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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  September 24, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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this is "fox 29 news" at 6:00. >> please keep us in your prayers. this is a very tragic day for the wilmington fire department. >> the city of wilmington is in mourning tonight, following the devastate cents loss of two firefighters both killed in the line every duty. the firefighters were on the scene for just 15 minutes, before the may day call went out this morning. two other fire fight remembers in critical condition in the hospital tonight. we have live team coverage from wilmington, our brad sattin talking to firefighters struggling to cope this enormous lost. we spoke with the heart broken woman whose home the men were
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assigned to save. >> reporter: how do you heal? >> very upset about them. she is praying for their families. >> knowing that heroes died to save your family. those are thoughts running through missy's head, as she breaks down, outside what's left of her wilmington home saturday morning. she is grateful her children and grandchildren survived the fire that errupted as they slept. but she is also heart broken that two of the firefighters who rushed to save them did not. >> the smoke was so hot, the smoke burning your face. >> crews arrived to lakeview road, finding this rowhouse billowing smoke flame shooting out the back. the floors suddenly caved in beneath their feet. fifteen minute after the first crews arrived, a may day is called. >> four fell in. four firefighters fell down, collapsing the floor. two of those firefighters fire e
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passed away. >> fire chief anthony good says several firefighters became trapped in the rubble that far collapse. immediately their colleagues begin a fierce search and rescue effort, one firefighter dies inside the home. ambulance rushes another away from the scene. later in the morning, chief good confirmed to fox 29 a second firefighter succombed to his injuries. >> we're all hurting. i know i am. >> the chief identifying the fallen 41 year old christopher reach and 51 year old jerry thickus, both veteran firefighters with the department. both fathers, and husbands. two other firefighters suffered critical burns, and another two had less serious injuries. >> they passed away at our house. >> as word spread, wilmington firefighters telling their broken hearts with helmets in hand. all begin gathering, at the
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scene. they look on in silence, as a colleagues climbs his ladder truck to hang the american flag. neighbors who woke up to fire grateful to the career heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice. >> heroes, absolute heroes, i'm sad to hear any of them lost their life last night. >> authorities continue to try to figure out the circumstances of the fire, and exactly what caused it. investigators pouring over the renmant of this row home looking for any clues that may lends them some insight right now to the fire marshall's office. in wilmington, sabina kuriakose, "fox 29 news". (taps). >> the tragedy has left the wilmington community rattled to the core. tonight resident gathered for a service to honor the fallen heroes, and pray for the firemen who were kitty lick burned. loved once came together at local high school where one of the fall err firefighters
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graduated from. chris lever, and jerry thickus are being remembered as very brave men who were devoted to their community. >> very sad day here, outside the catholic school where as you mention lieutenant chris reach graduated from here, with the class of 1994. they had very moving ceremony here, couple of hours ago, let us take you to the scene from this afternoon, where they held this prayer service for both chris and for firefighter, jerry thickus, family members here, police, firefighters first responders from across the area coming there pay their respects. the american flag was lowered to half staff, as well, as you see here. a lot of tears here, family, friends, remember the two firefighters who were committed not just to their jobs, but certainly to their communities and their families. they both leave behind children. they were also remembered on line this afternoon as area
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fire departments from delaware, new jersey and pennsylvania honored the men, condolances poured in, a tough day certainly for first responders across the region, by all accounts, two very good men were lost. >> from the time i think we were freshmen, he talked about wanting to be a fire fighter. >> from an early time, i think he wanted to help people. i mean, he is a clearly protector. >> they are superheros. both absolutely fantastic firefighters. they love their community. they love doing what they did. and i know both of them are looking down right now saying, you know, that's good, we got this. >> in wilmington we haven't lost a firefighter in the line of duty in decades. and two who were lost early, late last night, were by all accounts remarkable men. >> also in everyone's thoughts and prayers, the other four injured firefighters as we mention two of them are out of the hospital now, one of them was actually here, but dawn, as you can imagine, most of the firefighters just not up to talking right now, trying
