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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  September 21, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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sent running. what chased him away before he can get any cash. >> tear gas and violence on the streets charlotte. one man kill in the crowd of protesters. one man kill in the crowd of protesters. we are life next. your news in 30 seconds. and make us a leader in clean energy jobs. and millionaire pat toomey? he's for the big oil polluters. toomey voted to protect twenty-four billion dollars in tax breaks for oil companies. and they've given toomey seven hundred thousand dollars in campaign contributions. pat toomey: he's not for us. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 10:00. breaking at 10:00, shots fired and one person dead at violent protests in north
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carolina. chaos on the streets of charlotte as demonstrations over a recent deadly police shooting becomes more and more violent. tonight we know one person has died. many others are hurt. police in riot gear are using tear gas to try to get things under control. live look right now from above at the scene of the riots and violence in up town shore lot. police are trying to get things under control at this hour. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. the details are coming in by the minute. so take live look at charlotte right now crowds have been chanting, looting and frustration is boiling over an tv cameras show what's going on. here's what happened when the shots were fired.
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>> you can hear the sounds of popping of bangs of explosions. the protest turned violent eight round 8:00 this evening and we have watch this situation escalate in the hours that have followed. >> here's what we know right now. this is in response to that shooting death of 43-year-old keith lamont scott. we are getting two different versions of how he died. police say yesterday that he refused to drop weapon forcing officers to open fire. he died. scott's family, however, says he was shot -- not armed but had a book in his hands. >> police and people poured into the streets last night. same thing happened again tonight. fox news reports one person was shot in the head and killed during rioting this evening. charlotte officials say another civilian fired that shot. here's what one witness said. >> there are violent protests out here but i think most of them majority of them left earlier. he was being very peaceful.
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he was being very peaceful with his friend. they were very well -- they were just minding their of their businesses. this pisses me off. my son loves cops. he loves them. this is sad. this should not happen. >> we're hearing from the scene that some protestersare throwing the tear gas canisters at police are firing throwing them back at police and police started firing off rubber bullets. >> meanwhile anger in oklahoma over the police shooting of unarmed man in tulsa. video of the incident has sparked outrage across our nation. police say officer betty shelby shot terrence crutcher during a traffic stop. cops saying he was not obeying demands. that are cries for shelby to be fired. crutcher's father says his son was following all of the officer's demands and that video proves it. officer shelby is on paid administrative life while officials investigate the shooting. here's another life look at the situation in charlotte. you can see now somewhat calm now. we of course will keep you updated on this event through
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the evening and lou the newscast and now to the rest of your ne news. developing tonight, the search for an armed robber who got more than he bargained for and what he found in a local store sent him running scared the clerk was ready and armed and chased the guy right back out of the store. >> our dave schratwieser is on this story tonight, dave, you spoke that brave clerk who fought back. >> reporter: iain, real courage displayed by this store manager when he was confronted by the robber who pointed a gun in his face and threatened to shoot him. the manager pulled out his own gun and offered the suspect a choice. tonight he's alive and well and talking about it. >> edit on me. >> reporter: 30-year-old store manager jay hungar is he ya isn't afraid to let you know he's licensed to carry a gun. when an armed robber entered his store monday morning and announced a stick up. garcia had announcement of his own. >> you either get out of here or i'm shooting you, and he chose to run. to run away, you know.
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>> reporter: in fact the whole episode was caught on surveillance video as the robber entered and stuck a gun through the counter window. threatening to shoot garr see y seconds later you can see the gunman flee. garcia hot on his trail. packing his 9-millimeter. >> he wouldn't go and try to fight me. or confront mow or try to put his gun to my face again i would have shot him. >> he threaten to shoot somebody people have permits and they have guns. they can shoot back. >> the robber held up another store at gun point moments before around 7:30 in the 5200 block of market street. he left with cash and cigarett cigarettes. eight minutes later, he showed up at the walnut block grocery store in full view of surveillance cameras. >> are you pretty good with a gun? >> yes, definitely. >> reporter: you practice. >> i go to go the shooting range and practice. >> reporter: garcia run the store for his sister. he's been robbed before. that caused him to get gun and a permit to carry. he has a warning for anyone who tries to rob him in the future.
