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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  September 23, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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and happening at 11:00 continued tension this charlotte north carolina here's a live look right now at night four of protests on the street of the city. series of demonstrations started on tuesday after police shot and killed a black man, and here's a look at the scene, earlier tonight. what do we want? >> justice. >> when do we want it. >> now. >> demonstrators are calling for release of two tapes, of tuesday's shooting, thinks after the release of cell phone video from the wife of the hand, who died. and good evening i'm dawn timmeney, night four and no sign help a resolution may come. fox 29's brad satan joins us with more on today's big developments, brad. >> we're seeing another night of high tensions for sure and focus is on three pieces of video, of them by police cameras capturing the
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shooting. testing. he has no weapon. he has no weapon. don't shoot him. >> but the officers seemed to think that he does. >> drop the gun. >> he doesn't have a gun, he has a tbi he will not do anything. >> tbi meaning traumatic brain injury and then gunshots. >> don't shoot. did you shoot him? did you shoe him. >> reporter: scott's family says he was holding a book, police say it was a gun, with a threat of the fourth night have of protests, demonstrators want two police video reese leasted, one from the dash cam another from a body cam, and,. >> so too has the charlotte mayor. >> in terms of what was in the gentlemen's hand, it is inconclusive.
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>> reporter: police chief they will be released at an appropriate time if one piece of evidence that will never, ever make a good case. i know the expectations that video footage can be the pan see a, and i. >> and, is it appropriate to release videos. lots of opinions including here from philadelphia's mayor jim kenney. >> lesson learned is to be transparent, get the information out there to the public, as soon as possible, so people, speculate and if something is wrong on the police side, we have to own up to it and take care of it. >> reporter: police in charlotte are promised to go do just that, chief says it is the videos that will be released at some point but investigation itself right now is conducted by north carolina state authorities. dawn? all right, thanks, brad. police after rested a man suspected of killing another man, during a protest. authorities took 26 year-old rayjuan game in custody charging him with the murder of the shooting death of justin carr, carr was killed during wednesday night's
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protest over keith lemont scott's death in charlotte. on your radar tonight, it the is not felt like fall just yet, but that is certainly about to change. meteorologist scott williams with your forecast at 11:00, scott. >> hi there dawn, we're bracing for a taste of fall, finally, a fall front is moving in, and overnight tonight, first thing to the, and, high hade it up to 89 degrees in philadelphia this afternoon. the right now as we take a lot at the temperatures 75, in philadelphia. low 70's and trenton 74 in wilmington. the pocono mountains, checking in at 65 degrees. but a little further off to the north look at the colder temperatures, you can see it is 53 in syracuse. upper 40's, in bangor, maine. that is the canadian air we have been talking about that will move toward the delaware valley, for the upcoming weekend. so watch out for that front. it moves through overnight tonight, and then during the first part of the day
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tomorrow. so tomorrow morning we are looking at mostly cloudy skies, maybe a patchy sprinkle, but look at the afternoon high temperature. philadelphia 75 degrees. so planning your day, running early errand, temperatures in the 60's, mostly cloudy to start, and then by noon it still looks cloudy. 70 degrees. but by the afternoon we are looking at the average high for philadelphia this time of the year is 75 degrees. look at hour by hour forecast, for 4:00 o'clock temperatures tomorrow across the area. seventy-three in wilmington. low 70's in the lehigh valley. low to mid 60's in the poconos mountains. wraps even some upper 60's as we move down the shore as we move toward sunday morning look at the lows, some of the coolest temperatures we have seen, since spring, upper 40's, trenton, low to mid 40's in the lehigh valley, right around 50 in philadelphia, so you might to have crank the heat, and then temperatures by sunday afternoon 07 in philadelphia and that kick off forecast, grab that fall fleece, temperatures will be dropping, into the 60's,
