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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  September 28, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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diego. >> happened again. good day everyone, it is wednesday, september 28th, 2016. >> sue serio, little under the weather so, we woke up scott williams to come in on this cool wednesday morning. >> what time did you have to get up? >> i had to get up at like 1:30 a.m. i'm here, alive, and i'm thankful. >> what time did you get the call sue was out? >> probably 5:00 yesterday evening, so i had time to prepare. let's talk about the weather, so you can prepare on this wednesday. wednesday by the numbers, scale of one to ten, not perfect ten. we give it a seven. we will see sun giving way to clouds pretty rapidly. most of the day will be dry, but we are looking at unsettled pattern beginning overnight tonight, really continuing into your thursday, into your friday, moderate to heavy rainfall, for part of the area. take a look at the high humidity, on this wednesday morning. pottstown, 100%, 100% in millville, dover 100%, so little humid out there. bus stop buddy has hat and temperatures will be in the 50's and 60s.
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throw the umbrella in the back pack in case, but ultimate doppler, showing dry, quiet weather. look at the percentages as we move toward tonight into thursday. up to 80% for thursday. 60% by friday. 40% by saturday. those temperatures right now upper 50's, in philadelphia, 59 in atlantic city, and upper 50s in allentown, the high will top out in philadelphia, bob kelly, today, 75 degrees. >> scotty the question though last night when you saw the phone and it said work, did you hesitate for a moment to answer it? >> you know i didn't see at first. i was towelly eating some dinner. >> good answer, good answer. good morning, everybody, 5:01, live look at the benny, looking good, crystal clear south jersey in toward philadelphia. but we are dealing with some patchy fog out here chester county. good example route 202 as you roll up 29 through 401 through paoli in toward king of prussia.
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so little mixed bag here on the breakfast buffet. white horse pike down the shore, route 30 blocked at jimmy leads road from an accident, tilt on road would be the best bet. lincoln drive closed this morning, because after water main break, anyone uses the linc, the lincoln drive, you know they've been doing some work, one lane open while they puncture a hole in the pipe last night, shutdown this morning at green. so no traffic at all through at least the rest of the day. wissahickon or germantown are your best alternates to stay away from the jammo, and the closure point, if you are headed northbound, horter would be your best bet. and guess who is coming to lunch? michelle obama, campaign ventilator today at lasalle university. so, motorcade madness, and a heavy police presence, secret service, the whole 9 yards, through the morning, then start time at noon, and of course she is headed back out of town afterward. so, just be prepared for a lot of unusual traffic delays, and gridlock, in the area of lasalle university throughout the day.
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no problems currently on the blue route. we are are dealing with fog out along the turnpike between valley forge and downingtown. but otherwise mass transit looking good. chris, lauren, back to you. >> bob, thank you, sir. 5:03. following breaking news for this morning out of northeast philadelphia. where a man has been gunned down, right outside of his home, on vandike street,ly police say the man believed to be in his earl 30th's, went outside to smoke a cigarette. someone came up, fired ten shots. he died at temple university hospital. investigators are searching for that shooter. >> also, braking, out of oxford circle, police say a woman died after an accident late last night on roosevelt boulevard. and wakling street. another woman was taken to einstein medical center with unknown injuries. police are still investigating the cause of that crash. >> former israeli president shimon peres one of the defining political figures of his time many call a visionary has died. israeli media says peres who also served as prime minister and won nobel prize passed way after suffering major stroke
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two weeks ago, the lays of israel founding fathers, during seven day political career he had many achievements, credited with leading the country through some of it most defining moments. president obama has issued statement on his passing. there are few people who we share this world with who change the course of human history not just the role in human events, but because they expand on moral imagination and force us to expect more of ourselves. my friend shimon was one of those people. a light has gone out, but the hope he gave us will burn forever. there will be a public viewing thursday, and a funeral for peres on friday, the president, the clinton's, the pope, and prince charles, are among those who will be in attendance. shimon peres was 93 years old. >> 5:04 the time. breaking news out of california. we just learned a man who was shot by police has died. the shooting happened just after 1:00 yesterday afternoon in the suburb of san diego known as alcahone. all started after a woman claiming to be the victim's
