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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  September 22, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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the face and head. >> also, it is the first day of fall, but it may not feel lick it, before you throw on that sweater. sue serio has your weather forecast, in just a moment. good day everybody, it is thursday, september 22, 2016. chris murphy has the morning off. we have a few more hours, sue serio, to celebrate summer 16. >> today's day to launder this weather, make sure it is nice and clean, because you will need it over the weekend for sure. maybe even that fleece jacket, if you're headed for outdoor activities today. we're going to gave you a ten out of ten, though, as we countdown the last couple of hours of summer, and welcome fall. bus stop buddy off to pleasant start this morning, you won't need that jacket or sweater today. it is in the 60s, and 70s for the most part right now. and just a tiny bit of rain down there in sussex county, just like yesterday, with the persistent southern system. 65 degrees, it is a little cooler than yesterday, but still, real nice out. 6:49 is your official sunrise time. we've got a very chilly 49 degrees in mount pocono,
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that's where you may need the sweater today. fifty-nine in reading. sixty-three in lancaster, down in wilmington, 59 degrees, mid 60s at the shore, in wildwood. not much winds to speak of. but the winds we are getting, the breezes are coming mostly out of the north, and that means, drier air today. so here we go. first day of autumn. bob kelly, so fond of my craftiness today. i put together this tablet. >> look at you! >> temperature of 86 degrees, we will see decent amount of sunshine today, still warm enough to feel like it is summertime. i think new segment would be sending sue to somebody's house to craft something for her front porch. >> well, let me do my own first -- >> sue coming to you! 5:01, good morning, hello northeast philly, quiet on this thursday morning. no problems here on the schuylkill expressway. we are looking good into and out of town. but we have an accident on the new jersey turnpike, it is southbound, right at exit
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number two, right before exit number two, which is 322. there were shuttle bussing until 5:00. so any second now start to see the market frankford line, the broad street subway roll the trains, as we get ready for the morning rush hour, and of course we're still dealing with those shortage of trains, crowded conditions on the regional rail lines. nothing new to report there. so it is another day, another jam packed car. emergency work on the lincoln drive. this will catch you by surprise. hit you like a stale bagel this morning. southbound lincoln drive, down to one lane for the next couple of weeks, with some water work between green and wayne. so, expect delays, this is the first morning rush hour that that project will kick into gear. otherwise, looking good up and over the bridges. lauren, back over to you. >> bob, thank you so. breaking right now. chaos erupts until the street of charlotte, north carolina, as protests continue over deadly officer shoved shooting. -- officer-shoved shooting.
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>> (protests heard). >> as you can see, the tension turned violent, one protesters on live support this morning. reporters covering the storing i covered more police officers injured, the demonstrations turned into riots, and all of this is in response to conflicting stories about the shooting death of 43 year old keith lamont scott by police. police and witnesses offering two very different stories of what happened. jennifer joyce live in the news room with much more. hi, jen up. >> good morning, lauren, how about this? our police commissioner, richard ross, actually head today charlotte today, with a pre-planned trip he was going down to serve as mentor and talk about various police civilian relations, and how timely was the chaos that continues in charlotte. a lot of riots overnight, several people heard, including these two protesters, lying on the grounds, one every them was shot, and is in critical condition at the hospital. city officials say it was not at the hands of one of their police officers. overnight, groups of protesters could be seen trying to stop cars driving on
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the highway in charlotte. several cars tried to dodge protesters, and push on through. before 10:00 p.m. last night, that's when one person was shot and critically wounded. other people including reporters, trying to cover the riots, were attacked. windows shattered, small fires were set, police once again used riot gear and sprayed tear gas on the group that was creating a dangerous situation. one protester we talked to say even though conditions are dangerous, she not leaving, because she believes in the group's message. >> my farther verdict respect a purpose. my brother serves a purpose. i serve a purpose. i'm here, because guess what, whether i am here, i am in school, i am in my car, you say okay a man got shot over here right? you basically say why would i put myself in danger? >> right. exactly. >> guess what, i could be at work, at school, in my car, i could still get shot. >> these protest remembers angry about the fatal police
