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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  September 14, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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that might send chills down your spine. with temperatures about to cool down, it's not what's just outside that's making you miserable. your news is next.
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>> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 10. developing to night a scary situation for parents in a south jersey community. twice in the past week a stranger walked up to two different boys on two different streets and police say tried to lure them away. in each case, the children new to run away. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. parents in west windsor are as you can imagine freaked out. fox 29's dave schratwieser is in west windsor. dave dorks police have any idea who they're looking for? >> reporter: lucy, so far, police say they're following up leads. they haven't identified suspect. they say based on the similarities they believe the same man is involved in both
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incidents. >> lucas partridge was throwing a football around the front yard with his son wednesday night just a few doors down from the scene of an attempted luring tuesday night that targeted his neighbor's son. >> it's very concerning. i have three children. young kids and probably good idea for us to make the kids aware of just what it is when you see somebody that probably doesn't long in the neighborhood. >> reporter: the snip has partridge's west windsor neighborhood on high alert. parents are keeping a close eye out and warning their children to be careful. >> they're pretty vigilant. for that definitely it's a good time to make sure our kids are aware. >> reporter: police say the incidents occurred several days apart. the first friday afternoon near old trenton road in emily court. young boy said a man in black leather jacket with zippers on the sleeves approach him. >> it makes me cautious and i wear more than anything else. >> reporter: second incident near monterey and ben forward streets happened tuesday evening between 7:00 and 7:30.
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the suspect was describe as a white male wearing a black poncho with the hood up. in beth cases the boys got away from the stranger unharmed. and told their parents. >> did a great job. i think his parents ought to be proud and i think at some point it might be a good lesson for everybody. >> reporter: police stepped up patrols in the neighborhood and around schools here investigators say the two victims between the ages of 10 and 12 don't know each other. parents are hoping for a quick arrest. >> police presence is good thi thing. if something doesn't feel right, tell somebody. >> reporter: now police again have stepped up patrols throughout the township. they've also notified surroun surrounding towns about this incident. they're looking for leads there as well. they're also urging parents to speak with their children to talk to them about what to do if they're approached by a stranger. iain? >> dave, good advice. thank you. on your radar tonight, say goodbye to the flash of summer. temperatures about to cool down pretty fast as we take live look in reading to night.
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we could be 20 degrees cooler tomorrow. that's just the start people out in chinatown tonight enjoying the warm night before it gets a little chilly and kathy it will be quite a drop by the time the week is over. >> um-hmm, iain we're talking about temperatures going below average after it's been so hot and it's been a little humid. a big change coming. you can see on ultimate doppler the clouds moving through the clear skies moving in and with those clear skies much cooler temperatures. look to the north in the poconos it's only 58 degrees. where you city green contour, that is the cool air moving in. philadelphia still sitting at about 78 degrees. and to the north and to the east look at this, syracuse, new york, 57 degrees. albany, 59. in harrisburg it is still 75. so the cool air is definitely coming. as you plan your day tomorrow, temperatures in the 50s to the north and west. in the 60s in philadelphia. and then by lunch time in the 70s the same after school in the evening temperatures around 72 degrees. not all that bad but that's not the coldest. the coldest morning that we've
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seen in months will come on friday. coming up we'll talk more about that we have a drought watch to talk about, scott will be in with more on that and weekend rain but will it be enough to put a dent and save my lawn. i don't know about that. we'll check that out later in the broadcast. i'll see you then. >> your lawn. my bamboo. thank you very much kathy. investigators are trying to figure out why a driver lost control and end end ended up in multi car crash that killed little boy. the crash had traffic backed for hours on i-78. investigators say they found are found troubling clues but a lot of questions still remain. our karen hepp explains. >> reporter: such sweet innocent face. this is the little five-year-old boy who lost his life this morning in a terrible car accident. his name is ravon according to devastated family members asking for prayers on facebook. his two-year-old sister and two other adult relatives were raced here to lehigh valley hospital. the driver 54-year-old nadine walton is in critical condition. >> the operator for unknown
