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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  September 14, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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story. inside one of those vehicles a little boy who is now dead. >> several other people are hurt and investigators say they have found some troubling clues. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. in the midst of all of the grief, a lot of tough questions tonight. fox 29's karen hepp has been on this story all day. she's at lehigh valley hospital. karen. >> reporter: i am going to start witness victims in this case because right now we have a number people here at this hospital who are fighting for their lives. a little two-year-old girl. there's another woman 64 years old that's critically injured and according to the hospital officials here and another relative was taken here here with them and they're all related. terrible terrible crash. it back up traffic for miles and investigators did find some things they are investigating. they say there was alcoholic containers in that vehicle. a broken hearted grandfather writes on his facebook page he lost his grandson live little five-year-old ravon last night.
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it happened here on i78 in northampton county. this mangled she will is all that's left of the family vehicle. >> the operator for unknown reasons at this time lost control of the vehicle, struck a guardrail and came to rest in the travel -- eastbound travel lanes. >> reporter: even though investigators say there were car seats for the two children and seat belts on the two adults, both little ravon and his two-year-old sister were thrown from the car. >> the two juveniles and possibly one of the adult females was ejected. the investigation still on going as far as whether all three were ejected. officers arrived the -- the two-year-old female and the adult female were out of the c car. >> the horrible ordeal was still unfolding. the car was still in the line of traffic and hit two more times by this kia forte and dodge caravan. the crash shut down the busy hoy way for 11 more than hours backing traffic for miles. the victims were rushed to lee his valley hospital where the driver 54-year-old nadine walton is in critical condition and the
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two-year-old baby severely injured. police don't know the driver lost control. but they did find some evidence they are investigating. >> they did find click contains they are in the car. it's under investigation as far as was the -- if those click containers were there if the operator or passenger were drinking at the time of the accident. that is still under investigation. >> reporter: no charges at this time. they're work wig the coroner's office and northampton county district attorney in this case at this time. there were the two other people the drivers of this other vehicle they were injured they did go to the hospital. we've checked with them and they were treated and released. that's the very latest right now from outside the bee high valley hospital. lucy and iain back to you. >> thank you karen. scary moment outside a philadelphia element row school. someone shot a man in a park across the street from the school about 11:30 this morning. it happened in city's fair hill section. and elementary school went on lock down as precaution. police have not released the condition of the man with the gunshot wound as of yet.
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in the city angora neighborhood police are churching forever opened fire on man along the 5800 block of hoffman street. officers arrived on the scene right around 7:30 last night. they found 24-year-old darrell singleton shot in the head lying on the street. doctors pronounced him dead at penn presbyterian hospital. investigatoinvestigators aren'ta motive. happening now one of the most famous retail streets in philadelphia looks like it's about to get some new neighbors and not everyone is happy about it. that's because a big time builder wants to break down on big project. let's get right out to bruce gordon whose live along jewelers row in center city. bruce? >> reporter: iain, change is never easy he is special until a city brimming with history and so the plan to add a major residential tower to this iconic low rise business district is no surprise generate something waves. frank schaeffer has been cutting diamonds and designing jewelry on the 700 block of sansom
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street for most of his adult live. >> i'm told i have to leave because they want to build an 80 unit, 16 story condominium complex. >> reporter: how does that make you feel. >> not very happy whatsoever. >> reporter: prep work is underway in front of the five buildings right in the heart of jewelers row that will be torn down to make way for the new toll brothers development. development that has divided this iconic retail stretch the oldest diamond district in america. >> 719, 721, 729, 726. >> these are all people who are supportive of this toll brothers project. >> plane stupid english. >> reporter: roberto shows me the petition he's generated to gauge community approval. >> you believe there's real support for this. >> i absolutely do. >> reporter: he sold three of the buildings to toll brothers. says a condo complex would revitalize a dying block. >> 100% improvement. you go to the other side of broad street you can't walk.