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during the game. that seven day forecast is showing beautiful weather for temple and then you can see temperatures, right at or slightly below where we should be for this time of the year into next week. next rainfall chance on tuesday. dawn? all right, football weather, it is here, thanks scott. a camden man is behind bars tonight charged in last month's gang shoot-out that killed a little girl who wound up caught in the cross fire. eight year-old gabby carter was fatally shot in the 900 block of south eighth street while riding her bicycle. this morning u.s. marshals in clarksville, tennessee arrested this man, 18 year-old tyhan brown at his uncle's home and charged him with first degree murder. brown's mother and girlfriend had earlier been arrested and charged with obstructing the investigation. brown was on the police radar from the very beginning. >> we are a big, little city, everyone in this city is related in some way shape or form or we know each other. seldom do things occur that we
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do not know what is happened. it is a hatter on have putting proofs together. >> reporter: brown will be brought back to new jersey as soon as possible. he is one of several men responsible for the shoot-out that led to gabby's death. the hunt continues, for the others. and new for a story you will only see on fox, a brave, young boy makes a amazing progress after gunfire nearly killed him in east germantown. tonight, we are hearing from that six year-old little boy for the very first time, since he was caught in the cross fire. it has been more than a month since bullets flew into mahaj brown's car while he was sitting in the back seat. now after more than a dozen surgeries that little boy and his family are speaking out. fox 29's shawnette wilson is live in north philadelphia outside shriner's hospital where that little boy has been recovering and shawnette, he is absolutely adorable, and it is so good to see how well he is doing. >> reporter: yes, you said it, perfectly, adorable is the right word for him.
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you know his family has chosen to focus on his recovery for now instead of the fact that the person who shot him is still out there he has a long road to recovery but he has come a long way and dawn, he is nothing short of a miracle. >> hey mahaj. >> reporter: this is six year-old mahaj brown also known to hospital staff and friend as a super hero. forty-three days after he was shot, ten times, he is happier then expected. mahaj tiny body has endured 14 surgeries, 13 blood transfusions, multiple skin grafts and reconstructive procedures. >> i wanted to go home. >> reporter: he tells me he has had some good days. the first at st. christopher's and now, here at shrine era's hospital for children. >> making new friends. >> one of the patients have a dog here. >> reporter: while this bride eyed affectionate little boy remembers a time he feels better, his grandmother recalls constant pain he was in and questions about what happened to him.
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>> no, question why, why, why, why me. why did i to have get shot y do these people hurt me? why am i in pain. >> reporter: his mother says he is determined and brave. >> i just want to see him get back to the mahaj that i know, you know, being able to run, lay and be himself and in the feel like he is different. >> reporter: there is a go fund me page set up for mahaj, if you'd like to donate go to fox, dawn. >> all right, shawnette, thank you. new jersey home land security is stepping up in the wake of the the last week even's bombings. officials are keeping a close eye on all big events, it is affect ago lot of people. tonight fox 29's joann pillegi went to the high school football game with a noticeably large police presence. >> state home land security officials issued some recommendtation this is week, for extra security at public gatherings, not an issue here at camden high stadium, where they already have, tight security in place. >> i think the security is
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good. especially nowadays. >> reporter: they don't take any chances here, and you can sianni feel the police security detail for friday night as panter football. >> what we do is make sure that we have enough security officers, and a large police presence with us. >> reporter: on wednesday, the new jersey office of home land security, issued a bulletin for organizations, and communities hosting events. for situational awareness, with public gatherings, and that includes sporting events, with expect taiters. >> things can happen anywhere, honestly. a lot of cops, you know, something could still happen but if everybody were together i feel like it is a safe environment. >> as a precautionary measure we check bags, we actually wand spectators just to make sure our students are safe. >> reporter: security officials at camden high say that their regular detail is a valuable asset, and parents and spectators agree. safety comes first.
