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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  September 22, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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set off a fire storm. what happened tonight outside wilmington police station. >> a family's fight to save their son from a heart condition that threatened his life. your news in 30 seconds. >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 10. happening now another tense night in charlotte, north carolina as we take live look at
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charlotte right now. demonstrators are hitting the street for third straight night as you can see it's been somewhat peaceful but again things could go off at any minute. we continue to follow this for you. and there's mounting pressure right now from those protesters for police to release video of the shooting that killed a man. his family says was just sitting in his truck. >> the family of the man killed tuesday keith lamont scott saw that video and what they're saying tonight in just a moment. >> also tonight the aftermath from another deadly shooting at last night's protest. authorities say protester shot and killed a man but some protesters say a rubber bullet fired by police hit that man. these are live pictures of a third night of protests. now remember last night and the night before, there was rioting. there was looting. there was violence. there was tear gas canisters lobbed into the crowd from police and there were bottles and other art facts lobbed back
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at the police from protesters. tonight, though, mostly peacef peaceful. big march and some raised voices among the demonstrators. that's gall though. mostly an organized march through the streets. tonight another difference. we have curfew that begins at midnight good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. the protest protests turned viod deadly last night. the protester shot in the has died. tuesday afternoon police officer who was black and shot and killed scott. police say scott refused to drop gun but his family claims the 43-year-old was hodding a book t night scott's family viewed the dashboard and body cam video of the shooting and an attorney for the family says he can't tell whether scott had anything in his hands. police have not yet released it. >> got to stand up for what we believe in. if we don't stand up, our kids will have oh stand here like our grandfathers and our ancestors stood here. we got to do it peacefully in the right way.
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>> north carolina's governor issued a state of emergency this morning. the national guard is on the ground monitoring the protests. we'll have a live report from charlotte in just a few minutes. tulsa, oklahoma prosecutors charged a police officer who shot and killed an unarmed black man during a traffic stop. investigators say officer betty shelby opened fire on terrence crutcher on friday. authorities wrote in an affidavit shelby quote reactioned unreasonably during that stop. she now faces first degree manslaughter charges. video of the incident shows crutcher walking away from officers with his arms in the air. hit-and-run in bucks county this afternoon leaves a 31-year-old man dead. police say the driver hit the buckingham township resident on the 5700 block of route 2 sorry two around 4:00 o'clock. authorities found the 52-year-old driver nearby in new hope borough. police took her to doylestown hospital for further investigation. there's no word yet if she'll face any charges.
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on your radar tonight, warm start to fall but just wait. things will get even warmer let's check in with meteorologist kathy orr. just when you thought it couldn't get any warmer, right, the first day of fall did not disappoint. temperatures soaring through the 80s. right now pretty mile out there as well. at the airport not much of a wind, we have a clear sky an temperature of 69 degrees. not bad for this time of day. the high today 87. winds out of the east at about 5 miles an hour. right now in philadelphia, 69. 71 degrees in wilmington. and as you look to the northeast in new england as whole temperatures mild from boston through new york williamsport cool at 61. buffalo, new york, hanging in there at 73 degrees. that's very unusual for this time of year in upstate new york. we have a front that's moving our way. and it will bring in a taste of fall. clear skies for now. but we will be seeing some clouds and some cooler air moving in transition day will be on saturday. so we have one more pretty hot day before we get to the cool
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weather. waking up tomorrow morning to temperatures in the 60s through philadelphia, wilmington, trenton and points to the south and east. maybe even 70 for wildwood tomorrow morning and 50s for the most part to the north and west. we'll talk about that big cool down coming h he is special if you're heading to the eagles game on sunday pack that eagles hoodie you're going to need it. i'll see you laterred in brought cast. >> thank you very much, kathy. with distress between some police departments and the communities they serve grabbing the headlines this week in camden police are working to build bridges. >> officers are using smart phone technology to connect with citizens and get the information may need from the community to help solve crimes. fox 29's bruce gordon is live in camden tonight with the story. bruce? >> reporter: the recent murder in camden of eight-year-old gabbie carter caught in the crossfire of gang warfare illustrates the problem i think despite a huge reward police here received very few tips from the community. in fact, the only arrest so far two have been for obstructing the investigation.
