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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  September 20, 2016 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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breaking news right now a man is fighting for his life after being hit by a car blocks from his home where police say they have found the car involve complex and then this... [gunfire] one of the fbi's most wanted man goes down, after a gunfight with authorities. federal investigators say this man is responsible for terror attacks this both new york and new jersey, the charges he is facing now and why authorities are looking into his visit to a local grocery store. and philly sports tans waking up to some good news this morning, the eagles, they win it last night, against the chicago bears. we will tell you more about that and the players that everybody is talking about this morning. good day, it is tuesday,
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september 20th, 2016. chris murphy has morning off. sue serio has been drying out from yesterday's rain, that came falling. >> almost. but there is still a lot of moisture around this morning because the cold front from yesterday is kind of of stalled just off shore and just to our south, we add in the clouds here, satellite picture and we will see cloud cover around, a lot of moisture still in the air so it is still humid, and we could see some problems with fog this morning especially to the north of us, lancaster, pottstown, and poconos mountains getting foggy this morning. not too bad at the airport. we have 70 degrees. we have 90 percent relative humidity like i said, it is still humid out there. the plenty of moisture in the air. we won't clear things out until tomorrow. that is when we will enjoy lower humidity. sunrise time 6:47. 59 degrees in mount pocono walking out the door to 64 this pottstown. the trenton has 67.
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as we said, 70 in the the sit the eye, plus atlantic city, plus millville, lust dover, delaware and sticky 72 in wildwood. plan on cloud cover today maybe a little bit of sunshine by end of the day, still humid with a high temperature of 38 degrees. now your sin set time is 7:01. so, days keep getting shorter, we are closer to fall, which starts, bob kelly, on thursday. >> got to love it. the reason for a party. 4:02. live look at i-95. northbound i-95 between ridley and 420 down to one lane on the main line here. this is on ramp at 420. guy comes up to the cones, got to move himself all the way over to what would be the left lane. this is i-95 northbound, coming up, in delaware county. hold on where is my clicker. i got it. boom. wrong pocket. there we go. live look the a the vine
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street expressway, schuylkill and broad street leased until 5:00. you know the drill. jump off at spring garden, 30th or south. sue is on it. we have some fog, mainly in the suburbs, chester county, portions of collegeville. i hit fog on my way in on 202. be ready near this morning and hopefully we will have a better start to the morning at philly international with no delays. lauren, back over to you. we're following breaking news in northeast philadelphia one man is fighting for his life, after being hit by a car and the driver left the scene. the police have the car involved, is that right, dave kinchen? >> reporter: we're seeing the car in the 7,000 block of rutledge street. victim in his late 40's is in extremely critical condition, we're told as you look at this vehicle here it the is a white chevy cowalt. you can see damage on the windshield right there. thirty lease were taking pictures of it earlier and
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another police carries coming in, either shift change or another crew coming into guard this vehicle here. as we go to the scene this vehicle was involved in the crash at bustleton and bleigh, police believe the incident happened either in or near parking lot of the wells fargo bank in that area around 11:15 last night. >> police went to that location and they immediately found the car park unattended, it was a 2010 white chevy, with fresh damage to the front windshield. so we believe that is the striking vehicle. that vehicle is being held as part of the scene. >> reporter: this is where the vehicle is being held, on the 7,000 block of ruthland street in northeast philadelphia police have initially told us that this vehicle is registered to a home somewhere on this block here, and as we come back live here you can see investigators holding the scene here.
