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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  September 26, 2016 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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breaking news right now fox 29 morning news a man with a gun runs up on a police car, what officers did next before anyone else could get hurt. we say good bye to a golf legend this morning arnold palmer died at 87. look inside life of the man known as the king, and then this. >> he takes it home for the touchdown. >> carson wentz, hit darren sproles for a 73-yard touchdown, eagles flying higher then ever after the huge victory in wentzsylvania, what the store quarterback said that inspired the team. carson city too, right. >> yeah. >> it is the first of three debates how tonight's high steaks contest between hillary clinton and donald trump could
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set moment up for rest of the u.s. presidential campaign. they are saying other than this morning's broadcast that this, tonight could be the most watched tv event in all of history. good day, it is september 26th, 2016 who decided to come back from vacation. >> hey, what is up. >> you know, i know what i messed being at the the link i was there for opening day i has to list ten that sproles play in an uber, yesterday. >> oh, man. >> the highlights. >> the whole season has been a highlight. think of this, sue serio if kenney bridgewhat the der not hurt his knee, everything would be different. we would have a different quarterback the whole season could look different, you know, as we go inside, football. the it is football weather out there. >> it is 41 degrees in mount pocono our new 4:00 o'clock temperatures just a period. thirty-eight last hour. forty-four in allentown. 49 degrees in trenton. if you are just getting up in pottstown outside your window
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it is 44 degrees. the mid 50's in the the city. fifty-two in wildwood. much cooler start then we're used to for a week day with a chill yesterday as well but wind are not an issue. direction of the wind is why it is so chilly. mostly coming from the north. watching rain out to the north and west, it will arrive here but not today, not until tonight, well after dark, so we have clear skies, to show you on our radar and satellite picture. at the airport it is 55 degrees. 74 percent relative humidity. the nice morning there sunrise time there is 6:53 this morning and we have a high temperature that is pretty reasonable, and seasonable, for this time of the year, it will be 75 degrees today and see cloud on the increase all afternoon. that is the the first monday of autumn, bob kelly, it looks good. >> looking good, there sue, good morning everybody. 4:02. back at it after the weekend on a monday morning we're looking live at schuylkill
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expressway no problems in are out of the city. they did not work last night the on the vine street expressway so everything is opened and espresso shot from, king of prussia all the way into downtown. vine street expressway is opened and i don't know what is going on there we will figure it the out in the moment. emergency work on the lincoln drive south wound down to one lane between green and wayne and that will cause delays throughout the morning rush hour and of course most traffic on the evening side has been the opposite way but a lot of folks end of the last week started to work their way over to the boulevard to get down to the schuylkill and drive. we had an early morning just after midnight accident along the northbound side of 295 up near west hampton so just watch for police activity there. doylestown, 313 was closed over the weekend good news for the morning rush hour we are back in business and so far so good for morning flights in and out of the philadelphia a international. chris and lauren, back over to you. following breaking news out of glenside heart pounding ordeal for police after a dramatic even counter with a gunman. >> officers in a frantic
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struggle to get a hold of the suspect's gun before someone gets hurt. dave kinchen is live at the scene, good morning. >> reporter: frightening ordeal, chris and lauren, good morning to you. we have an active scene here in glenside, glenside part of the abington township. you can he see the police cars here where all this went down just a few hours ago. we can tell thaw an abington township police sergeant had a solder injury and cannot hear out of one side of his head because a firearm went off very close to his ear. here's what we know, investigators tell thus started with the call from upper dublin police that there was an armed three two-year old man walking away there home determined to quit suicide by cop. officers did not respond until midnight when they saw him walking down the street. they stopped, talk to him, offered to drive him home. police did a routine pat down when they felt his gun and pulled it out and sergeant went to get the done, with the struggle, with this
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individual, the gun, deliberately went off. police deliberately fired that gun to empty it, a total of five shots going off. >> someone pulls out the a gun, everything happens so quickly and it is such a scary situation, obviously and the officer really took a risk, rather than stepping back and drawing his weapon by diving at him and fighting with him over the gun, he was taken a serious risk but he did it understanding if he wasn't able to get the that gun from him they were probably going to have to shoot and kill him. i admire his bravery for doing that and his dedication for trying to keep the citizen save who was suicidal who we received a report, we had talk about suicide by cop. >> reporter: police chief kelly saying this is an example of how things can change instantly, and daily occurrences that officers encounter. we can tell you that officer will be taken to the hospital but is expect to be okay.
