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tv   Chasing News  FOX  September 14, 2016 12:30am-1:00am EDT

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dogs just won't quit. neither does new frontline gold. its triple action formula is relentless at killing fleas and ticks for a full 30 days. good boy! go for the gold. >> jalapeno. and jalapeno jerky. >> yes. that explains a lot. freshman girls were asked to wear their best clothing and f off. >> painting stores under fire for selling distressed, what question $600. >> what he got? >> i don't agree with you on
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that. >> you guys are completely insane, love that. >> the beginning of school for any college student is supposed to be long lines waiting for books, meeting new friends, missing your family. it is it is not supposed to be getting an e-mail where you are getting suggestive sexual connotation some by fraternity. >> this is not the first one we have seen. it's the first one i've seen. >> that's what happened at you penned this week. on august 31, freshmen girls were asked to wear their tightest clothing and they said, f off to all teases, only fun girls were allowed at the party. >> part of the anger is that this is not the first time it happened and we have been here a long time to see multiple incidences really awful behavior on campus. it makes women heal fear printing.
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we are sent this e-mail by freshmen and then other people were sent the email. >> they got a bunch of their friends around, 4040 of them put up flyers, sent e-mails and it turned into a coal written letter by 18 sororities on campus. 900 of the women in shorties, out of 1300 total, signed that document. they don't support the behavior that's happening on campus. it is not just you pen issue, it's a national issue and they want people to know that it will not be accepted here. >> it's not that college student should a party. part of the college expenses having fun, spending time with friends, going to parties spending time with friends, going to parties but it's the way in which you do it. and the dynamics which occur in the spaces. >> the university stood up for them. ashton kutcher stood up for them. senator casey and governor will supported them on twitter's and they were supported bengal girl. >> the attorney is sending an
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email inviting women e-mail inviting women to a party. whatever dress code they want to employ is fine by me. if you want to go to the party, go if go if you don't want to go, don't go. >> identify parties in college and the women we tried to dress our best. we're trying to dress sexy, it's normal. there is no actual rape happening here. it's just a bunch of frat boys talking. >> were talking about 18-year-old to 20 euros. were teaching our girls to dress less provocatively and get less drunk but were not teaching our boys about consent. i think that is the bigger issue. >> i'm not saying you are the boss. >> not a dry eye in the room. take a look at the video of a military surprise homecoming. >> i've been anxious and haven't seen my family in 11 months. >> it was on saturday at the patriots ballpark. 17 year army veteran sergeant alfredo castro seen his family for the first time in 11 months. they they were there to throw the ceremonial first pitch. take a look at this video of fishermen in jacksonville,
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florida taken saturday. it looks like they got something big, and he looked down and you see a small shark attack the fisherman's pole. men, they say this video is lame but then a bigger shark comes over and eats the small shark. >> he's can eat that little shark. >> there's a hue shark, look out. wow, oh my god. >> so that's why it went viral. i guess that is the circle of life. >> president barack obama was here in front of the philadelphia art museum to penny for democratic presidential nominee, hillary rodham clinton was shira has remained off the campaign trail as she recovers from pneumonia. the president never spoke to clinton's health but he did speak about donald trump not being for the working class. >> i'm going to work as hard as i can this fall to elect hillary
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clinton as our next president of the united states of america. >> but i had to ask a clinton supporters what they taught of her most recent nearly collapsing at the september 11 event in the been diagnosed with pneumonia. i asked if they're skeptical if you're healthy enough to be the next president of the united states. >> she has been transparent about the things that happen. if i were in her shoes are probably want to hide the that i was sick and tried to soldier through it. >> i'm with her. because that is the only thing that make sense. she will be a president for the entire united states. >> president barack obama close by asking democrats to do for her what they did for him and elect hillary clinton as the next president of the united states. meanwhile, the clinton campaign says they will release an update on her health sometime this week. donald trump on tuesday was come painting into
