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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  September 23, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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black man killed by police as officialness charlotte are refusing to release video of the deadly shooting. oklahoma officer accused of shooting an unarmed black man in tulsa is facing charges. the what the victim's family is saying in light of the developments. good day it is friday, september 23rd, 2016, chris murphy has morning off it is military day check out the side our fox 29 studios here at fourth and market. the streets are already shut down as we are's preparing for our big party join us as we solute troops for our annual military day celebration come down to fourth and market from 7:00 to 10:00 a.m. we will have a big block party to honor these men and women who served and protect our country. we will see you at 7:00 a.m. if you cannot make it don't feel left out you can still participate send us your military pictures using the #fox 29 solutes. we have to get over to bob kelly for breaking news this morning, hi there bob. >> good morning. 5:00 o'clock on a friday and nasty accident that happened
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last night, still impacting blue route this morning. live look at the blue route 476 northbound lanes closed, at saint david. let's roll video from the news van. when we pulled up the scene call went out for a multi vehicle accident, four to five cars and a tractor trailer. one of the cars like that one right there wedged underneath the tractor trailer we had to land medical helicopter. that person flown to presbyterian hospital but traffic has been at a stand still and since last night when this happened at 11:30 the cars have been able to make a u turn but tractor trailers are still stuck there. so lets come back to the maps. getting ready to head outside the front door all northbound lanes of the the blue route are closed at saint david villanova that is route 30 interchange. so to get back where you are going you will need to use king of prussia road over to madison ford road and that will get you back to the gulph mills interchange but keep in mind this stretched through villanova and gulph mills there is no overhead street
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lamps those small one lane road and could be confusing for a lot of folks especially until we get daylight. so expect delays, as we head north on 476. emergency work on the lincoln drive, again, this morning down to one lane between green and wayne and as we mentioned military day right out front market street closed between third and fourth so all go around the block and the three septa bus routes that typically use market street will be detoured as well. i think we're going to be in for a good weather day right. >> yeah you have enough going on that we're in the thrilled about with traffic but we have got a forecast, and we like a lot, nine out of ten today. every day can't be a ten. it will be warm later on but beautiful morning with temperatures in the 50's to the north, 67 in the city, upper 60's in wildwood, mid 60's in atlantic city and we have cleared skies right now, which means we will start off with plenty of sunshine, tranquil at the airport 67 as
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we said 6:50 is that sunrise time. it is going to be a while before we get today light that bob was talking about our warmth yesterday with that high of 87 and it looks like we will be right around there today with 88 degrees, and this is the last time we will be in the 80's for a while, we will a talk about a cool down over the weekend coming up lauren. >> thanks, sue. police in burlington county investigating a overnight car crash and there what we know police say it happen at front street and woodlawn avenue in florence township. we are hearing one person was taken to the hospital, one car was involve police not yet confirming this but we are also hearing that this could be a deadly accident. we will keep you posted as new details coming into our news room. mounting pressure for police to release video of the fatal shooting of the the black man in charlotte but city leaders say they don't plan to release it the for public to see. protesters marching in the street for third night last night was relatively peaceful compared to the night before. crowds faced a midnight curfew
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and national guard troops. jennifer joyce joins us live from the news room. you have been following this from the very beginning jenny. >> good morning, lauren. we know keith lemont scott's family saw video of the tuesday's shooting they ape rest of the protesters are calling for it to be released publicly. chief of police say he will not to that right the now because he says it will compromise the investigation. none of us are free until all of us are free. >> reporter: for a third straight night protesters took to the streets of charlotte this time peaceful. large group attempted to march on to a state highway but were blocked by police in riot gear backing up local police was members of the national guard armed with rifles. the also new this last night a midnight curfew enacted pie mayor of charlotte. police agreed not to arrest anyone for break ago this curfew as long as they remained peaceful. the despite several calls from the crowd to release the tape,