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reasons at this time lost control of the vehicle. struck a guide rail and came to rest in the travel eastbound travel lanes. >> reporter: the car stopped spinning in the middle of the left lane of busy i-state in lower saucon township. sitting duck. within seconds it was struck by two more vehicle. this kia and this dodge caravan both drivers suffered minor injuries. but the devastation to the family inside the mangled nissan was overwhelming. investigators say both children and one adult were ejected from the car. >> it was obviously a horrible scene. any time someone dies in an accident, it's march on the investigator as well as the families of those involved. then when a child is involved, it's actually worse. our condolences do go out to the familiars also. >> reporter: fatal crash shut down i78 for more than 11 hours backing up traffic all over the lehigh and northampton county areas. investigators say they did find containers of alcohol in the vehicle. >> it's on-going investigation. we're working in conjunction with the coroner's office,
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district attorney's office, and right now we can't speculate on any charges until that investigation is complete. >> reporter: both the drivers of those other vehicles were taken to the hospital. we checked with them. they were treated and have since been released. that's the very latest from outside the lehigh valley hospital, i'm karen hepp fox 29 news. you decide 2016, it is not the presidential candidate's policiepoll grabbing headline te health of both donald trump and hadn't,. >> donald trump is releasing some medical records during a taping of the dr. oz show that airs tomorrow but the show has released parts of the interview. >> if your health is as strong as it seems from your why not share your medical records? why not -- >> i have really no problem in doing it. i have it right here. should i do it? i don't care. (applause). >> should i do it? it's two letters one is the report and the other is from lenox hill hospital. >> may i see them. >> yeah, sure. >> these are the reports -- all the tests that were just done last week.
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>> apparently released them because the audience applauded and said yes. supporters in the audience say he's healthy. we won't find what is exactly in those letters until tomorrow. now the entire interview will air tomorrow on the dr. oz show. you can watch it right here on fox 29 at 1:00 p.m. meanwhile, on the campaign trail, in michigan, the republican presidential nominee got a scolding. a pastor in flint walked up to trump interrupt the him saying his visit was to focus on her church, not to give a political speech. trump then began talking about flint's water crisis. >> hillary clinton is set to return to the campaign trail tomorrow. she's been resting since falling ill during that 9/11 memorial on sunday. her doctor later revealed clinton has pneumonia. her campaign released updated review of her health today. clinton's doctors say she's healthy and fit to serve as president. as she rests her running mate tim kaine hit the trail in indiana bashing donald trump's
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transparent see. >> donald, just do what hillary has done. for gosh sake release your tax returns. do what hillary and the clinton foundation has done. release who your donors are. >> clinton is scheduled to speak at a dinner in washington tomorrow night. the american beverage association wants to take the city of philadelphia to court over the soda tax. the group and some small businesses filed a lawsuit today. the new tax is set to kick in next year. stirred up controversy at its first mention. our chris o'connell live in center city. chris, you've been talking to some of the beverage industry about why they say this tax is unfair. >> reporter: that's right, lucy. soft drink companies and small businesses across philadelphia putting full court press on city hall tonight. a lawsuit filed in the court of common pleas as well as the state supreme court is hoping to stop -- hoping to halt that controversial beverage tax before it goes into effect in
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january. it was good news for workers heading in to the second shift at the coca-col coca-cola bottl. >> i'm low otto item pole. i might have lost my job. >> they were never a big fan of philadelphia's special tax on sugary beverages including soda, sports and energy drinks. to them, jobs were on the line. a lot of people could lose they jobs. a lot of people -- you know what i mean is to find somewhere else to work. >> reporter: this is the civil complaint filed by a coalition of small businesses and the beverage industry. it argues the tax is against the law because drinks are already subject to a state sales tax. >> we think this -- this tax targets low income families and small businesses. >> reporter: the one and a half cents per ounce tax would raise an estimated $90 million a year for the city, revenue that would go to pre kindergarten, community and recreation programs.