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you come on this side of broad street, you can get mugged and nobody knows about it. >> reporter: it's empty. >> yeah. >> reporter: most jewelers here agree. nay san barsky says a reasonable tower would end liven a stretch that pretty much dies each nig night. >> it's going build up. it's going to make the area safer and bring better people to the area. and -- >> activity, create activity. >> upper floors of the five buildings to be demolished house apartments and art and jewelry studios people will be displac displaced. >> frustrating. >> absolutely. it's like nobody likes to move and we might have to do it aga again. >> reporter: frank schaeffer says the toll brothers development will almost certainly chase him from the block. >> we have jewelers row, restaurant row, funeral home row, fabric row. that's the unique part of philadelphia. once you start destroying that fabric, it's just the beginning. >> reporter: the permitting process for a big project like this is long and it is complicated. nothing is yet set in stone.
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nothing has been finalized. even if the project does move forward, it will likely be months not weeks away. we'll be watching the whole way. lucy. >> i know you will, thank you very much, bruce. the return of summer and your fox 29 weather authority. live look at the ben franklin parkway right now. we weren't talking searing heat like we've experienced recently but things have definitely warmed up. so the question of course is how long is this all going to last. you know who knows, meteorologist kathy orr. >> hi, kathy good what a day lucy. just to be outside with blue skies and it's so comfortable out here. felt a little hot earlier but we're getting a little bit of a breeze. take a look behind me at the deep blue sky and lots of folks out just really enjoying the evening and why not. it foles more like june than september. maybe even july. take look at these high temperatures. we had some records so far today in philadelphia. 92. that ties the record a record breaker in wilmington tying the record in trenton of 92. and at the atlantic city airport we tied a record of 92 and in
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many places temperatures are still climbing. in reading 91. allentown 90 degrees. you see the green on that contour green right now it's only 67 in the poconos. that is rain cooled with some 90s elsewhere. you can see mainly 90s with the exception of wildwood and lancaster at 89 degrees. this evening temperatures will be cooling down. as a cold front moves through best chance of a spotty shower or thunderstorm well to the north and west. 70s by 9:00. mostly cloudy at 11:00 with a temperature of 74 degrees. coming up we'll talk about that cool down that's coming with that front and those showers. there's a drought watch going on across good part of the area. and we will be seeing some rain. i'll see you later in the broadcast when i join you inside with the seven day. >> all right, kathy, thanks. philadelphia police now revealing a body was found a mid an apartment fire three days ago but they say the man was stabbed to death. police say the man 64-year-old robert lynch was stabbed several times. they say the fire burned his
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body which was already in advanced stages of decompositi decomposition. firefighters found lynch's body on an apartment floor in the 500 block of east church lane in east germantown after the fire monday police don't know who killed the man. in camden county fire heavily damaged a historic church that dates back more than a century. it started just before midnight in the basement of the temple of praise ministries that's along the 7500 block of river road in pennsauken. the current congregation is small and has been there for just nip years. but church leaders believe the building itself is about 150 years old. the caught cause of that fire is still under investigation. it's called impact 2030 and has philadelphia mayor jim kenney in new york city speaking to the united nations. the program aims to chief wait calls sustainable development goals. that means fighting to end poverty and hunger and creating a clean environment. they want tighter roy with volunteers. kenney is speaking to the united nations and using the parents to
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not only talk about the fight to end poverty but also highlight his universal pre k program here in philadelphia. he is hoping other cities follow in the city of brotherly love's footsteps. >> not only will this program allow 6500 and three and four-year-old toss get their education started on the right path but help pre k provider which is are largely minority owned small businesses to grow and create more working class jobs in their communities. >> kenney talked about philadelphia's inn invest manies in parks and libraries. studies show these invest manies can increase public safety. so uber users in pittsburgh are getting a glimpse into the future thanks to self driving cars. >> the fleet hit the streets of the city today and the forward for fusions are picking up rider who's volunteered to participate in pilot program the cars are loaded with features allowing them to navigate on their own. still an uber engineer will sit in the driver's seat and take over if there are any problems.