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shooting of keith lamont scott on tuesday at a housing complex, police say the man had a gun, a black police officer shot and killed him, neighbors and family say he was holding a book. video of the shooting has not been released. the operation here shot and killed scott is on administrative leave as the shooting is investigated, lauren? >> all of this, jenny, comes days after unarmed man was shot and killed during police involved shooting in tulsa. terrence crutcher black and unarmed fatly shot by a whitt police officer there. this morning crutcher's father is speaking out. >> my son had his hands raised up doing just what i told him to do and that's what he was doing. i said put your hands on the car. he was walking to the car. and he shot him down like he is a dog. >> there ought to be an immediate trial and an immediate trying of the evidence and stop these judicial stallings because justice delayed is justice denied. >> crutcher's family says he
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was just waiting for help near his stalled car on the road when he was shot. the office err's attorney alleges she was afraid crutcher was reaching for a weapon when she pulled her gun and shot him. the recent police shootings in both oklahoma and north carolina are grabbing the attention of both presidential candidate as they campaign in key battleground states. here's hillary clinton. >> but we do know that we have two more names to add to a list of african-americans killed by police officers in these encounters. it is unbearable. and it needs to become intolerable. >> clinton acknowledged many police chiefs around the country are committed to reform. she did credit police officers in new york, new jersey, and minnesota, for showing courage and skill in responding to attacks over the weekend. her opponent donald trump spoke about the recent police shoved shootings saying the shootings in tulsa appear to be a mistake. >> police are trouble by it, too. they look at it, now, did she
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get scared? was she choking? what happened? >> we all respect our police greatly and they will just have to get better and better and better. >> donald trump is also calling for a nationwide stop and frisk to help stop the violence in african-american communities. he spoke of this during a rally in ohio where boxing promotor don king used a racial slur during his speech. now just 47 days away from election day. clinton, back on the top, in the latest pole with 43% of the vote, we're at 43%, while donald trump has 37%. breaking news out of lower merion. 7-eleven cashier taken to the hospital after being hit on the head during robbery. this happened just before 1:00 this morning, 1400 block every city avenue. right now, police are looking for two men who they say hit the cashier on the head before taking money. if you know anything about this crime, you're asked to call police. a south jersey man being held on half million dollars bail charged in the attempted murder of a vineland police
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officer. cumberland county prosecutors say 26 year old johnny flores, attacked the officer, stabbing him in the head and face, that officer's now recovering with non-life threatening injuries. all of this happened at a house along the 700 block every south valley avenue yesterday, around 2:30, officers were assisting with the welfare check when they say flores came at them. neighbors tell fox 29 it was chaotic. it is shocking. because this is very quiet neighborhood. and stuff like that doesn't happen here at all. it is a really quiet neighborhood. >> did you guys know the family at small. >> the individual, no. i didn't know him particularly. but i know that he -- few people have told me that he is unstable. he had a couple of mental issues. >> the second officer treated for minor injuries at the hospital and released. and intense stand-off in philadelphia's frankford neighborhood, swat team closes in on shooting suspect, the gunman, holds up for hours, inside a home. people living in that area forced to evacuate.
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the suspect wanted for gunning down a man in front of dozens of people, at the transportation center. fox's chris o'connell reports, the victim is in the hospital fighting for his life. >> philadelphia police say a 22 year old man, was the intended target, when he was shot seven times at point blank range, collapsing on the sidewalk, on frankford avenue. >> i just heard gunshot. you see people come running out. >> the shooting happened at one of the city's busiest intersections. across the street, from septa's frankford transportation center near the height of rush hour. police say there were many witnesses. >> there were at least 100 people on the sidewalk standing around the body. >> about an hour after the shooting, officers surrounded a house two blocks away on the 1600 block of pratt street. the gunman was holdup. the residents, not home at the time. swat teams, tactical gear, took up positions while some neighbors were evacuated. after nearly two hours-stand-off, police
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returned in, and found the man hiding. no gun to be found. he was arrested without incident. >> absolutely reprehensible act. randomly firing into a crowded street at that time of the day. just unbelievable. >> chris o'connell, "fox 29 news". and at 5:10, following breaking news out of delaware county. police are on the scene after homicide in yeadon. it happened at 3:00 this morning, on the 600 block of bailey road. police also say they found a blood trail leading into philadelphia. we have a crew head today that scene. we will be sure to keep you updated as we get more information. the fbi releasing new images of two men they want to talk to in connection with the acts of terror in new york and new jersey. they took the suitcase holding a bomb that did not explode, in manhattan saturday night. the agency says camera caught these men removing the pressure cooker from the luggage and then leaving the device sitting on the sidewalk. investigators are saying they want to question the menace witnesses, not as suspects.