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my, iowa and ashton in pennsylvania. >> is it possible to throw away three years of preconceived notions, news media coverage an argument about what really happened on the george washington bridge where former christie a and port authority member are accused of shutting down liens for political payback on setup the 13th. >> jury selection continued on tuesday in newark. lawyer sought to find the last dozen people in new jersey who don't have an opinion about bridge gate were consented to side. they did that with the help of the jury questionnaire which asked monday questions like do you own or rent your house question worked you know anyone in law-enforcement? how often do you cross the george washington bridge? we are political leaning have any impact on if you can judge estimate by a republican or democrat? i asked michael, the lawyer for bridget and kelly what he looks
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were. >> i look for jurors to be fair and partial. objective and listen to the evidence and render a decision based on that. >> dozens of jurors came and were asked questions by the defense and prosecution. they provided surprising answers including one man who said, i have my thoughts on what happened. i can't erase how i feel. or how i thought. he was promptly excuse. plenty of other of other people have admitted that they do not only follow the news but have read and seen a lot about the bridge gate case. it will be interesting going forward to see how both sides handle this. i was struck by one woman's comment on her questionnaire which was read in the court, it should be chris christie on trial. people from both sides of the spectrtrum tried to figure out a way to judge based on the fact and nothing else. that's exactly what both sides
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one and mystery. jury selection continues on wednesday. >> designers these days are going to great lengths to create something high-end out of every day items. in in an effort to appeal to the masses, and evoke the kind of luxury that it was people like you and me. they rely and old-fashioned creativity. it seems the parties have literally stepped up to the plate marketing design start guaranteeing to garner the adoration of new york's fashion forward and the higher of our fashion conscious. introducing golden goose superstar sneakers. each pair is guaranteed to be unique for you and all that you have not just gone through. the mud puddle remnant that adorn each pair are the result of a design technique they call brushing to create a scratch effect. all handmade. i headed to barney's to try these on an experience all they encompass. jealous? you can walk a mile in their shoes for just 750 bucks. outrage? so a social media. many are
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calling out parties and other retailers selling the brand it to glam up homelessness and poverty. tweeter michael rim said golden goose sneakers are trash, rich jerks will spend what ever to appear down to earth. another wrote, the look of poverty shouldn't be seen or sold as fashion. what is wrong with some people. so everyday folk like you and me , it's just silly. why pay more for a designers mess when you can make your own at payless. introducing, the super -- it retails for $24.99 cents. if you want to go buy a pair for 750 bucks. >> i am distressed. i feel like a ho i feel like a hose society is drunk on stupid. people will plate $700 for ratted out sneakers, i'm nothing you should go out there and get them for 15 or 20 dollars, have
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at it. >> this is the way fashion works. grunge, have you heard of that quest mark that's what this is. >> grunge is about $4. >> $700 sneakers now will be the payless 24 in a couple months. >> you're talking about wearing heels and fantastic shoes i'm all about the distressed look because when was a guy a letter guy put down his jacket on a puddle and let you walk over it. and being a gentleman? >> the real problem here's people are buying on. they're sold out on all websites. i had to go to four different stores to find them. >> what you could still have a homeless guy in reseller. >> clip in the shoes. >> anyway, thank you. >> six years in a couple of days since elvis pressley was on the ed sullivan show so back porch weather now elvis style. ♪ philadelphia and the skies are
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blue, i might might be in isolated showers on wednesday night ♪ ♪ but thursday with the sky still right ♪ ♪ the highs on wednesday be around 90s ♪ ♪ throw a little party and shake your high knee ♪ ♪ go to new jersey where the girls are pretty. wednesday you see highs of 85 degrees and you feel it from your shoulder all the way to your knees ♪ ♪ the rain, there's 20% chance but if it does all take it to the sock hop dance ♪ ♪ hey, hey mom mama new york bound the words clear on wednesday no signs a cloud ♪ ♪ 85 degrees mama, how's that sound ♪ ♪ thursday will be cooler ♪ hey, hey thursday will be cooler across the region with a rock and all year from season to
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season ♪ thank you. thank you very, very much. i'm leaving the building now. >> cory booker looking like a deer in headlights standing beside cleo wade. >> she's a provocative writer and connects with an audience but not taking a risk. >> is his poetry or does cory have a
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>> does corey booker have a girlfriend? check out this page six picture in which you see cory booker looking like a deer in headlights standing beside cleo wade. so who is cleo wade? she's in her late 20s from new orleans, lives in new york, apparently was katie. his was katie. stylist and is now best friends with her. according to her website she has been published in bow, the new york times, w magazine, people magazine, she is also been described as an instagram poet. here is cleo's work on instagram. >> your life discovery just may be that you are your other half. your night shining armor and the one you have been waiting on your whole life. here's another one, and let no one but you do find you. that's
