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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  September 15, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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southbound lanes near tasker. we do know that no one was hurt in this fire. we'll continue to keep an eye on this throughout the evening. >> mazing progress. (applause). >> a huge crowd of police officers and well wishers supposed up to cheer for atlantic city police officer josh vadell. he left the hospital today not even two weeks after a robber shot him in the head. >> he still has long road ahead but the community paused to just marvel at his incredible progress. good evening, i'm on eighty seven. >> i'm lucy noland. emotional day in atlantic city. that's where our brad sattin is tonight. brad, you were there when officer vadell left the hospit hospital. i was lucy. this real sal remarkable story. imagine taking a bullet to the brain here arriving to the hospital remembering the entire thing and then 12 days later being well enough to leave the hospital. even the emergency room doctors
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are amazed. (applause). >> reporter: even the emergency room doctors say it's hard to believe but there he is with a thumbs up. 29-year-old atlantic city police officer josh vadell 12 days after being shot in the head leaving the hospital waving to supporters. being wheeled out of the atlantic care regional medical center headed now for months of rehab in philadelphia. >> the team that we have here did a fantastic job. physicians, trauma surgeons, neuro surgeons, nurses, anesthesia, respiratory the whole team we have responded. the. >> way they're trained and they saved his life. they did a great job. >> reporter: the team of doctors also applauded for saving josh's life. he was lifted into the ambulance a mid cheers from community leaders and other first responders josh's pregnant wife by his side. doctors say had the bullet to his brain gone a millimeter or two farther he may not be here today. >> luckily for him, it hit him in the right parietal lobby didn't not cross the midline so
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it stayed there. which is a good prognostic factor. >> reporter: nine year veteran and his partner came upon a robbery in the early morning hours of september 3rd near a casino parking lot. as he stepped out of the patrol car he was shot. his partner returned fire killing one of the suspects. two others were arrested. emergency personnel across the region came here to applaud and formed a procession as josh now heads to rehab. >> we're brothers and sisters at the end of the day and we all look out for each other. we're trying to give him a proper send off. which he deserves. >> reporter: something else. all good news of course but there's still a long recovery ahead. he is able to stand up. he is able to move but he does need help. he's also going to have an additional surgery on his head but doctors are saying at this point they do believe lucy he could make a full recovery in the coming months. >> wouldn't that be remarkable. wonderful. all right, thank you very much, brad. four people are expected to be okay after this crash involving a philadelphia police car in mayfair.
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police say the officers were on their way to help another officer when an suv slammed into them on frankford avenue right around 12:30 this afternoon. two officers and two people in the other suv all ended up at the hospital. but none of the injuries we're told are life threatening. police arrested no one. happening right now, police are investigating a number of bizarre crimes in east kensington the focus of the investigation is numbers. >> police say someone is taking the numbers off people's address signs. fox 29's dawn timmeney is live outside philadelphia police headquarters and, dawn, neighbors in east kensington pretty confused about this. >> reporter: they're frustrated and baffled, iain, police say it's one of the odd defendant crimes they've seen in awhile. they say they are addressing the problem. trying to catch the so-called binary bandit or bandits. check it out. this is surveillance video of a woman stealing of all things the number zero from the address marker of a home on the 2200 block of amber street in east
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kensington. meghan haley noticed it was missing yesterday and that's when they checked her camera footage it. >> has no value so i can't imagine what they're using it for. >> reporter: meghan is not the only victim by any means. walk around this neighborhood and as many as 20 homes are missing zeros and ones from the facades of their home. christa had her zero stolen two weeks ago. she says she saw a man stealing the neighbor's number one from across the street. >> i woke up at 4:00 o'clock in the morning i heard a loud noise. i saw a big power drill and a man stealing a number. >> reporter: why might one do this? scott fisher had his zero pried off the front of his house on east susquehanna avenue. >> it's kind of weird. i don't know if someone is trying to like send a message or someone is just has an obsession with zeros and ones. >> other neighbors have their theories. >> my fiance' tim thinks it might be part of an art consolation project which i think is bizarre. >> coming from and it background i immediately think of crazy programmer.