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the light there the police car are behind me. the the victim was taken to aria torresdale hospital, again in, extremely critical condition. a man in his late 40's, police continue to investigate. back to you. >> thanks very much, dave. this morning an accused bomber charged with trying to kill police, yesterday's violent confrontation between that suspect and linden new jersey police could be heard from people living nearby. >> it just sounded like, pop, pop, pop. and then a silence and then you just heard people screaming. >> the gun battle left ahmad kahn rahami and two officers wounded. rahami charged with five counts of attempted murder of a police officer. jennifer joyce joins us live from the news room with the details. >> reporter: the manhunt for ahmad rahami was roughly one hours after releasing his mug shot. police say a man found rahami sleeping outside his restaurant in linden, new jersey monday morning and called police. police identified the man as
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suspect terrorist wanted in connection with three explosions over the course of two days. this is a picture of rahami after being captured in a bloody shoot-out with linden police. the naturalized american from afghanistan was wounded in the shooting and transported to a local hospital, two linden police officers also shot but they are expected to be okay. police say they have found rahami's fingerprints on a pressure cooker connected to a cell phone and they were able to link him to saturday's explosion in north jersey shore town, saturday night, blastness manhattan's chelsea neighborhood and then injured 29 people and pipe bombs found in an elizabeth, new jersey train station sunday night. social worker from a local whose being says he met rahami a few times and didn't notice anything suspicious but radicalization of young muslims must be addressed. >> as ministers we have to start coming out and denouncing things as they happen. i mean immediately. come out and denounce it, this is not islam ape go right in
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on it. >> reporter: police are conducting interviews with those close to ahmad rahami as the 28 year-old is charged with five counts of attempted murder. he is being held on 5.2 million-dollar bail, lauren. >> jenny, thanks very much. linden's mayor credits officer angel padilla for rahami's take town. he told "fox news" padilla was first on the scene. rahami fired first hitting padilla then shot back. padilla was hit in the leg and his bullet-proof vest. he is expect to be okay. also hurt linden officer path try grammar with the grazed wound. president obama praising law enforcement, in at tax of both new york and new jersey. >> i'm extraordinarily happy with the cooperation that has been taking place between the fbi and state and local law enforcement officials. i told governor's cuomo, christie and mayor deblasio that they will have all
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federal support as they move ahead with their investigations, and in tracking down every lead and working to keep the people of this city and this region, safe. >> the president is cautioning against jumping to conclusions while the investigation continues. he says that the american spirit is resilient and we will bounce back from these attacks. he's grateful to lives were taken. the first officer targeted in a gunman's hateful rampage is expect to get out of the hospital this morning. sergeant sylvia young could be released, as early as 8:00 o'clock. officials say they are arranging a highway patrol escort for her trip home. meantime second officer shot friday night in west philadelphia is sharing his story. university of pennsylvania officer ed miller continues his recovery, after being shot twice, and he was feeling well enough to attend a benefit in his honor. fox 29's dave schratwieser caught up with officer miller who says he is looking forward to getting back to work, serving the community. >> i would like to for get the but it work out to our
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advantage. >> reporter: wounded pennsylvania police officer ed miller walk in fop headquarters on crutches monday night on the road to recovery just three days after being shot in the the chaotic gun battle. >> i guess i'm lucky. that is all i could think about i'm lucky. >> reporter: miller who retired from the philadelphia police department after 33 years was shot twice in the exit of the patrol car to chase nick lays glenn. became under fire with glenn as gunman entered an alley off forty-eighth and sansom. >> i see the bombing up in new york while i'm in the hospital what is difference between what i went through and people there walking down the street on a saturday night thinking they will have a night out on the town. >> reporter: miller recalled how he felt when his wife and two children arrived to see him. >> i was happy to see them. very happy. >> reporter: fifty-six year-old miller was shot the in the hip, ankle, he left the hospital, sunday morning. he came to fop headquarters for a tailgate party to benefit him, and wounded
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sergeant sylvia young, who was ambushed by glenn in her patrol car. glenn fired 18 shots, young's vest stopped five shots, three struck her arm an inside. she remains hospitalize. >> i went and see her before i left. i wish her the best. she definitely dealt with more than i had to deal with. >> reporter: dave schratwieser, fox 29 news. as officials tell us sergeant young rehaines in good spirits and she's looking forward to going home to take. all right. let's talk sports. carson wentz gets his first chance to shine in the national spotlight, last night verse the bears in monday night football and he sure took advantage of it. in his second start wentz again showed signs he has what it takes to be a good quarterback in the nfl. he had help there ryan matthews ran for two touchdowns. he got help from his defense who forced three turnovers during the game, eagles beat the bears 29-14 to improve to two-zero on the season. here's coach doug pederson on wentz play so far.