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and the city is' mayor is happy his city is able to lead in the technologists development. >> we're celebrating today for pittsburgh. over 600 employees working now with uber developing the future of what urban mobility will look like. this is a small first step, a pilot program, but it has the ability to create a global industry right here in pittsburgh. >> still experts say it could be decades before the public is being driven around in fleets fully driver less cars under any condition. >> actually one of those cars stopped working today for one reporter. a difficult debate, a young woman living in constant pain wants to end her life. why some want to stop her from doing that. and a former teacher under arrest tonight at the center of the accusations a fenn investigator what he allegedly asked her to do with it. >> a local couple hit hard times. medical issues, led to financial
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problems. so they're asking for help. >> i've had lot of success in my life, so i guess i have an ego and this is has been very humbling. >> what the money is not for them. the community tradition they're trying to save. and coming up new at 6:00 no ma what the you're there a day in court can be stressful. in one local courthouse man's best friend is helping make things a little easier. we're going to take you there. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. he's a race-baiting, xenophobic, religious bigot. donald trump is a phony, a fraud. he's not a serious adult.
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i can't vote for donald trump given the things that he said. trump should not be supported. i believe he's disqualified himself to be president. i just cannot support donald trump.
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should make life easier for students there. partnership between the two schools will allow some students to graduate from college with little or no debt. those who are in associate's degree from camden county college and then transfer to rutgers camden can get help through a program called bridging the gap. it allows students from families with income of less than $60,000 to apply for a grander that covers their tuition. >> it's a partnership that can provide the needy yesterday working mass families in the state both a two year and four year degree completion path for a cost probably under $20,000. 129 students this fall transferred from camden county college to continue their education at rutgers cam. you decide 2016. speculation he would then he would not but in the end donald trump decided to share some of his medical information during a taping of the dr. oz show set to air tomorrow right here op fox
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29. >> if your health is as strong as it seems from your assistants why shot share your medical records? >> i have really no problem in doing it. i have it right here. should i do it? i don't care. (applause). >> should i do it? >> i have no problem. >> it's two letters one is the report and the other is from lenox hill hospital. >> may i see them. >> yeah sure. >> these are the reports. >> those are all the tests just done last week. >> of course we won't fine out what's in those letters until tomorrow. meanwhile hillary clinton continues to recuperate at home while her doctor announced today that she's in good health and quiet capable of serving as president. nevertheless her husband was force toddy fend his wife's health on the campaign trail. fox's joel waldman is in washington with more. >> reporter: former president bill clinton pitching in on the campaign trail his wife hillary clinton continues to recover from pneumonia at their chap what, new york, home. >> it's crazy time we live people think there's something unusual about getting the flu.
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last time i checked millions of people were getting it every year. >> some democratic parties most powerful surrogates thrown their support behind clinton. including vice-president joe biden, first lady michelle oba obama, and president obama who made a stop in philadelphia yesterday. >> the left is getting desperate because they're starting to wonder if donald trump can actually do this and win. >> reporter: with candidates health becoming a central focus of the race this week donald trump making an appearance on taping of dr. oz show. republican nominee for the first time handing over some of his medical records giving dr. oz the results of his physical exam from last week. >> obviously we have no reason to believe that he -- he's unhealthy but we don't know exactly what's in his medical records. we'll see what he told dr. oz and how much information his campaign is sort of willing to divulge here. >> colin powell's opinion of both republican and democratic candidates were made public today after his e-mails were reportedly hacked and given to buzz feed.
