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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  September 19, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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who they are, and then this. >> i'm hit, i'm at mack hack on 51st street help he lease. >> cries out from a police sergeant after an ambush. the top brass are calling this horrifying, one of the two officers shot still hospitalized after police say a hand goes on a shooting spree shooting four people, killing one of them. a national anthem controversy comes to philadelphia, which eagles player is now ready to protest during tonight's game. good day it is monday, september 19th, 2016. chris murphy has the morning off. sue serio, speaking of eagles i wore my eagles green today. >> you did a good job. we have a lot of green on radar for a change. that isn't just ground. we have precipitation and lots of it coming from two directions. cold front coming from the north and west a and this area coming from the south from what used to be tropical storm julia. we have heavy rain all morning so far this berks county but a lot of this starting to sneak
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further south. it won't be long before you will need umbrella here in philadelphia grab it before you leave. 76 degrees with 87 percent relative humidity. it is muggy. sunrise happening at 6:46. mostly temperatures in the 70's this morning except north and west where it has been raining. showers and thunderstorms are a possibility throughout the rest of the day. we will have rain this morning and probably a break around lunchtime about a high of 80 degrees. it will not get warmer then it is right now. we will go into more detail about where that rain is and how long it will last coming up as well as seven day forecast. bob kelly, we have transportation issues. >> yes, we do, sue. our top story is our top traffic story here. here is a live look from jenny's cam why with our news van at elizabeth train station in elizabeth, new jersey we have no trains rolling through this part of the northeast corridor until further notice. the it has been the situation
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since last night. we will have more on the details in a second from jenny. but lets go to the maps. here's whate do know as far as mass transit. amtrak suspended services through elizabeth, new jersey train station, which is just south of the newark airport. now, amtrak has just released a statement saying they will operate, on a modified schedule which means probably they don't know what will happen right now. bottom line no trains going north or south, between new york and philadelphia, through that elizabeth, new jersey police activity, there are about six trains right here, just kind of stuck, either trying to go north or south. so with amtrak today, expect some hiccups and check with them before you head down to the 30th street. as far as new jersey transit, they have suspended services on the northeast corridor indefinitely as they are cross honoring, their tickets with path, new jersey buses and private carriers. expect an extra crowded bus
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this morning because all of those train passengers will be using buses and a accident on the eastbound schuylkill expressway here right here near university and a crash south on the roosevelt boulevard right here near welsh road, lauren, back over to you. we're following breaking news we have several stories from over the weekend. the authorities following new lead in the investigation in the explosion that injured 29 people in lower manhattan saturday night. as well as pipe bomb detonated in new jersey ahead of the 5k run from marines. we are tracking developments in the stabbing at a mall in minute so the a we will begin with the breaking story in elizabeth new jersey where a suspicious package was found near a train station. the jennifer joyce is live with the very latest developments, hi there, jenny. >> reporter: we are awaiting an update the from mayor of elizabeth the which we heard could come in the 6:00 o'clock hour. police have this area block off. the entire area surrounding the elizabeth train station is blocked by police as they investigate a backpack filled
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with pipe and wires that actually roof to be an explosive, according to elizabeth mayor chris bo lwitch who says device exploded as bomb squad robot attempted to disarm materials. that happened around 12:30 this morning. authorities were first called to the scene around 8:30 last night. two men called police after finding a suspicious package with wires and the pipe. >> they responded, checked it out, looked at it. thought it could be a bomb. called the union county bomb squad who attempted a a drone to observe any further. the drone indicated that it could be suspicious and it could be a bomb. >> reporter: in fact, it was, a live bomb, according to the mayor bolwitch who said that police were working to disarm four additional devices found this is backpacks. no one was injured at the scene, at this point, another concern train travel as we heard bob kelly mention nj
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transit has been suspended between newark liberty airport and elizabeth. amtrak has also been affect. the transit official where is trying to reverse trains get this stranded passengers off at other local stops. we will continue to follow this story and bring you update the in 30 minutes. >> great, jenny thanks very much. earlier fbi conduct a traffic stop near a bridge that links staten island to brooke land. law enforcement officials tell "fox news" that five people with possible connections to the sell see blast were taken in custody. on saturday night a bomb explode ed near 23rd street. all 29 people who were hurt are now on the of the hospital. new york's governor cuomo says he is certain that the bombing was intentional. >> whoever placed these bombs we will find and they will be brought to justice. period. you have the the finest police agencies in the world when you come to new york and we will
