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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  September 16, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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all right. did you hear the story, a mom, a dad, a pastor and a thief. and a child. he looks on as his father tried to fight off an armed robber outside their home in the northeast but it is what his mother did that may have saved all of their lives. born in the u.s.a., hillary clinton back on the campaign trail after her illness and donald trump tries to end the debate about where president obama was born. highlights there a busy to in the race for the white house. apple of your eye. oh, that is a live shot folks, these people have been out there all night on walnut between 16th and 17th at the apple store. and there is suburban square in ardmore, they have been out there, all night long. what to they want? they want a new iphone, an iphone seven, maybe seven plus. >> when do they want it. >> they want it now. >> guess what, in one hour i will have one of those in my
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hands. >> um, um, um. >> you didn't have to wait in line. >> no. >> because this is my rsvp. if day everybody. it is september 162,016th. is sue in line? >> she's not in line, she's probably in bed. >> i will call her right now. >> i will do that right now. >> you will call her and tell her the number of the day. >> what is the number of the day. >> ten. >> it is another ten. >> perfect ten. >> perfect ten today. >> last night was so beautiful. >> it was. a little chilly in the morning though. you step outside you might feel chill but providing you are not stepping outside for the next few hours we will see that temperature climb quickly today. buddy has got an avocado not an iphone because it is national quacamole day, 50 to 60, cool start this morning. eagles hat on because we are looking forward to monday.
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ultimate doppler clear but cooling temperatures, allentown down to 47, pottstown dropping to 49. philadelphia still holding at 60 degrees. warmer in the city, compared to the suburbs. north/northeasterly wind at 6 miles an hour, relative humidity 78 percent. we will have 76 degrees close to 80 but not quite there today but as we warm up, we will quickly cool down this evening, good morning, bob. >> 6:02. good morning, dave. we are off to a good start we are seeing volume poppas sunrisees up and over northeast philadelphia but no problems on the majors. extra volume on the freeway coming in from new jersey. looking out through that construction zone here at i295 a the water main break in the neighborhood at 60th and landsdowne with local detour. school buses will be around the block there. good morning to wilmington. no problems rolling down i-95 just watch out later on construction will take out one of the lanes near route 202, and a fire location at
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conshohocken, at seventh and mapel. otherwise bridges look fine and mass transit is off to a good start as well. mike and alex, back over to you. we had a robber trying to rob the wrong mom. >> robber ends up in the hospital after target ago this family. >> that is right, mom trying to protect her family pulls out a gun of her own, so sabina tell us the story. >> we will try to fit this all in. first of all this was pastor of saint james church here. he tells me he lives right next door. he and his testimonily, his wife ape young son all got home just before 11:00. they pulled into their driveway and noticed a strange man hanging outside. they said hello. they went to get inside their house. when the pastor turned around he has a sawed off shotgun at his face. first thing he thinks about is his 12 year-old son standing right there but he need not worry because his wife pulled her handgun from her purse and
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she fired off one shot, she was able to hit the suspect in the leg and actually he took off running. pastor chased him down the block and police were able to catch up with him later but incredibly, of course, it has been a long night with this pastor and he talk with us this morning. the here's what he told bus those terrifying moments. >> it was so fast, you know. he did a good job by acting like he was crippled because, normally you see somebody walking down the street you height be prepared for it but he was hunched over. he was walking like this. then he was like 6 feet tall and in my face and hit me this is head and i bent over for a second. he grabbed the wallet, broke the chain and when my wife shot him the wallet ended up on the deck. i don't know how that happened. he didn't get anything except the bullet. >> suspect is 66 year-old, in
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custody still being treated for that wound. police and pastor say this was a completely random attack which makes it that much more terrifying. they are saying they did not the know this suspect, whatsoever, and now detectives have also told this pastor that he tells me that this may have been the suspect's second home invasion, that night, but of course, he pick the wrong home, that second time around. >> this pastor told me he lost a son about eight months to this day. he had somebody looking out for him when all this happened. >> i didn't realize that part of the story. >> all right, sabina. >> what would you wait all night in line for laying out on a street in philadelphia, iphone seven, would you. >> they are lining up since late last night for that phone. dave kinchen you are in line with them. >> reporter: you know what, we hit a water shed moment here. line wrapped around the corner here where we are, along walnut and 16th street but we will show you all the people
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ready to go. manager of the apple store here came out and said they will have coffee, i guess icoffee for all of the folks here waiting in line here. it is coming from the star bucks across the street. lets go to video, people sleeping in line earlier today and some got out here as early or as late as 8:00 p.m. last night, some coming there new york city to avoid iphone lines there. that could be a short move we will see. lets go to the second piece of the video. video two of the iphone water resistant ditching wire headphones in favor of the wireless system but many are having a hard time finding the jet black iphone seven's in stores. apple said in a statement it sold out of the seven and seven plus during on line preorder period but still these people here are hopeful and dedicated. >> i consider myself an early a adopter of technology. so really i need a new phone because mine is malfunctioning, so i thought it was a good opportunity to,