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and so -- ♪ >> reporter: camden sophisticated sisters marched through the city's parkside neighborhood on mission. drum up support for a new program designed to convince neighbors to step up and report crime when they see it to overcome what block captain to o you wanda jones called the snitches get stitches mindset. >> you have to live in this neighborhood. so you want to be careful. , you know washington you're saying, who you're saying it to, you know, if you have to live here of course you'll be fearful of retaliation. >> lieutenant james wants to connect camden neighbors with each other and with police through next door. >> every eye, every ear, every voice means something. >> reporter: smart phone app that allows cops to send out targeted crime alerts to specific neighborhoods and allows residents to tip off cops non mussily. >> if you happen to get information, you can send it to me directly. without it going everywhere.
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just directly between the police department and the citizens. >> reporter: and so on this night police fan out passing out leaflets urging residents to sign up for next door. along with the traditional non muss telephone tip line. they seem to have made some progress. >> would this make you more likely to reach out to the police if you knew not everybody on the block would know about it? >> yeah. um-hmm. that way i ain't going to worry about me being shot somewhere. ♪ >> reporter: for to you wanda jones the message of this unusual parade is simple much cops need the community and the community needs cops. >> we can't lose another baby. >> reporter: camden police tell me they began this evening with 166 camden residents signed up for next door. the goal is to continue to get out in the neighborhood make some noise and get everyone on board. lucy. >> there you go. all right, thank you bruce. happening right now the search for a killer in delaware county. police are looking for the person who brutally murdered a 32-year-old woman right in front of her friend's home. authorities have recovered the murder weapon and right now they
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have a person they do want to talk with. fox 29's chris o'connell is live in yeadon. chris? >> reporter: lucy, i just got done speaking with a yeadon police detective, and he tells me this may be a long night. they've been searching for this man since 3:00 o'clock this morning. they are still on this case. they are working non-stop. murder suspect still on the loose tonight after a bloody stabbing that happened just yards away from the police station tonight it was this man who led police on a day long manhunt. yeadon police spending the night swarming the borough searching for a man in connection with the murder of his estranged girlfriend. mark steps described as a person of interest in the stabbing death of 32-year-old natasha gibson. >> we have recovered what we believe the murder weapon is. we recovered the victim's property, and at this point here we are aggressively looking for this individual to question him.
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>> reporter: gibson's throat was slashed. her body found outside a friend's home on bailey road about 3ng. police say, the suspect was also cut in the struggle so bad in fact investigators followed a trail of blood from the murder seen nearly a mile through three jurisdictions. it ended near 58th and cobbs creek parkway. >> we also believe that he should have an injury to his right hand or right arm as a result of this attack. >> reporter: along the route fox 29 was there when police found what they believe is the murder weapon, a steak knife found in a sewer. the victim's purse you also found on the roof of a nearby building. >> she's a nice person that you really want to know, and i just really can't understand why -- why would somebody want to do to her? >> friend of the victim tells us gibson was the life of the party, always smiling. others tell us the couple had rocky relationship. gibson telling friends, he
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recently threatened her. >> she said that she got the relationship with him and it didn't turn out good. >> reporter: now police are now in touch with local hospitals to see if epps may have stopped by to get medical attention. he does have a long criminal history. he just got out of prison last year. of course, if you know his whereabouts, please call yeadon police. lucy? developing to night big questions in the aftermath of a fire. phone video shows car going up in flames in north philly. the driver still inside. he's in the hospital tonight. and the burned out shell is now all that remain of the car but big questions remain as well. >> investigators are trying to figure out what happened here. fox 29's brad sattin has the story. >> oh, my god, how could he have survived that. >> reporter: that's what neighbors are trying to figure out tonight. drama cell phone video showing a massive car fire and series of explosions around 5:00 this morning near the corner of
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cleveland and dauphin streets. >> something i never heard before. i mean it was loud. shook the whole house. >> reporter: followed by several more. >> four, five. i mean it just kept blowing up and blowing up and blowing up. >> a bang. explosions. about four, five explosions. >> reporter: four windows across the street where broken and glass from the car was shattered down the sidewalk. the man was able to get to neighbors for help. >> when we came outside the car was on fire and just started exploding and exploding and then the gentleman came running up he said i got burnt, i got burnt and we call the ambulance. >> he had his hand up so i don't know he got burned or what. >> reporter: investigators spent 12 hours here peacing together what happened. for now police are telling us they're investigating this as fire not as bombing. car was finally hauled away late this afternoon as the victim recovers at temple university hospital. he lives just block away and investigators were able to get inside his home late this afternoon. a dramatic scene playing out as neighbors were just waking up,
