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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  September 16, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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wearing that could help police identify him. vying for your votes why hillary clinton is planning a trip to our area next week and what donald trump is saying about president obama's citizenship. also it is day apple fans have been waiting for all year, today latest generation of iphone hitting stores, why getting your hand on one could be a little harder then you think. look at right there the line is already forming outside of our store right here in center city. good day, it is friday, september 162,016th. chris murphy has the morning off, dave warren is here to tell us about the fabulous weather, coming just a head of fall. >> just ahead of fall and just today unfortunately. stretches out the entire weekend. we will put today at a ten, perfect weather, low humidity, light breeze and sunshine. we have rain. we do need rain. it is not happening to take. national quacamole day, not to scale, of course, he has
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eagles hat on because we are looking forward to monday. fifty to 60. cool start. just a few clouds but no rain out there. forty's is latest number from allentown at 49. forty-one in mount pocono. fifty to 60 from pottstown to philadelphia, then back down to 51 in millville. cooler in the surrounding suburbs thanks to the light breeze at 6 miles an who from the northeast. relative humidity 75 percent. pretty low and it will stay here low today, warming up with the sunshine, upper 70's close to 80. topping out at 77 here, by 4:00 o'clock but once the sun goes down and what goes up, quickly will go down quickly but dry air temperature quickly drops 77 to 67 in just a few hours by 9:00 o'clock tonight. the humidity will start to increase and we will show you when these rain showers will move in, coming up with the complete forecast. right the now we will head over to bob to see if there are any issues on the roads this morning. >> not that bad we are off to a good start, dave. good morning.
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5:01 on this friday morning we have a 50/50 here, 50 percent of the vine street expressway is open. westbound side opened from broad over to the the schuylkill expressway, eastbound side remains closed, and maybe another five or ten minutes or so as they wrap up overnight construction. the lets go look at route 309, no problems at all, 309, turnpike all looking good this morning. schuylkill expressway even running good as you work your way in to center city. looking for a little dance party we have one for you tomorrow night they have a dance on the falls bridge, the bridge that connects kelly drive to the martin luther king drive. that will be closed with local detours tomorrow night. as i mentioned the vine street expressway westbound opened, it is eastbound side that is closed until they say until 5:00. we are still shut town five or ten minutes. the mass transit buses, trains, trolleys all running with no delays. lauren, back to you. breaking news out of northeast philadelphia a would be robber end up in the hospital after targeting the wrong family in frankford,
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dramatic scene unfolding on pratt street around 11:00 last night. he lease say family of three had just arrived home when gunman confronted them in the driveway. he pointed a rifle, demanding money. gunman started beating the husband, that is when victim's wife pull out her own handgun shooting the man. >> it appears to be justifiable shooting at this time appears to be good job, good job done by police and where this 48 year-old male was struck in the head was right outside of his house, and also just a few feet from a church that sits next to his house where this 48 year-old heal, 48 year-old male just happens to be pastor of that church. so this a peers to be a stranger robbery. why this individual picked this family at this location which is normally a quiet a area, we just do not know. >> well, officers took the 66 year-old suspect into custody and being treated for a gunshot wound to the head. police say woman's gun was
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properly registered and she will not face any charges. a $10,000 reward is being offered for at rest of the man accused of stealing weapons from a philadelphia gun store. bureau of alcohol tobacco and firearms and explosives say the guy broke in the lock philadelphia gun exchange in mayfair three times over the past three weeks. they say he has stolen 17 guns. they want people to take a very close look at the sweat shirt he was wearing in the crimes. it reads king. investigators think this guy may have had help. >> i believe there is american one person involve in the theft and it is a concern for law enforcement to recover these 17 guns and arrest individual responsible and we are asking for public's help to join news catching the thief and arresting them. >> so as you heard investigators believe he may have had some help. plus charged a sixth person for deadly shoot-out on the atlantic city expressway. wilbur jansee faces weapon
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charges. he showed up at the hospital with the bullet wound to the arm right after gunfight. they a say his blood matches blood found inside a truck used in the shoot-out. one person was killed when one gunman and three he can view also shot at each other on the ac expressway august 29th. in dover, delaware state police rule out alcohol in the deadly head on crash involving a trooper. sky fox over the scene on route one at exit 98 around 6:00 o'clock last night. the officers say a 77 year-old millsboro hand was driving north bound when he swerved into on coming traffic hitting that patrol car. police say that elderly man was not properly wearing his seat belt died at the scene, long with the family dog. the trooper was air lifted to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries, crews shut down the northbound lanes for about four hours. nearly two weeks after a robber shot him in the head an atlantic city police officer has finally left the hospital. officer josh vadell has months