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young parents like mike cooper of point breeze whose daughter goes goes to pre k and would benefit from the tax is disappointed to see it challenged. >> you're going to keep young people in this city as they have kids. you need to sure up the public system. >> reporter: in statement mayor jim kenney who champion the soda tax called the legal challenge repugnant as the fight over soda may end up heading to the state supreme court. >> we are in support of pre k but we want the mayor to do it in a way that is sustainable and fair to philadelphians and this tax isn't that. >> reporter: the city has 30 days to respond to this lawsuit. but already philadelphia mayor jim kenney digging in for a fight already. highering outside attorneys to join the city's litigation team. in center city, chris o'connell, fox 29 news. look at your screen. what this woman says is happening right here in this little piece of video gave her the surprise of her life. her purse erupted into a ball of flames and also smoke in a new
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jersey mall. what you may have in your purse or your pocket right now she says started that fire. a sick-year-old boy riding his bike outside his house another kid walks up. what that 10-year-old asked him next that will send chills down your spine. >> a driver plowed into a group of police officers sending them flying. investigators say he did it on purpose. what they say and why they say it wasn't that driver's first run in with police. and with the temperatures about to cool down, fall allergies are heating up but it's not just what's outside that's bugging you. >> feeling stuffy in the morning, the sneezing and congestion. >> headaches and stuff and just, you know, typical allergy stuff. i get it bad. >> how your house could be making you miserable.
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♪ a delaware county community is just fuming. they say nothing is happening to fix a bumpy road that's dangerous. residents got promises to get the road fixed and they say those promises have remained unfulfilled. >> now group is standing firm together demanding a response from city leaders. our sabina kuriakose is live in yeadon tonight after some seniors showed up in force. sabina? >> reporter: yeah, iain, it was literally a senior citizen blockade. they stopped traffic out here to bring attention to this issue. come over here. i'll show you what they're so concerned about. it's this rough rocky pavement they say was left here by crew two years ago and it's making seniors here afraid to leave the house. >> if you cross the street, you might fall. and people have fallen. >> reporter: it's been a bumpy
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road. so say the dozen or so seniors that lived for half century on the hun doctor block of providence road in yeadon. and they do mean literally. >> it just makes you nervous about going out and crossing over. makes you feel insecure because they haven't done anything about it. >> reporter: homeowner and former mayor jacqueline, says rough uneven blacktop is destroying seniors quality of life. they blame a botched borough pave many job following water and sewage line work two years ago. seniors telling us since then council members have pledged to get it fixed, but they say nothing has changed. >> i mean, you can't just ignore people. >> reporter: while certainly not when you have senior citizens stopping traffic. >> get our streets fixed! >> reporter: wednesday evening older residents joined by supporters to march carefully up the patchy pave many. >> we can live like this. we pay taxes.
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>> reporter: council president sharon council harris promising action following the temporary blockade. harris says the borough is waiting for more cash claiming they need to go under the road and improve what she called po poorly done contractor repairs. whole other issue but she now promises temporary solution by november. >> we have decided to go ahead and do temporary paving. >> reporter: of course these protesters have been around long enough to know actions speak much louder than words ever do. >> all this time they haven't done anything. you mean to tell me in over two years they haven't even tried to level it? >> reporter: and back out here live, every now and then a car goes by you can see how bumpy this road really is. now these seniors say they'll keep up the pressure. they're heading to council mee meeting tomorrow to make sure these changes happen. iain and lucy, back to you. >> all right. thank you very much, sabina. camden county church community says it is rebuilding after fire ripped through their
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historic church. it started just before midnight in the basement of temple of praise ministries that's on the 7500 block of river road in pennsauken. the current congregation is small it's been there for about nine years. church leaders believe the building itself is about 150 years old. investigators are looking into what started the fire. philadelphia mayor jim kenney was in new york city tonight speaking to the united nations about universal pre k among other things he hopes other cities around the world will follow in philadelphia's footsteps. >> over the next five years, we will create 25 community schools that are designed to help our students succeed academically by addressing challenges students face outside of the classroom. whether it be hunger, homeles homelessness or violence. >> the remarks were a part of the impact 2030 program which aims to chief what it calls sustainable developmental goals ending poverty and hunger and creating a clean environment are just few of its goals. one of the most famous
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retail streets in philadelphia looks like it's about to get some new neighbors but not everybody is happy about this and that is because a big-time builder wants to break ground on a big new project. fox 29's bruce gordon shows us what's about to go on jewelers row. >> reporter: frank schaeffer has been cutting diamonds and designing jewelry on the 700 block of sansom street for most of his adult live. >> i'm told i have to leave because they want to build an 80 unit, 16-story condominium complex. >> reporter: how does that make you feel. >> not very happy whatsoever. >> reporter: prep work is underway in front of the five buildings right in the heart of jewelers row that will be torn down to make way for the new toll brothers development. development that has divided this iconic retail stretch the oldest diamond district in america. >> these are all people who are actually supportive of this toll brothers project.