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>> i already talk to the cops. they gave me green light. if they come in here again, trying to rob you, don't give them the choice. if you don't leave i'm going to shoot you. just shoot them. >> pretty brazen act by the offender and it was met by a pretty courageous act by the employee of this business. >> reporter: now, garcia celebrated his 30th birthday today. two days after this incident. he was not hurt. the gunman remains on the loose. you want to get another look at that surveillance video, go to if you recognize the guy, you should call southwest detectives. lucy. >> thank you very much, dave. delaware county a driver has reportedly struck a child in the road. skyfox over the scene. this is woodland and sharon avenue in sharon hill. police say it happened right around 5:15 this morning. we don't know the child's condition as the details come in we'll bring them to you. in south jersey, a man hurt two police officers after they responded that a call to check on him.
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>> tonight one of those officers is still in the hospital after being stabbed in the head. our shawnette wilson joins us now live from vineland with details on that dangerous encounter. shawnette? >> reporter: well, that officer who was stabbed in the head we're told is in stable condition tonight. a second officer suffered minor injuries during the fight. he has been treated and released from the hospital. >> it's a shock because it doesn't happen. this is actually very quiet neighborhood. >> reporter: neighbors along the 700 block of south valley avenue in vineland are stunned to hear a man who lives on their block is charged with attempted murder of a police officer. sky fox flew over the scene where the cumberland county prosecutor says 26-year-old johnny flores stabbed an officer in the head and face. neighbors describe a chaotic scene after it happened. >> i noticed there was dozens of cops. at least 20 vehicles out here. it was quite a few. i mean it was a big scene. >> reporter: it happened just before 2:00 o'clock this afternoon. workers with the state
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department of human services contacted police to respond to a home for a welfare check on a man there. officers arrived to find family members at the home with flores. that's when officials say a physical altercation broke out between police and flores who allegedly stabbed one officer with a knife. a second officer was also hurt in the scuffle. >> stuff like that doesn't happen here at all. really quiet neighborhood. >> reporter: flores is being held on $500,000 bail. no word on why officials were carrying out a wellness check on that suspect. iain, back to you. >> shawnette, thank you. on your radar tonight things are warming up as we near the official start of fall. meteorologist kathy orr here with your forecast. >> i'm really looking forward to fall, iain. looking really good. right now we have high clouds out there. nevertheless temperatures really mild. some 60s to the north and west. some 70s through philadelphia and wilmington even trenton but look at the poconos with a clear sky at 56 degrees. tomorrow morning, waking up to
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sunshine for good part of the region. 64 the wake up temperature in philadelphia. cooler to the north and west. 60s through south jersey and even into delaware. dover waking up to 69 degrees. by the afternoon, we'll be tal talking about fall heat it certainly won't be feeling like summer. it will be a warm welcome to the season a dramatic drop over the course of the weekend and eagles chill if you're heading to the game on sunday. details coming up in the seven day. i'll see you later on in the broadcast. >> talk soon kathy. we are on top of breaking news in charlotte, north carolina. night two of violent protests. let's take the scene life right now. you can see police officers in riot gear. they have been locked arm in arm in a line and there have been violent confrontations between the protesters there maybe 800 strong and hundreds of officers as well. officers firing tear gas. protesters fired off firecrackers. we have been hearing explosions all night. one person dead, shot in the head. we understand from police by a civilian.
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another person injured as well possibly shot many others injured including police officers. we are on top of this one. more as it continues to develop. happening right now, shooting investigation in frankford. someone shot man in his 20s several times. just before 6:00 tonight along frankford avenue. the person who police say fired those shots then barricaded himself inside a nearby home. that barricade lasted several hours. let's get right out to chris o'connell live in frankford with details. chris? >> reporter: very tense couple hours, iain and lucy, just ended about 45 minutes ago when a man, a suspect in a shooting, barricaded himself inside a house for nearly two hours. police swat team was brought in. brought the man out. he has been arrested. meanwhile, the victim in the shooting is fighting for his life. it was at height of rush hour on one of the heaviest traveled intersections of the city. 22-year-old man walking down the
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street shot seven times at point blank range in broad daylight. the victim collapsed outside of the bridge and pat cafe. >> i heard gunshots. >> lauren heard the gunshots while she was waiting for the bus at accept at a frankford transportation sent. she was one of hundreds of people coming home from work who may have seen the shooting. >> there were at least 100 people on the sidewalk standing around the body. >> reporter: police rushed the victim to temple hospital. a short later officers surrounded a random house two blocks away on the 1600 block of pratt street where the gunman was hold up. swat teams and tactical gear took up positions while some neighbors were evacuated and police told us to move out of the line of fire. >> scary. like, i don't want to come down here any more. i mean there's families out here. there's kids. >> reporter: a friend of the victim says he doesn't know who would shoot his friend but police say he was the intended target. >> it was crazy.