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>> how to put zeros and ones up on his wall or something. >> reporter: there doesn't seem to be rhyme or reason to the homes being hit but this house right here still has its one and both zeros but of course the numbers are painted on. >> this is crazy. absolutely crazy. >> reporter: donna moved to the neighborhood last month. she only put the numbers up on her house two days ago with zero problems so far. >> are you worried your numbers are going to be stolen? >> absolutely. every time i come out here i look. every time. >> reporter: are you going to replace your zero? >> yes. but i want to put a letter next to the zero. please do not take my numbers. >> reporter: well the thief seems to be striking in the early morning hours and victims believe it's a man and a woman working the neighborhood together. if you know anything or if you recognize the woman in the surveillance video, police want to hear from you. iain? >> all right, dawn, thank you. philadelphia police are trying to track down the man accused of assaulting a woman at the made in america festival. 19-year-old woman reported to
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police that she was watching the show on september 4th when this man grabbed her. then bit her on her forearm. it was hard enough to break her skin and cause some bruising. police say the teen had never met the man before. someone took these pictures of the man with a cell phone. if you know who he is please call police. fall preview returns in your fox 29 weather authority. yesterday's 90-degree temperatures may have just been a little bit of a tease because we've got the mild weather back which i personally love. beginning of a new trend, perhaps. let's check in with meteorologist scott williams. >> hi, lucy. absolutely tremendous. it actually feels how it should for this time of year. beautiful center city skyline. a lot of sunshine. low humidity and comfortable fall like temperatures. in fact look at the numbers. 77 degrees right now in philadelphia. look at that low humidity. 29% winds out of the northeast at 8 miles per hour. temperatures across the region, in the low to mid 70s. 72 atlantic city. 75 in millville. mid 70s in reading.
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along with allentown. beautiful weather to get outdoors and enjoy. high pressure it is in full control. we have those winds coming out of the north and east. and take a look at the hour by hour for if you're stepping outdoors this evening. low 70s by 7:00. into the 60s by 9:00. 64 degrees by 11:00 o'clock tonight. and we expect some of the coolest temperatures across the area by tomorrow morning. look at the numbers that we have seen in three months dipping into the 50s, even 40s but how long will it last? details coming up. all right. talk to you very soon scott. jurors deciding the fate of a man charged with killing a state trooper in northeastern pennsylvania will bus in from chester county. jurors in eric frein's trial will come from chester county and jury selection will begin in march. the panel will then head to pike county where the shooting happened in september of 2014. prosecutors have charged frein will killing corporal brian dixon and hurting another coop trooper. he has plead not guilty.
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in north philadelphia, a group of security officers came together demanding higher wages. members of the 32bj union are paid on average 10.25 an hour but they're demanding employers pay $15 citing the cost of living in philadelphia. the union says the issue is not just important for security officers, but all low income workers across the city. in south philadelphia, one man is recovering after a fire this morning. firefighters responded to south seventh street in fulton. where two-story building caught fire. the fire was on the first floor around 7:00 o'clock. a 54-year-old man was taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation. no word on a cause of the fire. you decide 2016. both donald trump and hillary clinton are fit to be president so say their doctors. republican nominee showed dr. oz the results of his most recent physical exam. clinton meanwhile is bouncing back from a bout of pneumonia. joe waldman has the latest from the campaign trail. i'm doing great.
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thank you so much. >> reporter: hillary clinton back on the campaign trail today and it's not a moment too soon. new national poll showing the democratic nominee in a dead heat with donald trump while survey key swing states have him trail trailing in ohio and florida. hillary clinton stopped in north carolina this afternoon. even i had to admit maybe a few days of rest would do me good. and that did help me reconnect with what this whole campaign is about. >> reporter: clinton's near fainting spell push the health of the candidates forefront. prompting trump to show dr. oz the results from his most recent physical exam. blood pressure and cholesterol seemingly fine and while trump himself admits he could drop a few pounds he says he has the energy to be president. >> i don't know if this makes sense. i feel as good today as i did when i was 30. >> reporter: trump also concerned with the economic health of the nation.
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delivering a speech today explaining how he plans to create 25 million new jobs over the next decade through economic growth and proposed federal budget savings. >> if we reach 4% growth, it will reduce the deficit. it will be accomplished through a complete overhaul of our tax regulatory energy and trade policies. >> reporter: speaking of finances, house speaker paul ryan is now joining the droves of the others calling for donald trump to release his tax returns. in washington, joel waldman, fox news. free parking nights in old city are a big deal for lot of drivers. could they be going away though we're getting answers. plus -- fast food fury. a customer and a manager scream it out in what mcdonald's drive through. wait until you hear what started this. within the temperatures
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about to cool down fall allergies are heating up but it's not just what's outside that's bugging you. >> feeling stuffy in the mornings, the sneezing and the congestion. >> and the headaches and stuff and, you know, typical allergy stuff. i get it bad. >> how your house could be making you miserable. >> coming up new at 6:00 this guy may look like he's cleaning up, police say he's got you fooled. the sneaky way officers say he's been stealing from people. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump says he alone can fix the problems we face.