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>> yes. in plain stupid english. >> reporter: roberto shows me the petition he's generated to gauge community approval. you believe there's real support for them. >> absolutely. >> reporter: he sold three of the buildings to toll brothers. says a condo complex would revitalize a dying block. >> 100% improvement. you go to the on the side of broad street, you can't walk. you come on this side of the broad street, you could get mugged and nobody knows about it. >> reporter: it's empty? >> yeah. >> reporter: most jewelers here agree. nathan barsky says a residential tower would end liven a stretch that pretty much dies each nig night. >> it's going build up. it's going to make the area safer. it's going to bring better people to the area. >> reporter: create activity. >> upper floors of the five buildings to be demolished house apartments and art and jewelry studios people will be displac displaced. >> frustrating? >> absolutely. it's like nobody likes to move and we might have to do it aga again. >> reporter: frank schaeffer says the toll brothers
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development will almost certainly chase him from the block. >> we have jewelers row, restaurant row, funeral home row, fabric row. that's the unique part of philadelphia. once you start destroying that fabric, it's just the beginning. >> reporter: city permitting officials assure me 91 of this is a done deal not even the demolition to get thing started has been given final approval. so whatever happens here, any of these big changes, may be months away. in the meantime, expect squabble link to continue. on jewelers row i'm bruce gordon, fox 29 news. we showed you this video of a schoolbus engulfed in flames. tonight the hero who saved all the children on that bus explains the moments of terror. >> i unbuckled my seat belt, i opened my door and i got my babies off the bus. >> what she says was the key to saving almost two dozen childr children. the boy scout just trying to make some money for his troops gets duped. what one man handed the boy that has police on the look out. now with tomorrow's traffic
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here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. delays continue tomorrow on the regional rail lines again we're dealing with fewer cars, the crowded trains, and the delays make sure you prepare with the current schedule and right after the rush hour, tomorrow they'll shut down the market luther king drive. penndot will be working between 9:00 and 3:00 so all traffic outbound will have to use the kelly drive and you know what thursday means? we head to a different town for breakfast. tomorrow we're going to vineland. i'll see you live with the tv van at browser's restaurant from nine to 10:00 o'clock. before that too sue and i will have the forecast with the jam cams starting at 4:00 i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump says he alone can fix the problems we face.
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well i don't believe that's how you get things done in our country. it takes democrats and republicans working together. that's how we got health care for 8 million kids. rebuilt new york city after 9/11. and got the treaty cutting russia's nuclear arms. we've got to bring people together. that's how you solve problems and that's what i'll do as president.
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>> now your winning lottery numbers. ♪ video shocking enough to make your heart stop. someone ran down three phoenix police officers as they stood outside a patrol car outside of a gas station convenience store. investigators say this was no accident. they say that 44-year-old mark le quon pain tried to kilt officers he face as tempted murder charges. cops say without warning, pain rammed his car into officers at a high rate of speed. one officer dodged and he missed him. but he directly hit two others and that impact sent a rookie officer flying into the air. another ended up trapped under the car. the injured rookie helped his partner tackle pain and arrest him.