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find who planted these explosive and they will be punished. >> new york city police say they have blown up second device found blocks away from where a bomb exploded in manhattan. "fox news" is report ago this a law enforcement source confirms a pipe bomb that slowedded the same day in sea side park may be connect to the bomb that exploded in new york city. all beaches have reopened in sea side park after that bomb exploded saturday morning. runners were just about to start a 5k race, meant to benefit marines and sailors. officials say that the explosion was an act of terror and that people in the area say they are still on edge. >> it is clearly an act of terrorism. we just don't know who is responsible. sit domestic source, foreign source? we don't know that at this time but it was done intentionally. to try to terrorize the people of new jersey. >> i live here, i work here, and it is a small community, it is not even our season but yet anything can happen at any
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moment and it is scary. >> in one was injured in that jersey shore explosion. in minnesota isis claiming responsibility for a mall attack that left nine people hurt and the attacker dead. investigators say the suspect was dressed in a private security uniform, and then asked one of the victims if he was muslim. >> the attacker has been identified as 22-year old zahir adone didn't by his father. he was shot and killed at the crossroads mall after the stabbing. the suspect's father, from somalia, told star tribune of minneapolis that his son was a college student and he had in suspicion that he was involved in terrorist activity. local islamic groups are condemning that attack. >> our community in central minnesota has no relationship with isis, islam is peace. >> police in minnesota praising the heroic acts of off-duty officer jason
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faulkner and says his acts are exemplary. the candidates in a race to the white house reacting differently to this weekend's attack. new jersey, new york and minnesota act of violence are taking press tense on the campaign trail. both hillary clinton and donald trump making public statements. hillary clinton cautiously calling violence apparent terrorist attacks. >> we have to let the investigation unfold. we have been in touch with various officials including the mayor's office in new york to learn what they have discovering and i'll have more to say when we actually know the facts. >> i must tell you that just before i got off the lane a bomb went off in new york and nobody knows exactly what is going on but boy, we are living in a time. we better get very tough, folks. we better get very, very tough. >> hillary clinton scheduled a stop here in philadelphia at
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2:00 p.m. at temple university. she will be speaking with millennials about her plans on college today. days after man shot two officers in a ambush, one is home from the hospital, second officer could be released today. the attack left three other people hurt and innocent bystander dead. that is before officers killed the shooter. the gun man left a rambling note expressing hatred for law enforcement. bill anderson live from the hospital where the officers were rush on friday night, hi there, bill. >> reporter: good morning, lauren. not much positive that comes out of all of the things you have just describe, excuse me 51 shots fired, one person tragically killed. but what we are seeing here at penn presbyterian happies the resolve, and strength and will of our local officers. now the hope that is after a weekend of violence, the beginning of the week can represent healing but for those who survived and the start of grieving and rebuilding for the tamly of the young woman who lost her life. at penn presbyterian hospital
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university of penn police officer eddie miller was treated for gunshot wound to the hip and ankle and was released yesterday. philadelphia police sergeant sill vee young, ambushed and shot six times while sitting in her carries amazingly said to be in good spirits, remains in stable condition, and hopes to be released later today. we spoke with fop representatives who told us after learning of the details of the shooting they were shocked. but after hearing 911 calls they are honestly amazed that sergeant young could be going homeless than three days later. >> i'm hit, i'm at mcdonald's at 51st street. help me please. >> we got gunfire. we have a gun out here, we have two people shot out here also. >> reporter: hard to listen to. when you hear that and learn of the details it is amazing and impress that i have one officer already home, sergeant young, expected to go home today. so obviously a tragedy this weekend, lauren but hopefully
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focus turns to grieving and then healing. >> let's hope so, thank very much. pennsylvania governor tom wolf responding to the violence in west philadelphia he says in part, this is a reminder of the danger those who seek to keep us safe face every day and we're thankful for law enforcement personnel who put themselves in harms way to protect the people of our commonwealth. in the meantime philadelphia police face more round of gunfire this time in bell a vista. police smell marijuana coming from a group of people walking on eighth and south streets. police confronted the group, one person ran away prompting a chase. when officer got close to that suspect the man started shooting. fired about three round at the officer. fortunately police officer was not hit. moments later another officer arrested a 19 year-old, authorities are not releasing his identity. in new jersey a officer was injured after being run down by a crime suspect in elizabeth. police say they saw a car matching description from a recent robbery around midnight yesterday. they say the man had a handgun and he jumped in his car,