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>> it is what you would want to go through at any game you never know if there are people out there doing you harm and it may have nothing to do with who you are, where you live or who you are from. it is comforting. >> reporter: all went very well, no problems except for visiting team camden beat seneca27-7n camden joann pillegi, fox 29 news. curiosity landed two men in the dangerous spot the down a storm drain. police had to rescue one of them, their quick thinking that saved that guy's life. what is your risk for breast cancer? you could see a big clue in the next hour or so. new connection between, sleep and your risk for the deadly disease. it happened when pope francis came to town and philadelphia streets will once again be, car free what you need to know before you shut down tomorrow.
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you will be able to roam the streets of city of philadelphia without war big traffic in one area no cars allowed for 10 miles across the city a dream for many pedestrians and bikers. the it is all part of the cities first ever philly free streets event, comes nearly a year after pope francis was in town when philadelphians first saw, opened streets, first saw what they were like. the since then resident have
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been pushing for more concrete area. roads will be closed from 8:00 . you decide 2016, a big day for texas senator ted cruz, cruz announced that he will, vote for donald trum in november, yes. same donald trum that cruz called a pathological liar and utterly amoral during the primary. cruz was booed at republican national convention for telling the crowd to vote your conscious. he had not thrown his support behind donald trump, until today. cruise says aftercare full consideration and prayer, he hade the decision to vote for trump. cruise added that he is #never hillary. trump says he is honored to have the senator's support. hillary clinton is off the campaign trail for the next couple of taste preparing for the first presidential debate. her running mate tim kaine held rallies in texas. clinton's campaign director told reporters today that trump lying is quote unrest
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dented, and the campaign is hoping some of those alleged lies are brought up by the debate moderator. of course, fox 29 is your home leading up to, during, and after the debate, our bruce gordon will have live coverage from hofstra university and you can watch the debate live right here at 9:00 o'clock monday night on fox 29. all right. you see it, you shoot it, our fresco users are helping show us what is happening in the neighborhoods out there. chris is here now to tell us what is going on tonight, chris. >> reporter: traffic on i476 the blue route in lower merion, that is back to normal following a crash involving four cars, a truck and a tractor trailer. this is video we got earlier from the scene at mile hashinger 14. tonight a fox 29 viewer sent us this video showing some police activity, going on early this morning, police say one person was taken to the hospital, with minor injuries. no other injuries were reported and in word on what cause that had blue route crash. and tonight in northern
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liberties, residents got their dance on, this is video from salsa night at piazza at schmidts commons, gentlemen, enjoying live music, free outdoor event, it is also included a dance lesson. the event all part of the celebrations for hispanic heritage month. a little further north in philadelphia's mayfair neighborhood one fresco user attended ribbon cutting for a brand new bike lane on ryan avenue, in the cities first two-way parking protected bike lane. it uses delineating, for strong, and, cars, cycle and pedestrians. good news there. when we see news happening, be sure to take out your phone and shoot it, fresco app to send it the to our news room, dawn. this is not all in good fun, mayor of sacramento gets a pie to the the face during a charity dinner, according to reports sean thompson walk up behind mayor kevin johnson and shoved a coconut cream pie in
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his face. johnson a former nba player for the back tackling thompson and punching him. he is angry that the marries ignoring issues like education and home less necessary. he is charged with felony assault and related charges. a tearing rescue, caught on police body cameras in, minneapolis, police race to go this scene, after two men get swept away by the rushing waters of the mississippi river. it happened wednesday night after a storm had just moved through. the pair was walk ago long the edge of the river when the current just became too strong. one of the guys was able to get to safety but other along the storm drain in the water's edge. police used the rope to get him to safety but he is expected to be okay. turning now to your health, and the connection between sleep and breast cancer, it appears that the two may be even more closely related then previously thought. a new study from the national cancer institute suggest that the spread of breast cancer may be influenced by genes.