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they also have a warrant for the suspect, they have the suspect they will take the suspect to a nearby hospital for evaluation and possible treatment as well. back to you chris and lauren. all right dave, thank you. this morning investigation and mourning continues in wilmington delaware after two fire fighters died, while battling a fire at a row home over the weekend. >> fox 29's sabina kuriakose live in wilmington with more on this, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, chris and lauren. last night we are there as black bunting was hung from firehouses and fire trucks throughout the city. flags were lowered to half staff, make no mistake, this is a city this mourning. these are photos of the two fire fighters, veteran fire fighters, killed in the line of duty 567891 year-old jerry fickes and 41 christopher leach killed at day as they rushed in the burning row home on lake view road. it appears that they believed, may have believed that children were trapped inside, so they did their jobs. they went inside.
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that is when the floor collapsed burying the men in ruble. now this morning the bodies will be taken from the medical examiner's office to the funeral homes for both men. now a procession of first responders will line that route, and they will escort bodies to honor these two fire fighters who made the ultimate sacrifice. now fire officials hearsay they have been overwhelmed by the amount of support that they have received from the community. we spoke with the chief last night and here's what he told us. >> we have had visitors from all walks of life and and some stopping into say hello and some bringing food, gift or other flowers. >> reporter: now four other fire fighters were injured, while they battled this fire, on saturday, and two of them still remain in the hospital. we know that they were chris thecally injured. we have reached out to try to get an update on their condition. they are at crozer burn unit and the state's fire marshall's office continues to
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investigate circumstances of the fire including exactly what caused it. we will have much more in a half an hour, back to you. thank you. i have to turn to this sad news from over the weekend, golf icon arnold palmer has died, he died in pittsburgh yesterday due to heart problems. >> known as king of golf palmer won seven major championships including four masters titles and is in the gulf hall of fame. palmer is known for his philanthropic efforts and pioneer in sports marketing. he even has a drink named after him, arnold palmer was 87 years old. we will have much more on his life and legacy coming up. >> you met him, got the to know him in florida. >> i did, at children's hospital there named after him. >> nice man, right. >> very nice. >> all right. this was a nice game, right. >> three times a charm for eagles celebrating their third straight win. >> you know, no one saw a blow out with the steelers. steelers were two and zero as were eagles. for the first time in 20 years eagles remain undefeated.
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fans jumping on board the wentz wagon and president obama a called it that, didn't he. >> yes. >> look at this morning's daily news cover, head line says it all, on a scale to one to ten, he is an 11. >> i am having fun out there. >> star rookie quarterback carson wentz, huge, grin on his face after last night's win, hard to believe he is still in his first month as a professional. >> how about doug pederson. >> yes. >> his first year as a head coach. >> eagles defense is a force to be reckon with sending steelers home with their heads hanging low. >> lets get to the highlights. this is was so much fun from the get the go. eagles jumping on the steelers early and never letting up. the wentz on a 12-yard play, 80-yard drive, hits jord than matthews for touchdown. in the third quarter darren sproles, big play of the game, 73-yard for the touchdown. wentz will go 23 of 31,
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throwing for more than 300-yard, 301 to be exact, no interceptions. he hasn't been intercepted all year. so eagles demolish steelers 34-three. this is so much fun. >> everyone is starting to play inspired football, everybody is believing each other. it has been three great team wins. defense is playing phenomenal, special teams does a great job and offensively we're doing our part. >> we will talk eagles all morning long including what fans are saying about the big win, send us your picture if you went to the game. i saw lots of tailgaters, people wearing green. send us those pictures of fox 29 good day is a #and big daddy graham will talk at 5:45 what he thinks. >> your friend malcolm jenkins and his wife. >> um-hmm. >> he was tough yesterday. he was hitting those players in the backfield. man. >> yes. >> all right. speaking of that this could be interesting, the gloves could come off tonight we're talking
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about the first presidential debate is tonight. nominees hillary clinton and donald trump will battle it the out in the first debate right here on fox 29. >> the opponent's campaign say they have been preparing, their different ways as two candidates take the stage, tonight's debate will be first of three. the both nominees already firing back at their critics for saying what they expect, fox 29's joyce evans has a preview of what is to come. >> reporter: donald trump's camp scoffing at critics who don't expect much from him in the debate and those who say that there may be a lower bar set for the g.o.p. nominee. trump campaign manager kelly ann conway say those critics and hillary clinton are in for a big surprise. >> donald trump has great presidential stature, brilliant debater, newt gingrich said donald trump is best debater he has ever seen. >> reporter: hillary clinton's camp taking issue with her critics who doubt that she will be able to connect with voters.