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well, wentz took to social media to share his excitement over the win. he writes glory god. love the guys. great team win. fly eagles fly, #a01. game didn't begin without some controversy on it field, three eagles players protesting during national anthem, originally started by 49ers colin kaepernick on the sidelines, safety malcolm jenkins, steven means and cornerback ron brooks raising their fist. all other eagles layers and bears players stood for the anthem. eagles fans telling us what they think about the demonstration. >> i don't think it is the shortes thing. it is just stupid in my opinion. they are not proving anything. >> i don't support it. i am not against it. america is the greatest country that ever was and i think we need to bring ourselves back to greatness. >> jenkins made no secret
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saying last week he wanted to further the national conversation sparked by kaepernick about violence against minority and in equality. today marks day two of the trial of the scandal now known as bridge gate, we're talking about 2013 closure of the george washington bridge. prosecutors have charged two former allies of new jersey governor chris christie with several crimes, they say, bridget kelly and bill baroni created traffic jams near the bridge to punish a democratic mayor who did not endorse chris christie. the governor has never faced charges in the case. meanwhile the defense will get its chance to make opening argument in the civil trial over 2013 center city building collapse. lawyers of the victims opened yesterday. six people died, 13 others were hurt when a building came crashing down in the salvation army three years ago this trial combines multiple lawsuits targeting owner, architect of the building as well as the salvation army. it is expect to last for several more months. coming up, the
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philadelphia police tenth releasing dash cam video of the unarmed black man shot dead by a white officer. what police at the scene were reported saying to the man before he was killed.
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starting off with a look at radar plenty of cloud because we added the satellite picture and some showers. mostly to the south. you can see some rain moving up from the maryland eastern shore in the southern delaware there. it is lingering low pressure system plus cold front that came through yesterday with a
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lot of rain. we have that rain there. now we will look at future cast to see if it will keep raining there in southern delaware and the answer is a lot of cloud cover lingering throughout the day. we will be lucky to see some sun by the end of the day and there is a chance of the stray shower here and there especially at the shore and down in delaware because that is where it is closer to where the rain is but then we will see skies gradually starting to clear, overnight. we have tropical storm karl which is expect to strengthen into an a hurricane and come close to bermuda but not close to the east coast of the united states. it looks like it takes a sharp right once it hits bermuda and could be bad for that island over the next couple of days. we are watching that one and there is another look at the path of the storm by the weekend we will talk about that. tropical depression number 13 is anticipated to be a tropical storm and will get
4:17 am
the name lisa just off african coast. we will watch that. lots of fog out there to the north of us and to the west of us, lancaster, reading, pottstown, allentown, little bit up in the poconos. watch out the for fog. temperatures 70 degrees in philadelphia still sticky even though it is not raining. we will get to a high of 83 today. eighty-seven tomorrow. looks like a ten because it won't be as humid. pretty good for first day of autumn on thursday, friday still warm, saturday it starts to cool off and then, bob kelly, by second half of the weekend then it starts to feel like fall. >> there you go. looking forward to it. it looks like a good forecast for eagles game on sunday. 4:17. we're all in a good mood, eagles win, free coffee at our traffic sponsor dunkin' donuts this morning. the here's a look at the fog we're serving up for breakfast, a live look at route 202 near 252 in chester county. it comes up fast and thick
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here as you are rolling out of the driveway this morning. downtown we will go, still shut down on the vine street expressway both directions between schuylkill and broad until 5:00 o'clock. then shuttle buses running on market frankford and broad street subway, again until 5:00 this morning and trains kick in for rest of the rush hour. new project that began last night for next couple of days hanover street up here this pottstown closed from south over to queen, they are repairing those railroad crossing tracks. be ready for a few extra minutes going around the block. pennsylvania turnpike left over work crew they are fort washington interchange, also a crew near morgan town and better day at philly international. maybe some to go delays out of the gate this morning but so far first couple of flights are looking good. lauren, back over to you. gunfire eruptness a south philadelphia neighborhood sending three people to the hospital, among those hurt a woman pushing a stroller.
4:19 am
another woman and a hand are recovering as police investigate exactly had happened. fox 29's shawnette wilson has latest on the search for that shooter. >> right there would be one where a bullet came and hit and then another one up over there. >> reporter: zach take already shows us bullet holes in his point breeze home from the shoot-out on the block. it happened just after 4:30. he wasn't home but his neighbor was sitting outside. >> she's hard of hearing. she didn't hear the shots. the it was a blessing in disguise. she has angels on her shoulder. >> reporter: police say someone opened fire at 18th and wharton hitting three people, a three two-year old woman pushing a ten month-old was shot in the arm. the baby was not hurt. a six two-year old woman was shot several times in the the leg and a 40 year-old man was also shot in the leg. police say 17 shots were fired from a semiautomatic weapon and they are questioning a man caught running from the scene. >> actually had a broken toe who claimed he broke his toe running from the scene. this individual was armed,
4:20 am
with a gun. >> reporter: new video released of the police rolfe shooting of an unarmed man in tulsa, oklahoma, now tulsa, police department promising a fair and opened investigation. forty year-old terence kutcher was shot and killed after police were called out to report a stalled car in the middle of the road friday night. police initially said that kutcher refused to show his hand and follow commands. well this new video from the night of the shooting reveals that he did, in fact, raise his arms in the air. tulsa police chief said no weapon was found on kutcher or the car. >> you want to know who that big bad dude was? that big, bad dude was my twin brother. that big, bad dude was a father. that big, bad dude was a son. >> i would just make this promise to you, we will achieve justice in this case.