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many frustrated with the violence. >> it's not good for kids. seeing so much violence. >> reporter: earlier tonight i had chance to speak to the victim's brother who tells me that the victim indeed was in the car when the explosion happened but he has since been releasereleased from the hospitl recovering at home tonight. in north philadelphia, brad sattin, fox 29 news. ♪ assault on philadelphia street. police are looking for this man over what they say he did to woman as she was trying oh get on a septa bus. what officers say he did when she turned around. a mother overdosed in the toy aisle of a store. her little girl crying desperately trying to get her mom to wake up watch bystanders did you may find even worse. plus -- you have a beautiful life and you're upset because of a cake. >> judge pulled no punches talking to the woman arrested for drop kicking a cake at a grocery store. punishment she just hasn'ted down. parents discovered their little boy has potentially deadly heart condition.
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they were given three options. one of them was to let him dye. the life-saving solution they found right here in philadelph philadelphia. burglar left crowbar at ho home. instead he used a truck to smash no a local business watch he got away with.>[a5df]
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skyfox was over the scene earlier tonight. that crash happened in the eastbound lanes between township line road and route 29. there's no word right now on the conditions of the people that were hit. authorities are looking for
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this man about to walk into the scene. they say he assault add woman when she was about to get on a septa bus. police say the man walked up to the 46-year-old woman from behind as she stepped on to the bus at broad and south. when she turned around the man ran away. police are calling what happened there an indecent assault but not have provided any other details other than to say the man did not injure the woman. all right. now back to that breaking news in charlotte, north carolina. again, protesters crowding the streets in the queen city tonight demanding answers and action in the wake of that deadly police shooting and tonight they want the video of that shooting released to the public. >> fox's joel waldman joins us live from charlotte. joel, of course, walking in the streets right now. what are you seeing, joel? >> reporter:. lucy and iain good evening to you. just now we are trying to catch up to these protester who's are moving at a pretty quick clip but they made a stop a short time ago, and were chanting show us the video. show us the video.
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they are just gone from location to location. earlier on we were seeing sets of different marches, if you will, people walking down separate streets and kind of doing their own thing. now, it appears there's little bit more cohesiveness that the people have gathered together, a lot of young people obviously in the crowd. a lot of talk about peace tonight, how they want peace. obviously just upset about the fact that this person was killed, that the video has not been released yet, and right now it's unclear if it will be released, but the family of keith scott had a chance to look at it today. we were in front of police headquarters right after they came out from viewing it. a lot of journalists ran over obviously to try to get some comment. their comment was no comment. later in the day the attorney came out and said that they would like to review it again. separately iain and lucy, last night there was a man who was
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shot subsequently dying today. we got that sad news today justin car, 26 years old, and there is a double narrative playing out with that story as well. demonstrators saying and believing that he was shot by a rubber bullet fired by police while police are saying it was protester on protester crime. so that is sort of a latest drama unfolding here. if you look straight ahead you will see a sea of protesters out in the for ground there, and where they're headed neck we're not sure. but as you can tell, they are several hundred deep, and they are just continuing to walk through the streets of charlot charlotte. iain and lucy. >> they've got the curfew the mayor imposed little bit ago. it will be at midnight. are people understanding this is happening? have you heard anything about people saying we got to be out of here in about an hour and 45? >> reporter: it's going to be interesting to see that, of course, will be the witching
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hour. you know, so far i have to say it has been incredibly peaceful this evening. a lot of young people coming up to us and stressing that message, um, however, they were chanting, you know these are our streets, and for them to just quietly walk away at midnight is, um, concept that's difficult to comprehend in speaking to a lot of these people but obviously we will know in just under two hours time how it all unfolds. but let's hope it is a peaceful situation in the way that it ends guys. >> indeed, thank you so much. joel waldman live in charlotte tonight. stay safe, joel. come on, man. come on, let him go, man. >> this video has more than four mel i don't know views on facebook. a man life streamed the situation he saw on street corner in delaware. police were talking to group of kids and writing down information. you can hear the man raiding strong objections. >> our shawnette wilson got back
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from wilmington now and joins us with what happened. shawnette. >> iain and lucy it shows the power of social media for one. this man's post brought city leaders and the police department both together to resolve an issue he feared could have turned violent. >> come on, man. come on. talk to them and let them go man. >> this video posted by a wilmington man has gotten more than 4 million views on facebo facebook. >> look at bleep, man. >> dame your flowers recorded it monday when he stepped in after seeing police question a group of young kids on bikes. he can her in the video coming to their defense as question questioned them. >> ya'll didn't doing in. as a matter of fact, don't say nothing. you don't got to say nothing until your mom comes. >> flowers posted on facebook the wilmington police department was seeking felony charges against him and said authorities came to his house but he was at work. in his facebook post he stated that he would peacefully turn himself in this evening but rallied his followers to show up to make sure nothing went wrong.