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bound to happen about here. it's frankford it happens often. >> reporter: after nearly two hour standoff police rush the home and found the man hiding. the gun nowhere to be found. he was arrested without incide incident. >> just an absolutely reprehensible act. randomly be firing into a crowded street at that time of the day. just unbelievable. >> reporter: the victim remains at temple university hospital at last check in very critical condition. police are now looking at the many surveillance cameras that were in the area as well as speaking with many of the witnesses who may have seen this shooting first hand. iain? >> all right, chris, thanks. we continue to follow breaking news in charlotte, north carolina where for a second night protests over a deadly officer involved shooting have turned violent. we understand that one person is dead and of course we will stay on top of this and continue to update you throughout the night. ♪ >> police and the people they're
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supposed to be looking out for. a parent disrespect on both sides caught on video, and sent to fox 29. >> citizens and an officer apparently taunting one another. the exchange that police commissioner calls inn appropriate. us dad went to prison for murder before he was even born. his mom made him visit any way. what his dad said from jail that changed his life. >> and this pilot realized something was wrong with his plane just before he took off but his trouble did not end there. the danger even he didn't see coming up. the car wash that apparently got too hot in one community. firefighters were on the scene but some say they were part of the problem. what this video shows them doing with women wearing next to nothing. and a new jersey woman arrested over a dispute with her mailroom mate. cops say she did when if he said no to sex. third president?
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>> protests in response to that deadly police involved shooting have turned deadly. here's live look in charlotte right now. this is all in response to tuesday's police shooting of keith lamont scott. police say he was armed but his family says all he had was a book and was waiting to pick up a kid. the incidents have brought hundreds out to the streets for second night and tonight someone was shot and killed. >> throwing stuff. >> what they throwing, do you know. >> i don't know. you know how they get they throwing stuff. no reason to die. no reason. >> police are saying that it was another civilian who shot man in the head. of course, as we get those updates, we'll bring them right
10:16 pm
to you. in the midst of this latest turmoil over police involved shootings fox 29 received a video that may shed some light on tensions on the street. now it illustrates the anger on both sides of the divide. police frustrated at a lack of cooperation from the communities they protect. >> the people feeling hassled and harassed by those in unifo uniform. so we asked our bruce gordon to take a closer look at the video and what it may teach us. >> reporter: video shows two white philadelphia police officers looking for information from several young black men on a city street corner. the conversation quickly goes sideways and the cops order the men to disperse. one of the black men is heard to say come on ya'll they might be going to shoot us. voice that appears to be one of the officers the camera is turning so we don't see him replies, not all of you, just one. listen carefully. >> common ya'll they might going to shoot us. not all of you, just one.
10:17 pm
>> listen again. >> we caught up with police commissioner richard ross tahir row thrill show preview event. played him the video. his reaction to the idea that one of his officers may have respond to do a taunt by suggesting someone should be shot? >> no doubt the context is difficult to deny. we're going to have to figure out, you know hooks made that comment and obviously it's highly inn appropriate. >> reporter: consider the state of relations between police and african-american community. on the one hand incidents isn't tulsa and charlotte cops kill men who may are may not be an actual threat. on the other right here in philadelphia, an officer targe targeted, ambushed hi by black man in january an police sergeant released from the hospital days after being ambush by a black man in a shooting rampage last friday night. there's frustration on both sides. >> it's tough. we're under manned. we're under equipment. the attitude towards police has change everyone around the country we've seen that. >> there's not facing justice.
