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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  September 16, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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straight up 9:00 o'clock, welcome to the program. karen hepp joins us now. so you have had an interesting 24 hours. police have been at your house, chicken run wild and front door of your house was opened. >> yes. >> wow. >> that is an update on karen hepp's life. >> yes. >> and your middle son, maclin, has he been kick out of school already. >> not yet we had our back to school night. maybe you had yours last couple nights. you just try to go, and love my kid.
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>> he is still there. >> yes. >> but barely. >> nice update, thank you. real quickly here, mar cello marks says for a change i think alex is a little bit snip i and snappy, mike is always a little snip i, and snappy but fun show to watch when alex is cranky. >> i am not cranky. >> really. >> really. >> you pick that one. >> he started it, okay. >> i just got to finish it sometimes. >> yes. >> also said a little while ago because they messed up trump's hair on late night tv, you messed up my hair. why don't you mess up alex hair. after all these years i have learned never touch a woman's hair. >> i am not doing that, right, crystal. i'm not touching that. here we go, a lot of you want to know where you can get the these figurines. is there a place on third street, brand new store called people prints, and it is in olde city, and they will turn
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you, into a figurine. a tight shot. >> you kind of look like the guy, trevago guy. >> that is what i'm looking for good they are shockingly good. >> honey, i shrunk mike jerrick. >> that is exactly what it is. isn't that interesting. as we go wide here, what is it about 8 inches tall, something like that. >> yes. >> i'll tell you how long it takes to make it, how you headache it and how much it cost. >> and what happens when we both got some made. >> let's bring yours in. >> that within right there. >> and here's alex holley who are the same size now.. >> and, on the microphone, if i turn it. >> yes,. >> if i turn it, you can see the cord, and my little
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microphone attached. >> it is so accurate, it is unreal. >> it is going down there. >> hey, hold on, hold on. >> that is accurate. >> stop it. >> hold on. go back to it. >> look at that. >> stop. >> very accurate. >> we will tell you all bit. >> controversy on the runway, mark jacobs send his models down the catwalks in dread locks but a lot of them are white women. you know how controversial we can be on this show. did you know katie candy corn create by a local candy maker. the awesome infection that is our city gave the world. >> difficult lose my ear piece. >> i'm talking. >> i cannot go on, here,
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without this. >> we cannot go on. >> we want to show you you tube. and it features, beauty guru rachel, and here's what happened. standing in front of the mirror talking to her younger self. the she's trolling herself and picking herself apart and there is a younger self that emerges in the reflection and she realize what's she's doing. so often, what we do, and how we are so critical, my nose is too big, et cetera. >> let me say this again. she's looking, hey, crystal, could you turn that light, towards me so i know this camera is on. in fact, if all of the hood could be turned towards us. >> that is tv talk. >> it helps. >> i'm driving the bus here for a second. the bus just went off the road. >> this woman is looking in the road. >> and i'm snappy. >> this woman is looking in the mirror and she's talking to herself, when she was a
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child. >> initially she's talking to herself saying i'm this, that and little girl comes in the the reflection. >> easy enough to say in the city. >> you'll watch it too. >> let's do it too right now. >> unaudible. >> my nose is so big. my lips are so small. any eye brows so bushy. >> i am you when you were little. you said my dark circles were too dark, my nose is too big, and my lips were too small, and my eye brow where is too bushy. what else is wrong with me, rachel. >> is there nothing wrong with you. >> no, go ahead, rachel tell me everything you hate about me. >> i'm not going to do that. >> that is exactly what you
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are doing to yourself right now. tell me my stretch marks are ugly. >> no, i can't. >> what do you think of the scar near my eye, what do you think of my hairy arms, or my ugly feet. >> you're beautiful. you're beautiful. >> then why can't you say that to your self. >> so karen, i kind of like it. >> if you wouldn't say it to yourself when were you little then why would you say it to yourself now. >> quit beating yourself up. >> i think we're really hard on ourself and we only see flaws. eyebrows too bushy, nose too big, things, you know, cosmetic surgery. we don't need to do that. we have to find our biggest flaws. you you are funny, clever. >> if you go to that store around the corner and if the one of these made for yourself i had no idea i looked like this. i mean look at me. look at my belly. tilt down a little bit.