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the former secretary of state calling trump a national disgrace and international pa rye ya also criticizing clinton aids for trying to drag him into her private e-mail controversy. hillary clinton difficult week seems to be continuing new bloomberg politics poll now shows her trailing donald trump by five points in the key state of ohio. in washington, joel waldman, fox news. and you can watch donald trump sit down with dr. oz tomorrow afternoon at 1:00 right here on fox 29. environmental agencies and active visits coming together at the seaport museum today for the kick off of river days. series of events will be held as part of the initiative to educate people about water quality issues. leaders say protecting the river is important because it provides drinking water to millions living in between philadelphia and camden. >> continuing to connection weeble people to the rivers on -- for recreation, for economic development, and for
5:18 pm
the environmental integrity of that resource is very important part of the success of the region. very important part of the success of balanced eco system in this river. >> water days activities will run for the next six weeks around the area. >> mt. holly couple is in unusual position tonight. money is tight and they need your help. like so many others, they've started a gofundme page. >> but in their case time is running out. fox 29's brad sattin explains. >> i just been in a bit of a pinch this year. >> reporter: it's been a rough year for rich and deanna, rich had health problems and some big business deals fell through. in fact money has gotten so tight -- >> yeah. >> reporter: it's tough to talk about. >> a friend suggested, hey, don't be afraid to ask for help. >> i've had a lot of success in my life. so i guess i have an ego and this has been very humbling to
5:19 pm
ask for help. >> reporter: but they took that friend's suggestion. >> she said rich, put it on gofundme page. you'll be a mazed that people are willing to help for something like this. >> reporter: something like this isn't what you think. you see they're not raising money for themselves. but for their community. when they moved here 12 years ago to introduce themselves, they asked a couple dozen kids to stop by to carve pumpkins for halloween. they've been doing it ever since and well it's grown a bit. >> last year we had pumpkins all across the roof. >> last year more than 2,000 people came by carving 700 pumpkins all bought by the couple. they had hay rides, a bounce see house, food, music, prizes and have never charged a dime. >> as the years went on i kind of got excited to make it more of a production. >> reporter: it's a production all right. >> we usually carve pumpkins. >> i carved the death star from star wars. >> yoda from star wars. >> reporter: a tradition for so many families it's even on a calendar now known as the
5:20 pm
mt. holly pumpkin festival. but will it be on this year's calendar? they simply can't afford it. >> we're basically trying to raise $7,500 which will cover this year's costs of putting on the festival. >> reporter: the couple put smiles on so many faces over the years, neighbors are just hoping this year they can return the favor. >> there's so many people that a 10 the event so there's no reason why it can't go on. >> gofundme page has been up for a few days and they raised close to 23 hun doctor dollars. >> growing controversy in oklahoma after video shows police pepper spraying an elderly woman in her home. the depth says what started th this. >> a man's house broken into, expensive things stolen. clues suggest kids did it and the notes they left broke his heart. it's a concern for a lot of parents this time of year. children are back in school and well so are lice. doctors are warning the creepy crawlers are getting harder and harder to zap but one business has an idea that you might just want to hear about.
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>> community outrage tonight after police pepper sprayed an 84-year-old woman in oklahoma. officers say they told geneva smith several times to put her hands behind her back. police kicked her door down because her son ran into the home after running away from police. he was wanted on a misdemeanor. the state's naacp president is asking department of justice to investigate the local police department. pope francis lashing out at terrorist who murdered a french priest. the pontiff called the killer satanic in special mass in honor of the priest. the terrorist slashed his throat and at his church in normandy france two months ago. dozen of parishioners joined the pope at the vatican to pay tribute. the pope called father hamil a martyr. isis has claimed responsibility
5:25 pm
for at tack that also left another man wounded. both attackers were shot to death by police while trying to run away. immigration reform and accepting refugees in the u.s. has emerged it's a one of the big issues in the 2016 presidential race. >> a congressional committee is questioning the government's ability to identify the good guys from the bad guys. officials from homeland security border patrol and the tsa appeared before house panel this morning. they answered questions from lawmakers who are concerned that the federal government lacks the ability to fully screen and track people entering the us like potential terrorists. just today the wall street journal reported the obama administration is plan to go increase a number of refugees septembered by the us by 30%. >> all refugees entering our country are subject to the highest level of security check of any category of travel or to the united states. >> the white house argues that the us could be doing more to help people seeking safety especially those from war torn
5:26 pm
countries in the middle east. in montgomery county, hundreds of volunteers came together to beautify their communities. it was all part of the day of caring which connects volunteers from the corporate community with local non-life profits. the united way organized volunteers in 25 parts of the county. projects including painting, cutting down trees and cleaning up the streets. the goal of the project is for people to to learn mow how they can give back. >> any time that we can get volunteers out and mobilize in the counties we're happening because it's spreading the important of vol running and giving back. we're a very affluent community but a large pocket of need. >> this is the eighth year for the day of caring. a former teacher is in jail tonight at the center of the accusations a phone. investigators say he gave to his students and what they say he asked her to do with it. and could this be the future of fertility making baby without an egg.
5:27 pm
what scientists just did that suggests this could be possible. kathy? >> in weather we are talking about the end of the heat. wasn't here long. a few sprinkles moving through and the latest on tropical storm julia with your seven day forecast. buy online. ready in an hour. weren't you it. staples. make more happen. they're all gone.