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>> we don't want no ferguson. we want to set example for the nation. >> reporter: this is the crowd that turn out in support of flowers who eventually emerged from the police department to cheers with city leaders and the police chief announcing the news they hoped for. >> he will not be going forward with changes on damien flowers as it relates to this incident. as you know, there are a lot of incidents that are going around our nation that impacts our community relations with the police. we don't need to add fuel to that fire. >> reporter: flowers says he posted the plea for support out of fear because he had confronted the officers questioning the children. >> it was fairy tal eighty six. i'm a changed man it come too far to lose it all. >> pastor derek john helped coordinate with police for flowers to turn himself in. >> i feel that he's demonstrated and we've demonstrated that when we stand together and work together peacefully we can resolve some of this injustice peacefully. >> reporter: when asked why flowers stepped in for the children --
10:21 pm
>> they were three skateboards instead of three bikes, you understand three skateboards, they would have never been approached. they were scared. they were scared. they were afraid, and i just wanted to be that voice as an adult. >> reporter: chief cummings also said any issues within the police department would be dealt with end firely. it is unclear why the children were being questioned by police in the first place. lucy and iain, back to you. >> thank you shawnette. are you one of the more than half a billion yahoo users who may have had their information stolen? internet giant had a huge hack about thoughts who may have done it. what yahoo is not saying tonight. a man who says he's lucky to be alive tonight end owes it all to his young grandson. what the little boy did that allowed his grandpa to live to tell the story. ♪ now with tomorrow's traffic, here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. get ready doylestown they'll shut down route 313 which is swamp road in that area right at 202 tomorrow through saturday
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for some construction work. also, robbins avenue that paving project continues the bumpy ride from the boulevard to frankford a lot of folks heading to the shore tomorrow. it's irish weekend in north wildwood. what's that weekend forecast going to be for the leep pre cons? sue will have the answer and i'll check the jam cams. meet you here tomorrow beginning at 4:00. newspapers know the real story on pat toomey. on background checks for gun buyers...
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idonald trump says he alone can fix the problems we face. well i don't believe that's how you get things done in our country. it takes democrats and republicans working together. that's how we got health care for 8 million kids. rebuilt new york city after 9/11. and got the treaty cutting russia's nuclear arms. we've got to bring people together. that's how you solve problems and that's what i'll do as president. >> now your winning lottery numbers. ♪
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massachusetts police just released really heart wrenching video of a two-year-old little girl frantically trying to wake up her mom. >> woman allegedly overdosed in the toy aisle of a store. you can see in this video the young girl tugging at her mom's limp body at a family dollar store. here's the part that will leave you disgusted. people were recording and not helping that little girl. despite authorities say to keep peace of evidence and charging the mom with child endangerment police also found drug para four grail in her bag. something police and residents find disturbing. >> just the baby pulling on her you want to almost cry. >> very very disturbing. you know to see someone obviously the matter of addiction that would take someone to the point they're not able to take care of their child. >> the woman woke up after two doses of narcan. she is expected to charged by the end of the week.
