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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  September 27, 2016 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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under my plan, i will be reducing taxes, tremendously. >> i call it trumped up trickle down. >> she said that twice last night, trumped up, trickle down. moves came off during first presidential debate, there are just six weeks until election day how hillary clinton and done will old held up during last night's high steaks contest. and two big names political figures heading to our area where you can see vice-president joe biden and first lady michelle obama right here in philadelphia. triple shooting rocks a philadelphia neighborhood one person dead, two others hurt including a teenager whom police are looking for right now. good day it is tuesday, september 27th, 2016. you look rested, i don't. i watched the debate last night.
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>> all 90 minutes. >> yes. >> what did you think? was it what you expected. >> i know we will get to a lot of the sound by the and we have people weighing in but i think a lot of people thought hillary clinton looked perhaps like the better debater, that is all i will say. >> i saw that when i was reading. >> yes. >> we will get to all that. >> sue serio off, dave warren in. how are you, sir. >> we have to get through some rain before we get through a little more sunshine. that rain happening right now. half and half day, not the best start but better finish. to take number is a five, grab that rain coat get kids ready this morning 60's close to 70. that rain moving through. here it is, ride along i-95, heavier bands and more rain to the south, as opposed to the thort and west. this is all slowly pushing, from northwest, to south east, and so primarily, i-95 and areas to the south will get that rain over the next few hours. this will not be around all day.
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right through wilmington up through tell co ape philadelphia there is heavier rain right along, route 30, and route one, where is that heaviest rain right thousand. this will continue to push south the not raining across south jersey now but that will be changing. a few showers off cape may and atlantic city. thinks where radar picks it up. future weather picks up the same thing and will begin to push this off the coast by 9:00 o'clock. is it still cloudy throughout the morning? but by this afternoon with the rain gone we will get break of sun, pushing that temperature up in the 70's. looking like a nice end to the day, and 60's and 07's right now we will climb in the mid to upper 70's by this afternoon, with that sunshine. we have to get through that rain first on the roadways, see if that causes any issues. lets go over to bob, good morning. >> good morning. we will have issues. we have had issues with left over construction southbound lanes of i-95 right at betsy ross bridge interchange. the it looks like they have three of the lanes blocked, only the far left one is opened here, as you head
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south, out of northeast philadelphia, in towards downtown. again, only one lane opened there southbound on i-95. they are working on the vine street expressway shut down between schuylkill and broad street and you know the drill until 5:00 o'clock they are working right there along art museum and ben franklin parkway. vice-president biden coming to drexel university. start time 10:45 the on the event. we will tell but that in a moment but expect delays in and around university city, and of course on the major roadways with the motorcade. we have an emergency work on the lincoln drive dunn to one lane at green. most likely we will see delays this morning at philly international all due to the weather. chris and lauren, back over to you. let's talk about the race for the white house, it was a presidential debate that looked past debates. >> first woman presidential nominee of the major american political party hillary clinton and political novice, who has made an unconventional white house run donald trump faced off for the first time. take a lot a the cover of the
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daily news front page read, stage fight, and that is what some say happened last night. >> hillary clinton and donald trump shook hand but that was about as cordial as the pair would get. gloves came off quickly as contest progressed, nominees clashed on everything from building the economy to race relations, to fighting terrorism. people expect a fight and that is exactly what they got. >> bruce gordon in new york, he is there with more on last night's battle for your vote. >> reporter: the with the quickness of the the first shot of the evening taking aim at mr. trump's claim to be a largely self-made business success story. >> he started his business with 14 million-dollar borrowed from his father and he really believed that the shore you help healthy people the better off we will be, and that everything will work out from there. i don't buy that. >> my father gave me a very small loan in 1975 and i built tonight to a company that is worth many, many billions of dollars with some of the
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greatest assets in the world. i say that because that is kind of thinking that our country needs. >> they battled over their controversies, trump's tax returns, clinton's e-mails. >> i will release my tax returns against my lawyer's wishes, when she releases her 33,000 e-mails that have been deleted, as soon as she releases them, i will release. i will release, my tax returns. >> i have no reason to believe that he is ever going to release his tax returns, because there is something he is hiding. and we will guess, we will keep guessing at what it the might be that he is hiding. i made a mistake using a private e-mail. >> that is for sure. >> if i had to do it over again i would do it differently. >> that was more than a mistake that was done purposely, okay. that was not a mistake. that was done purposely. >> reporter: they tangled over law and order more aggressive policing including so-called stop and frisk. >> we have to bring back law and order.