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of rehappen but doctors are calling the pace of his recovery amazing. he was responding to a robbery september 3rd when he stepped out of the patrol car a robber shot him. the there is say had bullet traveled just a couple millimeters more he may not have survived. dozens of area police officers and fire fighters turnout to support him as hospital staff rolled him into an ambulance headed for a philadelphia rehab center. >> gunshot wound to the head are generally just don't have a good outcome. he has done better than most which is fantastic. >> ability for brain to rewire itself and younger you are the more a built you have. i think overtime i think he will recover most if not the all of it. >> officers at the scene shot and killed one of the suspects and arrested two others. penn state unveiled plans to mark 50th anniversary of joe paterno's first win. hundreds of the late coaches former players made their way back to state college for a
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private reunion yesterday marking the milestone. athletic director say commemorations during penn state's game saturday against temple will focus on paterno's commitment to student athletic and academics. plus highlights of the 1966 game. no mention was made of the scandal or backlash for formally honoring the anniversary. i phone seven hits store shelves today already long lines for latest apple products, dave kinchen joins us live from our store here in center city where people are already lined up, hi there, dave. >> reporter: yes, they have been lined up for quite a while. we will show you the quiet before the storm here at apple store in center city. you can see even police kind of standing by because the crowds are about to come in. we found some people sleeping in line, others who were awake and had their coffee and chairs. one man has been out the here he says since 8:00 p.m. last night. some even came down from nyc
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to avoid itone lines up there perhaps that is a a good idea, we will see. lets go to video too here. iphone seven will be water resistant, thinner and ditching wire headphones in favor of the wireless ear budd system but reports say many are finding it hard on get iphone jet black seven in the store. they sold out of the seven and seven plus during on line period. some people loaded up on supplies are hopeful and dedicated. >> if you want to give me a refill i'd be more than happy. we had to step out to wal-mart get chairs, blanket, we have pizza this is back. we have phone chargers with us. i'm out here because, to get the iphone seven. i'm out here so i can get it first and show it off to my friend. >> i just appreciate apple, obviously i wish there was a little more innovation but for now they have fit my needs so i'm pretty excited.
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>> reporter: despite some enthusiasm, some people are saying that the iphone seven is just a precursor to a more redesigned iphone 2458 will come out next year. obviously people are excited about the seven. hopefully they will get one. now back to you. >> lets see how it works, thanks very much, dave. problems get worse for samsung, the u.s. consumer products safety commission has formerly recalled samsung galaxy note seven. company had issued a voluntary recall after reports that the battery can over heat and burst into flames or even explode. 1 million phones have been sold in the u.s., the company has agreed to offer consumers a full refund or a replacement device. let's talk politics. democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton coming back to philadelphia next week and this time she will focus on millennials and tough challenge they face with college debt. speech expected to take place on a unspecified college campus on monday and it seems
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that clinton has some ground to make up since her health problems became public. latest real clear politics average of recent polls show democratic nominee has lost ground only ahead of donald trump by more than 1 percent. after a bought with pneumonia clinton started her day in the critical battle ground state of of north carolina last night. she spoke at congressional hispanic caulk news washington d.c. she attacks her opponent as divisive words. >> racist lie about mexican immigrants that launched his presidential campaign to his racist attacks, on a federal judge. every time we think he has hit rock bottom, he sinks even lower. >> her appearance last night was first time clinton made public appearances since stumbling during a 9/11 memorial on sunday. meanwhile republican presidential candidate donald trump says he believes president obama was born in the u.s. statement from his campaign
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follows an interview published by the washington post in which trump declined to say whether he believes the president was born in hawaii. trump helped fuel rise of the birther movement which claims obama was born outside u.s. and was not eligible to be president. trump is attacking clinton for comments she made about his supporters being deplorable. >> well, hillary clinton slanders you as deplorable and irredeemable that means you cannot ever get better, she doesn't understand you. i call you hard working, american patriots who love your family and your country. >> during his speech last night in new hampshire trump mentioned bernie sanders and he attack him for supporting clinton. well, republican presidential candidate not only one making clarification
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this is morning, his son donald trump junior is also, in a campaign in which every comment is put under the microscope two words spoken by donald trump's son are stirring up anger. those word have a a specific meaning to american jews. >> if republicans were doing that they would be warming up the gas chamber right now. >> the comments were made in an interview on philadelphia's wpht radio when talking about if the media took it easy on hillary clinton donald trump junior insist he wasn't referencing the holocaust but rather half dozen u.s. states to use gas chamber to execute convicted criminals. passengers are feeling home and relieved after united flight from newark, new jersey was diverted, we will explain what happened. it has been days since kensington triple shooting sent three people to the hospital, among the injured a pregnant with man how one is trying to calm fears in the neighborhood.