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the child is now in protective custody. parents discover their little boy has a deadly, potentially deadly heart condition. doctors gave them three options. one of them was to let him dye. the life-saving solution they found right here in philadelph philadelphia. and coming up at 11:00 the numbers are in. you'll probably gain weight this holiday but there's one simple thing you can do to help. >> kathy orr is tracking your forecast. the cool stayed warm we can stay outside, right? we are looking at temperatures that are going to be soaring some people could be seeing 90 degrees. not feeling like fall. we'll take look at the cool down coming up. when it comes to risking social security on the stock market... pat toomey wrote the book. "i'm...i've got a whole chapter in my book where i... specifically lay out how i think we should... reform social security." toomey's plan requires wall street and bankers to manage... the accounts. collecting fees out of your social security that could... total billions.
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and they've given toomey seven hundred thousand dollars in campaign contributions. pat toomey: he's not for us. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> in you decide 2016 tonight republican presidential nominee take on a philly tradition. >> who wants one? you want one? (laughter). >> anybody want one? >> trump was buying. chose geno's over pat's the key question with or without. he took a break on the campaign trail for a cheesesteak. you can zero him surrounded by a large group of people including
10:30 pm
his son eric in the back. after to cheesesteak he continued his fight to win the battleground state of pennsylvania. he head to do chester township for a public rally. former ncaa basketball coach bobby knight introduced trump as he came out to the rocco theme music on stage at sun setter shoed of studios. he began his speech talking about the recent police involved shootings. he says the main victims in the violent demonstrations are law abiding african-americans who only want to raise their children in peace. hillary clinton stayed off the campaign trail to prepare for monday's debate. she joke about what trump may wear at that debate in an interview she taped online with comedian zac galifianakis and tim kaine made campaign stop in nevada saying relationships between law enforcement and communities have to improve first lady michelle obama is scheduled to campaign for clinton in philadelphia next wednesday. massive data breach more than half a billion people's accounts stolen. >> ya who says the hack was quote state sponsored.
10:31 pm
yahoo says it happened in late 2014. the information stolen may have included names, e-mail address strongsare telephone numbers, dates of birth, passwords security questions and answers. the company has not named which country is behind the hack. yahoo doesn't think whoever did it got credit card or bank account information. this little guy looks like any normal boy but overcome so much at a very young age. he was diagnosed with a life threatening heart disease. >> they found a life saving procedure right here in philadelphia. fox 29's karen hepp has their story. >> reporter: biennales so likes to tackle the word climbing rocks, trees, walls he's all heart even though he only has a small one. >> the left ventric kell is too small and unable to pump blood effectively to the rest of his body. >> ben was born with hypo
10:32 pm
plastic left heart syndrome a rare and deadly heart defect his mom will never forget when she wept in for a regular ultrasound and not the devastating news. >> they said we see there's a problem with his heart. we're sending you for stage two ultrasound at hershey medical center. we got out i told my husband this is really bad. >> it was really bad. the family was faced with terrifying options. their baby's live hung in the balance. >> he explained it to us. we three choices. we could do nothing and he would die shortly after he was born we could put him on list for a transplant or we can do the three stage surgery. essentially allow him to live with the heart that he has. >> the day ben was born he was emergency airlift to do chop for the first of three surgeries at just three days old. >> heart disorder babies born instead of having four good size chambers theyvillely have three chambers to the heart. two pumping chambers but one of
10:33 pm
the chambers is very small and that's the left side. basically what happens they have to use the right side, the right ventric kell to pump the throw to the entire body instead of having two chambers to do it. >> the doctors at the children's hospital of philadelphia are experts at treating this rare disease. but for parents it's an enormous roller coaster handing your tiny baby over for complicated procedures at just three days. at six months, and finally again at two and a half. ellen vowed to do everything she could to make ben's journey success. >> it becomes your reality and you just, put 1 foot in front of the other and you just live. you know, but i now appreciate every single day with my child. i'm a teacher and i resigned so i can home school my kids because i just want to be with my kids every day. i don't want to miss even an hour. >> she doesn't. ellen, her husband, big sister