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to cope and deal with this sudden lost today. >> tough one, thank you, brad. >> so here is what we know right now. two firefighters were killed in a row home fire in wilmington early this morning when a floor collapsed. that fire broke out just before 3:00 this morning. christopher reach, and jerry fickes had been with the department for more than decade, both leave behind wives and children, two other firefighters are also being treated for serious burns. >> fire officials are still investigating what caused this deadly fire in wilmington, be sure to stay with fox. com for all of the latest updates, as we continue to gather and learn more information. >> now, to story that is developing on the west coast. a manhunt is underway in washington for the person who opened fire inside a mall outside of seattle. five people are dead as a result of that shooting, and it has left a small community shaken tonight. fox's dan springer with the very latest this evening from burlington, washington. >> reporter: a small community on high alert after tragic
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shooting at a shopping mall. >> we are still actively looking for the shooter. >> manhunt underway in washington state. police searching for gunman who shot and killed five people friday night. four women, and one man. >> this is a senseless act. it was the world knocking on our doorstep. it came to our little community here. >> reporter: the city of burlington has population of just about 8400. emotions running hyatt a press conference saturday with the mayor here saying the community will stand behind law enforce. as it works to track the gunman down. >> i know that now our support goes with them to help them extend the long arm of the law to bring this to justice who did this to our community. >> reporter: police say they got a hunting style rifle at the scene which they believe the killer used. the gunman opened fire in the make up department of macy store. surveillance video capturing this picture of the shooter.
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police say no evidence now the shooting was act of terrorism. >> i don't know what his motivations were. i don't know what his motivation was to do this. i don't know what his motivation is to continue, i don't know what his motivation was to stop. but i certainly plan to find out. >> police say they are looking for hispanic man about five-nine, late teens, early 20's, wearing a dark shirt. fbi has joined the search but at this point the locals are taken to lead in the investigation. in burlington, washington, dan springer, fox news. >> and turning to the latest developments in charlotte, after days of protest, charlotte's police chief has decided to release video of the police shooting that killed 43 year old keith lamont scott. now there is comes days after protesters have been filling the streets pushing to see the police video. chief says the dash cam and body cam footage will be released very soon. he says that scott was absolutely in possession after handgun, and officers did not break the law.
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also says officers saw marijuana in his car, which caused them to act. >> this is footage that gives you some visual of what is transpiring. there is a lot of footage that would be showing you people traveling toward the scene. but nothing relative to the incident. and the other thing is that we will be -- there will be more footage released once the investigation is complete. >> the chief also says they will be releasing dna evidence. you are looking at video that the victim's wife shot. footage released yesterday by scott's family shows scott's wife telling officers that he is not armed. police now saying he was. >> turning to the fox 29 weather authority now. what a difference a day makes. hard not to notice that dramatic change in temperature when you stepped outside today. temperatures in some places, struggling to even reach 70 degrees. meteorologist, dave warren, with more on the plummeting temps. fall definately in the air, dave?
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>> fall in the air. yes, cool start to our morning, now, the clouds get the numbers down today. we have skies clearing, much cooler, sunny sunday, watching the tropics. step outside it is clear, right at 71 degrees. with light breeze, skies clearing, these numbers will quickly drop here over night tonight. ultimate doppler looking pretty good this evening, but looking at the visibility. satellite showing the clouds clearing, from north to south. still, there is a few clouds around across cape may county and much of delaware. north and western suburbs are clearing up tonight. now, with little sunshine, push that number up above 70. we are losing that right about now. just few minute here, we will see the sun go down. and the temperatures will really start to drop. look at the north and western suburbs, by the time you step outside tomorrow morning, 40's, 50's, zoom in, see few neighborhoods, lower 50's across new jersey and delaware, but dropping into the mid to low 40's, across allentown, kutztown, jim thorpe at 45, mount pocono is at 44 degrees. now, plenty of sunshine so the numbers go right back up. also looking at little bit of rain in the seven day.