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speed way and allegedly hit one of the officers, police fired their guns, although in, one was hit. authorities later arrested the suspect identified as and police office are who was hit by the car, was treated for lacerations and released from the hospital. we continue to follow breaking news this morning as police and the fbi in elizabeth, new jersey say that one of the five suspicious devices found near a train station has exploded, and we will continue to follow this story for you.
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we continue to follow breaking news this morning. you're taking a live look out of elizabeth, new jersey. police say one of the five devices found in the backpack near a train station has exploded, while a bomb squad robot was attempting to disarm it. the fbi has been leading that investigation and now they are working to disarm other four devices, right now all trains are cancelled at this time. bob, that means big traffic trouble. >> and to compound the issue the alternate for the trains through elizabeth would be philly international, and here comes the rain as sue promised, and we have been talking about all morning long. the train starting to take over i-95 near the airport so expect delays at philly international. check with the airline before you head down there throughout the take, market frankford line having trouble morning all trains boarding on the westbound platforms between fifth and girard due to
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emergency track work, clinton campaign stop coming to our area later today, 2:00 o'clock at temple university. as we talk about the train service and elizabeth train station, if we can go back there take our camera live, this is a live look right outside elizabeth train station where again those explosives were found and heavy police presence, jenny joyce has been live on the scene all morning long. the there is elizabeth station right there in the background. so lets go to the maps because here's what we know from amtrak. service suspended through that elizabeth, new jersey station because of the police activity. elizabeth is just south of the newark, international airport, and so trains will run either further south or north. amtrak has announced they are running on a modified schedule today, but there is certainly going to be disruptions and delays, expected for the northeast corridor travel. anyone who uses new jersey transit they have suspended
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trains indefinitely on the northeast corridor because of that police activity the at the elizabeth. what they are doggies cross honoring all of the passes and tickets on path, new jersey transit, and any of the private bus carriers but anyone who uses the new jersey transit, bus system this morning, be ready, for some extra folks, and some crowded conditions and grab that seat because again everyone will be scrambling here this morning, anyone who typically travels to the northeast corridor and sue, obviously with the rain that will cause different impact for folks standing outside in the rain. >> it is as if life was not complicated enough we have not had rain in a while and you know what happens people forget how to drive-in it. we have been at a deficit the for the year, 5 inches deficit. we have had 25 inches of rain so far in 2016, and we need five to catch up. we will catch up today and as inconvenient as this will be, we to need rain. it is coming at us there the north and west and then also,
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from the south. this area of rain right here is a remnant of what used to be tropical storm julia. so, where it is raining the heaviest? lancaster county we are watching that all morning and now it snuck into chester county in west caln township, new hanover, up there towards montgomery and bucks counties, douglass as well, tinicum, the northern one get something rain. plumstead in new jersey. now we are watching a area have of heavy rain moving into or about to move into kent county in delaware. as we look at the future cast we will see a good chance of rain throughout the rest of the morning in philadelphia, by noon we think we have seen a lit built of the break in the action, maybe between noon and three or 4:00 and then more rain pops up as the rest of that cold front which is moving very slowly comes through and then we can see lingering rain perhaps on tuesday morning, tomorrow morning. right now it is muggy but don't forget that rain gear 76 5
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mount pocono. mid 07's in wildwood. wind coming from the south which is why it is so humid. rainy day to day on and off we will have breaks in the action 80 is our high, four out of ten, 85 tomorrow with the straight shower possible in the morning and then sunny and warm on wednesday, thursday is first day of autumn. it will be 87 degrees. pretty warm for tall but that warmth, lingering through friday and weak get the a cold front coming through lauren in the middle of the week toned cool us off for sunday. >> thanks very much. >> police trying to figure out who shot four people in port richmond, one of those people fight fog their life. bullets started flying just before 4:00 a.m. in the 3,000 block of castor avenue in the parking lot of the vice social club. they shot the three women all in their zero's. they are in stable condition. another ten bullets hit a 22-year old man, he is in critical condition at temple university hospital and so far no arrests have been made.