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police chief kerr putany says that won't happen until he believes there is compelling reason to do so. keith lemont scott's family argues the man was carrying a book, not a gun when he was shot, after watching the video police say it is hard to know for sure. >> you cannot really see what is in his hands as i said before, you you cannot see him making a gesture pointing the gun which would be much more definitive but the officer proceeded based on everything that we said before, and comply with commands failure to tropical the weapon and then him turning to face officers is an imminent threat and that is what caused everything else to turn violent. >> investigation into the four three-year old's death is continuing to develop. his family and many supporters in charlotte are continuing to push for answers. as of wednesday, 44 protesters were arrested for unrulely behavior, one protester was shot and later died at the
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hospital, that man was identified as 26 year-old justin car he was pronounced dead last night after suffering a gunshot wound during the riots. city officials say the shooting was not at the hand of one of their police officers, at this point it is still unclear who fired that fatal bullet, lauren. >> jenny, thanks very much. family members of the man killed by police in tulsa oklahoma say they are grateful an officer has been charged. betty this shelby faces charges of first degree manslaughter following death of the 40 year-old terence croucher. video shows he was unarmed and had his hand in the air when he was shot. still croucher's family says they are saddened by the loss. >> while we are please todd learn that the officer who senselessly killed my beloved twin brother will face criminal charges for her reckless act we understand that nothing will bring him back. >> the tulsa police department is now working with officer shelby to turn herself into authorities, if convicted she
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faces between four years and life in prison. president obama is speaking out about recent police shoot initial north carolina and oklahoma when asked about the relationship between police and the african-american community. >> i think it is important to separate out the pervasive sense of frustration among a lot of african americans about shootings, of people, and the sense that justice is not always, you know color blind. the way we change the system requires us to be able to reach out and engage the broader american community and that requires being peaceful and that requires being thoughtful about whatever specific reforms we are looking for. the overwhelming majority of the people hoff been concerned
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about police community relations during and doing it the right way. >> i to think that young people... >> president obama also expects believe the majority of the people concern about police community relations are doing it the right way but every once in a while you see people doing it the wrong a. now to a developing story search is on for a kill in delaware county p lee satisfies a man in yeadon brutally murdered natasha gibson right in front of her friend's home just yards from the yeadon police station. the stabbing happened on bailey road around 3:00 a.m. thursday morning. man by the name of michael epps is being described as a person of interest. >> we have recovered what we believe the murder one on is. we have recovered the victim's property and at this point here we are aggressively looking for this individual to question him. >> victim said the suspect was cut in the struggle, so bad in fact that investigators were able to follow a trail of
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blood from the murder scene for almost a mile, through three jurisdictions. natasha gibson's purse was fund on the roof of a nearby building. nj transit the resumes service after a suspicious item was found shortly before 9:00 a.m. officers spot aid pair of shoes which had appears to be a wire beneath the a bench at ridge wood rail station. thirty riders were evacuated trains stopped in both directions service was restored a short time later. now to our top story latest on the bridge gate case former official from the port authority of new york and new jersey who pleaded guilty for his role in the lane closures on the george washington bridge is expected to testify tomorrow. david wildstein is one of the next three witnesses expected to take the stand wildstein has previously admitted to cheating the jams or creating the jams to punish the mayor of fort lee after he failed to endorse governor chris christie. the philadelphia flyers now fully owned by comcast corporation, the largest
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company in philadelphia, as well as the largest cable provider in america. they hade the announcement yesterday, it is buying out 24 percent stake that was owned wye late team found are ed snider. the stake is actually the flyers parent company comcast spectacor not the flyers organization itself. snider founded the company spectacor in 1974 before selling the majority of it in comcast in 1996. coming up, are you one of more than half billion yahoo users who may have had their information stolen. one expert say the breach could impact more than just users e-mail, good morning bob kelly. good morning. we still are seeing delays on the blue route 5:10 from that nasty accident that occurred last night at 11:30. this was the scene last night when four or five vehicles and a tractor trailer all collided, we will have the latest on the accident and the detour when we come right back.
