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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  September 15, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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right now at 11:00 stole you'll see only on fox. it starts when this delivery driver walk up to a local doorstep with a package in his hand. now we've told you over and over about people swiping packages right off stoops. but what if you're deliver row was never dropped off in the first place? and that is what one local guy claims happened to an expensive package he was expecting. he says he's got the video to prove it. good evening, i'm lucy noland. tonight, police are investigat investigating. fox 29's chris o'connell is live in folcroft with a story you'll see only on fox. chris? >> reporter: that's right, lucy. the guy who delivers the packages is the guy who is being investigated for stealing those packages. and one folcroft homeowner says the video caught that driver red handed.
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>> reporter: sorry we do not have that story right now. but you can catch it online. actually we do have that now. here's the story. folcroft resident. >> ron from folcroft got this fed ex confirmation saying his 2i phones were delivered to his home tuesday morning. but he was disappointed to find his doorstep empty. after checking his surveillance system he found the boxes were in fact delivered by fed ex. but instead of dropping off those boxes, the driver scanned the delivery but took the boxes back to the truck with him. ron who didn't want to reveal his last name sent the video to fed ex security and then to the folcroft police department who are now investigating. fed ex tells fox 29 what the
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driver appeareed to is against company policy. in a statement they say "fed he can take the security of our customers shipments very seriously. we are investigating think matter and will take appropriate act ". this is going on. everybody doesn't have surveillance at their house. guess what? this guy just got -- he got caught. >> reporter: quins demly ron's home is directly across the street here from the folcroft police station. all he says he wants is to be reimbursed that 800 bucks he had to buy a new phone. so far he hasn't heard back from fed ex. lucy? >> all right, thank you chris. sky fox over a deadly crash on route 1 in dover tonight involving a state trooper. delaware state police now say a 77-year-old man from millsboro was driving northbound when he swerved into oncoming traffic hitting the trooper's squad car. troopers say he wasn't properly restrain. died at the scene along with a family dog. a chopper airlifted the trooper
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to the hospital were way investigatoinvestigators call ne threatening injuries. southbound lanes in the area are now open. 12 days after a robber shot him in the head, an atlantic city police officer has left the hospital. officer josh vadell still has months of rehab ahead of him but doctors are calling the pace of his recovery just amazing. he was responding to a robbery on september 3rd when he stepped out of the patrol car. a robber shot him. doctors say had that bullet traveled just a couple of millimeters more he may not have survived. dozens of area police officers and firefighters all kinds of first responders turned out to support him. as hospital staff wheeled him into an ambulance headed for a philadelphia rehab center. >> gunshot wounds to the head generally don't have good out come. and he's done better and that most which is fantastic. >> there's the ability for the brain to rewire itself and the younger you are the more of that ability you have.
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so, um, i think over time he'll recover moat if not all of it. >> officers at the scene shot and killed one of the suspects and arrested to days after. two days after a shooting that left three people seriously hurt in ken sipping ton the shooter still on the run and friends and neighbors of the victims are speaking out. fox 29's shawnette wilson at police headquarters. shawnette. >> reporter: lucy torque night we did in fact talk to a family member of one of the vick tips. he spoke during an anti-violence rally that was held right at the scene of the shooting. >> 25 year-year-old carlos sanchez stands in front of a memorial for his cousin ricky he was gunned down on this corner of thayer and jasper street in kensington year ago. it's the same street where three other people were shot tuesday including another one of sanchez's cousins. he says his 22-year-old cousin new rock is on live support. and police say another man and a pregnant woman shot are also in
