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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  September 26, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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call 911 and told 911 that nobody was inside the home. but today the chief says that firefighters were told when they arrived on the scene that indeed people were inside the home and the question tonight is, whether that miscommunication cost two firefighters their lives. >> a sad story playing out in wilmington city history as the caskets of two fallen firefighters escort to do their hone funeral homes this morning. lieutenant christopher leech and jerry fickes who entered the home trying to rescue lieutenant leech both died saturday when a floor collapsed in house fire still under investigation by the delaware state fire marshal and atf. the home belonged to missy napier and her family. she tells fox 29 that she and six others all got out before firefighters arrived. and insists she made it clear in the 911 call that only her pets were unaccounted for.
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>> the only thing i said i had animals in the home. um, so please hurry. but i confirmed there was nobody in the home. we all came out the front door. >> reporter: two radio transmissions though difficult to understand seemed to confirm that. >> reporter: moments later... >> but in the confusion, somehow arriving firefighters were told something else coring to the chief. >> the arriving units, the units first on scene, received reports from the scene on the street that people were still trapped inside of the home. >> reporter: would firefighters have entered the home in the middle of several row home hoping to safe other properties had they known no one was inside? the chief wasn't takintaking questions but the hf the firefighters union says every fire response is differe different. >> there's not a written playbook, you know, everything can change win seconds. >> reporter: now we do know that memorial is being planned
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for saturday for the fallen firefighters. details have yet to be work out. two other firefighters were injured and lucy tonight they remain in critical condition. >> all right, thank you very much, brad. wilmington's firefighter union local 1590 is created go monday fee account to help the families of the lieutenant leech and firefighter fickes for a link to donate head to in montgomery county, police say they stopped armed man from killing himself and they say he could now face charges. abington police found the 32-year-old man at lime kiln pike and mount caramel avenue just before midnight. officers say the man waived a gun in the air yelled at them to shoot him. two officers wrestle the gun a way from him but it fired off as they did so. no one was hit, though. the man is under going a mental health evaluation. no word on what charges he may face. right now, police are searching condo of houston man accused of shooting at random drivers this morning. investigators say disgruntled lawyer fired those shots
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injuring nine people. they say he began firing at cars at a shopping center just before 7:00 a.m. police shot and killed him. they found several weapons later on his. investigators think he may have have been having some kind of trouble at his law firm. but they're trying to figure out why he did what he did. turning to your fox 29 weather authority meteorologist kathy orr joins us. >> kathy is tracking much need showers. >> absolutely. pack that umbrella. >> take look outside. we're looking at conditions that are,. >> , we've got problem with kathy's mike. basically what she's telling us there's a whole lot of rain on the way. we'll get back to her in just a little bit. >> there certainly is, lucy. looking at temperatures that are -- am through. >> you're here. temperatures are still in the 70s right now 70 degrees the high today 73 with winds out of the south at about 10. right now little bit cooler to the north. in the poconos at 58. millville 69. wilmington in philadelphia still holding on to 70 degrees.