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well i don't believe that's how you get things done in our country. it takes democrats and republicans working together. that's how we got health care for 8 million kids. rebuilt new york city after 9/11. and got the treaty cutting russia's nuclear arms. we've got to bring people together. that's how you solve problems and that's what i'll do as president.
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>> it's official. us regulators have just recalled the samsung galaxy note seven smart phone. so it's not just samsung handling any of this any longer. nearly 100 reports of the phones overheating and hurting people or even starting car fires across the united states have come in. the recall applies to phones sold before today. if you have one of them, contact samsung your wireless carrier or go to the store where you bought it. you can get a new phone for a refund. it was nice while it laste . the ppa just announcing today it's ending free parking wednesday nights in center city and first fridays in old city. >> a lot of folks are bumped. fox 29's karen hepp live in old city with what people are sayi saying. guessing you're getting an earful, karen. >> absolutely. what i was great great perk. so people came down to old steam you can see the absolutely packed with people. make it a night wednesday or come out for the super fun first fridays. they wouldn't have to pay for parking on top of everything else. it's over.
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times up for free parking wednesday nights in center city and first fridays in old city. check out these flyers folks found on their windshields. what? only two wednesdays left? >> i think that's a terrible idea. i mean we get one day during the week. >> i think that we pay enough parking the other days of the week that it should compensate fort days we have it free. if you want to bring business and commerce back downtown, you need to give a few incentives. >> reporter: since our favorite price is free, many loved a night out in town when they didn't have to shell out more to park on top of a nice dinner they crowded the galler galleries and flock the theaters to catch show. ♪ >> i think it's a shame. if they're getting rid of it but i think that more people coming from outside like neighborhoods should be able to come in center city and park their car and experience what center city has to offer. >> reporter: programs may have been a victim its own success. ppa says, the conclusion of these promotion social security intended to increase parking opportunities for those shopping and dining in the city.
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and in light of the increased flexibility afforded by the meter up app. in addition, the ppa has increased time limits in the evening on most center city blocks allowing enough time for people participating in nighttime activities without being rushed to get back to move their car. meter up has made paying easier. but it was even better not having to pay at all. >> it deters me from coming down here spending my money on dinners or going out. >> reporter: so it's already over for first fridays. we didn't realize september was the last one that is it come october we're paying up for everything. in the category of going, going, gone. we have two more wednesdays when you can have free parking after 5:00 o'clock unless you're rush hour zone then 6:30. you can take advantage of that and come down and enjoy the city and certainly the weather is gorgeous for all of that. folks definitely disappoint. >> i understand. all right, karen. a lot of questions tonight over a video showing a schoolbus
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going head to head with a tractor trailer. it happened yesterday near the garden state parkway in lakewood, new jersey. toms river patch reports the man had shot the video she is it appeared the bus driver was upset with the truck driver for going 20 miles an hour on the road. the video shows the bus illega illegally passing the truck on the left side, yeah, then the truck driver swerves right there toward the bus trying to block it from passing. the toms river patch reported no children were on the bus and that the driver lot of his job last night. there's new place to stop while tourin touring the historl places around old city philadelphia. inside of new museum of the american revolution isn't ready yet but today officials gathered outside to celebrate the opening of its outdoor plaza. the site has been closed to the public since construction began back in 2014. the plaza features a display of cannons from the revolutionary era. officials say the museum recognizes the importance of the revolutionary war.
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>> museum in the united states dedicated to the war. i think it is long overdue and i can't think of any more appropriate location for that museum than here in the founding city of the united states philadelphia. >> the words from the declaration of independence are carve flood one side of the building. the museum opens in april. can't wait. in gloucester county, a group of veterans hit the links for a special tournament today at the pitman golf course in sewell. golf pros teamed up with vet reasons fort next step program. many of the vets are amputees. the clinic gives vets a chance to improve their skills as well assistant in the recovery. it can have a huge benefit physically and mentally for the veterans. >> program was designed to get a veteran out in the air, get him out doing a recreational piece of activity ultimately at the end of the day provides some kind of mental relief. they're with their peers.