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whether or not in a place like chicago you do stop and frisk which work very well, mayor guiliani is here, it worked very well in new york. it brought the crime rate way down. >> stop and frisk was found to be unconstitutional and in part because it was ineffective. it did not do what it needed to do. >> reporter: bruce gordon fox 29 news. >> there were many jabs taken between trump and clinton. one in particular was really back and forth that included a reference to philadelphia, trump was talking about speaking to people across the country when he took a swing at clinton and she swung back. >> i left just detroit, and philadelphia inn you have seen me i have been all over the place, you decided to stay home and that is okay but i will tell you i have been all over and i have met some of the greatest people i have ever met within these communities. they are very, very upset with what their politicians have told them and what their
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politicians have done. >> i think donald just criticize me for preparing for this debate and yes, i did and you know what elsie prepared for i prepared to be president and i think that is a good thing. >> that was a sound bite that resonated from last night. coming up how hillary clinton and donald trump, events and choices in their path. >> and now approximately 100 million people were expected to watch, the follow-up last night's debate, cnn orc poll debate watches released found 62 percent felt hillary clinton won compared to 27 percent for donald trump. poll suggest the debate audience was a bit more democratic then the voting public. this has been a trend since the first debate between president obama ape senator john mccain. >> we are your source for news on the campaign trail and debate stage starting at 6:00 our bruce gordon will be
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live from new york with all of last night's hits and misses from both sides. all right. today is national vote other registration day, presidential nominees are doing all they can to win over your vote. >> vice-president joe biden and michelle obama will advocate for hillary clinton right here in philadelphia both today and tomorrow. >> lets go to dave kinchen in university city with the details, dave, good morning. >> chris and lauren good morning to you. >> vice-president biden gave a shout out to hillary clinton on social media after her debate performance last night as you can expect him to expand on that message campaigning at drexel university, today he mentioned it is also national voter reg station day so biden will urge resident to vote ahead of the october 11th deadline this is second or third major visit by a major political party figure to kick out the vote here, so there will be a voter registration drive here in philadelphia following the event with the vice-president, the vp today and first lady
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tomorrow michelle obama will converge on lasalle university wednesday, the event takes place at the tom gola arena michelle obama talk about the presidential character of her husband president obama and were she feels hillary clinton is the right person to succeed her husband. that president starts at noon tomorrow. of course, the vice-president's nominees will have their turn tim kaine mike pence get their one and only debate on the tuesday october 4th in virginia but back to this main event, the vice-president biden, the doors will opened here at drexel university main building, at the great court area at 9:00, the event is at 10:45 this morning. back to you. hopefully rain lets up for that. >> reporter: hopefully it does. >> absolutely. one man is dead, two others are in the hospital after a triple shooting in germantown. monk wounded a teenager. this morning philadelphia police are trying to figure out who shot who.