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a little bit cooler to the north and west we're watching these showers moving into central pennsylvania. there were a couple hundred miles away it will take sometime for them to get here most likely after the midnight hour. so partly cloudy at 7:00 o'clo 7:00 o'clock. cloudy skies for the 9:00 o'clock hour. with temperatures right about 67. the rain comes close by 11:00 o'clock with a temperature of 66 degrees and we are looking forward to a rainy start to the day tomorrow. not a lot of showers. the sun will return. one sunny day this week and a dreary end to the month of september. october begins this weekend. and it will be cooler. we'll take look at that with the seven day forecast later in the broadcast. i'll see you then. >> talk to you soon, kathy. in atlantic city officia officie still trying to make moves to prevent a state takeover. >> they found way to pay off. >> the mua will buy the airport for about $1 million. the city will use that money to
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pay off some debt and also keep the water utility out of state for private hands. >> we're very excited about being here at the mua because part of the recovery plan has always been our concern that the mua not be sold and not be leased. that the mua remain in the hands of the people of atlantic city. >> the cash strapped shore up to is nearing default on a nearly $73 million state loan but leaders say they can pay it off. city council and state still needs to sign off on that deal. the stage is set at hofstra university hillary clinton and donald trump will debate in less than three hours from now after months of ads and personal attacks clinton and trauma many will take the same stage. >> the stakes are incredibly high with clinton holding a slight lead over trump in the most recent polls. fox 29's bruce gordon live in hem instead, not far from the debate all. a super bowl sized audience will be tuning in tonight. >> reporter: and frankly the
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entire setting here is not unlike a super bowlly incredibly tight security. lots of road closures around campus. security passes needed to get just about anywhere from just about anywhere. a huge media presence national and frankly international around here let's show some of the pictures we've seen and shot over the last couple of hours. give you a sense of what's going on tonight. the first of three debates among between the presidential candidates one for the vice-presidential nominees. this 190 minutes, no breaks, the moderator lester holt has been told he will not be a fact checker tonight. this could be interesting. this could be key. when one or the other candidate makes a statement that is flat out false and up to the other candidate to call him or her on it as opposed to the moderator kind of getting in the middle of it. the students around here as you might imagine fascinated to be part of history. we talked to student nicole kako a couple of minutes ago. listen. >> the college student what
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excites you about what's going on here? >> i think there's no way it couldn't be exciting as college student it's really easy to feel like distant from the electoral process and politics in general so to be so up close with everything and have the candidates be on our campus and just like realize there are real people who are running to be president of our country we feel like what we're doing matters more. >> reporter: one of the things to look for tonight is phrases, issues raised, comments made by the candidates that appear to be targeted towards the specific battleground states. we know that there may be 50 states in the district of columbia but frankly on a dozen or fewer of them are trial until play and it will be fascinating to see if either or both of the candidates make specific pitches to voters there and you'll know it because some of the issues they will raise will strike you as, hey, that happens in my neighborhood. that's a big issue in my city. we'll look for that tonight among many other things. wild card as always donald trump, what will he be doing tonight? will he be stayed and conservative at least in his
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demeanor and his comments? or will he be lobbing grenades. if he does, will hillary clinton be ready for it, we don't know, that's why we'll all be watchi watching, guys. >> must see tv. did he bite airs tonight at 9:00 p.m. on fox 29. we'd love to know what it's thinking as it's happening. while you're watching open our fox 29 news app click on rate the debate enter your political party or agree or disagree with what the candidates are saying at any time. you will see those results coming in in real time. vice-president joe biden will campaign for hillary clinton tomorrow at drexel university and the first lady michelle obama will support her at lasalle university on wednesday. donald trump's running mate governor mike pence will hold a rally in new york pennsylvania on thursday. septa's regional rail problems are rolling on. >> at least 25 trains were canceled yesterday. trains many relied ton get to and from that big eagles game. fox 29's jeff cole joins us now. jeff, what have you discover? >> report roar big football in trouble for septa? in july not annal septa pull its sim very
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liner fives for safety reasons fox 29 began to notice weekends trains being canceled and we reported it. we kept watching and noticed the same problem sunday. whoo! >> reporter: while the eagles were tearing apart the steelers sunday septa was ripping apart its sunday schedule. starting in the late afternoon the authority began dropping trains, canceling at least 25 of them through the evening right up till nip 30:00. >> do you tie a big football game being played in this city and being on television to the number of call outs you had yesterday. >> i wish i had the answer to that. i, um, it just happened to be around that time. >> reporter: kick off at 4:25. 3:40 is when the authority started dumping scheduled trains. septa will not run a train if it doesn't have an engineer and a conductor on board. it says struggles with a historically low number of engineers able to work call outs
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yesterday called the late afternoon problems. >> we have crews that call in for various reasons. they're not able to work, um, we have to annul those trains. we have to take those trains out of service. >> reporter: septa says it's pushing to get its silver liner fives back on the rails and is hoping to return to a normal schedule early next month but delays continue to playing the authority, delays and canceled weekend trains. >> it's a major inconvenience for passengers and we real liz that and thank you -- we thank our passengers for sticking with us. >> reporter: septa sit runs over 400 trains officer weekends n june septa's on time performance for the regional rail was 87% n august, it dropped to 66%. the authority is hoping for much better october. folks, back to you. iain. >> jeff, thanks. are you one of the tens of until i don't know of people who use snap chat. they got a new gadget you might be interested in. how it works reason to wear it. >> we're still reveling in that big eagles win yesterday.