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that isn't good. >> the way you are positioned you are leaning back, it is protruding. >> people don't think mine looks like me. >> look at my chicken neck. >> stop that. >> you look fine. >> it is a figurine. >> i know. >> i'm beating myself up. >> thinks a good plan, i never thought of it that way. when we talk to kid who were younger, we are softer that kind of thing. >> why would we talk to ourselves, what is the difference same person, older, we should be nice to ourselves. >> you know what i think, i don't think we ever grow from when we were five years old. >> meaning you. >> i'm still five. >> i'm five or six years old. >> i think that is why, i was listening to a relationship guru guy the other day and he said when you are partners you should see them as a young kid. when a kid does something bad or you don't like you don't yell at them or say bad word. you say you explain, so we
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treat other people if you saw them as you were a little kid would you talk to them differently and handle the situation better. >> isn't that cool. >> i probably do yell at my kid. >> oh, no. >> hard when they are your own kids. if they are your own person or own partner or spouse. >> yes. >> six month old. >> yes. >> i cannot hear anything. >> crystal can you try and come get this. >> they are calling for backup. >> they're coming. >> what does that mean it is like a horror movie. >> they are coming. >> can you take this and see if you can fix this. >> fashion design are mark jacobs is fashion forward has left fashionistas at new york fashion week and not about his latest clothing designs, the models and their hair. >> jacobs collection came under fire in social media because of the way models wore their hair. as part of the yesterday's
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show designer sent a cast of white models down the catwalk with dread locks. the dread locks have been linked to many different cultures. >> sure. >> some people feel that it is main stay in black culture. for some it is symbol of black pride to some in regards to hair. so with the controversy comes comments on social media. >> true. >> so here are some, this is rosie, honestly why did mark janors ruin his white by doing white dread locks. dread locks are part of the culture, something you have no business trying to sell or appropriate. who better. >> someone else, posted this on twitter, what mark jacobs is showing that anyone can wear dread locks, but people rather be racist against anyone who isn't black/after rick can. >> all right. what is your opinion. get on twit error facebook and tell me what you think. >> i know young girls, white girls, who have dread locks. i don't know is what your
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opinion. do you feel something when lou at that show. i don't feel something. i'm white and i'm not offended. what do you think is someone appropriating something. >> we should ask twitter. >> twitter, facebook, i would even do instagram on that what do you think of that. you have been there before, you are mustering up the courage to ask the guy or girl out on the date. you have been friend. maybe your co-workers but you have been friend but now you want to take it to the other level. it is a scary thing to do because what are you a frayed of? they will say, no. no. >> we are betting off just as friend. >> oh are lord. >> just friends. >> no rejection. >> this was posted yesterday and it has been viewed nearly 3 million times, the friend's zone sign. is there a hand signal. if i asked you out on a date and we're friends. >> well, are we friend or we're just hanging out. >> we're hang out. >> what sign would you give me so you don't to have say, no
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we are not taking it there. what sign would you give me. >> ready for this. >> i should do it over there. >> what do that mean. >> one side, hand is headaching a heart and other one is thumbs up, yeah. >> do we have a picture. >> what. >> why would it not be thumbs down. >> thumbs up i like you, you are great, i love you with all my heart as a friend because you are in the friend zone. >> it is not like i don't like you. >> i still want you in my life as a friend. >> you are in my friend zone. >> so, there we go. >> i have a heart and that means we are just going to be friends. >> if you were really together and feeling each other you would have two hearts. >> two hearts. >> so i think it would be better with a thumbs down. >> no, because i'm not rejecting you completely. >> i just don't want to date you but i want new my life. is that a thumbs down. if you like someone wouldn't
