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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  September 20, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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♪ live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11.
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developing at 11 local woman admits she tried to join isis. she was sometimes known as young lineness dan she pleaded guilty to plod plotting that travel to syria to join terror group. today's development hits close to home after the incidents in new york and new jersey remaining us that the threat of terror is all too real. and federal prosecutors filed charges tonight against new jersey man connected to those tax. good evening, i'm lucy noland. first, the local woman who now admits her connection to isis. our chris o'connell has those details and what local terror expert has to say in newtown square life now, chris? >> reporter: lucy, they've been called the terrorists next door. that's exactly kind of narrative we've become all too familiar with. these home grown terrorists. the latest example a north philadelphia woman pleading guilty admitting to her role in joining terrorists in syria. american flags still fly outside
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the north philadelphia home of an cued terrorist. 32-year-old kianna thomas pleading guilty in federal court to a iteming to provide material support for isis. the woman who wept by the online name of young lineness was arrested just days before traveling to syria back in 2014. prosecutors say she communicated with known isis fighters even marrying one of them in online wedding ceremony. among the pages of evidence, one message from 2014. thomas wrote, i need a permanent vacation that could only mean one thing. where someone else responded, martyrdom. terrorism experts say this is the kind of home grown terrorism that's become the most concerning. >> this has been the one thing that keeps us awake at night. we were concerned about the individual who self radicalizes is not a member of any group, al-qaida, an isis group, doesn't tell anybody what he's doing,
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doesn't post anything on social media, and decides to go operational. >> reporter: now tomarchio tells me he thinks it's matter of time before another lone wolf terrorist strikes again. as for thomas, she remains in federal custody tonight awaiting her sentencing in january. she faces up to 15 years in prison. lucy? >> all right, thank you chris. develop to go night ahmad khan rahami is now facing federal charges. federal prosecutors announced this evening they have charged him with planting bombs around new york city and north jersey over the weekend. a judge had already ordered rahami held on more than $5 million bail. meanwhile, his father today told reporters he had reported his son to the fbi in 2014 after he started acting strangely. but nothing ever came of it.
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meanwhile, the two linden officers involved in chute atari rahami are out of the hospital. investigators are looking at notebook that rahami had on him during the gunfire. they say it contains extremist ramblings and reference various terrorists. develop to go night, one philadelphia community feels particularly vulnerable right now. asian business owners say violent robbers are sin link them out and they say a music video posted online in fact teaches people how to target them. let's get straight to our dave stratt wise sr. live now in chinatown. dave? >> reporter: lucy, a big turnout tonight at that meeting here in chinatown. asian business owners concerned about a string of home inn vague robberies recently. there have been a couple of arrests but they're also worried about online video they say encourages home invasions. they had another topic on the table tonight, how to protect
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yourself. >> this is the great equalizer. >> reporter: dr. edward lou has a politically incorrect solution to a recent spree of home invasion robberies and youtube individual that business owners say encourages targeting asian business owners. >> not only just arming themselves but to learn how to do it properly. and to do it legal. >> reporter: lou made his comments during meeting of asian business owners in chinatown tuesday. they're upset over being targeted for home invasions and a popular music video on youtube that has hundreds of thus sands of views. >> i think it's sickening and distasteful and basically teaching the young kids how to get money. >> people creating lyrics and music as if it's a joke it's diss grateful pity full. >> he thinks this is nasty video actually encouraging people to rob. >> reporter: police arrested
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two suspects in the recent string of home invasion anthony campbell and norman bowen face a long list of chafers. police are worried the youtube video might encourage a new round of home invasions. >> it's like a crime school. >> reporter: campbell and bowen romaine behind bars. they're charged with robbery, conspiracy, burglary and theft. lucy. >> thank you very much, dave. on your radar at 11:00 we're headed for a warm start to autumn. meteorologist kathy orr is here with your first forecast at 11:00. >> lucy, tomorrow is the last day of summer and, boy, is it going to feel good. and the first day of autumn just as good. take look at the temperatures behind me. mount pocono still sitting at 61. it's warm in philadelphia. millville 72 and atlantic city still holding on to 70 degrees with some moisture and also with some humidity. we're looking at some clouds to the south but into delaware valley looking pretty good right now. 60s and 70s through new england. so pretty much mild everywhere. now, the clouds courtesy of tropical moisture still
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associated with the remnants of julia well off the coast of mid atlantic. but impacting us. we'll see high pressure knowing down bringing sunshine tomorrow morning to most of the region with the exception of extreme south jersey and delaware and then the rest of us clearing out as the day progresses on wednesday and into the evening. high pressure building in along the eastern see bore. you can city jet stream riding well to the north with heat building in the southeast. all this moves toward the delaware valley and we're talking about temperatures about 10 degrees above normal for the next couple of days. 80s making a come back. could be the last time this season or even the fall season. take look at the numbers over in it. 67 in the city. 60 in the suburbs. more clouds to the south and east but clearing elsewhere. tomorrow look for high of 86-degrees. still little muggy. warm with a lot of sunshine and that will be the key to this forecast. as you look ahead and plan your day, temperatures in the 60s in the morning. by the lunch hour in the 80s. same after school. looking like 84 degrees by the
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3:00 o'clock hour and then the din are in hour the sun gets lower in the sky look for a temperature of 79. after that, chilly air that's well to the north, of course, near the polls trying to inch downward by sunday. so we're talking about an autumn chill right in time for the eagles game on sunday. so you will be tailgating maybe in some fleece if you're out there early in the morning. take look at the forecast. your seven day from your weather authority thursday a warm welcome to fall the temperature 86. friday the temperature peak at 87. saturday turning cooler in the wake afront. sunday morning lows in the 50s. the afternoon high 72. little bit of a chill to the system. monday 71. even cooler in the suburbs down in the 40s. 51 the morning low in the city and a slow rebound on tuesday with temperatures in the mid 70s. so looking pretty good lucy. little bit of everything for everyone. >> i like that. very good, thank you kathy.
