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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  September 15, 2016 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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♪ live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11. we're following several big stories making headlines tonig tonight. police say someone is trying to lure boys in one new jersey community. he's already struck twice. donald trump is releasing some medical records as hillary clinton about to jump on the campaign trail. and temperatures, oh, they are about to plummet. some of us could feel the 40s by the end of the week. we begin tonight in west windsor where police think the same man tried to lure two boys on two different days. good evening, i'm lucy noland. parents are of course nervous. fox 29's dave schratwieser is live in west windsor. dave? >> reporter: lucy, police have stepped up patrols across the township and near schools in the wake of these two incidents. they tell us tonight they have
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not identified a suspect at this point but they do believe the same man is involved in both cases. >> it's very concerning. i have three children. >> reporter: for parents like lucas partridge, tuesday evening' as tempted luring up the block from his home was simply too close for comfort. >> reporter: incident has partridge's west windsor neighborhood on high alert. parents are keeping a close eye on things and warning their children to be careful. >> it's probably a good idea for us to make the kids aware of just what it is when you see somebody that probably doesn't belong in the neighbor. >> reporter: first incident happened friday afternoon near old trenton road and emily cou court. young boy said a man in black leather jacket with zippers on the sleeves and front approached him. >> it makes me cautious and aware, um, more than anything else. >> reporter: the second incident near monterey and bedford streets occurred tuesday evening between seven and 7:30. the suspect was described as white male wearing a black poncho with the hood pulled up in both cases the boys escaped
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unharm. they told their parents and police. >> i think did he a great job. i think his parents ought to be proud. i think at some point it might be a good less season for everybody. >> if something doesn't fell right tell somebody. >> reporter: good advice. police have notified other police departments in the surrounding area about these incidents. they also you were parents to talk their children about so-called stranger danger and what to do if stranger approaches them. lucy yes. >> good advice, all right, dave. on your radar after hitting 99 degrees today, temps are about to take big old knows dive. looking live at allentown we could be a full 20 degrees cooler tomorrow and it doesn't stop there. meteorologist kathy orr is here with your first forecast at 11:00. there she is in the weather center. >> hey, lucy. we're talking about colder air moving our way. you're to the going to believe these numbers. we'll start off with friday morning. that's what everybody is talking about. take look at what we expect here as colder air builds in over the next 24 to 36 hours waking up
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friday morning in the 50s and in the city but the 40s through the lehigh valley. 48 in allentown. friday morning waking up to 47 in reading. 51 in pottstown. little bit milder down the shore as ocean water temperatures still up. once again not tomorrow this is friday morning. so let's go back and i'll show you how we're going to get there. northerly winds bringing in a clear sky during the early morning hours in the passage of a front. behind that front, 57 in the poconos. right now still allentown at 70. philadelphia 76. 77 in millville as that colder air hasn't penetrated our entire region just yet but it will. look what happened to the northeast. through new york and new england temperatures mainly in the 50s. syracuse new york at 55. and that cooler air will be singing as that front continues to move south. overnight in the city 64. the suburbs 59. partly cloudy and cool during the day tomorrow, it will be more seasonal. that cool air will be moving in. but temperatures will still be able to make it into the 70s.