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you be happy to in their life no matter how it is, you know what i mean. >> for example lets say you are into this girl. she said lets just be friend. i will forget you never talk to you again. do you not the really like her. >> that is a really good point. >> if she doesn't do you hang out with them again. >> let your friend tamara. >> what? >> what? >> that was a long time ago. >> i'm trying to help you connect. >> but you still think there could be a chance. >> is that what it is. >> of course, it is. >> one night. >> tell me they are all around and i have a friend in some instances where they have guy friend and we talk all the time and they are not really your friend. they are not really your friends, man is talking to the phone and would you still stand by that statement. >> i still stand by that. >> she says these guys that
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hang out with you, for long periods of time, spend day after day with you, go to new york with these people. they don't want to just be your friends. they are hanging out with you because they would like to maybe kiss you. >> no. >> maybe they just like my conversation and jokes. >> that can't be. are you kidding? >> when they wake up or what do you always say to me. >> i cannot say that. >> why do men get up in the morning. >> yes. >> there is a chance you may have sex. >> the point is do you think this will stick. >> no. >> i don't think you can do tonight front of the someone's face. social media i could not imagine doing that to someone. because they would still rejected you explain tour girlfriend is what up with you guys. >> girl, we just. >> i will tell you this my friendlies, years ago she came to me after knowing her five
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or six years and said would i like to take it to another level. i said, no. i'm not feeling it. >> it would be a lot easier. >> still a very close friend of mine, she got married and has two kids. great choice. >> i have never had the other thing happen to me, i don't know. >> you have never what. >> you never had a woman say they wanted to be friend, going in for something in your life. >> i'm's not saying that because i am trying to think of that happening. >> you cannot think of it. >> would i stay friend with her. have you ever been friend is the question. >> i never had a courage to say it, you know what i mean.
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>> and, yes. >> yes. >> people on twitter are asking how can i get this made. they want to make one for themselves or loved ones. think of the possibilities. think of you can go in there get down on one knee and propose to alex and you have that frozen in time in a figurine. >> my grand pop was here walking past we should do one of us like hugging or something like that. >> you could have it. >> hold on. what are you doing, seriously. >> so, where do i get it? i want to know. >> yes, all right. >> here it is. alex and i have come around from the corner for tv station at third street between market and chestnut our new neighbor's name people in the window. >> they are every where. >> i was walking past here, what is going on here. >> those are real people transferred into figurines.
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a little bit. >> he turned himself into a toy. so we thought we need to do a pose before we make ours. give me a famous pose here. >> a famous poser. >> that would be great. here in philadelphia, the thinker. maybe i can do, this. >> i could do this. >> no, no. >> is that what you want to see. we don't need to see that. >> how about the owner. >> julie, come in here. what is the concept you are turning real humanness to figures. >> great way to preserve memories. you have your kids come in, you can see them grow up. have them on your manned will. >> how does it work. we will louisiana at how this is made. the scanning process we have camera all around you. >> it takes two photos of you.
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it takes two seconds. we are in and out. one to two weeks we will get a model shipped to your house. >> i see them working there they are blowing dust off, and what is that all about. >> the picture printed it on, and it uses different layers, from resin material to build up for models. >> it is actually, special cement. >> yes. >> cement head. >> are there certain things you cannot do. >> you want to keep your fingers in. they might break. other than that you can basically do whatever you want. >> give meehan example what this would be good for. >> top of the wedding cake. >> wedding cake toppers, bring your kids for sports uniforms, hold a sign saying happy birthday dad, will you marry me. >> let's do one, let's go. >> we have to think of something good. >> you do a post and i will do a post.
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>> wait. >> hold on. >> look at all of the light. >> here we go. >> yes. >> you are good. >> okay. >> constantly under fire. >> thinks a perfect pose. >> that is it. >> now we do the couple. >> wait, just like this. >> there you go, right. >> so now we have photos. in three weeks we will get figurines back. >> right to your house or pick them up here. >> how much does it cost. >> depending on the size but they range from $58 to $230 depending on the size. so thinks $230, small is 58. >> are you ready. >> i'm ready. >> yes. >> good stuff.