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>> and since the bombings, authority say calls to 911 are pouring in about any suspicious packages. 406 callers made reports over 48 hours in new york city alone. none of those packages contained explosives. and we're learning more about what bombing suspect ahmad khan rahami had in store when he planted those devices. homeland security releasing his journal and reading excerpts. officials say it is clear from the journal that rahami was receiving inspiration from isis, and that we are facing a new era of terror. >> it talks about the sounds of bombs to be heard in the streets, streets praised osama bin laden his brother, talked about fort hood texas, he talked about pressure cooker bombs and pipe bombs, and the streets as they plan to run a mile. >> rahami remains under guard at university hospital in newark unconscious and unable to speak after surgery for gunshot wounds. federal prosecutors have
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charged him with terrorism and use of weapons of mass destruction. coming up: possible lead in a case as the search continues for the person responsible for killing a eight year old girl in camden. who police are talking to now. >> and the latest team joining in on the national anthem protest spark by colin kaepernick.
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>> taking a live look outside the fox studios. tomorrow it will look very different. because we are having a big party, as we absolute the troops for our annual military day. the place to be. the time to arrive, seven p and plan to stay until 10:00. we'll shut down the entire street, have a block party, to honor the men and women who serve our count retirement you don't want to miss t we'll ask you starting tomorrow to send us a picture of your loved one, in uniform, and use the #fox29lights. >> you know always a lot of pressure on us in military day to get the weather right. >> that's right. >> and i really think this one is looking good. because tomorrow morning should be just like today. but today is the day that fall begins. we will have our lesson again on the all up equinox, which happens at 10:21 this morning. it is an astronomical thing.
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it is when the sun is pretty much directly over the equator, that's the line around the middle of the earth. and it means latin, latin for ' qual nights, equinox. soap it, means daytime and nighttime are just about of equal lent. it is not exact. but it is as close as it will get. and that it happens all over again, in the spring, when we have what we call the vernal equinox. all right, class, quiz later on. now, here is your kick off forecast for sunday. this is when it will really start feeling like fall, when the steelers come to town, game starts right around 4:30, 70 degrees then. that will be the high of the day. and then temperatures will fall through the six off's throughout the rest of the evening. as hopefully we are celebrating win number three, cross your fingers. we have maybe a sprinkle or two down in sussex county, delaware, rain, but nothing really to show you there. as we look at the future cast, do expect some clouds to spread in the same places we were very cloudy yesterday. the jersey shore, southern
5:17 am
delaware, maybe even into kent county, but as the clouds try to move little further northward, high pressure should keep us pretty sunny today. and even though it is fall, it is still going to feel kind of summary out there. 65 degrees right now in philadelphia, cooler morning than yesterday, 49 in mount pocono, 65 degrees in wildwood. that's where we are right now. here's where we are headed. to 86 degrees today, the hottest day we will probably see for awhile is tomorrow. high of 88. combed front comes through, not with any rain, but probably friday night into saturday, so we start to feel the cool down on saturday, with high in the upper 70s, by sunday, though, we will barely make it to 70 degrees. and that sunday morning, when you walk out, it is only 52 degrees, early sunday, you will definitely need your sweater then. bob kelly? >> so if i go to early mass, 6:00 a.m. mass, parish, right, lauren, you hit that early mass, don't you? >> that's right. >> that's right.
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5:17. good morning, everybody, live look at the benny up and over into downtown philly, no problems or delays at all this morning, off to good start on this thursday. hello to the blue route. looking good, between saint david's, all the way down to 95, and there is only one accident, on the new jersey turnpike, it is southbound, as you work your way into exit number two, which is 322, there, in swedesboro. speaking of swedesboro, guess where we're going for breakfast today? you know it, thursday, going to the ren hen over thereon kings highway in swedesboro. just off the turnpike, and 322. we will be throughout from 9:00 to 10:00. come on by. kids will be okay, will be a little late for school. pass it off as a learning experience, right? i'll give them little note for. that will emergency work on the lincoln drive southbound today, down to one lane, between green and wayne. this is a new project that started yesterday. the water department going to be out there for couple of weeks. so, get ready for the jam as you head south on that lincoln drive, and then up in northeast philadelphia, the bumpy ride along robbins avenue.