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i'll show when you coming up. >> see you shortly, dave, thank you. police officer in georgia is being questioned after she says she was shot by a black man, but it turns out her story wasn't true. what officials really think happened. >> and it is expected to be the most widely watched political event in american history. how the two nominees are taking radically different approaches for monday night's presidential debate. sean? >> that's right, dawn, less than 24 hours away from the keystone show-down. eagles and steelers. coming up in sport. hear from eagles end connor barwin, what the defense needs to do in order to remain unbeaten. all of that and more coming up in sports. fix fix fix
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it was a dream come true today for walkers and bikers, open philadelphia streets with no cars. check out this video of some cars being towed overnight to get the streets ready for the city's first ever philly free streets event. the video shows pedestrians enjoying an open south street. 10 miles across the city were closed from 8:00 this morning until 1:00 this afternoon. the event comes nearly year after pope francis was in town when philadelphians first enjoyed the idea of car-less streets. you decide 2016. we are now just two days away from the much anticipated first presidential debate. with 100 million americans
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expected to watch monday night, the debate would fall just 14 million viewers short of the highest rated superbowl in history. the anticipation of course fueled by the nation's first female nominee versus a non-politician, who is un predictability is unmatched. fox examines the candidates methods leading up to the big debate. >> for both candidate monday night's debate is uncharted territory. format calls for 09 minutes of one-on-one with no breaks in which to study, to powder up or to rest. that's a challenge for each. >> he's never participated in a debate exactly like this, during the primaries the fewest number of candidates that there were on any stage was four. they had as many as ten most of the time. so that ended up not being a really debate but set of serial news conferences. >> i kind of liken it to a band that's a one hit wonder. they've got one song that you know really well. you love that song. but then when you go to their concert, you want to find out
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if they've got any other music that you actually like. >> for the pneumonia recovering clinton, there is the threat after coughing fit, or of too much walk i necessary. >> you can become trapped in the briefing book. >> the more that she emphasizes those qualities, the more she sounds like the status quo. than is not a year where the american people want to keep going down the same track. >> it is a liability her runningmate has obliquely acknowledged. >> hillary clinton does not need to know one more fact. >> the two are preparing in ways that differ as much as their personalities. trump will be studying sunday at home with rnc chairman, he has no sparring partner, and is not tell he graphing his strait edge. >> i she comes out swinging. he certainly is somebody who will never back down. you know, if she is nice and respectful, he can be incredibly charming as well. >> miami being g trump's different styles. should trump attack, clinton might be wise not to counter punch as senator marco rubio did during the gop primary. >> and you know what they say about men with small hands. >> that back fired, stealing
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rubio's fate. >> any other politician who tries to compete with name calling with donald trump is not going to have a very good experience. >> but aggress toward clinton poses its own risk. new york senate, rick last yo, found out in 2,000, when he stepped from behind the podium to wag his finger at clinton, it became the debate narrative. aggressive male intimidating female candidate and helped clinton win the seat. >> says he would advise trump that there are two debates. the actual debate itself, and then the spin, afterward. last yo thought he won the first debate. but neglected to properly staff the spin room with surrogates while clinton had a room full of them. the narrative took shape, and the rest is history. in washington, fox news. and fox 29 is your home leading up to, during and after the debate. our bruce gordon will have live coverage from hofstra university. and you can watch the debate live right here at 9:00 monday night on fox 29 of the. >> meantime, vice president joe biden is hitting the
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campaign trail for hillary clinton next week. it will be right here in philadelphia. the vice president will be pushing for residents to register to vote ahead of the october 11 deadline. he'll be at drexel university on tuesday, which is national voter registration day. the public event begins 10:45 in the morning. in north philadelphia today, city security officers rallied for higher wages. the officers who worked in school district, office buildings and hospitals, are asking for $15 an hour. they joined airport and healthcare workers in the fight for higher wages. and now a story you will only see on fox it the 29. a young child makes amazing progress, after gunfire nearly killed him. tonight we're hearing from that six year old little boy for the first time, since he was caught in the crossfire. it has been more than a month since bullet flew into the car he was sitting in in east germantown. now, after more than a dozen surgeries, this brave young boy and his family are
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speaking out to fox 29's shawnette wilson. >> reporter: this is six year old mahaj brown, also known to hospital staff and friends as a superhero. forty-three days after he was shot ten times, he is happier than expected. he was talking and ready for tv when i showed up at the hospital to meet him for the first time. >> you can go today, if i can gave you a kiss. >> okay. >> mahaj's tiny body has endured 14 surgeries, 13 blood transfusions, multiple skin grafter, and reconstructive procedures. >> always crying, i wanted to go home. i was scared sometimes. >> why were you scared? >> i was scared of like when i had to get some surgeries. >> but he tells me he had some good days. first at st. christopher's, now here at shriner's hospital for children. >> making new friends. one of the patients has a dog.