10:25 pm
>> unbelievable. our officer that hits the front of the glass and smashes the glass gets back up and engages in fight to take the suspect in custody. he runs over us and then he still fights with us as we're trying to take him into custody. >> police still don't know why he drove into the office but they say does he have history of attacking police. cops arrested him in 1997 for attacking three phoenix police officers. got a plea deal in that case and ended up on probation. by the way the two officers he hit are definitely hurt but they'll be okay. police in florida say they've arrested the man who started a fire at a mosque in fort pierce 32 year old joseph michael cyber accused of of setting the fire sunday. officials released surveillance video that shows the incident. police say cyber was in particular prison before and habitual felony offender. if convicted he faces 30 years in jail. deputes in florida say a man took advantage avenue boy scout raising money for his troop. >> pretty low. he passed the boy scout a counterfeit $100 bill. investigators have released
10:26 pm
surveillance video of the man who they say did it. deputes say he gave the boy scout the fake 100 as the boy sold trail mix outside a central in order wal*mart. in return, the scout gave the man $80 real $80 in change. before this he can change, deputes say the man tried to use the count fit cash in the store. the boy scouts dad says interaction with the man was unusual. a short time later the same man also stole a woman's purse while she was at a gas station in the same parking lot. with the temperatures about to school down fall allergies are heating up but it's not just what is outside that's bugging you. how your house could be making you miserable. our kathy orr is tracking your forecast. >> yeah, we're looking at a temperature swing of about 30 degrees, yes, today highs in the 90s. tomorrow morning wait until you see what we'll wake up and that's not the coldest yet. we'll see you with the seven day coming up. when it comes to risking social security on the stock market... pat toomey wrote the book.
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♪ tonight police are looking for a gunman who shot another man near a philadelphia elementary school. the man was shot in a park
10:30 pm
across the street from the school about 11:30 this morning. it happened in the city's fair hill section and the school went on lock down because of a precaution. police have not released the condition of the man with the gunshot wound. in camden county, a church community says it's rebuilding after fire ripped through their historic building. the fire started just before midnight in the basement of temple of praise ministries. that is on the 7500 block of river road in pennsauken. the congregation is small and has been there for nine years but church leaders believe the building itself is about 150 years old. investigators are looking into what started the fire. the judge has found a man known around the city as philly jesus guilty of trespassing in a center city apple store. michael grant who dresses like jesus and carries a cross refused to leave the store in may when a manager told him his cross was blocking an aisle. police were called. they arrested him dan the judge found him not guilty of disorderly conduct. he was sentenced to three months probation. his lawyer says they will appe
10:31 pm
appeal. autumn allergies can make i was prisoner inside your home. racing to get inside to minimize your misery. but that may not work out as well as you hope. >> what you don't see in your home could be making you even more sick. fox 29's joyce evans shows us what you can do. >> reporter: that gorgeous time of year to be outside. pressure air, great breeze, turn off that ac. throw open the windows. but it may come at a painful price for countless allergy sufferers. >> severe cases by the time allergy nurse practitioner tara di fabio gets a first look. >> this person is all clogged. >> all clog up yeah and her sinuses are starting to fill up which can cause a lot of pressure here. >> reporter: a cat scan of the chaos going inside so many patient's heads at jefferson university hospital. >> because black is air, you're supposed to have a good
10:32 pm
breathing passageway but this person clearly does not have one. >> reporter: what's worse, she says too many people have no idea the source of their suffering. >> sometimes people just assume that it might be ragweed but this time of year mold spores also can increase because of the heat and humidity. >> reporter: so you grab some meds and run for cover indoors. but how can you possible possibly feel worse? >> you have pollen on your clothing in your hair on your skin. to take the clothes off, put them in the washing machine and get a shower before bedtime. >> reporter: it's routine at karen murray's house. windows are shut tight. shoes left at the door. her son brian clean from head to toe before he logs on. even adrian's activities are restricted a bit. >> i don't open the windows this time of year. sometimes it's just difficult. >> all right.