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the fort lee, new jersey, mayor at the heart of the scandal now known as bridge gate testified in day two of the trial against bridget kelly and bill baroni. the mayor today told jurors the two former staffers of governor christie quoted him for more than three years before he declined to endorse christie's re-election. prosecutors say kell and baroni created traffic jams near the george washington bridge in 2013 to punish sacco lidge. while they did not press any charges against governor christie, prosecutors claim he new about the lane closures. many denominations at one i was teak prayer service tonight. a blessing of the badges for the men and women who put their lives on the line for the rhett of us every day. dozens gathered at that south jersey church to honor the emergency responders our shawnette wilson was there joining us now from moorestown. shawnette. >> reporter: lucy the ceremony in fact did honor first responders and prayer was offered for their safety while on the job. ♪
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>> reporter: the blessing offed batches. a special ceremony for dozens of law enforcement firefighters and ems workers in moorestown. >> it's a service to pray for them. and anoint their badges and uniforms with oil as a symbol of protection. >> deputy fire chief edgar thomas went to the altar for prayer. >> it's good to know that we have that shield of safety around us every time we walk out the door. no telling when we'll come back f we come back. >> reporter: moorestown police chief explained the meaning of the badge. >> the badge representing public trust. >> estopped by the community turn out for the ceremony. >> it's been a rough year for law enforcement and it makes it ease your for us to go out don our job. we have the people have our backs. >> reporter: prayer was also said for those who could not a 10 the ceremony because they were on duty tonight.
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lucy? >> all right, thank you shawnette. a philadelphia police officer beating the odds tonight after someone fired 18 shots at her. our cameras were at the hospital for her release and we ran into someone who knows exactly what she's going through. you probably know some of the dangers of getting too little sleep. what about too much? the new warning. and what happens when hump back whale swims too close to shore. you're logging at it. rescuers got this guy back out to sea but they didn't do it on their own. k mart is closing 64 of its stores across the country. while none of those stores are in our area, the retailer says it continues to struggle against competitors. parent company sears holding says it will not only close those k marts but 10 sears stores as well. liquidation sales is that right this weekend with final closings set for december. thousands of people will lose their jobs. ♪
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♪ surrounded by dozens of fellow officers philadelphia police sergeant sylvia young left penn presbyterian hospital and is home tonight. a gunman shot at young 18 times
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friday night in west philadelphia in rampage. he killed a young woman sitting in her car and wounded five people. he died in a shootout with police and it was young's police vest that saved her life. >> she's doing very well. obviously, over taken with emotion right now seeing all her comrades out here wishing her well on her route home but it's what she deserves. i mean, she went through a horrific experience and she survived. large part due to her training and god's will. >> um-hmm. among those on hand to show support for young officer jesse hartnett himself the target of a gunman in a january ambush. >> i couldn't believe when the doors opened the amount of support that you have, you know, and they try keep of one away at first, but really the law enforcement community there's tons -- huge outpouring and a lot of support and very very well coming. >> sergeant young is home tonight surround beside family and friends.