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you know, upgrade. i have been out here since eight or nine at night and it is tiring, fun. >> it is fun, experience. i do black friday every year. i wouldn't miss it for anything. >> it is not too cold. nice day. i cannot complain on that front. the sidewalks are clean enough. i am just excited. >> reporter: back live here excitement and energy continuing, but you know some people here of said in line they think iphone seven hasn't been redesign enough and they are holding out for iphone eight. we will see how that goes. clearly there is excitement and energy for this new iphone. mike and alex. >> next time we come can you do live interview with somebody in line why do they need it so badly and what is first thing they will do with it, make and phone call, play a game, sell it. >> reporter: will do. >> thanks, dave. while this is happening,
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with apple products bad news for samsung. u.s. consume are products safety commission has formally recalled its galaxy note seven. the company is issued a voluntary recall after reports that the battery can over heat and burst into flames or even explode. 1 million phones have been sold in the united states, the company has agreed to offer consumers a full refund or a replacement device. the wonder what kind of phone they will get instead. >> samsung called you, you have been calling this recall for over a week. >> they did not but good to know this is happening. now you to the race for the white house, republican presidential candidate donald trump says he believes president obama was born in the united states of america. statement from his campaign follows an interview published by the washington post in which trump decline to say whether he believes the president was born in hawaii or not. trump helped fuel rise of this birther movement, five or six years ago which claim president obama was born
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outside u.s. in kenya and not eligible to be president of the united states at all. meanwhile it seems democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton has ground to make up since her health problems became public. her latest real clear politics average of recent polls show democratic nominee has lost ground now ahead of donald trump by little more than 1 percent. >> hillary clinton is come back to philadelphia next week, a swing state, this time she will focus on millennials and tough challenges they face about college debt. this speech is expected to take place on a unspecified college campus on monday, which college campus will it be? >> we have so many. >> we do have a lot in the philadelphia area, for sure. all right. start guessing which campus. apparently they have not chosen it yet or we would know. >> maybe they are trying to do a pop up. >> pop up college. >> stevey wonder did a pop up concert. >> boom. >> will it be penn? police in new york city are dealing with the aftermath
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of the violent attack this was so scary by penn station, confrontation that led to the suspect being shot and detective slashed with the meat cleaver. package deliver toy a local home that did not go quite as planned what the home owner said the driver did instead of dropping off his new iphone.
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how many times have we told how people steel, swiping packages off stoops of homes
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in the philadelphia area. what if your delivery person, or the delivery itself was never dropped off, in the the first place? >> or maybe went right up to your door but they didn't leave package there. that is what one local guy claims happened to an expensive package he was expecting and he says he has video to prove it. >> ron has video camera, ron there folcroft got fedex confirmation saying his two phones were delivered to his home on tuesday, at 10:01 a.m., just after he watched good day philadelphia clear surveillance video. >> he has a nice camera. >> he was disappointed when he got home to find nothing on his doorstep. fedex cam, what? is that came. >> came. >> fedex came back the next morning and then still nothing, nothing. so ron, who asked us not to reveal his last name, went to his security system, for answers. >> i went, looked at the camera. what do you know? he is walking away with my
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iphones back to the truck. >> you can see in the video after scanning iphone for delivery the driver walks back to the truck, with the phones, still in his arms, fedex say what the driver appears to to here is against the company policy. ron sent video to fedex security and to the folcroft police and they are now investigating. >> it appears that he, you know, kept them. >> it looks like it. >> ron should be a detective. >> yeah. >> i mean that camera was clear, my goodness. >> yep, yep, yep. >> i want his phones and his cameras. a controversial plan for penn state, how the school plans to mark 50th anniversary of the fifth win of the former coach joe paterno on the football field and why many are still upset that the school plans to honor him at all. school bus passes a delivery truck and then takes off if you doesn't end there, what happened to that bus driver accused of starting the
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scary road rage incident. well, a lot of fedex stories to day. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. i know more about isis then the generals do. john mccain, a war hero. he's not a war hero, he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured ok. donald trump compared his sacrifices to the sacrifices of two parents who lost their son in war. how would you answer that father? what sacrifice have you made for your country?
