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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  September 23, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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video is released of deadly police shooting. what demonstrators want now. a three-year old smokes we had on camera who police say passed him a joint. yourve news in 30 seconds. it's a supercomputer. with this grade of protection... it's a fortress. and with this standard of luxury... it's an oasis. introducing the completely redesigned e-class. it's everything you need it to be... and more. lease the e300 for $549 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. happening at 10:00 o'clock another night of protest in
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charlotte, north carolina here is a live look at the queen city as demonstrators, taking to the street, for a fourth night, from all appearances, mostly peaceful night of protests. all of this started after police shot and killed a man on tuesday. here's the scene earlier tonight. >> chanting. >> as you can hear protesters are calling for the release of two pieces of videotape, showing, that deadly shooting. there is a man comes despite release of cell phone video of the shooting from the wife of the man who died. demonstrators insist there is much, much more to this story. good evening i'm dawn timmeney. i'm chris o'connell, it is a chaotic week for charlotte. brad satan has latest developments. >> reporter: tonight it is all about video p nights of protest charlotte is bracing for another rough night. demonstrators want police to to release those two pieces of video they have that showed the shooting to day victim's
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wife released her cell phone video she was just feet away when her husband was killed. we do want to warn you this video is disturbing. >> don't shoot him. >> reporter: in the video keith lemont scott's wife is heard pleading with police. >> he has no weapon. don't shoot him. >> reporter: but officers yelled for him to drop it. >> drop the gun. >> he doesn't have a gun, he has a pbi he will not do anything to you guys. >> reporter: pbi meaning traumatic brain injury and she's heard pleading with her husband. >> keith, get the out of the car. keith, keith, don't you do it. >> reporter: followed by what sound like five gunshots. >> you just shot him? did you shoot him. >> reporter: video shows scott on the ground motionless his family insisting he was holding a book waiting for his son to get off the school bus. police, there trying to survey warrant on a different man say it was a gun scott was holding. the cell phone video does not the show the actual shooting. following three nights of protests, demonstrators want
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two other police videos released, one from a, dash cam ape another from officer's body cam. body has seen those videos and so too has charlotte's mayor. >> the visual clarity, made those videos, inconclusive. and, i think that in terms of what was in the gentlemen's hand, it is, it is inconclusive. >> reporter: she says video should be released to the public eventually. >> i do believe that the video should be released. the question, that is on a timing. >> reporter: local police chief, warns videos won't tell the full story. >> if i put it out indiscriminately and toss not give guy context it can inn flame the situation and make it even worse. it will exacerbate, the backlash. it will increase the distrust. >> reporter: video tough to watch. family attorneys did release a statement saying they put out their video in the name of truth, transparency encouraging people to reserve judgment until all of the
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facts are known. big question should they be released, everyone has a opinion including philadelphia's mayor jim kenney. we will hear what he has to say about all this, coming up at 11:00, dawn. another live look, at charlotte right now, it seems to be mostly peaceful protests, as demonstrators take to the streets for a fourth night, in charlotte. so far no problems reported. we will continue to take you back to charlotte for a live report coming up, in just a few moments. meanwhile, police after rested a man suspect of killing another man, during those charlotte protests. authorities charged 289 year-old racannot connection with the shooting death of justin car, that happened during wednesday night's protest over keith lemont scott's death in charlotte. a tulsa oklahoma police officer is free, on bond after prosecutors charged her with the shooting death of an unarmed black man. betty shelby is facing first degree manslaughter charges. the she's accused of fatally
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shooting 40 year-old terence croucher back on september 16th. prosecutors say the four two-year old officer quote reacted, unreasonablely, and that an attorney for officer shelby says his client drew her gun instead of the stun gun because she thought, that the terence croucher was, armed. police say that he was not. the victim's family says they have set funeral services, for tomorrow. on your radar tonight, fall has gotten off to a warm start but i have a suspicion things will change. lets check with meteorologist scott williams, fall on the way, scott. >> it is, a fall push of air for upcoming weekend, chris, high in philadelphia today led us up to 89 degrees, but right new look at temperatures a pair of seven's that front is still to the north and west but those temperatures will drop, overnight, and during the day tomorrow. we have 72 in reading. seventy-two popular number in trenton with wrightstown, low 70's right now, down the shore but as we expanded the view look at where cold air is coming there.