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if you don't know today our big celebration starts outside our fox 29 studios at 7:00 a.m. check out that cute little face. we are having a big party to celebrate servicemen and women. so join us at fourth and market. we will be here until 10:00 a.m. to honor men and women in uniform. we're get something tweets in for people who may cannot make it down just yet cristina send us this, my sonnies in the u.s. navy
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protecting and defending our country every day. i'm honored and proud as we are too cristina, thanks so much for that picture. next up, letters to my family, my little family, tbf fox 29 solutes that is from one of our military wife's, such a cute picture. and then another picture three men and a little lady, so proud of the person that you have become. how cute is that picture. don't forget send us your pictures using #fox 29 solutes so we can sianni get your pictures. okay bob kelly has breaking traffic news at 5:14 this morning. >> hi lauren good morning everybody. the as we wake up trying to get out we are still cleaning up from an accident that happened last night on the blue route. here's a live look at 476 where we are still seeing all traffic off at saint david villanova let's roll video when we first arrived at the scene. call went out for a tractor trailer plus five to six vehicles we have found them all mangled up, one of the
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cars underneath the tractor trailer, that driver had to be flown via penn star medical helicopter to penn presbyterian. the other cars all mangled up there and traffic it was stacked and pack for hours look at this, this was last night thousand, a lot of the cars were able to make a u turn but the tractor trailers, they were all pushed off at saint david villanova but as we come back to the maps, right now if you are getting ready to step out the front door it is still closed. now penndot cleared the scene they have cleaned up debris, we are waiting for police to give the okay and open up the northbound lanes. but if you are heading north this morning traffic is push off in that busy stretch villanova interchange, you will want to use king of prussia road to matsonford road and that will put you back in the conshohocken interchange but right now until we see daylight, it is confusing, it is a dark area, those alternate have no overhead street lamps and up in trenton new jersey i195 shut down eastbound closed at
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hamilton square road interchange, all because of a nasty crash. and we're giving solutes to the military men and women all day long out front of our studios market street closed between third and fourth and sue, i saw a chickie and pete's crab fry truck out there. >> oh, boy. >> i'll be back later. >> i will go check it the out. >> yeah, okay, hook us up, bob kelly. you can hook yourself up by just showing up at fourth and market today. here's your forecast for the morning. sunrise is at ten of 7:00 and here we go at 68 degrees between 7:00 and 8:00 o'clock. then we will inch in the 70's between eight and nine. nine to ten it starts to get warmer with all that sunshine but it will stay in the mid 70's. it won't heat up in the mid 80's until later on in the the day but what a cool down we have coming for first weekend of as you um when temperatures will make it in the 70's.
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low temperatures in the mountains will be in the 30's. north and western suburbs you will wake up to temperatures in the 40's. near 50, in the city, and then cooling down in south jersey. right now at philadelphia we have clear skies but the clouds are remaining to our north and until that cold front comes through and we will watch how that happens in a future cast, but still it stays sunny all day it is really between four and 9:00 in the morning tonight and into tomorrow that the cold front comes through and that means we will not get in the 80's again tomorrow. we will probably stay in the mid 70's and have that chilly sunday morning with those clear skies right now, as you walk out the door, at the moment it is 67 degrees in philadelphia 57 lancaster. sixty-six dover delaware. fifty-two allentown. the hazelton has 54 degrees. we head into south jersey washington township 61. ocean city nj, it is 70 degrees and down in long neck delaware it is 72 to get started. seventy-five is your average high temperature. we're approaching that right