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critical condition. some neighbors are worried about retaliation. >> some people out of anger might reaction the wrong way. we don't need anybody else getting hurt or losing that are freedom report roar this evening philadelphia cease fire set up on thayer street to try to calm feignsare and call for an end to gun violence. >> we got to take our blocks back. sometimes it's one block at a time. or make it known not on my block. >> reporter: and tonight, no arrests have been made. we're toll the victims remain in critical condition. lucy, back to you. >> thank you shawnette. on your radar, it feels like fall has arrived looking live at allentown most us dip into the mid 60s and man it's only going to get colder throughout the night. meteorologist kathy orr is hard at work in the weather center fine tuning your first forecast at 11:00. what you got there, kathy. >> i'll till you, lucy, talking about really chilly temperatures many take a look at these numbers. we're in the 60s right now but watch how we plunge during the early morning hours as temperatures fall into the 50s
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and in some locations the 40s. 58 degrees in philadelphia. that's your morning low. allentown 47. reading just touching 50 and the poconos 50 but i do think that's over stating it and i think we'll be in the fours in the poke nos. in the city 58. most of our suburbs 51. mainly clear. with a morning chill. we're talking about a chill in philadelphia because the last time it was this cool was back on june 18th. you have to go back two, three months to get it this cool. tomorrow 79. a day much like today with a little bit of a breeze out of the northeast. cool down the shore with some breezy conditions as well. as you plan your day by lunch pleasant. afternoon temperatures after school for any activities 78. by the evening 72 degrees as we get ready for a full moon our beautiful harvest moon at sunset tomorrow. next several days we're looking at some rain. a 10% chance on saturday. not worried about that. rain expected on sunday. and could linger into early monday morning. so this is how it will be
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shaking out overnight tonight clear, tomorrow very beautiful day with plenty of sunshine a few more clouds on saturday but it stays dry with temperatures in the 80s. and boo sunday morning, we see the showers moving toward the poconos and the lehigh valley during the afternoon. front gets closer we see some showers maybe a few rumbles of thunder in the delaware valley. the heaviest rain right not looks like it will be to the north and west of philadelphia where we can see up to about a half and inch. on your extended forecast 79 for friday. 82 saturday. showers move in. sunday afternoon, could linger into monday but look at tuesday. and wednesday. high temperatures back in the mid 80s and as fall begins on thursday, it certainly won't feel like it as temperatures go 8 degrees above normal with one a high temperature of 87. that's a look at your extended forecast. have a great weekend, lucy. >> thank you. you too, kathy. in new york city police are dealing with the aftermath of a violent attack a man went after off duty detective with meat cleaver before police shot him.
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now the confrontation began when two officers came across the man trying to remove a boot from his car late this afternoon. that is when police say the guy pull out an 11-inch 95 and ran off. several other officers join in the chase including the detective who tried to tack him and that's when the man slash the deck's face leaving a sick inch garb. police fired 18 times. they hit the man twice. >> he grabbed his carpal to put cuffs on him. he swung his arm and pull out this knife. one of those butcher knives. and just started swinging. >> the suspect is in critical condition. police say his criminal history shows mostly minor crimes. you decide 2016. hillary clinton is back at it. democratic candidate returned to the cam pan trail today after a couple of days off to recover from pneumonia. and the moment could not have come soon enough. the latest real clear politic
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average recent polls shows democratic nominee has lot of ground. now, ahead of donald trump by little more than 1% taj point. clinton spoke in north carolina today before you addressing the congressional hispanic caucus in washington, d.c. she went after trump for what she calls his divisive words. meanwhile, grabbing headlines right now, a statement released by donald trump's campaign saying that trump does believe the president as in president obama was born in the united states. this whole birth thing came to light again today. after the washington post pressed trump about it an under view. his cam main claims that hillary clinton who made this an issue in 2008. yet the statement gives trump credit for having the president release his birth certificate. you know, a poorly phrased comment can get presidential candidates in a whole lot of trouble. the spotlight is just as hot when a surrogate is doing the taltalking.
