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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  September 21, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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was yesterday. we expect to see a little more sunshine nine out every ten, bus stop buddy, clouds, some fog out there, no umbrella needed even though we could use little more rain. there is none in the forecast, it is not too far away, though, so lots of rain down around the eastern shore of maryland, but nothing sneaking it way up here, at least not yet. mix of sun and cloud out there this morning, which made for beautiful sunrise, 69 degrees right now with northerly breeze at 7 miles an hour. kind of foggy up there in allentown this morning, few of the other suburbs, fine at philadelphia international airport. with mild and muggy yesterday, high of 82 degrees. but, today, warmer, just not quite as humid, by lunchtime we will already be at 80 degrees, and then 86 for a high temperature, with sunset at 6:59. i would say, it will feel kind of summary for the last day of summer, bob kelly. >> you got it, sue. right at any of the hour. 7:00 good morning on a wednesday, jammo on the schuylkill expressway. westbound bumper to bumper
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coming in up and over the whitman, all the way into south street. because after accident, only one lane open at south, coming into center city. here is a live look at 422, rush hour underway, as you head in toward little bit of fog. light fog, in toward the king of prussia area. coming in from south jersey, we are dealing with some patchy fog as well and delays on the freeway head in the toward the walt whitman bridge. now, ft. washington, as you head westbound over toward mid-county vehicle fire, off to the side, but it is a tracking some attention and slowing us down southbound of the blue route mid count any through the schuylkill because after accident. so, a lot of accident already in the 7:00 hour, then delays on 55 work your way out of depth forwards in toward the route 42 freeway. mass transit and the airport so far so good. mike and alex back to you. >> thanks, bob. to the breaking news out of north carolina at least 12 officers have been injured. police cars damaged after protests errupted overnight.
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>> well, the demonstrators protesting the death after man after a police involved shooting, just, well, inside the charlotte city limit. this is yesterday afternoon. comes days after an unarm man was shot in tulsa oklahoma by police offerser. >> a lot to cover with jenny up in the news room. >> good morning, we are hearing from the victim's family this morning, their story conflict with police, the man's sister said her brother was unarmed, and that he is disable, news, that another black man has been shot and killed by police, has spark protests overnight. this is a look of people setting fire to a charlotte highway. police cars have been damaged, and authority have responded with tear gas trying to yell the conflict. how much, many protesters are pushing for peace, and urging others to do the same. the man killed has been identified as 43 year old keith lamont, taken to carolina's medical center where he was pronounced dead. shots were fired, after
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charlotte police say they responds today is her after warrant. when they arrived they came across a man who was getting out after car and was arm with a weapon. police say, this man, posed an imminent threat to police, and they opened fire. this is not the man who police were initially looking for. a woman who claims to be the daughter of the man shot and killed showed up to the scene and started rolling her own facebook live video. >> they shot my daddy because he was black, sitting in a car reading a book, so they shot him. this video going vie val. man's family claiming did he not have a weapon, despite police, alleging he had a gun. scott's sister shared her hanger with us. >> they just out their trucks. they said hands up. he got a gun, boy, pow, pow. that's it. he had no gun. >> police say they recovered a gun from the scene. the officer who shot scott has been placed on administrative
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leave. the office hears been with the department for with years, stay with us for continuing coverage, live report from charlotte coming up in about five minute, mike anal next. >> comes days after the shooting in tulsa, unarmed man was shot and killed just outside of tulles a on highway. now the fbi and the justice department says they're conducting own investigations, video of the incident show 40 years old terrence crutcher walking toward his broken down suv in the middle of the road there with his hands as you can see high in the air. moments later he falls to the grounds officer betty said she was afraid crutcher was reaching for a weapon, when she opened fire. >> she informs the dispatcher that she is having not having cooperation from the person there, one shot was fired, by officer shelby. and the taser deployed by officer tyler turnbo. >> you can see clearly that the window is up.
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there is a streak of blood you see terrence crutcher lying on the ground, hand still up. >> dozens of protesters calling for the immediate arrest of offer shelby, has been on leave, standard procedure. >> following two investigations stretching from new york city to philadelphia. a local woman admits she tried to join isis, but first we'll have more information about the man accused of planting bombs in new york and in new jersey. federal prosecute verse now charged ahmad khan rahami with several crumbs including planting bombs in both new york and new jersey over the weekend. rahami's father spoke to reporters outside of his elizabeth new jersey home, said he noticed something changed in his son two years ago, and he reported it to the f.b.i. >> two years ago i reported to f.b.i. okay? >> don't know yet.
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>> what's that? >> judge has set ahmad khan rahami's bail just over $5 million, looking into more of these charges in a little bit with a attorney. but let's get back to philadelphia. and the woman who admitted to trying to join isis. she was sometimes known as young lioness. >> a mother of two, willing to leave her kids behind, in philly, and head to syria. here's dave. >> really had the nation talking, terrorism expert we spoke with last night, our evening crew spoke with, says this north philadelphia woman pleading guilty, to planning to join isis, a major example of how home-grown terrorist represent the largest threat to our national security, we have a sketch of 32 year old keonna thomas in court. you may recall last april the fbi raiding her home, just days before she was set to leave this country and travel to syria. in a surprise move, thomas
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pleaded guilty to attempting to provide material support for isis the indictment reads: thomas went by the name young line he is, as you said, on line, and had a scream to abandon her own children here in the country two, children, and move to syria to join an isis fighter, she marble i had on line. >> the one thing that keeps us awake at night, when i was in homeland security doing intelligence work, we were concerned about the individual who self radicalize z not a member of any group in al quaida, isis group, doesn't tell anybody what he is doing, doesn't pose anything on social media, and decide to go operational. though individuals are almost impossible to find. >> and the indictment says in 2014, thomas wrote on line, quote, i need a permanent vacation, that could only mean one thing, we are where someone else responded, now as for thomas, she remains in the
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federal detention center, as she is set to be sentence in the january, and could face up to 15 years in prison. back to you, mike and alex. >> all right, weird story. 7:08. teenager is charged, the teenager charge in the this fight. fight in the hallways, teacher, video of the fight from monday morning, by the way, from inside lincoln hi, was sent to us here in the news room t appears to show a student fight wag teacher, philadelphia police say the student is 16 years old, and has been charged with aggravated assault against the teacher. so far no word if any charges against the teacher are coming, doesn't seem like it. the school district of philadelphia releasing statement saying quote unquote we take the safety of our student and our teachers very seriously, violence of any kind in our schools is unacceptable. will not be tolerated. we're working in cooperation with the philadelphia police department and we are conducting our own investigation to gather all of the fact regarding the incident before we have a further statement. coming up clock 09.
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police say victim every hit-and-run monday night in north philadelphia actually tried to rob the driver before the driver hit him. >> wow. >> it happened at the wells fargo bank on bustleton and bleigh. police say the robber forced driver to take several hundred dollars out of atm at gunpoint, they say the robber stabbed the man's windshield with a knife, before getting run over. police tell us the driver will not face any charges, the robber is expected to survive, and he will face charges. >> that's one way to get a robber back. hey, the fort lee new jersey mayor at the heart of the bridgegate scandal testified in day two of the trial against bridget kelly and bill barone. so the mayor of fort lee new jersey told jurors the two former christie staffers courted him, for more than three years. trying to get his vote. before he declined to endorse christie's re-election campaign. prosecutors saidel i anbar own created traffic jams near the george washington bridge, which connects into fort lee, in 2013. to punish the mayor, for not
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supporting christie. prosecutors claim christie new about the lane closers. that's what prosecutors say governor christie of course says he had no idea. >> former eagles running back, la sean mccoy, could still end up in a courtroom. that's because two philadelphia cops are suing shady mccoy for his alleged role in a february bar fight here in philadelphia. he was in old city. it left two off duty officers injured. the lawsuit claims that mccoy beat and kick one officer and pun. another in the eye. remember this is video from that fight in the club. district attorney seth williams decide in the april to not file any charges in the fight, claiming co-not proof who started it. >> so this is a civil case as opposed to criminal case. okay, we'll follow it. 7:10. >> update on the samsung galaxy seven smart phone. samsung said it new smart phones would be available in us scores today, to replace about 1 million devices because the batteries can catch fire. shortly after the galaxy seven went on sale last month,
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safety official urged people to return them because of the battery issue. then last week samsung announced refund or replacement for the phone which sells for $850. >> yikes. 8:50. >> who the is the toughness going back and forth about this. both donald trump and hillary clinton trying to convince voters they're the best on terror. trump pushing back on clinton's claim his rhetoric helps isis recruit. but democrat are not easily giving up on one of their strongest voting bases younger voters typically over the years has loaned democrat, clinton campaign out with new radio ad, we'll play a little bit of it, targeting millennials, and african-americans. >> hillary clinton, she will create more jobs, make college debt free, and change the law that put too many brothers and sisters in jail for too long. on november 7th you shouldn't relax, get all of your friends to vote, you know that, right?
