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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  September 17, 2016 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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>> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11. first at 11:00, a break in the murder investigation thats gripping a local community. it's been three weeks since eight-year-old gabbie hill carter was killed. today the first arrest in the case. but it's not the person investigators think pull the trigger. good evening, i'm dawn timmeney. investigators hope this arrest will lead them closer to the killer. let's get straight out to fox 29's shawnette wilson at the camden county prosecutor's office. shawnette? >> reporter: dawn, the first arrest in connection with this investigation comes a day before family members are set to hold vigil in memory of the eight-year-old. and tonight, police make a plea to the public for information. >> one of the key things we're looking to do in this is to send a very clear message that, um, we're going to get every person that's response al for this not
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just those that pull the trigg trigger. >> reporter: cam police chief scott thompson and the camden county prosecutor's office have made the first arrest related to the shooting death of eight year old gabrielle hill carter. 35-year-old shakia land of camden is charged with providing a false alibi for person of interest in gabbie's murder. it was a little more than three weeks ago that police say a drug gang fired shots at someone in the area where gabbie was outside on eighth street but a bullet hit the little girl in the head. >> we know that there are multiple people that were not only involved in the shooting but in events to took place, um, leading up to this and thereafter. so that's what we're looking to comprehensively bring everybody in and hold them to account for what took place on that night. >> reporter: the vigil starts at 7:00 o'clock tomorrow night. it will be hem at eighth and spruce here in camden. dawn? >> all right, thank you shawnette. the wife of a frankford pastor saved the day or night when an armed robber attacked her family on their front doorsteps.
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pastor robert cook was returning home around 11:00 o'clock last night with his 12-year-old son and his wife stephanie. an older man approached, pulled out what looks like a sawed off shotgun and demanded his wallet. stephanie who asked we not show her face grabbed her handgun which she has license to carry. >> i said she's got her gun. and he turned and i said shoot him, shoot him, shoot him. >> since he didn't drop the gun i knew there was still threat to them and to myself and that is when i pull the trigger. >> the 66-year-old would be thief was hit in the leg. he tried to run away but was quickly captured by police. it turns out he was carrying a nail gun altered to look like a sawed off shotgun. niece jail tonight. the cook family is safe. developing to night, a push to make rows vessel boulevard safer. the stretch of roadway is recognized as one of the most dangerous in the country. and now state legislators are looking for solutions. they held hearing today at philadelphia city hall. house bill 2233 would start
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pilot program to install speed cameras along and tire length of the the boulevard. it's attempt to encourage drivers to slow down. today loved ones who lost their lives on the deadly boulevard shared family members stories. they say something needs to be done about stopping out of control drivers. >> their bodies were so mangled and so broken up that we could not go to the morgue and see them. they showed mow a two by three piece of their face. >> critics argue speed cameras are unreliable and expensive. it is still up in the air whether the bill would have enough support to pass the house and senate later this year. another set back in court for bill cosby as he continues to fight sexual assault charges. a judge ruling today that he will allow a recorded phone call between bill cosby and the mother of his accuser to be used as evidence in the case. the conversation between cosby and andrea con stan's mother happened after the alleged
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assault back in february of 2004. cosby's lawyers argue that bill cosby did not know he was being recorded. but the conversation was recorded in canada which only requires one party's consent cosby's trial is set to start next june. dozens gathering in city i'll city after a dead whale washed ashore but the big question tonight is, how it died and why it ended up at the jersey shore. skyfox over twenty seventh street where this 33-foot long mammal washed up. the marine mammal stranding center says the whale had no apparent injuries but it did look to be somewhat emaciated. they believe it's been dead for several days now. the 20-ton animal will remain on the beach overnight. and biologists will take samples in the morning to try to determine how it in fact died. on your radar, the coolest night many ofs have felt in awhile. feels pretty good out there. meteorologist scott williams with your forecast at 11:00. scott? >> hi there, dawn. certainly feeling like fall.
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this morning's low in philadelphia 59. look at the temperatures right now. it's a cool 63 after an afternoon high temperature of 80 degrees. as we look at the numbers right now look at the poconos. all right in the 50's. 56 degrees. low 60s. 62 in pottstown. 61 millville. 55 degrees right now in atlantic city. so no problems for tonight. as we talk about that saturday forecast, temperatures by noon right around 75. we're looking at 82 for the afternoon high. by dinner tomorrow dry, quiet, 76 degrees. clouds will start to roll in especially sunday and sunday night into monday, yes, needed rainfall in that forecast. we are in a deficit for the month and the year for the year almost four and a half inches below average. high pressure in control out to sea but look off to the west. around chicago st. louis that's our next storm system that will bring the clouds and the rain. sunday afternoon 3:00 o'clock maybe some spotty showers but most of the rain arrives sunday overnight into your monday.