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how fans are jumping on the wentz wagon right here in wentz-ylvania, sean. >> i'm on the wagon just like everybody else. we got to talk sixers kicking off training pam and this week one of their big men went out and said this isn't going to work. who said what and why coming up later in sports.
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♪ social media apps snap chat has a new gadget company introduced video recording glasses called spectacles. the glasses record 10 seconds of clips and video and automati automatically sends it to the app via blue tooth or wi-fi. basically your entire life for everyone to see. you like them? next couple of months you can share your life all 10 seconds of it at a time for 130 bucks. the pride of eagles fans are soaring high tonight as three and zero start to the season has
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birds fans smiling a mile wide. >> grabbing all the eagles gear they can get their hands on. fox 29's photojournalist bill rohrer shows us how. >> reporter: after the biggest within this city has seen in years eagles quarterback carson wentz popularity is soaring. >> eagles! >> having a hard time keeping it in stock. if modell's in south philadelphia has plenty of jerseys, hats and t-shirts to go around. >> seems to be the thing everybody is coming in for. men's, kids, all colors, all sizes. >> eagles fans can't get enough their quarterback is the real deal. >> three-zero start that's to be expected. i know yesterday was a very good test. teams that have team around here and that is a great thing. haven't had that in long time. >> chickie's and pete's in south philadelphia are surprisingly calm but fox 29 "game day live" host how war eskin says it's hard not to get too excited. >> whether you want to call it carson city or wentzylvania this
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has created a buzz. i'm kind of thinking they really do -- i'm thinking about houston much that's where the super bowl is. >> e-a-g-l-e-s! >> reporter: typical all right genius let's trying winning the division first. in philadelphia, bill roar are fox 29 news. >> firefighterfirefighters in sw california battling a wildfire scorched 1500 acres. saw mill fire broke out yesterday morning. air drops started early but strike tomorrows were deployed in the afternoon when the fire just continued to grow. first responders have evacuated dozens of homes in the area. fire officials say the weather conditions are not helping thing. >> winds are the significant thing also coupled with the vegetation has been dried all summer long. you look at the history of major fires in the bay area oakland hills, mount vision fire here in west vernon they happened during that fall time.
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>> nearly 500 firefighters are work to go try to put that fire out. right now, it's only about 20% contained. >> hopefully they get it done soon. >> i got to go back to bill rohrer saying all right, genius, to howard eskin. that was awesome. >> all right. what's coming up in weather. i don't want to see that rain, kathy. i want to play golf. >> i hear you. inside joke, lucy, everybody knows it here that's what they call howard genius because he calls everybody else a genius. we love them. center city philadelphia looking good, shaking a little bit here. because we have some gusty winds. winds sustained right now though out of the south at 10 miles an hour. the high today 73. right now still 70. but falling through the 60s this evening. skate 58 in the poconos pretty cool there. reading 66. lancaster sketch and dover a mild spot at 72 degrees. we'll watch this cold front move through the region late tonight with showers ahead of it, an few rumbles of thunder here or there but most of the rain will be falling during the overnight. tomorrow we clear it out after
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few morning showers. and a high temperature of 75. so at least we get some sunshi sunshine. as we watch the fox future cast you can see it's after the 11:00 o'clock hour close to midnight that we see some spotty showers, the heavier rain moves through during the wee hours of the morning and that cloud shield follows rather quickly. i think by late morning and the noon hour even in south jersey we'll be seeing the sun shin when you look at the amount of rain basically a tenth, two terms, three terms for most of the regional. higher accumulations through south jersey and delaware tomorrow afternoon. tomorrow morning light showers. wednesday mainly dry. could sneak in some rain toward the dinner hour. and then 30 a bit of a rainy day and friday still seeing a threat of showers especially in the morning. but the heaviest rain appears to be fall on thursday. here's your forecast overnight. the clouds thicken rain moves towards midnight. 62 in the city. 55 in the suburbs. 75 with a morning shower tomorrow parly sunny in the afternoon as you plan your day a
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cool start but not as chilly as it hats been. 70's by the afternoon. dinner hour as the sun sets temperature 70. on your fox seven day forecast from your weather authority, 77 degrees will be the high on wednesday. thursday humid with showers system bringing tropical showers up from the south. friday a lingering morning shower a chance saturday morning otherwise clearing. dry for now, for sunday, and next monday looks good with a high of 74 which happens to be seasonal for this time of year. remember october begins on saturday. the month wept by pretty quick. sean bell it was a good september. >> excellent september for everything that's eagles right now. >> absolutely. >> not a september i expected. >> i don't know if anyone expected it to be like that the way they beat the steeler. unbelievable. the fans still drooling over carson wentz. we'll have more on the golden boy plus the sixers had meeting. it started off brand new season and win one guy is very very unhappy. hear from nerlins noel about
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actually being out of town.