10:33 pm
get down. get on your spot, okay? awww good dog. >> sophie we vacuum even more. what she brings in from the outside doesn't help. >> reporter: still karen is suffering inside. >> we'll start feeling a suv fee in the mornings the sneezing and the congestion. >> reporter: brian, too. >> getting headaches and stuff and just, you know, typical allergy stuff. i get it bad. >> reporter: even adrian is miserable. >> more itching and scratching. >> reporter: you can't see a spec of pollen or dust. nothing but shine here. >> these act like magnets for dust and pollen. >> reporter: until -- >> the dust comes in and will get trapped on this. >> tom dennison starts pointing out trouble spots. you might be able to see right here all the dust now inside and collected. >> without even having white gloves. >> i'm sure you dust all these spots up here and the black surface, black shows dust really well what you can see right here looks fine. a lot of people may not see
10:34 pm
right under it. >> wow. >> reporter: who would look there? >> the most used area. >> or here. >> right where the head board is or the bed is actually touching the wall. >> right. >> it's where a lot of dust because most people don't pull their bed out. you're breathing in all these allergens all night. >> reporter: and here. >> if you pull right down here on the bottom part of your fridge all the dust and dander coming right off. this has lot of build up on it a good spot to make sure you're hitting on your weekly dusting. >> reporter: another possible course of your sneezing, home decorations like these. and the dust they can collect won't help either. and how about there. >> from the side right here they look pretty clean if i were to get right up on here and run my finger right across here. you can tell it's not clean as it looks. so while the fan is spinning it's pushing dust everywhere. >> i actually just cleaned that last week. i didn't think to clean all the way under 19. i never thought there would be so much dust. >> reporter: no matter how much you clean your house if
10:35 pm
your air ducts are dirty everything will be dirty. >> tom and company can knock that out for karen but there was no way she was waiting to hit these new found sneeze traps. >> make sure they stay clean. that's going to help us a lot. >> reporter: we'll leave so you can get busy. >> okay. thank you. >> reporter: joyce evans, fox 29 news. >> we showed you this video of schoolbus engulfed in flames. tonight the hero who saved all the children on that bus explains the moments of terror what she says was the key to saving almost two dozen children. six-year-old boy was riding his bike outside his house when another kid walked up. what that 10-year-old asked him next that could send chills down your spine. and new at 11:00, helping local college students graduate debt free. how two schools are teaming up to save families thousands.
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♪ tonight we're hearing from the hero bus driver who saved nearly two dozen kids from this inferno. the schoolbus caught fire on the way home monday afternoon in college park, maryland just outside of washington, d.c. and 20 kids were on the bus. >> one of my little ones said, no, miss bus driver, it's fire. i unbuckled my seat belt, i opened my door and i got my babies off the bus. >> anita smith jumped into action running back on to the bus to make sure all those kids were off safely. the mother of two says her parental instincts just kick in. >> my biggest reward is my babies are safe. because whenever i'm driving any school, they're my children until i drop them to their biological parents. >> smith says she didn't realize just how bad the fire was until later. the cause of that fire is still under investigation. in your money, thousands of jobs up for grabs for the holidays. ups announced today it is hiring
10:40 pm
95,000 seasonal workers for the peak holiday season that is the same as the past two years. the peak season officially starts on black friday. runs all the way through early january. uber users in pittsburgh getting a glimpse into the future thanks to self-driving cars. >> the fleet hit the streets of the city today. the ford fusions are picking up rider who volunteered to participate in the pilot program. the cars have all kind of features so they can navigate on their own. they have an engineer who will sit in the driver's seat and take over in case there are any problems. the city's mayor says he's happy his city is able to lead in the technology development. >> we're celebrating today for pittsburgh. over 600 employees that are working now with uber developing the future of what urban mobility will look like. this is a small first step, a pilot program, but it has the ability to create a global industry right here in pittsburgh. still experts say it could
10:41 pm
be decades before the public is actually being given around in neats fully driver less vehicles. >> we'll let them work on that for while. look at your screen. what this woman says is happening right here that gave her the surprise of her life. her purse erupted into flames aninnew jersey mall. what you might just have in your purse or pocket right now she says started that fire. kathy orr tracking your forecast. >> yes, iain. i'll say goodbye to by sleeve less dresses. >> goodbye. >> we're going to be needing the sweaters, weather sweater as the cool change moves into the region waking up to fours and 50s it's in the seven day when we come back.