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♪ here's life look at blue mountain from the pocono mountains camera after some fall like weather things kind of heated back up and there are some more 90-degree temperatures ahead. how long those will last coming up in your fox 29 weather authority. in the city angora neighborhood employees are searching for whoever opened fire on man along the 5800 block of hoffman street. officers arrived at the scene right around 7:30 last night. they found 24-year-old darrell singleton shot in the head lying on the street. doctors pronounced him dead at penn presbyterian hospital. investigators are not sure of a motive. a jury is now seated in the trial of two former allies of new jersey governor chris christie. prosecutor it's say they're behind traffic gridlock at the george washington bridge three years ago. the panel will hear opening statements monday in federal court in newark. bill baroni and bridget kelly face fraud and civil rights charges. prosecutors say they reduced access lanes to the bridge in the town of fort lee to punish the democratic mayor for not endorsing christie. governor christie himself though
5:31 pm
does not face any charges. parents in one florida town are kind of on edge after a former middle schoolteacher was arrested. investigators say the trouble all started when he gave teenaged student a phone. >> and what they say he told her to do with it has him in big trouble. fox's josh casio has the story. >> reporter: no parent in this student pick up line wants to find out a former teacher is under arrest. >> that's not good. really not good. >> reporter: especially when a crime is a sexually charged one allegingly involving students. >> that's what the world is coming to i guess. 31-year-old michael geist was arrested at his home in bran on charges of lewd conduct solicitation. no one answered when we knocked on his door. geist taught science at rogers middle school in riverview. >> we had a few students that came to the principal and just said that there was something that didn't seem right. >> reporter: that would ignite an investigation. which would lead to geist's a brunt resignation in may of this
5:32 pm
year. deputes say a month earlier he had given a smart phone to female student urging her to send sexual messages to other kids. he also wanted her to take x rated photos and videos of herself. he then wanted her to show him what were you on the phone. >> you don't know what to say i guess. >> reporter: geist app p to have conduct issues in the past. according to a memo sent by the principal, he had been talked to before regarding actions like being alone with female students. stepping personal e-mails to one outside of school hours and urging another to twerk in class. the same girl he allegedly gave the phone to. >> we have high expectations for anybody that works with the district and we expect that they're going to have the utmost respect. >> geist was hired in february of this year. he passed a background check first. >> you want to protect your children all the time, and they're not protected at school that's a big problem. >> prosecutors have charged
5:33 pm
geist with lewd and will he sid yous behavior much he's out on bail tonight. in it was kind of warm out there today. >> kathy says we have fall like temperatures. right? >> um-hmm. we certainly do. >> i was paying attention. >> you were paying attention. the heat peaks today. this is it. you can see some of the leaves on our trees already changing. getting a little crispy with the dry warm conditions. today the hottest day of the week. we started the cooler trend on sunday. but today's high temperature so far into. the normal is 79 and that into does tie the record. we'll see if we can go little bit higher than that. 92 in the city. also, wilmington at 92. none in dover. 90 in allentown. wow that's pretty warm inland. you can see reading at 90. pottstown at 90 but a sharp contrast just up the expressway there look at that mount pocono at 67 degrees. up the northeast extension. and that's because we had some rain there and a cold front is moving through. see the contour where we have the green much cooler temperatures.
5:34 pm
and there lies the front. some 70s and 60s to the north and west. 80s and 90s to the south and east. so that cool air express will be moving through tonight and all of us will be feeling the impact come tomorrow and for the next 48 hours. here are the showers associated with that front. you can see the cloud cover as well. some moving into the lehigh valley. but most of this reaching somewhat drier air and i think maybe a few spotty showers or sprinkles to the north and west during the evening. that will be just about it. in the wake of this front, cooler, drier air moves in with high pressure. the front also allows julia to be kick out little bit farther out to sea. so a side from heavy rain through georgia and then moving through south carolina, we can say goodbye to tropical storm julia. so that is the good news. the bad news is, we don't have much in the way of rain. scott i know you've been crunching these numbers. my yard is parched. i'm hoping you have some if news for us. >> yeah, well, kathy, unfortunately, not a lot of good
5:35 pm
news. crunchy yards across the delaware val until front as you mentioned it's going bring just a couple of spotty showers mainly toward the poconos and also the lehigh valley. let's talk about the month of september. that deficit. many locations an inch to about an inch and a half below where we should be for the month. philadelphia slightly over an inch. almost an inch and a half below where we should be in wilmingt wilmington. also look at allentown. over an inch and a half below where we should be. now, take look at some of the counties under a drought watch. this is issued by the department of environmental protection. you can see as we move toward northampton county, carbon county, berks county look at the counties that have been added. philadelphia county, delaware county, also, chester county due to low stream flows that declining ground water and also just the lack of precipitation across the area. so the rainfall chances over the next several days pretty low. that front a couple of spotty showers tonight far north and west. the next best chance for rape fall pretty much area wide, kathy, will be on sunday.