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sabina kuriakose joins us live from police headquarters, sabina, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. really disturbing injuries here. we're told that the young man died a 20 year-old victim he was shot in the face, he was shot long side two or people, 18 year-old a teenager as well as a 20 year-old both of those young men are stable. that teenager was shot the in the the leg and 20 year-old was shot in the arm. police say young man were hanging out from their home right on the front steps of an apartment building on the 1300 block of johnson street when somebody opened fire. it was just around 8:00 o'clock yesterday evening and not even that late just an hour after sundown. there was a lot of businesses, people you can assume were out and b here's chief up expect or scott small talking about this incident. >> based on ballistics evidence the we know at least seven shot were fired from two separate caliber semiautomatic weapons. we found seven spent shell casings all feet from where the shooting took place where victims had collapsed which is
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an indication that the shooters were very close proximity to the three victims. fortunately right by the front door in the courtyard where this triple shooting took lays we did find cameras, and same thing in the direction of where shooting took place. detectives are working to see if these recordings, recorded anything, that could help with us this triple shooting, homicide investigation. >> reporter: as you heard there detectives do have surveillance because they are pouring over right new to track down whoever did this, and police tell us that they are interviewing the two victims who are still in the hospital, that 20 year-old and that 18 year-old but again, this morning one person dead, two others injury in the triple shooting, police are still searching for the gun man, chris and lauren, back to you. coming up on 4:12. coming up new questions surrounding the wilmington house fire that claim lives of two fire fighters in seriously hurt two others. and where detectives are
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searching for more clues right now after a man shoots up a houston mall injuring nine people before being killed by police.
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our inner cities, african americans, hispanics are living in hell, because it is so dangerous. >> it is really unfortunate that he paint such a dire negative picture of black communities in our country.
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the vibrancy of the black church, the black businesses that employ so many people. >> so that was donald trump and hillary clinton talking about race issues in america during the very first presidential debate. it was the very first presidential debate. trump stressed importance of law and order in response to the moderator's question on how to heel racial divides while former secretary of state clinton says fixing race relations comes down to two things restoring trust between police and communities of color and reforming gun laws. much more on the issues and how each candidates talk about it, in a few minutes from now. >> but first dave warren it looks like the roads are wet outside. >> road are wet and they will be here for the next few hours, that rain is moving through and it has already worked its way from the north and western suburbs right along i-95 and new jersey turnpike and slowly sliding south east. heavier rain will still continue to move across
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delaware and new jersey. we are not done just yet. grab that umbrella right now you'll need it for first part of the the take. right through philadelphia light to moderate rain. heavier here and there. right threw upper darby, moving out of delaware county new castle county and salem county this rain continues to slide to the south east. so if you are in, gloucester camden county might see this rain coming through here over next few hours. it should be clearing out, later this morning, with the timing of this, as far as rain pick up exactly where it is, by the computer forecast, and it does continue to move it south and east by 9:00 o'clock just off the coast, so we're done on i-95 we are starting toe sunshine theres rain across the few breaks in the clouds around philadelphia by 2:00. the clouds will link's cross new jersey and delaware which should start to clear up overnight tonight, so that rain will clear out, briefly but it is back in the seven day forecast, we will see it return, for a stretch of
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unsettled weather, starting tomorrow evening with the temperature of 75. and a few more days with rain there on thursday, period of rain, period of rain on friday but it does clear out, little bit of sunshine on saturday and then by sunday and machine we are looking good with more sunshine. this will be unsettled weather not completely washed out but periods of rain, wednesday, thursday, and friday, bob. >> hi, dave good morning everybody. 4:17. we have rain out there, roads are wet, jam cams wet, wipers working live look at i-95 in the construction zone, between cottman avenue and center city. they are working here at cot hand is there a one lane pattern down near the betsy. here's an example of the ben franklin bridge the glare of the overhead lane markers reflecting off of the wet roadways, so give yourself some extra time and be ready to tap the breaks there little extra wiggle room between you and that bumper in front of