5:19 pm
amputees have special needs and stuff like that when it comes to prosthetics. that at that point in time that's the share. there's a lot of comradery as well. a lot of rehab goals at the recommend of the day. >> this is the eighth year for the next step clinic. a slap to the face caught on camera and the man who is doing the slapping is a florida lawmaker. what he says set him off. and trash piling up on the streets of one city and making people sick. where this mess is growing and the ridiculous reasons it's growing. python shows up at a school but there's nothing to fear. everything is okay tonight. how a teacher was able to work the intruder into a lesson.
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police in columbus, ohio, say an officer shot and killed a 13-year-old boy after the teen pulled out a beebee gun. officers were responding to an robbery at the time. last night police say they spotted three males matching the description of the robbery suspects and two of them ran off. after oning into an alley police say 13-year-old tyree king pulled the weapon out later determined to be beebee gun. one officer shot the teen repeatedly and the boy died at the hospital. the officer is white. the boy is black. police did not say if the officers were wearing body cameras. the episode of the dr. oz show which focused on donald trump's health aired on fox 29 today. >> we showed i was short clip
5:24 pm
earlier. trump turned over some of his health records. he also talked about his family's health history. trump says his parents lived long, healthy lives and for the move part were sharp mentally until the end he also told dr. oz that he sees being busy on the campaign trail as form of exercise because he doesn't exercise other other than that. and although the discussion focused on health, trump apparently could resist getting in a jab at president obama. >> besides golfing is that your major exercise? >> yeah, i don't play much golf, though, lately. we have a president who plays so much golf he could be on the pga tour but i don't -- >> getting a lot of attention trump's comments on birth control on the show. he told dr. oz he thinks women should not have to have a doctor's prescription to get it. critics argue among other things this would raise the price of birth control since insurance doesn't cover over the counter drug. meanwhile trump's son dona donald, jr. facing criticism for what some say was a reference to the holocaust in an interview
5:25 pm
with a philadelphia radio station trump, jr., accused the democratic party of rigging its primary and he said the media would have held republicans to a different standard. his son said that quote if republicans were doing that they'd be warming up the gas chamber right now. well trump, jr., told nbc news he was referring to capital punish many. if you ever think things are a mess in your neighbor check out the streets of beirut lebanese. trash is lining the streets, people are wearing mansion to dump the trash and some children have gotten sick. garbage crisis started last year when self landfills were closed because of boycotts and fighting among lawmakers no word when when it will all be cleared up. >> with the temps falling, fall allergies are heating up. how your house could be make your miserable. >> we've seen lot of military homecoming surprises but this one was so creative the kids didn't even seem to recognize their dad at first. the reunion that will make you
5:26 pm
smile. >> right now continue to go have that fall preview across the area but we need some rainfall. we have it in the seven day forecast but i'm tracking a big warmup. when it comes to risking social security on the stock market...
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pat toomey wrote the book. "i'm...i've got a whole chapter in my book where i... specifically lay out how i think we should... reform social security."
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toomey's plan requires wall street and bankers to manage... the accounts. collecting fees out of your social security that could... total billions. fees they collect, even if the market crashes and... seniors lose everything. pat toomey's looking out for wall street, not pennsylvania. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> we're on top of breaking news out of new york city. live look at penn station where police say an officer was
5:29 pm
attacked about half hour ago. reports say a man attacked an officer with a meat cleaver. police then opened fire on the attacker. the officer is reportedly being taken to the hospital now. we don't have any word on his condition or the alleged attack. we of course will keep updated throughout the evening. >> penn state finalizing its plans to honor joe paterno this weekend this saturday marks 50 years since his first game and win as penn state's football coach. players from 1966 team will take part in the festivities. videos and remembrances will also pay tribute to paterno' coaching career. the nittany lions are taking on temple at beaver stadium. police have charged a sixth person now in connection to a shootout on the ac expressway last month. will burt, faces three weapons possession charges police say blood found inside a pick up connected to the shooting matched his. the truck was found two days after the shooting and this guy had shown up at the hospital
5:30 pm