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sister called police saying the victim was quote not acting like himself. police say after arriving on the scene the man refused police commands to put his hands up, began to allegedly pull object from his pants while assuming the shooting stance. two officers shot the suspect. >> i called you guys not to come and kill my son. >> she called the police three times. and the police, she said, the police didn't respond. so at that time the police came on the scene and apparently he was having a seizure. and then that's when the shots were fired. >> the victim was taken to the hospital where he later died. the officers involved in that shooting have been placed on administrative leave. this shooting comes just week after the police involved shootings in both charlotte north carolina and tulsa, oklahoma. now to a developing story: the murder of reading teenager making national headlines this morning. >> his body found on the
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sidewalk, the community left with so many questions, as to exactly what happened here. let's get right out to jennifer joyce in red withing more on the investigation, hi, jenny. >> reporter: good morning, lauren. investigators, too, still trying to figure out the details of this case, while they do, the community is coming together trying to begin the healing process. last night, our cameras were rolling, as a candlelight vigil took place for 16 year old christian torez. torez was killed on sunday night. police think he was stabbed to death. it was the tragic result of a neighborhood fight that happened on the 1100 block of locust street. police say the fight might have been related to a mask that the victim was wearing. now, investigators are looking for 29 year old avery valentine-bair police say is a person of interest in this case. people at last night's vigil tell us that they were stunned to hear torez was killed, they say he was a good kid who seemed focused on his future. >> he was a good kid, no
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problems, always got straight a's, like nothing was wrong, he had a job, he just got a car, went to school. >> last person i think it would ever happen to is one of the greatest kids on this block, never, never bothered nobody, never. >> torez again was just 16 years old, his family says he was a student at reading high school. he also had a part-time job. he had bought a car and was learning to drive when his life was cut short. police are urging anyone with any information on that person of interest, again, 29 year old avery valentine-bair to give them a call. lauren, chris? >> thank you, jenny. police in fairless hills looking foreman who tried to lure a child into his car. >> white man in his 40's, tried get a child into a dark blue mini-van, that child did not get in immediately told his mother if you can help find that man in the van you're asked to call police.
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>> tort rate for white house, first laidly make couple of steps in pennsylvania toed. -- today. she will campaign at two universities during her stop today. >> good morning, sir. >> good morning to you. first lady going back to college this morning, lasalle university, expecting the first lady at noon today. she will be campaigning for former first lady, she will also be rallying with the large number of college students trying to get out the young vote here at lasalle university's gola arena, campaign says will layout a steak, and will continue the campaign push to register voters ahead of the october 11 deadline, critical time, trying to win pennsylvania same reason, at drexel university yesterday, which happened to be national voter
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renal at the day, took the time to go against trump in his policy proposals. >> he acknowledged that he didn't pay taxes because he said it is, he said, because he's smart. >> makes him smart. tell that to the janitor here who is paying taxes. he doesn't rep america. he does not represent our basic values, democrats and republicans, core sense of who we are as a nation. he knows nothing about national security, foreign policy. >> and today first lady michelle obama at lasalle university. >> very much start at noon, hillary clinton campaign is asking people to rsvp on line at the website, hillary
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clinton. com to get the confirmation and come on out, back to you. >> live for us, thank you, sir. meantime 5:10, reminds beer voter registration deadlines. pennsylvania voters must register by october 11, deadline in delaware is october 15th. in new jersey it is october the 18th. >> been more than day since the first debate, nation still buzzing, the most watched presidential debate in history. with many eyes still on the candidate. they continue to campaign yesterday. >> met with mostly cuban american crowd, before heading to rally in melbourn, they both stuck to their talking points, nominees reflected on monday night's spectacle. i talked about how we have the worse so-called recovery since the great depression. i laid out details specific plans for new direction.
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the american people renders their verdict. the post debate polls as i said to you were so great. >> he actually bragged about gaming the system, to get out of paying his fair share of taxes. >> in fact, i think there is a strong probability he hasn't paid federal taxes a lot of years. >> real clear politics polling average has clinton lead willing trump by more than two-point. up next on the debate stage, vice presidential debate happening tuesday at longwood university in farm ville, virginia, the next presidential debate is sunday october 9th, at washington university in st. louis. you will find complete coverage of both right here on fox 29. >> 5:11 this morning,
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attempted robbery through local neighborhood ends in gunfire, why police say the suspect had to be professional. >> plus a local school shutdown after the ceiling collapsed but that's not the worse part. coming up what some parents are saying is really making them upset this morning. does pat toomey speak for you? i also want to thank the nra for it's, uh, strong support for my campaign. pat toomey: he opposes an assault weapons ban and got an "a" rating from the nra.