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just seven weeks until election day and democratic nominee hillary clinton is off the campaign trail. clinton resting up for next week's first presidential debate and tonight she has reason to feel operate miss tuck about her chances again donald trump. associated press report that is numbers from early voting show strength for clinton in the critical state of north caroli carolina. still very tight race though a real clear politics poll average has clinton ahead nationally by a mere 1.3 points. a very tense situation breaking tonight in charlotte, north carolina. demonstrates are extremely angry with police after police involved shooting killed a man. officers responded to reports of a man with gun. when they arrived, they say a man who was not involved got out of his car and that he had a g gun. they shot and killed him. but his family says he was just reading a book and iain fresco users snapped picture from the scene of that shooting earlier this evening. >> yeah, lucy here's the picture
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of that scene where the man was killed. you can see the crime scene tape police investigate the family of the man who was killed claims he doesn't even own begun. he was just in the area waiting to pick up a child. closer to home a camden community comes together to learn about job opportunities. here's some video from the meeting tonight of camden mayor dana red discussing the construction career initiative. program trains residents in construction to work on local construction projects it was the first of four meetings for residents interested in the program. so when you see news happening, be sure to take out your phone and shoot it and mack sure you to use the fresco app to cinder to our newsroom and make some cash. lucy. >> thank you iain whale of a tale off the coast of australia massive hump backed whale swam a little too close to the shore today. she got stuck in the shallow bay water entangled in fishing net. rescue crews were able to free the whale from the net and with the help of the rising tied she swam back out to sea. marine mammal experts say more than thee hundred thousand whales, dolphins and porpoises
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day in fishing gear every single year. it's to your health now, the one they know we all need and want but so few of us seem to get enough of maybe more important than ever to make sure you're getting just the right amount of sleep at night. a new study shows sleep irregularities may be tied to a variety of health problems like diabetes, like obesity that can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. but here's the problem. the risks may go up when people get too little sleep or too much. the american academy of sleep medicine and sleep research society recently advised adults to get at least seven hours of sleep every night. we have good news in the fight against cancer. the american association for cancer research is out with its annual cancer progress report. now, it says patients are benefiting from treatments because of up tick in research. the cancer progress report details how federally funned research is fueling the development of new way and various ways to prevent, detect,
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diagnosis and treat cancer. some of the highlights over the past year, the fda approved 13 new anti cancer treatments and new uses for 11 previously approved anti cancer drugs. study authors say federally funded research continues to spur progress against cancer but research does of course cost money. we have good news for women who opted for the h1n1 or swine flu vaccine. a new study by the swede dash researchers shows that despite previous concerns, the vaccine is unlikely to create higher risks of birth defects. and local children have a shiny new floor to play on for after school activities thanks big donation. the had a rower gate police athletic league in north philadelphia unveiled the new gym floor today. city floor my along with its partners donated the materials and completed work for the project for the children. great stuff. renovation of love park. the work on the welcome center is underway.
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city officials gathered in center stow to unveil rendering of the new center. they also made a big announcement about the project. the global building materials manage manufacturer seth go ban donating seven hun doctor thousand dollars in cash and material buildings for the center. mayor jim kenney says this is the great thing for the park. >> it's part of what makes this city recognizable around the world. the love statue, of course, and love park its former formation was very popular but we know in this iteration it's going to be even more special. >> love park is in the midst of a $19.5 million redesign. the love statue at dilworth park during the -- is ate at dilworth park during the big make over. sean bell what you got. >> lucy, still all about the eagles. coming off a another big win. i'm going to tell you who impressed me the most and guess what? there's not -- it's not carson wentz. the guy that actually going to make carson wentz a super star. that's coming up next in sports.
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♪ again the eagles are two and zero and everyone super excited. ready for big things. still i caution for people to slow down. be happy for what you have now but don't expect too much. things need to grow but i like what i see. carson wentz is getting all the praise deserved so he'll be a study but doug pederson is the guy that lick this ming go and he's been just as impressive in the first two games as carson. the most impressive thing the aggressiveness. he has the kahunas to go ahead and get what he wants. pederson showing no hesitation to good for it all in the first two games he's four for four on fourth down conversions. each time, leading to a score. owes not afraid to gamble and when he does he gets it big. big money much this is what i love about this guy.
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playing it safe gets you nowhe nowhere. field goal, short punts is for losers. doug pederson is showing he wants to go out there and take the game. not will the it come to him. that's the sort of thing that trickles down the players. the players see he has full confidence in them and they'll run through a wall through him. abandon just to make doug pederson happy. again carson, he's been the man but pederson that's making everything go. lucy. >> all right, thank you sean. dramatic twist from hollywood tmz reports brad pitt is furious after wife angelina jolie filed for divorce yesterday. a source says that he thinks the stories about anger and substance problems have put the family in a precarious spot. jolie filed divorce documents yesterday. they have been together for 12 years. but married for two. she'sly asking for physical custody of their sick children but is not asking for spousal support. maori ya cary announced her final act in sin city.
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caesars palace released a statement confirming the news that cary is wrapping up her two-year stint on the strip. her final show is at the coal coliseum slated to run from april 26th to may 12th tickets go on sale later this month. she certainly doesn't need to do it for the money. >> no. >> marid that aussie billionai billionaire. >> something like that. >> something like that. >> can't keep track. >> dough on top of dough and she needs it because she wants the world. >> she's got more dough than the pillsbury dough boy. more enter taken many news ahead with tmz and dish nation. stonned for chasing nouse followed by the simpson. big happy birth to our producer blake. we'll see you tomorrow on "good day philadelphia".
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: wow. we broke the story, angelina jolie has filed for divorce. this seems to have come from out of the blue. >> i know! yes! [applause] this is the best news ever! harvey: why? >> team jennifer aniston! harvey: this is 12 years ago! >> cara delevingne over in london leaving the soho house and she was partying with amber heard. >> are they together? >> that would be the sexiest couple. >> wait, what happened to the elon musk thing? i thought that was a whole thing. harvey: maybe elon's ok with it. >> what do you think? yeah! >> kim kardashian, kanye west bought her an identical second engagement ring. >> oh, she wants one for each hand. >> that looks dumb. >> it was so stupid. you're never wearing both of them at once. >> at what point do we say judge people for wasting money


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