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this front is also going to have little bit of kick in it so it will kick julia tropical storm julia little bit further out to sea. so that is a good thing. chance of rain over the next several days. not so good. with very dry air moving in from the north. the next chance of rain will be sunday with some showers and storms. for tomorrow, the high temperature 79. it will be sunny and seasonal for this time of year. as you plan your day tomorrow, 64 at 7am. by the afternoon any after school activities it will be comfortable at 77. in the evening still 72. but it's tomorrow night into friday morning that we see those temperatures fall. take look at the extended forecast. friday morning low in the city 58. the high 79. then we warm it up saturday the better half of the weekend some showers and storms with some mild temperatures for sunday. morning shower monday. look what happens. the cool airy treats. at least for little while. and by next tuesday and wednesday, temperatures will be back into the 80s. so lucy, it's just a taste of
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the fall season for now. >> i'm kind of happy about it. all right. thank you very much, kathy. questions tonight and heartbreak. a five-year-old boy died in car crash early this morning. five others are in the hospital. now that crash shut down a major highway in northampton county for more than 11 hours today. it happened on route 78 and lower saucon township. right around one a. m. state police say the driver of the car the five-year-old was in lost control and smashed in a guardrail ejecting her three passengers. five-year-old ravon died. his two-year-old sister and other relatives are still in the hospital. investigators say two other vehicles slammed into his family's nissan. >> they did find alcoholic containers in the car. it's under investigation as far as was the -- if those alcoholic containers were there if the operator or passenger were drinking at the time of the accident. that is still under investigation. >> so far prosecutors have not filed any charges. investigators are still looking
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into what led to the crash. a delaware county community is demanding action over a bumpy road they call it dangerous and they want city leaders to fix it and fix it now. tonight the group stood together to demand a response. our sabina kuriakose is live in yeadon after speaking with residents. sabina. >> reporter: lucy, they felt like this was the only way to get their voices heard. some of these seniors have lived here for 50 years. they tell me they have always paid their taxes and now they're dealing with a quality of live issue here is what they're talking about. you can see the roadway here if we pan down. it's rough and patchy. people here tell me that crews left it like this after repairing water main two years ago. >> fired up and ready for a fight. the residents of this small block on a main road in yeadon angry. they say they can't even walk out their front door without fear of taking a spill. >> if you cross the street, you might fall and people have fallen.
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>> reporter: people here say several seniors in fact have tripped on the seemingly rough stretch of providence road. residents say it was left this way after botched borough pave many job two year ago. they say they've complained and lobbied council to no avail. tonight elderly homeowners took to the street carefully marching their way up the block to protest what they call dangerous conditioconditions. could council says it's listening. >> we have decided to go ahead and do temporary paving. >> in over two years they haven't even tried to level it. they didn't do anything. they just let us keep going up and down the street as it is. >> reporter: and there is a council meeting tomorrow. seniors out here tell me they'll be there in full force. make sure officials follow through on their proper miss. lousy. >> all right, thank you very much, is a bone in a. camden county police say they're making progress in the murder investigation of an eight-year-old girl. little gabbie carter died last month after police say a stray
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bullet hit her on the streets of camden. the shooter or shooters are on the loose still. a $76,000 reward is waiting for whoever can provide information that leads to an arrest and conviction. if you know anything, investigators very much want to hear from you. some of the beverage industry are going after the city of philadelphia in court. they're suing over the soda tax. the new tax is set to kick in next year and it stirred up controversy at its first mention. our chris o'connell is live in center city and, chris, you've been talking to folk in the beverage industry about why they say this tax is not fair. >> reporter: lucy, small bottles but a very big fight. the battle over soda and other sugary drinks rekindle link tonight here at philadelphia city hall. the beverage industry and local businesses trying to put the breaks on the tax they say is illegal. that tax the one and a half cent per ounce tax would raise an estimated $90 million a year for
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the city. that money not going just to pre kindergarten programs but to other city services as well. according to the lawsuit filed by the powerful american beverage association and other local businesses here, the tax is illegal because they say drinks are already taxed on the state level and it puts the burden on the working class. it puts the burden on mom and pop stores. >> we are in support of pre k but we want the mayor to do it in way that is sustainable and fair to philadelphia and this tax isn't. >> reporter: back out here live, philadelphia mayor jim kenney called this challenge quote repugnant but he is vowing to fight even hiring outside attorneys to help with the city's litigation. lucy? >> all right, thank you, chris. big changes ahead for iconic street in philadelphia. you know what, it's not sitting well with everyone. what's about to go on the jewelers row. and helping local college students graduate debt free.