10:34 pm
amanda and cousin alan take on the world together. home schooling through adventure learning history where it was made. they celebrate every holiday, every milestone. paying violin for the reading phillies. simple stuff like snuggling grammy to ride ago camel every day a blessing. >> he's a miracle. he's doing awesome. >> how awesome. >> i told him to do his best. >> ben is taking part in the study to help other kids during this recent stress test he rock it. >> he did better than most kids who actually are seven years of age who don't have heart disea disease. he excelled. >> i really don't know the future. i have a lot more hope now. >> the doctors here are so amazing. they're doing studies all the time, and, you know, on the cutting edge of technology here. >> reporter: ellen's dreams for ben are as big as the moon, and an inspiration for us all. >> just put something the gift of life he's been given. make the most of every day. >> reporter: karen hepp, fox
10:35 pm
29 news. >> here's one costume your kids probably won't be wearing this halloween. disney pulling a costume based on a character in one of its upcoming films. why critics say the costume crosses a line. >> a man says he's lucky to be alive and he owes it to his young grandson. what that little boy did that had his grandpa now telling the whole story. >> paging marty mc fly. self-tying shoes once only seen in back to the future now reality. where you can get a pair. >> please join us tomorrow as we salute our troops. come on down to fourth and market from seven to 10am. the street is shutting down so we can blow a big old block party to honor our men and women who serve our country. please send photos of your men and women in uniform. use the hash tag fox 29 salutes.
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♪ disney says it will no longer sell halloween costume that has a lot of people upset. boys costume is based on polynesian character from a new movie. the costume features brown long sleeved pants and full body tattoos. some critics are saying it's a new form of black face. disney now apologized and says
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it regrets offending people. in your money parents of little ones something very important even flow is recalling nearly 30,000 combination booster seats. the company says children can loosen the harness without an adult's knowledge. recall covers certain evolve three in one seats. if the harness is loose, it could increase the risk of injuring a crash. so far, though, no reports of any injuries. even flow will notify registered owners and provide a remedy kit with a replacement harness adjustment button at no cost. want more information just head to do you know it's been nearly their years, 30 years, since marty mc night supported kicks with power laces on back to the future two. >> now you'll be able to actually own pair i guess. nike dee baud self lacing shoes at an event in the spring now the company says it's hyper adapt sneakers will be on sale just in time for the holidays. they'll hit the market november 28th. the shoes will be at select nike
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stores and you can't just walk in and get them much got to be appointment only. >> oh. >> self lacing shoes are rechargeable and automatically adjust to your foot when your heel hits a sensor buttons to tighten and loosen the laces. how much they got going to cost. >> we don't know yet. >> you pot to plug them. that's the on the thing. 48-year-old man thankful to be alive tonight because of his four-year-old grandson. dave barrier wasn't feeling well this past weekend so he went inside, fell asleep but his grandson lyric wanted to play so he was jumping on his grandpa to wake him up. when he got up, his chest was hurting. so he drove himself to hospital. he was having a heart tack. chopper air lived hill to another hospital for surgery. >> i heard him a couple of times, poppa, wake up, poppa, wake up. >> i jumped on him and i said wake up, wake up! >> if i wouldn't have woke up i would have died there. >> it's a good thing i got him to the doctor. >> he's got the sweetest little face. barrier is now on bedrest for four to six weeks but he's got
10:41 pm
good company. >> burglar left the crowbar at home. instead police say he used a truck to smash into a local business. what he got away with. >> you have a beautiful life and you're obsessed because of a cake. >> a judge pulled no purges talking to the women arrested for drop kicking a cake at the grocery store. the punishment handed down. >> kathy orr tracking your forecast. >> we have an extreme warmup and temperatures crash over the weekend. we're talking about temperatures tumbling us with some of of us waking up to numbers in the 30s. we'll have the forecast coming up much carmax offers a 5-day money-back guarantee,
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♪ caught on camera two men went to great lengths to get their hands on some cash. they busted into a public storage facility in northeast philadelphia in the middle of the night. >> what's most shocking the way they forced their way into the building to commit the crime.