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fifty-five, right now, and syracuse along with albany, we are looking at 40's right the now in bangor maine, mid 40's in quebec. that canadian air will move in behind that fall front as we move toward the weekend. coming up we will talk about how cold it will get and that all important eagles forecast. >> all right, scott, thank you. police have a new person of interest in the brutal murder of a woman in delaware county who was found with her throat slashed, investigators looking for a hand looking for surveillance video in connection with the murder of natasha gibson. he is considered armed, and dangerous. the officers, interviewed the victim's ex-boyfriend, mark epps but they say he is no longer considered a person of interest in the case. police say gibson died a violent death, and, killed outside a friend's home yesterday morning. if you have any information at all, police want to hear from you. meantime police have identified the man whom they say is responsible for three robberies around west philadelphia, now they just need to find this guy.
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take a good look, police say 30 year-old dahntay hyman hid a laundromat, clothing store and food market and in the meantime they say he point aid gun and demanded money. if you know where he is, give the police a call. to a developing story now a huge break in the search for person who killed eight year-old gabby carter, nearly a month after little girl was gunned down in front of her home police have made an arrest, authorities say that they found the suspect, hiding out at a relative's home in tennessee when u.s. marshals took him down. >> we went to the camden neighborhood where that shooting happened, and today our bruce gordon tells us people there are, breathing a. >> it is just sad. this ain't right. >> reporter: on the block where gabby carter was gunned down, moms and dads were finally a able to exhale. >> i cannot wait until my daughter comes home from school so i can say baby, they have the person that took your friend from you. >> reporter: eighteen year-old
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tyhan brown of camden was arrested without incident by u.s. marshals in clarksville, tennessee where he had been held up at home of his uncle. camden police say earlier arrested and charged brown's mother and girlfriend with obstructing the investigation. police say they had been on to their man for quite sometime. >> we are a big, little city, everyone in this city is relate sod way shape or storm where they know each other. some do things, that we don't know what happened. it is a the matter of putting the proof together. >> reporter: it was a month ago when eight year-old gabby carter was shot dead as she rode her bike near her own trent door caught in the cross fire between warring gangs. parents on the block cannot erase memory of that day. >> basically seeing the baby laying on the steps, it is devastating for any parent. >> reporter: city surveillance camera oversees block and police squad cars rotate through on a regular basis. tyhan brown, he is behind bars
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but several others in the involved with the shooting are still on the loose. >> they have been hiding under a rock for quite sometime where they belong at least for the last almost a month and it is only a matter of time before we flip that rock over. >> reporter: although only 18, brown was described as being quote known to police, that is cop speed for having a criminal record. he will be return from tennessee just as soon as possible and any information, police can glean from brown would help them make more arrestness this case n camden aim bruce gordon fox 29 news. and now for a story you will only see on fox, a young child headaches amazing, progress after gunfire nearly killed him. tonight, we're hearing from that six year-old boy for the very first time, since he was caught in the cross fire. it has been more than a month since bullets flew into the boy's car while sitting in the back seat, in east germantown. >> now after more than a dozen surgeries that brave young boy, and his family are speaking out, fox 29's shawnette wilson is live in
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north philadelphia, outside shriner's hospital where that boy has been recovering, shawnette. >> reporter: let me tell you it is so easy to get distract by his personality, and unfathomable how someone could do this. most of his injuries are too graphic to tell but this little boy is fighting, to recover, while his shooter is still out there. >> reporter: this is six year-old mahaj brown known to hospital staff and friend as a super hero, 43 days after he was shot ten times, he is happier then expect. >> he was talking, ready for tv when i show up at the hospital to meet him for the first time. >> you can go on tv today if i can give you a kiss. >> reporter: mahaj's tiny body has endured 14 surgeries, 13 blood transfusions, multiple skin grafts and reconstructive procedures. >> i was scared sometimes.