4:21 am
>> police say officer betty shelby fired the fatal shot, officer tyler turnbow deployed his taser. officer shelby has been placed on administrative leave during the investigation. fbi and justice department will be conducting separate investigationness to friday's shooting. now to minnesota where officials are calling one of the victims in the the stabbing attack a hero. police say an off-duty police officer shot a and killed a man who shot ten people. isis media outlet said the attack was a solder for the islamic state. investigators do not have evidence that links this attack to organized terrorism. the fbi is investigating the crime. now to our top story, broken pipeline is causing gas shortage and high prices in the the south. a leak earlier this month forced closure of the pipeline. six states have declared emergencies. measures prevent price gouging but the price freezes are causing lines at the pump with many stations out of fuel.
4:22 am
some gas stations in atlanta, north georgia, ran out of gas sunday night while others saw very long lines. well, the eagles, of course, flying high after a big win with the bears. more highlights from chicago coming up in sports in one minute. but first your winning lottery numbers.
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good morning, i'm sean bell. carson wentz in his first prime time game, as an nfl quarterback taking on the bears in solder field, but wentz looked like the vet, jay cutler was the one who looked like a rookie. malcolm jenkins and teammates ron brooks and steven means, black power fist before the game and people thought this might be a distraction, it wasn't. third quarter ryan matthews pushes it in. look at that second effort, 16-seven eagles. jay cutler well, he is being jay cutler. he started to throw an interception to bradhamas a result, tray burton right here, on this 2-yard touch town. the eagles, well, they are now up 22-seven. later matthews matthews had another touch town, eagles win 29-14. carson wentz still golden. twenty-one for 34, 19 seer he
4:26 am
yard. that is sport in a minute. i'm sean bell. 4:26. a man is fighting for his life after being hit by a car just blocks from his home. new video of the shoot-out that led to a suspected bomber's arrest, charges he is facing right now.
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car just blocks from his home, carrie covered, driver still missing, live report is coming up. brand new video of the shoot-out that led to the arrest of one of the fbi's most wanted men, the charges he is facing after shooting at two new jersey officers. eagles are two for two after winning last night's game against the bears, with the 15-point advantage. plus, what fans thought of the players protest, during the national anthem. good day, everybody it is tuesday, september 20th, 2016. lets get over to sue serio with a look at our weather, on this tuesday morning. >> we did have weather yesterday, with all of that rain, we will have rainfall totals coming up but you can see it is not completely gone if you look down in the southern most county of delaware, sussex county and eastern shore of maryland. that is low pressure system kind of lingering off shore, southern part of the cold front that came through yesterday but fog lingers as well, as we have most of our
4:30 am
fog to the thort and west of philadelphia. no delays at philly international, as folks get ready to for the day. 07 degrees. 3 miles an hour wind. with calm wind it is easy for fog to form and lots of humidity. 90 percent there. sunrise time is official at 6:47. we will not see sunshine to start. we will be socked in with cloud. 59 degrees mount pocono. sixty-seven in trenton. sixty-seven in lancaster as well. seventy this dover, millville, atlantic city. seventy-two in wildwood. the day will start off cloudy, we will have fog around, stray shower and two and it is possible but we will have mostly cloudy skies throughout the day. maybe a peak of sun just before sunset which is official, at 7:01 tonight. high temperatures 83 degrees. that takes care of your tuesday, we will talk about what the weather will be like as we transition the seasons this week, bob kelly. >> sound good, you got it. 4:30. everybody is in a good mood because of the eagles win last
4:31 am
night. we have fog out there this morning especially out in the suburbs especially along 202 coming from collegeville along 422 but they are moving the cones over. one lane at a time here. this is a live look at i-95 in delaware county rolling north up in toward 420, it will take you down into one lane. downtown, the vine expressway still closed between schuylkill and broad street until 5:00 this morning. septa, using shuttle buses on both market frankford and subway lines until 5:00 and then trains kick in for the rest of the rush hour, watch for crews all this week up and down i-95, mainly between cottman avenue through betsy, into girard avenue, as they take a break during rush hour and then come back right after 9:00 a.m. possible fog delays at philly international. i check first couple flights getting out okay but if you are going to fly in or out of philadelphia, check with your airline to play it safe. we are off to a good start. lauren, back over to you. authorities are holding 28
4:32 am