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how two schools are teaming up to save families thousands of dollars. and is it you're looking to expand your family, researchers now cheh moms need to do one thing in particular to help get pregnant but this might notw.ev]
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♪ >> you decide 2016. awful lot of talk about the presidential candidates health
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this week and today donald trump released some medical records during a taping of dr. oz show, and the show has released a small part of the interview which airs tomorrow. >> if your health is as strong as it seems from your why not share your medical records? why not -- >> i have really no problem in doing it. ooh have it right here. should i do it. i don't care. should oy do it? (applause). >> it's two letters. one is the report and the other is from len knock hill hospital. >> may i see them. >> yeah, sure. >> these are the reports. >> those were all the test that is were just done last week. >> audience said she should so apparently did he. supporters in the audience say he's healthy but we won't find out exactly what in those letters until tomorrow. so make sure you keep it tuned to fox 29. you can watch the full interview on the dr. oz show at 1:00 p.m. hillary clinton has been recovering from pneumonia so today her husband former president bill clinton hit the campaign trail. her running mate tim kaine is getting people fired up as well.
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the former secretary of state has been resting since falling ill during a 9/11 memorial on sunday. her campaign released updated review of her health today. clinton's doctor says she's healthy and fit to serve as president. today bill clinton down played any concern for his wife's health but referred to it as the flu in instead of pneumonia. >> i just talk to her. she's feeling great and i think theme she'll be back out there tomorrow. so -- >> all right. (applause). >> it's crazy time we live in when people think there's something unusual about getting the flu. last time i check millions of people were getting it every year. >> spokesperson for the campaign said the former president misspoke. hillary clinton slated that speak at a dinner in washington, d.c. tomorrow night. how important is a candidate's health? trump says he's fit as a fiddle and clinton's doctors say she's fit to lead. voters seem to be split on whether clinton's health will impact her ability to serve according to a poll by the
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morning cult. 44% say it will while 43% say that it will not. a new look may be on the way for philadelphia's iconic jewelers row. but not everybody is happy about this. builder tow brothers has bought and wants to demolish five buildings on the 700 block of sansom street. it's planning to build a 16-story condominium tower. the 80 units would add a big slice of residential to a district that is always been known for row tale. it is america's oldest diamond district. so how is the community taking it? >> it will make the area safer and bring better people to the area and -- >> create activity. >> create activity. >> it will destroy the whole commune n it will destroy jewelers row the way it has been for many, many years roar. >> toll brothers plans to keep retail on the ground ground floor of its condo tower preferablely jewelry stores but none of this is a done deal. city permitting officials say even the demolition plans still
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don't have their stamp of approval. you see it you shoot it our fresco users are helping us show what is happening in your neighborhood. iain? what's going on tonight? >> lucy, atlantic city a viewer sharing with us the aftermath of a fire. check it out. the top of this roof is just a loss. fire happened on dover an harrisburg avenues this morning. no word if anyone was inside at the time or what started that fire. in south philadelphia, these folks enjoying the final garden sips happy hour for the season at magic gardens. it was the pefect way to say goodbye to summer although we got few more weeks left in the season officially but of course many city events are transitioning ahead of fall. and state representative chris quinn showing seniors in delaware county how to ride septa buses for free in regional rail for just a buck. that option has existed for quite sometime but now pennsylvania residents 65 and older can get a new septa key photo id card. worker from septa were on hand in broomall today to get those
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new cards printed up. when you see news happening be sure to take out your phone and shoot it and use the fresco app to send it to your newsroom. you might make some money. luce is he. >> thank you very much, iain. in your health tonight, trying to get pregnant well ladies you got to just take a breath. more evidence shows stress may indeed have big effect on whether a woman gets pregnant. researchers at the university of louisville found high levels of stress right around the time a woman ovulates reduces her chance of getting pregnant by more than 40%. in montgomery county, hundreds of volunteers came together to beautify their communities all part of the day of caring which connects volunteers from the corporate community with local non profits. united way organizers volunteers in 25 parts of the county projects include painting and cutting down trees and cleaning up the streets and the goal of the project is for people to learn how to give back. >> any time that we can good volunteers out and mobilized in the county we're happy because it's spreading the importance of
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volunteering, the importance of giving back and really, you know washington the need is in our community. we're have are a affluent community but there's still a large pocket of need. >> this is the eighth year for the day of caring. in your money tonight, some relief from college debt. leaders from camden county college and rutgers university camden made announcement that should make life easier for some of its students. partnership between the two schools will let some students graduate from college with little or no debt. wouldn't that be remarkable? those who earned their associate's degree from camden county college and transferred to rutgers camden can get help through a program called bridging the gap. it let's students from families with an income of less than $60,000 apply for grant that covers their tuition. >> it's a partnership that can provide the needy yesterday wo working mass families in the state both two-year and four four-year degree completion pass, um, for a cost probably under $20,000.