10:18 pm
it's open season when it comes to law enforcement targeting black and brown people. >> reporter: african-american officers can feel stuck in the middle. verbally abused by members of the minority community for seeming to be on the quote wrong side of the debate. >> they are not traitors. they're not uncle tom. though the community think that is they are. report roar they're just doing their job. >> they're just doing their job. >> reporter: in the midst of the bitterness and name calling we ran no jacqueline wilson near city hall. her daughter in la you is a cop. her view between the standoff between cops and the community. >> we don't seem to give them the respect they deserve and they don't give us the respect we deserve. until that's cleared we'll have race riots out here. >> commissioner ross promises a full investigation into the shooting comment. his views echo those of miss wilson's that bridges must be built and that starts with viewing the other as more than the color of skin or the color
10:19 pm
avenue uniform. second arrest in camden today in the shooting death of eight-year-old girl gabbie carter died after she was shot on south eighth street late last month. today prosecutors charged 19-year-old latasha gerald with hindering the investigation. they say she provided a false alibi for person of interest. last week police arrested another woman on the same charge that shooter is still out there. a south jersey crossing guard is facing charges for allegedly spraying maista man. police say 3584 old amy stanley of pennsville drove up to the guy and sprayed his face. stanley tells fox 29 another story. she claims the victim is a known heroin dealer and she maced him when he came to her car and reach into the window. authorities have charged her with aggravated assault and possession of a weapon for unlawful purpose. she's been suspended from her job. >> break tonight out of charlotte, north carolina deadly police involved shooting has turned into deadly rioting itself.
10:20 pm
but what we are looking at here is a much quieter scene. you can see a line of charlotte police officers locked arm in arm in riot gear. again, this is in response to tuesday's plea shooting of keeping lamont scott. quieter now. police have said if you don't get off the street we'll have to arrest you. there was looting and have i lense earlier. we'll continue to follow this breaking story and keep you updated. many parents have resisted the you were to cut in line when you waiting to pick your kids up from school. one dad, though, he gave in and that bad behavior didn't end there. why authorities say he punched a school volunteer and wound up in jail. and someone just spotted this snake in our area. you might not have ever heard its name but itaipu concludes the body he word cobra did i mention it's 8 feet long? it's 8 feet long. how it just found its way back. the question a lot people have been asking what's that nasty looking green slime on the schuylkill river? it's actually not a bad thing. now with tomorrow's traffic
10:21 pm
here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. get ready for road work over the next couple of weeks that began earlier today. hot mess. lincoln drive southbound down to one lane between green and wayne. a lot of folks using wissahickon to the boulevard after they got stuck in that today. robbins avenue bumpy ride hold on to your coffee cup between the boulevard and frankford doing milling and paving and those manhole covers hit you hard on the overnight when you don't see them and springfield road between satisfy and oaks of a another construction project. sue will have the forecast. i'll check the jam cams meet you here bright and early tomorrow at 4:00
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and more. lease the e300 for $549 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. >> now your winning lottery numbers. ♪ we're learning more about the man accused of setting off those explosives in new york city and new jersey. investigators recovered this bloody journal where ahmad khan rahami praises osama bin laden and other terrorists. federal documents also show that he bought bomb ingredients on e-bay and warned that bombs would explode in the streets. rahami remain in the hospital from that police shootout. his charges include federal terror. >> fbi released new video of two men who took suitcase holding the bomb that did not explode in new york city saturday night. the agency says camera caught these men taking the bomb from the luggage then leaving the device behind while taking the suitcase. investigators say they want to
10:25 pm
talk with these men as witnesses, not suspects. retired officer in florida just had one of his closest calls while volunteering. >> a parent actually deck him while he was trying to help direct traffic at his local elementary school. 79 year odd ed, has seen a lot in 33 years as a law enforcement officer when he started volunteering at the caluso elementary school pick up line he thought life would be easier. earlier this week he says the father of a student really copped an attitude with him and cut in front of all the other waiting cars. he told him to drive out and wait in line like everybody else. >> he blew the horn for three to five minutes at me. and i laughed. so then i went to walk away and he hit me. drove right into me. >> he ended up getting hit twice. some parents called police and that father 34-year-old lawrence franklin was arrested and is now facing chafers. new jersey woman arrested over dispute with her mailroom
10:26 pm
mate. what cops say she did once he said, hmm, no to sex. and coming up at 11:00 he's carrying a black bag and wearing white hat. surveillance video shows this guy walking around local business and police say he's up to no good. why officers want to find him. our kathy orr is track your forecast. >> absolutely. fall begins tomorrow, lucy, but it certainly won't feel like it. it will be feeling more like summer for now before the big cool down. we'll take look at that in the seven day coming up much i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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>> breaking tonight shots fired and at least one person down and protests in charlotte north carolina. here's a live look right now. we've been seeing police use tear gas to break up the crowds. one person as i mention was shot. on fox news earlier the police chief said that that man died but now police officials are telling fox news that person is still alive. but is on life support. police say the shooter was another civilian and we're also hearing a handful of other people are hurt along with some police officers. we will keep checking in on this breaking story. in trenton, police say a woman turned to violence when her roommate refused to have sex with her.