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>> very scared. >> i was scared of like when i had to get some surgeries. >> reporter: but he tells me he had some good days, first at st. christopher's and now here at shriner's hospital for children. >> making new friend. >> i had a dog in here report report while this bright eyed little boy remembered the times he feels better, his grandmother recalls the constant pain he was in and questions about what happened to him. >> when he wakes up in the middle of the night, screaming, crying, scared, that is hard, the questions of why, why, why, why me. why did i have to get shot? why does people hurt me? why am i in pain. >> reporter: it has been up and down his recovery. he only has use of one leg and one arm. >> you wanted to sign it, it is good to sign it. >> reporter: his mother says he is determined, and brave. >> i just want to see him back
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to the mahaj that i know like being able to run, play, and be himself and not feel like he is different. >> reporter: mahaj is her strength at weakest time in her life. >> it humbled me a lot, like it got me to learn to pray, a lot, to understand it, there is somebody up there. >> mahaj still has a long way to go. he will likely need shore surgeries and he will need an electric wheelchair when he is finally released from the hospital. there is a go fund me page set up. if you'd like to donate go to fox, dawn? video posted to facebook shows a teenager passing a joint to a three-year old child. >> the investigation, now underway, and the discovery police made. and a former nba star turns mayor gets hit in the face with a pie during a charity event, but it wasn't planned, and it didn't take
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long for things to go from mess toy down right nasty. plus a little girl fighting a rare disease is getting ready for a bake sale how she's working to save lives, one cup cake at a time. and he is eagles rising star, and now two local guys are using his name to make money and benefit a great cause. their big plans coming up.
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newspapers know the real story on pat toomey. on background checks for gun buyers... toomey has shown the courage few others have... toomey steps up on checks... toomey is on the right side... state leaders should follow toomey lead. no wonder leading pennsylvania police organizations endorse pat toomey as best to protect our families. independence usa pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. first week of the bridge gate trial is in the works. david wild hit the stand begins two of chris christie's
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former alleys. he is key witness for federal prosecutors he admitted ape pled guilty to orchestrating the george washington bridge lane closure. and, an aid to christie also testified today claiming that the governor's office kept track of gifts, and support given to democratic officials. we to continue to watch the situation in charlotte, north carolina. here is a live look, right now where demonstrators as you can see, are back on the streets of charlotte in force, today, they saw video, cell phone video, and, deadly police involved shooting but they say that is not enough. joe wallman joins us from charlotte live tonight, and joel, looking back, it looks like, hopefully, that peaceful protest continues tonight, is that true. >> reporter: well, dawn and chris, a different feel this evening the with the exception, hey, we're on live tv, we're not, i'll hold the
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hike you tell he how want to say. you are talking to philadelphia. >> what up philly, i don't have no family. out there white people hypocrites. they are barbaric. >> do you really feel like that. >> i said white lives don't matter. >> that is your what do they call it. this is live. let's ask you this do you believe white lives don't hatter. >> i am not a liar, like you, you just lied to he on tv. >> this is live tv. >> black power, black power, white lives do not matter. white lives don't hatter. >> we don't give a voice. >> i did not say that. >> why are you lying. >> so, tell us, the scene around there. >> go ahead, guys. >> is it peaceful. >> white lives don't hatter do you want to know why? >> it is peaceful. obviously people here are still upset. reason we're up on this perch because there is impromptu prayer service going on and
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they are trying to get that message out. other demonstrators in other sections of the city, and they were pepper sprayed we heard. circumstances where the knot 100 percent clear on but overall a much calmer, more mellow season the with the exception of certain individual but even then they are trying on get their voice out. they want to see that body campaign dash cam video and they are not happy until they get that, guys. >> all right. emotions still running high, in charlotte north carolina tonight, so joe wallman live for us tonight, stay safe, thanks. police in galloway township say that they have had to put a school on lock down this afternoon because of a student brought a gun to school. the student is accused from absegami high school, allegedly ran away from police on school property but when they got to the 15 year-old he didn't have weapon, authorities ultimately found an automatic pistol under the bleachers of that school, and that student facing a list of charges tonight. well, in the wake of last