10:45 pm
fox 29's dawn timmeney has the story. >> reporter: surveillance video is dramatic. a large u-haul rams down the door of a public storage facility office at 2700 grant avenue in northeast philadelph philadelphia. >> they just kept pushing on it until it gave way, and, you kn know, you only know how much noise that made to do that is just astonishing. >> reporter: you see a guy jump out of the passenger side of the truck and scurry into the office going right for the company's safe hidden under a desk. it happened early in the morning on september veepth. but police just now releasing the video. investigators suspect an inside job. >> just his manner is and the way he moves through the store he knew where to go, so we're looking at that angle to see if maybe he's a former employee or knows a former employee. >> reporter: sam badger has been storing his property here for two years and came to check on his belongings today after hearing of the brazen burglary. >> i'm pretty worry about my
10:46 pm
stuff being -- safety of my thing. not only me but also for the safety of others. i'm very, you know, irate about this. >> reporter: these two women work at spike's trophies across the street. they worry their employer could be target. >> we have glass all around our building i mean and it's northeast airport next to us and autism center and somebody could easily just come in here don the same thing. >> definitely unsettling. a little scary. >> reporter: police say the thief and his get away driver left diss a pointed because there wasn't much money in the safe. they're confident they'll catch the guy in the video. >> he made one mistake. did he haven't mask on. so we're hoping that the people recognize this guy and call our tip line and help us, point us in the right direct. police say if you see these guys don't approach them. instead call 911. all right. in michigan a judge sentence as woman in bizarre grocery store incident. >> she drop kick a cake after losing her temper. we told you about this awhile
10:47 pm
back. prosecutors say in june tricia cortez got very upset inside a kroeger about the decoration job on her son's birthday cake. that's when police say cortez -- she's been convicted she then took the cake, drop kick it started screaming profanities everywhere before walking out of the store. during her sentencing today the judge told cortez that she needs to find some perspective. >> what concerns me is that something as trivial as a design on cake literally through you into a tizzy. actually better stated, a temper tantrum. >> and the judge sentenced cortez to 300 hours of community service and ordered her to pave $500 fine for disorderly conduct. little anger management issue going on there it seems like. >> hmm. >> not about the weather. >> no. does wonderful. >> drop kick you made mow think of eagles game.
10:48 pm
>> this is true. a little nippy you said. >> yeah, it is a big change from friday to sunday. it will be amazing. we are in between two weather systems. one to the south, one to the north. and in between clear skies and that means a brilliant start to the day tomorrow. temperatures still in the 60s through most of the region. 71 still in wilmington and the cool spot in the poconos sitting at 54 degrees. so we'll watch this area of low pressure in front the remnants of that old tropical depression julia finally moving away from the mid atlantic. high pressure getting into the region big time and taking over a large area of real estate before this front moves in but all that warmth will be squeezed up toward our region and temperatures will peak around 89 degrees in philadelphia and in spots could make it 90 amaz amazing on the second day of fall. as a matter of fact there is an air quality alert these counties highlighted in orange. anyone that is sensitive with allergies or asthma or the very young the elderly try to limit your time outdoors. very wear we see this in the
10:49 pm
fall but temperatures will be quite warm tomorrow and the humidity will be spiking up a little bit. we are talking about a major cool down for the second half of the weekend. and once that moves in, looks like it could stick around a little while. what do you think, scott? what are the i don't see. >> it certainly does look like a cool pattern will be setting up but tomorrow we'll need the ac again with temperatures topping out near 90 degrees. dry, quiet across the area but take look at the temperatures to our south. that's tomorrow's warmth. you can see right now 84 memph memphis. 82 in st. louis. but as we move toward canada, look at the temperatures. very chilly in the low 40s just south of hudson bay. that's the second half of the weekend. likely having you crank the heat. case in point take look at the tumbling temperatures. tomorrow near 90 in philadelph philadelphia. by saturday we're talking mid to upper 70's. as we move toward sunday we dip to high temperature only around 70. then temperatures stay slightly below the average for this time of year, 75 degrees as we move
10:50 pm
into monday and tuesday of next week. so certainly a dramatic drop as we move behind that front into the upcoming weekend and early next week. feeling more like fall. so of course as we move toward sunday morning, the morning chill. 30s toward the pocono mountains parts of the lehigh valley. north and western suburbs we're looking at numbers into the 40s also the pine barrens of south jersey it will be chilly start on sunday along the i-95 corridor temperatures in philadelphia near 50. low 50s chilly down the shore. kathy this will be the coldest start in the philadelphia area since may. >> it's just up believable. four months. oh well we're ready for it. i think many people are definitely ready for it. thanks scott. you can see in the city of reading beautiful night tonight but that is one of the place that is will be down in the 40s by sunday morning. overnight tonight it will be pretty decent. low temperature 64 in the city. the high tomorrow 89 degrees and as we look ahead as we salute the troops tomorrow morning it
10:51 pm
will be very pleasant with temperatures in the 60s. and by the nine and 10:00 o'clock horrify degrees tomorrow morning during good day between seven and 10:00 on your seven day forecast cool for the temple game but look at super sunday for the birds. it's going to be 70 degrees. that's it a cool tailgating temperature in the 60s by late afternoon and you can see monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday staying in the 70s and cool morning lows in the 50s. we'll send it over to you, sean. kathy, the browns and the bears offenses really put no fear in anyone's heart but now defense has to deal with one of the best. big ben and antonio brown are the best combination in all of football. defense talks about trying to stop those two guys from really lighting it up next in sports.