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>> welcome neighbor. >> good to have you here. >> people prints. >> between market and chestnut. >> so there you go, it takes about three weeks. the biggest ones are $250 but they have other ones where it is just your chest and head and less expensive. so how much fun is that. you have seen these two already. i wanted to show you something though. in the control room, can utility down on that one, tim or whoever is running camera. basis broken my left foot has been shattered by. >> me? >> it was not you, it was torey, hoist one of our producers and i believe that she's in the control room right now if we were like to shame her for breaking it. there you go megan. there is torey. she purposely broke my left foot. >> good. >> i'm sure you deserved it. >> to you make her mad.
9:20 am
>> apparently i did. i'm surprised she didn't take my head off. >> you didn't do it on purpose. >> no, by accident. >> i apologize, i told you you. >> they made a movie about this my left foot. >> seriously. >> that is that one. do you want to see rocky pose. >> we spent time trying to come up with these posts. show them your next pose. >> i took a picture of the rocky. >> take these guys out. >> is there the rocky pose. >> i had sunburn. i love this idea. i think we will all do it. i have sunburn on my eyes, underneath my eyes. >> i don't know. >> so just be warned that it shows everything. >> yes. >> ready for my next one. >> what do you say do i all the time, mike. >> constantly taking a picture. >> real reason why i wanted to see how detailed it could get where if you were to turn the phone would you see the selfie
9:21 am
that i took in my phone. i will turn it back here. maybe too small. >> you can see it. >> you can see my face in the the phone do you see that. >> wow. >> look at how details. >> i love it. >> pretty cool. >> you can take group shots too. we did a side by side here. are they stuck together. >> they are stuck together. >> you go together. >> we are stuck together on our butt. >> we are trying to do a dance. >> yes. >> they are bumping here. >> do you see. >> look at how everything shows up just like it looks. >> can we turn, before speak nothing real life. >> yes. >> well, you know. >> here's something better, can we just say. >> show the whole thing. >> what are you looking ate don't like the way this is going. >> look at that face. >> i'm going to kill you. >> i don't know fit is angel
9:22 am
ic or deem onic. >> you can put a weapon in it. >> you make that face often. >> okay, okay. >> look forward. >> put the a knife right there. >> lets get in the full shot of this thing. there you go. would you do that. i think it is a great idea and it is a a new store in philadelphia. >> people print. >> there you go. >> very cool. >> i would love to do that with my kids. >> it would be important. >> it is nice thing you don't to have get everybody doing right thing because it has 3-d get them from whatever angle. >> just don't watch chucky. >> i have a good woman friend who said she would like to have one, that one right there. >> which one. >> me. >> so when she is mad. >> just smash my face. >> would i like one of those. >> bring me rocky back, megan why do you want rocky, talk to
9:23 am
me. >> yes. look at my face. >> okay, that is enough. collette 23. on third street right off of market. so hellera baldwin alex baldwin wife get real about giving birth why she posted a new selfie to promote healthy body image more after this break. third president?
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here it is, hellera baldwin, alex baldwin's wife took a selfie 24 hours after she gave birth and then posted it on instagram, that is where we are getting this she still has a belly, of course. she posted photo to fight body shaping. >> so she, she's 32. she and her husband alex welcomed their third child wednesday, lee nard owe, pretty cool.
9:27 am
>> yes. >> okay. >> so, weather was so nice yesterday. >> hold on to this, let's finish this. >> she's trying to prevent body shaping. >> image is so often you see big stars they have a baby and then you see them a month, six weeks later and they are skinny posting pictures. i just did it. they have trainers, nutritionist, she's showing this is what you look like after and same thing, kate middleton. >> do you really look like that. i think she looks fantastic, of course. >> she does look fantastic. >> she's showing off that she's in great shape. >> she's a yoga instructor. she has an amazing body what she's trying to show right after birth you still have that, pouchy belly to get rid of that. that is what you look like after a baby. she's showing this picture where her hair is blown out and she looks beautiful. that is where you hide your face with your hair. other one you can see that she has some, you know, your body i changing. that is for her, yes.