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"i have had a perfect record with the nra." and on women's health? "i would support legislation in pennsylvania that would ban abortion, and i would suggest that we have penalties for doctors who perform them." pat toomey: does he really speak for you? senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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>> your generation is the most engaged, your generation is the most tolerant. your generation the most volunteering generation in
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american history. but you understand that to be disengage in the politics. and you say it is because of good reason the dysfunction in washington (would a student like you in the middle of the viet nam war, the beginning of the end of the civil rights movement, wasn't finished yet, ghana woman's moment, environmental movement. families split up, so divided. we're not engaged. you've got to get your colleagues engaged. >> okay, so as we creep closer to election day, some political heavy hit remembers now coming out in the campaign trail. joe biden was in philadelphia yesterday. campaign for hillary clinton, of course, the vice president was also trying to get people, those young voters, to register to vote today. michelle obama is headed our way. >> we'll see this over the course of the next several weeks of course pennsylvania huge battleground state, and
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so battlegrounds to have these politicians come visit. how's the weather for the first lady today? >> i think it will be a seven. looking at dry conditions for most of the day. clouds will rapidly kind of roll in. and get ready for some wet weather. specially tonight, into your thursday, continuing into friday. live look right now, at the philadelphia international airport. no weather worries, temperature wise, upper 50's, but high humidity, 93% right now. the sun will rise this morning at 6:55. ultimate doppler, it is dry, it is quiet, but yesterday's system has stalled out to sea. look at this upper level low. around parts of the great lakes, that will provide lift in the atmosphere, cloud cover, and some showers, over the next couple of days. as far as those temperatures right now, millville, 55, upper 40's, in pottstown, low 40's in the poconos. we zoom in little closer, coatesville, waking to up 51, 50 in west chester, doylestown
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reporting 47 degrees. so, by 9:00 looking at increase in clouds, temperature wise, low 60s by 4:00. 75 degrees. mostly cloud which a little bit of drizzle perhaps a spotty shower. what about the roads on this wednesday morning, bob kelly? >> scotty, actually seen little fog as you mentioned out there in the chester county area along 202, the pennsylvania turnpike, and also, portions of 309. not sure if the accident related to the fog, but montgomery township 309 at pike, also working on the boulevard, the inner drive closed between strale and rhawn, part of overnight construction, and then the lincoln drive closed altogether, at green. >> they punctured a pipe last night, altogether, so use coming south which is where woe see most of the traffic during the morning, you want to use wissahickon on germantown, northbound you can use horter street, campaign event as we mentioned later on this morning, michelle obama
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visiting lasalle university. event start time at noon. already, this morning, there is that heavy police presence, the secret service, coming for lunch along with her, and of course that will cause motorcade madness, throughout the day. both getting her there, and sipping her back out of town. so, give yourself extra time, be prepared for that, especially, the students, on campus there. good morning, to mt. holly, new jersey, as we start to see the beginning of actually no rush hour at all. let's give little knock on the door there, wake folks up. ben franklin bridge headed downtown. headed to the airport okay getting there, no problems on the tote board at philadelphia international airport. >> 5:18 the time. head of the philadelphia parking authority, the ppa, has been suspended over sexual harrassment claims. the ppa's board chairman said i'll recommend vince be fired when the board meets again on thursday. the first sexual harrassment claim made public last week when he was accused of hear ago employees at the agency.