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i think i've made a lot of sacrifices, built great structures. i've had tremendous success, i think... those are sacrifices?
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for senate, a clear difference. katie mcginty: for background checks, for banning assault weapons, and banning high-capacity ammunition clips. and pat toomey? against an assault weapons ban and against banning high capacity ammo clips like those used in the orlando massacre. listen to pat toomey brag: "i have had a perfect record with the nra." pat toomey gets an "a" from the nra. he's not for you. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. temperatures have dropped in the 40's in a few suburbs, in pottstown oral even town notice a chill in the air.
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still 60 in philadelphia. wilmington 57. dropping to 53 in millville. surrounding suburbs, a little cooler thanks to the clear skies and light breeze. the it will warm up. not a cloud in the sky. bright sunshine on the way. zooming into a few counties, check it out, montgomery, bucks county, fall festivals going on. enjoy it. today is a nice day. even of the weekend is iffy. watching tropical storm julia 40 miles an hour, and it will continue to stay off the coast of the carolinas but create some rough surf up and down east coast. stays there, we're talking about moisture being pulled off from the south ahead of the front which will impact the the area sunday. today is nice with sunshine, light breeze, few more included tomorrow morning, more clouds tomorrow night, here comes the rain on sunday developing throughout the morning as a few light showers but then late in the day sunday as it continues into monday, showers and even a few thunderstorms in the forecast. for today nice in the seven day, 78 to 83. we have rain coming in sunday
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and monday. it clears out monday night, we're in for a stretch of nice weather again, tuesday, wednesday, and thursday, temperatures back in the 80's with lows in the 60's. phillies are in town and next thursday is the first day of fall, good morning, bob. >> hey dave, good morning. 6:18 on this friday morning a live look at route 202 as you work your waste into king of prussia sunnies rising. we are off to a good start. nice good looking day here. live look at freeway toward philadelphia, pocket of headlights heading in to i295 and starting to see some volume here coming in toward the city as rush hour gets underway. slow go as you head in towards that construction zone just look out, i came through this stretch yesterday and those lanes shift and that whole 295 interchange. heading to the airport to get out of town for the weekend, good for you. no problems at philly interest the national. we have a water main break at 60th and land down with some local detours.
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septa a still running with those crowded trains and those expected delays, ten minute delays, already on the paoli line, and so some scattered delays throughout the morning rush hour, and give yourself some extra time, mike and alex, back over to you. 6:19. >> police officer, a 13 year-old boy in columbus ohio is on administrative leave. police responding to a armed robbery call and chased suspect in the alley late wednesday night. officers say that the teen, tyre king pulled out a bee-bee gun that is replica of a police weapon. they thought it was a real gun and they fired shooting and killing the 13 year-old boy. family is calling for a fair investigation into the shooting. >> there is inherent bias in the police investigating themselves. we have an issue with this being a 13 year-old child and the call nationally already for transparent investigation into this shooting. >> tyre king's family says he had had no prior criminal
6:20 am
history. new york city police say a man went after an off-duty detective with a meat cleaver before police shot him. confrontation began when two officers came across a man trying to remove a boot from his car. that is when the guy pulled out a 11-inch knife and ran off. several others joined chase including detective to tried to tackle him. had man slash the detective's face leaving a 6-inch cut. police fired 18 times hitting the hand twice. police commissioner says the officer acted appropriately. >> we have a character running down the street waving a cleaver. despite that the officers approached him, sought to take him in custody and at which time one of them received a very significant injury to his face, at which time based on the preliminary investigation the officers fired sufficient rounds to stop the attack. >> suspect is in critical condition. police say his criminal history shows mostly minor
6:21 am
crimes. >> you could tell by this video right by penn station most of you watching this show here "good day philadelphia" probably walk right out of pen station many times right there by the station. can he handle the spotlight? hear how carson wentz says he is dealing with the sudden fame that is coming with his several i success, he has number one selling jersey in america. we're pumped for premiere week on fox 29 to celebrate, fox is giving away cash card worth 500 bucks. >> okay. >> starting saturday during yes state verse oklahoma game and also again, monday, through friday, from 8:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. just watch for code word and enter at fox and get a chance to win. >> in other word every day from now on, we will take sunday off. >> that is true. >> on sunday we will rest. lottery numbers. anybody win power ball?