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now in many places. we got in the upper 80's yesterday and back there today and then that is it for a while. autumn feel starts tomorrow, and really kicks in with football wet ther on sunday, and then you'll need a fleece whatever you're doing probably during the day sunday. seventy-two on monday and then another cold front brings rain tuesday into wednesday. that is your seven day forecast lauren. >> sue, thanks very much. hit and run in bucks county yesterday leaves a 31 year-old man dead and driver hit the buckingham township resident in the 5700 block of route 202 around 4:00 o'clock. authorities found five two-year old nearby, new hope boro police took her to doylestown hospital for further investigation, no word if she will face any charges a the this time. bomb squad was in north philadelphia after a car exploded early thursday morning with the man inside. this cell phone video shows the fireball on dauphin street near temple university. the man was able to get out of the car without major injuries police say he told him someone in the green van threw something inside his
5:19 am
ford focus which caused the explosion. victim was taken to temple university hospital and released last night. a group of middle schools recorded chanting of a racial slur and now it has gone viral. >> this video has received hundreds of thousands of views, recorded on a school bus in rockville maryland. the school's principal says the driver stopped the bus after hearing the slur. school officials say investigation is underway and people involved will be disciplined but school officials are calling it a teachable moment. a pennsylvania senate race pat toomey is attacking katie mcginty on her immigration stance. in two new tv ads the republican senator accused mcginty of supporting welfare for immigrants living in the country illegally. sites her support for a by partisan immigration bill which would establish a path toward citizenship for about 11 million undocumented
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immigrants. mcginty campaign compared to it trump stance calling it fear monkering and lying to voters. speaking of trump he is taking on a philadelphia tradition choosing his favorite cheese stake. >> it looks like geno's over pat's, he took a break for cheese stake at popular philadelphia spot and he is surrounded by a big group of people including his son eric who was standing there in the back. after treating himself the republican nom behind they continued his fight to win battle ground state of pennsylvania. he helpedded to chester township for a public rally. former ncaa basketball coach bobby knight interest tuesdayed trump as he came out to the rocky theme hughes i can on stage at sun center studios. trump started talking about recent police involved shooting, he says, the violent demonstrations law abiding african americans who just want to raise children in peace.
5:21 am
meanwhile hillary clinton stayed off the campaign trail to compare for hon's debate. she joke about what trump may wear in that debate at the a interview. she taped than line with comedian sack. clinton's running mate tim kaine made a stop in nevada saying relations between law enforcement and communities must improve. first lady michelle obama is scheduled to campaign for clinton in philadelphia next wednesday. do you have area hugh account? if so you could than one of more than half billion people who could have had their information stolen. why one expert is saying breach could impact more than just your e-mail, but first your winning lottery numbers.
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if you use yahoo listen up company is reporting what could be one of the biggest data breaches in history. yesterday, yahoo announced hackers stole information belonging to at least half billion account holders and the single largest breach in history. tech experts are warning that the breach could impact more than just users e-mail. >> uses this yahoo account if that is key for your facebook account or linked in if it is tied together you may need to change those pass words too. >> yahoo is encouraging people to change their security questions, monitor the accounts for suspicious activity and be on the look out for e-mails asking for personal information. another good idea toys use yahoo's account key when log helping in it sends you a text message with a code to get inside your accounts. in montgomery county a national epidemic is hitting home prosecutors release varied concerning figures. they say overdoses are up 138 percent over last year.
5:26 am
the district attorney's office says in 2015 the county had 187 over toeses resulting in 71 deaths. but this year it is a different story between january and july of this year alone, officials report 260 overdoses and 85 deaths. 70 percent of police departments around the county are equipped with narcan a drug that can reverse effects of the overdose. the prosecutors are working to equip all station was that drug. bob kelly following breaking news this morning hi there bob. >> we have two road closures right now. here's a live look at woodhaven road all eastbound lanes of woodhaven road closed in northeast philadelphia near academy road with a nasty accident. lets roll video from the news van when we arrived last night as police are still cleaning up the blue route accident 476 northbound lanes are still closed we will have more on both accidents and sueby has forecast when we come back.