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board chairman said he just learned of new allegations that fennerty harrassed second co-worker. >> parents in south jersey upset about their children's school being closed with little to no notice. the middle school closed indefinately after part of their ceiling collapsed. school leaders consider the emergency hazardous to student and staff. but here is the problem. parent say they didn't receive automated school closing call from the district, until sunday evening, too late for some par don't scrum recall and make plans. the plan to send three graders to fenwick academy, eighth to salem hi, grades four-seven will start at fenwick plaza if the department of community affairs a proves it. district officials say they don't know when repairs will be complete. >> three girls who prosecutors say killed a high school student in wilmington will get their day in court. judge in wilmington dead delaware scheduled court date april 3rd a year after the 16 jerold death. it will not be in front of a
5:20 am
jury. prosecutors will try all three girls who authorities believe are responsible for amy joyner francis' death as juveniles. an autopsy found at joyner-francis, who had pre-existing heart condition, died of a sudden cardiac event during bathroom fight in wilmington's howard high school of tech follow gentlemen. >> robbery in port richmond saturday ends in gunfire there is morning we are watching it play out on surveillance video. >> right now police are going all out to find the shooter. dave schratwieser with the story. >> i heard a guy yelling. and i heard about four, five pops. >> andrew says bullets were flying right outside his front door sunday morning, in what police now say was attempted robbery gone bad. it ended with the would be robbery victim being chased and shot from behind. >> first i heard him say no, no, no. >> the attempted robbery and shooting of port richmond man was caught on camera at the corner of thompson, barely sunrise when the suspect caring gun in his right hand
5:21 am
can be seen as he walked up behind the victim and announced the robbery. victim took off as the gunman chased him down the 2600 block of elkheart, the muzzle flash clearly visible in the video. >> very brazen
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>> after receiving reports that hard white plastic was turning up inside these things. the 5-pound bags of fully cooked panco chicken nuggets, sold at cosco stores
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nationwide, now being recalled after customer reported finding quote foreign material >> pregnancy becoming laughing matter for some expecting mothers in the state of arizona. >> and that's because laughing gas is in full use to help deal with those extreme labor pains. >> it is called nitry oxide, as of last week st. luke's hospital is making it an option for expecting mothers. >> everything seems to be safe with the babies. i think great option. >> thirty-seven weeks pregnant. >> it allows her to move, unlike her up i do you recall. >> i want to get up and walk around, but little extra help with the pain management might help with my energy level.
5:26 am
>> board certified ob/gyn doctor says the night trust oxide takes the pain away all while keeping the mom present. can give herself as little as she feels she needs, and it is very safe. >> it also gives the mom and baby more oxygen. >> 50% blends, actually getting more oxygen while she has a mask on her face than we are breathing the room air. >> doctor says no side effect to the mom or the child, and babies will not be sleepy or sedated from the night trust oxide. oh, my goodness. here's the thing, though. >> that's laughing gas, by the way. >> seriously. so i watched the birth of two of my children. >> oh, you only have two children. >> that ithat i know of. so here is the thing. when he did these epidurals -- >> yes? >> this needle, i swear, it is this long. and they have you bends over,
5:27 am
and they just stick it. >> don't you feel sorry for women when you see us have to live through these certain moments? because you hear about them, and oh, they're just complaining, you watch it happen and then you're like -- >> this just in. >> i salute you. >> it is so much easier to be a man. >> not easy. those babies are so cute when they come here. >> and then they cry all night. >> jennifer joyce in reading pa where teenage murder is making national headlines. hi, jenny. >> reporter: good morning, lauren, reading police now trying to determine whether or not a mask played a role in the teen's murder, how the community is now coming together we'll tell you at 5:30.
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5:30 this morning, breaking overnight, man gunned down after stepping outside his house, to smoke a cigarette. what police know about the shooting right now. >> also the worlds wakes up mourning the loss of former israeli president shimon peres, the prime minister and nobel peace prize winner passed away at the age of 93. >> developing out of california black man just died after being shot by police officer. the latest details coming out of san diego. and then this. >> we shouldn't have to feel like this.