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and with the gun lobby. katie: we have to do everything in our power to keep guns away from terrorists who threaten our way of life. i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message because we can't risk our families' safety on a loophole. ♪ we have heard story after story of people claiming their e cigarettes and vaporizers exploded sometimes right in that you are pockets. take look at that. it happened -- see. it happened and side a new jersey mall. you saw the moment the woman's purse went up into flames. thick black smoke in the freehold raceway mall is where this happen. the battery in her e-cigarette burst it sounded like a gunshot but nobody is hurt. attempted child abduction in georgia takes a whole new level
10:45 pm
wolf adults used another boy to try and lure another child. police say a six-year-old boy was riding his bike when an older boy asked the younger if he wanted to look at a car. the six-year-old said no. but says he was grabbed by the older child who tried to drag the six-year-old to car. the six-year-old was able to get away and run home and the other boy then got away in car which had a man and a woman inside. the six-year-old's mom says she's talked to her son about stranger danger. >> they must be coaching him into it and some way you would think because it's not real until child's nature to grab another child and try and pull them into a car unless they're told to do so. >> police say without any other witnesses to the attempted abduction right now they have little to go on to help them in their investigation. >> i'm worried pow that 10-year-old. heading into court can be stressful for most adults so you can only imagine how a child must feel in a big old courthouse, but now some furry four legged friends are helping
10:46 pm
ease the fears. >> for the first time dogs are being added to a courthouse in our area. fox 29's joyce evans explains. >> reporter: aerial meets frangelica outside their new job. does she not like like an ariel. she does, doesn't she? >> reporter: cher special agents all volunteer joining the delaware county justice league at the county courthouse. >> you have a child that you're proud of whether it has fur or not. it is so nice to have other people love her as well. >> reporter: they and their human partners are assigned by common pleas judge nathaniel nichols to perform a critical delicate task involving children called to testify. >> i would see those children in the waiting here and you can just tell from their body language how fearful they were, how uncomfortable they were. >> reporter: judge nichols a life long dog lover saw therapy dogs in action inside a courtroom in another state. paws for people has therapy dogs in court in maryland.
10:47 pm
>> they're able to focus on the dog and not focus on some of the horrific things that might have happened to them, um, it really take the pressure off. >> reporter: catherine maloney is a local family attorney and paws for people partner to five-year-old frangelica. >> it has been so rewarding that i can't stop. we actually go to six different sites now. >> reporter: both have completed hours and hours of training to work with children inside a court setting. david says he and eight-year-old ariel will be ready. >> she particularly loves children which is why i knew this would be a good program for her. >> reporter: joyce evans, fox 29 news. delaware county courts are the first in the state paws for people says courts in new castle county, delaware, may be neck. >> you know what ariel and frangelica who's by the way rescue dog start bringing the love next week. a whole lot of love in the weather department today. >> um-hmm. >> for me any way. >> a lot of love.
10:48 pm
>> yeah a lot of warmth but now we're going to be getting into that hug your honey weather. >> yeah. it will get a lot colder around here. i should say cooler. look at mark street pretty quiet this evening. but mild. temperatures still hanging out in the upper 70s the high today into in philadelphia. that tied a record. winds out of the north now and that's very important to our future as far as the temperatures concerned out of the north at 15 miles an hour in philadelphia. the same in wilmington. in allentown northerly wind at 12 that is a cool wind for us. so all the heat will stay to the south. you see those green and yellow contours that means temperatures backing into the 70s. we will be struggling in many places to get close to 80 degrees over the next couple of days. but the big story is going to be friday morning. i think that's what everybody will be talking about. friday morning will be the coolest morning in months. since the beginning of the summer. when we'll be waking up to temperatures in philadelphia that are quiet cool in the 50's as you head toward the lehigh valley in the 40s. this model is saying in the poconos around 50 but i think
10:49 pm
we'll be in the 40s there. so waking up in the fours north and west. the 50s for most of the south and east and closer to the coast because of those warmer ocean water temperatures in the 60s. but it will feel obviously like a little bit of a shock to the system. so we have the cool down but the problem we still don't have the rain. scott we need the rain. help my garden. can you help me. >> we really do. kathy arc lot of lawns across the area certainly parched and dry as we look at ultimate doppler a couple of sprinkles with that cold front moving out of mercer county now into sections of ocean county. but that's about it. let's talk about the deficit. the rain update for philadelph philadelphia. abnormally dry. the last measurable rainfall you have to head back to september 1st for the month. we've seen less than half an inch of rain in philadelphia and take a look at this statistic. the last inch or more rainfall for philadelphia you have to head back to july 25th. so we desperately need the rain. look at the drought watch. this issued by the department of