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weekend's bombings, new jersey's home land security keeping a close eye on all big events. >> absolutely, that includes everything from concerts to high school football games. that is where we sent joann pillegi live at camden high, and is security high there. >> reporter: yes, it was, dawn. state home land security officials issued new recommendations for public gathering and events with spectators, not a problem here at camden high stadium, because they already have very tight security in place. on game day, it takes extra time, to get through security, at the main gate at the stadium at camden high. >> i think the security is good. especially nowadays. >> reporter: they don't take any chances here and you can feel, and see police and security detail, for friday night's panter football. >> what we do is make sure that we have enough security officers, and a large police presence with us. >> reporter: on wednesday, the new jersey office of home land
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security, issued a bulletin for organizations, and communities hosting events. for situational awareness with public gatherings, and that includes, sporting events, with spectators. >> things can happen anywhere, honestly. it is a lot of cops, you know, something could still happen but if everybody were together it would be a safe environment. >> reporter: as a precautionary measure. >> as a recautionary measure we check bags, we wand spectators, just to assure that our students are safe. >> they just asked me to open my purse and i opened up the purse and quickly looked. they didn't to have go through anything. the just a quick look, make sure everything looked fine and let us in. >> reporter: security officials at camden high say their regular detail is a valuable asset, and parents, and spectators agree. safety comes first. >> it is what you would want to go through any game, because you never know, there are people out there, that are trying to to your harm and it
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didn't have anything to do with who you are or where you live or with you are from. it is comforting. >> reporter: no problems here tonight, all went well, except for visiting team, camden high beat seneca27-seven. live from camden joann pillegi back to you, chris. >> thanks. teen pepper sprayed by police, hopes she and police are talking tonight, a different account of what happened here. and pennsylvania cafeteria worker walks off the job, she's told to deny a young boy a hot lunch. why the school is still standing by its policy. this doggies hit by a train, loses a leg, and 40 percent of his blood but even all that wasn't enough to stop him. what he needs, now. here's bob killie good evening, everybody this weekend, hello doylestown. they are shutting down route 313 at 202, all day to day, into tomorrow for
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construction, and temple owls football, we kick it off 12:00 . we will see tailgaters down there in the parking lot. it is a busy weekend down the shore, irish week then north wildwood. we will see a lot have of virginia volume tomorrow morning heading to the beach. we will see you bright and early tomorrow morning on "good day philadelphia" weekend.
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president obama has vetoed legislation that would have let the families of 9/11 victims sue the government of saudi arabia. the president argued the bill under mines national security and says that it could backfire against the u.s. its diplomat and military. congress had overwhelmingly passed the bill earlier this month and reaction to suspicions the 9/11 highjackers were backed by saudi government, congressional leaders plan to hold a over right vote. teen involved in the controversial pepper spray incident with maryland police is telling her side of the story tonight. >> take a look at the incident that kicked it all off. >> we need your parent here. >> for what. >> because you are under age. >> cell phone video and police body cam video show the girl kicking at the door of the police car. officers warned if she didn't comply they were going to
10:25 pm
spray her. when teen refused an officer pepper sprayed the young lady. police say this unfolded after a man called them saying the girl run a red light and hit his car with the bike. girl and her attorney give a slightly different account of exactly what happened here. >> the officer grabbed my hand and i was telling him all high information just get off of me. they said turnaround and put your hand behind your back. i asked for what he said you are being detain. >> officers made a decision, okay, what this means is to get her into that vehicle. they used the spray. we believed that physically going in there could have caused much more harm then using a chemical irritant to get her to comply with us. >> now the teen's lawyer says they will fight all charges and they are not ruling out filing a lawsuit against, the city. a eagles rising star and now two local guys are using his name to make some money,
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and, benefits a great cause. their big plans, coming up. coming up at 11:00 is what your risk for breast cancer, you could see a big clue in the next hour or so, new connection between sleep, and your risk for this deadly disease. our scott williams tracking your fall-like forecast, scott? >> that is certainly right, scott. high today hade it up to 89 degrees but get ready for fall push of the air, some of the coolest air we have seen since the spring, but how long will it stick around? details up next. katie mcginty: franny, johnny, mikey, maureen, jimmy, joey, ricky, eileen, me, and colleen... all 10 of us raised on a policeman's salary and a mom working as a restaurant hostess. imagine trying to do that today, with washington looking out for the favored few. i'll bring a different point of view to the u.s. senate - working class roots and the mother of three, i'll put middle class families ahead of wall street. i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message
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because it's your turn to get ahead.