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you you. vine street expressway still closed between schuylkill and broad street until 5:00 o'clock. you you know the drill, coming into center city. motorcade madness the vice-president coming to town, setting up on drexel university's campus. thirty-first and chestnut event time isn't until 10:45. doors opened up at 9:00. mr. biden depending upon whether he is flying in or coming up from wilmington will depend where motorcade, the roads will shut down but most likely 95 scenario in through center city or schuylkill into the drexel university campus. watch for possible weather delays as well today, at philly international, those first couple of flights out of the gate could be delayed, your best bet check with the airline and be ready for a delay. shuttle busing on market frankford and broad street subway until 5:00 o'clock. back over to you. nine people are now confirmed dead after a gunman opened fire, at a strip mall in houston texas. now police are searching for
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suspects. >> the man dressed in the vintage military uniform with nazi symbols was responsible for shooting nine people. property manager at his condo complex confirmed that the suspect had recently become upset about repairs at that complex. police have said during yesterday's shooting that the suspect reportedly carried a tommy gun and handgun at the time of that attack, along with more than 2,000 round of ammunition. >> at this time i can tell you you that most officers engaged the suspect who was shooting rand manically at passerby as well as anybody he could put his sights on good police have not released the suspect's identity just yet but we know he was a lawyer. motive is still under investigation. right now, one victim remains in critical condition, another in serious condition. suspect in the deadly washington state mall shooting has been charged with five counts of first degree murder. arcan cetin is suspect of opening fire in an department store's cosmetic department
4:20 am
friday and was arrested after 24 hour manhunt. bail was set at two million-dollar by his public defender and his next hearing has been set for october 26th. philadelphia police are hoping these surveillance video will solve a year long murder. take a good look, detectives want to talk to this man about a murder that happened august 24th, 2015. you see him in kensington. they think he killed 36 year-old alexis rose to. it shows him running to get in the the white mazda with two other people inside. police offering a $20,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. home invasion in south jersey turns deadly and now police are hunting for intruders who killed a man inside his own home. norman mostly was inside his home at the hill top mobile village in browns mills, when two masked men burst in and shot him. mostly's wife rush him into a nearby hospital where he later died. detectives say several family members were also inside the home during that shooting,
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none of them were hurt. meanwhile neighbors are still trying to process what happened. >> it is hard, you never know what people are into but to me they were a very nice family and never had in trouble with him. i hope they catch him, you you know, and take care of him. >> police are hoping surveillance camera set up will help lead to that ill kerr. there are new questions about what fire fighters knew, as they battled deadly house fire in wilmington that killed two of their own this morning, procession of fire fighters escorted caskets carries 41 year-old lieutenant christopher leach and fire fighter jerry fickes from the medical examiner office to the respective funeral homes this was yesterday that it happen. they died saturday morning on lake view road saturday morning. fire chief said they thought people were trapped but woman who lives there and called 911 to report the fire says she told the dispatch their no one was inside. >> only thing i said is i have
4:22 am
animals in that home. so please hurry. but i confirmed there was nobody in the home, we all came out the front door. >> the arriving units, the units first on the scene received reports from the scene, on the street that people were still trapped inside of the home. >> two other fire fighters are seriously hurt, memorial service for leach and fickes is scheduled for saturday. fire fighters union have a go fund me page for the victims. we have a lincoln our web site at fox the cross state gas pipeline gets the official green light in delaware county, middletown township council voted unanimously to approve the sunoco project last night. people have voiced mixed opinions many are concerned about safety and the environment while others say they look forward to new jobs coming to the area sunoco will pay the township 1.8 million-dollar for land use rights, construction on the pipeline is expect to begin next year. one person is in our area
4:23 am
waking up this morning a little will bit richer, was it you. >> no, i wish i played, right h this is after winning lottery ticket was sold in reading. the lottery officials announcing a mega millions ticket worth one million-dollar from friday's drawing was sold at a turkey hill store located on north 13th treat. they say ticket matched all five by the balls drawn, those numbers one, 58, 25, 62. the yellow mega balls was 14, and it was no weather there, mega millions, one year from the drawing date, to claim prizes. so, 364 days left, lauren dawn johnson. >> well, here are your winning lottery numbers. take a look at those. >> yeah. speaking of the the lottery. >> yes. >> we have been getting good picks from the lottery when it comes to basketball. >> yes, the sixers. >> sixers training camp this week coming up sports in one minute why nerlens noel is making it clear he does not
4:24 am
believe in the current plan. >> yikes. >> wow.