5:19 am
they've been milling, paving the roadway. so between the boulevard and frankford, look out. those big old manhole covers are sticking about 3 inches up out of the ground there. that will spill the coffee right down the front of you. lauren, back to you. >> second arrest made in the camden shoot that left a eight year old girl dead, gabby carter was shot on south eighth street late last month. prosecutors say, they've now charged 19 year old natasha gerald with hindering the investigation. they say she provided a false alibi from a person of interest. last week police arrested another woman on the same charge, the shooter still on the loose. police need your help finding this man, they say, he stole electronics from an office in center city. authorities say he took items valued at $70,000 on the 1600 block every walnut st. it happened in mid august around 9:00 p.m. on a wednesday. in west philadelphia, police need your help finding the man who robbed a family dollar store. police say this man, enters the store on the 4700 block of west girard avenue, late last month, and he handed the employee a threatening note,
5:20 am
demanded $40. police say he took the cash. left the scene. wnba team now joining the national anthem that colin kaepernick sparked in the ntl. taking a knee during the anthem. >> i'm product of you all. i'm proud of you all for doing that today. ing in this together. that's big. that's big. it is bigger than basketball, right, bigger than basketball, all right, so let's go out, use that energy, use that together on the floor. >> the women's basketball team locked arms and kneeled, while two phoenix players kneeled last night. the voice you just heard was the fever's head coach commending her team for a decision to kneel, involved in speaking out on political matters. they wore black lives matter t-shirts rather than their normal warm up gear back in july. more than a million people are without power in puerto rico this morning, after enormous fire at electrical plant. officials are calling a very
5:21 am
serious event, saying, two transmission lines failed. businesses, university, and government offices all closed early yesterday. that created a little chaos out on the roads. power is expected to be restored at some point today. airports, police stations, and water plants, will be the priority. >> it is a question a lot of people have been asking. what is that nasty looking green slime on the schuylkill river? well, why it is actually not a bad thing. but first your winning lottery numbers.
5:23 am
5:24 am
gasoline pumping again, across the south, colonial pipeline says it has repaired the pipeline that ruptured in alabama more than ten days ago. the break caused major gasoline shortages in georgia, tennessee, and the carolinas. the company says it will take several days for fuel surprise to return to normal there. the green slimy substance in the schuylkill river is causing some concerns among people living here in our city. turns out it, may not be as bad as it looks. karen hepp spoke to some experts who explain what the green stuff actually is, and if we should be worried. >> have you seen the big green blotches on the schuylkill river? rosier skull through the kelly green gunning. looks kind of funky. but what is it?
5:25 am
and is it dining us? >> looks polluted. i'm not sure what to think about it. >> i don't want to drink out that far water. that's what i think about it. >> ing. >> perth say it is duck weed, a good green, a sign that the river is pretty health. >> i it is not an indicator of any poor water quality conditions, not algae, more of free floating aquatic plant. if you look at it closely it, looks like little flowers, almost like a little tiny lilly pad. >> the duck weed normally grows like lilly pads in ponds, or slow moving water. and since we've had so little rain, it has been gang busters. >> we hadn't seen any rain throughout the month of august, early september it, allowed the river to slow down it flow, created the perfect environment for the duck weed we're seeing to grow. >> experts say it all washed down here in monday's rain. the ducks are happy about it, the fishermen, not so much. >> you throw your line out it, doesn't go down, it is on top of the weeds and stuff, so the fish something not good. >> unless you want to catch the river junk.
5:26 am
experts say no worries it, will head downstream in the next rain. >> there is another theory. indulge me on this one. what happened on monday? >> huge eagles game. and all of a sudden on that night when our entire city is jumping on the wentz wagon, what happens out here to the river? well, you can see it, it turned an old school eagles green. let us know what you think. i'm karen hepp, "fox 29 news". we're following some breaking news coming out of north carolina, jenny joyce is covering that for us. hi, jenny. >> reporter: good morning, national guard has been called to charlotte and state of emergency declared as violent riots continued for a second day. we'll show you the latest images from charlotte at 5:30.