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>> while this bright eyed affectionate little boy, remembers the times he feels better his grandmother manies the constant pain he was in, and the questions about what happened to him. >> when he wakes up in the middle of the night screaming, crying, scared, that's hard. a child questions why, why, why. why me. why did i have to get shot. why these people hurt me? why am i in pain? >> it has been up and down, his recovery. he only has the use of one leg, and one arm. >> over here, a lot of people sign the cast. if one of you want to sign it, you could sign it. >> his mother says he's determined, and brave. >> i just want to see him back to the mahaj i know, like being able to run and play and be himself and not feel like he's different. >> mahaj is her strength at the weakest time in her life. >> it humbled me a lot. like it got me to learn to pray a lot, to understand that
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there is somebody up there. >> shawnette wilson, "fox 29 news". a very brave little boy. and there is a go fund me page set up for mahaj. just go to if you would like to make a donation. >> a man dressed in a clown costume had a lot of people outside of this wal-mart very nervous. but it was what else he did that had one woman calling the police. >> and mcdonald's all day breakfast, about to hit the fast-food chain is extending the menu. what it is add that will probably make your children very happy. approve this message.
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i'd look her right in that fat ugly face of hers. she's a slob. she ate like a pig. a person who's flat chested is very hard to be a 10. does she have a good body? no. does she have a fat [expletive]? absolutely. do you treat women with respect? i can't say that either.
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>> state police on scene in northeast philadelphia with a accident with a steamroller. happened just before 2:00 on i95 near the bridge street exit. appears a truck pulling the steamroller lost control and rolled over. no word if there are any injuries. it is still unclear exactly what caused this all. a police officer in the atlanta suburbs has received an outpouring of support after she says she was shot by a man, a black man, earlier this month. there is only one problem. authorities are now saying she made it all up. investigators had responded to the scene in jackson after officer sherrie hall claim she was shot at without confrontation. hall, white police officer, told the department she had been approached by a black man while on pal bush that patrol.
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he fired without provocation, she was shot back twice. it is now thought she accidentally shot herself. >> a lot of times humans make mistakes. and we expect mistakes to be made, cops are just that, they are humans, and they make mistakes. this is not a mistake. this is a criminal. >> office ever hall is now charged with four felonies, including evidence tampering, and giving false statements to investigators. >> also in george, a police arrested a man who they say has been scaring people while dressed in a clown costume. authorities have charged rodney allen byrum with disorderly conduct after police say he was confronting people in a wal-mart parking lot. his arrest was captured by police body cameras. police finally got to the clown after a woman spotted him. she says she was just watching him outside the wal-mart when all the sudden he started making on scene gestures. and that is when she called police. he came in front of my car. and it was actually on the
6:26 pm
pole, at wal-mart, and then when he walk off he shot me two -- okay, something is wrong with this clown. >> told police he didn't know scaring people was illegal. he is now in jail for disorderly conduct. >> it is that time of year when a lot of high school students have homecoming on their minds. how some students at one high school helped a boy get him dance proposal just right. >> it is one of the largest data breaches ever announced, a half billion people affect the. what yahoo use kearse do to help protect their information from hackers. dave? >> protect yourself from the morning chill. little chill in the air tonight. clearing skies, temperatures drop to the 50's and 60s by 11:00. but when you wake up, 40's in a few suburbs. i'm scholl you where coming up. 1
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>> the sit of which mink ton in mourning tonight, following two firefighters lost in the