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>> so try to do this every day. new pole comes out every night, clear, real clear politics pole. that's the win site that co-late all of the other polls. so, they have clinton ahead nationally, by a mere 1.3 points. let's call it just under, well, just over one point. it is tide. first lady michelle obama will campaign for hillary clinton in philadelphia. that's going to be next week. well, 7:12. a recent announce the that the fraternal order every police is endorsing donald trump is getting mixed reactions around the city. rochelle is president of guardian civic league and a organization representing nearly 3,000 local african-american police officers. many she says are angry their local union end doser dollars trump. but the fraternal order of police says decision was made by the majority of those in the union. >> i don't know a person of any consciousness that has a
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following of differs people thal would endorse donald trump. >> national president of the f.o.p. >> so in a statement philadelphia police commissioner richard ross said quote the fraternal order of police and the police department are two separate entities, as commissioner i do not way in on political matters including decisions by the f.o.p. to endorse particular candidate. clearly avenue personal opinion, but i will respectfully keep that to myself. >> there you go. so is this true? when it comes to politics. former president, george h.w. bush, bush, 41, is he going to vote for hillary clinton, a democrat? that's according to some reports. >> so the 92 year old bush was going to stay silent for the race to the white house, but a kennedy ousted him. check this out. kathleen harding kennedy townsend, former governor, post the picture on her facebook page shaking hands
7:14 am
next to the former president with the caption: the president told me he's voting for hillary. >> well, the people with the spokespeople, that's what i was looking for, thank you for being my spokesperson. >> your welcome, any time. >> they said supposed to be a private conversation, didn't want it out, and they're very upset. >> said told a room of about 40 people he was going to be doing that, now it is out there. >> that was going to be a private conversation. breaking news that happened while were you sleeping, north carolina outside of charlotte. protester err turned violent after police involved shooting near charlotte. at least 12 officers hurt in this. a man is dead. >> live in charlotte, heard there is a lot of action overnight. but starting to clear out, right felicia? protesters shut down the
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interstate, i85, which is just a few miles, right from this wal-mart behind me, that's where protesters ended up turning into looter ers, some every them, breaking into this wal-mart. let me step out of the way so you can see what's happening right now. so they broke the glass in the front of this wal-mart. so those doors don't have any glass inside of them. now, you see the wooden pallet which has been placed hereby wal-mart employees. this is the only thing that is safeguarding this wal-mart at this point in time. prior to these wooden pal end, there were charlotte police department officers out here in riot gear, pro teching this wal-mart, and to send a message to anyone who might be rioting and looting. now wal-mart employees tell me that there was an ipads that were taken actually saw flat screen tv taken out of the parking lot, carried back into the store, by wal-mart employees. so, we know that technology was taken from the store. this morning the police still trying to get a good grasp on everything that was taken,
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right now, i was told by the deputy chief here, of the police department, the city seemed to be pretty calm at this point in time. they sent those officers home who are in riot gear protecting this wal-mart, because they want to make sure that they are able to rest up, be ready for the next shift that happens. they are expecting there to be busy day of protest, and they're expecting the night to include a volatile scene, as well. we will of course stay on top of this, and continue to follow it, and reporting live in charlotte, i'll sends it back to you all in fill. >> i we know that 12 officers were injured during the protest. were there any arrests that were made? >> i heard there were some arrests, some people sent to the hospital with life threatening jester. by few i mean handful of people. still getting good grasp on all of those numbers. and they are still getting a grasp on just all of the officers that might have been injured in that. and i like i said, it is
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non-life threatening injuries. to be clear. people sent to the hospital. only few are resting. >> so felicia, what part of charlotte is this? are school going to be in session? is tension high? >> reporter: i think tension is high this morning. i haven't heard, we've been of course watching social media. we've been watching obviously the charlotte police department to any information they might be giving us. at this point in time things are calm. obviously it is early morning, the sun is just coming up. so right now, they are just kind of bracing, hoping for the best, while bracing for the worse obviously. this is in north charlotte. the area in which the shoot something near the area in which the shooting occurred. and it has been known to have some violence in it. but obviously, having these protests escalate, certainly, out of the ordinary. >> yes, for sure. we will check back with you, thank you for that, felicia.
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>> coming up on 7:18. back to our area here. just one bit of good news today. >> the weather will be nice? >> the weather. >> you can thank sue for that. >> celebrating i guess the end of summertime with some summary warmth, thanks to high pressure in control, and it will keep that rain away being kind of mixed blessing because we could still use rain, rain monday, but really need some more. this cold front that comes through, just before the weekend, that will probably not give us any rain. so that's what's going on with our weather systems, at work here. here is a look at the rain we were talking about, that's going to stay to the south. but that system spreading some clouds into our area, specially, delaware, and southern new jersey, but we're not seeing any rain just yet. could see few showers sneak in delaware or cape may county probably the only places where you might need briefly an umbrella otherwise mix of sun and clouds high temperature of 86 degrees today. we welcome autumn with temperatures that are still summary in the mid 80s, and
7:19 am
bee stay that way friday as well then the change comes, cold front comes through saturday with just some clouds, cooling us down, high of 78 saturday, and by sunday, high temperature of only 70 degrees, for the eagles game. bob kelly? >> sounds good, 7:19. rough go here this morning, early morning accidents, on number of our major roadways, jammo, coming out of south philly. stacked and packed here, the tunnels out of 26 street. all because after accident westbound on the schuylkill. over near south street. so all of south philly coming over the whitman trying to get into center city here, a slower than normal go, as you work your way in toward center city. the vine expressway, stack up, crossing town, from broad street over to the schuylkill. even for the folks coming in from south jersey an accident north on the 42 freeway, right at creek road, and of course we are tim i cannily have heavy volume right around this hour to begin with coming in toward the city. that's having a domino effect here on route 55. stack up, in toward depford,
7:20 am
folks trying to get in toward the city. accident on the roosevelt boulevard, southbound at whitaker. and a new construction project emergency work on the lincoln drive begins today. southbound, down to one lane between green and wayne. that's going to last for couple of weeks. so expect delays there. and delays further west on that schuylkill from the boulevard out and up the hill into conshy, alex, back over to you. >> 7:20. bombshell divorce in hollywood. and it is about to getting limit how hollywood is responding to the news that a that angelina jolie has file divorce from brad pitt. >> are you on the wentz wagon yet? well, we found, two guys, they think they're being smart about it, all in and trying to trademark the term. we look at the legal battle ahead for this is diehard fans. >> join us friday, come on down to fourth and market from 7:00 to 10:00 a.m. we'll shut down the entire street and throw a block party to honor our men and women who
7:21 am
serve our country. that's this friday from seven to 10:00 a.m.
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idonald trump says he alone can fix the problems we face. well i don't believe that's how you get things done in our country. it takes democrats and republicans working together. that's how we got health care for 8 million kids. rebuilt new york city after 9/11. and got the treaty cutting russia's nuclear arms. we've got to bring people together. that's how you solve problems and that's what i'll do as president.