with bullet wound to the arm in the shootings aftermath police say men in three different vehicles were involve in the shoot out on august 29th when one person was killed. exactly what would you do for a free ride as we told in you pittsburgh some brave souls are volunteering as i guess you call them guinea pigs in the first large scale test of driver less uber cars. >> but what would it be like to actually step into one of those cars? fox's rob schmidt has the story. >> reporter: a look into our future in pittsburgh, pennsylvania, as uber rolls out self driving cars for its customers. the company isn't quite ready to take it's hands off the wheel. a backup driver, an engineer, will be in there for foreseeable future in case something goes wrong. the ntsb certainly has its concerns. >> there are several concerns. just the theory if you remove the driver, you remove driver error, there are several defects to that near reach first of all the automation has to work. if it doesn't work then what? if the automation fails, will it
5:31 pm
fail safe? >> reporter: uber the first to roll out this technology to the public but many others including google, tesla and ford working on it as well. critics say the technology isn't ready for the road. in may reminder that it is still a work in progress when a man was killed in a self-driving tesla that barreled in a tractor trailer. regardless, we went for spin. >> here we are coming off bridge. the car knows that the light just turn green and now as you can see it's turning itself. turn signal and everything. i had nothing to do with that. obviously there's lot of scepticism about the safety of these cars but you can't deny the technology is amazing. >> reporter: a spinning lidar on the roof provides a 360 scan of everything around the car. >> there are also 20 cameras that not only see everything but predict where it will go. >> would you be gutsy enough to be one of the first people to jump in that car with nobody driving? >> oh, no the a chance. i have no interest. okay. it's bad enough with driver let
5:32 pm
alone not having one. >> i believe in moving forward. so maybe if this one thing we have to do to to move forward i would be willing to give eight try. each year car accidents mostly from human error kill more than 30,000 americans. you might ask, why pittsburgh? well, pennsylvania has very business friendly laws in this realm that are allowing uber to do this much needed real world testing that you're seeing right now and also carnegie melon university is in pittsburgh lot of minds come from there to work on this kind of a project and uber has been tapping that talent. in pittsburgh rob schmidt, fox news. still going to be little while before it really all happens. >> so many things hike they can't navigate bridges for instance. one of them failed with the reporter in it just stopped working. >> little ways to go but we're getting there. >> it feels like fall. >> scott williams in the driver's seat. >> lucy, iain loved yesterday's weather because temperatures were in the 90s but he'll probably need a light jacket or a sweater by tomorrow morning
5:33 pm
across much of the area. temperatures the coolest they've been in three months. let's talk about those weather headlines. beautiful center city skyline on this thursday. a fall preview for now. it's going get warmer with the seven day forecast. update with the drought situation and, yes, some rainfall by the second half of the weekend. but right now, you can't find a drop of rain across the northeast and new england. high pressure it is statione std well to the north. winds clockwise around that high so we have winds more out of the north and also the northeast. so take look at those temperatures. 77 right now in philadelphia. the official high made it up to 80 degrees in philadelphia. but 70s for most of the entire area for highs. 77 wilmington right now. 76 in pottstown. low 70s currently in atlantic city with more of that sea breeze temperatures only at 70 right now in wildwood so if you're on the beaches, you definitely need that sweatshirt. look at temperatures by tomorrow morning. dropping into the 50s. upper 50s philadelphia. 58 in wilmington.
5:34 pm
but look north and west. upper 40 40s in reading. 46 the morning low tomorrow in lehigh valley. so it is going to be a chilly start to your friday. but by friday afternoon, back to the upper 70s for those high temperatures. that's typical for this time of year. but we need the rainfall. take look at the latest drought monitor across the area much of the region was abnormally dry but take look at that light brown shade that includes the philadelphia county area, sections of buck county into mercer. also, burlington, camden county. so dry conditions across much of the area. in fact, for the month of september, less than half an inch of rainfall so well below where we should be for this time of year. so over the neck several days, the rainfall chances will increase. it looks like a 50% chance for rain on sunday. then a 30% chance on monday. so let's time out that rain. it's dry tomorrow. beautiful weather similar to today. saturday the better half of the weekend. we stay dry but look at what
5:35 pm
happens on sunday. especially by sunday afternoon. we're watching for some scattered showers moving toward the area once again not a wash out. but the best rainfall chances sunday afternoon and evening and then lingering into early on monday. so how much rainfall are we talking out of the system? once again it looks a quarter to as much a half an inch for philadelphia. maybe some higher amounts once you move into berks county and also lancaster counsel too. chilly conditions for tonight. temperatures low 50s burbs up err 50's in the city and then for tomorrow, wall to wall sunshine. high temperatures in the upper 70s. the weather authority seven day forecast showing low 80s on saturday. the bet of the two weekend days. but once again not a wash out on sunday. just warmer and muggy. mid 80s. early showers lingering on monday. 84 degrees. then look at the above average temperatures. tuesday, wednesday into thursday, which kicks off fall. we're back into the upper 80s. back over to you.