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sue's off i'm dave warren. temperatures dropped to the 40's. pottstown at 50. dropping to 49 in will allentown. down to 41 in hunt pocono. child this morning. grab the coat keep it handy. you won't need it in the middle of the afternoon but by tonight temperatures will drop. ultimate doppler is all clear. heading out to montgomery bucks county, with the fall festival this weekend no major issue there. 5:00 o'clock advisory 40 miles an hour wind with tropical storm julia still moving south
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east at 5 miles an hour just over 200 miles south/south east of cape fear north carolina. pretty much staying off the coast and off carolinas could create rough surf up and down here. humidity will increase, not from the tropical storm but an approaching front will bring up that heat and humidity. i wouldn't say heat maybe just warmer by saturday night and then it will bring in rain on sunday. here's the timing. this is today things look good but by the time that sun goes down tonight temperatures will quickly drop, clouds increase tomorrow, here comes rain, beginning late sunday, so 6:00 t is cloudy but showers developing, sunday evening lasting through hon. seven day forecast, friday and saturday, nice day today, warmer tomorrow with a few more clouds. rain coming in on sunday and monday, and showers lingering early monday but by monday night they are clearing out. tuesday, wednesday, thursday looking good, again, it is nice and comfortable with that
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bright sunshine, low in the 60's, high in the mid to low 80's and we're saying fall is here. day seven of the seven day forecast. >> looking good there davey. good morning everybody. 5:17 on this friday morning we're looking good on the 42 freeway of course with the friday folks will go down the shore next week is irish weekend, down there in north wildwood where we're good to go on the vine expressway. they are still not letting traffic though come eastbound off of the schuylkill expressway. here we go, yes, they have lights coming we're good to go into and out of philadelphia here's the schuylkill upper end near king of prussia for shoppers this weekend out there near king of prussia mall, we are off to a good start. we have left over from yesterday at 60th and landsdowne. in conshohocken we have a fire location at seventh and mapel so watch out for local detours there. otherwise bridges look fine,
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mass transit running with no delays, lauren, back over to you. jurors deciding fate of the man charged with killing a state trooper will come from chester county. jury selection in the trial of the eric frein will begin in march. the panel will head to pike county where shooting happened outside blooming grove barracks. the prosecutors say frein killed corporal bribing dickson and wounded another trooper two years ago. days after a shooting leaves three people critically injured in kensington, the gun man is still on the run and friends and neighbors of the victims are speaking out. fox 29 shawnette wilson reports they war anyone will come forward with information out of fear of retall eyes. >> reporter: twenty-five year-old carlos sanchez stand in front of the memorial for his cousin ricky. he was gunned down on this corner of thayer and jasper street in kensington a year ago same street where three others were shot tuesday including another one of the sanchez cousin. >> it is mixed emotions. a lot of hurting because we
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understand what being in the streets come with but just the way it happens, it is disturbing. >> reporter: he says his 22-year old cousin, is on life support and police say another man and a pregnant woman shot are also in critical condition. some neighbors are worried about retaliation. >> some people out of anger might react the wrong way. we don't need anybody else getting hurt or losing their freedom because how they want to react toward the situation. >> reporter: philadelphia cease-fire set up on thayer street. >> unaudible. >> reporter: to try to calm fear and call for an end to gun violence. >> we have to take our blocks back. sometimes it the is one block at a time or make it known not on my block. >> reporter: this is a block captain from a nearby street who came out to support neighbors. >> we have drugs, shootings. i had a neighbor on my block that got killed. >> reporter: sanchez says he hopes philadelphia cease-fire reaches community members. >> it will help some because
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some people may listen and may think before they act but then there is a lot of people that doesn't. >> reporter: shawnette wilson for fox 29 news. unfortunately police have not the released any motives for shootings. all clear after united airlines flight from newark to san diego was divert todd denver. incident happening last night when officials say a passenger reported a suspicious item. airport officials say flight 1243 landed safely as passengers were taken off the plane by buses while the plane was searched, passengers were rescreened and the flight was allowed to continue after police and fbi investigated that incident. it is a big deal for drivers who headed to the city, the philadelphia parking authority making a major change to the way you park. when you will need to pay close attention to your meter, but first your winning lottery numbers.