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>> all that's going on in the world, what are the headlines? the break up of angelina and brad. >> this rocked news rooms around the worlds. i'm not kidding. listen to "tmz" yesterday, harvey levin says people, reporters covering around the worlds syria, isis. >> the un general assembly. >> general assembly east side of manhattan, all stopped and contacted and texted him; this true, angelina filed for divorce against brad pitt? huge news. >> even whether george clooney was at the un general assembly, going up to him and asking questions about that. >> he actually talk to them about it. so angelina filed for divorce from brad pitt, wants full custody of the kids, what do they have, six kids, that she shares with brad pitt. they've adopted from all around the worlds. >> plus they have millions of
7:25 am
dollars worth between them, homes all over the world, so for a lot of people it was a shock, jen. were you shock, weren't you? >> reporter: i am a roving reporter, roving the streets of philadelphia, because there is breaking news from hollywood. angelina jolie and brad pitt, angelina has filed for divorce. >> i just heard the news on "the q" show. we yes in the balcony awe struck, you're kidding me. >> i can't say i'm surprised though. >> i thought they were together forever. i thought they were the happiest couple ever. i thought they were divorce-proof. >> well, i really feel bad. because i love them. mr. and mrs. smith, that was my favorite movie. >> you weren't worried about jennifer aniston for one second? >> i love dave kinchen, he is me favorite person in the whole wild world. except for the whole motley
7:26 am
crew obsession, do you go angelina or go jennifer aniston? >> angelina, probably -- >> people break up every day jen. they'll be all right. >> back in australia, i'm interviewing you on the news in philadelphia, you're not here. don't be here. your wife's not here. angelina or jennifer? >> i go jennifer, she likes jennifer. >> please, open up the floodgates, they can actually work in their marriage. because everybody goes through times. >> make sure you watch it is the website that will probably be posted. >> okay. >> there go. these are my friends from australia. when you go to campo's for a clues steak, what are you going to say? >> jenn fred sent us. >> good bye. >> high! >> jen, big, big, big news. now, celebrities weighing in,
7:27 am
as well? >> the thing is you have to kind of make fun of this, right? you feel sorry for the children obviously, you hate to see a marriage dissolve. but real when it is trump the news in syria, et cetera? yes, let's begin with the people that this really affect. the other actors and actresses . >> quest love, i loved his tweet. early no one thought it was real. check it out. jason biggs wife, you know her, she said: is it weird to go pull my preschooler out of school and tell him? >> i love christie, brad and angelina, how am i supposed to go to work today? what are you diagnose for work anyway, come on, obviously the memes, mostly directed at jennifer aniston, but of course, taylor swift right now. >> oh,. >> common. you knew it was coming. you know those were many coming. >> i have to say that if you read that new york post, and we have the cover, and it is epic. >> classic.
7:28 am
>> i mean, common. what they're saying in the post everyone in jennifer's inner circle obviously doesn't really care for angelina, but they all presumed that she would have the affair, as you know, it has been rumored and report recalled by entertainment magazines that he is accused of having an affair with very famous french actress. >> "tmz" shot that done, said it is all about the child custody issue. >> said that, but also said she did hire a private investigator. and it is just little crazy. so the bottom line is show us your memes, show us your gifts. go crazy. and again, it is just a little crazy because there is so much real in the world this week. >> our news re superintendent rupp dollars with all of the stuff going on. >> i have video of it on my snap chat. >> re we get to go play is it. >> no, we can't. >> earthquake, there was earthquake in los angeles, 3.1 magnitude. and literally cnn for real,
7:29 am
and fox for real, to say we do not think they're related. >> they're not, so let's break this down. i nets dollars in the news room, i'm one of about three men out of about 50 women. >> congratulations. >> i love my job. and they're all gorgeous wonderful smart women. >> oh, thank you. >> they errupted and they all, i mean, 100%, were on jen anderson's side hopping up and down and smiling for her. so i want to understand what's that's all about? >> because they were together, jennifer aniston was married to brad pitt. >> yes. >> angelina jolie and brad pitt make mr. and mrs. smith. angelina jolie is talking to entertainment tonight, no, there is nothing going on. there was something going on. and my thing is as a married woman, i have told steve a thousand times, you might want to leave me. but do it a little classy, okay? divorce me, and then start dating. >> so here is why i'm confused. when they were together, i don't remember, for little bit people were saying stuff. there are people who like them
7:30 am
together. they had the name, people thought they were nice, doing the humanitarian work together. >> i didn't think it would work. let me break this down. one is the girl next-door, jennifer aniston. the other is a vava -- >> remind me of archie comics, betty and veronica? >> i'm trying to relate it to gilligan's islands how far back i go. tina versus mary ann. we'll get into that. we have to get to these guys here, two life-long eagles fans are all in on the wentz wagon. they've hopped on it. they're caving been on it so long. so trying to make it official. and trademark the term wentz wagon. we have an attorney standing by. what are the copyright laws? do they have a shot at making thousands of dollars? meet these two guys fresh back from chicago.
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>> clock 33, following breaking news out of charlotte, north carolina, protesters in charlotte up to three hours ago protesting man shot and killed by police, protesters set fire on highway overnight, at least 12 police officers were hurt, protesters have tied down now, this morning, but the investigation into that shooting will continue for days in the charlotte north carolina area. >> controversy this morning, surrounding a trial accusing derrick rose of rape. los angeles judge ruled yesterday the woman accusing rose cannot remain anonymous, woman identify in the court document as jane dough. her lawyers argue that her
7:34 am
privacy should be protected but the judge said the law is remember clear on this issue and won't close this courtroom to protect her identity. the victim sued rose last year claiming he and his two friends raped her in august of 2013 after a night of drinking. roseanne the other say they had concentual sex with her that night. and another interesting aspect of the case the defense wants to ask whether potential. >> a juror: ores, if they think nba players are overpaid. >> interesting. wonder why that would be a factor if they're overpaid. >> whether it comes to investigating the jury? >> let's talk about this, interesting case. ahmad khan rahami now facing terrorism charges, in new york, and new jersey, in connection with a bombings over the weekend. that's why brought our attorney in fred, thank you for being here. so what will the charges be? >> there is a whole bunch of charges usually weapons of mass destruction, attempting to create havoc, actual terror itch, so charged with what's called complaint. the federal system we charge by indictment.
7:35 am
there has to be an indictment. so the federal government now has 30 days to indict him. arrest complaint, allows to keep him in custody. >> did you hear his dad said that he thought he was a terrorist couple of years ago and the fbi was looking into him as many as two years ago. what does it take to get somebody on a terror watch list? >> that's an interesting point. i mean, the father did raise this issue. a lot of people say that people in the islamic community need to take more steps, here the father makes the call to the f.b.i., thinks his son hawes been -- has been radicalized. easy in retree expect to question what happened. the fbi tried to interview this kid, they couldn't interview him because he was in prison unrelated charges the father ultimately back off on what he said and said what i really meant he joined a gang, hanging out with the wrong people, and so it is tough for law enforce: they get a report. try to do what they can. the complaint and the backs down, the guy there is ahmad khan rahami had been in jail
7:36 am
for beating up his brother and mother. he doesn't even serve charges on. that will so there is only so much you can do. >> even whether it comes to how he was traveling and coming back and forth, additional questioning? >> that's different issue. the question is, you know, kind of what are red flags? what is it that we can look at, law enforcement can look at that makes a determination this is someone we need to pay attention to? similarities between this guy and the lore tan lan dough bomber, travel back and forth, what he is doing on websites people he is hanging out w unfortunately it is not like there is no one thing you can look at or two things or three things that say this guy is going to be a terrorist. it is very, very difficult. >> these organized security guard, got job, has not cooperated with the police and authority at all. they found a notebook on him filled with seemed like radicalized, bullet hole in it. >> unfortunately yes.
7:37 am
interests, also, went on his win page, if you read the complaint, and the warrant the fbi did, really good police work, they found the phones, track down electronic serial numbers, determined they were sold in the store right near where he lived. the evidence that they have, apparently his fingerprints are all over one of the bombs. very lucky, these bombs could have been incredibly lethal. i mean, incredibly. >> twenty-nine people hurt in mid town or in manhattan saturday night. >> thankfully they were all released from the hospital on sunday. >> i know, the bombs, the elizabeth train station, three separate pipe bombs, these were -- could have been serious bombs, the other thing that troubles me, they found, on a cell phone shows this guy taking black pipe, powder, lighting it off, having it go off and laughing and joking about it, and you know that kind of stuff has to raise red flags with people. people need to do something, say something to try and put an ends to this. ultimately this could have been a heck of a lot worse.
7:38 am
>> think if all 29 --er. >> to them that's terrible. i mean, you know, the bomb that went on in seaside heights, marine corps run went off 9:35 a.m. run was supposed to start at nine: issues got late start. bomb went off. i mean it, could have been terrible. >> bad news. so difficult. >> it is. >> all about the intelligence, we got to keep pouring money into intelligence. >> about the intelligence, about people paying attention, about people being too long say something, and, you know, and taking steps to stop these types of attacks before they occur. >> hang around, we have another story for you, okay? >> 7:38. weird story out of pennsylvania over in the pittsburgh area, school lunch shaming. cafeteria worker quit, after being told to take away a child's hot lunch. >> the school rule she says is so unfair she couldn't take it any more. when it comes to risking social security on the stock market...