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good morning, i'm sean bell. sixers training camp starts this week and nerlens necessity he will made it clear this thing isn't going to work. sixers have a bunch of big men and when we asked him if it can work he was in the the a fan. >> i don't see anyway of it working. >> why not? >> i mean, there is just a log
4:27 am
jam. you have three, you know, talented centers that can play 30 plus minutes a night, obviously things need to be moved around, it is a tough situation. >> eagles cleared their log jam, weeks ago, carson wentz is the man and it is a battle of personality is perfect for this team. >> his personality, he is always constantly smiling, and it is infectious. >> it was probably maybe, you know, three weeks ago when i named carson the starter. there were is eyebrowed raised but now these guys have bought? >> that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. it was game time last night as donald trump and hillary clinton battled it out in new york. coming up most talk about moment you have to see, to believe.
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she told you how to fight. >> at least i have a plan to have a plan on my web site. >> you are telling the enemy everything you want to do the gloves come off during the first presidential debate, there are six weeks until election day how hillary clinton and donald trump held up. plus two big name political figures are heading to our area, where you can see vice-president gentlemen biden and first lady michelle obama right here in fill. triple shooting rocks a
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philadelphia neighborhood, one person dead, two others injured including a teenager who police are hunt forgo right the now. good day it is tuesday, september 27th, 2017. it is a little wet out there, some rain. >> i sensed it because you know how, my hair. >> yes. >> yeah, dave warren is laughing because it is true. >> now, that is right here outside our station. >> it gets in your curls. you have to be careful walking down market street on these slippery road. >> it is my shoulder that tenses up. >> that happens to me too. >> the low pressure. >> we can work as a team here. >> it will be hurting here next few taste because we have unsettled weather starting to day. grab the umbrella you will need it stepping outside. the here's that rain we're talking about right, let's see moving south on i-95 right here through new castle county and parts of new jersey. this is primarily going to be where we see all this rain throughout the rest of the morning, this is home going to
4:32 am
last for the next few hours, and clearing out north and west, now we have to get skies to clear, but right through philadelphia here we will see this rain, heavier right along the turnpike 295 and then i-95, pushing south throughness castle county and continue to move this to parts of the gloucester and camden county and moving right along the ac expressway but it is moving south east and that is where it is with our future weather computer and it will continue to clear out, our temperatures are in the 60's and 70's, and that is pretty much where they will stay, today, with a little bit of sunshine, we will climb in the upper 70's, lets check the roads this morning, wet roadways out there, bob kelly. >> wet roadways, 4:32. good morning, everybody. here's an example of the wet roads and heads up as a disable truck right here in the left lane, on the schuylkill expressway, right at montgomery, thank goodness we have an officer just pulled up behind him here, as you come inbound towards the city.
4:33 am
that comes up fast and that left lane there but as you can see we have spray kicking off the cars and trucks, in front of you there live look at i-95 through construction zone they have it down to one lane near the betsy ross bridge so than ready to are that and again all of the work zone it is difficult to see those lane markers, when we have the rain and overnight, the vine expressway, still closed between the schuylkill and broad street until about 5:00 o'clock this morning, the normal drill and then they are working on the ben franklin parkway and using shuttle buses until 5:00, chris and lauren back to you. now to the race for the white house. it was game on in new york last night, donald trump and hillary clinton facing off at half extra university for the first debate in the race that has seen tightening polls. donald trump was asked about president obama's citizenship and battle over his birth certificate. >> he has really started his
4:34 am
political activity based on this racist lie that our first black president was not an american citizen. >> i was the one that got him to produce the birth certificate and i think i did a good job. secretary clinton, also for the it, i mean now everybody mentions it that is in the true. look, it is true. >> one of the night's biggest moments when both candidate were asked about judgment that turned into a question about temperament. >> my question was, why is your judgment any different then. >> i have much better judgment then she does, there is no question about that. i have a much better temper. , i have a much better temper. she spent hundreds of millions of dollars on a advertising they get madison avenue lets go after temperament. my strongest asset by far is
4:35 am
temperament. i necessity how to win. she does not necessity how to win. >> afl-cio, the other day behind the blue screen i don't know who you were talking to secretary clinton but you were totally out of control, i said there is a person with a temperament that has got a problem. >> so a man who want be provoke by a tweet should not have his fingers anywhere near a nuclear codes as far as i think anyone with any sense about this should be concerned. >> well, there is a battle there but then there was also budding heads over race relations and law enforcement. >> so lets take a look at who actually, well i guess won you could say, the numbers are in, approximately 100 million people are expect to follow that debate. here's the deal cnn poll found 62 percent felt hillary clinton won compared to
4:36 am
27 percent for donald trump however this sample size is about 500 people and it was skewed towards people who were registered democrats, however, still a lot of republicans say hillary clinton clinton won this debate too. >> many tweeted away during the debate. here are top three moment that spark most conversation on twitter. number three donald trump and hillary clinton exchange over the plan to defeat isis. number two donald trump's comments on stomach and frisk and number one most tweeted moment was when he has a good temper. you heard that there. the most tweeted topic was the economy. >> taxes came up as a big issue. it is national voter registration day. they are doing all they can to win your votes. >> vice-president joe biden and first lady michelle obama will be in philadelphia starting to day. >> hillary clinton will hold a meeting in raleigh-durham north carolina counting on joe biden and michelle obama to speak to the younger crowd.