5:31 am
>> after days of protests in charlotte, a young girl breaks down expressing the grief and pain in her community. her moving message that has the entire country talking. >> she really captures and embodies the feeling right now, yes. all right, 5:31 is the time on this wednesday, september 28th, 2016. scott williams, good enough to get up really early, basically in the middle of the night to come in for a sick sue serio. >> dark and early, chris, on this wednesday. it will be a dry start out there. but, cloud cover will rapidly kind of overtake the area, there could be spotty shower, frost, the region later this afternoon, maybe some patchy drizzle. but most of the heavy rain is going to hold off until the overnight tonight, into your thursday, even likely continuing into friday. so, casino every mild, muggy at the bus stop this morning. temperatures will be in the 50's, and 60s by that time frame. as we look at ultimate doppler, we are dry, we are quiet, but look off to the south. washington dc. baltimore already a flashflood watch for that area until
5:32 am
friday evening, as we expand the view yesterday's system taught sea, then take a look at this swirl around parts of the great lakes. that will head in our direction. really helped to enhance our rainfall chances overnight tonight, into tomorrow. but, for today, sun, giving way to clouds, once again, maybe a passing shower, late in the afternoon, some drizzle, but temperatures top out at 75 degrees. >> good morning this wednesday, 5:32, hump day, no problems yet on the blue route. turnpike dealing with some fog between valley forge and downingtown. and then also a crash out here, montgomery township route 309. right at knapp pike. patches of fog as you roll out of the counties this morning. roosevelt boulevard they're still working inner drive, between strale and rhawn. water main break separate from the work that they've been doing all week. lincoln drive closed both
5:33 am
directions through at least the evening rush hour. so, if you are coming southbound this morning, i would head for wissahickon or germantown avenue to avoid the delay, if you are headed north you will be forced off at hoarder the block before the water main break, and expect delays in that area. guess who is coming for lunch? michelle obama coming to town today for campaign event, lasalle university the spot. event time starts at noon. heavy police presence already, secret service coming along for the ride. motorcade closures getting into the event, of course on the return trip. so factor that in for your morning rush hour. so far so good over in south jersey, totally different ride this morning, we had wet roads and wipers on yesterday. no problems like that this morning. and we are looking good here on the benny coming into downtown. chris, lauren, back to you. >> bob, thank you. following breaking news this morning out of the northeast where a man has been gunned down right outside of his home on vandike street. police say the man who is believed to be in his earl
5:34 am
30th's went outside to smoke a cigarette when someone walk up and fired ten shots. he died at temple university hospital. investigators are now searching for his shooter. >> also breaking out of oxford circle, police say, a woman died after an accident late last night on roosevelt boulevard and wakling street. another lady was taken to einstein medical center unknown injuries. police are still investigating the cause of the crash. and, over sees, 13 civilians are dead, after an air strike on residential building in afghanistan. united states military says it is investigating. details are just coming in. we will make sure to update you throughout the morning. >> former president shimon peres one of the defining political figures of israel has died. says perez, who also served as prime minister, won nobel prize, passed away after suffering major stroke two weeks ago. perez the last of israel founding fathers during seven day political career, many achievements, and is credited with leagued the country through some of the most defining moments. there will be public viewing
5:35 am
thursday, and funeral on friday. president obama, the clinton's, the pope, and prince charles, are among those who will be in attendance. shimon peres was 93 years old. in california, we learned a man who was shot by police yesterday has died. the shooting happened just after 1:00 yesterday afternoon, in the suburb of san diego, it all started after a woman claiming to be the victim sister called police several times, saying, the victim was quote not acting like himself. >> the man refused police commands to put his hands up and started to allegedly pull an object from his pants while assume ago shooting stance. >> they shot the suspect who later died. officers involved in the shooting have been placed on administrative leave. this shooting comes just a week after the deadly police involved shootings in charlotte north carolina in tulsa, oklahoma. >> so many before that over the course of the last couple of years. here at home, teenage here had bright future stabbed to death, and his body left on a
5:36 am
sidewalk. >> now police are trying to un cover how the incident could have involved a halloween mask. jennifer joyce is in reading with the details on this, hi, jen. >> reporter: good morning, guys. reading police still trying to sort out the details, they do have person of interest in this case. but, yes, something involving a halloween mask, trying to figure out how and why a 16 year old was murdered over the weekend. in the meantime, the reading community is coming together, last night, our cameras were at candlelight vigil in honor of the victim, 16 year old, christian torez, torez was killed sunday night, police think he was stabbed to death, tragic result of neighborhood side that happened on the 1100 block every locust street, police say the fight may have been related to a mask, that the victim was wearing. now, investigators are looking for 29 year old avery valentine-bair man who police say is person of interest in the case. people at last night's vigil say they were stunned to hear the torez was killed, they tell us he was good kid who seemed focused on his future.
5:37 am
>> always had a smile on his face, always having people joking. >> was a good kid, no problems, always got straight art a's, like nothing was wrong. he had a job, he just got a car, went to school. >> torez again was just 16 years old, his family says he was in tenth grade at reading high school. and police are urging anyone with any information on that person of interest, again, 29 year old avery valentine-bair to give police a call, lauren, chris? >> all right, jennifer, thank you very much. at 5:37, now to the race for the white house. with polls predicting such a tight race, the push for voter registration is really heating up specially here in pennsylvania. of course, one of the big battleground states. the first laidly make kim of stops in pennsylvania today. she will campaign for hillary clinton, at lasalle university this morning. then head to the university of pittsburgh, later on today. >> okafor looking to have a great year on and off the
5:38 am
court. that's next in sports. approve this message.