9:28 am
>> i would say 99 percent of women after they give birth 24 hours before look nothing like that. >> i would agree. >> she looks amazing. >> since yesterday i sat, look at this, that is you. >> now i can go. >> three, two, one. >> go. >> so just yesterday, beautiful day out, and a ten i decided, and hang out and love that play and less than a week left of summer. spruce street harbor park looks different. they are changing with the seasons. fall fest this weekend. i will tell you you why want to see this for alex around town. >> thinks one of your favorite places. >> my favorite place. >> yes, this weekend. face. well i don't believe that's how you get things done in our country. it takes democrats and republicans working together. that's how we got health care for 8 million kids.
9:29 am
rebuilt new york city after 9/11. and got the treaty cutting russia's nuclear arms. we've got to bring people together. that's how you solve problems and that's what i'll do as president. was mr. bonejanglesny expecting the perfect toy at an amazing price? of course not. he's a dog. but that's the beauty of a store full of surprises. you never know what you're gonna find, but you know you're gonna love it. fourteen americans killed in a san bernardino mass shooting... but after this tragedy - when pat toomey had the chance to ban suspected terrorists from buying guns - he voted against closing this loophole for terrorists - and with the gun lobby. katie: we have to do everything in our power to keep guns away from terrorists who threaten our way of life.
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i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message because we can't risk our families' safety on a loophole. grocery shoppers of america! take your o organics baby carrots. take your eggs. even your o organics chips. and join the organic movement. organic food is no longer just for the privileged few. now everyone can afford to go organic. o organics, exclusively at acme.
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>> a guy named is it baxter forest twilight? >> uh-huh. >> i have that rocky figurine for my wife's anniversary present? >> can he? >> can you give it to him? >> well, ya. ya, that would be fine. >> why do you say it like that? >> his wife's wedding anniversary. >> well maybe he looks like you? maybe he can pass it off as himself okay, honey, i this your area the greatest. >> that's probably what it is. >> (laughing). >> oh,. >> nothing like lounge nag hammock with a river of spruce street harbor park. alex whom i loves this place. she is there all the time. >> amazing food, amazing cocktails, but still so much more fun, even the summer coming to ends, a look for fall, fall fashions. >> oh, fall fest, alex, tell me more. >> true, mike, you have two more weeks. here is the thing you know i like the food, you know i like to hang out there.
9:33 am
when you mention free in there, too, i'm all in. my friends quinn here with the delaware river waterfront corporation, right? >> yes. >> you guys operate spruce street harbor park? >> we do absolutely. >> can you please tell mike i'm not there every weekends, just every other? >> every other. >> here is the thing, when you come this weekend, getting ready for fall, fall version of spruce street harbor park, activities you can do for free. what are these? >> thanks for representing the corporation, allowed to have these great free activities this weekend. these flower crans are made by seven texture, and basically all of the seasonal flowers all bound together they show you exactly how to make them yourself so you can take them home, make them at any time. >> we can do it for free? >> what else can we do for free then? >> also carve your own pumpkin, so pumpkin jeannie on site, have great selection every little pumpkins, show the kids thousand carve their name into them themselves. >> all free? >> all free. >> any other free things? >> also clay studio will be on side doing cool clay animation, then we also have couple of other activities
9:34 am
from, you know, circus, performers. >> so doing all that, all of this free stuff, you have to eat. so to keep with the fall theme, let's do more pumpkin stuff. what do we have here? >> here, pumpkin spice, pumpkin pie filled pretzels. >> what. >> delicious sweet treat. >> our friend at frozen delights. so good. >> filled. my gosh. look at that. with all of that gooey cinnamin pumpkin spice goodness. >> okay, i'll try it. >> what do you think? >> pretty good? >> yum. >> yes. >> yes, nice spice to it, i like it, so pumpkin pie and a pretzel. >> this is pumpkin spice funnel cake. this has a great dusting of usual convection sugar, little hint of pumpkin spice. >> i like there is also different thomas here. >> absolutely. >> here is the grand finale, let's come over here. because what are we calling this? not just typical sunday for fall fest. this is? >> this is our great pumpkin sunday. >> the great pumpkin sunday,