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those genes controlling everything from cell division to sleep. it was a complex study but the bottom line is that this link could one day help doctors, better predict your chances, of developing cancer, based on your genes, and family history. before you take your next drag from an e cigarette, listen up especially if you are using those flavored oils? new study found flavorings can increase toxicity of the vapors you inhale. researchers evaluated e cigarettes filled with different flavoring, including coffee and strawberry, et cetera, even unflavored e cigarette vapor contains harmful ingredients but flavors made it even worse. the study is public in the journal tobacco control. and teenagers in the united states, need to be losing interest in smoking cigarettes and cigars according to a new report from the feds. fewer students reported trying cigarettes or cigars, between 2012 and 2014. the report also found that
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fewer teens reported being curious about cigarettes or cigars. same however cannot be said of smoke less tobacco. study found no change in teen use or ninth smoke less tobacco like chewing tobacco. sean brace with a look what is coming up this sports. >> sean. >> that is right, dawn. coming up, it is a plea from me to you the internet user, together we can make a difference. find out what i'm talking about next.
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that's why we wanna make sure you won't have to wait on hold. and you won't have to guess when we'll turn up. because after all... we should fit into your life. [ laughing ] not the other way around. [ clock ticking ] a manhunt is underway for shoot shore killed at least four people at a mall north of the city this happened just a short time ago, at the cascade mall in burlington. the shooter was last seen walking toward a nearby interstate, and no other details we will continue to stay on top of this story, and update you on fox and tomorrow morning on "good day philadelphia" weekend.
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hello internet users, that means all of news 2016, i have a simple quo, and believe me, it is for the better. you know over last few whose i have noticed more and more people sharing tweets and stories that are not true. i'm not talking about bending the truth here aim he talking about complete liz headaching up a story, out of thin air. lets take this james harrison tweet for example this was shared all over, on facebook and twitter, but guess what? there is only one problem, harrison never tweeted it. hello, photo shop. good one too. that is not only one. check this out. this is from yesterday, rams number one, overall selection, jared golf, wears his own jersey to the bar. classy move. ladies love it. it wasn't true. it was a charity function. a simple search would show you the entire l.a. rams squad was there in their jersey. a whole lot of americans willing to believe something they heard second and third hand these days, without the most, basic fact checking they seem to believe a single
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article or let's be honest a single head line and then share it. that is not fair to anyone and to be honest, it is quite lazy for to us believe, anything these days on the internet without checking. google is right there for you, people, come on. first two examples were nothing big, pretty funny to be honest but with the election coming up and these deep issues all around the country there is a few stories that are not completely accurate and being shared all over social media i ask you, a plea, if something is worth being shared on social media, unless it is a video of mike jerrick waxing his legs, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. >> do your research, okay, please. don't making gullible, on the internet an epidemic. that is it. >> well, sean diddy combs is doing good, music mogul pledged one million-dollar to create a scholarship fund to
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his alma matter howard university. he presented the check during a tour stop last night, and the school will start awarding the scholarship in the fall of 2017. happy news, for adam le vine and maroon five front man and super who had i wife, they welcomed their first child, they had a daughter. guess what her name is dusty rose. a list pair has been married since 2014. that will do it for us tonight at 11:00, thanks for joining us. more entertainment news straight ahead on fox 29 with tmz and dish nation and stay tuned for chasing news followed by simpson's. we are here at 7:00 a.m. for "good day philadelphia" weekend and scott you will be back all morning long with the the forecast, thanks for watching, and have a great night.
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: finally, jennifer aniston surfaces, and i detect a smile. >> she looks so good! harvey: is this not the brad pitt divorce outfit? >> no! harvey: this is i don't want to overdress. don't want to underdress. >> if she dressed with her boobs hanging out, oh, she wants brad. if she dresses with a turtleneck, brad can't get that. >> the game. he had a concert in philly. this is where meek mill's from. the first thing he says on stage is -- [bleep]. >> i think the bigger slap in the face is going to the famous philly cheesesteak place and eating a philly cheesesteak. harvey: eating a philly cheesesteak means you can't do nothing to me? that's ridiculous. >> it's a line drawn in with grease. >> kylie jenner and tyga leave ing catch. >> are you guys worried about the debt collectors? >> the jeweler is going after him fo


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