10:30 pm
prosecutors say 61-year-old shannon harry stabbed her mailroom mate in the chest friday night. they say he's seriously injured but has been able to talk with police. harry faces aggravated assault and weapons charges. it's 10:00 p.m. do you know where your children are? you surely heard the phrase before have you really thought about what it means? knowing where your children are tonight can change their life tomorrow. >> but not all kids have the same chance. the challenges of growing up today especially in some communities is a real challenge but tonight we do have proof that you can make it. >> mike jerrick introduces to us three young men who are not only making it but making a difference. ♪ >> father has been in prison. my mother was pregnant with me. >> reporter: that has not stopped stephan johnson from
10:31 pm
living a good life. >> even though that was a difficult situation growing up, i felt fortunate because my mom allowed for me to see my dad. >> reporter: from the time he was a little boy, until becoming a man, it did not matter that his father was serving life behind bars for murder or that he had to travel several hours to see him. what did matter was the message stephan's father had for him. >> when i visited him, he always instilled in me that you only come to this prison as a visit visitor. >> reporter: if stephan looks familiar to you, it's because we first introduced to you him in 2012 as part of a tv special called black on black the conversation continues. >> i think a lot of young black males in philadelphia today do not have strong role role mode models. >> now a student from oxford
10:32 pm
university in england he graduated from roman catholic high school, villanova was the lead coordinator at the cathedral basilica of saints peter and paul during the pope' visit to philadelphia. >> you got closer than i did. >> but he's quick to tell you that setting goals for yourself is the best way to get something out of this world. >> there's light at the end of the tunnel. things might be difficult now, but if i keep working at it. if i keep pushing then i know that success will come. >> ♪ >> reporter: bruce could not agree more. a lot has changed for him since 2012. at that time, he was just finishing up upper merion high school and living over a restaurant because he chose to leave his pan's home. >> i see where my dad is today.