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those who say that she will be too detailed, too long winded, clinton campaign manager rob mook said more time may be spent hitting back at trump quote lies. >> it is unfair to ask to play traffic cop with trump, make sure his lies are correct and to present her vision. >> reporter: while clinton is said to be in deep preparation for the debate, holding practice sessions, near her home in new york, aids to trump told "fox news" that he has not practiced a full length debate, he has rehearsed answered to questions he could face, and that he has spent time brushing up on his policy ideas. whatever approach trump and clinton has taken to their fishes debate their vice-presidential picks insist they are ready to take it the to the stage. >> the important thing is that the american people hear from these two candidates. the choice in this campaign could not be more clear. >> you get 90 minutes to look at people and really see
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whether they are substance and whether there is candor and truthfulness in what they say. >> reporter: joyce evans, fox 29 news. 41:00s were there warning signs that could have stopped shooting rampage in washington state. latest details emerging straight ahead.
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so, we have been on friday during our solute to the military that it was going to turn a lot colder over the weekend. we will say cooler because it was a glorious weekend at least, in some of our opinion. i thank the high pressure had built in on saturday and on sunday, so that was a cool high pressure but now it is moving off shore and will let this cold front coming in. we will see increasing clouds throughout the day, we will stay dry, rain free, throughout the daylight hours but after dark here comes some rain, and we need the rain. we still do. we have not had much lately and that front stalls to the south, keeping it the a little rainy tomorrow, down in delaware maybe at the shore but we will just see some morning showers on tuesday. so chances of rain this week pretty good tomorrow not so much on wednesday, and then 50/50 on thursday, and friday. again, we need the rain. so right now we have clear skies, which is why it the is
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so chilly outside in some places. forty-one in mount pocono. mid 40's allentown, pottstown, close to 50 in reading, 55 in philadelphia. so we're heading to a high of 75 degrees today, 74 tomorrow, notice no more 80's in the seven day forecast at all. we may not make it to 70 little later this week on friday, so, got to get used to the cooler temperatures, sweater weather is here and thankfully we will be seeing some rain, every now and then again. bob killie sound good, sueby. 4:17. eagles win that means free coffee from our traffic sponsor dunkin' donuts market frankford and broad street subway using shuttle busy until 5:00 o'clock as they do overnight. the trains will start rolling again at 5:00. they will run every eight to ten minutes. lincoln drive southbound we are dealing with only one lane opened between green and wayne and that is what that construction project, water department work at least through end of the week here. so be ready for delays during
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the morning rush hour, folks were bailing out using wissohickon over towards the roosevelt boulevard to get you around it. no problems up and down 295 in the construction zone. we had an overnight accident near west hampton interchange, that is opened and we are good to go there. doylestown had construction over the weekend, philly international in problems this morning but as sue mentioned afternoon flights could be impact by drizzle on the way and over wise we're looking good on the schuylkill expressway, chris and lauren back over to you. 4:18. police still looking for person hit a man on castor avenue and drove off. victim died from the crash. this happened around 1:30 yesterday morning, witness tells us that the driver ditched the car a few blocks from that scene, police are hoping to id the suspect of course they have not released the name of the victim. in newark, delaware police are hoping someone will turn in two teens who allegedly were involved in the shoot-out. investigators say this man right here, right here anthony stanley and a 17 year-old started a fight in the middle of the street on autumn drive.