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pat toomey started his career as an investment banker. then, a wall street wheeler-dealer, overseeing stock trades in new york, london and tokyo. next, toomey moved to hong kong to work with wealthy chinese investors. in the senate, it's no surprise toomey's been siding with wall street. voting to allow banks to continue making the risky investments that wrecked our economy. pat toomey. he's for wall street. not us senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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who doesn't like cats, we all do. we are pumped for premiere week on fox 29. to celebrate, fox is giving away cash card for $500. it starts saturday during ohio state oklahoma game and runs monday through friday eight to 9:00. you have to watch. you will get a code word. enter at fox and is there your chance to win that
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honey. okay. tough news for people who park in the city. times up for two popular free parking programs to enjoy wednesday nightness center city and on first friday in olde city. but now p pa says it is ending the pro oceans. karen hepp found out a lot of people are not happy. >> reporter: flier on a windshield bad news, no more free parking for nights out. the city has become so alive with folks coming downtown, people love the free parking for make it a night wednesday or first friday in olde city. that was the point of the pro ocean but as they say, all good things must come to an end. just today, the p pa announced if you want to hit latest beer garden or gallery you have to pay. >> i think that is a terrible idea. i heene we get it, one day during the week and people really enjoy that especially young people coming out here to park on wednesday night going out, it is just like a little extra coming to the
5:25 am
city. >> reporter: parking in the city can be expensive, and compass celebrating without the free night, some folks say they may just stay away. >> i usually stay out of center city just because of the parking. i can see how it is a shame to get rid of it. >> i come down a lot for business during the week. i'm only here for an hour or so-so that forced me into a lot to force me to pay 20 or 30 bucks for an hour and a half. >> so expensive. you want to come down, patronize businesses but getting no incentive at all to do so. >> find money elsewhere. >> reporter: so why is this happening? p pa says meter up app has taken off and parking has gotten really tight so conclusion of these pro oceans is intended to increase parking opportunities for those parking and shopping in the city n light of the increased flexibility afforded by meter up up app. in addition p pa has increased time limits on most center city blocks a allowing enough time to participate in nighttime activities without
5:26 am
being rushed to get back to move their car. >> i still think we're way ahead of the curve. i think that the parking system, be it may be outdated for philadelphia, i think that they are headache ago lot of strides. >> in the last 31st friday it is come and gone. we didn't realize it was last one back in september, there are two more free wednesday evenings after 5:00 o'clock, so, make good use of those ones because that is very end, come october we have to pay up. from olde city i'm karen hepp, fox 29 news. >> man, all right. speaking of parking you might be parking near an apple store to get your hand on a new iphone, dave kinchen with some people who are already camped out. hi there, dave. >> reporter: some have been out here as early as i can say since 8:00 o'clock last night but after the break we will tell you why some people may not be able to get those iphone seven's after all.