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7:41 am
>> backing down from the upside in toward downtown philadelphia, morning rush hour, underway, here on a wednesday. hello, mt. laurel, new jersey, route 73, slow going, from
7:42 am
pretty much maple shade, all the way in through the ramps therefore the new jersey turnpike, and we're back up, coming out of south philly. grab cheese steak for the ride here. jam up from the 26th street tunnel, all the way into south street because of accident on south westbound side where they had it down to one lane, keep that in mind trying to get into university city. then coming in from south jersey accident on the 42 freeway northbound right at creek road, and that's having a domino effect on all of the roads leading up into the freeway, south on the boulevard, an accident at whitaker, and then the water department started a new project, today, down to one lane, on the lincoln drive between green and wayne. that will will tie things up for the next week or so. a lot of folks headed over to the boulevard, as an alternate. what's the forecast look like for the wok crew today? sue has the answer coming up in 15 seconds.
7:43 am
>> quite a few clouds around this morning, we do have temperatures that are in the 60s, 70s, and december end day ahead, and eventually bus stop buddy will need his sunglasses, but they're quite a few clouds as we can see on the satelite picture. and down around ocean city, maryland, maybe around fenwick island, there are few showers, very light, but they should stay away from us today, the showers, i mean, 69 degrees, we get started on the last full day of summertime. 7-mile per hour wind out of the north. it is reduced visibility in a now places this morning, but the fog isn't nearly as bad as it was yesterday. so, this isn't real a issue. we get to high of 86 degrees today. mix of sun and clouds. it is a warmer day than yesterday. yesterday's high was 82, so this is it, autumn starts at 10:21 tomorrow. next time we'll be bringing
7:44 am
you the seven day forecast, more of good day philadelphia after this.
7:45 am
[ clock ticking ] time. you only have so much. that's why we wanna make sure you won't have to wait on hold. and you won't have to guess when we'll turn up. because after all... we should fit into your life. [ laughing ] not the other way around. [ clock ticking ]
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he's a race-baiting, xenophobic, religious bigot. sage. donald trump is a phony, a fraud. he's not a serious adult. i can't vote for donald trump given the things that he said. trump should not be supported. i believe he's disqualified himself to be president. i just cannot support donald trump.
7:47 am
>> everybody is talking about carson went, # and zero, getting a lot of attention nationally even from the vice president of the united states, and president obama. remember this, when the president visited philly after the first game. >> i know, i know i'm not the first person from the white house to come to philly this week. some of you may have seen joe biden at the eagles game. (cheers). >> he told me barack, you got to get on the wentz wagon. we got a new quarterback. we got hope in philly. >> and i had to explain. >> and the went wagon term has stuck. look at these two dudes here. nice guys out of south philly, big time eagles fans. they want to trademark that phrase used by the president wentz, well, wentz wagon, want to create a wentz day. first of all let's learn about you two guys, who are you? >> esposito partner in cpa firm. >> in south filly? >> blue bell. >> i'm christian clellen.
7:48 am
i'm loan officer originally from south philadelphia. >> you know they both know monday. >> i both south philly guys all the way eagles fans. even went to chicago. >> you went to chicago. >> for the monday night game. it was incredible. >> fresh back yesterday? >> yes. >> okay. we have patent attorney, or trademark attorney, but fred, fantastic. >> he knows a lot. >> listen to these guys. >> i'll listen. >> see if they have a shot at this. >> okay, have you filed with the patent office the trademark office of the united state of america? >> yes, we have. lou did that the other day. >> on loin. >> on line. >> what's it say? >> it says wentz wagon. and we also have went day. >> what's went day? >> like today,. >> sunday is now went day. >> oh, my god. >> and when you filed this, you said it was the other day, do you know, a week ago, two weeks ago. >> it was actually last wednesday. >> last wednesday? >> yes. >> when did you coin the term? >> we were using this term
7:49 am
back before he got drafted. i. tube videos of wentz. >> you created? little logo, just a mock, but it goes wentz wagon. little, like pioneer wagon. >> yes. >> and he is riding on it. >> yes. >> this is what you want to patent and put out there and sell and make a lot of money. >> so before the draft, sill nag room, thinking of the term? >> i watched video of both wentz and got like we were talking about earlier, and we immediately thought wentz is the better quarterback. i mean, goth hasn't played, don't want to knock him, but, you know, we were all over wentz. >> which is great. >> yes. >> do you have proof? that you said wentz wagon? >> yes. we have an application with the us patent and trademark office. >> no, no, do you have proof of the dathan time that you came up with this in your head? >> i would need a time machine for that. >> do you have a witness oring? >> my witness right here. >> any other witness? >> and my girlfriends right there. >> girlfriend.
7:50 am
>> i don't know if that will holdup in court or not. >> she is not bust at all. >> let me say this. the first time i third was from the president of the united states, maybe he has the right? >> i don't think he filed an application with the patent and trade office. >> he says he got it from the vice president. >> he hasn't filed either. >> that's. >> yes, i think this term has been in the public for awhile, since they drafted him, i think out, we're not the only ones that have used, other people that i work with, everybody has been -- >> do you think you are the first to apply for the patent for the trademark? >> we definitely are. >> we know for sure. >> how do you know for sure. >> search the data base to find out if anyone has tried to apply for the trademark. and no one has. so -- >> that's pretty good. >> first come, first is her snuffed. >> real quickly here we just got text from and a tweet from somebody that list tones wip radio, talking about it this morning over at ip. because one of their radio
7:51 am
guys, johnny marks, hey mike you should call or text jonmarks because he came up with the wentz wagon. and he has documentation of it. so we have to come down to did he apply for the trademark and the patent. >> you know, i am not an attorney. so we kind of leave that the men osha of the process. >> that's why we have one. >> fred, your thoughts? >> it is interesting. actually mike this is my day job. my day job is being a patent, and patent lawyer, some have enough personality to be an account and the. i can tell you trademark indicates a common source, like if i drew a nike swoosh or apple for computers you associate that with particular goods and services so what these guys to have to do in order to substance ate their rights, use it in commerce. their plaques is just an in the document, notice to the world that they intend to assert rights in this term as against other. and ultimately, if they prevail on establishing that they are their rights, although you're skating
7:52 am
cross-examination earlier, you know, would be relevant, they would be end tight told preclude others from using the mark. but the part is do they have the right to preclude others? now, interestingly, i heard one of the guys say earlier this was kind of out there. but that they had thought it up firms. so the question is does this registered term that they've now filed a registration for, what they call attempt to use registration, indicate that they are the source of goods or services associated with the mark. than will get kind of hammered out over time. >> what do you think? >> well, depends. they start selling stuff, and it is with them, and then the law gives them what they call secondary consideration, which means people associate this mark with them, in particular, with their goods, with their services, over time, i mean, you know, the interestingly in order to get a trademark you can't be what the law calls merely description. so wentz wagon could be descriptive of anyone on this bandwagon in this city, the guy loses two games will crash like a light bulb. >> and you just start selling
7:53 am
stuff? >> how about carson wentz, it is his name. wouldn't he have the rights to this? >> no. trademarks right a rise you there use. if your name, last name was hershey and you wanted to open a particular store could you do that. >> what about eagles themselves? >> that's a different issue. these two guys filed registration. they don't work for the eagles, so ultimately as a result, you know, players contract actually have provisions in them for property, copyrights, trademarks, so that doesn't apply to these two guys. >> what is your verdict? will these people make thousands of dollars? >> these guys give me a donut in the green room. so i have to represent them. i have to advocate for them. >> that's bribery. >> keep us updated. >> it is retainer. >> we have good day philadelphia rooting for you too. >> thank you. >> and do you have start selling the shirt and everything. >> do little fashion show? >> sounds good. >> including your girlfriend. okay, thank you, fred. >> do you get jealous easily? new study reveals how many
7:54 am
people in the united states of america. >> al innings holly looking at you. >> a lot of people have jealous personality. the numbers may surprise you. we will chat about it with preston and steve next.
