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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  September 16, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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little easier to stomach. the problem that may just be resolved. >> camden out for hours with the new iphone and going home empty handed. why some were disappointed. your news is next.
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♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 10:00. developing at 10:00, a twist in the search for the person who killed an eight-year-old girl. authorities have arrested and charged a woman with hinderin hg the investigation into the murder of gabbie hill carter. it is the first arrest in the aftermath of the eight-year-old's tragic death. >> it is just the latest development in this tragedy that shattered a camden community. people there say they are not giving up hope. good evening, i'm dawn timmeney. >> i'm chris o'connell. police are hoping this arrest brings them closer to the person who pulled the trigger. our shawnette wilson is look working this story tonight and joins us live from the camden county prosecutor's office.
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shawnette. >> reporter: well, the arrest of the woman now charged with hindering the investigation comes a day before a family members are set to hold a vigil in memory of gabbie and pray for answers about the gunman. >> one of the key things we're looking to do in this is to send a very clear message that, um, we're going to get every person that's responsible for this. not just those that pull the trigger. >> reporter: camden police chief scott thompson and camden county prosecutor' office made the first arrest related to the shooting death of gabbie hill carter. 35-year-old shakia land of camden is charged with providing a false alibi for a person of interest in gabbie's murder. >> there are multiple people involved in this. we know that there are multiple people that were not only involved in the shooting but in events that took place leading up to this and thereafter. so that's what we're looking to comprehension you have bring everybody in and hold them to account for what took place on that night. >> reporter: it was a little more than three week ago that police say a drug gang fired shots at someone in the area
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where gabbie was outside on eighth street. but a bullet hit the little girl in the head. >> what these folks were willing to show they're capable every doing endangers not just every resident but every child that wants to ride bike in front of their house. we worked really hard with the community over the last several years to change that dynamic in these neighborhoods and we're not going to lose it to these cowards. >> reporter: a memorial was set up after she died. but ease neighbors have been reluctant to step up and say something mostly out fear. >> i believe that we could make even more progress the people that have the pertinent information would be more assisting us and providing that information. >> reporter: there is a $76,000 reward for an arrest and conviction in this case. also, as far as the vigil it again will happen tomorrow nig night. it starts at 7:00 o'clock eighthth and spruce here in camden dawn, back to you. >> shawnette, thank you. meantime in center city a man is in custody in connection with bank robbery.
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he hit a pnc at 18th and market 5:30 tonight. he gave the teller a note demanding money got away with cash. he was arrested nearby at 12th and 59. authorities are not releasing his identity tonight. on your radar tonight, some of the coolest temperatures we have felt in months are upon us. it feels like fall has arrived and soon apparently the rain will be, too. scott williams here with a weekend preview. hey, scott. >> hi there, chris. a lot of changes. it feels like fall stepping outdoors, kind of cool and crisp. the high in philadelphia made it up to 80 degrees. but right now temperatures already at 64 in center city. winds out of the south and east at about 6 miles per hour. look at the temperatures north and west. 56 degrees right now in the poconos. this morning it was in the upper 30s. we had 59 in wrightstown. 59 in millville along with atlantic city. so planning your saturday. by 7:00 a.m. we're looking at low 60s. by brunch mid 70s. low 80s by 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. so little a warmer but still dry. but look off to the west.