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victim drive away. that is when young men followed them in his car in the a spotlight. the 17 year-old the started shooting at the victim's car. they hit the another car driving on pulaski highway. so, stanley and the other teenager are facing several charges, once they are brought in custody, of course. less than a day after police caught the man they a kill five people inside a mall north of seattle details are emerging about arcan cetin's past. authorities say that the turkish immigrant has had several run ins with the law, court record show that the 20 year-old has been involved in more than half dozen criminal cases in island county, washington since 2013. police believe that cetin opened fire inside a macy's friday night killing four women and a man. after nearly 24 hour manhunt, police found cetin still wearing the same clothing outside of his apartment. >> literally hit my brakes and quick turned and jumped out and the other deputy was running out of the other
4:20 am
direction and he just froze. he said nothing. he was in his own delight, is best i can describe him. >> investigators don't know shooter's motive. fbi says they have no indication that the shooting was related to an official act of terrorism but local authorities say they are ruling nothing out. lets go to charlotte where the mayor has lifted a curfew on the city after days of protest overkilling of the black man by police. there have been protests, every day since four three-year old keith scott was shot to death the by a charlotte police officer on tuesday. low testers remain peaceful outside carolina panthers football game against the vikings. police insist that scott had a gun and pointed it at officers but did you not the see that, with the camera and dash cam video released over the weekend by the department after mounting pressure. scott's family maintains he did not have a weapon and said that the new videos do not the support the the officer's claims.
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now to our top story, major league baseball has lost one of its rising stars. >> sad story from over weekend. miami marlins pitcher jose fernandes was killed in the boating accident over the weekend. fernandes both bet hit roxanne capsized at entrance of miami harbor. two other people died. none of them was wearing a life vest. the authorities say they are in the early stage of the investigation but don't believe alcohol or drugs were involved. the 24 year-old pitcher escaped from cuba and became a fan favorite in the major leagues. marlins game yesterday against the atlanta braves was cancelled. fernandes was about to become a father, to a baby girl. tragic. >> when you hear that part of the story, a little baby about to be born and evidently this guy was just the nicest guy off the field as well. >> yes. >> everybody was crying. >> yeah. doug pederson, what a masterful game plan. okay. the let's count this. we're three and zero in the regular season. four and zero in the preseason
4:22 am
this guy is seven-zero as a head coach. all seven victims, lauren, much more in sports in one minute.
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with all of the people who said eagles haven't played
4:25 am
anyone including myself, there is nothing to say anymore. pittsburgh steelers were one of the favorites to go to the super bowl and eagles man handled them yesterday. doug pederson had a masterful game plan and carson wentz executed it to a t. to cap off a 12 play, 80-yard drive, jordan matthews for a 12-yard touchdown. up ten to nothing. carson wentz find time and hits darren sproles, wide open and sproles does the rest, takes it all the way to the house, 73 yards, eagles smash the steelers 34-three. everyone now believing the eagles at two and zero is special. >> everybody is playing inspired football. everybody is believing in each other. it has been three great team wins. defense is playing phenomenal, special teams is doing a great job and offensively we're doing our part. >> next up for eagles is a bye week so they get to chill and prepare for next opponent. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. >> i know everyone is on the wentz wagon.
4:26 am
but can i say for the record. >> what. >> darren sproles is still my favorite player. >> really. >> of all time. >> really. >> yes. i got to meet him when he came to the city last year. >> no, i have not. >> this morning we're remembering golf icon arnold palmer who passed away at 87. >> interestingly enough he is a big pittsburgh steelers fan, or was. whether you knee him as king or just arnold, one of the greatest players to grace fair ways. palmer was born in le trobe pennsylvania in september 1929 and father was a golf pro in the country club. 's tended wake forest university on golf scholarship and won his first tournament in 1954. he turned pro late their same year and married his first wife, wendy. he was american just a golfer but transcended the game to be one of the professional sports first real national star, palmer is known for his philanthropic efforts and pioneer in sports marketing. he even has a drink named after him, half lemonade, half
4:27 am
iced tea. here's another great golfer saying about the the passing of the the social media. tiger wood says thanks arnold for your friendship, council and lots of laughs. your philanthropy and humility are part of your legend. peter jacobson says i'm heart broken arnold palmer defined is what professional inside and outside of the world. all of golf says thanks, arnold. i told you this i went to golf courses named after him, children's hospital works men's hospital named after his wife, so he was so loved down there i met him at a charity event. such a nice guy. >> for someone so famous, such wealth. >> so nice. >> yes. all right. a man with the gun, runs up on a police car, dave kinchen has much more from glenside, dave, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning to you. very scary situation for an abington township police officer, wrestling a gun away from the man he was trying to help, that officer has injuries and we will tell you
4:28 am
how he is doing after the break. i'm really good at war. i love war in a certain way.