10:50 pm
environmental protection. you can see it includes philadelphia county, delaware county, chester county, north and west the lehigh valley and you can see because of the lack of precipitation and the declining ground water over the next several days low rainfall chances are next best bet, kathy are as we move toward the second half of the weekend. >> okay. here's hoping we know sunday an important day for lot of sports as well. but we need the rain. behind me franklin parkway looking just gorgeous tonight with temperatures falling into the 50s and 60s across the region so overnight in the city we're talking about 64 but the suburbs 59. partly cloudy, cooler, we're still in that north northwesterly wind flow that will keep it cool. tomorrow afternoon, nice. 79 degrees. that is a seasonal day in philadelphia. and as we look ahead at the exclusive fox 29 weather authority seven day forecast, the coolest start to friday. by the afternoon we rebound. saturday the better half of the weekend showers and storms possible late sunday maybe sprinkle or two monday. look what happens tuesday and
10:51 pm
wednesday. we warm it back up. mix of sun and clouds 83 tuesd tuesday. wednesday sunny and warm 85 degrees. as we look at the weather around the league looks good for sunday sean bell i'm looking ahead g kathy, the eagles just hope they stay hot again the bears come monday night. the defense will have to deal with a much better offense than they dealt with last week. beau allen talks about the things they have to do to improve to beat the bears and after blowing a nine -- ninth inning lead to the pirates yesterday the phillies try to hold on to another one. that's coming up next in sports. pat toomey started his career as an investment banker. then, a wall street wheeler-dealer, overseeing stock trades in new york, london and tokyo. next, toomey moved to hong kong to work with wealthy chinese investors. in the senate, it's no surprise toomey's been siding with wall street. voting to allow banks to continue making the risky investments that wrecked our economy. pat toomey. he's for wall street. not us
10:52 pm
senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. he's a race-baiting, xenophobic, religious bigot. sage. donald trump is a phony, a fraud. he's not a serious adult. i can't vote for donald trump given the things that he said. trump should not be supported.
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i believe he's disqualified himself to be president. i just cannot support donald trump.
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♪ the phillies only have one guy remaining from that world series team in 2008. that's ryan howard. team is now rebuilding trading away all those guys that helped them bring a championship to the city. earlier this year the phils traded carlos ruiz to the dodgers and today he gave a special thanks to the city. ruiz put a billboard on i navy that said, i loved playing for you, you will always be in my heart. thank you philly. signed chooch. just a great gesture by a guy that meant so much to the city. a guy that's absolutely loved here. tonight's game. phillies/pirates freddie galvis two run homer to left field. galvis now has a hit in seven straight games. phils up two-zero. cameron rupp rips one down the
10:55 pm
third baseline. franco would come home. the phils had 15 hits in this one and they also got it done. three double plays. inn clueing this one right here. phils within six-two. to the eagles. they have a prime time game monday night against the bears at their sunday's great game everyone is now on the band wagon, of course, especially the carson wentz band wagon since sunday he has the number one selling jersey in the nfl. if wentz is going to be any good and keep winning it will be on the defense. shutting teams down and giving the offensive ball back with great field position. our tom srendenschek with went on one with beau allen and talked about how the defense can get even better this week. >> there was a lot of good but i think we kind of, um, we made some mistakes that we, um, you know, we can improve on, and it's nice when you have week one and you play well but you also know that you can be even bett better. >> you can get that full chat with beau allen on "game day live" this sunday at 10:00.
10:56 pm
gary cobb, how war eskin, dave spadaro and myself will break down monday's game and then at 1:00 o'clock catch division arrivals cowboys and washington right here on fox and also learn that beau likes some food and not just the basic stuff burgers, hotdogs, ribs i'm talking about multi layered desserts. take look at this. a seven layer jell-o. he said that's his favorite meal a family tradition and one thing goes before any on the meal at the dinner table. beau excited just talking about it. >> it's a thing of beauty. we do it in big punch bowl kind of thing and the like -- >> how high does it get? >> this thick for real. i mean it's supposed to be dessert but we eat it as an appetizer there's never really any left over. >> my sister makes that. >> really? >> seven lawyers. >> it's so beautiful. >> but she doesn't it. >> i don't eat it. >> i eat the cake. i go for chocolate cake. >> i'll tell beau that. >> you tell beau. >> it's in the orr family.
10:57 pm
>> lucy what's coming up at 11. >> nolan family wants the recipe. problem impacting millions of families but now now help for local college students to graduate debt free. how two schools are teaming up to safe families thousand an. powerball is next.
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