10:33 pm
like i know what he's been through. i'm not saying that. that's not my route. that was his life. he chose totter all of that. i'm somebody totally different. >> i was in a different place if my life. i was trying to figure out what i was going to do because i didn't go to college. trying to figure out what i was going to do. >> what he did know that he want to do rap and he needed money to live. >> i just needed some funds to help me and stuff, so staying with my aunt. i just can't keep doing this much the same thing be stuff, and i'm like my dad opened a barbershop. let me just get a trade. >> following in his father's footsteps brows learned how to cut hair. he also enrolled at empire beauty school. where he earn his license in cosmetology. he now works as a barber while still pursuing his first love rapping. >> ♪ >> i think people like that are in my shoes it's harder to figure out 'cause you plan to go
10:34 pm
to the streets or something but i know the out come for that, dead or in jail, so this is different out come. i make money here. i can still work on my dream at the same time and i still can be authentic and tell my story. >> reporter: or charles watson fios one news. >> you can have charles watson do it for him. he was a student at temple university when he appeared in black on black. >> afraid to be who they are and this mentality that they have they pick up from their parent. >> reporter: since graduating in 2014 he's work as tv reporter in rehoboth, delaware and for verizon fios one. a neighbor tells me some sort of teen party was going and side when of all places bullets started flying. >> for years i wanted to be journalist. i didn't know if that was possible. but i worked hard. i cep at it. i kept on going and i'm doing exactly what i wanted to do. what i set out to do. >> while it's not been easy realizing his dream charles says
10:35 pm
he would not change a thing about his journey. ask what he had to say to his generation to help them stay the right course? >> it all begins with doing something that you actually care about, actually love, something that you would do without money being involved because there's a passion there. >> reporter: but each of them all have the passion to pursue more. >> i think you take someone like me or bruce or instead of fan and you just put them there in your face. we came up in the same neighborhoods that you all came from. seeing a loft the same things that you all saw. >> reporter: great stuff by mike jerrick. pursue your passion. >> right. >> never give. >> right. >> you can make it. >> absolutely. got to shoot high and keep on going. >> congratulations tothers guys. >> i love it. all right. coming up this pilot realized something was wrong with his plane just before he took off but his trouble didn't end the there. the danger he didn't even see coming. someone just spotted this snake in our area. you probably haven't heard its
10:36 pm
name but that includes the word cobra. he's a biggy. how it just found its way back home.
10:38 pm
we couldn't to follow follow breaking news out of charlotte, north carolina for second night protests over a deadly officer
10:39 pm
involved shoot having turned violent. police firing tear gas. one person was down in those protests. police are telling fox news and fox news is reporting now that that person was shot by another civilian. that person is not dead but rather op live support. we of course will stay on top of this and bring you updates later in this newscast. good news it's slowly seeps like it's quiting down there. whoever was missing this large snake in delaware county now has their pet back home. string field township police caught this 8-foot south american water cobra last night. a resident on spring valley road spotted it in their yard and called police. police tell thus snake is now back home safe and sound. very close call for a pilot in nevada. >> the heart-stopping moment was all caught on camera. check it out. >> tom richard was competing in the annual reno air races. his plane's engine wasn't running well enough to fly fly he shut it off his competitors
10:40 pm
didn't message to stop and with canopy up a plane careened towards him. richard did escape with just an injured hand. the other pilot incredible wall not hurt. >> your money tonight after big recall. new galaxy note seven smart phones are now available. samsung of course recalled about 1 million of phones in the us aft battery in the devices caught fire even exploded for some people. the company received 26 reports of injuries and this morning the tech giant released a half million new note sevens. customers with phones that fall under the recall can bring them in for new one while supplies last. samsung sesses they have a new future that will help customers ensure their note seven is one of the new ones. one of the safe ones. the color of the battery indicator light is now green. it was white and gray on the original note sevens. chipotle making another attempt at convincing customers its food will not make them sick. the struggling restaurant chain plans to run for ads that outline the safety steps it's
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taken since last year's e-coli outbreak. chipotle hoping to ease any doubts that its burritos and are safe to eat. the company is trying to giving away free coupons introducing new toppings other freebies but just can't boost those slumping sales. car wash apparently got too hot in one community. firefighters were on the scene but some say they were part of the problem. what this video those them doing with women wearing next to nothing. and it's a question that's got a lot of people asking, what's that nasty looking green slime on the schuylkill river. we'll tell you why it's actually not a bad thing. >> kathy orr is tracking your forecast. >> temperatures climbing as fall begins tomorrow. then in just a few days the big chill moves and in it could be here for while. we'll take look at that with the seven day next. pass
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♪ we are staying on top of that breaking news out of charlotte, north carolina tonight. for the second night in a row protests over that police officer involved shooting have turned deadly. police right now things are kind of calm but earlier they were firing tear gas and other things at those demonstrates. one person was down. fox news is reporting that that person was shot by another civilian and that person is not dead but rather is on life support. we of course will stay on top of this and bring you any updates
10:45 pm
throughout the evening. meantime detroit charity car wash gets a little too hot for some people to handle. >> local fire fights were there but it's their actions that are getting people hot under the collar. the owner of the car wash was hosting the event to raise money for local charities but this video is leaving neighbors ang angry. it shows some bikini clad women dancing on the back of the detroit fire engine. one of the firefighters apparently tucked a dollar bill into one of the woman's bathing suits. the owner of the car wash says hey, it was all in good fun. neighbors, don't agree. >> i think it's ridiculous. there's kids in the neighborhood. >> to me it's unprofessional. >> the firemen shouldn't have been. they should have been on the j job. >> the union representing the fires called eight non story. the fire commissioner says it's investigating. you may be wondering what's causing that green slime in the schuylkill river. you're definitely not the only one but it turns out it mate not be as bad as it looks.