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newspapers know the real story on pat toomey. on background checks for gun buyers... toomey has shown the courage few others have... toomey steps up on checks... toomey is on the right side... state leaders should follow toomey lead. no wonder leading pennsylvania police organizations endorse pat toomey as best to protect our families. independence usa pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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right now on fox 29 morning news, hear from a father, and pastor caught in a life or death situation, right in front of his family after finding a gunman waiting at his frankford home. plus police are offering a big reward hoping to find more than a dozen handguns stolen from a philadelphia gun shop. the item the suspect was wearing that could help police identify him. out with the old, in with the new, big day for iphone users, today latest generation
5:30 am
is hitting stores and why getting your hand on one may be tougher then you first imagined. good day everybody it is friday, september 16th, 2016. it has been a glorious week of weather, dave warren and hopefully it continues for us this weekend. >> glorious weekend will start that way won't finish that way. this morning we have a cool start 50 to 60 degrees, as of lunch it is national quacamole day, get avocados ready. that is not to scale, of course. we have eagles hat on, looking forward to monday night in chicago. in the suburbs we are cool. allentown mount pocono 40, 50 in pottstown. sixty in philadelphia. cooler in the surrounding suburbs and drops to 51 in millville. sixty in wildwood. nothing ultimate doppler radar all clear. it will stay that way. check out temperatures here in the city. 60 degrees with the northeast wind at 6 miles an hour. the just a light breeze and humidity down. with the dry weather and light breeze temperature quickly warms up, and then quickly cools down. if you are outside today
5:31 am
quickly warming in the 70's by noon, upper 70's by 4:00 but friday night football 67. by 9:00 a 10-degree drop in a few hours. as soon as that sun goes down that temperature will drop quickly, right before sunset. so if you have the coat this morning keep it handy, need it tonight and tomorrow morning. any patients you need out there the on the roadways? let see if there is any delays. >> we will always use more patients outside on the roadways. at least for right now, good morning to the shaders, route 73, maple shade new jersey no problems at all at fellowship road. off to a quiet start. friday mornings are a lot different then other four workdays of the week. looking good downtown vine street expressway opened for business. overnight construction pick up and gone. we are good to go in and out of philadelphia maybe pocono bound you are later on today, in problems at all northbound on the blue route all the way up the extension we are live look here at blue route near
5:32 am
conshohocken. the heading out of town good for you, to problems at philly international. we are off to a good start there. septa's regional rail lines allow extra time, fewer cars on the line, and, and make sure you have the current weekend schedule especially for regional rail lines with those crowded trains and delays we have been dealing w water main break left over from 60th and land down and a fire location at conshohocken at seventh and mapel with some local detours but otherwise it is looking good. lauren, back over to you. $10,000 reward is being offered for arrest of the man accused of stealing weapons from a fill gun store. bureau of alcohol tobacco and firearms and explosives say guy broke in the lock philadelphia gun exchange in mayfair three times in the past three weeks. they say he stole 17 guns in all. they want you to take a close look at the sweat the shirt he was wearing in the crime. it reads king, investigators
5:33 am
think he may have had help. prosecutors charged a sixth person for a deadly shoot-out on the atlantic city expressway. wilbur now faces three weapon possessions charges. investigators say he showed up at the hospital with the bullet wound to the arm right after the gun fight. they say his blood matched blood found inside a truck used in the shoot-out. one person was killed, when a a gunman and three vehicles shot at each other on the ac expressway on august 29th. family of the eight year-old girl killed in the cross fire, of shooting in camden is appealing for the public to help. gabby hill-carter's family releasing photos on facebook and they are hoping someone will come forward with information about her murder. a $76,000 reward being offered for any information leading to an arrest and convictions, gabby was hit by a stray bullet riding her bike three weeks ago. vigil will be held in her memory this saturday at eighth and spruce streets near the scene of the shooting that starts promptly at 7:00 p.m. a lot of long lines expect
5:34 am
outside apple stores as people wait to get their hand on the latest apple product, iphone seven but it could be some problems in store for those customers waiting anxiously, dave warren, or excuse me, dave kinchen, too many dave's in this morning. tell me why some people might be disappointed. >> reporter: a lot of people could be or would be disappoint because we have a lot of people lined up here. apple says that they have sold out of their on line preorder for jet black iphone seven. lets take a look at our first piece of rid yes here. we found people sleeping in line, others awake had their coffee, chairs and one man with the 7-eleven big gul be but looking for refill but didn't want to life his spot in line. one man got out here last night at 8:00. some coming from new york city to avoid iphone line there. lets go to video two, iphone seven license water resistant,