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>> 129 students this fall transferred from camden county college to continue their education at rutgers camden. environmental agencies in philadelphia and focused are improving the water quality in our area. they kick off river days at the seaport museum this mark the beginning of a whole shrew of events developing into water quality issues. protecting the delaware river is critical since it provides drinking water to millions living in philadelphia and camden. >> continuing to connect people to the rivers on a -- for recreation, for economic development and for the environmental integrity of that resource is very important part of the success of the region. very important part of the success of balanced eco system in this river. >> river days activities will run for the next six weeks across the area. i always thought the nfl stood for the national football leag
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league. maybe i'm wrong, sean? >> that is very false now days. it stands for the no fun league. the nfl fine add few guys over a bunch of nonsense this past week. see what the nfl is hitting on now and wire they're absolute hypocrites. that's coming up next in sports.
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♪ listen nfl has stood for the no fun league. every year they're just taking it to another level. league that makes its money off entertainment is basically
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trying to bend their players from having pure excitement, any joy, any fun. i mean, we knew this from the days of terrell owens being here, but come on, guys. carolina panthers guard tray got fined $9,000 for literally just jumping up in the air next to a player. they call it taunting and basi basically said hey, guy, you're jumping too close to the man. ninths sap dollars for jumping. pittsburgh steelers antonio brown got 15-yard penalty for dancing in the end zone. no grown man should do what he was doing. but still, a penalty. players can't do anything any more i think -- i don't want to see a dry game where guys hand the ball off to the officials. no one does anything. we want to see to shaking his pom poms and running to the dallas star. that's what we want to see. nfl is a sport. it's game. it's entertainment let the guys live. don't physical mow you're trying to set an example your bet sponsor is beer sponsors. let's bring the fun back to
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football. come on lucy. >> i like the fun, too, sean, i agree for the second year philadelphia eagles player connor barwin will help write a column. he's celebrating the news tonight in center city. >> every week we're going to compare the city that is we pl play. last week we obviously played the browns. we compared philadelphia versus cleveland. just compare how the cities match up and really we're trying to kind of drive that civic pride that people should have in philadelphia and get an understanding what's happening around the country. >> all righty. so apparently he is actually writing this thing with the head of politics from drexel university which is richardson dilworth. there you go. >> sounds fun. >> it is. absolute somebody is hitting that teleprompter thing. is that you? >> is that you? >> i don't have one. >> words are flying
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live from philadelphia this is fox 29 morning news. for parents in south jersey a little boy riding his bike when another kid walks up to him. what that ten year old asks him that might send chills down your spine. >> haneous crime out of germantown. a man stabbed dozens of times, and then set on fire. the search for his kill they are morning. philadelphia's new soda tax upsetting more than just customers. you new lawsuit stirring up controversy. >> all of the tests just done last week. >> well, it is not the presidential candidate's policies grabbing headlines this morning, but their health records. donald trump shares his medical results with doctor oz and why hillary clinton's team is now saying she's fit to serve as president. >> good day everybody, it is thursday, september 15, 2016. >> good


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