10:46 pm
>> our karen hepp spoke to experts to explain what that green stuff really is and if you ought to be a little worried. >> reporter: have you seen the big screen splashes on the schuylkill river, rowers skull through the kelly green gunning. looks kind of funky, but what is it and is it dangerous? >> looks polluted. >> i'm not sure what to think about it. >> i don't want to drink out of that water. that's what i think about it. >> reporter: experts say it's duck weed. a good green and actually a sign the river is pretty healthy. >> not an indicator of any poor water quality conditions. it's not algae. it's more of a free floating aquatic plant. so if you look at it closely it looks like little flowers almost like little tiny lilly pad. >> reporter: duck weed normally gross like lilly pads in ponds or slow-moving water and since we've had so little rain, it's been gang busters. >> we hadn't seen any rain throughout the month of august and into early september. eight loud the river to slow down its flow which create the perfect environment for the duck weed that war seeing to grow.
10:47 pm
>> reporter: experts say it all wash down here in monday's rain the ducks are happy about it. the fisherman not so much. >> when you throw your line out it doesn't go down. it floats on top of the weeds and stuff. so the fishing is not good. report roar unless you want to catch the river junk. experts say no worries. it will head downstream in the next rain. >> there's another theory indulge me on this one. what happened on monday? huge eagles game and all of a sudden on that night when our and tire city is jumping on the wentz wagon, what happens out here to the river? well, you can see it. it turned an old school eagles green. let us know what you think. i'm karen hepp, fox 29 news. >> that's right. the river is on the wentz bandwagon. >> i love it. (laughter). >> all right. kathy, what's coming up in weather. >> you got to love it, right? >> temperatures are going to go up and then they're going to go down right in time for the eagles game on sunday. it's going to be like clock work like magic, football weather. live look outside looking good
10:48 pm
on market street. little bit quiet out there. but feeling like a summer night. 73 degrees on this last night of summer. the high today 86. wind out of the east northeast about 6 miles an hour. 56 so cool in the poconos, 68 in allentown. philadelphia 73. millville 68. so a variety of temperatures as we still have some cloud cover from this an area of low pressure the remnants of that old tropical depression julia still plaguing us with a few clouds. that goes to the south late tonight and tomorrow. high pressure sandwiched in between these two weather systems and we see another beautiful day the first day of fall will be spectacular with sunshine an high temperature again of 86 degrees. it's rare that we see the last day of summer and the first day of fall identical but that will pretty much be the case. autumn officially begins tomorrow at 10:21. you'll have to see if it feels any different. but once we get into autumn for couple of days, things are going to change pretty quickly around here. scott?, what do you think? >> kathy, we certainly are going
10:49 pm
to watch those temperatures change over the next several days. in fact it will get down right chilly but dry, quiet as you see the satellite/radar across the area. let's talk about those temperatures for the southern half of the nation right now. we're looking at 81 in memphis. 82 st. louis. 84 in omaha look where the cold hair has been bottled up. temperatures in canada in the 40s. that's some of the cold hair that will head in our direction. in fact for the second half of the weekend, headed to the linc grab that fall fleece. temperatures by kickoff around 70. low 60s by the end of the game. turning a little chilly there as the eagles take on the steelers. as we look ahead toward next month, early october as far as the temperatures, where you see the blue below average in the midwest above average temperatures just to our south and parts of virginia, north carolina as well as florida. it looks like the first couple of weeks for us will have temperatures near average and speaking of looking ahead,
10:50 pm
halloween only 39 days away. the end of daylight savings time we're talking 45 days away and thanksgiving, kathy, i know you're getting ready for that already, 63 days away. >> yeah, ooh talked to scott and i were talking about the fact we're eating the halloween candy already. it's not that far off yet, scott. thanks very much. let's talk about too tonight. overnight tonight it will be decent out there. looking at wilmington right now and wilmington and in philadelphia even along the i-95 corridor overnight low temperatures in the 60s. our suburbs little bit cooler at 57. mainly clear but pleasant overnight. tomorrow 86. much more comfortable day than today with lower humidity and on your seven day forecast from the weather authority, friday beautiful. 88. that's the peak of the heat. saturday for the temple game cooler chilly for the birds. but that's football weather. monday, tuesday, wednesday looking good with high temperatures in the 70s. lows mainly in the 50s and that's the way it should be around this time of year, sean bell. >> that's right, kathy. the eagles going to have some great weather for the -- their