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it look like it will linger and temperatures they're going to warm back into the 80s it will feel muggy sunday into monday. how much rainfall are we tal talking? future rainfall totals this is 11am on monday. over half an inch philadelphia. look at the higher totals. we're talking over an inch north and west so beneficial rainfall we really need it across the area. headed down the shore, temperatures for saturday in the 70s. upper 70s on sunday. uv index will be high along with that rip current risk so just be mindful of that. the weather authority seven day forecast showing you look at the temperatures going above avera average. 86 by tuesday. mid to even upper 80s maybe even 90-degrees dawn as we kick off fall feeling more like summer by the latter part of next week. >> all right. crazy, thank you scott. developing to night, it might be goodbye to late night munchies in philadelphia. several food truck owners say l and i is making them end
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operations before their late night rush when all the bars close. philadelphia city code says that all food trucks must be shut down by midnight but vendors say the rule has never been in force before for the trucks who line up along frankford and girard in fishtown. staying open late is really what defines their livelihood. >> it hurts a lot. especially, um arc lot of the people usually leave when the bars close around two, 2:30 and they come out and expect us to be here. 91 of us are here, we're losing more than half our business. >> it's not clear why licenses and inspections is enforcing this ordinance now. online petition to keep the trucks open late has garnered more than 450 signatures on happening now, better smells coming to septa? that is the goal at least the transit agency is trying to put a stop to that horrible stench that hits riders as soon as they head down the stairs to the subway. if you rely on septa, you know
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what we're talking about. the transit agency says there may be a way to get rid of that smell. fox 29's brad sattin live along the mark frankford line inned city. so brad, what's it all about. >> reporter: well, dawn it is all about something called liquid resistant paint. it may be the wave of the futu future. it smells perfectly fine up here but as we turn the camera around to the subway you walk down the steps, you oftentimes will pick up that smell of urine and the secret to eliminating it may just be in the paint. from broad street you can smell it in the air today. autumn is coming. but go under broad street to septa's subway line and in places you'll pick up a different smell. >> it smells like pee. isn't smells really bad. kind of like urine. >> reporter: transit systems everywhere know it's a smelly problem. find a place like an elevator for moment can offer some privacy and someone will make it a bathroom. it's why septa cleaning crews are everywhere but the stench keeps coming back because it's
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permeated the walls and floors. septa is about to conduct a high tech trial with a kind of paint that actually repels liquids. san francisco's transit system just install the technology in 80 elevators urinate on treated surface and the liquid will roll off if it doesn't splash you first. it's just a trial for now but some riders already imagining the sweet smell of success. >> it's like a new smell like febreeze. makes things smell better. >> reporter: well it's just a test he for now. not even sure the area they're going to test. but they'll get started in couple of weeks. if it is deemed successful. if the smell goes away, it could soon at least one day be system wide. dawn. let's hope, right. >> all right. let's hope, thanks, brad. it was another day on the job for local postal worker but it was anything but business as usual. what he did to save a co-worker's life. >> plus stretching the rules for revel.
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what one lawmaker wants to have the boardwalk building can reopen its doors. it is an oldie bait. which is better diets or exercise? new study about middle-aged people that may have you relaxing just little bit. it look like hillary clinton lead over donald trump just little bit more. real clear politics average shows clinton leaving with 45-point 7% after trump's reverse course admitting the president was and deed born in the united states we'll have to wait and see how it affects the numbers.
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♪ pennsylvania governor tom wolf wants action in response to the state's opioid and heroin crisis and asking the general assembly to meet for a joint session to consider a host of related bills before the election. the wolf administration says that an average of 10 people die every day in pennsylvania because of drug overdoses. well new push tonight to open the revel casino atlantic city councilman khaleem shabazz is asking the casino reinvest many development authority to help the owner reopen the property. the casino seeking land use permit from the authority. the councilman says he hopes the reopening of the revel will bring back jobs and revenue to the city. all right. you see it, you shoot it fresco users are helping us show what's happening in your neighbor. chris o'connell joining us to tell us what's going on tonight. chris. >> we've been talking about this
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whale that watched a shore on 20th street in the beach in sea isle city. earlier we showed you what it look like from sky fox but fresco user janine brown got up close. lots of people gathering on the beach for this one. a very unusual site. sadly, marine scientists say the whale had died several days before it washed up. still no word on how it died. now hatfield, new jersey, fresco users happen herd this car fire. crews on the scene 309 by church row 2:30 this afternoon. traffic detoured after the car went up in flames. tonight no word on any injuries or what caused that fire. and officials cutting the ribbon today on brand newtown homes in port richmond the women's community revitalization project ago with the firm hope baptist church celebrating the commotion of these new arthritic homes. they will be available for rent to low to income -- low income