10:52 pm
i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
10:53 pm
he's a race-baiting, xenophobic, religious bigot. donald trump is a phony, a fraud. he's not a serious adult. i can't vote for donald trump given the things that he said. trump should not be supported. i believe he's disqualified himself to be president. i just cannot support donald trump.
10:54 pm
♪ i have a feeling it's not going to be wentz vain ya after sunday name carson has look great his first two games he's about to see the guy he hopes to be one day live and in person. ben roethlisberger is a future hall of famer and some say maybe better with age. he's thrown for almost 600 yards in six touchdowns his first two games. big ben has seen it all and done it all and he's going to be a problem on sunday night. >> he's got an answer for everything do you with the ball coming out quick.
10:55 pm
and then he's physically just a big person. you know what i'm saying? you got to get a hold of him and really he's got -- you won't be able -- he'll just slide you off you get an arm. you got to get a hold of him. >> the guy big ben is throwing to the deadliest weapon if the game nobody has more yards and catches than antonio brown over the last three years. the secondary has to try to slow him down but it will be tough dealing with a wide out that can do everything. >> not many guys like antonio brown in the league. you talk about even the skill set, his route running, um, you know, the am of targets he gets. his product, his ability to stretch the field. i think the closest guy p our division is probably o'dell beckham. >> to the eagles former coach chip kelly addressed colin kaepernick's national anthem protest for the first time. he's developed a bad reputation when it comes to dealing with black players but he totally back kaepernick.
10:56 pm
i think he's she shedding light on situation that is heinous and shouldn't happen in this country we all have inalienable rights as a citizen of that is country and they're being violated and that's what i think colin is standing for. the phillies have 10 games left in the season and they can't make the playoffs. right now they just trying to play spoiler to the mets chances to going to the post season. in the eighth inning down by one. maikel franco with the opposite field three run homer. franco two for four with three rbi's. fills take a six-four lead. shaky the second half of the season and it continues. jose reyes with the bomb row right feel. that's two runs. ties the game up at six all and right now the game is still six all at the bottom of the tent t. extra innings. some excitement. right now the phillies you can't do anything so you want to prevent other teams from doing something. that's what they're trying to do against the mets.
10:57 pm
>> sean, lucy, what's coming up at 11:00. >> this guy is accused of of r robbing a bank but he made it pretty easy for police to catch him. why he called 91 weren't on himself and waited for officers to come and arrest. your wake up weather and seven day forecast in the first five minutes. (vo) shop all makes, models and colors in your neighborhood...
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>> another night of protests in charlotte north carolina. live look at the queen city where protests have continued for a third night. you see a massive police line. the other thing that you will see tonight that you did not see the past two nights is relative calm. all of this in response to the deadly police shooting of a black man by a black police officer on tuesday. here's a look at what thing looked like earlier. protesters members of the clergy and police are making their voices heard. there it is. and working to maintain peace. we are on top of all of this. a lot of people protesters included saying, they just want peace. first though news closer to ho


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