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a man runs up on a police car and what officers did next before anyone could get hurt. plus we are saying good bye to the golf legend this morning arnold palmer has died at 87. look inside the life of the man known as the king of golf. plus eagles are playing
4:31 am
higher then ever after the huge, victory in wentzsylvania, with what the star quarterback said that inspired the team yesterday. >> how tonight's high steaks contest between hillary clinton and donald trump could set momentum for rest of the u.s. presidential campaign. >> that gets underway around 9:00 o'clock tonight. >> super late, 90 minutes. >> you will not stay up for this. >> i don't know when your alarm clock goes off at 2:00, it is tough. >> you might be one of the few americans not watching, one of the most watched tv events ever. >> good day it is september 26th, 2016. >> mouthful, right. >> especially for me, i have a mouthful of coffee, and sue serio right now. >> for those who cannot stay up for debate, luckily we will have the fox 29 morning news with the highlights, first thing at 4:00 a.m., you know. temperatures in the the 40's to the north of us, that is right, i said the 40's. it is a chilly, chilly morning in the northern and western suburbs.
4:32 am
trenton, lancaster, mount pocono, allentown all in the 40's. forty-eight in millville. even the atlantic city international it is 48 degrees. fifty-five in the city. in dover, delaware. that is how your day gets started is what you sunrise time here. 6:53. wait a while for the sun to come up. we will have sun but cloud in advance of the cold trent will move in, later this afternoon and we will get more moisture in the the air and eventually some rain. 52 degrees throughout the morning in the city, anyway, and early, lower 70's i should say by lunchtime. we will top off at 75 degrees, and later after dark we will get a few showers. so that is the day we will have, first monday, in autumn. >> 4:32. good morning, as you wake up, grabbing your coffee and keys. no problems here, excuse me, on the 42 freeway but we're getting word of an overturn tractor trailer on 295, here's what we know northbound 295,
4:33 am
approaching the ramps there for the 42 freeway. so i went through here last week, it is that monster construction zone here, so northbound, 295, approaching the 42 freeway, getting word that tractor trailer was empty but nonetheless it will cause delays for anyone heading north beginning our morning rush hour. accident on city line avenue lower merion at conshohocken road, watch for delays there in bala cynwyd. down to one lane on the lincoln drive, southbound, between greene and wayne tying us up for morning rush hour. that is a water department project that will go through end of the week. market frankford and broad street subway still using shuttle buses until 5:00 this morning. chris and lauren, back over to you. lets get to some breaking news we are following out of glenside. intense moments for police after an encounter with an arm suspect. the officers in a frantic struggle to get a hold of the weapon before someone got shot. dave kinchen has the very latest from that scene, good
4:34 am
morning. >> reporter: good morning, chris and lauren. credit for this officer and general public, scene cleared moments ago here in abington township, glenside, that part of the abington township where we can tell you that a police officer with a shoulder injury and cannot the hear out of one side of his head because of a firearm going off so lows to his ear. investigators say it started with a call from police there was an armed three two-year old man walking away from home and was going to commit quote suicide by cop. the officers could not find him until around midnight when they saw him walking down the street. he they stopped, talk with him. police did a routine pat down when they felt the his gun and he pulled it out. then a sergeant dives at the man in a struggle to get the gun. thirty he lease deliberately fired that gun multiple times, a total of five shots going off. >> there was a considerable fight over the gun, the gun was discharged and then subsequently at some point the officers, well, he still had
4:35 am
part control of the gun. discharged the gun. other remaining times a total of five shots so the gun could not be used. they have eventually apprehended him without any injuries to him. we're really proud of the heroic job they did to save a suicidal person from being injured or being killed or having them kill him. >> another look the a the scene that unfolded earlier police have a warrant for suspect and will take him to a nearby, hospital for evaluation and possible treatment, the officer, who is slightly injured, gone to the hospital but is expected to make a full recovery from this whole thing. back to you. dave kinchen live, in glenside. 4:35. people in wilmington delaware grief, there are now tributes planned. >> members of the fire department putting on brave faces and continuing to answer the call of duty after two of their own are killed in the house fire. this viewer video, shows all of it, fellow first responders