5:35 am
thinner and ditches wire headphones in favor of the the wireless systems and ear buds but many are having a hard time to find iphone seven's in stores because apple, as we said, sold out of the seven and seven plus during on line preorder period. these people out here are hopeful and dedicated. >> just for the experience. i did it, i'm from germany. i happened to be here on vacation during iphone launch and figured why not the try to do the same thing in america and see what the american people are doing in line and i will buy this and so far it has been great. >> we drove from brooklyn. i don't mess with lines in new york. people in new york are crazy. but philly is city of brotherly love. last time i waited in line for 23 hours. i was number 47. right now i'm 17. she's 18. we got out here at midnight. eight hours is not bad at all? waiting in line for 23 hours i don't think i would do that
5:36 am
for van halen ticket. actually i would do that for van halen ticket. people here of mixed feelings about iphone seven. they want it but they say it could be just a filler before redesign iphone eight that comes out. we will see how it works out today, back to you. well, dave warren says he likes van halen so you have more in common then just a name. >> there you go good 5:36. problems continuing to get worse for samsung, u.s. consumer products safety commission recalled galaxy note seven, company had already issued a voluntary recall after reports that the battery can over heat and burst into flames or even explode. 1 million phones have been sold in the u.s., the company has agreed to offer customers a full refund or replacement device. now to some breaking news a would be robber end up in the hospital after targeting the wrong family. a mother tries to protect her family by pulling the trigger. sabina kuriakose live from the scene in frankford with more, hi there, sabina.
5:37 am
>> reporter: good morning, lauren. i just spoke to the pastor here where victims of this crime and he gave an incredible account of exactly what happened. first lets go to video from the scene, police combed this scene. pastor says he had just gotten home with his wife and young son. they noticed a strange man hanging outside. they said hello. they went to get inside his house. pastor says that he turned around and he had a sawed off shotgun pointed in to his face. he thought about his 12 year-old son standing right there but, of course, his wife thought quickly. she reached inside her purse and she pulled out her own handgun. she was able to shoot the suspect once this is leg. he took off. here's the pastor, describing the terrifying moments about what happened. >> i think it was a crime of opportunity. he was walking down the street. he saw us getting out of the vehicle and saw the chain, i was distract, he acted like he was a crippled.
5:38 am
i didn't think anything of it. when he stood up, he was 6-foot tall. i could tell he was 50 or 60 years old. in my mind i was thinking we could income him out about with that gun and he had the gun just like this. i was afraid it with go off. >> reporter: sixty-six year-old suspect, that is right. police were later able to catch up with that suspect outside aria torresdale who was suffering from that gunshot wound. he is this custody. when pastor talks about the chain, he means the chain to his wallet. that is exactly what police say suspect was after, money. now again this was a completely random attack according to the pastor and police. they do in the know this man. now he is off the street, lauren, back to you. how scary, good hustle. it might be quitting time for phillies, 15 games left on the schedule. they had one of the worst performances of the season. we will have that and more next up in sports.
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mccutchen mccutchen i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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he's a race-baiting, xenophobic, religious bigot. donald trump is a phony, a fraud. he's not a serious adult. i can't vote for donald trump given the things that he said. trump should not be supported. i believe he's disqualified himself to be president. i just cannot support donald trump. warning. this commercial contains brief moments of product nudity. stripped of chocolate. its peanuts exposed around a soft caramel center. a payday bar will get you through your day. expose yourself to payday.
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good morning, i'm sean bell. carson wentz is quickly becoming a rock star. his jersey is now number one selling jersey since sunday's game against cleveland and potus is talking about him. president barack obama said he would scout wentz and the vice-president is telling him to get on the wentz band wagon. carson trying to avoid all the distractions but when that guy is talking about him you have to listen. >> i thought it was funny. i have a lot of friend and family that thought it was
5:42 am
crazy, it is cool and all but at the same time i have a lot to accomplish before we make anything too big out of that. >> i'm happy for him because as a rookie, you want to come in and improve and get better and obviously catch some eyes. caught president's eye even though he is a chicago fan. we have to do what we do begins them. >> phillies and pirates, andrew mccutchen to the home run to the left, pirates win 15-two. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell.