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good morning i'm sean bell. phillies have 15 games left in the season and if yesterday was any indication, of how things will go, it will get real, real ugly. andrew mccutchen with the home run to left field, mccutchen
6:25 am
was three for five with three rbi and three scored runs. pirates blasted the phillies, they win 15-two. everyone is jumping on the carson wentz band wagon president president obama mentioned his name in the speech. wentz is trying to stay level headed but potus saying your name is exciting. >> i thought it was funny. i know friend, family thought it was pretty crazy, it is cool and all but at the same time i got a lot to accomplish before we make anything too big out of that. >> i'm happy for him because as a rookie, you want to i am roof, get better and catch some eyes. he caught the president's eye even though he is a a chicago fan. we got to do what we do against him. >> that is sports in a minute, i'm sean bell. >> okay. alex, i don't want to put you on the spot. >> but you are. >> but i'm going to. >> of course. >> when was last time an nfl team's most famous player or
6:26 am
second most famous player was the long snapper, that is exactly what is happening with the eagles right the now because of jon dorenbos national attention. >> good question. >> that was after the story. >> john dorenbos return to the novacare complex in south philadelphia with with his teammates yesterday after finishing third on america's got talent. jon had all types of tricks and america loved his magic and his message. now it is back to the football field but first reflect on his experience out in holy, hollywood. >> have of course, i went into win and winning makes everything easier but i wouldn't take back anything i to or any performance or anything i said. so with that i'm proud. >> he has that in him. he has always had that in him. we were very proud of him watching him to his thing. >> it doesn't matter how cute that little girl was he should have won. >> of course, he was the best. >> before we get to the quiz, look at brett brown our sixers coach who has grown a beard in
6:27 am
the off season do you like it. >> i like it. >> we are coming closer to november. >> yo, i'm tryin. >> big yo. >> i will go to a lot of sixers games because i'm juiced upy love going to sixers game. >> now they might be good. >> it is a lot of fun. >> it is. >> here's the quiz, we keep using this term over last few weeks with the long snapper, what does that mean? what is a long snapper do. >> they hike the ball. >> to whom. >> the quarterback. >> no. >> no. >> i thought they had to pass it back. >> no. >> okay. >> jon comes in for a very special moment, very delicate process that a long snapper has to go threw up side down, backwards you are hiking to the punt error to the by who hold the ball for the field goal kicker. >> who. >> that would be the regular center. >> he simly hikes it, right on
6:28 am
to his butt in the quarterback hand or shotgun formation he hikes it a little bit back like 3-yard back to the quarterback. jon runs in when they are going to punt or kick a field goal and he has to hike it like 15 yards upside down and backward. >> wow. >> reason for that was just so we know. >> keep saying long snapper headache people don't know what the long snapper is. >> i didn't. >> one person learned. >> it is not a long red fish it is hiking. >> that i knew. >> okay. >> lets get out to 16th and walnut there is a star bucks on one corner and just down the street is an apple store and also dave kinchen. >> reporter: they are getting while they wait in line but the store, apple store made a surprise announcement that some people are processing here as they wait in line we will tell what you that announcement is after the break. when it comes to risking social security on the stock market...