year-old ahmad kahn rahami on attempted murder charges but they believe he is man responsible for planting explosives in two locations in new york city and two towns in new jersey. rahami was on the fbi mess wanted list before being caught. federal prosecutors say they are weighing charges over those explosions which left 29 people injured. jennifer joyce joins us live from the news room with an update, hi there, jenny. >> reporter: yesterday we talk to people who knew ahmad rahami from the neighborhood and local mosque. no one saw any signs predicting terrorist behavior. the manhunt for rahami ended within two and a half hours. thirty he lease say a man found rahami sleeping outside his restaurant in linden, new jersey monday morning and then called police. police identified the man as the suspect terrorist wanted in connection with three explosions over the course of two days, that was the picture of rahami have a being captured in a bloody shoot-out with linden police. naturalized american from afghanistan was wounded in the shooting and transported to a
4:33 am
local hospital. two linden police officers were also shot but they are expected to be okay. and police say they have found rahami's fingerprints on a pressure cooker connected to the cell phone and they were able to link him to saturday's explosion in the north jersey shore town. saturday night blast in manhattan's chelsea neighborhood that injured 29 people and pipe bombs found in an elizabeth new jersey train station sunday night. one man we talk to heard rahami's shoot-out with police in linden and described what he witnessed. >> it just sounded like, pop, pop, pop. then silence. then you heard people, you know, screaming. >> it looked like we're getting normal iced with this crap which is not normal. we can all look around this is receipt i much not normal, i mean, but, you know, we have to do something about it. i don't know what the the hell it is but we have to do something about it. >> police are conducting interviews with those close to ahmad rahami as 28 year-old is
4:34 am
charged with five counts of attempted murder and being held on 5.2 million-dollar bail, lauren. >> jenny, thanks very much. linden's mayor credits officer padilla for rahami's take down. he told "fox news" that padilla was first to arrive on the scene. mayor says rahami fired at him first hitting padilla who then shot back. padilla got hit in the leg and bullet-proof vest but he is expect to be okay. also hurt linden officer patrick hammer who was hit with a grazed wound. first officer targeted in the gunman's hate filled rampage is expect to get out of the hospital this morning. sergeant sylvia young could be released as early as 8:00 o'clock. officials are arranging a patrol escort for her trip home. sergeant young was one of two shot the in west philadelphia friday night along with three other people. a 25 year-old woman was killed. we're following breaking news in northeast philadelphia, police are closing in on a driver, who ran a man down leaving him critically injured. police have the car, and they
4:35 am
are still searching for that driver. dave kinchen is live with more, hi there, dave. >> reporter: we're on the 7,000 block of ruth land street in northeast philadelphia where police towed away that white chevy, moments ago. you can see empty space where that vehicle was. police say it is registered to a home on this block here. meantime a man believed to be in his late 40's is in extremely critical condition at aria torresdale following this hit and run. we have video of police towing away the white chevy cob thealt that police say it was involved in this incident. it has windshield damage. as we go to the second piece of the video, video two here we want to take to you bustleton and bleigh in northeast philadelphia. police believe this incident happened in or they are the pardoning lot of the wells fargo bank in that area around 11:15 last night. >> fortunately in the parking lot of bustleton and bleigh we did find several cameras at
4:36 am
the bank, very close to where this vehicle leaving the scene occurred. hopefully these cameras recorded something that can help with the investigation, although, we believe we have the striking vehicle, we're just going to have to investigate to find out who was driving this particular vehicle. >> reporter: as part of the investigation police officers were taking pictures of the white chevy before it was towed away. as we come back live here we can tell you that reek will registered to a home somewhere here on the 7,000 block of ruthland street here in the northeast and we can say that the victim thinks extremely critical condition at aria torresdale hospital. so far in arrests have been made, back to you. >> thanks very much. carson wentz getting his first chance to shine the in the national spotlight last night verse bears in the monday night football match up, and, wentz, wins. in just his second start wentz again showed signs that he has
4:37 am