4:36 am
lined up, just to solute the fallen heroes as state medical examiners office received their bodies. today a similar seen is expect to follow each fallen brother from a medical examiner's office to their respective funeral homes. >> sabina kuriakose is live in wilmington with more on this, sabina, good morning. >> reporter: good morning chris and lauren. we are expecting fire fighters to line that route. here are photos of veteran fire fighters 51 year-old jerry fickes and 41 year-old christopher leach killed in the line of duty as they rush in the burning home on saturday. we were there last night as black bunting was hung on fire fighter fickes locker at his firehouse, now it is a memorial. bunting was also hung on firehousees throughout the city, we spoke with community members who were stopping off at firehouse and dropping off cakes and showing their support. they tell us they are america with the department here is what they told us.
4:37 am
>> my heart goes out to the fire fighters who lost their lives and second of all this fire company always helps people out in the community. hey todd come pay my respects. i lived down the street. they helped me out a lot since i have been in this neighborhood. >> just to show support for firemen. we live across the the street here from the station and i found out what happened and my kids, they loved the fire hen, when they come to the school and support the school and just wanted to get that support. >> all day, all night, going back and forth and just doing their job. it is a job we had to do but at times things like that do happen. >> as we learn there these fire fighters really engrained in this community. now during that fire on saturday four other fire fighters were injured, two remains in the hospital and at last check they were critical. chris and lauren, back to you. sabina kuriakose live from delaware. more sad news golf icon arnold palmer died in
4:38 am
pittsburgh yesterday, due to heart problems. he was known as the king of golf, he won seven major championships including four masters titles and he is in the golf hall of fame. beyond his golf he is known for his philanthropic efforts and pioneer in sports marketing. he even has a drink named after him, he was 87 years old. >> that drink none in alcoholic, of course. >> half tea, half lemonade. >> there you go. let's talk eagles. the lighten up the mood this morning. they are soaring high, after celebrating their third straight win. >> this was a blow out. and over pittsburgh steelers, all right. steelers were picked to get to the super bowl. they were two and zero coming in the live. nc for the first time in 20 years the eagles remain undefeated. eagles jumping on the steelers early in the game and never letting it up. wentz on two play 28-yard drive hits jordan matthews for 12-yard touchdown. this is biggest play of the game, right. this is what sam bradford
4:39 am
didn't do, wentz scrambling and then finding open receiver, in this case darren sproles. >> watch how he kicks around everybody. >> watch. >> this is a a huge play, 7 yards for a touchdown. the wentz would dough on to complete 23 of 31 passes for 301 yards and a touchdown. no interceptions. he hasn't been intercepted all year. in the end eagles demolish steelers 34-three. let's give a lot of credit to the the defense. the steelers offense is considered one of the best in the nfl, and they held ben roethlisberger and crew you to three points? seriously. >> great job of the defense. >> fletcher cox, all those guys. 4:39 is the time. here the race to the white house in pennsylvania has tightened. >> according to the morning call muhlenburg poll hillary clinton is at 44, donald trump is at 41. tonight they will face off in their first presidential don't, catch all of the action
4:40 am
live from hofstra university in new york. this is first of three planned debates where donald trump and hillary clinton will scare off. topics to be discussed american direction, achieving prosperity and securing the country. >> our bruce gordon will have live coverage from hofstra university in new york and watch it all live right here starting at 9:00 on fox 29 followed by a wrap up on fox 29 news with ian page and lucy noland. while watching debate on fox 29 have your phone handy and go to the fox 29 news app and click on rate the debate, enter your political party and agree or disagree with what the candidates are saying in real time, and you'll see results coming in real time as well. >> that is kind of cool. >> absolutely. >> 4:40. more and more people are proving that they are exercising their right the to vote with a selfie but why not everyone is smiling about these pictures.