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♪ all right. sixers start training camp this week and already seems like one of the big men went out. between joe well embiid, nerlins noel, jahlil okafor not enough minutes. nerlins noel has to go. wants to leave.
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nerlins noel has been witness sixers the longest and dealt with a lot of garbage. he's dealt with lost losing. he's youngest -- he's the oldest of the big so it's been a short time span since all that losing and listen he's fed up. fed up with the situation. fed up with losing and it was clear today when asked that there's log jam and he needs to go. >> i don't see a way -- does why not? >> i mean it's just -- just a log jam. you have three, um, talented centers that, you know k play 30 plus minutes a night. obviously things need to be moved around. someone needs to be moved around and, um, it's a tough situation. >> again he didn't say that he wants to be the one to go but he wants to be the one to go. it was clear after today. he dealt with that and the sixers had to deal with another potential situation. a protest. colin kaepernick started it and several players have followed in
6:25 pm
all sports. sixers organization had discussed potential protests and made it clear today they support whatever the players decide to do. >> i think they've always been out in front of some of these social issues and if they can affect social change in positive way, they probably will. and we can just anticipate that there's still unknowns to this, but you can estimate that we will be supportive as an organization as to how our players want to express their views. >> all right. the eagles they keep flying hi high. turning doubters into believers and once again being a topic of national discussion from compare sons to nfl greats to tweets from the vice-president carson wentz getting showered with all the love he can get. yesterday he did it once again the steelers were supposed to be the team that brought carson wentz and the eagles back down to earth. but maybe they're just as good as they look. they smack the steelers yesterday 34-three and steelers expect to win but i don't think they expected to win like this.
6:26 pm
>> i did not think we were going to beat them 34-three, but once we got going, good sign was we really we never let up the whole game. you know, which is encouraging. >> it doesn't surprise meme steelers are a great team. people may try to say they played bad. we're just a good team that played well. >> um-hmm. >> yup. >> listen. >> they played well. >> got all the confidence in the world now. it doesn't matter if the steelers had bad day or great day. >> exactly. >> you get the win you're three and zero and everyone is talking playoffs. >> they had bad day because the eagles had a good day. >> there you go. >> they won by a lot g we've got super bowl numbers that will happen tonight. 100 million people will watch the debate tonight. we have it right here on fox 29. starts at 9:00. stay tuned for an hour of fox 29 news when the debate wraps up at 10:30. we'll have a whole lot to talk about. see you tonight after the deba debate. approve this message.
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♪[music] ♪ first jennifer flowers. now paula jones. they all want to go to the great debate. >> me and maybe the other women can sit up there and make hillary a little bit nervous. >> he's trying to psych out trump. she wants to psych out hillary. >> why not? fair game. >> then, strange coincidence. >> arnold palmer was a golfer. >> what homer simpson said 30 minutes before the death of arnold palmer was


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