5:36 pm
>> hmm. you know what, i don't know. scott, what do you think? doesn't look like we'll get a ton of rain out of that. i think anything at this point is going to be better than nothing. right? outside you can see old city philadelphia looking good. it's a great night to get outdoors and very comfortable. 65 in the city. 59 in the suburbs. scott mentioned spotty shower north and west. host mostly cloudy. tomorrow going for a high of a whopping design degrees. good day to get outdoors, walk the dog, take a run. you may not even break a sweat in the morning. sunny, comfortable. seasonal with a northeasterly wind as you plan your day tomorrow, some sweater weather for the morning. 63 at 7:00 a.m. in the city but cooler in the suburbs 73 by the lunch hour. after school comfortable for any practices or games going on in the evening. the temperature 72. your extended forecast from the weather authority shows temperatures staying in the 70s through friday. saturday the better half of the weekend some showers and storms expected sunday with another front but i think we'll warm up pretty nicely ahead of it. monday a morning shower otherwise warming to 82.
5:37 pm
83 degrees for tuesday and then warming up again next wednesday into the 80s. if you're going to take a september break down the shore, 70s for most of the weekend. and mainly 80s next week. it's nice and quiet. the ocean water is pretty warm this time of year. the kids weren't in school, heck, i'd be down there. >> so would i. thank you very much, kathy. a man's house broken into expensive items stolen. clues suggest children did it, and the notes they left behind just broke his heart. and one of the most awkward classes in school but many kids are giving their sex ed classes failing grades. what they say teachers are getting all wrong. coming up new at 6:00 no matter why you're there, a day in court could be very stressful and now in one local courthouse man's best friend is helping make things a little easier and we're going to take you there.
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♪ wild arrest in oregon state trooper on the receiving end of pepper spray. the trooper pulled over a man because he thought the vehicle was suspicious. when the trooper started questioning the driver, the driver became combative. during the scuffle the man doused the trooper with pepper spray then ran off. he then broke into three homes as he tried to hider from police. they eventually did track him down, though, and promptly arrested him. in texas, police are investigating an unusual crime where burglars claim to be children. >> they apparently even left behind hasn't written note laughing at the homeowner. joseph of houston says someone broke into his home stole some electronics and someone left these two notes behind. they read, i broke in and took your ps3 controllers games and computer. by a kid ha, ha. >> i stole your stuff because my brother told mow to. the home own are in is a special ed he had teacher and work wig middle school kids every day makes the notes even harder to read. >> it is heart wrenching to read that stuff. it's super hard just to know
5:42 pm
that this is somebody that just made the wrong choice. somebody who just decided to kick over somebody's door and break some items and take stuff and thought that was good choi choice. >> homeowner filed police report and will be install more security at the home. a difficult debate. a young woman living in constant pain wants to end her life. why some people want to stop her from doing that. and could this be the future of fertility making a baby without an egg? what scientists just did to suggest this could be possible. sean? >> iain, the phillies have gotten rid of every player from the world series run 2008 except ryan howard. today one of those players showed just how much he loved philly. see who it is coming up later in sports.
5:43 pm
i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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i know more about isis then the generals do. john mccain, a war hero. he's not a war hero, he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured ok. donald trump compared his sacrifices to the sacrifices of two parents who lost their son in war. how would you answer that father? what sacrifice have you made for your country? i think i've made a lot of sacrifices, built great structures. i've had tremendous success, i think... those are sacrifices?