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major announcement expect regarding future of atlantic city municipal and utilities authority. >> thinks after shore town continues to struggle financially, at atlantic city mayor don guardian and marty small, city council president, are set to talk about the organization that provides drinking water to the city. during a press conference the event is set to take place at 11:00 o'clock outside the atlantic city municipal utilities authority on virginia avenue knew. 4:43. with pennsylvania being the critical swing state reverend jesse jackson was in
4:44 am
philadelphia helping voter registration, other big political name campaigning in our area, this week.
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4:46 am
this is hard to believe, it is the last week of september. october, starts on saturday. i know, where did that month go. we're looking ahead to the month of october. it looks like in the center of the country we could expect cooler than average temperatures but for us we may end up with ab above average temperature movement we're not
4:47 am
talking necessarily 80's or 90's but maybe upper 70's to start the month. that is just a general outlook, here's what is happening, for the next couple of days, high pressure moving off shore, high pressure gave us boots full weather over weekend but we have this cold front heading our way spreading clouds in the area throughout the day and then anytime after nine or 8:00 o'clock we will see on and off showers as that front moves through. we can see clearing behind the front and we will get to 75 degrees today and then by tomorrow, we will see some lingering showers, we think in the morning. right now, we don't have anything to show you on radar so lets get to temperatures. the because that will surprise you if for some reason you stayed inside all weekend and didn't realize how cool it had gotten? we're in the 40's. lancaster, pottstown. forty-eight millville. fifty-three in wilmington. fifty-five in dover, delaware. so may want to grab a sweater or put that sweat shirt on the kid, on that school bus wait, because it will be on the cool side, wind are not an issue
4:48 am
but you they will pick up as that cold front approaches. it will be breezy. seventy-five today. mid 70's tomorrow. nice day on wednesday with high in the upper 70's and then it the gets cooler with a cold front and some much more needed rain, thursday into friday. so far, for the first week end of october, it looks like we may have some showers in the morning on saturday, bob kelly but rest of the weekend looks good. >> looking good, sue, 4:48. good morning on a monday back at it live look at the 42 freeway right the here near 295. there is an overturn tractor trailer, in this area here, we don't have have a camera on it the but it is north, on 295, right here before you get to the 42 freeway. as you come from say south, and heading north on 42 in towards that construction zone, again that overturned tractor trailer will cause havoc for morning rush hour. your best bet use the new jersey turnpike to get you around it and avoid a delay
4:49 am
throughout the morning rush hour. accident lower merion on city avenue right at conshohocken road. watch for police on the scene there. lincoln drive down to one lane between green, and wayne, causing delays throughout the morning rush hour but otherwise majors are looking good. schuylkill, i-95, blue route, this problems or delays. the here's i-95 just outside stadium area where joint was jumping last night the when everybody was heading home, no problems as you work your way down in toward philly international, chris and lauren, back to you. mote the or cade madness. >> it will be there tomorrow, in fact, vice-president gentlemen biden will be creating the motorcade madness. the special occasion national voter registration day he will be at the drexel university tomorrow, the event begins at 10:45 in the morning. the vice-president will be pushing for people to register to vote ahead of the october 11th deadline, biden will be campaigning for hillary clinton, of course. when you place your vote you can get sticker that says i voted, right?