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you tea side 2016 donald trump picks up a major endorsement from his former republican rival, texas senator ted cruz officially throwing his support behind the g.o.p. nominee. >> cruz, of course, previously called trump a pathological liar. cruz said after months of consideration, and prayer he decided he will vote for donald trump after all, this november. billion air businessman says he is honored to have cruz backing, meanwhile trump's campaign scheduled another last minute campaign stop for tomorrow, in virginia, and trump has been struggling to
10:30 pm
get above hillary clinton in that state. hillary clinton is off the campaign trail for the next couple days preparing for the first presidential debate, it is this monday. her running mate tim kaine held several rallies today in texas, clinton's campaign director told reporters that trump's lying is quote unprecedented. campaign is hoping some of those alleged lies are discussed by the debate moderator. of course, fox 29 us your home for the first presidential debate, our bruce gordon will have live coverage from hofstra university and you can watch the debate live right here at 9:00 monday night, on fox 29. you might remember last month when new jersey lawmakers discussed distract driving and people were afraid they weren't going to be able to drink their coffee while driving to work? well, today during a hearing on legislation targeting distracted driving federal highway officials say that it is, smart phones that lead to dangerous driving and they are considering new measures to
10:31 pm
keep phones, out of the hand of drivers. and well, philadelphians will soon be able to rome freely in the streets, tomorrow and they will not have to worry about any traffic. >> people are loving this. no cars, will aloud for 10 miles across the city, a dream for many pedestrians and bikers, it is all part of the cities first ever, philly free streets event. it comes nearly after a year after pope francis was in town where a lot of philadelphians first saw what opened streets are like. well, since this resident have been pushing for more car free areas and now, they are happen that i day is finally come. >> i'm excited about it. i hope we will go all over with the bike which we cannot normally do because she's tiny. >> we drive every where so it is just nice to walk somewhere. >> it runs from south street from front street all the way to the schuylkill river trail, and then goes from martin luther king drive, to the
10:32 pm
falls bridge. now the roads, will be closed to cars, all morning, from 8:00 a.m., to 1:00 o'clock tomorrow afternoon. we have high hopes for carson wentz and so far he is delivering, it seems everyone is talk about the eagles quarterback and two local guys, well, they are planning to cash in. but this isn't just about making a profit. >> yeah, part of the plan toys help some children who can really use a hand. fox 29's photo journalist bill roarer has this story. >> with the second pick of the 2016 nfl draft, the philadelphia eagles select carson wentz. >> philadelphia eagles quarterback carson wentz, started long before the 2016 nfl draft. >> i was, looking at you tube video, before the draft and i looked at the video and i just, i mean wentz jumped off the screen. >> reporter: wentz was well above expectations in his first two games. he has caught the attention of vice-president joe biden.
10:33 pm
>> some of you may have seen joe biden at the eagles game. >> yeah. >> he told me, barack, you got to get on the wentz wagon. >> reporter: social media lit up, everybody using #wentz wagon on twitter after last monday night's win. >> we have been on it, you know, since the beginning. >> reporter: long time eagles fans christian and lou esposito have applied for a trade hashing, with the phrase wentz wagon and wentz day. >> you can search any phrase, or any term on the u.s. patents web site and no one had went day, no one had wentz wagon so we, applied for it. >> reporter: get the trademark and it opens up doors of opportunities to get involved, in eagles football. >> reporter: they are creating a fan web site, a blog of sorts where fans will have the opportunity to buy merchandise. >> t-shirts, caps, mugs, stuff like that, sell them to fans. >> reporter: percent of the revenue will go to children's hospital of philadelphia.