9:35 am
okay. >> i love your bowtie. >> pumpkin ice cream we make at the franklin fountain of course with local pumpkin butter from bow man, montgomery county, nice all natural pumpkin butter, start pumpkin ice cream, we add salted pecans, everywhere. >> okay? >> all right? then a dash of malt powder, supposed to be casino of the first frost on the pumpkin patch if you will. >> okay, okay. >> little bit of carmel. >> carmel. got to have some carmel. >> like all things when it comes to fall this has? >> then what do you finish it off with? >> whipped cream, dash of cinnamin. >> oh, dash of cinnamon. that will looks so good. >> spruce harbor park for making the great pumpkin sunday, also get it made on top of hot waffle. >> oh, a waffle on top of this, so good. >> why not? >> can we only get this at spruce street harbor park. >> also at the franklin fountain, but do you have ask
9:36 am
for it by name, and we can make it for you. >> ask by name, ooms i'll try it. that's good. that's really good. >> yes, we have pumpkin soft serve cuss card spruce harbor park this weekend as well as apple slider slushy, menu, check us out at the sugar shack. >> sounds like you'll have busy weekends, quinn. >> it will be beautiful weekend. >> this is saturday and sunday. >> starting tonight, live music tonight, tomorrow night, goes through sunday. >> then what does spruce street harbor park close? >> unfortunately next weekend, closes last day september 25th. so get down this weekend if you. >> guys, you heard it, you have to go, and part of fall fest, great idea, karen, you should bring the boys, they would love it. >> oh, absolutely, we have to go down there, have all of the fun of the ice cream over the top. thank you. how about another philly invention, monopoly, philadelphia who created the version sold to parker brothers in 1935. the other awesome inventions that our city gave to the world. plus, we are so excited for one of the wonderful events
9:37 am
that we have during the year. next friday, salute the troops. our annual military day. come on down. come to the studio fourth and market from 7:00 to 10:00. we'll have food, music, entertainment, shut down the entire street. we'll have big block party to honor all of those men and women who serve our country. if you have family members, bring their pictures. that's next friday september 23rd, from 7:00 to 10:00 a.m. //>[a5d]
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pat toomey started his career as an investment banker. then, a wall street wheeler-dealer, overseeing stock trades in new york, london and tokyo.
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next, toomey moved to hong kong to work with wealthy chinese investors. in the senate, it's no surprise toomey's been siding with wall street. voting to allow banks to continue making the risky investments that wrecked our economy. pat toomey. he's for wall street. not us senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> so many people want too to make a figurine, location again, on third street in opened city, just off market street. >> across from pharmacyia. >> when i post on social, i'll tag so you can get on their page, too, before we continue,
9:41 am
i brought you guys some gifts. >> oh, thank you. >> these are beautiful. >> and a man wears this? >> of course, wear flu crowns, like julius ceasar. >> same person, greek or roman goddess wine, and party. >> thank you. >> oh, that's so you. >> yep. >> there go. >> when you think of philadelphia several things come to mine, you think of a man, ben franklin, the liberty bell, of course, rocky, but there are other things that were invent in the philadelphia. are you ready for this? the sling-y. >> slingy. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
9:42 am
>> looks like dave warren, doesn't it? >> when i look at that commercial, i remember that commercial, i had the sling i, that was like everybody our age, we didn't have these face paced tools. >> putting it on the stairs, and watching it go down. >> guy the name of richards james, 1943, invent that more than 450 million slingies have been sold. remember me how it got invented? i think worked in a metal shop or something and he dropped it? >> cool. >> became a millionaire. this, ice cream truck treat, the shokle-kocle, bran of dessert food, resembling pack taco, disc of waffle cone, materials, folded to re certainly, you know, a taco shell. how about that? >> pretty delicious. i mean, you know they're yummy. >> made right here, created by a philadelphia and. karen, do another one? >> how about something that all of your kids have probably right now at their desk?