4:37 am
bier will campaign at drexel university at great court at 10:45. the first lady, tomorrow at lasalle university at noon, people can sign up for both events on line. >> while hillary clinton and donald trump will participate in three debates during the election season, hillary clinton's vice-presidential pick tim kaine donald trump's choice mike pence will only have one shot at convincing the american people they could potentially lead our country. one and only vice-presidential debate set to take liaison october fourth at 9:00 p.m. in virginia. let's get to state politics, shall we? key government witness david wildstein will return to the stand in the bridge state trial today while port authority official told the injury that i he told bill stepian about the scheme and cover up story about the george washington bridge in 2013. stepian was running christie's reelection campaign at the time n a statement the attorney says step yan says his client did nothing wrong
4:38 am
and had no role in the scheme. lets go to a developing story, one man dead, two others in the hospital after a hoot out in germantown. >> teenager is one of them and police are trying to determine who pulled the trigger. sabina kuriakose is live for us, hi sabina. >> reporter: these why three young men shot as they sat outside an apartment complex just blocks from their home. it happened on 1300 block of east johnson sleet in germantown, around 8:00 o'clock last night a 22-year old man was shot the in the face and he later died, two other people, an 18 year-old and 20 year-old they are in stable condition at einstein hospital. police now going over surveillance video trying to find out whoever did this. here's chief inspector scott small talking at the scene. >> we don't know which of the three all or some are intended target. all three victims were hit just one time and just a 22-year old was struck fatally and the 20 year-old and 18
4:39 am
year-old are being interviewed by homicide detective at this time at einstein hospital, but the spent shell casings were in close proximity to the victims they were two separate caliber so we know there were two shooters for at least two guns used. >> reporter: as you heard we were looking for at least two shooters here, three young men, all shot one in this triple shooting and gunman on the lose. chris and lauren back to you. if you want to be a schoolteacher you are in the right place. how tri-state area ranks when it comes to being an educator straight ahead.
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dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising. if you are a schoolteacher or you want to be one, you are in the right place. >> the tri-state area ranks tops when it comes to teaching careers. they rated each of the the 50 states, delaware is 19th, pennsylvania is 11th, the best state in the u.s. for teachers is the garden state. that is the state of new jersey. the list was made some 16 factors that affect teachers, including salary and school environment, the worst state, this is interesting, hawaii. >> maybe everybody is on vacation. >> here's the other problem with hawaii, it is so expensive, as we know, teachers are in the paid nearly what they should be. >> you are right. >> septa, cancelled dozens of trains on a busy sunday. next up, what went wrong, we will tell you, what that is. >> thank you.
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i'm really good at war. i love war in a certain way. including with nukes, yes including with nukes. i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me.