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breaking news right now, police are on the scene after homicide in yeadon. the details straight ahead. >> and the golf of north carolina declaring state of emergency in charlotte after another night of protest turned violent once again. a man is shot a mid the chaos, who officials are calling in, to help east the tensions there. and, it is the first day of fall. but, it doesn't really feel like it outside just yet. sue serio has your weather forecast in just a moment. >> good day everybody, it is thursday, september 22, 2016. we are gearing up for a big block party tomorrow, sue, on the first full official day of fall. >> right. >> salute the troops for our annual military day. >> i'm real excited and so is bus stop buddy. because the weather will be good. when the weather cooperates it, makes a great day even better. so, we hope you find some time
5:30 am
to join us tomorrow morning, right here, at fourth and market for our big party. bus stop buddy of course he has to go to school. he is waiting at the bus stop this morning, with just his polo shirt, it is in the 50's and 60s, but very pleasant out there. and we are expecting sunshine today. now, down to the south of us, weaver some clouds around. and a tiny bit maybe of rain around sussex county, delaware, it may be just a sprinkle or two, it is that persistent southern system. we will talk about that in a minute. 65 degrees, right now, not much of a breeze, but, 73% relative humidity. so that's down from the past couple of days. sunrise time is 6:49. it is only 49 degrees, up in mount pocono, we have 50's to the north of us, and all of our other temperatures are in the 60s, again, not much wind, but what is blowing, comes out of the north, so it is drier air out there. here we go. 10:21 a.m. is what it happens. the official autumn equinox. it looks like we will be at about 80 degrees by lunchtime with a high temperature of 86,
5:31 am
a little later on, so i don't know what looks more autumnal than this, bob kelly, mice basket of apples and falling leaves. >> coy only do that on my front porch that would be great. >> 5:31. hello to route 309, sus is he hand a road, nice and dark, nice and quiet. no delays at all coming in toward the pennsylvania turnpike. off to pretty good start here on the new jersey side, headlights coming in toward the city approaching 295. there is one accident on the new jersey turnpike as we go for a ride. it is southbound right before exit number two. that's for 322 there in swedesboro. and this will hit you like a stale donut this morning, down to one lane on the lincoln drive. they started this project last, yesterday, at about 99:30. right after the rush hour. this is first morning rush, that we have to deal with only one lane on the lincoln drive between green and wayne. expect delays for the next couple of weeks. the water department making some repairs. and little better day today
5:32 am
than yesterday. looking good at philadelphia international airport if you're taking a flight out of town. and mass transit also running with no delays. lauren, back over to you. >> thanks so much, bob. breaking news out of delaware county, police on the scene of homicide in yeadon. it happened at 3:00 this morning on the 600 block every bailey road. police also say they found a blood trail leading into philadelphia, we have a crew head today that scene. we will be sure to keep you updated a we get more information into us. and, tensions are running high in the streets of north carolina. more chaos and violence last night, spark by this week's fatal officer-involved shooting. violent encounters between police and protesters. all of this in response to conflicting stories about the police involved shooting death of 43 year old keith lamont scott. police and witnesses offering opposing accounts of what happened. jennifer joyce joins us liver from the news room with the very latest, hi, jenny. >> good morning, lauren, state of emergency declared and the national guard has been called in, as things have been pretty out of control. several people have been injured in the violent riots
5:33 am
including two protesters, you can see here, lying on the ground, one every them was shot and is in critical condition at the hospital. city officials say it was not at the hands of one of their police officers. overnight groups of protesters could be seen trying to stop cars driving on the highway in charlotte. several cars tried to dodge protesters and push on through. just before 10:00 p.m. last night, that's when one person was shot and critically wounded. other people, including reporters, trying to cover the riots, were attack, windows shattered and small fires were set. police once again used riot gear and sprayed tear gas on the group that was creating a dangerous situation for a second day. one protest their we talk to is calling for an ends to the violence, he says he was standing next to that person who was shot overnight, and argues that this aggressive behavior is only hurting their message. >> this is not the way. this is not how we ride. this is knott the way. we came out here for peace.