5:36 pm
>> all right. thank you very much, we do have breaking news right now. a pain spill that happened right along this route here. it's the northbound lanes near the florence township line. no word on how the paint spill spilled. but it is a big old mess. two lanes closed crews work to go clean up the paint. a slap to the face captured on camera and the man who is doing the slapping is a florida lawmaker. what he says set him off. and -- you're bleep, bleep, bleep, bleep. >> fast food fury. a customer and manager scream it out in mcdonald's drive through. wait until you hear what started all of this. and coming up new at 6:00 this guy may look like he's cleaning up. he's got you fooled. the sneaky way officers say he's been stealing from people. so may be he has been cleaning up.
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pat toomey started his career as an investment banker. then, a wall street wheeler-dealer, overseeing stock trades in new york, london and tokyo. next, toomey moved to hong kong to work with wealthy chinese investors. in the senate, it's no surprise toomey's been siding with wall street. voting to allow banks to continue making the risky investments that wrecked our economy. pat toomey. he's for wall street. not us senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. a florida state representative slapped a man after a disagreement, yeah, over a campaign yard sign in gain gainsville police just released this video which shows the whole thing go down. you saw the man take down a big keith perry for state senate sign a minute later you see the
5:40 pm
man and representative perry put it back up. them police say thing got physical. apparently, this was all a big misunderstanding the homeowner wanted to take down the sign briefly so it wouldn't get vandalized. see he was a perry supporter. and then perry slapped him. he says he will still vote for perry despite what happened. no one is pressing charges. very understanding. now police in ohio are com coming through a mystery after they rescued a kidnapped woman from a nightmare. the woman was able to call police herself when she showed up they found something even more gruesome. that woman was found alive inside a home in ashland but two dead bodies were also discover discovered. one of the deceased victims was a woman who had been missing since last thursday. news of the discovery is heart wrenching for the woman's fami family. >> i feel awful that we were right here and so was she. we couldn't find her.
5:41 pm
we tried. >> it's not been determined how the woman died and the second victim found dead has not yet been identified a man arrested at that house is now charged with two counts of murder and one count of kidnapping. we have seen a lot of military home comings surprises but this one was so creative. the children did not even recognize their daddy at first. the reunion that will -- aww that will make you smile. >> with those temperatures about to cool down, fall allergies are heating up but it's not just what's outside that's bugging you. how your own house could be making you miserable. sean? >> iain, carson wentz getting all the love in the world right now. even shout out from the president. back at practice today carson talks about dealing with all the extra hype. that's coming up later in sports.
5:42 pm
narrator: terrorism here at home. fourteen americans killed in a san bernardino mass shooting... but after this tragedy - when pat toomey had the chance to ban suspected terrorists from buying guns - he voted against closing this loophole for terrorists - and with the gun lobby. katie: we have to do everything in our power to keep guns away from terrorists who threaten our way of life. i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message because we can't risk our families' safety on a loophole.