7:55 am
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7:57 am
>> we found a survey, four personal types in the words, there are the optimistic, pessimistic, trusting people, envious, one third every everybody in the world jealous people. so, preston, i'm start with you. let's go around the room. >> all right. >> are you a jealous guy? >> yes to some level, things i hear, i see, i get little jealous about. i find it interesting they want it label you us a judges that, that you are, because, i mean, there are so many different personality traits that you have. and there are times where i'm envious, times when i'm optimistic, and pessimistic,
7:58 am
so for the. but yes, certainly avenue jealous streak. i think pretty much everybody does. >> i think so too. steve? >> yes, i think we're like on young, we cry when you cut us up. we are layers. but yes, everyone has the capacity for jelousies. i like to consider my self an optimist. listen, you can't help it. we're envious sometimes. that's the way we are. sometimes the worse you ends up being jealous and envious of your friends, that's a bad thing, but it is human nature. >> let's get over to nick. because he's jealous of everybody else in their room there. >> yes. >> and in your room. >> oh, he never mention nick, so let's go to nick. are you a jealous type? >> i used to be, mostly in relationship, but i found it is destructive and really holds no sway over whether or not the relationship is going to succeed. so now i am at a point in high life where i find it to be a waste of time and energy. so i deliberate are thely try
7:59 am
not to be jealous any moran i find success in that. >> how about that? did. >> casey boy? >> i'm actually just like preston. pessimistically optimistic jealous person. >> yes? >> nice plan. >> i like that. >> all right, cathy, if you get jealous what it is about? >> you know what? i wouldn't describe myself as a jealous person, if i had to pick one, look, i know people who are pessimistic and they can be bad, so probably put myself in that category but i'm not as bad as some people. >> cathy some people say if you're pessimists, really just realists, just calling it what it is. >> yes, and steve is definitely an optimist for sure. >> yes. >> but i also believe sometimes if you, you have to meter it, you can't and cockeyed optimist, discusting first of all, but i think you can be realist and be optimist. i like to think the best. >> jealous that cathy feels that way about steve. so he how do you feel about mow? >> i wouldn't say were you a jealous person, i don't think that's it.
8:00 am
>> rack rat. >> i don't think. >> i think that is jealouses gene in all of us specially when it comes if we're dating or married to somebody, do you think? >> yes, absolutely. >> that's natural. >> cathy you are jealous of everybody, right? >> no, if you are going to pick one of these to describe yourself, i would not have pick jealous for preston. >> what would you pick for me? >> maybe trusting? >> awe. >> very nice of you. >> i think. >> let me ask you guys, when on say facebook, and you see friends of yours, associate doing great things, what do you think? >> alyssa is one of our managers here, had wonderful vacation in canada, south of france, about wanted to puke. >> yes. >> were you that jealous. >> makes me sick. >> she was living life. pictures on the beach -- >> oh, so pretty, and her expect, oh,. >> i do not think, i'm really
8:01 am
happy for her. >> no. >> she deserves it. >> no, i was hoping it would rain, there would be a hurricane. okay, so, the day after tomorrow being something we do every year, salute the troops, every year since 9/11, kathy are you going to join us? >> i'm joining you, out there all morning with you guys. >> we have an opportunity to jump out after airplane, looking for volunteer, would you consider doing that? and i'm being serious. >> no, no thank you. >> that's over. >> someone has done it in hire? >> not with the golden nights. casey did you do it? >> no, just jumped out after plane. >> i've done it with the goal end girls. >> i mean, i go he is those are the best people to jump with. >> oh, it is a tandem. would be strapped to strapping young man. >> are you being for real though? >> i'm being for real. >> oh, do you have do it. >> cathy? >> cathy, do it. >> go, go. >> well, we will talk. i'll text you mike. >> see you friday cathy. >> she's committed.
8:02 am
>> thanks, guys. >> tomorrow is the first day of spring, no, fall. >> which is it? >> we're into fall now. >> fall towards the end of the year, yes, 2016. >> from the fox 29 studios. this is good day philadelphia. oh, chaos in and around the street of charlotte, north carolina, after police officer shoots and kills a man. listen. >> they shot my daddy because he is black. he was sitting in the car reading a book. so they shot him. >> why officials say the officer opened fire in the first place. school lunch shaming. a cafeteria worker quits after being told to take away a child's hot lunch. the school rule she says is so unfair, she couldn't take it any more. >> that happened in pennsylvania. >> want to get away in now is the time to book that holiday trip. look what we found. how to get your hands on vaguest vacation, for just
8:03 am
under $40 a night for the hotel room. >> bombshells, angelina and brad pits they call it quits. why the battle is already turning bitter. >> we found survey that named the happiest song in the world right now. in 2016, as of this date, the 21st of september, the happiest song, i think such a stupid song that chooses the number one happiest song. what's the happiest song that you play? >> is it one that makes you happy or one that just sound happy? >> oh, gosh. >> or the one that says you're happy? >> that's not it. >> not it? >> you get happy singing along >> so we in on twitter tell us the happiest song, has nothing to do with number one, i think number one is just dumb. >> okay, well, today the last full day of summer. we are going to celebrate with a temperature in the 80s, and
8:04 am
eventually, some sunshine, still waiting on it right now. clouds are around. temperatures in the 60s, 70s, not a ten, because of the clouds spreading up from the southern storm system. looks like we might be seeing few showers as a result, in kent county delaware, maybe couple at the jersey shore, just kind of cloudy here with a 71 degrees temperature. breeze out of the north is lowering the humidity little bit. and the fog situation we had earlier, that's pretty much gone now that the breezes have pick up. so it is 80 degrees by lunchtime, mix of sun and clouds, and warmer afternoon than yesterday. event lip the sun is on it way, right now just couple of problems on the road, bob kelly? >> 8:04. problems all morning long as we look live at i95, actually, the schuylkill expressway. westbound, right at the ramps for the vine street expressway, however, right here, you got tractor-trailer squeezed in, even the school buses are squeezing through, so this is causing delays, crossing town, on the vine
8:05 am
street expressway. so the vine, entering the schuylkill, in center city, you got 30th street station and rail yards over here to the right. just to kind of give you locate or coming in from the jersey side also stack and pack along the 42 freeway, all because after accident at croak road. and then that's causing delays also like the domino delay, on route 55, headed in toward philly as well. live look at 295, as you head south in toward the freeway. again, no sun glare yet, haze still trying to get under off there. westbound on the schuylkill heavy out of south fill fry earlier accident there at south street. the only good news mass transit looking good at least for the moment. mike and alex back to you. >> hands up, don't shoot. >> north carolina last night, all the way up until 5:00 this morning protests erupt after deadly police involved shooting once again.
8:06 am
>> more than dozen police office verse been injured and police cars set on fire damaged in these protests, one of the interstates, fire set on that road shutdown by protesters. this all comes just days after an unarm man was shot and killed by a friday in tulsa oklahoma by a police officer a lot to get to here with jenny joyce in the news room. jenny? >> good morning, mike. while demonstrations have wrapped up for now, police remain on scene to make sure that things remain calm. there were a loft tense moment, overnight. let's take a look at people setting fire to charlotte highway. police cars have been damaged, and authorities have responded with tear gas, trying to yell the conflict. however, many protesters are pushing for peace, and urging others to dot same. the man killed has been identified as 43 year old keith lamont, taken to carolina medical center where he was pronounced dead. shots were fired after charlotte police say they responds today apartment complex to serve a warrant.
8:07 am
when they arrived, they came across a man who was getting out of a car and was arm with a weapon. police say this man, posts imminent threat to police, and they opened fire. this is not the man who police were initially looking for. a woman who claims to be the daughter after man shot and killed showed up to the scene and started roaming her own facebook live video. >> they shot my daddy because he was black, sitting in a road reading a book. so they shot him. >> her video, now going viral, the victim's family story conflict with police, the man's sister says scott did not have a weapon. >> people are calling my phone saying that your brother had a gun. he had no gun. >> he didn't no gun. >> his son was at school. he was waiting on his son. >> mind you this man is disabled. thank you. >> police detective say they recovered a gun from the scene. they're interviewing witnesses. the officer who shot scott has been placed on administrative leave, which is a standards
8:08 am
procedure. the officer has been with the department for two years. mike anal next. >> all right, more on that coming up. 8:08. as the investigation in north carolina just beginning. on much lighter note, let's talk about this. first lady michelle obama speaking out about a moment that was all over the news what probably eight weeks ago or so. >> when milan ya trump, wife of donald trump, of course, used words very similar to michelle obama at a speech at the national republican convention. remember this. >> that the only lidge to your achievements is the strength of your dreams and your willingness to work for them. >> height of your achievement it to reach your dreams and your willingness to work hard for them. >> and we need -- >> so somebody used the words michelle obama used in the republican national convention speech for milan ya. >> in the late show with steven column bert last night, the first lady responded to there is the first time actually addressing it.