5:34 am
this is not how we succeed. this is not how we get everybody on our side. >> it is terrible. we've been tear gassed. but again it is unacceptable. we just need to make sure we're conducting ourselves properly. we came out here to have our voices heard. >> these protesters are angry about the fatal police shooting of keith lamont scott on tuesday at a housing complex. police said the man had a gun, a black police officer shot and killed him. scott's neighbors and family said he was holding a book. philadelphia police commissioner richard ross is going to be in charlotte today speaking as part of a policemen tore program. it was a pre-planned trip that just happens to fall during a specially heated time. it will be interesting to hear commissioner ross' words of advice and trying to improve police civilian relations, lauren? >> absolutely, thanks so much, jenny. back at home breaking news out of lower merion, a seven/11 cashier taken to the hospital after suffering head injuries during a robbery. >> this happened just before 1:00 this morning on the 1400
5:35 am
block every city avenue. right now, police are looking for two men who they say hit the cashier on the head before taking money. if you know anything about the crime, call police. >> the protest in charlotte come just days after an unarm man was shot and killed during a police involved shooting in tulsa, oklahoma 40 year old terrence crutcher unarm and black fatally shot by a white police officer. crutcher's family said he was waiting for help on his stalled car on the road when he was shot. the the offer's attorney said she was afraid crutcher was reaching for a weapon when she pulled her gun and shot him. the fbi searching for the two men seen in a picture that agents are releasing, they want to question them as witnesses in the bombings, in new york and new jersey. they are seen on camera there. taking the suitcase, holding a device, that didn't explode in manhattan saturday night. the agency says the man removed the pressure cooker from the luggage, left it sitting on the sidewalk. >> and calls to 911 are pouring in about suspicious packages, since the bomb
5:36 am
blast, in 48 hours, 406 callers made reports in new york city alone. none of those packages contained any explosives. meantime, the federal case against the bombing suspect is intensifying, since the release of his journals. cord too long homeland security, it is clear from his writings that ahmad khan rahami was receiving inspiration from isis. this morning, rahami remains under guard at university hospital in newark unconscious and unable to speak. he faces a long list of charges including terrorism and use of weapons of mass destruction. the woman behind the massive price hike for epi pens is defending her company's actions. the price for a two-pack of epi pens has jumped 500% in just the past few years. appearing on capitol hill yesterday, heather breshceo of mylan tells congress the epi pen price hike linked to medicare drug issue. she said the company struck balance between price and access and claims to offer rebates and discounts to
5:37 am
customers. one lawmaker accuses bresh of raising price toss get filthy rich at the expense of customers. >> bad news again for blue bell. the ice cream company announcing another recall because of listeria concerns. the company says the issue is some chocolate chip cookie dough that it bought from a third party supplier. the ice cream was made in alabama. the recall affect two flare office: chocolate chip cookie dough and cookie two step. no illnesses have been reported just yet. listeria contamination forced much larger blue bell recall and it was just last year. >> next, the eagles getting ready for real test against the steelers coming to town. and changes are coming to the team before sunday's game. we will talk about that coming up after the break.
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did you brush your hair today? yes, mom. why? hmm. no reason. >> good morning, i'm sean bell, carson wentz has been close to perfect in the first two games, but the only problem is how many hits he's taken specially ones he could have avoid the the zero. wentz has taken several hits where he could have slid oregon out every bound. everyone applauds his toughness, but won't last very long in this league specially against the steelers doing. that will carson needs to work on a voting hits. >> one of those things, as young quarterback, i'm trying to every day just reminds myself, even when i am watching film, how could i have prevented even in practice, what would i have done there? all every those things, and something i'm still learning, and, you know, obviously got to keep learning.
5:41 am
>> so the phillies and white sox, tommy joseph making the case to be the permanent first baseman next year, long two run homer to left field. he had a great game. but scary moment in the sixth. tyler goodel gets drilled in the head. he is able to get up and walk off, he is still being evaluated. phils win. sports in a minute, i'm sean bell. >> okay, so sean just talk about carson went. we know philadelphia's in love with him already. what about national media? it seems like the people at pro-football focus love him, as women. after only two games in the nfl, they have him ranked as not only the best rookie in the league so far, but also, the best quarterback. pro-football focus gives him the highest overall grade based on his performance so far this season. is he ahead of guys like andrew luck, eli manning, former teammate sam bradford. writers make notes wentz's stats could be even better if it wasn't for a few key drops from his receivers in the
5:42 am
first two games. >> story sent shock waves, brad and angelina calling it quit. how famous wax museum is now getting involved in the break up.