9:43 am
the number two pencil. we can't have them in school without getting your pencils now, combination of the eraser and pencil, made it so significant, and philadelphia and, high man lip license man, who first came up with this idea, combined both of them. bev they had been separate. >> when did he invent it? >> gosh, way back 1858. >> here is the other thing. say it again? >> crickets. >> i know. >> rivetting television. >> sorry, we'll share with our viewers. >> you know television, she is talking about the slinky. >> yes. >> i forget what you said now. >> well, sitting there with bated breath. no one else can hear it. >> anyway,. >> are you going to tell us? >> i don't know what he said. the root beer. >> root beer? >> invented by a pharmacist, philadelphia pharmacist, by the name of charles elmer hires, his last name, hires,
9:44 am
that first had the idea to sell it commercially in 1875. hires root beer started selling sassafrass tea out of his shop at sixth and spruce, and decided it would be more marketable, as root beer a year later, so changed the name to root beer. hires root beer. >> wow, pretty cool. all that stuff made here in filly? >> i like it. >> megan is that correct all we had? oh, you did the other one? teases? i missed those. >> bubble gum, monopoly, and candy corn. >> we didn't do those. >> we did do them. >> monopoly we did? >> did it, yep. >> of course you look at monopoly board, you have your reading. >> atlantic city. >> i grew up in kansas, so we called it reading railroad. we didn't know about reading, pennsylvania. >> like the reading rainbow or something? >> and you got your boards walk, park place, all you
9:45 am
want. >> atlantic city hot spots. >> oh, ya. like when you go around go, those purple ones, whatever? >> orient avenue, delaware avenue? >> baltic. >> thank you. >> mediterranian. >> is there a mediterranian street in atlantic city? >> all of them, all in atlantic city. >> name the other three railroads. >> oh, b and o. >> pennsylvania. >> reading, short line. >> yes! >> ding, ding, ding. >> what's the o stands for? i think the walt is baltimore. what's the o in b and o? dave? >> orlando? >> i'll get it. >> the b is baltimore? >> could be. i don't know for sure. it could be. >> ohio. baltimore-ohio. >> makes sense. let's talk fashion fopaux. who do we turn to? jenn fred. hi, jen. >> i am a fashion fopaux every single day. hey, what did they fix on this jacket? can you tell? what was fixed on the jacket?
9:46 am
after the break, brittany will tell us, there is a baby, there is a baby. look at mike, look at mike. //ww]
9:48 am
9:49 am
>> you got your wrinkled clothes, scuffed heals. >> you get food on your stuff. i've seen you, food, on your jacket. >> food on clothing. >> fashion fopaux, what we are talking about, can make even the most expensive outfit look cheap. >> so, jen, how can we avoid these fashion fopaux's? >> well, we have brittany here from marie claire the fix. good morning once again. >> good morning. >> so we've been watching all of this stuff. so let's begin with the obvious one, they mentioned it wrinkled clothing, have ashley come in. >> all of the women have been talking about this, you love a steamer as opposed to iron? >> all about the steamer. you need one of these to travel. ashley came in here there is dress, from skirt, all wrinkled, we took about five minutes, this con air extreme seem, has this little turbo dial right here. >> yep. >> you can see literally started right away. so all we do is we come to the fabric, i like to turn it inside out. but will take out all of those
9:50 am
wrinkles. see how it is doing it up here? >> i through. >> in no time. >> it is usually 40 seconds to do, whole job, so easy, i got this at target. they sell them at wal-mart, 59.99, less than a lot of irons out there. >> so the next thing we are talking about, mike and have i been talking about it the whole time, our camera guy, this is like a sticky thing you put on there? >> oh, yes. all of the stylists, all over london, are using this mold recall glue called suegrew. what it is, it literally comes out looking like play dough, so play dough had a babe think would be it. put it on over sirs, also works for home technology. i mean, we put it on sneaker right here. if your children's shoelace cents are fraying? >> yes? >> they come in three pack's, eight pack's, get than on suegrew. com. fun. >> leather season, so we will bring in like the models isn't the exact ideal for this. >> listen, all of the models
9:51 am