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[ fly buzzing ] did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive? i got your nose! i got your nose right here. i know that's your thumb, grandpa. talent! learn about it! all eyes or carolinas as julia becomes a tropical storm again. right now storm is centered 175 miles south east of charleston, south carolina forecasters say this storm will drift off carolinas for the next few days, it currently is posing no threat to land but many areas along south carolina coast saw more than 2 inches of rain touring the storms on wednesday. how did i deliver that weather report. >> i would have thrown reference to southern charm in there.
5:46 am
>> okay. >> ultimate doppler radar looks good this morning. things are clear. nothing to talk about as far as rain goes. temperatures in the upper 40's in allentown, mount pocono is at 41 degrees. sixty in philadelphia it does get cooler in the surrounding suburbs. 5:00 o'clock advisory 40 miles an hour wind just off the coast of carolinas. it will stay there over next few days, just continuing to spin create something rough surf as far north as mid-atlantic here in the northeast. nice breeze. we will get warmer tomorrow. humidity increases not in the tropical moisture and rain comes in late sunday from this storm approaching from the midwest here and pulls up humidity we will feel that tomorrow. i don't want to say heat but just warmer. we will to have deal with some rain this weekend. we will start off today nice and comfortable this afternoon. quickly cooling off. cool start tomorrow. increase ago this humidity just a few more cloud tomorrow evening. a few rain showers developing.
5:47 am
it looks like it will be mostly late in the day on sunday and continuing through early monday. now monday night in chicago, clear but breezy 78 down to 37 as eagles head to solder field. seven day forecast 78 to 83. today gets warmer but we are rain free both today and tomorrow. sunday here comes rain lingering through monday temperatures in the 80's. that will clear out but monday avenue. so by tuesday, wednesday, thursday night comfortable mid to low 80's with lower in the 60's. we have phillies in town for a few days and tall begins at day number seven of the seven day forecast, bob. >> when do we adjust clock? it is not with the fall, right. >> yes. >> probably right. >> after halloween good we have sometime, right. >> good morning, everybody. 5:47. we had a power outage at the house, i had to go around and reset all of the clocks. that made me think of that. live look at 422 working your way in bound, in toward king
5:48 am
of prussia getting ready for sunrise and light volume so far on this friday morning. yo, dunn town charlie brown, no problems the at all on the vine street expressway looking in and out of the city. looking for something to do this weekend, we have got manayunk street eat festival which they line up all of the food trucks along main street and that kicks in on sunday. we will have local detours through hand i young. dance party saturday night with the beater, i don't know if he will be there, seven to 11:00 dance party on the falls bridge. the bridge that connects kelly drive with the martin luther king drive. there will be detourness place here coming in and out of the city for maybe phillies game or an event that falls bridge will be closed. rittenhouse square fine arts festival with extra volume around 18th and walnut through sunday. mass transit, is looking good, lauren, back over to you. now democratic presidential candidate hillary
5:49 am
clinton is back on the campaign trail. one of the stops next week will be right here in philadelphia some of her supporters saying moment could not come soon enough. latest real clear politics average of recent polls show democratic nom behind necessity has lost ground only ahead by more than one percentage point. clinton spoke in north carolina yesterday before addressing congressional black hispanic caulk news washington d.c. she went after trump for what he calls his divisive word. grabbing headlines statement released wye donald trump's campaign does believe the president was born in the u.s., the whole birther thing came to light, after the washington post, about an interview, and in that statement his and, hillary clinton. it gives trump credit for having the president release had birth certificate. donald trump is looking to make less money and changing jobs to become president. g.o.p. presidential nominee was joking with jimmy fallon
5:50 am
with money last night. >> why do you want to leave your current job. >> because i'm sort of looking to make a lot less money. >> you will be taking a pay cut i'm sorry. >> the president of the united states is paid $400,000, every year. when is the last time the nfl teams most famous player was a long snapper. that is what is happening with the eagles right the now. john dorenbos return to the novacare complex with his teammates yesterday after finishing third on america's got talent. he had all types of tricks up his sleeve and america loved his magic and his message. now you back to football but first he reflect on his experience out in hollywood. >> of course, i went into win and winning makes everything easier but i wouldn't take back everything i d i wouldn't take back any of the performances or anything i have said. so with that i'm proud.