5:43 am
why let someone else have all the fun? the sometimes haphazard, never boring the why can't it smell like this all the time
5:44 am
the learning the virtue of sharing why let someone else have all the fun? that's no fun. it's baking season. warm up with pillsbury. this map hasn't changed too much since yesterday, remnants what was long ago
5:45 am
tropical storm julia still hanging around the carolinas. we're not getting rain from it. we could use it. but it is not happening. it will make for a beautiful first day of autumn. high pressure in control. and this is the system that's going to bring us the cooler temperatures, starting on the weekend. so, we've got two more warm days, today and tomorrow, ahead. there is the rain, down there, along virginia, and parts of north carolina. we've seen a little, few little areas of green, sneaking up into southern delaware. but, probably just a sprinkle or two. so let's lock at the future cast, and see if a chance is still there today. clouds spreading northward from the system. not making it to i-95, just staying in southern new jersey and southern delaware. we will have sunny day today. and starting off with 67 degrees, in cape may. we have atlantic city, 660 degrees, mays landing 57, medford lakes at 56. cool start there. pottstown, also at 56. valley forge, 55. 65 degrees here in philadelphia.
5:46 am
dew points are down into the 50's, that's a good thing it, means we won't have a lot of humidity today. just warm temperatures. the average high is 76. but we went well above average, 10 degrees above, with our predict dollars high of 86 degrees, it looks lick we will be right around there again today, and a little bit warmer tomorrow, and then just when we think we're on that warming trend, we polite even hit 09 again, oh, no, that cold front takes us into that autumn feel, by saturday, high temperature in the mid 70s, sunday, highs around 70 degrees. and football or whatever you are doing this weekend, your kids games, just want to go apple picking, it is good weather for that, as well. bob kelly? >> love when you go to linvilla, have the apple slingshots. apples, and then pull the slingshot back, whoosh. good morning, 5:46. an accident here, westbound, on the schuylkill expressway. actually i think it is a disable, westbound, headed in toward philadelphia, right near university. so watch it. starting to back up like the
5:47 am
pancakes there. coming in from south jersey not bad at the moment. north on the freeway, starting to pick up little bit of volume with the headlights coming in toward the construction zone. hello to down the shore, irish weekend, this week, a lot of folks headed down today, only the irish can make a weekend and turn it into four days, right? thursday, through sunday. this is 47, and 347. closer to wildwood. see you down there north wildwood over the weekend, robbins avenue between the boulevard and frankford, watch for that uneven pavement. the milling and paving operation, for the gang in delco. springfield road, between sacks err and oak avenue, route 30, building not only the new parking garage, but then building new building right there along route 30, just off 320. so, we will find some delays there, mass transit, looking good, lauren, back over to you. >> bob, thank you so much n north philadelphia several phillies players took time out of their day to inspire young students, latin american players made special visit to
5:48 am
mckinley elementary school in honor of roberto clemente day. players shared store frist their own personal experiences and struggles and how they reached the big league. phillies infielder andre blanco, born in venezuela, hopes his journey proves inspirational. >> just try to give little bit incentive to the kids, how we prepare, how we became a baseball player, or how we became professional. and all of those little things as a kid that we always dreamed with. >> the day honors clemente, professional baseball player heavily involved in charities. he died at the age of 38 in a plane crash. we're getting a peak inside the pages of carli lloyd's new book, excerpts from when nobody was watching. we will be released today. the new jersey native has appeared on good day philadelphia, quite a few times. the us women's soccer star has said she sacrifices plenty for her career, including her relationship with her family. and the book she details the strained relationship she has,
5:49 am
and also writes about the controversy over hope solo and brianna scurry. and as rumors continue to swirl surrounding brad pitt and ankle leaning a -- angelina jolie. social media post, the french actress says she had nothing to do with the split, nothing, many sources have come out saying that they had been romantically linked while filming their new movie but the actress says speculation also false, and she's pregnant with her long time boyfriend. so across the pond, not the only couple celebratingment was fick yours also parted ways. >> hysterical. >> they simply -- >> sue told bus this yesterday. so they decided to grant some physical space to the duo since they are headed to divorce court. >> you know, when i did a show up in new york, we had the brad and angelina wax figures come into the studio. women, they didn't walk in. >> they were placed there.