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the next storm system that will bring the clouds and also some much needed rain sunday into your monday. coming up we'll time out the timing of that rain and also how much to expect. back to you. >> all right. we'll see in you few minutes, scott, thanks. a family in the city's frankford neighborhood is safe tonight after quite the scare. they came face to face with an armed rob beau we are overnight right in front of their house much the wife of the pastor is credited with saving the day. >> police say she shot the would be thief with her handgun. bruce gordon has the story. >> reporter: the surveillance ren nest church bells at saint james lutheran offers no hint of the violence that played out right next door. >> obviously you never think that something like this is going to happen to you. >> reporter: that's stephanie cook the pastor bosses wife she's asked us not to show her face. >> holding a gun up in my face. >> that is pastor robert cook held up on his own doorstep around 11:00 thursday night when he return home with his son by
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his son and stephanie just behind man. a older man approached and demanded robert's wallet. >> i'm thinking he doesn't have mask. he's probably going to kills. i need to stall. >> reporter: stephanie heard the mowing, saw the man strike her husband with the butt end of the weapon and reach back into their vehicle. >> i turned back to the truck, put my purse down opened it and pulled out might gun. >> handgun legal as a concealed carry. robert knew what was about to happen. >> i said she's got her gun. and he turned and i said, shoot him, shoot him, shoot him! >> at that time i raised my gun and i aimed it and i told the man, twice, i yell drop your gun, drop your begun! since he didn't drop the gun i knew there was a threat to them and i to myself that's when i pull the trigger. >> struck in the leg the man ran off with robert in hot pursuit. police captured the would be thief blocks away. the cooks are shaken but a life and well. >> i didn't want the man to die. i wanted him to just leave my
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family alone. >> what do you think of your wife's actions? >> she did exactly as i knew she will. it was i was m. >> reporter: there's no indication any kind of criminal charges filed against stephanie cook for shooting the would be thief who turn out to be 66-year-old man carrying a nail gun. we may never know what would have happened had he been carrying an actual shotgun and merely wounded by stephanie cook's first shot. what we do know the bad guy is in custody and the cook family is safe. bruce gordon fox 29 news. >> lee his county coroner says a second child involved in a horrible crash in lower saucon township has now died. the wreck happened wednesday along i78. we have learned two-year-old brielle robinson has died from her injuries. her five-year-old brother ray son died the day of the crash. the grandfather of those children posted these pictures on facebook asking for prayers for those children. investigators say they found containers of alcohol in the vehicle. you decide 2016. it's an issue that first came to
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light two presidential elections cycles go but it's returned. donald trump saying definitely today that president obama was born in the united states, and now that topic is making headlines. hillary clinton and her supporters are using it against him. >> including first lady michelle obama. she said this when talking about her husband's critics during the 2008 leck. >> and then, of course, there were those who questioned and continue to question for the past eight years up through this very day whether my husband was even born in this country. >> mrs. obama spoke at a clinton rally in virginia just as the race begins to tighten in that swing state despite virginia tim kaine being on the ticket. meanwhile donald trump tried to put the bother movement to rest and clip ton says trump needs to give an apology to the preside president. >> president barack obama was born in the united states peri
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period. now we all want to get back to making america strong and great again. >> barack obama was born in america, plain and simple, and donald trump owes him and the american people an apology. (applause). >> in his statement, trauma many blamed the clinton campaign for starting the bother movement. clinton argues donald trump led the claims and call it an attempt to quote de legit maze our first black president. >> marine researchers are working to determine how a hump backed whale died and then washed ashore in sea isle city. skyfox over 20th street where this 33-foot long mammal washed ashore. the marine mammal stranding center says the whale had no apparent injuries but was somewhat emaciated. they believe it's been dead for several days. the 20-ton animal will remain on the beach overnight. biologists will take samples to try to determine just how in fact it died. ♪
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happening now, working to fix a deadly problem. it is called one of the deadliest roadways in the country. if you've driven it, you understand. you you know what we mean. we're talking about the roosevelt boulevard. many drivers and pedestrians alike say it is a very risky road to take. >> now, people are talking about just what can be done to save lives. our bill anderson has the details. >> reporter: you can pretty much big a spot on roosevelt boulevard and residents and motorists in the area have complained about how dangerous it is. >> you got to worry about the cars coming towards you. >> you are concerned. >> y i was because i'm told this is one of the worst corners of the city. >> the way the lights are organized it's just not safe to cross the street. >> reporter: everyone does agree that it's dangerous. they're not sure how to fix it. they've tried red light cameras like the ones over there. there have been marketing campaigns and today in city council, a state panel brought up the discussion of speeding cameras to try to address all
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this. >> we have to find other ways to do it, and i think the testimony today proved that speed cameras will go a long way in making that road a lot safer. >> reporter: testimony was extremely emotional with friends and relatives telling sometimes graphic stories of loved ones killed by speeding drivers on the boulevard. >> their bodies were so mangled and so broken up that we could not go to the morgue and see them. they showed me a two by three piece of their face and they said okay they're identified. >> i then watched as a gentleman who was standing on the corner waiting to cross the boulevard was thrown into the air. >> reporter: house bill 2233 still has to pass the house and senate. today's hearing was largely supportive but critics say the cameras are unreliable and expensive. we'll find out if leaving loved -- grieving loved ones or cost cautious critics went out if and when the bill face as
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vote. i'm bill anderson, fox 29 news. ♪ >> a man goes berserk in the store trashing the place in rage at the center of the fury a cup of soda. what he is now never allowed to again. and you've probably smelled it, maybe you've seen it, the disgusting problem of urine in septa train stations. now the transit authority is busting out a secret weapon to fight the problem. the type of protest we've seen on the football field. now in a classroom. one teen refusing to stand for the pledge of a legions. why she says her grades are now suffering as a result. and tech geeks here at home join many around the world today. forming long lines overnight. hoping to get their hands on the new iphone. why some had to leave empty handed. >> and this video shows guy browsing the reptile aisle at a pet store. he's about to sneak out a snake in way that may send shivers down your spine. bizarre act he's accused of coming up.