5:51 am
>> he has that in him. he has always had that in him. we were very proud watching him to his thing. >> i remember how cute that little will girl was, he should have won. >> of course, he was the best. >> who was favorite. >> both of them are. >> they are both cool guys. >> yes glove you seen is what happening on walnut street between 16th and 17th? people have been out all night waiting for this iphone seven. >> look at my screen. i need iphone seven. >> this is a mess. >> look at them sleeping. >> is that live. >> yes. >> i don't know that i ever wanted anything badly enough to do that. >> i can't imagine. >> what? >> they are wide awake. >> anyway we will go down and smell them. >> one person came down from new york. he said lines in new york are outrageous. in philly we have brotherly love. >> we will try to get a shot, they are over the at apple store at 59th and fifth so we can compare the two. they want iphone seven.
5:52 am
guess who has iphone seven in their hands. >> alex. >> me. >> no, you don't. >> i will have it by 7:00 o'clock in my hand. >> i can't wait. >> and then they may storm our tv station. wendy williams is on the show today, on "good day philadelphia". >> how you doing good there she is. >> on "good day philadelphia". >> yes. she will be here. her new season is starting. we will talk about kim kardashian. she took another name selfie last night. get this, she was on vacation and in four days while she was on this trip she took 6,000 selfies. >> what. >> she took 6,000 selfies on a four day vacation. >> only posted one. >> one. >> she is so busy taking selfies she doesn't have time to dress. >> does she know where northwest is.
5:53 am
>> i'm sure she doesn't even know what direction. >> do you want to see something horrifying. >> yes. >> look at me. >> oh, no. >> there is a doll of me. >> what. >> there is a doll of me. >> that is impressive. >> isn't that weird. >> that is your stance too. >> sometimes when i catch you. >> hello people. >> you look like a super hero. >> who made this. >> there is a place over at third street in old city where you can get, they take one second picture of you and they turn tonight to a figurine i need to lose weight. >> they did make you bloated. >> they didn't make it, whatever you look like is what it comes out as. >> look at your jeans with the crinkle and was your shoe all the way on.
5:54 am
>> one of our co-workers, torey broke it already. >> yes. >> she said let me take a look and it fell over. you wish my head popped off. wouldn't you like to have one of these of your loved one. >> yes. >> send to it teddy what does she call you. >> poppa mike. >> poppa mike. >> you give it to one of your significant others and get the in the argument and then boom. >> then it would be yeah. >> we will go to break and we will be right back. when it comes to risking social security on the stock market...
5:55 am
pat toomey wrote the book. "i'm...i've got a whole chapter in my book where i... specifically lay out how i think we should... reform social security." toomey's plan requires wall street and bankers to manage... the accounts. collecting fees out of your social security that could... total billions. fees they collect, even if the market crashes and...
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seniors lose everything. pat toomey's looking out for wall street, not pennsylvania. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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hear from a father caught in the life on and death fight after finding a gunman at his family's home. today the latest iphone hitting store shelves why getting your hand on one could be harder then you think.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
all right. did you hear the story, a mom, a dad, a pastor and a thief. and a child. he looks on as his father tried to fight off an armed robber outside their home in the northeast but it is what his mother did that may have saved all of their lives. born in the u.s.a., hillary clinton back on the campaign trail after her illness and donald trump tries to end the debate about where president obama was born. highlights there a busy to in the race for the white house. apple of your eye. oh, that is a live shot folks, these people have been out there all night on walnut between 16th and 17th at the apple store. and there is suburban square in ardmore, they have been out there, all night long. what to they want? they want a new iphone, an iphone seven, maybe seven plus. >> when do they want it. >> they want it now. >> guess what, in one hour i will have one of tho


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