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northeast detectives and attorney general's office is investigating after an assault rifle was stolen from a gun show. rifle was stolen yesterday morning between ten and tune from the armory, owner says it was stolen right off display table where it is usually chained town. police are reviewing video there nearby groups. more crimes are being committed using fake guns which look just like the real thing. agencies grabbling with how to handle the situation in an effort to revent fatality. that is what happened touring a deadly police shooting in columbus, ohio last week. officers killed a 13 year-old boy after he pulled out a bee-bee gun that was a replica police handgun n1 town officials say use of imitation guns and crimes are up 38 percent. opening statements are set to start today in the trial that will determine who will to have pay victim of the deadly center city building collapse back in 203. the defendants, include the owner and architect, salvation
5:21 am
army, also being sued. right now two contractors are serving lengthy prison terms, for involuntary manslaughter. six people were killed, 13 others were injured. national anthem controversy comes to philadelphia, one of the captains from the philadelphia eagles says he is ready to make his statement. malcolm jenkins says eagles will make a statement during the national anthem before tonight's game in chicago. jenkins says that he has spoken to his head coach doug pederson and wants to make it clear that whatever actions he and his teammates makes are designed to be a statement about social in justice and will not be a indictment against police or the military the goal, it is not to divide people but goal, it is also in the to beat around the bush. if it comes down making somebody uncomfortable by speaking the truth, then not always make you uncomfortable with the truth but make you feel comfortable at all.
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>> jenkins says the team didn't do anything before the season opener last week out of respect for 9/11. he also said he has spoken to 49ers backup quarterback colin kaepernick and told him he is proud of him. this started when kaepernick took a knee touring national anthem of the the preseason game, eagles coach doug pederson says he was against that gesture. students are settling in for another school year, and many children are likely grumbling about the amount of homework assignments they have. but some schools every opt to go do away witt. why anti homework advocates say that could be better for your children.
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students around the country getting back in the swing of things with the new school year and now some school districts are considering idea of saying no more homework but there is some question whether that helps students retain what they learn in class. fox's david lee miller takes a look at pros and the cons. >> reporter: students at kelly elementary school in holy oak, massachusetts went use the excuse the talk ate my homework, that is because homework has been banned. >> i don't to have stress, go home saying i got three hours worth of homework. >> reporter: instead student spend two extra hearst of day in the classroom to i am roof grade at one of the lowest performing schools in the state. >> i could not find a direct correlation between homework and student performance. >> reporter: across the country anti homework trendies catching on. some schools say no, to
5:26 am
homework on weekend, others stopping it completely. in texas second grade teacher brenda young will not assign any homework. the her web site is inspiring other teachers to do the same. >> unable to prove homework i am roofs student performance. >> reporter: it is no surprise that teachers think homework policy is a good idea. >> i like it the because we get to play outside and when we leave we can go out sign and learn about new things. >> reporter: how about parents. >> she's definitely on to something here for sure. >> reporter: homework advocates say ten minutes assigned for each grade level can help kid learn. some warn too much can be detrimental. >> when kids are starting to get the that frustration point and starting to have temper tantrums or starting to melt down as parent would report, we know they are doing too much homework. >> reporter: more than a century ago california made it illegal to assign homework to kids under 15. this time those calling for a ban are not as extreme, in the case of one school educators
5:27 am
say they will assess the no homework policy at the even of the term to determine if it gets a passing grade. in new york, david lee hiller, "fox news". kid will like that. we're following breaking news in elizabeth, new jersey. lets check with jennifer joyce. hi there jenny. >> reporter: good morning lauren. fbi is investigating explosive materials found here near elizabeth train station, train services suspended as investigation continues, full report coming up. when it comes to risking social security on the stock market...