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♪ septa riders know it well. that distinct smell as you walk down the stairs to get the subway or regional rail train. transit agency knows that smell is a big problem and so it's taking a new step. >> if you were wishing there was a way to get rid of that awful stench, well urine in luck. see what i did there. >> i did. >> fox 29's brad sattin live along the market frankford line in old city. what has septa got planned, brad. >> reporter: i heard that, too i want to know how exactly i got this story. they do have a plan. whether this plan actually works remains to be seen.
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but first let us set the stage. it's a friday night. people are enjoying the outdoors. maybe a good meal. then it's timing to home, you walk down the steps here in this case of the frankford -- market frankford line, and suddenly, you lose your appetite. >> chris on perfect -- crisp air perfect september day on broad street. walk a few steps underground and crisp probably isn't how you describe the air. >> it's moldy, gets damp, mildew it smells from that. >> it also smells from how to put this delicately well that. >> yeah. stuff i don't want to think about. >> it smells like pee. >> smells really bad. kind of like urine. >> reporter: it's not like septa and every other transit service across the us don't know it. in fact walk around and you'll see crews out cleaning and dee odor rising the floors and walls constantly. but in no time back comes the smell because it's long permeated the walls and floors which is why this mom reminds her daughter -- >> don't touch the walls, okay?
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>> but alas help may be on the way. septa is about to conduct a trial with a new kind of spray paint that actually prevents liquids from penetrating a surface. the technology was just installed in 80 elevators in san francisco subway system. and according to the maker ultra tech in cities around the world. >> started in hamburg germany. >> this youtube video posted by that german district's business organization shows people relieving themselves. but instead of getting relief they get soak. the urine actually bounces right back at them thanks to something called super hydrophobic coa coating. >> super hydrophobic means it will shed the liquids whatever that might be shed it very quickly. >> reporter: making for easy and complete cleanup. septa will test the paint in couple of weeks and if it works it could go system wide an idea that already has some septa riders dreaming big. >> it's like a new if he breeze, you know, makes things smell better.
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>> reporter: like fe breeze the trial doesn't cost that much. it's really too early to know how exactly they will deem it a success we're not sure where they'll start the painting it should start in a couple of weeks. time will tell if it starts to smell fresher on the subway. chris and dawn. >> all right, we shall see. thank you, brad. people living near two former navy bases in bucks and montgomery counties are suing the makers of fire fighting foam claiming it contaminated their drinking water. the lawsuit was filed yesterday on behalf of seven people who live near the former naval air warfare center in warminster and willow grove naval air station. the suit named several companies as defendants including 3m. residents claim they should have known the chemicals in the foam would cause health and environmental risks. an attorney for 3m says the claims have no merit. ♪ happening now, trouble for one of the best eye center in the world. if you or someone you love has ever had a serious eye problem
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chances are you know about wills eye center right here in philadelphia. but tonight, the hospital is in danger of having to change the way it serves the community. a bureaucratic battle threatening the important procedures wills eye performs. fox 29's karen hepp with the story. >> reporter: six-year-old joey has a bag of popcorn and candy and a big smile. he knows the doctors at wills eye hospital are taking good care of him. they are literally live savers. helping him defeat the deadly eye cancer he was diagnosed with in july. >> knew something was wrong on thursday and monday morning we were here and got the diagnosis and wednesday he started chemo so it was just amazing to be able to be so close and start treatment and not have to worry about where do we go or do we get a second opinion. we just, we started with the best. >> reporter: right now joey is doing great. halfway through his treatment. thanks to the pioneering experts at wills the hopes for kids with his cancer have radically changed over the years. >> the prognosis is death.