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find a armed man waiting for them outside. man tries to fight him off but it is what his wife does that may have saved their lives. plus taking after his father donald trump, junior making controversial comments on a local radio station. what he says he actually meant help he referred to gas chambers during his interview. and we're still over an her away from the apple store opening in center city but
6:32 am
these people they have been outside all night and they cannot wait for this to happen. iphone seven release day. even if you are not in line new phones height be hard to get. >> that is suburban square in ardmore where they are lined up, but manager over on walnut street just came out and told us, there is a little bit of a switcharoo at the walnut store. heading down there and you want the seven plus, they don't have them. >> they don't have them. >> and there is a couple different colors. one is black and one is even blacker. >> it is jet black. >> jet black. >> they don't have the jet black. they just have have the black. >> but not the jet black. >> is there a big difference between jet black and black. you have your black can you get blacker than black. >> that is a heavy question, man. >> true black. >> whiteys absence of color. >> dave, we need, this is
6:33 am
so... >> is dave's suit black or jet black. >> more important question that she just asked what is blacker, then black. >> my gosh. >> my suit. >> you are whiter than white. >> i would say that. >> greener than green. do you want to talk about green? it is avocado not to scale. >> you are excited about quacamole day. >> that is why i woke up and came in. sue's taking off i came in. quacamole day. we have to fulfill that. eagles hat for monday, the day we are looking forward to don't think about last night's results with the phillies. forty-seven this poconos, up to 47 in allentown. forty in mount pocono. sixty in philadelphia it is cooler for you in the suburbs and nothing on the radar. the it will stay that way. waiting for sun to come up. temperatures will quickly climb. wind out of the north east at 6 miles an hour, humidity at 78 percent. upper 70's but as we quickly warm up we will quickly cool
6:34 am
down, tonight, outside this evening for the football game, grab that coat you have on this morning you will a's need it tonight in for another chilly night as temperatures quickly drop, into the 60's and 50's. good morning, bob. >> good morning, dave. 6:34. tgif. we're off to a good start except for fender-bender here southbound roosevelt boulevard at ninth street right on that grassy median there before you head into the canyons head willing down in toward broad street. jammo in northeast philadelphia, southbound i-95 heavy from academy down to girard avenue through the construction zone. the delays coming in toward philadelphia, on the 42 freeway, as you work your way in to 55 and then we're stack and pack in toward construction zone. water main break 60th and landsdowne avenue, septa running with some scattered delays across the board on its regional rail lines, anywhere from ten to 15 minutes, of course, they have fewer cars, crowded trains and expect delays during the rush hours.
6:35 am
mike and alex, back to you. hold on just a second at 6:35. this is a a crazy story. family fights back against an armed man trying to rob them in their drive way. >> then mother trying to protect her family pulls out the her own weapon. sabina is live with the story and how she saved her family. >> reporter: good morning mike and alex. this all happen in the past for of saint james church here behind me. family lives right next door and they tell me they had just pulled into their driveway about 11:00 o'clock last night. pastor, his 12 year-old son and his wife. they were just about to get into their house. before they could they say a man armed with the rifle, a long gun, approached them, and attempted to commit a robbery. pastor says he toll the man he didn't have any money on him but apparently the robbery suspect did not the like that one bit and struck pass for in his head with the butt of his gun. the wife in a split second decision, she reached into her handbag and she pulled out her licensed handgun and she fired
6:36 am
off one shot. she shot the suspect in the leg, now listen to this, eight months ago pastor tells me his son died, his 19 year-old son died and he says in that moment when this was all happening he and his wife were desperate the not to lose another child. >> he didn't have a mask on my first thought was he would shoot us even if he gets what he wants. when that was happening all i thought about was losing a second son. she was upset that she shot him but she knew if she didn't, you know, she felt within of us would be killed, you know. it was a big gun. it was that long. it looked like a sawed off shotgun top. >> reporter: now adding to that, even more bizarre details out of this, the suspect was 66 years old. now you police later caught up with him outside of aria torresdale hospital suffering from that gunshot wound. he is now in custody. now police say the suspect apparently may have had a long criminal history, we're told the pastor here it may have been his second home invasion
6:37 am