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the accident shuts down a blue route. and mayor of the carolina's largest city imposing a curfew after one nights of protest after a black man killed by police as officials are refusing to release video of that deadly shooting. the with the distrust between some police departments and communities they serve grabbing headlines this week officers in camden
5:30 am
are trying to do something different and build bridges. we will tell you how they are doing it. it is friday september 23,016th, chris murphy is off this morning. it is quiet outside. we have a big party planned for 7:00 a.m. so you know now we are putting final touches on things. we will celebrate our servicemen and women. join us for our annual military day as we solute the troops come on out party starts at 7:00 and it will last until ten. we expect a lot of food fun and fanfare. if you cannot make it to center city always participate in the fun on social media send us your military pictures. you have to use that #fox 29 solutes so we can see your pictures and put them on tv. 5:30. lets get over to bob kill which breaking traffic news, hi there bob. >> we have two situations, new one we will start with and that is close another of woodhaven road, we're looking live at philly fire fighters trying to tend to one maybe two people inside a vehicle involved in a crash on the
5:31 am
eastbound lanes of woodhaven road between thornton and academy road. it looks like one of the vehicles went head on into the concrete barrier there, thus the rescue toll accounts are out of their cars. this is eastbound woodhaven road between the roosevelt boulevard, and academy road. this happened just a few moments ago, for anyone getting ready to head out the front door if you are coming off of the boulevard woodhaven is block, right here your best bet would be either grant avenue or knights road to get your self over to woodhaven and back to i-95. woodhaven that is short cut for folks from the boulevard over to i-95 maybe just take boulevard down to academy or grant and that will give you access to i-95. that just happened. so that situation is developing as we speak. the lets role video excuse me excuse me from the accident that happened last night, you know, don't you hate when that happens right
5:32 am
now. we will go to sue and come right back over to me in a second. >> but that part of the blue route still closed, bob kelly. >> just reopened. >> that is good news there at least you can get buy on the blue route this morning. buddy wrist eddie for military day. hoping for another win we all are, off to a pleasant start this morning. mostly in the 50's and 60's as you will see here 51 mount pocono. fifty-seven lancaster. the trenton 58. fifty-nine in wilmington. 62 degrees in millville. no clouds to show you, so that means plenty of sunshine, eventually but not until ten of 7:00 is official sunrise time. these days are shorter. 67 degrees right the now. yesterday we got to 87 for a high temperature so, as we change seasons it is still feeling like summer and it will for one shore day to day with that high of 88 degrees, mostly sunny skies and back to the 80's but what a big chill we have for the weekend lauren, we will have details
5:33 am
coming up. police in burlington county are investigating an overnight car crash and from what we know police say this happened at front street and woodlawn avenue in florence township. we are hearing one person was taken to the hospital, one car was involved, and police are not yet confirming this but we are also hearing this could have been a deadly accident. we will keep you posted as we get the new details into our news room. mounting pressure for police to release video of the fatal shooting on have the black man in charlotte. city leaders say they don't plan to release it for public to see. protesters marching in the streets for third night straight last night relatively peaceful compared to the previous night. crowds faced a midnight curfew and national guard troops. similar scene in dallas just one of the many rallies being held across the nation in the wake of the deadly police shoot initial charlotte and tulsa. everyone calling for justice. jennifer joyce joins us live from the news room with the breaking developments, hi there, jenny. >> reporter: community is crediting a midnight curfew and support from the national
5:34 am