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you die from it. so it takes away not only your vision but it me tas sizes and kills you. since, um, 1983 i think was the last child that was lost who was a patient here. so the prognosis has changed from that to virtual total recovery. >> reporter: work they do is amazing. right now wills is in great danger. the feds are trying to force it out of the in patient business so it loses its hospital status. >> services that we provide here are hospital level services. we treat the most complex, most complicated eye surgery conditions found in the world. people come from all over the united states. >> reporter: centers for medicare and medicaid services says they're pulling out november 1st unless the hospital stops in patient surgeries but to further complicate matters if it does that, then the state won't certify wills any longer. it's a bind. >> that connick if it were to play out fully will result in
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wills eye in essence having to sit down lot of its services. >> reporter: today senator bob casey met with patients like joey. his own daughter can see today because those doctors at wills saved her sight when she was little girl. he's furiously writing letters and calling leaders to champion their cause. >> there's no reason why this has to be the result. >> reporter: right now this case is before an al peels board. they're hoping for ruling coming up in october but by no means is it likely that this could go the way of wills eye hospital. it is a very high stakes game where the patients are caught in the middle. i'm karen hepp, fox 29 news. it was prince william to the rescue when a veteran takes a tumble. what the soldier had to say to the prince after the fall. plus major blow for the boyfriend of bobbi kristina brown. what a judge says he failed to do that forced a judge to rule against him in a wrongful death lawsuit. iconic site valley forge but the washington memorial chapel has been showing its age.
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how historians are working to save the structure with your help. ♪ >> now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. get ready for the oktoberfest. yup, oktoberfest in september. it's coming tomorrow. seventh and south from noon to 8:00 all day. so we'll have detours. rittenhouse square we're talking to you the fine arts show begins today all the way through sunday 18th and walnut and how about a dance party tomorrow night on the falls bridge. it will be closed from 7:00 to 11:00 dancing under the stars. we'll be dancing tomorrow morning when i see you bright and early on "good day philadelphia" weekend. ♪ i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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donald trump says he alone can fix the problems we face. well i don't believe that's how you get things done in our country. it takes democrats and republicans working together. that's how we got health care for 8 million kids. rebuilt new york city after 9/11. and got the treaty cutting russia's nuclear arms. we've got to bring people together. that's how you solve problems and that's what i'll do as president.
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as pand we saw a guy who has out pat our backs.ecord... toomey crossed party lines to support background checks.... that keep guns out of the hands of criminals and terrorists. true independence, and real guts. that's how pat toomey is helping us, keep you safe. senator pat toomey,
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the best choice to protect pennsylvania. independence usa pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. now your winning lottery numbers. ♪ a florida man is facing criminal mischief charges to night after he went on rampage inside a dollar general store. police say he tried to take a soda from the store but he didn't have enough money when the clerk tried to snatch the drink police say he destroyed the cash register. yeah, right there. then he nonchalantly walks out of the store even chatting on his cell phone. well now he's under arrest and may have to pay upwards of $5,000 for damages and he won't be running into that store any time soon for a soda. that is because a judge banned him from all dollar general stores in the county. nick gordon the boyfriend of bobbi kristina brown has been
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found responsible for her death in civil court. a judge in georgia says that gordan failed to meet several court deadlines for the wrongful death suit filed by brown's estate. the judge also ordere ordered ta jury trial will be set to figure out how much gordan will have to pay in damages. the daughter of the late whitney houston and bobby brown died in 2015. six months after she was found face down in a bathtub. a medical examiner's report says she had alcohol, morphine, cocaine and prescription drugs in her body. they cannot however determine if her death was accidental. a suicide or if someone had killed her. the florida man who fired a gun at george zimmerman learns his fate. >> jury finding him guilty of second degree murder. jury roars finding 37-year-old matthew app per son guilty of shooting into zimmerman's vehicle during a road rage incident back in 2015. he faces sentencing next month. you may recall zimmerman the former neighborhood watch volunteer who shot and killed unarmed teenager trayvon martin
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back in 2012. zimmerman was acquitted of any wrongdoing. tech geeks join many around the world forming long lines overnight hoping to get their hands on that new iphone. why some left empty handed. >> coming up at 11:00 they're a fixture on philadelphia streets particularly on friday nights. but good trouble be brewing for our food trucks? cutting into some of the prime time business. >> and meteorologist scott williams tracking your forecast. scott? >> nice evening on tap for your friday, but get ready for some weekend changes. we'll start off dry, but it could be a wet end to your weekend. new information next. when it comes to risking social security on the stock market... pat toomey wrote the book. "i'm...i've got a whole chapter in my book where i... specifically lay out how i think we should... reform social security." toomey's plan requires wall street and bankers to manage... the accounts. collecting fees out of your social security that could...