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happening right the now a suspicious divide has exploded and police an fbi are on the scene investigating days after a act of terrorism rocks the new jersey shore. major development in the investigation of the new york city explosion, five people arrested overnight, what police are saying this morning. it is an ambush top brass are calling horrifying. two officers shot four civilians hit the by bullets as the suspect tries to escape, a live report from the hospital, where the officers were taken. it is monday, september 192,016th. chris murphy has morning off but sue serio is here to give us a preview of the last days of summer. >> yes, buddy is here too with the best advice of the the day which is bring the rain gear. you may not need it right now depending on where you live but rain is on the way, between 68 and 75 degrees. we will give you a four out of
5:31 am
ten in weather by the numbers. this is why rain coming from the south and rain coming at us from the north and west and a lot of thunderstorms, embedded, in these showers, so here you can see heavy rain moving into kent county, delaware and it is now edging into chester county. the western and northern parts of the montgomery and bucks counties and scattered showers in southern new jersey. light showers not showing up on radar in other layses. 76 degrees, very muggy. sunrise at 6:47. temperatures 65 in mount pocono it is 71 where it is raining all morning this lancaster. atlantic city dry for now, 76. seventy-five in dover. expect showers and thunderstorms they could pop up anytime during the take but more like think this morning and this evening with maybe a break in the afternoon. sunset time 7:02a lot shore about this rain, yes, it is rain, bob kelly, it has been a long time and we need it. >> you mentioned it earlier,
5:32 am
everybody forgets how to drive in the rain. it will be a crazy, messy monday. here's a live look at wet stretch of i-95 right here near philly international airport. if your road is not wet when you step outside front door it will be shortly. so leave yourself some extra wiggle room and expect delays at the airport and extra travelers at the airport as well today, due to the train services, with that in behind, amtrak service suspended through elizabeth, new jersey train station, again work that police activity we have been talking about and we will tell you more about that live from jenny on the scene in a moment. new jersey transit services suspend on the northeast corridor. only good thing with new jersey transit the is they are allowing all tickets and passes to be cross honored by path, new jersey transit buses, and some of the private carriers but expect crowded conditions, on the buses, again, with that train service suspended near elizabeth. right here at home market frankford line between fifth and girard, all trains, all
5:33 am
passengers must board on the westbound platforms as they are doing emergency track work here in the tunnel, in center city. in clinton campaign stop later this afternoon on the campus of the temple university. expect motorcade madness around 2:00 this afternoon. lauren, back over to you. bob kelly, thanks very much. three attacks in three u.s. cities in one single day. terror investigationness new york, new jersey and minute so the a now there are reports of another threat, this time in elizabeth, new jersey. the lets get right outside to jennifer joyce live in elizabeth with the latest developments, hi general. >> reporter: good morning, lauren. the the tbi has been posting updates on the social media pages. one of the last updates is they will send another round of updates once the scene is clear. you can see the scene is still active, train station in elizabeth is surrounded by police across several block radius. this is where there has been the media set up in a back area as local police and fbi
5:34 am