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line every duty. forty-one christopher leach and jerry fickes. two others are in critical condition. firefighters only on the scene of the house fire for 15 minute before the may day call went out this morning, on lakeview road. >> four fell in. four firefighters fell down into the collapse of the floor. two of those fire fighers have passed away. >> the community gathered today for a prayer service to remember the fallen heroes, and to pray for the firefighters who were hospitalized in critical condition. >> well, this week, yahoo reported one of the largest data breaches in history. fox's claire simms spoke to technology expert who weighed in on the news, and offered some valuable advice for users, who think they may have been affected. >> i already changed my password. >> reporter: david burton has not one but two yahoo accounts. also managing director with uhy advisors in at lan tax and
6:31 pm
consults companies on ways to improve their on line security. barton says the yahoo breach could impact more than just an user's e-mail. >> you use this, your yahoo account, if that's the key for your facebook account, or your linked in, if it is tide together. you need to change those passwords, too. >> he knew to immediately change his password. >> the e-mail, passwords is used for other things, so want to make sure everything else is safer, as well. >> also encourages people like brown to change their security questions, monitor their accounts for suspicious activity, and be on the look-out for emails, asking for personal information. barton recommends anyone with an e-mail account go a step further and use what's called two factor authentication when possible. >> yahoo has something called an account key. and what happens is when you log in, they will immediately send you a text message for
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the code. so even though they may have your password, if they don't have your phone, as well, then they still can't get into your account. which is always a good thing. >> now, another good idea is to use yahoo's account key. that's when you log in, the site sends you message with a code, it then enables to you get into your account. now, to your fox 29 weather authority. finally feeling like fall out there today. temperatures were in the 60s, for much of the day. sun, clouds, not a bad day. meteorologist, dave warren here to tell us what football fans can expect for the big eagles game tomorrow, dave. >> perfect football weather, hopefully win, as well, skies clearing tonight. clouds around today, kept the temperatures down, not much sunshine out there, but as the skies clear, that air, warm air, goes right up into space. so things cool quickly tonight. their temperatures with a little bit of sunshine, we had more that far north and western suburbs, into the 70s, quickly dropping, 50's and 40's, by tomorrow morning. there is morning chill, just brief one.
6:33 pm
forty's in the north and west, keep the coat, keep it handy if you're up by 6:00 tomorrow morning, anywhere north of the turnpike from trenton, north, up to mount pocono, through the lehigh valley mid to low 40's, quickly warms up with sunshine, into the 60s and close to 70 by noon. and it will stay right about there throughout the afternoon. so, not much of a spike there. once you get to noon, but nice comfortable afternoon with just light breeze and plenty of sunshine. so, we will have the cool start, 67, by noon, and then 70 by eagles, there, the kick off just after 4:00. so right about 70 degrees, and yes, 12 hours of daylight tomorrow. after the equinox, because of the atmosphere, so don't worry about that, supposed to happen that way. seventy to 63, tomorrow afternoon. perfect football weather. but then we have to look ahead to monday and tuesday. you'll notice there is a rip countries being, because we're keeping an eye on the tropics. tropical storm karl is just south or east of bermuda, a continuing to move to the northeast. that's creating some rough surf, though, that winds about
6:34 pm
65 miles an hour, continues to track off to the north. not concerned with this storm, but what's coming up for the great lakes. this will impact part of the work week here. we are going right to monday night to early tuesday. temperatures get pretty warm. and the clouds will start to increase. you will notice a bit of a breeze thereon monday. you head back to work. but by early tuesday, we will be dealing with a lit bit of rain. there is the clock showing you by 2:00 in the morning tuesday, rain coming in, trying to get this out of here by rush hour, but looks like the rain still coming down along 95 by 5:00. then it slows down just a bit. still impacting part of the area specially south and east of by tuesday morning. the temperatures will be warm. it will be to the 60s, 70s, then drop after the rain clears out. so have afternoon sunshine, just the morning we have to deal with the rain. the rain ends early, so you might have to gather the umbrella on the way out. won't need it in the afternoon. cooler breeze develops, we still have nice bright sunshine. that will warm the temperature up. but then that cool air will try to work it way in. show you that in the seven day forecast, 53 to 70 tomorrow.