what it takes to perform in the nfl. he had help from ryan matthews ran for two touch towns. the defensive line forced three turnovers this is game. the eagles beat the bears 29-14 to improve to two and zero on the season and coach doug pederson had something to say about wentz after the game. >> by no means was it perfect but at the same time he is seeing things very well and commanding the huddle and dialogue on the side line with players, coaches with him is something that a nine, ten year vet would do. it is showing his had stewart and the ability that he has to play quarterback. >> carson wentz now first quarterback since 1970 to win his first two games as a rookie with no team turnovers this those games. meanwhile before the game eagles safety malcolm jenkins steven means and ron brooks raised their fist as a form of protest during the national anthem. it comes as layers around the league have been staging
4:38 am
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4:42 am
that governor rick scott says officials have been getting rid of standing water and educating local residents and business toss help with the fight against the illness. >> we have now been 45 days without a local transmission of zika and so everybody should be coming back here and enjoying themselves. this is exactly had we hope to happen, that we had an issue, everybody took it seriously and resolved it. >> governor scott says that officials are now focusing on stopping zika went in the miami beach area. this image says it all according to donald trump junior next his controversial tweet comparing syrian refugees to the candy skitles.
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we could brag about what's in new light & fit yogurt. but we'd rather talk about what's not in it. like no artificial colors or preservative ingredients. and with 70 calories... maybe we're kind of bragging? new light & fit. all right. it looks like an easier day to deal with then yesterday with all that rain. we had impressive totals at the shore. west cape may, new jersey 4.69 , bernville, pennsylvania, which is chester county, no, that one is berks county, sorry,
4:46 am
3.47. marshallton is in chester county and they got over 2 inches. harrington delaware in kent county in the middle of the state 3.47 inches. we had heavy downpours. we got over an inch of rain in philadelphia, all of it much needed because we were really in an almost drought situation, throughout the region, and is there still more rain falling in southern delaware, right now, with that close proximity of the low pressure system. so keeping an eye on that rain in kent county to see if it moves into kent county is what i should say but lots of cloud around. if you are up in the mountains or lehigh valley we will see some sun. but for the rest of us we will be socked in but you will see gradually those cloud clear from northwest to south east, well, will it happen before sunset? we will wait and see but we do expect a warmer day, then yesterday. visibility not great, north and west of us, mount pocono with fog, allentown, reading, lancaster as well. so that is the morning we
4:47 am
have, foggy, cloudy. 83 degrees and eventually hoping for some sunshine later on. eighty-seven tomorrow. not as humid, autumn sunshine on thursday with a high of 86 degrees. still warm on friday. well above the average. 10 degrees above average by then but we will cool down over weekend. if you are waiting for that crisp fall feeling bob kelly, you'll get it by sunday in we saw leaves popping down. 4:47. we have got some fog out here this morning waking up, live look here at 202 and 252 this chester county. we are socked in, also on 309, portions of the turnpike, also 422, live look at the benny, in problems at all, crystal clear coming into downtown. the it is hit and his depending upon where you begin and end your trip with the fog this morning but no delays coming into downtown philadelphia. we have got left over construction and disabled truck in the construction zone north on i-95 as you head in toward ridley, just north of the 476, we are down to that
4:48 am
single lane pattern. tonight, phillies playing chicago white socks at 7:05 and shake you all night long with ac/dc across the street. phillies at 7:05. concert at eight. we will be rocking this south philadelphia on both side of the street here in to and out of the stadium area expect delays for that evening rush hour, shuttle buses are rolling until 5:00 on market frankford and the subway, and so far so good at philly international. lauren, back over to you. now to the race for the white house, democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton reaching out to younger voters during her campaign stop in philadelphia yesterday. she took her message to temple university addressing millennial whose so far have had a tough time shifting their support from bernie sanders. she even acknowledge millennials doubts about her becoming president. >> i work with bernie sanders on a plan. we came up with a plan that makes public college tuition
4:49 am
free for working families. >> i also know that even if you are totally opposed to donald trump you may still have some questions about me. i get that. i want to do my best to answer these questions. >> clinton also addressed a terror attacks in new york and new jersey accusing republican presidential nominee donald trump of giving aid and comfort to islamic terrorist. the clinton says trump's anti muslim rhetoric is helping groups like islamic state recruit new tighters. now to the republican presidential nominee donald trump he is heading to chester delaware county w tightening polls both candidates are headaching philadelphia a priority state in this upcoming election. donald trump responding to the terror attacks he is calling for drastic measures to combat terrorism in the u.s. repeating his call to include profiling as part of his plan. >> we can not let this evil continue. we will defeat radical islamic