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family with an option for eventual ownership. now when you see news happening in your neighborhood, make sure you take out your phone, shoot it make sure you use the fresco app to send it to our newsroom. dawn. >> thank you, chris. to your health now, and the health of your children. negative experiences on facebook can increase the odds of depression in young people. researchers surveyed more than 200 young people and they found eight out of 10 reported at least one negativ neglect expere such as bullying or miss unking and the more severe a person perceived the incidents to be the more likely they were going to experience depressive symptoms. the findings appear in the journal of adolescent health. meanwhile federal health reports report 10 million americans seriously thought about committing suicide last year. report from the substance abuse and mental health services administration found a growing number of young adults have considered taking their own lives. researcresearchers note one trog
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statistic annal about half of those contemplating suicide or acted on these thoughts had ever received mental health treatment or any kind of counseling. the centers for disease control and prevention says more than 42,000 americans die from suicide each year. and from middle-aged adults it doesn't matter if you diet or exercise as long as you lose weight. researchers designed three program so participants would drop 7% of their body weight over three-month period. results showed it didn't matter if they just diet or just exercised or did a combination as long as they lost weight their hell risks decreased. the finings appear in the american journal of clinical nutrition. a big day at cooper medical school of rowan university in cam. the college welcoming its new students into the medical profession at its annual white coat ceremony. the ceremony of course is symbolic event that marks students official entry into
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their profession. >> think about how it feels. it's going to feel a little awkward at first. it's going to feel little stiff, okay, but trust me, by the time you finish your education here, that white coat will be well worn, well loved and will fit you very very well. >> these 88 students were chosen out of 6,000 applicants a big congratulations going out to them tonight. the postal service honored local letter carrier today. it wasn't for his -- it wasn't for nothing. his heroic actions actually saved a woman's life. gary bowes was working at a philadelphia postal center in july when his co-worker lynette had heart attack. co-workers were on the phone with emergency dispatchers, he got some very clear instructions. >> the person on the phone who my other co-workers were talking to from the hospital said, find somebody who knows cpr she needs it now. and i was the only person in the
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post office that knew it and thank god i was there. i mean there's no doubt in my mind that god used me that day. there's no doubt in my mine. there's no coincidences. i was supposed to be there at that time and i did. >> they didn't think i was going to mack it at first. and they said it was only because of gary bowes and his quick actions that i'm alive right now and that i'm doing as well as i am. >> fantastic. gary was recognized by both the university of pennsylvania hospital and the postal service and gary and lynette have been co-workers for the past 30 years. tom srendenschek here now talking sports. >> yes, we are, dawn. good evening. penn stat and temple getting ready to play football game in state college tomorrow. but the specter of joe paterno will loom even larger. my thoughts why it's okay to honor joe paterno is coming up. >> and things are getting spooky in philadelphia's fairmount neighborhood. terror behind the walls kicked off at eastern state penetentiary tonight. you can step and side the old prison and
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get into the halloween spirit every weekend and many weekday nights between now and novembe november 5th.
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♪ play a football game in
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state college pa tomorrow night. penn state will host temple on what should be glorious late summer saturday afternoon happy valley will be town divide tomorrow and not because one set of fans will root for the cherry and white and the others will root for the blue and white. fans will be divided by pre-game ceremony before the game. penn state will honor late joe paterno on the 50th anniversary of the his first game and his first win as head coach. the same joe paterno embroiled in the heinous crimes of jerry sandusky. did joe know? did he act, did he choose to ignore? for the record joe paterno says he had information from the assistant coach mike mcqueary back in 2001 and punned it upstairs to his bosses. he was never convicted. the national outcry beyond penn state is large and loud against tomorrow's ceremony. i get it. i disagree. tomorrow is to honor what joe paterno meant to the university. this is the part of paterno too many are quick to overlook. not the 409 wins he had. i could careless about those but
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you have to remember the graduates that he put into the world beyond the town of state college. the man who built buildings, the man who constructioned the reputation of a university that now spans worldwide. if you don't think did he, in this situation, you're dead wrong. for the record jerry sandusky is in jail for the rhett of his life and three other university officials are waiting their day in core. the court of public opinion on joe paterno is still very much in session and i have no problem remembering a man who did a lot of good for the university. dawn? >> all right, thanks tom. actor mark wahlberg has ended his bid for pardon request for he committed as teenager in 1988 the then 16 hit a vietnamese man in stick as he tried to steal alcohol. actor punched another person in the face while trying to avoid police. wahlberg claims he was high at the time of the incident. he was later convicted and served approximately 45 days behind bars. attention lady gaga fans you
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won't have to wait very much longer to see her video for her new hit single perfect illusion. pop super star announced today that individual will debut this video during the scream queen season premier starting at 9:00 o'clock right here on fox 29. you just made my daughter's day. >> my oldest daughter's evening. >> she likes lady gaga oy take it. >> calendar is set for fin clock. >> that's it for fox 29 news at 11:00 o'clock. more entertainment news straight ahead on fox 29 with tmz and dish nation. and stay tuned for chasing news followed by the simpsons. >> we are back here at 7am for good day weekend. scott will be back with your weather all morning long. early riser, scott. >> that's right. saturday looks good. but clouds role in sunday and it looks sunday night into monday our best chance for rainfall. >> all right. have a great night. thanks for watching. see you tomorrow. ♪
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