10:51 pm
first official real test. steelers coming to town and a few things need to when they do. one of those things is carson wentz not getting hit. he's taking a lot of shots he doesn't have to take. pederson talks about getting him to slide next in sports. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump says he alone can fix the problems we face. well i don't believe that's how you get things done in our country. it takes democrats and republicans
10:52 pm
working together. that's how we got health care for 8 million kids. rebuilt new york city after 9/11. and got the treaty cutting russia's nuclear arms. we've got to bring people together. that's how you solve problems and that's what i'll do as president. i'm really good at war. i love war in a certain way.
10:53 pm
including with nukes, yes including with nukes. i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me. nuclear, just the power the devastation, is very important to me. i want to be unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. ♪ carson wentz giving the whole city brand new life from
10:54 pm
fans talking division champs but this week they'll have find out how really good they are because the pittsburgh steelers coming to town. wentz has stepped up every time so far. he's doing things no other rookie has done before. he's the first rookie in nfl hit row to start and win his first two games without throwing an interception. it's really impressive because he's throwing over 30 passes in each game. no restrictions. wentz has done great so far and his drive to get better is what is making him special. >> it's really just kind of my nature. i think that's kind of how the good lord wired me, um, whatever it is i'm doing i really just want to excel and push myself to be the best. in north dakota growing up there's a lot of things that we do. you really earn, earn everything you get. >> internally motivated guys and externally motivated guys. the guys internally motivated want to be successful not because of how they're seen in the public or the media, usually the guys that want to be
10:55 pm
successful because they have inherent drive to be competitive and win. those are the type of guys you want and that certainly seem the way carson wentz is. >> one of things carson needs to do better is sliding. in the first two games he took unnecessary big-time shots. he missed time in the pre-season against the steelers he could get really knocked out. he has to be careful. today doug pederson talked about getting his qb to slide. >> it's hard to rei pair him. um, i think he just needs to constantly keep talking with him, going back and showing him those plays on tape, and just making him aware and conscious of, hey, you know, it's not only his longevity but also for the team as well. >> of course we'll have everything eagles on "game day live" at 10am washington heads to new york for the 1:00 o'clock game and then gary cobb and i will break down everything eagles at 10:30 on sports sund sunday. the phillies in action tonight trying to win two in a rogen the white sox. only 11 games remaining in the
10:56 pm
season hoping to finish off with streak. tommy joseph saying right now he needs to be starting at first base on opening day. look at this. line drive, two run homer. he went two for 53 rbi's. fels up five-one. scary moment in the sixth with tiger goodell. gets nailed. very scary. look at it again. that is -- listen, listen you never take that shot it could be a condition. he walked off on his own power. hopefully he'll be okay much the phils won eight to three. look at this. the mets trying to fight for play off spot. bottom of the ninth and robbed of a homer. it would have definitely went over the mets fall four hiv three. wow! that's an unbelievable catch. play of the day. >> absolutely. >> they're trying to fight for the playoffs. >> i know. that could be the difference. >> incredible. >> all right. lucy what's coming up at 11. >> we're staying on top of breaking news we have been covering ought night. busy night.
10:57 pm
protests in charlotte, north carolina over a deadly police shooting erupt in gunfire tonight one person is on life support. we'll take you to the streets of charlotte live as police work to bring peace. your wake up weather and seven day forecast in the first five minutes. remember, your powerball lottery drawing is next.
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