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total billions. fees they collect, even if the market crashes and... seniors lose everything. pat toomey's looking out for wall street, not pennsylvania. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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big oil polluters. they have a friend in pennsylvania. millionaire pat toomey. toomey voted to protect their special tax breaks. saving oil companies twenty-four billion dollars. and big oil polluters have given toomey seven hundred thousand dollars in campaign contributions.
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tax breaks for them. campaign contributions for him. pat toomey. he's helping big oil polluters and millionaires. not the rest of us. lcv victory fund is responsible for the content of this advertising. ♪ police released new video they say shows a man who shot a woman in west philadelphia. this happened back on septembe september 7th along the unit block of north 52nd street. police say the man shown here tried to steal a woman' purse as she struggled to hang on the man fired twice. she's in stable condition
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tonight. if you have any information that can help police, please give them a call. ton night we are learning more information about a police involved accident in dover. >> authorities have identified the man who was killed while he was driving the wrong way on route 1. delaware state police say 77-year-old daniel gates of millsboro died last night after he hit a police car head on. he was driving northbound in a southbound lane. a 22-year-old trooper was injured in the accident but was released from the hospital today. it's still unclear why gates was driving the wrong way. a frankford woman found guilty tonight of keeping animals in filthy conditions after more than a dozen cats were living in her home. the pennsylvania spca says charlotte, was found guilty of 22 counts of lack of veterinary care. humane officers say she had dirty and sick cats living in unsan tower conditions in her home along 4200 block of griscom street. these are before and after pictures of one of those cats.
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the good news tonight officials say many of those cats have already been adopted into forever homes. a 22-year-old man from newark, delaware, has pleaded guilty but mentally ill to the stabbing death of psychiatrist who once treated him. christopher frick now faces a mandatory live sentence. investigators say frick broke into the home of dr. caroline ecorng aft october and stabbed her several times. he'll be sentenced in november. we can soon find out what if anything new jersey governor chris christie knew in the bridge gate scandal. two of christie's former allies are headed to federal court in newark. bill baroni and bridget kelly will answer questions about the 2013 george washington bridge lane closing scandal. it starts on monday. they're both facing list of charges, including conspiracy and wire fraud. governor christie was not charged and denies knowledge of the whole thing. happening now, tech geeks
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across the country are rushing to get the latest version of the apple iphone from coast to coast we saw it all over. police -- people waiting in long lines overnight hoping to get they are hands on the new iphone seven and the seven plus. that scene repeated here in philly. >> but apparently some of those apple fans were left feeling rotten. fox 29's dave kinchen with the iphone frenzy from center city. >> reporter: how do you like it? >> i don't know yet. >> reporter: feel mix walks out of the center city apple store with the brand new iphone seven to start his weekend just not the exact one he want. >> i would love to get the plus but they have haven't got it here. >> reporter: is that your first choice? >> yeah, the plus would have been my first choice. >> reporter: apple announced iphone seven plus was sold out during the pre order period online so they were not available in the stores. apple stores have the regular iphone seven but in every color except jet black that was sold out, too. >> out of necessity i'm going to get what i can which is probably going to be the matte black
10:33 pm
seven. because it's not that big of a deal for me i need something that had work. >> reporter: managers opened up the center city store at 8:00 a.m. bringing it into an overnight wait with diehard iphone fans camping out sleeping in line, sitting in chairs, sipping coffee and sewed dan eating plenty of snacks. >> i am, fork want to give me a refill i'll be more than happy. >> chad came from brooklyn to avoid the apple stores lines there. >> i don't mess with lines in new york. people in new york are crazy but philly the city of brotherly love. >> some started lining up 8:00 thursday night. >> it's not too cold. it's into nice day. the sidewalks are clean enough. >> reporter: iphone seven is water resistant with a thinner device and ditches the wired headphones for wireless ear buds. >> the seven has a better camera and more gigabytes. >> we saw feel lick giving the
10:34 pm
new phone a careful inspection before finely making a purchase. >> what's the first thing you're going to do with it. >> unwrap it. >> after that, i don't know. test the water something like that. >> drop it in some water. >> probably. i'll just take a bath with it and see if with stands that. >> reporter: some say the iphone seven looks like the wasn't that came out before it they'll hold off until the iphone eight comes out. in center city, dave kinchen fox 29 news. >> local school is transforming its campus in the name of saving the earth. abington friends cut the ribbon on brand new rain garden in jenkintown. public officials, volunteers and students coming out to celebrate of the. project will make sure the rainwater that runs off of the school's property will be clean when it flows back into the delaware river. it was also a great way to have students learn about the importance of environmental responsibility. these types of projects prepare our students to be citizens scientists and community leaders.