investigators looking into a suspicious package which actually proved to be an explosive device, according to elizabeth mayor chris bolwitch who says the device exploded as a bomb squad robot attempted to disarm the materials. new that has happened around 12:30 this morning. authorities were first called to the scene around 8:30 last night, two men, called police after finding a suspicious package with wires and a pipe sticking out, and it was in fact, a confirmed explosive device according to the mayor who then said police were working to disarm the four additional devices found in the backpack. no one at the scene was injured, train service, however has been affected. local nj transit service has been suspended, amtrak trains throughout this area are on hold. amtrak announced it will be running on a modified train schedule today as this up investigation here in elizabeth continues. lauren? >> jenny, thanks very much. fbi and nypd conduct a
5:35 am
traffic stop near the verano bridge, law enforcement tells five people with possible connections to the chelsea blast were taken in custody. on sat date night a bomb exploded near 23rd street. all 29 people who were hurt are now out of the hospital. all beaches have reopened in seaside park after a pipe bomb exploded saturday morning no one was hurt. thousands of runners were just about to start a 5k race meant to benefit marines and sailors. isis is claiming responsibility for a minnesota mall attack that left nine people hurt and the attacker, dead. investigators say that the suspect was dressed in a private security uniform, and asked one of the victims if he was muslim. the attacker has been identified as 22-year old, by his father. he had no eye tea his son was involved in terrorist activity. back here at home days after a man shot two officers in an ambush, one is home from the hospital, the second officer could be released to take. bill anderson is live from the
5:36 am
hospital where the two officers were treated, hi there, bill. >> reporter: good morning, lauren. every time i hear you say that it is horrifying. fifty-one shots fired, seven people hit by those shots, not the a lot of positives coming out of that but today at penn presbyterian hospital we are hearing some signs of hope. it was a shooting rampage friday night, within family today is satly grieving loss of the loved one but it is impossible to overemphasize the significance, of 51 shots fired on friday, followed by stories of recovery today. now yesterday, one of the two officers shot you penn officer eddie miller went home quietly with little will fanfare and today we're here awaiting philadelphia's sergeant sylvia young, who is expect to be released to day showing amazing strength and resolve to live. sergeant young going home so soon is called a miracle by fellow officers. remember, she was shot 18 times, shot at 18 times at close range, and hit multiple times in the arm and in her
5:37 am
vest. as scary as that sound it pails in comparison to listening to the actual 911 calls. >> i'm hit. i'm at mcdonald's on 51st street. hell he please. >> we have got shot fired here. we have a guy out here, we have two people shot on the here also. >> reporter: lauren, don't want to ignore the fact that a innocent young woman lost her life just sitting there minding her business at the hand of the violent criminal but i also don't want to overlook the fact that we have officers, struggling, showing strength and resolve who are recovering, likely to be home with their families. they almost gave their lives depending ours and they deserve to be celebrated and recognized. >> bill, you are right about that. meantime philadelphia police faced more round of gunfire this time in bell a vista. police say they smelled marijuana coming from a group of people walking on eighth and south street. when police confronted the group one person ran away prompting a police chase. when one officer got close man
5:38 am
shot three round at the officer. he was not hit. moments later the 19 year-old was arrested by other officers. authorities are not the releasing his identity. 5:38. the eagles have touched down in chi town getting ready for their big prime time hatch up against the bears. what brent celek had to say about tonight's game. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
5:39 am
i know more about isis then the generals do. john mccain, a war hero. he's not a war hero, he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured ok. donald trump compared his sacrifices to the sacrifices of two parents who lost their son in war. how would you answer that father? what sacrifice have you made for your country? i think i've made a lot of sacrifices, built great structures. i've had tremendous success, i think... those are sacrifices?