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nuclear, just the power the devastation, is very important to me. i want to be unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. why let someone else have all the fun? the sometimes haphazard, never boring the why can't it smell like this all the time the learning the virtue of sharing
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why let someone else have all the fun? that's no fun. it's baking season. warm up with pillsbury. i will be reducing taxes tremendously from 35 percent to 15 percent for companies, small and big businesses. the that is going to be a job creator like we have not seen since ronald reagan. >> for the kind of plan that donald has put forth would be trickle town economics all over again, it would be the most extreme version, biggest tax cut for the top per event of the people in this country
4:46 am
that we have ever had. i called it trumped up trickle down. >> specifically, bring back jobs, american manufacturers. >> for candidates tough play on the economy last night in the first presidential debate, trump says job creation would flourish under his administration because of his plans to lower taxes and scale back regulations. hillary clinton says trump really believes the more you help wealthy people the better off we will be. >> um-hmm, all right. back to reaganomics. >> 4:46. lets get to dave warren in for sue serio. she left with some rain here. >> yes, a little will bit of rain. work load is high this morning, it will be clearing out later this afternoon. rain is not here all day, certainly not a wash out but grab the umbrella stepping outside right thousand especially on i-95 and just to the south in new jersey, 295 turnpike blue burlington camden gloucester county. light to moderate rain. briefly heavy. you will notice stepping
4:47 am
outside, roadways are wet, rain continues to come down, salem county, delaware, seeing this rain it will continue to slide south, so, it is pushing in toward cumberland county and areas in south jersey. knotter and west, knotter but pushing south and east pick up by computer forecast and off the coast by 9:00 o'clock this morning and it will continue to clear throughout the afternoon with sunshine. that will push temperatures up a little bit, from where we are right now where that rain is cleared, lower 60's but still upper 60's closer to 70 with that rain coming down, mild start, we will see that temperature pushing in the mid to upper 70's later this afternoon. that low causing this rain today will dip south and then stall to our south, and that will bring back the rain, by wednesday evening, and this is that low clouds maybe some drizzle and period of rain, some of this rain could be heavier at times especially where this computer forecast picks it up, maryland, delaware, new jersey by wednesday night to early
4:48 am
thursday and this will deal more rain off and on throughout thursday but not only thursday but also friday and saturday. unsettled weather here, thursday period of rain, friday some more rain but it starts to clear by saturday, it looks like it could be a nice end to the weekend there on sunday and monday but with the sun and included and temperatures in the mid 70's, so just that unsettled weather starting pretty much, tomorrow afternoon. we will get a break so enjoy that sunshine today, good morning bob kelly. >> good morning, dave. 4:48 on a tuesday morning. wet behind the ears, one of those yucky starts to the rush hour here's i-95 through the construction zone at cottman avenue. you can see spray coming off the cars and trucks there and all of the work zones it is tough to see lane markers like right here on the 42 tree way as you work your way toward philadelphia expect slower than normal speeds, taking longer this morning then it did yesterday to get there we are still shut down on the
4:49 am
vine between schuylkill and broad until 5:00. septa using shuttle buses in the market frankford and subway. met or cade madness expect as vice-president is coming to town making his speech at drexel university right at 31st and chestnut, and so the event does are the start until 10:45 when we will see the vice-president start to arrive, doors open up at nine and then again you know the vice-president sometimes he likes to stay down in wilmington and take motorcade up i-95, other times they will fly into philly international. they are keeping that secret for right now but as soon as we figure it out we will pass it on to you. watch for possible weather delays at philly international, again because of the weather. chris and lauren back over to you. >> what about your frustration, right. you want to avoid parking when you go to the eagles game. it is $900 to park there. >> lots of traffic. >> you think i'll take public transportation to the big game but septa's regional rail saga is causing real problems.