from fashion week wearing so many different fabrics underneath their dresses and skirts, so this prevents chi caving. 15.99. and they come in all different sizes, so, from a to f. women sizes two to 22. >> so that would go underneath a leather skirt? >> under leather skirt, under tight dress, you doesn't want your legs to cave if you are wearing it all day long. great trick. >> love it. finally the kardashian's wear these oversized whatever? >> yes, seeing all of the oversized clothing, all of those different looks. >> pay for something fabulous, but to me it is a whatever. >> bryn looks amazing, we found this this morning, the trick of doing this, you can wear something that's big and box i on the top, but you have to make sure that you fair can something very slimming on the bottom. so leather pant, tight jean. >> love it. >> this is how she makes it work. >> thank you for fixing our, you guys look amazing, and we will be right back after the break. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
9:52 am
9:53 am
i know more about isis then the generals do. john mccain, a war hero. he's not a war hero, he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured ok. donald trump compared his sacrifices to the sacrifices of two parents who lost their son in war. how would you answer that father?
9:54 am
what sacrifice have you made for your country? i think i've made a lot of sacrifices, built great structures. i've had tremendous success, i think... those are sacrifices?
9:55 am
>> we're so excited about premiere week on fox right here, we will start the celebration tomorrow. so, tomorrow night, during the ohio state oklahoma game, again, it will be a great game, we'll put up a code words. you write that down. then go to enter your name. you might win $500 in cash. we will do this every night next week in the 8:00 hour, bran new shows, here on fox, look for the code word, go to our website, win 500 bucks. >> every night. like 3,000 bucks? >> every night. quincy harris, ladies and gentlemen. >> how are you guys doing? >> morning. >> ream quickly here i believe over at the free library bruce
9:56 am
springsteen will be answering questions. >> an event there, yes, having ticket there. they go on sale for that event. it will be happening. tickets go on sale there in four minutes. you can get the tickets to see bruce up close and personal. >> his books. >> yes. that thing will sell out like. >> for sure. >> i would get on it straight up 10:00. >> what's the website? >> i'm sure it is the library website, oh, i just saw this breaking news tweeted out. >> go ahead. >> so the camden county prosecutor's offers has just announced there is a woman who has been charged and arrested with hindering the investigation into the shooting death of that little girl that we have been covering, so upset, family put this montage out about eight year old gabrielle hill carter. we all have been so saddened after her shooting death, where she died. now, we know that 35 year old shakia land was charged with one count of fourth agree hindering, officials say she provided detective with a false alibi for a person of interest. >> oh? >> so this charge carries potential sentence of 18 months in state prison, still
9:57 am
$76,000 reward if you have information that can lead to arrest and conviction, for the person responsible for that homicide. >> so this woman certainly did not do the shooting? >> but she new who did, possibly, according to investigators, they're saying you're hindering, you know more information than you're giving. they're trying to squeeze her to tell what she knows. >> real quickly who is on the show today at noon? >> comedian carly, on from mtv girl code. we have a lot, a lot of things, thank up, just watch it. >> here is the thing i've noticed for the end of every show? you've a surprise every day. >> we're going to -- trying to do on "the q", make people smile. >> yes? >> just want to have fun. >> it is a lot of fun. >> friday, every day. friday, every day on "the q". >> why am i whens telling? i have no clue. i'm excited. please watch the show, guys. >> really good, serious limb, i love it. >> you've made it through one week, you are the man.
9:58 am
>> congratulations, love the show. >> "the q". >> see you tomorrow morning for good day.
10:00 am
live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> wendy: how you doin'? the kids have come to play today. you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. all due respect, have several seats. my girls are always turned out. i give it to you straight, no chasers. ♪ >> now, here's wendy! [ wild cheers and applause ] ♪ >> wendy: whoa! back at you. look who's looking cute -- me! in a


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