4:50 am
but more and more people are approving the exercise to vote with a selfie. >> not everyone is all smile about this. "fox news" senior correspondent eric shawn is in insuring with the story. >> reporter: selfies, in the voting booth are at center of the federal case. new hampshire ace peeling a district court ruling that struck down that straight selfie ballot ban. >> a secret vote is very important to the preservation of liberty. >> reporter: secretary of the state of new hampshire william gardener says selfies vinyl bedrock american principal dating back to the founding fathers protecting privacy of the ballot box. in the 19th century secret ballot was meant to stop vote buying, coercion and intimidation. now almost 30 states ban some sort of photos including selfies and gardener says it should stay that way. >> it is part of what a lot of people for the and died for, the right to have a free, and
4:51 am
independent vote and not the to be fearful of being able to vote that way. >> this to me is an idiot i can law. >> reporter: represent state representative leon whiteoutput his ballot on twitter and facebook. he is one of the three area plaintiffs who sued the state. >> it is, no evidence that because somebody takes a picture of their ballot and post it on line, that it is going to increase vote buying and selling. >> reporter: decision on new hampshire's appeal of the selfie ban is expect in a few months, after the election. in new york, i'm eric shawn, fox 29 news. 4:51. next up how a community is coming together for a special little girl, who has been diagnosed with a brain tumor.
4:52 am
4:53 am
4:54 am
lets take a look at your headlines buzzing on line and social media a man is in critical condition right now after a motorcycle accident on roosevelt boulevard. philadelphia police say a car hit a victim and made a turn. the officers stopped the car and victim was in the wearing a helmet. police have have not the released his name no charges were filed. a car plows in the restaurant in frankford last night, take a look at the damage to the the new china restaurant at frankford avenue and wakeling street. driver was taken to the hospital no word what as youd that crash. police in new jersey want to you see these pictures and
4:55 am
they want you to know that believe it or not they were taken this past tuesday, not the in 1998. they say this guy shoplifted from cvs, officers pointed out his unusual style switches in a facebook post. and it is worth a read. >> post says that this gentlemen was frosted tips and ripped designer jeans suggest laid off boy band member, perhaps boy band group i who lost his calling around late 90's early 2,000 when these band started their decline and stopped touring. if you see this man and know who he is, absecon police would like to give them a call. >> seriously. >> wow. a community coming together for a special little girl. >> yes, of course, sending prayers and raising money for i neighbor who had been diagnosed with the brain tumor. >> hundreds came out for a block party at belgrade and clearfield streets. religious and city official where is in attendance for seven year-old philomena, they are using the #pray for phil
4:56 am
and storm the heavens to support the little girl. neighbors and friend organized all of the fun. >> we need community, and it is such a great friend. probably hundreds of thousands of little girls in the same situation. but with port richmond and surrounding area, it is a very tight community. >> several people sent family pictures with the #pray for phil including flyers player ron hextall and soccer pro, carli lloyd. dave kinchen is following breaking news for us out of glenside, dave, good morning. >> reporter: good morning chris and lauren. abington township police officer is hurt while trying to wrestle will a gun away from a person they were trying to help, we will tell you how that officer is doing after the break but first, here's sabina. >> reporter: dave, black bunting hung from this firehouse and firehousees throughout wilmington as city mourns two fallen heroes,
4:57 am
later today a procession planned and this community prepares to say good bye, we will have much more in a few minutes after the break.
4:58 am
awards are great. but i'm more than just a trophy. i'm moving forward... with oikos triple zero with 15 grams of protein, 0 added sugar, 0 fat, 0 artificial sweeteners. oikos triple zero greek nonfat yogurt, be unstoppably you.
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police take down a man with the gun trying to attack them, lateness a live report, straight ahead. plus we're saying good bye to the golf legend this morning arnold palmer has died at 87, look inside the life of the man known as king of golf.
5:00 am
and then this... >> he takes it home for the touchdown. >> a 73-yard touchdown, eagles flying higher then ever after the huge victory in wentzsylvania what the star quarterback says inspired the team. and it is first of three debates how tonight the's high steaks contest between hillary clinton and donald trump could set momentum for the rest of the u.s. presidential campaign. good day it is september 26th, 2016. >> many of the viewers have not seen you for a week joining us at 5:00 and they are happy you are back. >> yes. >> i have had so many questions, where is chris. >> if you are to not happy i'm back keep your comments to yourself. >> no, good to be back. how fun was to it watch this eagles game. sue, we kept the steelers, to three points. >> just three. >> it was fun to watch, and how


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