4:50 am
>> twenty-five trains were cancelled sunday just before the eagles kick off against steelers. septa will not operate a train if it doesn't have at least an engineer and a conductor on board. sunday, starting at 3:40 in the afternoon it started canceling trains. >> 3:30 in the afternoon. >> kick off was 50 minutes later. >> twenty-five were dumped by 9:30. septa says it is struggling with a limited number of engineers able to work and they say some engineers called out on sunday. >> we have, they have ticket to the game. >> they wanted to stay home and watch it. >> fox 29 asked septa if the big game had an impact. >> do you tie a big football game being played in this city and being on television to the number of call outs you had yesterday. >> i wish i had the answer to that. it just happened to be around that time. >> septa's on time performance rate is falling from
4:51 am
87 percent in june to just 66 percent last month. septa argues it is shortening nears, and folks who operate the trains and that is the problem with this. it claims that its training new engineers, judging from comments than line from passengers some are really unhappy. can you imagine you have tickets to the game, that was a huge game on sunday by the way and train doesn't come or delays or cancelled. >> first silver liner cars pulled off tracks due to structural defects, now not enough engineers. >> they repaired some, pulled some back, what a mess. good news if you got your car, towed over the weekend for philly free streets event. >> the city says you will get a refund. there was miscommunication that led the parking authority to ticket and toe cars rather than just relocate them. all ticket will be cancelled, all towing charges will be refunded. while there were no parking signs on part of the event route people say cars were
4:52 am
towed, on parts of the south street that did in the have those signs. >> oh, man. >> imagine the frustration and headaches they had to put up with since then. a local hand hires someone he thought was a contractor, next hour the clue you that let him know he was a victim, and not a client.
4:53 am
4:54 am
a powerful, nfl moment before the the saints falcons game. the two teams came together with the display of unity
4:55 am
after the national anthem. >> two teams joined hands with the large circle on the feel. so saints coach sean payton reaching out to the falcons coach and both agreed, the teams quarterback came up with how they would make a statement that showed unity ape respect for the national anthem. they say it was inspired by recent police shoot initial charlotte and in tulsa. new to miami, very emotional win last night for marlins as they played their first game since pitcher jose fernandes was killed in the boating accident over the weekend. there was a special moment when one of his good friend, hit his first home run of the year, after wearing jose's helmet and taking a pitch from the right side on the plate, gordon is a lefty. and then at the end of the game a special tribute all of jose fernandes teammates gathered around pitching mound, they left their hats on the mound in honor of their fallen team hates, leaving their hats on the hundred dollars to remember his life, all of fernandes team hates
4:56 am
also wore his number, on the back of their jersey, number 16. all right. it was game time last night as donald trump and hillary clinton battled it out during presidential debate in new york. coming up most talk about moments, you just to have see to believe. and streets of philadelphia, may start to resemble washington d.c. we will explain that one but first dave kinchen, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning to you. vice-president biden campaigning for hillary clinton today in philadelphia but that is not the only big campaign visit for philly, this week we will tell you about more after the break but first here's sabina. three young men shot the in the triple shooting they are in the hospital one of them has tied after being struck in the face, coming up we will tell you how the evidence that police hepp leads them to the shooter coming back in a few minutes.
4:58 am
4:59 am
you look at inner cities and i just left detroit and i just left philadelphia, you have seen me i have been all over the lays, you decided to stay home and that is okay. >> i think that donald just criticized me for preparing for this debate and yes, i did. you know what elsie prepared for i prepared to be president. >> one down, two to go, the gloves came off during last night's first presidential debate, between hillary clinton and donald trump, neither holding thinking back.
5:00 am
early poll numbers coming in this morning. two big named political figures heading to our area where you can see vice-president joe biden and first lady michelle obama here in philadelphia. triple shooting rocks philadelphia neighborhood one person dead, two others hurt including a teenager whom police are hunt forgo right the now. >> good day, it is tuesday, september 27th, 2016. >> when you look at moments that are happening in twitter, about half of them have to do with the debate last night. >> yes. >> usually it is news around the world, more than half of them are about how many times donald trump interrupted hillary. who do you think won. what were most tweeted about moments. >> we will get to the poll numbers but you just say this donald trump seemed ton on the defensive a lot about different issues last night. lets talk about the weather. we have weather to talk about dave warren. >> people are tweeting with it i'm sure. >> about the weather. >> i haven't seen one tweet. >> i put out o


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