of that night. of course, he pick wrong family wrong mom to mess with that might. mike and alex, back to you. 6:37. well, this is happening all over the country lots of lines outside apple stores people waiting to get their hand on the the latest iphone, iphone seven. >> we have set up cameras on 16th street between, no, between 16th and 17th in we went toard more live at suburban square. so dave, what is the latest here now from the managers of the both stores. >> reporter: yeah, manager telling people news that will probably make them want to use sad or angry emoji the fact that, number one, jet black iphone seven a's are not available in the store and the iphone seven plus no matter what the color are not a veilable. you came out here for hi one. >> i do come out for seven plus and jet black. >> what will you do right now. >> personally, i don't have a functioning phone right new so
6:38 am
that is my main concern. out of necessity i will get what i can which will be the matt black seven because it is not that big of a deal, i need something that will work,. >> reporter: it is not jet black but different color black. >> matt black. i have heard jet black scratches easily. that is a down side. it looks nice. i'm not too picky about those details. >> reporter: you have been out here quite a while. we talk to someone, who came down from new york city, chad, you said you were going to beat lines in new york so you came down here but you get this news what do you think. >> definitely wish they would have had plus in the jet black. definitely a disappointment. still day one. we had a good night. ready to role. >> reporter: you wanted the plus. >> yes. >> reporter: you will put that money aside and get something else as a consolation prize. >> i will get seven. it will still be a good phone. we waited all night long we
6:39 am
will not drive all the way back to insuring for nothing. >> reporter: mike was wondering what is first thing you will do with the seven when you get it. >> look at it, take some pictures, send to it friend, it will be a good phone. >> reporter: mike and alex, they are adjusting to changing news here. >> good question now. if you really wanted a jet black i phone seven plus but you don't have a phone what means more to have access to your phone or to get that jet black iphone seven plus. >> from what he said he wants a functioning problem. >> i'm talking about you, mike, if you were in this situation could you go without a phone if it means you could have a jet black iphone seven. >> i'm waiting for jet black. >> would i give it up. i need my phone. i can't be without a phone. >> did you hear what that guy said, he stayed this line all night, a parentally not sleeping but maybe, anyway, the guy from new york. >> something going on there, the guy from new york. >> first thing he will do is
6:40 am
take a picture with it. >> yes. >> buy a camera. >> what would you take a selfie. >> do you remember the story where the guy came up to the news reporter, had his new iphone and he drops it and it cracks. >> yes. >> first in line, he waited like 24 hours. >> first to get an i thephone. >> my god. >> u.s. safety regulators announced finally a formal recall of the samsung galaxy note seven. >> remember this comes after all these fires, reports of the fires, explosions, property damage and then they have been saying hey, turn off your phones. you cannot the bring it on airlines. finally, lauren, there is a a recall. >> that is right, samsung extended voluntary recall but company has been criticized for not offering clear information about the problem or how it will be resolved. one family said galaxy note seven was left charge nothing their jeep, caught on fire and check that out, destroyed the family car. there has been other cases of phones catching fire while charging. samsung estimates the problem
6:41 am
effects two and a half million smart phones worldwide, officials now say note seven owners can either get the a new phone or get a full refund. people who own note seven's can go to samsung web site if their tea vice ace affect f so they can bring them back to samsung or go back to the store that sold them that device, about 97 percent of the note seven phones sold are actually being recalled so there is a good chance maybe mike and will alex, yes. >> how about 3 percent when you don't need to. >> i wouldn't take the chance. >> no. >> lauren, thank you for that. taking after his father donald trump junior making controversial comments yesterday afternoon at a local radio station, what he says he actually meant when he referred to gas chambers during the interview, yeah, that happened here. big deal for a lot of drivers who headed to the city, philadelphia a parking authority is making a major change to the way you park. you know what i always say ppa don't play, stick around and
6:42 am
listen to this. pay close attention to that meter. >> ppa don't play. narrator: terrorism here at home. fourteen americans killed in a san bernardino mass shooting... but after this tragedy - when pat toomey had the chance to ban suspected terrorists from buying guns - he voted against closing this loophole for terrorists - and with the gun lobby. katie: we have to do everything in our power to keep guns away from terrorists who threaten our way of life. i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message because we can't risk our families' safety on a loophole.