8:09 am
>> mill ann ya trump was so criticized for use wag turned out to be a portion of your speech. >> there are people around her creating things and i have some sympathy for her view. do you understand how that might be sympathetic for what happened to her? >> ya, that was tough. >> let's move on. >> and they did move on. the first lady was talking about what it is like in the white house, like any other family, teenage daughters come in, and kind of make fun of their dad. even though he is the president of the united states. >> all three of just good impressions of barack. >> would you minds sharing? >> usually at the dinner table. because you know, and malea will start it, because she usually asks the serious question, well, dad, tell us about your day. oh, and what with that conversation on global warming? anbar ac, sasha and i are like
8:10 am
oh, no, god, don't get him started. he's like well, i'm glad, i'm glad you asked that. let me just -- let me just answer that in three-point. one, then 1a, and then one a and b, and sasha and i are like ahh. >> professor, can i awed hit lecture? >> because sasha and i want to talk about our favorite song on the lemonade albumn. that's what we want to talk about. >> i heard you say about the president, that he leaves the job at the door when he comes into the residential part of the white house. >> he does. >> is that is that really true? because i can't leave my job at the door. how does he do that. >> tough to leave that at the door. >> let's listen. >> we have dinner. usually dinnertime. so that's the time when unless malea asks him about his work, which we try not to have her do, it is all about the kids. >> when she asks about it, malea does.
8:11 am
>> he'll leave it there in the oval office. >> they said since the beginning they always try to have dinner together, no matter what, when he is not traveling, they try to come together have dinner as family. i think that's special. >> it is. jism carry back in the news, sued by his ex birth friend's family, why they're blaming the ac for for her death. >> but first, school lunch shaming, cafeteria worker quits after being told to take away a child's hot lunch. the school rule she said is so unfair that she couldn't take it any more.
8:12 am
for senate, katie mcginty will stand up to the big oil polluters. she'll work to protect our air and water and make us a leader in clean energy jobs. and millionaire pat toomey? he's for the big oil polluters. toomey voted to protect twenty-four billion dollars in tax breaks for oil companies. and they've given toomey seven hundred thousand dollars in campaign contributions. pat toomey: he's not for us. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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the new family feud what's minstant game playing with top prizes of a hundred grand? survey says... (ding) winning. on the spot. play family feud from the pennsylvania lottery. and you could win... on the spot! keep on scratchin' katiejoey, ricky, eileen,hnny, me, and colleen...immy, all 10 of us raised on a policeman's salary and a mom working as a restaurant hostess. imagine trying to do that today, with washington looking out for the favored few. i'll bring a different point of view to the u.s. senate - working class roots and the mother of three,
8:14 am
i'll put middle class families ahead of wall street. i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message because it's your turn to get ahead. did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive? i got your nose! i got your nose right here. i know that's your thumb, grandpa. talent! learn about it! >> 8:14, good morning, everybody, tractor-trailer accident, downtown philly impacting folks leaving center city, here's a live look, the tractor-trailer and the car. this is a tight squeeze, i use this ramp a lot. and you kind of just hold your breath and hope that everybody does the zipper one, one at a time here, but on the westbound vine expressway, the ramp to head west on the schuylkill, i didn't even think police are on the scene here yet. you got 30th street station, in the background, just to kind of gave you a ideament
8:15 am
look at this, causing jammo crossing town, already stack up from 95 all the way over to the schuylkill, school buses back up in there, as women, that's going to quickly cause delays coming in on the ben franklin bridge. keep that in mind grabbing your coffee and keys and headed out the front door, emergency work by the water department started to the today. >> this will be hot mess. lincoln drive down to one lane, between green and wayne, to replace a sewage drain out there. so, a loft folks are bail, going to use whitaker, over to the boulevard over the next couple of weeks. south on the boulevard, a crash, at whitaker, rye thereby the old sewer building, then coming in from new jersey, northbound on 42, extra heff think morning, because of an earlier accident at creek road. when will we have the answer? coming up in 062nd.
8:16 am
>> even though it doesn't matter we won't be in the playoffs, it would be nice to beat the white sox once again, so 08 degrees at dame time for the phillies tonight, at citizens bank park, then on sunday, we jump to the link. with the steelers in town. game starts at 4:25, it looks like this will be a cool one with 70 degrees at game time, then temperatures dropping through the 60s, right after that. that is your forecast for sunday's game. now, we have this rain to our south, we watch it all morning, the clouds spreading up into philadelphia, from that low pressure system, now, maybe couple of showers developing in kent county delaware, as a result of that southern storm. that's a situation that could continue at least to our south through the rest of the day. but for us here in
8:17 am
philadelphia, mix of sun and clouds, 86 degrees, we welcome autumn with sunshine tomorrow, and eight a, then 87 degrees friday. that's the last really warm day for awhile. because it does cool down specially on sunday, with the 70 degrees high temperature, and stays pretty cool, as we get into monday and tuesday of next week. when it finally, mike and alex, starts feeling like fall. >> and we like to see fall. cafeteria worker walks off the job during busy school day here in pennsylvania. >> after she says students who weren't able to pay for their lunch were shamed, and they didn't even receive a proper lunch. >> karen? >> yes? >> what happened in that cafeteria? >> well, i think it just came to the breaking point for this cafeteria worker. had he name stacey, resigned from her job, been there at this elementary school for two years, changed the policy over the summer, and required to take the lunch away, hot lunches from student who cannot pay. and one of the little boys had tears in his eyes, and she is like i just can't do this. this year the school distracted a policy for parents who had their kids
8:18 am
behind $25 on their accounts, they had a lot of people that were behind it, about 300, snow is for young kids, from kent err garth end through sixth grade. so they lose their hot lunch instead get cold sandwich. basically get prisoners judge jail, like cheese sandwich. so older kids don't even get any lunch at all. so this cafeteria lady so frustrated to do it twice within the first week of school. i can't do it. >> i won't and participant in this. she actually quit her job after two years, then after she had to take the hot lunch away from the boys with the tears in the eyes, to throw it away because that's the school policy. so she is like look, i understanded what the district is trying to catch up with money, more than $100,000 owed, but this is something that is, you know, just not right for the children. basically shame the children over their parents not paying. >> tough spot. >> philadelphia we have a program children either get free -- get free lunches, they all get that, so you don't have the issue, the shame,
8:19 am
clearly widespread problem where 300 families can't pay, they need to rethink that policy. rather than just trying to punish them, their kids can't eat, and they're going to learn? how can you learn if you can't eat? >> so the kids shouldn't have to suffer for that. >> just give it to them for free. most important thing we can do for he had cents is to have our kids fed. if they can't afford it, they can't a forward it. >> but the school needs to pay for the lunch. >> sometimes they can get funding like if philadelphia it is all paid for, all of the student can have free lunches. >> or work with charitable organization and partner with them saying cases like this can you guys come in and help us so we can get this off and get the children fed. >> so the of two would you like to a compromise on in. >> gentlemen. >> work like adults and running it snout. >> yes, we should be working politics so we can have these problems solved.
8:20 am
>> hepp-holly. >> i can't pay this month. >> see if they kick me out. >> no, and you though this. >> i know, that just trying to be controversial. >> that's you. >> yes, yes. >> okay, what's the old southwest airlines slogan. >> want to get away. >> want to get away? they've stopped that now. but i like that. want to get away? now, it is time to bok that holiday trip. in fact, i think you're too late. but no, no, no, we found a vaguest hotel room for $49 a night. >> what? >> yes. >> hotel, not motel? >> a club. no, no, no, decent room. >> we'll save you some money on hotel rooms after the break. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
8:21 am
i know more about isis then the generals do. john mccain, a war hero. he's not a war hero, he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured ok. donald trump compared his sacrifices to the sacrifices of two parents who lost their son in war. how would you answer that father? what sacrifice have you made for your country? i think i've made a lot of sacrifices, built great structures. i've had tremendous success, i think... those are sacrifices?
8:22 am
8:23 am
>> i know you have plans for thanksgiving, chris man, first week of january. we found deals. >> with are we going? >> start with aspen, ever been to aspen, colorado?