guard helping to keep protest peaceful overnight for a third straight night. protesters took to the streets of charlotte. >> chanting release the tape, peaceful but with purpose. protesters are calling on police to release video of the the tuesday's faith thal shooting of four three-year old keith lemont the scott, black man was shot by a black police officer. police say they thought he was carrying a gun his family says that he was holding a book police chief kerr putany says video will not be released until he thinks there is compelling reason to do so. chief also said it is not the most definitive piece of evidence, it is hard to make out what scott was holding on to some protesters who marched into the early morning hours say that they were glad that things remained peaceful, they think violence escalated after a protester was shot, during the chaos on wednesday, and then ultimately killed. >> biggest thing that happened
5:35 am
yesterday was killing the shooting that happened and what spark off different things, and different emotionness people yesterday. >> we have to stand up for what we believe in. if we don't stand our kid will to have stand here just like our grandfathers and ancestors stood here. we have to do it peacefully. we have to do it in a right way. >> while investigation into the four three-year old's death is continuing to develop police say so too is investigation into the protesters death. forty protesters were arrested for unrulely behavior, one protester shot and then later died at the hospital. that man was identified as 26 year-old justin carr who was pronounced dead last night after suffering a gunshot wound, again during those riots. city officials say shooting was not at the hand of one of their police officers, at this point it is unclear who fired the fatal bullet. national guard members are providing charlotte police department with added support as they deal with several breaking developments in this case lauren. >> lets go to tulsa oklahoma
5:36 am
where prosecutors have now charge the police office shore shot and killed an unarmed black man during a traffic stop. investigators say officer betty shelby opened fire on turns croucher on friday. authorities wrote in an affidavit that shelby acted unreasonablely during that stop. she faces first degree manslaughter charges. video shows croucher walking away from officers with his arms in the the air. 5:36 this morning. undefeated eagles have looked good with wins behind the ball this season, but this weekend eagles face a challenge from the steelers, and big ben sean bell has more in sports in one minute.
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good morning i'm sean bell. eagles quarterback is the weaker part of the defense because they are dealing with a couple injuries. the on sunday they will be tested by the best. antonio brown leads just about every important wide receiver category over last three years plus his chemistry with big ben has been unstoppable. malcolm jenkins knows there is, nobody quite like him in the league. >> not many guys, in the league, when you talk about even his skill set his route running, you know, the amount of target, the row deduction and ability to stretch the feel. closest guy in our division is probably odell beckham. phillies and mets, bottom of the 11th, odubel herrera
5:40 am
hits one to right field that is a game winning home run in extra innings the phillies lose nine-eight. that is big at met chances of headaching playoffs. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. good morning everybody. 5:40 updating our breaking news from the traffic department here, woodhaven road is closed, in northeast philadelphia, all eastbound lanes are blocked between thornton and academy. the here's a live look at the closure point and a nasty accident rescue are on the scene, they still have crew is arriving again in northeast philadelphia again eastbound, the closure point is just off of the boulevard. so anyone who typically uses woodhaven your best bet use comly road over tonights -- knights road and take boulevard down to grant avenue and that will take to you i-95. we will call it between boulevard and academy road there in northeast philadelphia is there a
5:41 am
picture of the jam closure point, a little closer. there is that thornton road on ramp there it is a nasty crash so that is the second one we have been dealing with this morning. let's roll video from the news room help we arrived this happened last night blue route has been closed all overnight. good news they have just reopened lanes of the blue route. we will have more on exactly what happened plus update you on military dane and weekend forecast when we come right back.