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all. here's another one, if it is love, say it is love. what it is is what it is. so to get to know her better i chased this to union square i chased this to union square where i met a poet, danielle who has been appointed for 15 years. executive director of a poet's café in the east village. i asked him. i asked him what he thought this poem says about her. >> right now, as impressive as these quotes are they can be generated by computer. i would just hope to see where that is where she takes a risk herself. she's encouraging her audience to take a risk but but she's not taking it. >> she's also very entertaining and successful at getting a following. she has over 130,000 followers on instagram. >> she's a writer she's a writer and connects well with an audience. she finds positions and points that could be of interest to an audience and she certainly has found a way to amass the following online. i just think there is not enough about her as a human. >> he also said he she could learn a thing or two about cory booker style a speech. >> i think cory booker is a
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fantastic speaker and writer. he does a great job of balancing personal insight with motivational speech. >> jerry burke, our executive producer, mastermind of chasing news wrote a high q that was published in the new york times. >> manhattan, nighttime is noise time, cars i like babies in pain, toys pick them up. >> i think the poet who wrote that hiq did a fantastic job. >> where to begin on this, poetry or cory booker has a girlfriend? he stepping up going from a stripper to a poet right? >> he was just tweeting. >> is corey going through this young lady was carrie katie. >> all that's the plan. >> this is the picture my
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husband ward was killed on september 11 by the senseless and needless active terrace. every morning i wake up a a piece and then i remember september 11. we need to shore children there are consequences. >> on the morning of 9/11 my husband went to work and we never saw him again. he came home and 17 pieces over the next ten years. >> these are the faces of 9/11. it has been 15 years but they are still there super justice for the question is, will they ever get it? >> we innocent people lost their lives. the job of the government is not to stop something like that from happening, what is a? >> it is been a fight nine and half years in the making. leptons of 9/11 battling to bring a lawsuit against saudi arabia. >> and then send a message to the rest of the world that if you are going to fund terrorist, we want to show americans we are going to hold you accountable. >> in order for that lawsuit to
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happen there needs to be this bill passed. the justice against sponsors of terrorism. it does not look like that will happen. >> that is not an effective forceful way for us to respond to terrorism. a forceful way for us to respond to terrorism is to thoroughly investigate. >> the bill and the long-standing policy which granants immunity to foreign officials whose government are effective at terrorism. surprisingly, both the house and senate passed the bill on friday which you don't hear about too often on capitol hill. but the obama administration says it could damage key relationships which is why obama is expected to veto the bill in the coming days. >> we talked about change when he was first running for president and if you really want to change the world, this will do it. this will finally tell terrace that we are not going to just look the other way. >> does this mean the fight is over? not exactly. congress could override that veto. if that doesn't happen, you happen, you better bet these two women are
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going to keep up the fight. >> everybody could call the white house and ask for president obama to please sign this bill. >> a lot of people are missing the point. this is one of the most heinous acts in history. it is probably the worst way to lose a loved one. you would expect to family members to be screaming for blood and violence, but all they want is accountability and justice through paperwork and litigation. >> no one for 15 years have helped the saudis accountable. now it is up to some windows, monson victims families to do what the government ought to be doing for them. >> i would rather have lawyers in the courtroom then troops in the war zone. at this point. >> well you're going to need both. as i'm sitting here looking at the discussion everyone keeps saying saudi's have done so much worse but what are they doing? just wondering? what are they doing. >> i agree with you, i think a a relation with them is overrated. i think some should be held accountable. let's see what happens after the election. >> disrupt the conditions of
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news. what are you all doing to the chicken mcnuggets? and might be to some in the audience, i'm gone. >> have a story we should know about? help us chaser down big oil polluters. they have a friend in pennsylvania.