8:24 am
>> never been. >> in the fall, in the early month of winter. >> isn't it colds? >> it is cold. but gorgeous. now, it is little trendy, and the fanny pants people go, they hang out at the jerome hotel. i've stayed there few times. >> of course. >> another place down the street, boutique, within walking distance every downtown, which is lovely, popular for its pool deck. and they have a free shuttle service to the aspen airport, just down the highway. $149 per night. with vallet parking. travel through december 21st, thanksgiving and early ski season, dates, are include in the there. >> one of my favorite hotels in the world, fairmount, pennsylvania street avenue, boulevard, whatever that is, san francisco great view. that is a landmark five star luxury hotel. >> oh, it looks fabulous. >> it is up on knob hill,
8:25 am
itsy, union scare, fisherman's war of, walk down, 199, call it, 200 a night. with parking. which is about a $07 savings right there. you have to travel from november 17th through january 7th. okay? >> viva las vegas, $40 a night. how is it? >> okay. >> it is in the heart of the strip. it is the monte carlo resort. oh, i've stayed there. >> four diamond resort? what's the four diamond? >> huge pool, people hanging out, during the day, then go into the casino at night. you got your brand steak house, andre cigar and coniac lounge, $40 a night, you have got to get this done by the end of december. >> really, what's four diamond? you do the fancy stuff, four star? >> well, the highest diamond rate you can get is five. four out of five ain't bad. >> what's the difference between stars and diamonds? >> oh, it is a different organization. i can't remember the name of the organization. but they give out diamonds as owe position today stars.
8:26 am
>> it is a service that goes around the world and checks out hotels for you. >> i figure that. >> i'm trying to come up with a name of the place that does it. >> diamonds nicer than stars? >> no. >> no need to yell at me. >> diamonds and stars, that this one organization, does it star with a r? >> so you want the stars. >> either one. they are the same. five stars and five diamonds. basically the same. >> okay. >> it is a french organization. >> triple a? >> let's go, what? oh, i like the islands. anyway. >> awahu? >> let's go to had a i we a oh, turtle bay resort is fabulous. it is where they shot that sarah -- forgetting sarah marshall. >> and the hunger games. >> and the show with kristin bell. >> and mila kunis, the woman worked at the desk. oh, ya. >> anyway, that's $239 per
8:27 am
night. partial ocean view. you know what that means. know partial ocean view, like you can see sliver of blue. >> if you move the otto man over near the window, stand on it, move the curtains? >> out on the balcony, lean off, tilted your head lit bit? >> did you see the ocean as you fell? port a val allari, baja peninsula of mexico. look at that. $85 a night. >> that sound pretty good. >> one bern suite. >> aren't you going on vacation soon? is this where you aring. >> no, no, no. >> where are you going? >> leaving sunday. >> you're leaving this sunday? >> yes. >> by the way when you check this they give you welcoming cocktail and breakfast for two daily. for 85 stinging dollars. >> i love breakfast. >> now it will cost you $18,000 to fly there. >> that's why i like to stay at the comfort inn and suites,
8:28 am
you get that breakfast. >> what? are they the ones with the suite, like sitting room? no that's not comfort inn. >> i think it is like suites, comfort inn suite, you have the little kitchen in it, yes. and if he breakfast. >> and plastic over the cups there, you know? >> they have the crock pot and the breakfast where you can get biscuit and gravy. why are you laughing? >> we are big time. >> you are the big time. >> you all know about comfort inn and suites. >> hold on. let me see where comfort inn and suites is on my list. oh, hampton inn. >> okay, jim carrey, no laughing matter, sued by his ex-girlfriend's family, his exgirlfriends is dead. why they are blaming jim carrey for her death.
8:30 am
8:31 am
let's talk about the real here. they have this new game they're playing on the show,
8:32 am
really kind of cool. so, they drop humans, audience members, viewers, into a big square of cash, and you get to go down there, like a claw machine at a carnival, pick out bunch of cash? >> we have to talk to them about this new gay. >> ain't no stopping us now. >> mcfadden and whitehead. so trying to figure out the happiest song out there. >> let's also talk about this big news of the day, jen and brad, divorcing. what in the world? we will go through the top five hollywood divorces of all time. off the top of your head, go ahead. >> okay, go ahead. >> we go back to the song now? >> i was because we're still playing. >> let's do it. >> what's the concept? >> the concept is there is new study about the happiest song in the world. and we're trying to guess what it is, people have been sending just tweets and stuff. >> this was a suggestion, someone said what about this one? this would make us happen. >> i happiest song in the worlds as of right now? >> yes. >> from he will, hoppy? >> no.
8:33 am
>> keep sending in suggestions we'll play some of them. got you happen. >> i on twitter somebody sent in how do you top happy birthday? the happiest song. >> stevie wonder version. >> well, who ever wrote the original happy birthday song, hundreds of thousands of dollars. every time somebody played it on tv you had to pay this woman. >> so not going to play it? >> no. >> i'm not even sure you can sing it. ♪ happy birthday ♪ >> happy birthday sue serio. happy birthday to you. >> and other songs, happy birthday ♪ >> hey! >> because they don't want to get charged either. bus stop buddy always happy, even when there are clouds around, temperatures in the 60s, 70s, and a little bit of rain sneaking in to delaware, part of southern new jersey,
8:34 am
because of that southern storm system. we're just getting the clouds, 71 degrees, humidity going down a little bit. we get to high of 86, which is warmer than yesterday, with enough sunshine we get to 86, then down to 63 tonight. that's your weather hour forecast, seven day coming up. bob kelly how is hump day looking so far? >> ouch. couple of big almost p to's to get over here, 8:34, accident westbound on the vine expressway, on the ramp to the westbound schuylkill, and that's causing a domino delay on the vine, crossing town, from 95 all the way overthrew the schuylkill, also having a delay here on 95 south, heavy from cottman, in through downtown philly. the ben franklin kind of hit and miss. pretty much slow go from the tolls, up and over into downtown, and it is a little tight when you get closer toward the city sidement and here is another accident there is 95, southbound, right before academy, in what is the left lane there. you got the state police on the scene.
8:35 am
soap, 95 and the schuylkill, two hot messes this morning, mike and alex back to you. >> 8:35 exactly. >> well, two civil suits involving celebrities making news. nick gordon found legally responsible in the july 2015 death of bobbi kristina brown. >> remind me who, is that her brother or lover? >> it is her estranged boyfriends. at one point they were living in the same house because whitney had adopted him. >> the husband estranged husband of jim carrey's deceased girlfriends is blaming jim for her death. >> so let's bring in attorney heather hanson to help us here. because it was suicide. >> it was an overdose. definitely overdose. and the allegation against him, this is in california, they have something called the drug dealers liability act. and that says that if you prescribe, if you give someone drugs, illegally, and they die, you can can be held responsible. >> what did he allegedly give her? >> it will be interesting.
8:36 am
propenol, percoset, ambien, three prescriptions found another her body, all prescribed to arthur king, not jim car. >> i oh, he was using fake name? >> that's l the allegation, something that has to be proof never this case, one huge hurdle for the plaintiff. >> hold on. if i gave god forbid if i gave alex holley and i'm living in california, a drug like percoset, she took too much and died i could be -- >> absolutely. >> he just gave me and i did it on myself? >> right. really meant to address drug dealers, drug dealers holding drug dealers responsible for dealing drugs. but it is also getting into this is issues where also doctors are actually being found liable because they are prescribing drugs when they shouldn't be. we have this huge opioid crisis here in the united states, so trying to get over there, to deal with who is getting the drugs, how are they getting them, someone not prescribed the drugs getting the drugs there is law is attempt to sort of cut back on. >> this and it is being used
8:37 am
here to sue jim car. >> i how he has big fancy house. with surveillance cameras and stuff like that. i guess you can see what's being delivered or when it was delivered? >> yes. part of the allegation is that he, jim carrey, should have known she was very sensitive, had some depression, that she had access to the drugs, she hadn't left the house for two days. it really doesn't play that much mike into the actual allegations. it is more just sexy stuff that will perhaps be attractive to a jury. but allegations here will rise and fall on did he give her the drugs, did he get them illegally, who is -- >> oh,. >> and jim carrey though will probably of course once filed the lawsuit are you really her husband? there was even "tmz" talking about there is maybe she want add green card, that's why they got married, trying to stay in the u.s. >> definitely estranged but jim carrey has said what's interesting any civil case there is case just about money, any civil case can be settled just question of how much right? not like he is going to go to jail. this is purely the plaintiff wants money from jim carrey. what jim carrey has said is i could settle this case.