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5:44 am
before you you head out, traveling the blue route be prepared to take an alternate way 476 north boundary mains closed after a bad accident, late last night dave kinchen is live at the scene hi there, dave. >> reporter: we have breaking update. the blue route is back opened right now and just in time for the major volume of the morning rush here. we will tell what you happened, last night an accident forced blue route to be shut down through overnight period multi vehicle crash involving five cars, including one tractor trailer, here it all happened on the northbound side at mile hashinger 14, one woman had to be transported to receive medical attention thankfully her injuries were not life threatening there were no other major injuries in this case but as you can see the blue route is back opened and just in time as
5:45 am
volume for the morning is increasing, and we will tell you that we will monitor the rest of the traffic as we toss to bob kelly, bob is this. good news, as you mentioned all lanes of the the blue route is now opened. we will take that off of our to do list. other problem right here is in northeast philadelphia, all eastbound lanes of woodhaven road are closed, with a nasty accident, it looks like at least one of the vehicles went head on into that concrete barrier, so police, fire crews are on the scene and still some arriving eastbound woodhaven between thornton road and academy road. typically anybody coming off of the boulevard heading east on woodhaven you don't want to commit there because you will go right into the shut down. you want to use comly road or boulevard down to grant avenue you and that will get you back to i-95. here's another shot of one of our penndot camera, this is thornton road on ramp, folks
5:46 am
turning back around. so again eastbound lanes of woodhaven road closed in northeast philadelphia this morning. another accident in trenton eastbound lanes of 195 are closed at hamilton square, accident with a fuel spill so it has been a crazy two hours of a lot of accidents on our major roadways but we are getting ready to give solute to the troops military day out front of the studios here market street closed between third and fourth, come on by on your way to work, on your way to school, take a personal day and we have a couple septa buses on detour throughout the morning and sue you are coming through with flying colors. >> we will solute you for great forecast. >> if i had anything to do with it, i would take full credit believe me because it is going to be and already is a gorgeous morning out there with clear skies and a half moon in the sky. sun will be up by 7:00 and it will be around 68 degrees during that first hour of our party to solute the military and then at eight or 9:00 o'clock we are in the
5:47 am
lower 70's. by nine to 10:00 mid 70's we are warming up and plenty of room for sunshine. we have cloud to the north of us which will come southward with a cold front and then that is going to change our weather completely for the weekend the way it feels outside. right now it is very comfortable in the city. fifty's to the north of us. upper 60's to the south of news wildwood and in dover delaware. your average high is down to 75 degrees, average high, the temperature it should be, this time of year in september but 87 was where we were yesterday and back in the upper 80's today but that is it, one shore take of warmth, and then cooler temperatures, weather people love in autumn. mid 70's tomorrow, and around 70 degrees on sunday and then we will stay in the 07's all the way through to next week, lauren. >> all right, thanks very much. it is military day as we have been telling you all week and we plan to celebrate it all today mike and alex are outside with a preview, of our party, hi there.
5:48 am
>> i know it is solute the military day because striker is parked at fourth and market and you never see that. >> pretty cool. this whole street is practical with all kind of things. >> i see something new this year. this is biggest, home land, um-hmm i get alarmed when this happens to me. >> good morning. >> how are you doing hand. >> thanks for coming out. >> who do we have here. >> springfield township. >> just about everybody is here. >> i have never seen a vehicle this big. is this home land security. >> i believe that is. >> or is that home land police. >> wow look at the size of this thing. lets see what they are watching. if it is not on fox we're doomed. >> look at that. >> they are watching us. >> good. >> so, unbelievable, well, chickie and pete's, of course, they are here, dunkin' donuts
5:49 am
here, food up and down the block. >> there is something missing hold on there is something missing. where is everybody. if you want to come join us we are at fourth and market we will be here from 7:00 to 10:00. look at this space. we want to you come. let's join you so you can solute the military. >> that is new you this year what is that? do you know what that is. >> coastguard has a brand new boat. >> they have a brand new boat. >> i have a boat, i have a boat. >> so come on out and one of the nicest things we do every year we bring pictures and put your loved ones on the air. people serving in the military now and people, serving in the past. is there a simple job. >> what is that. >> solute the military and thank them for your service. >> if you cannot make it out here you can still be part of it. the send us your photos using #fox 29 solutes because we like to honor people in your family as well. >> officially we get started at 7:00 but there are a lot of people here already. >> hurry up, don't miss
5:50 am
anything. >> thanks, very much, guys. for many veterans physical toll of life after conflict can be a daily battle in and of itself. more than 2 million disable vets in america many struggling with common things we do not even think about like finding clothes that fit the their prosthetic limbs. fox 29's dave kinchen shows us thousand former service members are working to change that camden county police joined the troubled park side neighborhood to drum up support for a new smart phone app designed to overcome residents fear of tipping off cops to criminal activity. says block captain towand a jones. >> if you have to live here of course you will be fearful of retaliation. >> reporter: next door allows police to send targeted crime alerts to specific neighborhood and allows residents to tip off cops without everyone and their brother knowing about it. >> more eyes we have looking more people we have talking to each other the more we can connect the neighborhood, the better off we will be. >> reporter: so police spent this night passing out leaflets urging resident to
5:51 am
sign up for next door, to open up a dialogue away from prying eyes and ears, between cops and the community that they serve. >> would this make you more likely to reach out to the police if you knew not everybody on the block would know bit. >> yes um-hmm. that way i don't have to worry about me being shot somewhere. >> reporter: bruce gordon, fox 29 news
5:52 am
(vo) want to be happy with your next vehicle purchase? at enterprise, we guarantee it. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... change your thinking about buying your next one.