10:35 pm
we are not just improving water quality which is our primary goal and we keep that forefront but we are also creating the foundation for a clean water future. >> the project was funded by the delaware river restoration fund and the tacony frankford water shed partnership. it is the time of protest we've seen on the football fie field. now, in a classroom. one teen refusing to stand for the pledge of allegiance. why she says her grades are now suffering as a result. you can call this guy a hero but that could be a bit of an understatement. how this tortoise is being credited with saving an entire species that had been on the brink of extinction. >> plus prince william to the rescue when a veteran takes a tumble. what the soldier had to say to the prince after the fall.
10:36 pm
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for senate, a clear difference. katie mcginty: for background checks, for banning assault weapons, and banning high-capacity ammunition clips. and pat toomey? against an assault weapons ban and against banning high capacity ammo clips like those used in the orlando massacre. listen to pat toomey brag: "i have had a perfect record with the nra." pat toomey gets an "a" from the nra. he's not for you. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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♪ a california high school student says she lost points from her grades because she would not stand during the pledge of allegiance. she says her protest started long before colin kaepernick's current trend. thomas says it's been her silent protest for some time. now she says one of her teachers dock her participation points for not standing.
10:39 pm
district superintendent points to the first amendment and is standing by thomas. thomas even allegedly reported a conversation with the teacher about the issue. >> she told me i was being disrespectful and i was pretty mad because she was being disrespectful towards me also saying i'm making bad choices and i don't have a choice to sit down during the pledge. >> thomas has since switched to another teacher and is hoping for the best. turning to your money now, and more consequences for a banking giant. congress is now looking into how wells fargo bank opened up millions of unauthorized accounts. the house financial services committee nounsed its investigation today. it is focused on alleged illegal activity by employees and the role of said he federal regulators in the scheme. the bank's ceo has been called to capitol hill to testify later this month. regulators fined wells fargo combined $185 million last thursday. the bank must also pay
10:40 pm
restitution to affected customers. it's the company started by actress jessica alba that's become wild and popular with new moms and soon jessica alba could be selling her eco friendly home goods company forget this a billion dollars. union lever is in talks with alba to by her honest company. alba founded the consumer product's retailer back in 2011. it sells disposable baby diapers, household cleaner, professional care and beauty products and generates though hundred million dollars in annual revenue. heading overseas now, prince william springs into action after an elderly veteran falls to the ground. >> it happened today while prince william and kate were visiting essex as the duke of came bridge is shaking hands with dignitaries the veteran falls to the ground. you can hear loud gasps as visitors look on. the thoughtful prince and others rushed to help out the man who is a local dignitary himself.