10:34 pm
>> with technology, with web sites, blogs, you have two regular guys who can engage in. >> eagles baby an enterprise like this and include the whole community, the whole city, on the skirts of it, everything like that. >> if carson wentz can keep the wentz wagon rolling, that will make eagles fans and business partners very, very happy n blue bell, bill roarer, fox 29 news. pennsylvania cafeteria worker walks off the job when she's told to refuse a young boy a hot lunch, why the school is standing by that policy. and a former nba star turns mayor gets in the face, gets hit in the face with a pie, during a charity event but this was in the planned at all, it didn't take long for things to go from mess toy down right, nasty. and it is a dog that gets hit by a train, loses his leg and 40 percent of his blood but even, all of that wasn't enough to stop him, what he
10:35 pm
need now. i'm really good at war. i love war in a certain way. including with nukes, yes including with nukes. i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me. nuclear, just the power the devastation, is very important to me. i want to be unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable.
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priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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when it comes to risking social sepat toomey wrote the book. .. "i'm...i've got a whole chapter in my book where i... specifically lay out how i think we should... reform social security." toomey's plan requires wall street and bankers to manage... the accounts. collecting fees out of your social security that could... total billions. fees they collect, even if the market crashes and... seniors lose everything. pat toomey's looking out for wall street, not pennsylvania. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising. well, an amazing story of survival tonight a three-year old little boy missing for three full days has been found alive, in a siberian forest.
10:38 pm
russian emergency ministry says that about 100 searchers worked to find the toddler. the his uncle was among them and amazingly the child responded when he heard his uncle calling. the news reports say child went in the woods to follow a puppy, the boy was found a little less than 2 miles from where he lives. a cafeteria worker at a school near pittsburgh walk off the job over something she said she could not live with. >> it is because she said she was forced to deny a little boy a hot meal. stacy cotiska walked for the school and said new district policy prevents workers from serving hot meals to students hoff a lunch balance of over $25. well, she says, that she was ordered to deny the boy a hot meal and give him a sandwich instead because he could not pay for it. on "fox news" and friend, the lunch lady say she could not in good conscious continue to follow the policy, so she
10:39 pm
quit. >> i just never forget having to take that chick friend him and giving him that cheese sandwich. i was so ashamed of myself, you know, after that, lunch was over i looked at my boss and said i can't do that. she said, i know, i said no. i said no, i really can't do this. >> the district superintendent says that the policy has cut down on the number of parents who don't keep current on their lunch accounts and it does not target those who qualify for financial assistance. a pennsylvania legislator is hoping to make buying liquor a little easier for residents in the keystone state. representative mike reese from somerset county introduce aid bill to how hotels and restaurants to sell bottles of distill liquor. it follows inact. of act 39 which state lawmakers passed back in june. you know it opened up wine and beer sales to more businesses throughout the state of pennsylvania. trump hotels has reached a
10:40 pm
settlement over recent data breaches, new york attorney general says that the trump hotel collection will pay 50,000-dollar fine, the company will also beef up its data security, after breaches exposed more than 07,000 credit card numbers and other personal information. authorities say cot knew by june of 2015 that hotels in new york, miami, chicago, honolulu, las vegas and toronto had been compromise budd failed to notify customers for four months. national the retail federation says that halloween 2016 is sure to be a treat for retailers. a new poll out saying that americans will spend $8.4 billion on the fall holiday, that is more than we spent in the last one years. bulk of that spending will go toward costumes, of course, another two and a half billion will be spent on candy. >> get my doggie a costume this year. >> yes. >> speaking of doggies this
10:41 pm
adorable dog i go getting a second chance of life thanks to the actions of the transit worker this one year-old shih tzu was hit by a train. they were injured on the rail track and rushed her to the vet. she had to have one of the legs amputated n1 has claim the puppy yet the but vets say that she's expected to make a full recovery. super cute. >> sure is. well, so cell phone video shows a teen, appearing to force a three-year old to smoke pot, and police say that it is what you do not see that makes this story even more sad. plus a little girl in our area is fighting a rare disease, and she's getting ready for a big bake sale, and how she can save lives one cup cake at a time. our scott williams is tracking the weekend forecast tonight, hi there scott. >> hi there chris. today felt like summer as opposed to fall but get ready for a fall front. coolest air we have seen since spring is heading this way but how long will it stick around? details up next.