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fox 29's bruce gordon joins us in of with a latest examples of i guess you can call it foot in mouth disease, brows. >> you could say that. trump's children successful and articulate strong advocates for his candidacy but this week two words opened to interpretation put the campaign on the defensive. in wednesday interview on philadelphia phht radio posted online donald trump, jr., that's him hugging dad at the republican convention suggest the media let democrat hillary clinton get away with all manner of misstatements and miss deeds. here's how he put it. if republicans were doing that they'd be warming up the combats chamber right now. >> joshua runyan editor-in-chief at the jewish component website call it unfortunate in it references the holocaust. it reference wagon 6 million of our people went through many of them had were gassed in gas chambers in the death camps and burned in ovens. >> mrs. clinton is still dealing with fall out from her recent description of half trauma
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supporters as deplorable, racists, sexists and homo folks much the trauma many camp has turned night an attack ad. >> you know what's deplorable. hillary clinton viciously demonizing hard-working people like you. >> reporter report clinton regrets her comment. trump, jr. was referencing the gas chamber used by a half dozen us states to execute convicted criminals. joshua runyan says no matter the up at the present time words matter and in this environment every word is under the microscope. lucy. >> isn't that the truth, bruce. a schoolbus passes a delivery truck and took off but did it not end here. what witnesses say started this feud on a local road, and again. another carnival ride accident sends a teen to the hospital. what came flying right at his head and first you're one day away from making it through the work week. yes, indeed. friday is tomorrow. time magazine has a new survey that shows the worst high-paying
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schoolbus going basically head to head with a tractor trailer. a schoolbus. this played out yesterday near the garden state parkway in lakewood, new jersey. toms river patch reports the man who shot the video says it appeared the bus driver was upset with the truck driver for going 20 miles an hour on the road. well the video shows the bus illegally passing the truck on the left side. you see what the truck does right there. the driver swerves toward the bus trying to block it i guess from passing. the toms river patch reported no children were on the bus thank goodness and that the driver of the bus lost his job last night. there's quite a mystery in east kensington. someone is stealing of all things the numbers one and zero from the address markers on people's homes. they're calling this person or persons the binary bandit. that's very very clever. or bandits and that they have
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hit at least 20 homes the past two weeks. this is surveillance video of a woman stealing the number zero from a home on the 2200 block of amber street but other victims say they've seen man as well. neighbors they're baffled. they're frustrated and they're wondering why anyone would do this. >> coming from be a it background i immediately think of some crazy programmer. (laughter). >> how to put zeros and ones up on his wall or something. >> my fiance' tim thinks it might be part of an art consolation project which i think is bizarre. >> police say the thief strikes early in the morning. investigators say it's one of the odd defendant crimes they've seen in a long time. if you know anything about it give police a call. jurors deciding the fate of a man charged with killing state trooper in northeastern pennsylvania will bus in from chester county. we learned today jurors in eric frein's trial will come from chester county and jury selection will begin in march. the panel will then head to pike county where the shooting happened outside the blooming
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grove barracks in september of present 14. prosecutors charged him with killing corporal brian dixon and hurting another trooper. he has plead the not guilty. you see it you shoot it. our fresco users are helping us show what's happening in your neighborhood. iain, what you got tonight. >> lucy recently showed you king of prussia mall new expansion. well now another reason to celebrate this time it's an anniversary. bloomingdale's celebrating its 35th anniversary in style. the store putting on special fashion show right in the mall nearly 200 guests also enjoying cocktails and some food. fashion blogger alyssa frederico was there for the event. some bakers are trying to drum up support for the two new jersey bills that would let people sell home baked goods. they did so with a little sweet incentive here in trenton. new jersey does not let people sell thing that they are made in home kitchen but two different bills in the state as system blee and senate could possibly change the law. take look at this. story we actually told you about last night. a fire in atlantic city that
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burned a roof of a building. one of our fresco users up loading some video today that shows haptenes the flames were. thankfully no reports of any injuries. so when you see news happening be sure to take out your phone and shoot it and make sure you use the fresco app send it to our newsroom. you can make some cash. >> ride at a fall festival in beach grove end and shut down overnight after it injured teen last night. a metal bar came off and hit the 17-year-old. medic rushed him to doctor where he will be okay. the mayor of town has ordered the ride dismantled. officials say all of the rides passed safety checks before the fair opened. they're now trying to get to the bottom of what exactly went wrong. in your money, times up for two popular free parking nights in philadelphia. the philadelphia parking authority is ending free parking for wednesday nights in center city and first fridays in old city. so a lot of people who come down downtown to enjoy the city are very disappointed the ppa starting putting flyers on cars
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and just made the official announcement today. >> that's a terrible idea. i mean we get it one day during the week and i mean people really enjoy that especially young people coming out her to park wednesday nights going out much it's like little extra coming into the city. >> old people enjoy it too. ppa says ending the promotions will increase parking opportunities -- it will increase parking opportunities. that's interestin interesting ap ppa says meter up app make it easier for you folks to page you have got two more make it wednesday nights left in september. in north philadelphia a group of security officers came together to demand higher wages. members of the union are paid average of 10.25 an hour. they want their employers to pay $15 citing the cost of living in philadelphia. the union says the issue is not just important for security officers, but all low-income workers across the industry.