10:41 pm
he apologized to prince william for the tumble. this video shows a guy browsing the reptile aisle at a pet store. he's about to sneak a snake out in a way that might send shivers down your spine. the bizarre act he's accused of coming up. and it's iconic sight at valley forge but the washington memorial chapel is showing its age. how historians are working to save the structure with your help. and meteorologist scott williams is tracking your forecast. >> hi there, dawn. dry for now, quiet and comfortable. get ready for warmer temperatures, increasing clouds and much needed rain. the timing and amounts next. narrator: terrorism here at home. fourteen americans killed in a san bernardino mass shooting... but after this tragedy - when pat toomey had the chance to ban suspected terrorists from buying guns - he voted against closing this loophole for terrorists -
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and with the gun lobby. katie: we have to do everything in our power to keep guns away from terrorists who threaten our way of life. i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message because we can't risk our families' safety on a loophole. (f♪ot steps) (crickets chirping) ♪ (jet engine) ♪ (heart beat) ♪ (water splashing) (rain drops) (engine revving) (tires on wet road) ♪
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♪ >> new york city police officers of police officer is out of the hospital tonight just one day after being hit in the face with a meat cleaver. dozens of fellow officers cheered and clapped as officer brian o'donnell and his family left bellevue hospital today. police say o'donnell was among several officers trying to arrest a man who was wielding an 11-inch meat cleaver near penn station yesterday. the man allegedly slash the officer in the face with the cleaver. officers then shot that attacker who was s now in stable condition. you've heard of snakes on plane but how about a snake in
10:45 pm
some pants. police in wisconsin are looking for this guy right here. they say he walk inside pet store last month, grabbed a snake and shoved it into his pants. workers at the store say the guy was actually a regular there but they don't know his nape. he has not been back to the store since. what an unexpected show in ocean beach, california. take look at this cell phone video captures a great white shark, a big one, leaping out of the water just beyond a group of surfers the group doesn't even seem to notice the shark when they're surfing. it's not clear why the great white was jumping out of the water but i'm assuming it sought some food. pretty cool. 100 year old tortoise being credited with saving his species. diego is galapagos giant tortoise he grew up in galapagos island taken to the san diego zoo. research did a genetic study and
10:46 pm
found out he was a dad 40% of the released offspring. 800 tortoises. researchers now say the population is in good shape after being on the bring of extinction. >> busy guy. >> yeah. op your radar tonight a sight you don't get to see very often. take look at a harvest moon from skyfox tonight. what is a harvest moon you ask. >> it is the full moon closest to the autumnal equinox which comes next thursday septembe september 22nd. you know how i knew that? >> no. >> that guy right there told us in the meeting today. meteorologist scott williams. hey, scott. >> good job there. a plus, chris, but yeah certainly a beautiful full harvest moon. also referred to as the corn moon. if you get a chance later on tonight just step outdoors and look at it. we have clear skies, excellent viewing for that. let's talk about the changing weather pattern because we need some rainfall. take look at the latest drought concern. you can see much of the area abnormally dry even a moderate
10:47 pm
drought will kind of zoom in little closer that includes places like philadelphia, sections of bensalem, moving into burlington county, camden county, atlantic county everyone needs some rain and we have some chances over the neck several days. tomorrow looks dry as we move towards sunday it looks like the main timing late sunday into monday, monday actually the highest chance for some rainfall over the neck several days. so here's the pattern. high pressure it's been in control a cool start upper 50s this morning in philadelphia the high made it to 80. but look off to the west. this is the storm system moving through places like chicago, st. louis with the rain and also the clouds. that system will move our way late sunday into your monday. so as we go hour with hour, dry for your saturday. but watch the clock for sunday. sun today morning it looks like we'll start dry. but cloudy and it looks like the rain will try and hold off for much of the day. as we move toward the afternoon a couple of scattered showers around. 6:00 o'clock, you can see rainfall far north and west.
10:48 pm
poconos, lehigh valley, then overnight, sunday into monday, that's when we have better chances for some of that widespread rain. here's 11:00 o'clock on your monday. so how much rain are we talking well, saturday it looks dry as we move toward sunday morning maybe a tenth of and inch north and west by dinnertime on sunday looking like a quarter to half an inch north and west and then by lunch time on monday, over half an inch philadelphia, looking like maybe over an inch far north and west. temperatures already into the upper 50's in parts of south jersey. made 60s north and west to the night another cool one low 50s burbs. city in the city. for tomorrow similar to today. sun and clouds very nice and dry. 82 degrees. down the shore we're looking at 76 tomorrow. 79 on sunday. much of the weekend dry down the shore. but look at the rainfall chances sunday into monday and then temperatures above average again, guys, in that seven day forecast. >> all right. thank you, scott. it is a familiar and beloved
10:49 pm
sight at valley forge and there's an important history lesson in the washington memorial chapel. >> but the historic site is in jeopardy. it's showing its age and needs some crucial repairs. fox 29 photojournalist bill rohrer has a closer look. >> this is not concrete. this is carved limestone. >> reporter: there may not be too many people who know the history of.washington memorial chapel. >> the windows are done by italian immigrant. >> reporter: as well gardner pierce. >> delaware is up in the upper right hand corner report roar for nearly a hundred years the chapel stood overlooking valley forge national park. >> it was meant as place of prayer and contemplation. >> reporter: it was built as tribute to george washington and the american patriots of the revolutionary war. >> when people come here they feel its beauty. >> beautiful red and blue stained glass windows private history lesson of sorts, viewed by over 50,000 visitors each year. >> washington memorial chapel incorporates some of the finest crafts man ship from the arts
10:50 pm
and crafts period of the turn of the 20th centare. >> if you take closer look, you'll find water is washing the chap chapel away. >> water coming through the stone stripping out the minerals that are in the stone and then leaving them on the exterior side of the stone as the stone dries. >> jason is the chairman of the campaign restoration for the washington memorial chapel. >> you can't turn a corner at the chapel here without seeing seeing something that needs to be repaired. in the chapel needs to raise $4.4 million to fix the roof and repair the limestone walls. without the repairs the memorial chapel will have to shut down good we'd have a major gap in american culture. you have artwork that's irreplaceable. donation boxes are set in place and every lynn bill helps. >> it tells the story of the founding of america. >> in valley forge, bill rohrer, fox 29 news. tom srendenschek here with sports. the eagles heading away. football game coming up in thee nights, guys.