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5:44 pm
he's a race-baiting, xenophobic, religious bigot. sage. donald trump is a phony, a fraud. he's not a serious adult. i can't vote for donald trump given the things that he said. trump should not be supported. i believe he's disqualified himself to be president. i just cannot support donald trump. >> you bleep, bleep, bleep,
5:45 pm
bleep. >> you can't even tell ba they were saying we can't show it to you on tv. this mcdonald's customer wasn't loving and neither were the employees. this happened in nevada drive through. many of us have been at a point where we just really wanted mcdonald's good especially the fries one customer's experience turned into a profanity laced argument with the manager. >> i call bleep, bleep. >> start test as late night mickey d's run. >> i came in and wanted to get a snack for me and my dog. >> how did it end up like this. >> i'm not talking to you. >> i don't give a bleep, bleep. >> when i reached into the speaker to get my order they told me they're only accepting cash. >> reporter: he was not loving what he heard. tyrone pauline says not only could he not get food because he didn't have cash, but now he was stuck in the drive through because there were cars behind him. all in all he waited in the drive through for over 20
5:46 pm
minutes. at that point, he just wanted to keep this from happening to the people. >> all i wanted that say they should put sign out there saying we're only accepting cash. >> reporter: one of the managers working that night was not having it that's had this happened. >> but you're such a bleep, bleep, bleep, bleep. >> most shocking thing for me i worked in customer service for over 10 years, and never seen -- i never had a co-worker act like that. let a lone a manager. >> reporter: of course he understands he probably didn't have the best attitude. >> i probably didn't use my best words and i do have to apologize for that. i want to apologize to one co-worker that was trying to help me and listen to me. >> reporter: from his experience in the food industry the customer is always right. so i went to this mcdonald's trying to get some info on how they're handling the situation. >> i'm with fox5. sadder manager available. >> they told me they couldn't comment. they gave me number to call but the office was closed. pauline says someone at the corporate office told me him they're investigating the confrontation. >> they told me they'll go watch
5:47 pm
their video, and go off of that. i said, that's fine. i hope you have audio and stuff. >> pauline shared the video on facebook as people do these days. mcdonald's told him he is welcome at the restaurant any time at all. well to your health now, and the health of your kids. with your kids back in school, many parents are packing their lunch every morning. dr. oz has reminder what should be in those lunch boxes want should not be in there. >> ♪ >> many parents out there your kids are back at school. that means you're back to packing lunches. what you pack can affect your child that day and for yours to come. here's my tips for smart choices. first, shoot for foods that are high in healthy proteins like nuts, whole grains, lean meats, fruits and veggies. foods like this will help avoid blood sugar spikes and keep your child calm and focused throughout the day. you may want to make sure your child is getting lot of omega three fatty acids great for heart health and boost healthy cognitive development.
5:48 pm
peanut butter, hugh muss, avocado and olives are great options. fresh fruits. avoid canned or dried vegetables and fruits whenever possible. invest in ice packs. speaking of sugar one of the best things do you care for your chilled to keep it to minimum. the american heart association recommended ams of added sugars for kids to 6 teaspoons is a day to prevent heart disease and obesity. steer clear of sweet processed foods like cereal bars and cookies they may be ease so to throw in the lunch box but harmful in the long run. >> you can see the catch dr. oz show right here on fox 29 weekdays at 1:00 p.m. autumn allergies can you make a prisoner inside your home racing inside to get inside to minimize your misery but that may not work out as well as you hope. >> what you don't see in your home could you making you even sicker. fox 29's joyce evans shows us what you can do. ♪ >> reporter: that gorgeous time of year to be outside.
5:49 pm
fresh air, great breeze, turn off that ac. throw open those windows. but it may come at a painful price for countless allergy sufferers. severe cases by the time energy nurse practitioner tara di fabio gets a first look. >> this person a all clogged. >> all clogged up, yeah and her sinuses are starting to fill up which can cause pressure here. >> reporter: chaos of the -- cat scan of the chaos going on inside so many patient's heads at jeffer on university hospit hospital. >> because black is air, you're supposed to have a good breathing passageway but this person clearly does not have o one. >> reporter: what's worse, she says too many people have no idea the source of their suffering. >> sometimes people just assume that it might be ragweed but this time of year mold spores also can increase because of the heat and humidity. >> reporter: so you grab some meds and run for coverup doors.
5:50 pm
but how can you possibly feel worse? >> you have pollen on your clothing, in your hair, on your skin. to take the clothes off, put them in the washing machine, and get a shower before bedtime. >> reporter: it's routine at karen murray's how. windows are shut tight. shoes left at the door. her son brian clean from head to tow before he log on. even adrian's activities are restricted a bit. >> i love to open the windows this time of year, but sometimes it's just difficult. >> adrian, get down. go in your spot, okay? >> awww. >> good dog. that sofa will get vacuumed even more i'm sure what she brings in from the outside doesn't help. >> reporter: still, karen is suffering inside. >> we'll start feeling stuf stun the mornings. sneezing and the congestion. isn't brian, too. >> getting headaches and stuff and just typical allergy stuff i
5:51 pm
get it bad. >> even adrian is miserable. >> more itching and scratching. >> reporter: you can't see a spec of pollen or dust. nothing but shine here. >> these act like magnets for dust and pollen. >> reporter: until. >> the dust will come and get trapped on this. >> reporter: allergen tracker tom dennison starts pointing out trouble spots. >> you might be able to see right here just all the dust now is inside collected. >> wow. >> reporter: without having white gloves. >> i'm sure you dust all these spots up here and the black surface the black shows dust pretty well. what you can see right here looks fine. a lot of people might not see right under it. >> reporter: who would look there? the most used area. >> or here. >> reporter: right where the head board is or the bed is touching the wall -- >> right. >> a lot of dust builds up most people don't pull their bed out. you're breathing in all these allergens all night. >> reporter: and here. >> if you pull right down here on the bottom part of your fridge all this dust and dander coming right off of here.