8:38 am
coy go into a room negotiate with this guy but i'm not going to be exploited, not going to be blackmailed, i'll defends this case, the truth shall g told. >> to the bobbi kristina case, nick gordan, responsible for her death? >> but only because he didn't show up in court. >> didn't show up. >> that can happen? >> it can happen. here is the thing interesting about that one. criminal case cans go cold. still be investigated. no one has been charged for bobbi kristina's death: this is civil. it could be that his lawyer said to him, you know what, do you really want to testify or have the evidence come out or say you're unwilling to testify in a civil case that could then be used against you in a criminal case? >> i can't imagine any other reason that you just wouldn't show up for trial. >> i'm showing up. would this be in front after judge or jury? >> (no show, they lose. now in november, it goes before a jury to see what the damages are, how much money is he going to be responsible for. >> where will the money go? >> mondayly go the to go to
8:39 am
the estate, most likely to bobby. >> bobby brown. >> most likely. >> her dad. >> i case was file on behalf of the estate. >> i got you. boy. case after case after case. no, none bigger than this. angelina jolie files for divorce from brad pitt. boom. out of the blue. why the battle already turning bitter because of the kids. did george clooney way in on this. >> yes, he did. he was surprised. >> was he? >> yes. (vo) when it comes to your favorite pennsylvania lottery pick games, it's smart to add the new wild ball to your game. sally plays 1 2 3, just like she does every day. but today she adds wild ball. because sally chose to get extra chances to win by playing wild ball, (sally) yah! (vo) she can now replace the number 4 with tonight's wild ball, number 3. making her a winner! (sally) thanks, wild ball! (vo) don't change the way you play, change the way you win!
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>> dramatic twist from hollywood. "tmz" reports brad pitt is furious after angelina jolie filed for divorce. a source saying he thinks the stories about his alleged anger and substance abuse problems have put the family in a precarious spot. jolie filed divorce documents filing irreconciliable differences been together 12 years but married for two. also asking for physical
8:43 am
custody of their six children, but not asking for spousal support. >> of course first came out, everyone shock, talking harvey lever inch says everyone stop what they are doing, reporters covering the un general as em em bridge, what's going on with brad and and lena. >> so ocean 11, george clooney, he was asked about it. while someone from cnn asked about while there. >> he was at the general assembly. >> uh-huh. >> and he actually was weighing in on this. >> he was asked about it. look at his reaction. >> okay. >> i didn't know that. wow. she filed. >> i feel very sorry. that's a sad story, unfortunate for a family, unfortunate story about a family. i feel very sorry to hear that. first of ' heard of it. >> so the reporter actually, he is at the un, asking about angelina jolie and brad pitt? >> what wasment speech about?
8:44 am
>> about refugee efforts. >> okay. >> suddan -- >> probably coming off speaking on that hey did you hear. ya. little shocked. >> well, yes. asked as you come out after talking about the situation in suddan, syria. okay. >> plus they are friends. i guess when our celebrity do you have to send out a notification letting everyone else, hey, we're broken up. >> brad seemed surprised to it, too. coming up in a little while here. we will talk about the split and the rumors flying about why the break up is happening in the first place. and get your opinion. whose side are you on? are you happy for jen aniston? do you feel bad for brad? >> team jen or team angelina? >> something i haven't said in a very long time. it is empire night, jen. >> yes. everyone loves wednesday. coming back bigger, bolder, better than ever. and the guest star list includes the diva mariah
8:45 am
carey. how are the onset situation there? you'll find out from yaz himself. >> day after tomorrow we salute the troops here, between third and fourth street, we shut it down 7:00 to 10:00 a.m. if you have a picture of your loved one who served or is currently serving, bring it on down, put it on the air.
8:46 am
8:47 am
does pat toomey speak for you? i also want to thank the nra for it's, uh, strong support for my campaign. pat toomey: he opposes an assault weapons ban and got an "a" rating from the nra. "i have had a perfect record with the nra." and on women's health? "i would support legislation in pennsylvania that would ban abortion, and i would suggest that we have penalties for doctors who perform them." pat toomey: does he really speak for you? senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
8:48 am
>> the day is finally here, empire finery returns foresees on three, jen, we've been waiting for awhile. but you might already have some tid-bits what we can see tonight. because you've been happening g out with yaz? >> i've been hanging out with yaz and the empire super fan quincy harris. >> you know, we love that on "the q" at 12 noon. you broke some news yesterday? >> yes. >> angelina, we will get your authorities on that in just a second. >> listen, empire known for its guest stars, later this season, i know you think you're a big deal, mariah carey's coming to empire. >> we had nick cannon? >> yes, mariah, i mean, that may be one of the most iconic
8:49 am
scenes of empire, because it is moriah car. >> i you know someone at the toronto film festival. >> sneaky sneak. >> sneaky sneak. >> like miss cookie and the mariah will be on the same screen, we thought meau. no none of that, no cat fights? >> it is empire, we may have, that we may have that. season two with camilla, cookie, and just being there, just witnessing that? it was like. >> are you serious? are you okay? are you okay, naomi? are you okay? >> she was fine, she took it like a champ. >> quincy? it is your turn to talk. >> well, listen, i just got off the phone with yaz's people, charlie mack. first three minutes of the show, do you not want to miss. >> thank you. we talk about charlie mack in the 9:00 hour. the day i talk to him, he had just returned from philly. he was with charlie mack. you know, before he leaves philly he always goes to
8:50 am
ishkabbles for a cheese steak. i asked him about south street. >> whether go to south street; there a thing? can you still duck in, duck snout. >> yes, one thing i like about philly, may ask for pictures and go crazy but at the end of the day, they're like come on, you're at home, you're in the going to try to draw. ain't going to draw on you. i like philly, they're real people. they don't care about that. >> we won't draw. >> not going to draw. kind of like real people. >> so charlie mack, he was in the interview roo with -- room with me. of course he is 8 feet tall. >> yes. >> everyone is all like, who how, does jen know yaz this guy? >> talk about charlie mack, will smith, charlie mark connection, birthday is monday. whose show is it today?
8:51 am
twelve noon? >> joe coughlin. >> i love him. >> he's going have a lot to say about this bradangelina situation. the week right here, we have t giving away some cash cards worth $500. >> what you do, watch lethal weapon, i've seen the preview really good. look for the code words, then enter at for your chance to win. >> giving our cold hard cash. >> each one represents $100. >> ayala. >> can't tell. >> so excited, remember, also doing our empire wrap tomorrow. make sure when you watch tweet me at alex holley, we can discuss. >> i forgot to mention monday. >> you were shock, can't miss the first three minute of the show tonight for sure. on walnut st., i told you, i ran into -- >> i remember this. >> i didn't draw on him. >> , no you didn't. you didn't do anything in fact. >> you asked me why didn't i
8:52 am
draw on him, right? >> that's not what i said. >> that's you what meant. i ran into meek mill on walnut st. 15th street. >> can you believe this guy? he ran into mike mill. what did you do when you ran into meek mill? >> i gave him the old guy nod. >> he didn't even speak. he has no pictures, no video, no proof. so really you could be just making this up? >> i didn't want it draw on him. >> i gave him the nod, the guy head nod you don't go down, you go up like this. >> how are you doing? hey, how are you doing? and then i walked off. >> you walk off on meek mill? >> i did. nobody was even talking to him. >> probably didn't know it was meek mill. >> they didn't. >> make like zero undercover. >> ladies on the real on our show today. we have to have their opinion on the angelina jolie filing for divorce from brad pitt. >> and i want to hear more about this. how can you get this? >> they dip you -- >> look at that.
8:53 am
>> i want to be dipped. >> dip me. (vo) with thousands of quality pre-owned vehicles...
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>> isn't still with us, 95 southbound between woodhaven and academy, taking out the left lane there, getting tow truck in there to get a free ride. that's causing a delay from again woodhaven into the accident, then still jammed through the construction zone, in toward girard avenue. chicago o'hare is reporting one hour delays because of thunderstorms, that's going to have ripple effect. flying out of the philadelphia international airport later today make sure to check with your airline, down to one lane on the lincoln drive all due to new project that began this morning, stay there, we're going to come right back.
8:57 am
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>> there is one song, that is determined to be the happiest song on earth. by science. we'll tell you what song it is, having people guests and great suggestions. >> it is a weird survey that we found out of the university of miss your. >> i is that why you are calling it weirds? >> yes. >> you're from kansas. >> this is what they do, hi, karen? at her alma matter they waste time on surveys, the happiest songs, in 2016. >> happiness is overrated. >> i remember, that was a song that was the winning for miss ocean city, angela palermo song that song, the past winner, one of the big family jokes. >> oh, there is a bizarre


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