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mayor of eye less bit says authorities found five deviceness a bag discover last night in a trash can. one of the devices exploded as bomb squad was disarming it with the low about on the. the bag was found near a new jersey train station prompting officials to suspend some transit services. of course, bob kelly is all over that and will update you shortly. but right now sports in a minute. >> reporter: good morning i'm sean bell this week carson wentz said, biggest road game has been active. now they have to get to chicago for monday night football a night he will never forget. even veterans like brent celek still get excited about games like this. >> yes, you know, i grew up watching monday night football. we love to play monday night football. we're here. you know's's all excited. >> giants after scoring 101 total point in their last
5:42 am
meeting this one came down to defense and josh brown, nailing a field goal, as time expires. that is 23-yard. giants win 16-13. they are now two-zero and on top of the division. for phillies and marlins after being up four-two, phillies blow another late lead, after this infield single to bad throw by miguel franco. marlins took a five-four lead. five-four lead and they won by that score. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. okay, for all of you sam bradford fans, well, he had a good start to his new role as starting quarter pack for the minnesota vikings. he led them to the win over another on rodgers and packers. it was bradford's first start, their final score 17-14. okay, not so good news if you you are trying go to fill up especially down south, why drivers nationwide could soon be seeing gas prices, jump.
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we are standing by, just about a half block from the elizabeth train station as police and fbi agents continue to investigate, explosives that were found here. starting with the suspicious package, according to
5:46 am
elizabeth mayor chris bolwitch who did say that the device did explode as a bomb squad robot attempted to disarm the material that happened at 12:30. authorities were called to the scene around 8:30, two men called police after finding a suspicious package with pliers and a pipe sticking out and it was in fact confirmed an explosive according to the mayor who said that police were working to disarm 49 additional device that is were found in the backpack no one at the scene was injured, again, it is all still under investigation as this area around the elizabeth train station, is surrounded, and by police, by fire, by fbi officials who continue to investigate. all morning long we have been saying that train services has been affect by nj transit as well as amtrak, bob kelly, you can talk a little bit more about that. >> good job, be safe up there. obviously jenny has her umbrella up. we are dealing with rain as well this morning. here's what we know for new
5:47 am
jersey transit. services suspended on the northeast corridor, tickets are cross honored by path, new jersey buses and private carriers. so expect crowded conditions here, on all of the new jersey transit the buses. as far as amtrak, suspended, services through the elizabeth, new jersey station. there are no trains, rolling through elizabeth, new jersey where jenny is standing, right now but amtrak has announced that they are running on a maryland filed schedule. lets take a picture that i just retweeted there one of our viewers, showing the line of folks, waiting for buses, from amtrak and it says here that amtrak is telling us they have no idea when the buses are coming, that is a picture posted about an hour ago, from the elizabeth, new jersey train station. the as we come back to the maps although is there april modified schedule but there is
5:48 am
a situation developing moment by moment here. we're rolling witt. if you are traveling on amtrak into or out of new york or up and down that northeast corridor expect obviously a modified schedule and expect delays. of course, with that, folks say okay i have to get there how willie get there? probably take a lane out of philly international. now, with the rain as we see here this is a live look at 422, right here near trooper road interchange. so the rain is starting to move through our area and will certainly cause weather delays at philly international, plus we will have extra travelers down there, at the airport, trying to maneuver around the lack of train services, this morning. and then on the market frankford line, between fifth and girard they are asking all passengers to board on the westbound lath forms because of some track work. so sue a lot going on. yes, we need rain but it is just not on a monday morning rush hour. >> yeah, monday morning rush hour and it is coming from two
5:49 am
directions, from the thort and west with the cold front and then another area from the south, that remnants of what used to be tropical storm julia. this could be a soaking rain, again, much needed but at a very inconvenient time. anywhere you see orange, yellow we are seeing heavier downpours and we have been seeing them north and west, and heavier rain and thunderstorms toward dover delaware and southern new castle will county as well. other areas of heavy rain, west sadsbury, west grove, and all of that route one area, that is road you take wraps in chester county, watch out, it will get very wet. limerick, spring city getting very heavier rain as well as buckingham. rain easing up there but more on the way around jackson new jersey we have seen some showers popping up and widely scattered showers throughout cumberland county this morning and again that rain that we told but moving into kent county. you can see possibility of rain between now and 9:00 on and off.