10:51 pm
can't wait 40 dawn and chris. eagles and bears monday night out in chicago. a head in sports, why bears quarterback jay cutler might not be the push over you think he is. and another day yet another i ward more accolades for eagles quarterback carson wentz. why his teammates admire this guy more every day coming up next in sports. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. he's a race-baiting, xenophobic, religious bigot. donald trump is a phony, a fraud. he's not a serious adult. i can't vote for donald trump given the things that he said. trump should not be supported. i believe he's disqualified himself to be president. i just cannot support donald trump.
10:52 pm
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♪ love a little late night sinatra for you friday viewers. eagles hoping chicago is their kind of town when they play the bears monday night. it will be the tale of two teams and yes the tale of two quarterbacks when they do. for the bears it's the experienced jay cutler sacked five times in a 23-14 bears loss last week. for the birds we thought it would be baby steps in one week for carson wentz the rookie. he through for 278 yards arc pair of touchdowns and eagles win over the browns. eagles fans were dancing in the streets. today carson wentz named the nfl rookie of the week. he's won the praise of his teammates. >> he gets his ribs buffed open he didn't lay on the ground and want people to feel sorry for him. that's different. you know what i'm saying? a lot of cats lay on the ground, ahh feel sorry for meme bring the ambulance out. you know espn move the camera in. he don't care about that. he's from north dakota.
10:55 pm
they don't have cameras. get your butt up and keep playing football. that's who they are. >> 49 states have cameras. north dakota doesn't. thanks guys. jay cutler not sure what hit him week ago in houston sacked five times behind patchwork bears offensive line but eagles defensive schwartz coached against jay cutler twice a year when he was the detroit lions head coach. >> he's tough. he's willing to take hits. i have lot of respect for them. better athlete than i think people give him credit for. he can drop ball anywhere on the field. he threatens the entire field with his arm. >> he does a good job of teaching the technique. they know where the drops are. like i said they know where the soft side of the defense is and strengths are. they play that accordingly. >> malcolm jenn cups said tonight he and hess teammates will make a collective gesture during the national anthem to protest social injustice. football for you sunday on fox.
10:56 pm
phil he's starting final 15 game of the season tonight hosting the my ammo marlins. phils assured of their fourth straight losing season they won't reach last year's 99 loss toll. ryan howard in his final 15 games in the phils uniform. so low shot cut it two-one. phils actually took a three-two lead in the eighth derek deitrich right there the solo shot. ties it at three. we move to free baseball. phil and marlins three-three right now in the 11th inning coming up on our 11:00 o'clock newscast some thoughts on joe paterno. he'll be honored up at penn state tomorrow before the penn state/temple game. i don't have a problem with it. oil share my thoughts with you when i see you at 11:00 o'clock. >> big game tomorrow. thanks tom. >> that does it for us at 10:00 o'clock. dawn timmeney standing by with waltz coming up at 11:00. dawn. >> well, chris, they're a fixture on philadelphia streets particularly on friday nights. could trouble be brewing for our food trucks and cutting into some of their prime time for
10:57 pm
business? plus, wake up weather and seven day forecast in the first five minutes. remember your mega millions lottery drawing is coming up next. ♪ //>[a5df]
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