5:46 pm
we do have breaking news. atlantic city police say officer josh vadell could leave the hospital as early as tomorrow. robbers shot vadell on september 3rd as he and his partner came across robbery test caesar's cass zen know parking garage. police arrested two men in incident. police say officer vadell will transfer to a rehab center to continue his recovery. a germantown organization that helps homeless youth in philadelphia unveiling a fully renovated kitchen dining hall today. covenant house provides housing to those in need who are under the age of 21. with help from shop rite the german done kitchen now has new kitchen equipment and renovated eating area. covenant house says it will help more than 500 people this year alone. difficult debate in wisconsin tonight where a
5:47 pm
teenager wants to end her own life because she says she's in constant pain. >> but some people want to stop her. fox's mike tobin has the story from appleton. >> reporter: meant to look lick prom this was erika's last dance. 14-year-old jericka doesn't want to go on living. >> she has incurable disease spin muscular atrophy type two. she says she's in pain. she has endured 30 surgeries and told her mother she wants to stop fighting. turn off her breathing device, go into hospice and let her life slip away. >> i said jericka, i love you that much that i will not let you suffer if that's -- if it's that bad, then it's okay.
5:48 pm
mom will find way to be okay. >> however, a disability rights group is asking child protective authorities to intervene saying jericka's condition is manageable with treatment. she has a quality live ahead of her and she's 22 too young to make this life and death decision. >> she's only 14 and we know that the brain is not fully matured. there's a reason why we don't let 14-year-olds join the military. there's a reason why we don't let 14-year-olds vote. >> wisconsin slaw not entirely clear. on one hand her mother support would make a difference. however, a court ruling from 2014 stated in wisconsin in the absence avenue persistent vegetative state the right of a parent to with hold life sustaining treatment from child does not exist. >> right now in the absence of any litigation it's a moral question with legal implicatio implications. >> many people in her hometown appleton, wisconsin say if jericka is suffering, she has right to stop fighting. including the dj who played at her farewell prom. >> she's in a body that's nearly
5:49 pm
paralyzed. and painful all the time, think about how you would feel. >> reporter: executive director of disable parents rights says disengaging from the breathing machine may not bring about a rapid death. in fact she says jericka could suffer from complications brought on by troubled breathing for a long time. few people are sure of her status at the moment, because the mother has stopped making public comments. in appleton, wisconsin, mike tobin, fox news. turning to your health now, the future of mak making babies could we one day do it without eggs? >> our joyce evans is here with and that the day's other big health stories. joyce. >> well, it could be possible one day, but as you know, this one is a little complicated, and controversial as you might imagine. researchers which britain say they've been able to create healthy baby mice in a whole new way. they took an unfertilized egg and they used chemicals to trick it into becoming a kind of fake embryo. that's what they say. then they were able to trick
5:50 pm
sperm into fertilizing those fake embryos. the team figure if they can produce some healthy baby mice that they might one day be able to do the same thing in humans using cells that are not from eggs. long time for that. meanwhile, there's more evidence showing stress may indeed have a big impact on whether a woman gets pregnant. researchers at the university of louisville found high levels of stress around the time a woman ovulation reduces her chance of getting pregnant by more than 40%. teenagers around the world are giving their sex education cla classes a failing grade. dozens of studies were scammed looking at sex education programs in school all around the world, and teenager said that the programs do not give them what they need. some of them say that the problems are that the teachers and the kids after they're already talking to the kids after they are sexually active. and comfort level may be hard to
5:51 pm
reach between the teachers and the students and the students found in this research that the approach to sex is more like it's a problem instead they want guidance how to enjoy their sexual will the in a safe, consensual and healthy way. you got to have that talk, iain and lucy. >> earlier and earlier. >> thank you very much, joyce. >> a lot of concern for parents this time of year. children are back in school, right. look what's going on there. so are lice. doctors are warning the creepy crawl less are getting harder and harder to zap. but one business has an idea you might just want to hear. coming up at six you may be perfectly comfortable with catch and uber what about an uber with no driver? it's happening in pennsylvania. we'll show you how it works. >> excuse the mess construction began in center city on new high rise that will completely change the face of the neighborhood. but it's already having quite the impact.