5:50 am
we will get our share here this is i-95 corridor as well. way this computer model looks we could get a break around noon time maybe around lunchtime today, not at the shore but in the philadelphia area and then some rain coming back with the last of the cold front between five and 7:00 p.m. and pop up showers throughout the night even lasting in the early hours of tomorrow. so that is the tiehl with the rain. we have a flood advisory until 8:15 for areas seeing rain all morning so far and those flood advisories will pop up in other places, as they get heavier rain. muggy out there right now where it is in the raining and even where it is, 76 degrees in philadelphia 65 in mount pocono. zero seven in lancaster. seventy-six in wildwood. your average high is down to 77. we were 10 degrees above average even with limited sunshine yesterday. today, we will probably reach around 80 degrees. eighty-five tomorrow and 86 on wednesday but by thursday it is first day of fall, sunny and warm, 87 degrees and fall
5:51 am
arrives around 10:20 in the morning. friday will be the first full day of fall but still won't feel like it yet not until weekend, lauren. >> sue, thanks very much. drivers nationwide could see gas prices jump because of a leak that shut town parts of the important pipeline provided gas to the eastern u.s. part of the colonial pipeline which connects houston to new york has been shut down for a week due to a leak in alabama. the leak is already spilled about 250,000 gallons of gas. experts say prices could jump 15 to 20 cents a gallon. now drivers in the south are facing lines at the pump or in some cases no gas at all. >> like three gas stations. >> everybody starts filling up, creating a big snowball. >> prices have jump states includingal bam, georgia, north carolina declared states of emergency which prevent price gouging, southern states are warning consumers not to
5:52 am
run out and buy gas. in the wake of the terror attacks, security was visibly tighten at em is in los angeles. everyone attending the award including actors and actresses walk through metal detectors. earlier host jim i kimmel joked he would take down any trouble headachers himself if there were any problems but the ceremony went off without a hitch. top honors went game of thrones for outstanding dramaer zoo is, veep won outstanding comedy series. the biggest winner of the night is people verse o.j. simpson with five emmys, including the outstanding limited series category. nfl officials are coy about who will be performing at the super bowl next year. there were reports that pop singer lady gaga might be performing, you might recall this video of her singing national anthem at this years super bowl about now officials are saying they are in talks with several artists to perform during the pepsi half time show, in houston, those officials have not the said lady gaga is not in the
5:53 am
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happening today hillary clinton will be campaigning in philadelphia clinton will be speaking at temple university, trying to drum up support, for millennial voters, she will detail her plans about making college affordable. and latest poll shows clinton with a one point lead overdone old trump nationwide, trump heading to the sunshine state in florida speaking at an event in fort myers. significant part of the election psyched with the e-mails from colin powell, democratic national committee being released but could a hacker actually change your votes? one princeton university professor say answer is yes, professor says while there has been no documented case of a
5:57 am
machine being hacked he said it could happen. he says also all someone would to have to do is replace computer chip with one program to switch the votes. scary stuff there. police investigating a suspicious device found in the train station in elizabeth new jersey. latest coming up in a live report. major development in the investigation into this weekend's new york city explosion, five people arrested overnight, more on whom police say they are. kids don't know how to act fake.
5:58 am
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breaking overnight another suspicious device, blown up, this time at a train station in elizabeth, new jersey across from manhattan. northeast corridor of new jersey transit shut down as police investigate, amtrak also affected. we are live in elizabeth. new developments in the investigation into the explosion in new york city that injured dozens, who the fbi is questioning right now after a traffic stop overnight in brooklyn. i'm hit. i'm at mcdonald's on 51st street, help me please. an officer's december spray plea after she's ambush by that gunman while she sat in her squad car. she was one of the several people hurt in that horrifying shoot the out friday night, that claimed one life in west philadelphia. an update on


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