6:35 pm
that's a nice day. but then there is that rain coming in, both monday, and tuesday, 54 to 73, only 68, tuesday morning, climbing to 77, once we get the sunshine in the afternoon, rain early is the key there. good stretch of weather here, so many for maybe little few more clouds on thursday. but looking at 50's in the morning, and then 70s in the afternoon, there is some typical weather we see this time of year. we have the eagles tomorrow, the phillies are back in town, both friday and saturday. dawn? >> dave, thank you. a new museum officially opened it doors in washington, d.c. today. for people, this new see sum paying tribute to. >> and mcdonald's all day breakfast, a big hit, expanding the menu watch mcdonald's is add that could make the little ones happy.
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pat toomey wrote the book. "i'm...i've got a whole chapter in my book where i... specifically lay out how i think we should... reform social security."
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toomey's plan requires wall street and bankers to manage... the accounts. collecting fees out of your social security that could... total billions. fees they collect, even if the market crashes and... seniors lose everything. pat toomey's looking out for wall street, not pennsylvania. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> it was a week ago today that ahmad khan rahami set off explosive devices in new york and new jersey. rahami remains unconscious in a new jersey hospital as the fbi stands by, hoping to learn more about the motive behind the bombings. fox's brian yanis with the very latest on the story. >> reporter: sources tell fox news the new york and new jersey bombing suspect ahmad
6:39 pm
khan rahami's medical condition is worse than investigators previously thought. he could be in the hospital for several more weeks recovering from gunshot wounds he received during a police shoot-out. f.b.i. agents are bedside waiting for him to be conscious to speak with him. >> this as a source tells fox news us custom, and boards pear troll, questioned rahami in march 2014 upon his return from a 13 month trip to pakistan and they alerted the fbi following ain't view with him. >> this is significant because it is months before rahami's father, muhammad, says he warned the fbi in august of 2014. the father telling the new york times, he warned the feds that his son was watching al quaida in jihad videos in poetry, saying, quote, keep an eye on him, though he wasn't one run% sure he was a terrorist. the fbi investigate but found no terrorism. journals show desire formatter err i am, and references to top al quaida in isis figures. the fbi is looking into
6:40 pm
rahami's frequent overseas trips to afghanistan and pakistan and whether he had any contact or training from terrorist organizations. the guardian reports rahami spent time in a religious seminary in pakistan closely tied with the taliban. investigators are zeroing in on his family looking for any possible motives behind the bol action. rahami allegedly carried out. fox is told rahami's family is cooperating and are not suspects. his wife, asia, arrived in the u.s. wednesday night. she left for pakistan in june, she is cooperating and is not considered a suspect. investigators say the afghan born terror suspect had planned this attack for months, ordering bomb materials on ebay, in june. in new york, brian yanis, fox news. today president obama spoke at the opening ceremony for the museum of african-american history in washington, d.c. the museum documents the century long struggle of african-americans through slavery and the civil rights
6:41 pm
era. president obama says sometimes the details of our history can be uncomfortable. but it is important to acknowledge them, in order to learn and grow as a nation. >> african-american history is not somehow separate from our larger american story. it is not the under side of the american story. it is central to the american story. >> the president was joined by former presidents bush and clinton to commemorate the museum's opening. >> mcdonald's may soon add a happy meal version to its all day breakfast menu. the fast-food chain plans to test market the iconic kitty boxes, with 2mc griddle cakes and an egg mcmuffin. the happy meal breakfast will roll out on monday at 73 restaurants in oklahoma, and if it catches on mcdonald's could offer kitty breakfast happy meals nationwide by next year. >> well, sometimes the challenges of our wounded warriors, they're tough, but
6:42 pm
obvious, but sometimes they're not. the simple things can be the greatest struggle of all. the challenges many vets face just finding the right words when we come back.