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we've got to bring people together. that's how you solve problems and that's what i'll do as president. kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. i love the show q, incredibly entertaining. >> i like to be sitting with my little snack, yesterday music soul child that young
6:45 am
woman there singing, blew me away. >> tore the house down. >> it is down, studio collapsed. ppa but they don't. >> play. >> philadelphia parking authority say they are evening free parking for wednesday night's in center city and first fridays in olde city. a lot of people who come downtown to enjoy the city are disappointed. where is downtown. >> center city. >> okay. >> ppa. >> downtown. >> the ppa started to put flyers on cars and just made the official announcement yesterday. here they go. >> terrible idea. we get it, one day during the week and i mean people really enjoy that especially young people coming out here to park on wednesday night, going out, it is a little extra coming to the city. >> center city sips. >> why would they do that. >> money. >> ppa says ending promotions will increase parking
6:46 am
opportunities and says meter up app has made it easier for folks to pay. that is true, that app does help. you have two more, what. >> make a night of it wednesday, when they make it free. >> oh. >> come to the city, make a night of it, free parking, supposed to be incentive. local businesses like it because they are like hey, people who say i don't like to come because i want to go shopping but try to find a spot. >> so slogan is, make a night of it wednesday. >> yes. >> it is like first sips. >> two more wednesdays and then it the is all over. >> is there only two more wednesday, so they coordinated that. they both end together. >> good point, alex. >> sips isn't ending forever. sometimes when my parent come to visit the they plan to come on those nights so they don't worry about parking. >> that is true because they are cheap states. >> what are you talking about my momma.
6:47 am
>> sharon, i love you. >> and my father. >> he is a cheap skate. i'm kidding. here's bob kelly. >> big plan to come all the way into town on wednesday. >> they say, it is easier for parking. the listen, come on people we're money conscious. >> frugal. >> that is right. >> cheap. >> good morning, 6:47. here comes the sun. we have sun glare that will cause delays today, friday morning up and down i-95 we will have some sun glare on the schuylkill. we are seeing delays eastbound, around the curve. we have an accident at josh road at flourtown road. police are on the scene there. sound nasty. we will see local detourness that area throughout our morning rush hour. northbound on the freeway delays coming in toward city as you approach 55 and bumper bumper through construction zone in towards philadelphia a. water main break from left over from yesterday more or less construction or clean up from the water main break at 60th and lansdale.
6:48 am
septa running with scattered delays across the board in half dozen of the regional rail lines. they are dealing with fewer cars on the lines, crowded trains and delays working your way in and out of philadelphia, but just allow extra time as we get ready for friday morning rush hour. >> dave? >> are you all right. >> we have just announce that had we are not having any quacamole. >> we would like to have some but love to find someone making quack mold think early. >> where do you go at 6:00 in the morning? we will take it the by 10:00 o'clock. what is your go to place. >> and make sure that place can bring it to us. >> we're angry here. that is why they call it a angry. >> here's a traffic report for you bob, nice picture of the bennie. it looks clear. under the ben. sun coming up. sun glare. nice start this morning. the beautiful sky, skies are
6:49 am
clear, bright sunshine will lead to a great warm up. we are clear. just a chill in the air. we will see hint of blue here like mount pocono and allentown. down to the 40's. the pottstown at 49 degrees. humidity will increase today, we have tropical storm julia just off carolinas. it will stay there. we will have a nice breeze. get warmer saturday. more humid. you'll feel it. that will lead to rain late sunday and then that can continue to early monday. humidity increase go ahead of the front leading to showers and thunderstorms. way to go before it gets here and before that happens weak see cloud increase. gets warmer tomorrow 83 degrees. fifty-eight in the morning until that chill in the air. not as chilly in the morning both sunday and machine but by afternoon lower 80's, with a few showers coming in late sunday continuing through monday, nice stretch of weather tuesday, wednesday, thursday with dry conditions, bright sunshine, little cooler in the morning nice and comfortable in the afternoon.