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millionaire pat toomey. toomey voted to protect their special tax breaks. saving oil companies twenty-four billion dollars. and big oil polluters have given toomey seven hundred thousand dollars in campaign contributions. tax breaks for them. campaign contributions for him. pat toomey. he's helping big oil polluters and millionaires. not the rest of us. lcv victory fund is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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>> coming up next. >> this high-speed chase comes from down under. >>
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>> , now. >> this high-speed chase comes from down under. look at the snake here sitting on top of a car. >> oh shivers, what kind of snake is that? >> i don't know. >> is it going to get inside? >> that is not cool at all.
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actually when the snake flies off the car it goes in the opposite direction. >> here is a leap of faith that will truly make your stomach drop. an unidentified base jumper in dubai jumps from a skyscraper into the cloud. the host and was caught on tape and he has no view of the ground, only white fog surrounds him. he still nailed his landing at a construction site. later in the video he gives us a view of the cloud from the ground. >> i'm trying to figure out how to do a story about this guy here. he has has been on my window for about an hour. i am fascinated by it. >> it all starts with curiosity right. and the boss has gotten more than his share. >> it is a praying mantis. i am afraid to kill him because i don't want to pay the $50 fine.
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>> is there a 50-dollar fine to kill a praying mantis question asked. >> in new jersey there is. >> but stuff like that. >> now, bill, you may know but it may be news to some of the audience, i'm gone. this is this is my last week at chasing news. i start work reporting for fox in philadelphia on monday. dream job, perfect situation, can't wait to get started and i can't overstate that. but after you go from a little bit from a little bit you start to get a little misty when you think of what and who you are walking away from. >> like john flanagan, the editor. the other 9-year-old who works here besides me. >> that is only one example. a funny one, but probably not an active one of the thing that matters the most which is a sublime creative workplace environment board from our marching orders which have not changed in three years.
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an experiment to disrupt news. >> my sombrero. what are you you all doing to the chicken mcnuggets? do you just hire stupid people at chasing news? >> change how we see things. >> let me tell you it's easier said than done. you were there. we painted these walls. this is a real estate office. we cannot afford paint at the home depot three years ago. we assembled these desk, jason, paul you are all there. mike was the right-hand man. >> there is never going to be a time in any of the jobs going forward nor for me when there's to be like afternoon karaoke sessions. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i got my marching orders and
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that's at box 29 just like any others here and i will succeed hell or high water. the one thing i will miss is about what i'm to do right now. throw it into the room. so it can get slapped around, just like this. >> first while who's gone up as you like i do? who are you going to fight? >> that's the thing. i know you so i'm not afraid to get pissed off at you are fighting with you because it's familiar ground. i don't know as many people down there. if. if i get into a fight with someone down there -- >> you better be careful. >> were talking drones. developers and engineers are champing at the bit to find new breakthroughs on how to use drones for police and custom
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(snoring) chief, there's a sniper down in the warehouse district! let's roll! sniper? ah, um, well, you know how i love to roll, but, uh, my wife ordered a new dust ruffle for our bedroom, and, uh, she had it shipped to the station. if i'm not here to sign for it, they'll take it back to the package place, and that is a whole nightmare. love you guys. (sighs) (grunts) (sighs) uh, yeah, i got a delivery here for, uh, clancy wiggins. "wiggins"? n-n-no, it's wiggum. wiggins? that's not even a real name. what's a wiggins? no, really, tell me.


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