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now, this video will make your jaw drop, and have us, an uncle facing serious charges tonight. >> investigators say he gave his three-year old nephew
10:45 pm
marijuana and then he filmed the whole thing. >> yeah, weed, yeah. >> weed. >> the troubling video is, little rock arkansas police said they found it on one of his facebook accounts. it shows the 17 year-old handing what he said is weed to his three-year old nephew and encouraging him to smoke it. the what is upsetting it appears that the toddler has been exposed to pot before. >> you know, the way the child hold is it, putting it the up to his mouth and can actually, you know, either inhale it or breathing it in, you know, the blunt. >> police contacted dhs and they took the child in custody. he was taken to the hospital, for a hair follicle test but was later return to the family. that teenager is now facing felony charges. eat cake and help kids this weekend is cal's cup cake challenge.
10:46 pm
the thousands coming from community bake sale to eat cup cake and fight a rare, deadly childhood disease. six year-old callies from bala cynwyd when her family got the devastating diagnosis, four years ago. they started a fight to help save other children. >> they raised more than $250,000, and they have done it, one cup cake at a time. our fox 29's karen hepp spent sometime with little cal today and her family. >> reporter: little cal was a perfect baby, her shine, her laugh, a complete joy to her big brother and sister. joy is her middle name. but just before her third birthday her family got a terrible diagnosis. she has a rare deadly disease, luko dystrophy, they could do nothing bit. >> we had in idea if this was in our family, that my husband and i had been both carriers. we had no eye tea. within three months cal lost the ability to talk, walk, and
10:47 pm
swallow. her last word were august august 16th, she was saying daddy. >> reporter: that was four years ago. the this is cal today cuddled by a nurse in hospice care. she can still shine and still inspire. in fact she's changing the world. >> one of the first children we work with is a little girl name cecelia. >> reporter: her cup case celebration is saving children's live. it began with alex scott and her famous lemonade stand. alex's mom liz who pushed maria to fight as only a mother with a dying child can with every molecule of her body. >> i was actually on the phone with liz scott saying my daughter has this diagnosis and liz said to me at the time, is there anything you can do? can you raise money. i said this disease is terrible, rare, is there nothing i can do. my son, he was a huge fan of alex lemonade and said how
10:48 pm
about if we have a bake sale. how about if we sell cup cakes. >> reporter: that bake sale turned into cal's cup cake challenge now so big they hold the event at cynwyd elementary school where she would be this first grade. one cup cake at a time they have raised $250,000. building the nation's first luko dystrophy center for excellence at children's hospital of philadelphia and they have sent nine children to lit for life saving gene therapy not available here. >> here she is, jumping up and down, what she should not be doing. >> reporter: children like cc arrived today, thanks to cal and her cup cakes. >> these little kid and this school of cup cakes, played a small part in the miracle. once you get involved with miracles, that is pretty amazing. >> it the is amazing. so come out tomorrow they will have 5,000 cup cakes at the fourth annual cal's cup cake challenge from 10:00 to
10:49 pm
3:00 at cynwyd elementary school in bala cynwyd. i'm karen hepp for fox 29 news. we might have good weather for it tomorrow, scott, how about it. >> it will feel more like fall, chris, come tomorrow, and temperatures right now, 77 , upper 60's, williamsport but look at the 50's as we move toward upstate new york, we're looking at even 40's, for parts of maine. so some of that cold air is heading in our direction, behind that front, and that will pass through, overnight tonight, first thing tomorrow morning, and then it will come through with some cloud cover, for the first part of your saturday but then afternoon sunshine, and look at that a high of only 75 in philadelphia. that is where we should be for this time of the year. future temperatures moving toward 4:00 o'clock tomorrow afternoon we're looking at upper 60's, perhaps down the shore, low to mid 70's, moving a little further inland and then watch the clock as we move toward sat the day night the in to sunday morning. we will dip to 50 in philadelphia upper 40's,
