and that's when the cops intercepted
5:51 pm
me and they asked where he was going and basically they just surrounded the whole neighborhood. >> reporter: both men wearing hoodies to conceal their entities were able to get away. the wileys learn the suspects stole $4,500 worth of cash valuables including denise's wedding bands. investigators toll the couple their home in the area of fourth and campbell is one of nearly a dozen houses that have been hit in royal oak likely by the same robbers over the last few weeks. >> i've always felt safe. and this is really reveling to be honest with you. never expected it to happen. doors were locked. porch light was on. there's a street right next door. >> close to catching him. i wish i would have. part of me wishes -- i'm glad i didn't. but i think now that the word will get out. hopefully it will resolve it a little quicker. >> police are interviewing some people and analyzing evidence. meanwhile those homeowners say they will install surveillance cameras. man stumbled upon military
5:52 pm
momentos and new someone somewhere really wanted them back much the heart warming lengths he went to make that happen. and new at 6:00 alert for nj transit riders. what officials are asking you not to use on the buses or trains for fear vehicles could go up in flames. with less than two months to go until election day both presidential campaigns have their eyes set on the philadelphia area tonight. how each is hoping to score favor with undecided voters. ♪
5:53 pm
pearle vision has been providing expert eye care. today, we make caring for your eyes even easier. right now, buy one pair of glasses, and get another pair free. this is genuine eye care in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision.
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heart warming story out of georgia. army uniform and some medals wound up in someone else's hands after they were sold at an auction. >> the good samaritan says he knew they would have sentimental value to the owner he vowed to track him down. denise dylan was there when the two meet face to face. >> it's the full uniform. so, um, i wanted to make sure he got this back. i know every soldier would love to have their uniforms. >> reporter: james may came across suitcase when he bought the contents of a storage unit. he couldn't believe the treasure inside. and knew he had to find the opener.
5:57 pm
>> as soon as i opened it and seen all the uniforms and medals i thought, somebody needs to get this back. >> reporter: having spent 25 years in the national guard, knew how important all of this would be to the owner. but he had little to go on. a name, the branch of the military and that he would been in afghanistan. >> all you had to go on was his last name. >> yes, ma'am. >> and that he was in the army. >> yes, ma'am. >> did you think that you would ever find him? >> no, no, i thought it was a slim chance. >> reporter: he turned to facebook and in 24 hours it had been shared 850 times. that's when jay mulkey starting getting cause including one from his brother who's active duty in california. >> it's your last name. is yours. >> i believe he is. he had been in the army riri serve for six years. had been to afghanistan received a number of medals big part of his life and he kept everything from that time he says he put it
5:58 pm
in a gainsville storage unit about a year ago. but soon after, had fallen on hard times and could no longer make the payments. >> i had actually looked for this was very sentimental because, um, it's still the original. that was my -- nothing has changed since i got it at ait in 2006. >> one suitcase, brought these two military veterans together both knowing the sentimental value of the uniform. >> i can't stress to you how much i appreciate that. >> thank you so much. >> specialist mull key thought his belongings were gone for good. now that he has them back he's never letting them out of his sight again. >> we'll elect hillary clinton the next president of the united states. hillary clinton leaning on the top gun in her party while she recovers from pneumonia. >> a more just america. a more loving america. a brighter america.
5:59 pm
that's what we're fighting for. >> president obama fired up the crowd today on eakins oval. transgender student rejected at a local catholic school. the one issue where the student and school officials were not willing to compromise on. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. we're on top of breaking news in montgomery county. skyfox is over the scene of a barricade situation in franconia township. this is happening at a home on bartlett court. the call came in around 2:30 this afternoon. one schoolbus carrying children in the area was diverted. their parents were able to pick them up at another location. so far no injuries have been reported. we will continue to follow this of course and bring you any updates. >> you decide 2016 president obama fired up a crowd algae concerns oval this afternoon. he's about as big of a backer
6:00 pm
that hillary clinton could have as her health forces her off the campaign trail for a few days. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. with 55 days to go until election day both camps are actually turning their sights on our area tonight. our chris o'connell is in delaware county where donald trump will be a little later tonight but we begin with our bruce gordon who has covered the president speech. the white house is hoping the president's popular will the will be a big win for clinton. >> no no question about it. mr. obama scored huge stories in philadelphia in 2008 and again in 2012. latest polling from franklin and marshall suggests hillary clinton might be able to duplicate those big margins leading donald trump by something like 70 percentage points. so who better to seal the deal for mrs. clinton how about the president himself in person and all fired up. >> president obama came to eakins oval to stump for hillary clinton. but adoring fans sometimes made it tough for the president to gea


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