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>> sean bell, have you perhaps seen a band wagon because i want to jump on one. >> everyone is jumping on his band wagon. it's wentz mania right now sweeping the league. carson wentz getting follow nothing but love from the white house. the nfl offices. we'll need to slow down for the better many of this kid. i'll tell you why next in sports.
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keep on scratchin' ♪ the hot takes with eagles are burning hot right now. after just one performance carson wentz has the number one
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selling jersey in the nfl. fans are thinking playoffs and the president and vice-president are both name dropping wentz in his speeches. carson wentz first performance was mazing for a rookie. in his first game and he has a chance to be very special. slow down little bit. you put too much pressure and too much on this kid's plate too early he'll flame out or he won't live up to the expectati expectations that we put on him too soon. we don't need a jeremy lynn situation. jeremy lynn effect. the kid will be great but let him earn things before we start crowning him. he's a humble guy grounded midwestern kid so he has all the capability of handling all the outside distractions but still he's only 23 years old. he can be wrapped up in it very easily. let's support him, praise him, and get behind the kid. but let's slow down in comparisons much he's not brett favre but hopefully one day he will be. >> slow our role little bit. thanks sean you've got new place to stop and soak in.
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in old philadelphia -- old city philadelphia the inside of the new museum of the american revolution is not quite yet ready. officials did that. they hung out outside celebrated the opening of its outdoor pla plaza. site closed to the public in 2014 when all the construction began. plaza features a display of cannons from the revolutionary era. officials say this museum recognizes the importance of the revolutionary war. >> it's dedicated to the war. i think it is long overdue and i can't think of any more appropriate location for that museum than here in the founding city of the united states, philadelphia. >> very cool. the words from the declaration of independent are carved into the one side of the building. the museum opens its doors to the public this april. it's feeling rather spring like or fall like right about now. >> brrr. >> um-hmm. cold inside. cold outside. >> i know, right?
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>> here's a look as you plan your day tomorrow. sweater weather have i my fleece ready for the morning bus stop, lucy. by lunch time 71. after school maybe happy hour time 78. friday night football 72 degrees and falling after sunset. remember we have that beautiful full moon tomorrow. >> that's right. warming up saturday. rain by sunday into monday. we need it. we're going to get it and warping up next week as fall begins next thursday. 87. we'll be pushing 90 degrees that day. >> too hot. i like tomorrow. it will be nice. all clothes weather, sweater. you can do anything. it's a fashion type of weather. >> it's like a fashion potpour potpourri. you can choose anything you want to wear. >> i'm right there with you. we're back here at 4am forking 229 morning news and "good day philadelphia". sue serio and bob kell vol your weather and traffic covered.
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> just like drake, kanye's now on the attack because someone accused him of not writing his own lyrics. >> respect! >> cudi took to twitter and cudi said kanye and drake are not writing their own lyrics and also not including him in their song. >> remember real rappers like tupac. >> i wish it was still in the '90's. with emojis all over and stuff like that. >> nick cannon and chilli were in warwick. >> any wedding bells in your guys' future or what? >> he gets in the car really fast. he's wearing his turban. >> why is he wearing that turban? >> he said he wears it because it's part of his culture. >> but it's not like a ethnic turban. it's like a "golden girls" turban. >> jason momoa. he's been really involved in


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