10:50 pm
trenton, north and west. temperatures will be in the low to mid 40's. the coolest temperatures since may across the area and then by sunday at 4:00 o'clock, 71, in philadelphia, but what about kick off temperatures, right around 70. great tailgating weather, grab fat fall fleece, we are looking at temperatures during the game, dropping into the 60's. down the shore irish fall festival this weekend for tomorrow, we will keep mostly cloudy skies, lower 70's and by sunday a high of 07 degrees. overnight low temperatures in the the city right around 66. sixty in the suburbs. mid 70's, that is it for high temperatures tomorrow, looking good for the temple game, and a chilly start sunday high of 70. next rainfall chance, on tuesday, then seasonable temperatures, for much of next week. >> that is right, good weather for sunday. >> we have a big game, eagles, steelers both teams two and zero. find out what head coach doug
10:51 pm
pederson's number one concern is, carson wentz will go against, and we cannot forget fightins. phillies trying to spoil mets chances of headaching playoffs could they pull it off, find out next in sports.
10:52 pm
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well, loving the sound of that that is right eagles/steelers this sunday and battle of the unbeatens and keeps a big showdown.
10:54 pm
so much to talk about but all eagles fans conversation, consists of one player, that is right rookie quarterback carson wentz. did you know wentz is the only rookie qb since super bowl era to start and win his first two games without throwing an int? my man loves to hunt. his bucket list includes trips on alaska and europe. his favorite heel stake and potatoes. boy is flawless in our eyes. head coach doug pederson is there still one major concern. >> quarterback will get hit. that just goes without saying. it is ones where we are scrambling where we are coaching him up on the sidelines. those are ones he has to protect himself with slides and other ways to get out of bound. >> the tenacity he play was. he will stay in that pocket and deliver strikes. i don't think play counted but he threw a strike to celek, on a deep over route that was dirty. you know, he stood in the pocket and had to take a hit but that is what you want to
10:55 pm
see. >> dirty. carson wentz, with nine games left to the 2016 season phillies are limited to one role and that is playoff spoiler. taking on the wild card leading new york lets, win at city field would provide the fill business a night bolt of energy to finish season off. to new york we will go, we will pick it up in the fifth, and phillies up three-two. here comes the mets, of course, johnson hits the single. it goes under row hand quinn's glove. that would be an error. two runs will score. four-three game. next batter michael, gets a hold of this one, three run home run to left center. that gives the mets a seven-three lead. ouch. mets win ten-five. tough one there. to the ice, flyers opened up camp this morning in voorhees. not a full squad, hockey world cup, one guy that was on the ice, today and hoping for a big season was flyers defenseman michael dellzotto. he missed final 28 games as well as playoffs recovering
10:56 pm
from wrist surgery. head coach dave hakstol like what he saw on day one. >> i thought he had a good day. i thought he had a solid day. he did a good job. he didn't look like he has missed a whole lot. >> just get the out there, good welcome back. it felt good to be out there in full practice and being around the guys. being with them, joking around. >> that is day one, stick in the face day one. not a good way to start season. that does it for us at ten, dawn timmeney standing by with what is coming up at 11:00, dawn. curiosity just landed two men in a dangerous spot down a storm drain police rescued one of them their quick thinking that saved the guy's life. and, then the seven day forecast in the first five minutes, remember your mega millions lottery drawing is next.
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