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i'm really good at war. i love war in a certain way. including with nukes, yes including with nukes. i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me. nuclear, just the power the devastation, is very important to me. i want to be unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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>> there are more than 2 million disable vets in america, many struggling with common things we don't even think about, like finding clothes that fit their prosthetic limbs. fox 29's dave kinchen shows us how two former service members are working to change that. >> he gave his all running missions in the war in afghanistan. but on june 3rd, 2008 -- >> i remember staring at the sealing and saying to myself, what the heck am i going to do with my life now. >> a blast from underneath changed everything for the pa native forever. >> bomb, knocked out for about 45 seconds. i didn't know what happened. and i woke up, and i was staring at the sky. my feet were pretty much almost 108 backward. and i looked to the left and the vehicle in pieces. >> the explosion killed two of his friends instantly. and staff sergeant grand ville lost his leg.
6:46 pm
still, he considers himself fortunate. >> obviously a big adaptation, but i felt lucky. life wearing a prosthetic leg,. >> but the positive outlook did not come out the little things that impacted his quality of life. >> see the wear and tear, just from, you know, wearing a prosthetic. then even gets little on my jeans here. >> clothes, which we all know can be pricy, began ripping because of the titanium and carbon fibers in his new leg. he went to a taylor to add this zipper for easier access, the cost? >> i would say about $15, blue it comes to up that, somebody has to wear a suit anti-in the office every day or maybe cackies it, could cost a lot. cost like over and over and over again. >> turns out his concern is shared by retired colonel marine wigel of the army national guards. has counseled vets in need, has heard many similar stories. >> i had one soldier i interviewed. he said he buys four pairs of
6:47 pm
shirts every time when they went on sale. because he knows in like two weeks, they'll have a hole in the elbow from where the prosthetic hits. >> so using her business connections, she is lobbying clothing makers to get built in modifications on all popular attire. after speaking with the clothing maker, for tommy hilfiger, calvin klein and van hughes end, the colonel says progress is being made. >> they are having some clothing being manufactured that has some adjustability. some of the adult shirts, van heusen brand, and tommy hilfiger brand has more off sean for children in wheelchairs, but we haven't evolved into adult clothing yet. >> she sees it changing and soon. >> i am hoping by the end of the year in the next 12 months, we'll have on over little fashion show here, we can model off some of the clothes we've come up with, encourage more that far. >> in old city, dave kinchen, "fox 29 news". some serious skills on
6:48 pm
display in south philadelphia today. thousands of athletes took part in the race at citizens bank park. there were obstacles set up throughout the park. spatter on race is one of the leading obstacle course races in the country. >> today the philadelphia police and some residents came together hoping to spread an important message. the community enjoyed a full day of fun for the annual unity day. the 35th police district holds this event hoping to strengthen community relations, looks like it was a good time had by all, guests enjoyed music, arts and crafts and free food. it is that time of year where high school students across the country are getting butterflies about who they're going ask to the homecoming dance. but, for two washington state families, they never thought they would see their children headed off to the big dance. fox's john hendrix has the heart-warming story. >> it is a picture that plays out at high school football stadiums across the country every friday night. lights are up. the teams are pumped. and the stands are packed. and among all of these faces,
6:49 pm
at mountain view high in vancouver, is a love story, worthy of its own fairytale. >> i want to wear pretty dress? >> this is paul and gabby. they both suffer from cerebrals palsy. the disease keeps them confined to a wheelchair and from talking like you or i. but when they see each other they light up. you can feel the love in their hearts and see it in their eyes. >> he's just hers, and she's his. >> with the homecoming dance just few weeks away, paul and gabby's parents were wondering how they would handle the event. >> it is just something that you don't ever think is going to happen. >> but did. today with the help of students and staff at mountain view, paul asked gabby to be his date. and of course, she said yes. >> those are experiences that you don't ever think you're going to have with children like gabby and paul. stowe has been very happy but emotional. >> we're already talking becomes you know, her going dress shopping, and trying to color coordinate, butte inch ear, corsage. >> for these high school sweethearts, they are showing so many they are not letting a
6:50 pm
disease hole them back from having a little fun in dancing the night away. >> it is a dream come true. >> certainly is. well, there is a big game going on at the linc tomorrow, too. speaking of football, sean is here to fill us in. >> that's right. we're jam packed in sports, coming up: eagles-steelers battle of the unbeaten. it is all going down tomorrow. hear from few members from what has to do to slow down the pittsburgh steelers high powered offense. and it is saturday. you know what that means. we have got your local college football highlights covered. temple fans happy. penn state fans, not so much.