5:52 pm
big oil polluters. they have a friend in pennsylvania. millionaire pat toomey. toomey voted to protect their special tax breaks. saving oil companies twenty-four billion dollars. and big oil polluters have given toomey seven hundred thousand dollars in campaign contributions. tax breaks for them. campaign contributions for him. pat toomey. he's helping big oil polluters and millionaires. not the rest of us. lcv victory fund is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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5:55 pm
all right. residents along the east coast are bracing for some heavy rain, strong winds as tropical storm julia hugs the coast off the carolinas. national weather says says the storm earns the extension fingers of first such system on record to form over land in florida in georgia winds are downing tree limbs causing power outages on saint simon's island heavy rainfall also flooding some residential streets. no injuries have been reported but crews are out in full force working to remove debris and
5:56 pm
restore power. >> we can respond immediately. we go out there and we take care of the situation right away. so it's really within a matter of hours that we can really open up pipes and ditches and get things going again. >> julia expected to weaken as it proves up along the coast but officials warn the threat of heavy rain strong wind gusts and storm surge remain. >> release of a baby panda video is going viral across. you just want to squeeze it, iain isn't take a look at the. >> video operator: yo from chin in a. panda cub, they're all adorable lying on his back wiggly around. you know what it's trying to do. it's try to turn over like babies, like human babies much five week old cub doesn't have name yet but the folks at the research center where she's living called her she do's baby in reference to her mother. she was born early last month. >> i love pandas. all right. i can watch that all day long.
5:57 pm
it is back to school time and health officials have warned families about something called super lies. >> this doctors say the bug are getting resistant to traditional treatment. here's how one business is helping fight the bugs. >> reporter: september is lice prevention month and just in time for the new school year super lies has hit the scene. dermatologists doctor doris day. >> super lies, a lies that has become resistant to the general treatments that are available both over the counter and sometimes by prescription as well. >> reporter: according to the centers for disease control and prevention, six to 12 million infestations of head lice occur each year in the united states and children's ages three to 11. >> it's always a good idea to see your dermatologist because there are excellent prescription medicines that can help treat lice. >> reporter: but there are also natural treatments being offered in the city. >> just antibiotics, you know, the more you use the medicine the more it's not effective. >> reporter: she runs live
5:58 pm
busterbusters in brooklyn a hain that specializes in removing lice. even though the american academy of pediatrics recommends prescription treatments dahlia says those remedies are now ineffective. >> the lice are getting very very very resistant. so they're getting stronger and stronger. nothing can kill them. >> reporter: the traditional method of wet combing appeals to parents who want to avoid putting chemicals on their child's head. the hair is doused in conditioner and baking soda and special comb and combing technique used to remove the lice. having your child's hair checked for lice will cost $20. a lice treatment will cost 150 to $250 depending on length and thickness of the hair. lice busters isn't just for kids. odds are if your child has lice, someone else in the family does and it might even be you. so adults you can get your hair check here as well. something that your child may be bringing home soon. >> the schools that don't check soon in november it will be such an epidemic because the kids are in school and that's what they
5:59 pm
give to one another. >> reporter: it won't be the end of the world. >> basically we are teaching them how to work with the lice, you know, lice is not a catastrophe. >> reporter: that's a head scratcher. audrey, fox news. ♪ tonight at 6:00, 150 years of history scorched in south jersey. fox 29 cameras go be 19 iconic local church hours after firefighters swarmed the scene. what we found. you call an uber and the car shows up but there's no driver inside. nothing is wrong here, though. the wave of the future that's currently rolling through one pennsylvania city. live from center city in
6:00 pm
philadelphia this fox 29 news at 6:00. developing at 6:00 a new look for one of the most popular retail stretches in philadelph philadelphia. jewelers row has been a gem in the city for decades but now there's a push to bring down some of that history and put in a big new project in its place. good evening, and thanks for joining us i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. the new project left the neighborhood divided with some feeling it's time for change. fox 29's bruce gordon live in jewelers row tonight. bruce, some you spoke with say this idea doesn't have, well, a good ring it to. >> reporter: i got what you did there. yeah, look there's no question about it. for the most part, jewelers row is not a place where people live. it's a place where people work it's a mace where people shop. but a major builder wants to change the formula. that has some folks screaming. frank schaeffer has been cutting diamonds and designing jeweler on the 700 block of sansom street for y


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