4:50 am
terrorism. just as we have defeated every threat we have faced in every age before. >> latest real clear politics poll average shows trump slightly ahead in florida but still behind clinton nationally by only one point. donald trump junior back in the head lines after posting a controversial tweet, he tweeted a picture comparing syrian refugees to skitles. it read this image says it all, let's end politically correct agenda that doesn't put herc first and posted that message with the graphic that says if i had a bowl of skittles and i told just three would kill you, would you take a handfull? that is our syrian refugee problem. this isn't the first time trump junior come under fire, you may remember he was criticized for his comments about the gas chamber to a philadelphia station when complaining about how the treatment his father has received, from the media
4:51 am
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join us this friday as we have our annual military day. come down to fourth and market. we will shut down the street have a big block party to honor men and women who serve our country, again this friday september 23rd from 7:00 to 10:00 a.m. lets take a look at your top headlines, on line and social media demonstrators are calling for an independent investigation after 13 year-old boy shot and killed by police in columbus, ohio. over 100 people, delivered a list of demand to city hall saying officer who shot tyre king should face homicide charges. investigators say king ran from an officer investigating a reported armed robbery and pulled out a bee-bee gun that looked like the real thing. grand jury will deciding whether to charge the officer in this case. nearly 1,000 people mistakenly given u.s. citizenship even though u.s. government had ordered them to be deported. home land security says that the immigrants used fake
4:55 am
names, birthdays, but their lickses weren't flagged because of outdated fingerprint databases. at least two are being prosecuted and others have been referred to the fbi for links to terrorism. well, one big party bus near the university of delaware ended with 180 people arrested all for under age drinking, the bust happened friday in newark. inside, one person was found unconscious and had to be taken to the hospital for an alcohol overdose. that person is okay now, police say those who live in the home are part of an unsanctioned fraternity. one new jersey woman taking coupon go to a whole new level. twenty-nine year-old lauren carrier, set a goal of delivering 30,000 meals to people in need. she has been buying in bulk and allowed couponing would allow her to reach far more people. she could feed 150 people on just $20 depending on the items. so far she has delivered 5,000
4:56 am
meals. how nice of her. dave kinchen is live in northeast philadelphia where police made a discovery in the hit and run investigation, hi there, dave. >> they have vehicles they have believed is involved in this hit and run that left a hand with critical injuries, we will tell you her about the damage to the vehicle and whom police are looking for after the break. a suspected terrorist is under arrest, what led police to ahmad rahami we will talk bit coming up at 5:00. boring . the why can't it smell like this all the time the learning the virtue of sharing why let someone else have all the fun? that's no fun. it's baking season. warm up with pillsbury.
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4:59 am
a man is fighting for his life after being hit by a car just blocks from his home. where police say they have found the car involved. and then... [gunfire] >> one of the fbi an "s" most want men goes down after a gunfight with authorities. federal investigators say that this man is responsible for terror attacks this both new york and new jersey. charges he is facing now and why authorities are looking into a visit to a local grocery store. philly sports fans splitting big this morning it took eagles 21 seconds to turn a three-point lead to a 15-point advantage, against the bears. plus, the player row test everyone is already talking about. good day it is tuesday,
5:00 am
september 20th, 2016. chris murphy has the morning off. yesterday we got the rain as you promised. hopefully more sunshine today. >> i think eventually we will get some sunshine but we really could use more rain even though some places got too much for one day. we are seeing some rain, actually moving into sussex county delaware and some heading up the chesapeake bay. it will stop mid delaware if you we will see what happens, all morning. most of the area socked in with clouds, not only that but fog, quarter mile in allentown, reading, lancaster, 10-mile visibility at philly interest that the. we are okay there. in your weather by the thumbs we will give you a six. it will be humid and cloudy but you might see a stray shower but tomorrow much higher number. today 69 degrees with 90 percent relative humidity, sunrise at 6:47 in the morning. well, temperatures there they are, i knew they would come eventually. sixty-five in will allentown.


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