5:50 am
>> they are so freak i shallly roll. >> they are. >> that i thought angelina was there. >> see, that looks like her, right. >> yes. they had one of jen anderson, too. >> oh, they did? on the other side of the studio? >> they put her in a back closet. they broke up. >> oh, no. >> what's happening on good day? >> so were you to up watch empire last night? >> i was sleeping. >> first, they said you have to watch the first throw minutes. >> okay? >> because it would be revealed who was pushed off the balcony. that was revealed in the first minute. >> what? >> should i say who it is? >> no, you should -- >> shouldy? >> no, no, no, no. >> did you record it? >> a lot of people did. >> soso i should do it right now? >> no. >> it was -- we'll have to reveal by 10:00 this morning. >> okay. >> maybe, i guess. >> ya, and we will give you the spoiler alert just before we say the name of the person. was it a men or a woman?
5:51 am
>> a woman. >> well, women's feet. >> a woman. >> the twist would be if it was a man. >> that's true. >> it was -- >> don't tell. >> wait a minute. did you see the shot from skyfox yesterday? there is this green slime on the schuylkill river, slime tyne, man. that's not chicago on saint patrick's day. no, that's the schuylkill river. here's what's weird. >> what? >> you know, it has gone green, and green is a good thing, right? apparently this is a good thing. do you know what that is? >> i don't. well, i sort of do. karen tried to say it came on monday when the eagles played. >> has nothing to do with the eagles and the game against pittsburgh. isn't that wild this. >> looks kinds of gross. so who wept tear send down there to get into a dingy and row through it than -- >> jenn fred. >> yes, perfect. >> oh! >> yikes. that's great. >> hope she doesn't fall in. >> be sure not to fall in. i put a hole in the dingy and she doesn't know t i got a
5:52 am
hole in my dingy. i got a hole in my dingy. ♪ >> he is a ding bat. >> here is the thing. >> what? >> this is the last day of summer, the last morning of summer. >> i know. >> so everything we do from now on is the last thing we'll do this summer. >> 2016 almost over? >> so the last time i'll say we'll see you in a few minute on good day philadelphia. that's the last time i'll say that this summer. and we will ends the show with a splash, a bill splash. >> really? we have to wait and see. look at this countdown clock. >> four hours 29 minutes and counting. >> forty-seven seconds. >> yes. >> it is 10:21, is that right, knew. >> let me tell you what we'll do. >> no. >> no, i want to tell you. alex annually jump into a huge body of water. >> alex is jumping in? >> yes. >> with her -- >> are you going to pay for her to get her hair done tomorrow? >> and then go right to the salon afterward. >> she better. >> so we have to decide.
5:53 am
are we going to jump noop a beautiful swimming pool? >> ya. >> or into the green slime of the schuylkill, which they say is a good thing, green is good. >> the schuylkill or a pool? >> you decide. >> vote on twitter. >> yes, back out of here for the last time this summer. >> let's talk about this story. a guy with a gun tries to rob a store, and then he is sent running, in the next hour what chased him away before he could get away with any cash.
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
>> happening today, competition in gloucester new jersey has been happening all week. tonight we'll know who is top dog. the ooh knitted states police k9 association is hosting its national patrol dog trials. it puts k9 officers from around the nation head-to-head. competing in agility and obedience, as well as evidence detection. one of the benefits of doing a national certification is because now you have judges from all over the country, it is not just your regional judges who see you, once or twice a year, know you. so you're dealing with judges that you may have never met before. and now they're judging your dog on the standards, saying, that your dog meets the standards, and hopefully ex else at them. >> wraps up tonight with a parade at timber creek high school. >> things boiling over in charlotte, north carolina fbi looking for two more men connected with the bombings in new york city. (vo) want to be happy with your next vehicle purchase?
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at enterprise, we guarantee it. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... change your thinking about buying your next one.
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>> tensions boiling over in charlotte, north carolina. turned very violent. one demonstrator is shot, in critical condition. who the state has now called in to ease this violence. and, fbi is looking for two more men connected to the weekend bombings in new york
6:00 am
city. why the agency says they're not in any trouble. we know philly thinks he's good. what about those outside of our area? finds out which national publication says carson wentz is the best quarterback playing in the national football league right now. and guess who is weighing in on his talent? ben rot little burger, his opponent sunday. >> oh,. >> and what's you will with the schuylkill river? many people questioning why there is a green slime on the surface, see it there? well, we will take you there, and tell you why officials say it is doing more good than harm. >> and we may dip jenn frederick in that slime, because authorities say it's a good thing. >> okay, like a nickelodeon tv show or something? >> like a table dare. >> is that like when you put your cucumbers on your eyes? >> i don't think it is that good, no. now, everything we do from here on out, the last time we will do it this


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