6:50 am
get ready for fall, it starts on thursday. >> beautiful seven day forecast, i should just hug you right the now, dave warren. >> thank you. new jersey bus driver has been reportedly fired avenue made a brazen pass on the road. do you want to see this? this played out near garden state parkway in lakewood wednesday afternoon. wow. toms river patch, that is the newspaper, reports the man who shot the video says it a peers that the bus driver was upset with the truck driver for going 20 miles an hour on the roads. hurry up. toms river patch, that is the newspaper, reported no children were on the the bus and that the driver did lose his job. in a campaign in which every comment is put under microscope two word spoken by donald trump's son are stirring up anger and it happened right here in philadelphia two word with the specific meaning to american jews. well, jews all over the world. >> comments were made in the interview on philadelphia's
6:51 am
wpht radio when to talking about if the media took it easy on hillary clinton. >> if republicans were doing that they would be warming up the gas chamber right now. >> donald trump junior insist he was not referencing the holocaust but rather the a lot of states in the united states that still use the the georgia chamber to execute convicted criminals, what do you think when you heard that or when you heard that right now you what do you think of gas chambers of auschwitz, or gas chambers of individual states that use it for capitol punishment. welcomed site in at atlantic city, police officer waving from the stretcher. he is leaving the hospital. do you remember him? so what is next for officer vadell. he was shot in the head. what will he do right now. join us next friday as we solute troops for our annual military day, come down to fourth and market from 7:00 to 10:00 a.m. we will shut down entire street and throw a block party
6:52 am
because we want to honor men and with men who serve our country next friday september 23rd from 7 to 10:00 .
6:53 am
6:54 am
[ fly buzzing ] did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive? did you brush your hair today? yes, mom. why? hmm. no reason. blooming dale's is celebrating 35th anniversary
6:55 am
in style at king of prussia mall. >> thirty-fifth anniversary of that particular store at kop, blooming dale's nationally is much older. >> you see nearly 200 guests enjoying some cocktails and food. >> well... >> fashion blog era alycia federal rico was comment taiter and this was sent by bill deary. he got paid. he went to a great fashion show and get paid to be there. >> fifty bucks. >> you can do this too down low fresco news app, when you see news happening, just record it and send it to us f we buy it, you get some cash. >> you become a member of the news team here at fox. >> co-worker. >> wouldn't you like to be mike's co-worker. >> let's try to sell this, okay, seriously. >> never a dull moment. >> if you have the app, we send alerts you giving you assignments like something a happened, you go over there, safely shoot it we will give you 50 bucks. special day for an atlantic city police officer show the in the head almost two weeks ago.
6:56 am
office are josh vadell was released from the hospital yesterday. they is. >> officer vadell has months of rehab ahead of him but doctors are calling his case of recovery amazing. he was responding to a robbery september 3rd when he stepped out of the patrol car and a rob are shot him. the doctors say he is lucky to have survived. >> that is for sure. >> gunshot wound to the head are generally don't have a good outcome. he has done better than most which is fantastic. >> there is an ability for the brain to rewire yourself and younger you you are the more ability you have. so, i think overtime, you will recover, you know, most of it if not all of it. >> dozens of area police officers and fire fighters they turnout to support him and heading for a philadelphia rehab center yesterday. okay. do you want that iphone seven, i phone seven plus, black, jet black dave has it. >> i like rose gold. >> reporter: people have lined
6:57 am
up for new iphone coming out, here at the apple store in center city but there is a a change. how these people are handling the news after the break.
6:58 am
6:59 am
frightening experience, an armed man waiting for them when they return home for the night, but the father trying to fight them off but what the
7:00 am
mother did next which may have saved all of their lives. latest polls shows a resurgeon event donald trump but will comment he made in the past come back to haunt him. how hillary clinton is capitalizing on what he said about where president obama was born. and like father like son, donald trump junior makes controversial comments on a local radio show. >> they would warming up the gas chamber right now. >> how he is clarifying those comments this morning. plus after a busy day campaigning, donald trump has some fun on late night tv. >> more from trump's appearance with jimmy fallen. it is a day people wait all night for. i phone seven is released this morning and people have been lined up all night but we have an iphone seven in our studio and we will show off all of the new features. speaking of that i said i


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