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5:54 am
sergeant grandville gave his all in afghanistan but on june 3rd, 2008... >> i remember staring at the ceiling and just saying to myself what willie do with my life right now. >> a blast from underneath changed everything for the pennsylvania native, forever. >> roadside bomb knocked out for about 45 seconds. i didn't know what happened. i woke up and i said my feet were pretty much almost 180 backward and i looked to the left and vehicle was in pieces. >> reporter: explosion killed two of his friend instantly and staff sergeant grandville lost his leg but still considers himself fortunate. >> obviously a big adaption but i felt lucky, you know, new life wearing a prosthetic leg. >> reporter: positive outlook did not come without little things that impacted his
5:55 am
quality of life. >> you see wear and tear just from you know, wearing a prosthetic. i get some on my jeans here. >> reporter: clothes which can be pricey began ripping because of the titanium and carbon fibers in his new leg. he went to the tail are taylor,. >> the cost. >> fifteen dollars, but when it comes off, somebody has to wear a suit and tie in the office or khaki is it can cost a lot coming up over and over again. >> reporter: his concern is shared by retired colonel marine of the army national guard. she has counseled vets in need and has heard many similar stories. >> i had one solder i interviewed and he said he buys four pairs of shorts every time they go on sale because he knows in two weeks they will have a hole there wearing the prosthetic hip. >> reporter: she's lon i go clothing make tours get built in modifications on all
5:56 am
popular a tire. after speaking for a tommy hill figure calvin kline and others, colonel says progress is being made. >> they are having some clothing being manufactured shortly that has some adjustability and some of the adults clothes tommy hill figure brand of clothes for children has some more options for children that are in wheelchairs but we just have to evolved to adult clothing. >> reporter: she sees that changing and soon. >> i'm hoping by end of the year and next month we will have our own little fashion showdown here, model off some of the clothes we have come up with and encourage more of that. >> reporter: in olde city, dave kinchen fox 29 news. good morning everyone. 5:56. updating two of our traffic issues right now woodhaven road closed in northeast philadelphia, all eastbound lanes, blocked between thornton and academy and lets role video from our news room when we showed up to the accident scene, last night on the blue route, a crash that
5:57 am
happened at about 11:30 we had to land a penn state medical helicopter we will have the latest on both of those roads and of course hillary day and weekend forecast when we come right back.
5:58 am
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giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy... kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. it is friday morning and we have been singing the blues all night long on the blue route. it is stacked up for six hours, but now it has
6:00 am
reopened, at least we think so is this we hope so. bob's on it. a curfew called, more demonstrationness charlotte as family of the hand killed by police used video of the death that has not been made public. how they are react to go what they saw. of course, in two days, getting ready for battle of pennsylvania eagles/steelers sunday at the link, it is late game 4:25, why history is on the eagles side for this hatch up and we are looking forward to any advantage against steelers, they are good. >> they are good. >> it is day we wait for every year september 23rd, 2016. we call it our solute to the military. >> we are here to solute you. see set up has been going on for a while outside so send us photos of you or on one you know serving in the military or has served. look for them on and throughout the show, but you have to use the # fox 29 solutes. or if you are able come down and be here


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