5:52 pm
>> yeah. >> this has lot of build up on it. this could be a good spot to make sure you're hitting on your weekly dusting. >> reporter: another possible source of your sneezing, home decorations like these. and the dust they can collect, won't help either. and how about there. >> from the side right here they look pretty clean but if i were to get right up on here run my finger right acrossed here. >> oh would you were you. >> you could be able to tell it's not clean as it looks. so with the fan spinning it's pushing dust everywhere. >> i actually just cleaned that last week but you're right i didn't think to clean all the way underneath. i never thought there would be so much dust. >> no matter how much you clean your house if your air ducts are dirty everything will be dirty. >> tom and company can knock that out for karen there was no way she was waiting to hit these new found sneeze traps. >> make sure they stay clean that. will help us a lot. >> reporter: we'll leave so you can get busy. >> soak, thank you. >> reporter: joyce evans, fox 29 news.
5:53 pm
>> guess what i'll be doing this weekend? >> dusting. >> cleaning. >> yes. from beat cop to the mayor of philadelphia the life of frank rizzo will take center stage right here in the city of brotherly love. the philadelphia they had company gave folks a little taste of what they can expect. >> when he was mayor you could walk the streets at night. >> you weren't any safer. you just felt safer. big difference. >> he took care of us. nobody else ever did. >> the production of rizzo runs from september 23rd through october 16th at the philadelphia theater company. drama follows the life of frank rizzo as he prepares for his 1991 mayoral run. the cascade people a sneak -- cast gave people a sneak peek in front of the rizzo mural at ninth and montrose. >> python showed up at a school but it wasn't show and tell. how a teacher work the intruder into a lesson. coming up at 6:00 free parking nights in old city are a big deal for a lot of drivers. could they be going away? we'll get answers. and thefts in a local neighborhood but this is odd to
5:54 pm
say the very least. someone stealing certain numbers off houses, yeah, not just any numbers much we'll tell you what's going on.
5:55 pm
5:57 pm
>> european space agency is on track to chart more than a billion stars in our galaxy. we need carl say began here. on-going evident called the guya mission create the biggest and precise 3d map at the milky way.
5:58 pm
the new information will help answer about the origins of evolution of our galaxy. love that. forget home of the muss stanchion one florida high school quickly became the home of a massive snake. >> several officers caught a 9-foot burmese python outside homestead high school outside miami yesterday morning. the responding police took a few moments to pose with the snake beforehanding it off to miami dade fire rescue venom one unit. >> they wept above and beyond and apprehended the burmese python and held it for miami dade venom rescue response team. >> they were able to see it in real life. example of invasive species coming into our territory. >> thankfully no one was hurt during the snake's capture n it wasn't like it came in and people release these thing. >> yeah. it was quite the surprise in maryland when this marine surprised hisses sons.
5:59 pm
>> the dad traded in his uniform for medieval mike costume and then this happen. >> thanks, guys. >> thanks. >> what's up? >> dad! >> hi. >> you're my dad? >> you're dad? >> marine major christopher pays just returned from iraq for the first time in seven months. as you can see his two boys had absolutely no idea they were posing with their daddy. pays has deployed four times since 2003. ♪ tonight at 6:00 a recovery even experienced doctors are having trouble driving. a local police officer shot in the head pass as huge milestone today. we're there for the amazing development. and notice something missing on these local houses? someone has been swiping numbers and we're noticing a pattern here.
6:00 pm
the search for the binary bandit. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia, this is fox 29 news at 6:00. happening now, the investigation into a string of puzzling burglaries in one local neighborhood. you can see the effects on the front of people' homes. someone stealing house numbers that would be strange enough but whoever is doing this is only taking a type of number. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. you can call this one the case of the binary bandit. fox 29's dawn timmeney is on top of it all. she's at philadelphia police headquarters. dawn, it's a catchy nickname. >> reporter: it is binary bandit or bandits, lucy. police say someone has been stealing only the numbers zero and one happened to at least 20 homes in east kensington over the past two weeks. this surveillance video shows a woman stealing of all things the number zero from an address marker on a hom


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