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
yes, tell me if you heard this one before. just the cleveland browns. it is just the chicago bears. yes, it is true, the pundants are correct when they bring up the level of competition from the first eagles victory of the season.
6:53 pm
there is no denying that. but, tomorrow afternoon, there is no doubt playing the pittsburgh steelers. steelers are led by their high scoring offense, with all-pro wide receiver antonio brown, of course when you think of the steelers you think of future hall of fame quarterback ben roethlisberger, tough test all around for the eagles but if they want to remain undefeated the defense has to lead the charge. >> definitely going to go up against one of the best offenses in the league, so it will be a great challenge f not the best receiver in the league, definitely top 30. that goes for the same for the quarterback, a of, as well. >> you know, real physical. will be a dog fight pretty much. for us, it definitely is one of those confidence builds err games, because, you know, how good they can be. >> all looking forward to, that's for sure. don't forget tomorrow we'll talk more about the big game on game day live at 10:00 followed by fox nfl sunday. then at 1:00 how about this game, redskins trying to avoid
6:54 pm
a zero and two start, take on the new york giants. wrap up all of the days action on sports sunday catch it all only on fox 29. how about some local college football action, temple looking to bounce back from last week's tough loss at penn state. taking on charlotte, little homecoming, that's right at the linc. win here would even the owls' record before conference play kicks in. we pick it up in the second quarter. temple down seven to three. walker with the play action pass, to jennings. 51-yard touchdown pass. what a bomb. what a beauty. puts the owls up ten-three. fumble, makes the move, tackle, for 13-yard touchdown scamper. owls up ten. temple next possession, walker scrambles around to find roger for the 40-yard touchdown pass. temple leading 24-seven. how about this? temple scored 28 unanswered points all in the second quarter. temple goes onto win, 48 to
6:55 pm
20. to the big pen, michigan state taking on wisconsin. wisconsin was all defense. look at that hit on lj scott with the fumble. and leo muso picks it up and goes 66 yards, nice spin move to the house. touchdown, michigan, had four turnovers today. wisconsin comes out on top 30 to six. >> also, penn state currently in action, with their rifle michigan. that game is being played at the big house, michigan up 42 to ten, in the fourth, due to network restrictions, unable show you highlight right now. all of the highlights for you, nittany fans later. >> hey keeping tabs on the phillies, they wind down the 2016 season eight games left including tonight's match up with the new york mets. the phillies are trying to play the role of spoiler. that's all we got right now. mets currently lead the wilds card standings, but the mets, of course, anything is possible. just, you know, 2007, obviously the collapse, we all remember with that one. same with baseball.
6:56 pm
one game aired earlier, cubs and cards. cardinals fighting for the second and final wild-card spot o have no problem with the cubs today getting four in the first never looking back. final score ten to four. >> and finally how about some love for our local horse racing fanatic, it is the pennsylvania derby day. all taking place at parx casino, bensalem. $1.25 million purse is on the line. i would love to have some of that, that's for sure. it was great race, and, you know, you have couple of horses, my questions, kentucky derby winner in the race, great time had by all up there in bensalem. >> all right, there is the race there. >> connect, gun runner, in front of packed house, like i said, bensalem great time i have i've been out there before, lovely place to catch a race. be sure join us tonight after the game for "fox 29 news". that's right. >> all right, and be sure to join us tonight after the game for "fox 29 news". more on the tragic death of two wilmington firefighters.
6:57 pm
they were killed while fighting a early morning house fire. how family and friends and community members are honoring the life of the two men who risk it all to make sure others were safe. >> and now let's have a look at the forecast, feeling like fall, dave? >> feels like fall. feel that tomorrow morning. that will little chill in the air. step outside, 50's in the city but 40's in the suburbs, specially north and west. one day to watch tuesday, rain early, followed by nice stretch of dry comfortable wetter. >> is sound good to me. that's our news for this is the day night. live pennsylvania lottery drawing next, followed by fox preview show the big match up between oklahoma state and bail or. we will see you tonight after the football game.
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