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>> good morning, sixers kick off training camp and with all every those talented biggs, elton brands said was going to be a blood bath, jahlil okafor one of those guys trying to do well on and offer the court. and he spoke about whether or not he learned from last year's troubles. >> honestly, i don't think i got in trouble. but nothing really i can learn
5:41 am
from it, i knew what i was doing wrong at the time. it won't happen again. >> to the flyers in their thirds pre-season game getting ready for the regular season, wayne simmons looking great, that was one of his two goals on the night looking like he's in mid season form. the flyers beat the islanders four to zip. and in the nfl, the text and just took serious hit to their playoff hopes. jj watt secretary dollars to be put on the injured reserve list with back injury. the best by far defensive player in the game. might be done for the entire season. >> i'm sean bell. >> season down in houston after that. the the phillies opening series in atlanta last night, wet one, two rain delays, totaling more than two hours, have the teams playing late into the night. game got off to pretty good start. ryan howard hit his 15th career grand-slam in the first. man, hard to turn a pitch with
5:42 am
that in the strike zone. still do it, lauren dawn johnson. phillies would take six-one lead into the second, rain delay, in the fourth inning, it was all downhill from there. the braves will score for rounds in the sixth. too two more in the eighth. they go onto win, seven to six. down in atlanta. doing the tomahawk chop. >> i heard one of the best players in turner field. he'll close it out playing like that. >> another grand-slam. >> days at turner field. >> so they're moving to smyrna. >> does that make sense snow it would be like if the eagles, like voorhees. >> well that would be kind of cool. that's where the flyers have their practice, a loft eagles fans in voorhees. the voorhees eagles? you don't like that? >> you try campaign for that.
5:43 am
>> not going to happen. >> exactly up. >> 6ers have the new practice facility over in new jersey too. >> practice is practice. game days should be in the sit. >> i good point. >> just saying. >> after days of protest in charlotte, young girl breaks down expressing the grief and pain in her community. you have to hear what she has to say. it is coming up next.
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i think my strongest asset, maybe by far, is my temperament. i'd like to punch him in the face, i'll tell you. i would bomb the [bleep] out of 'em. i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go [bleep] themselves. get him out of here!
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get him out of here! get the hell out of here! priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. this wednesday morning, 5:45. temperatures right now upper
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40's still north and west, allentown, 48, 48 in pottstown mid 50's with millville, 58 in atlantic city. plan your day, hour by hour, by 8:00 a.m., temperatures up to around 60 in philadelphia. by lunch, upper 60s, but mostly cloudy skies, some drizzle, better chances for that rainfall as we move toward tonight. ultimate doppler dry, quiet, watching some clouds off to the south, also upper level low. that will help to enhance the rainfall chances. look how quickly the cloud cover rolls in, maybe little bit of drizzle, across the area, later on this afternoon, but look at tonight, watching a lot of the heavy rain move up from maryland, also the central part of the state it, could be heavy at times thursday and thursday into friday. we will continue to find some of that rainfall across the area. so look at the future rainfall
5:47 am
totals by 5:00 on friday. looking at 1 inch of rainfall on average some locations could close in on 2 inches, before all is said and done. watching this area of disturbed weather right now moving toward the leward island, high chance, that could turn into something tropical over the next several days. we will keep you posted. the seven day forecast, 75 for today, once again, clouds rolling in, spotty shower, some drizzle, most of the day is dry, and it is thursday into friday that you will really need the rain gear, across the area, bob kelly? >> have to wear my sponge bob square pants rain slick their on a thursday. 5:47. good morning, live look at the freeway, no rain slicker needed today. wipers getting little bit after breather here this morning, looking good on the freeway, 55, coming in from south jersey. hello northeast philly, starting to see some volume here. south on 95 into girard avenue. route 309, right near the turnpike, looking good. we are still dealing with some fog, out in like along the turnpike and 202.
5:48 am
patchy fog, out there, in chester county. get ready for some work coming our way right after the rush hour. northbound lanes of 95, the ramp to the blue route, two of the three lanes will be closed, with construction, crash out here montgomery township 309 at nap pike, still working inner driver between strale and rhawn. and lincoln drive, here is the deal, they've been working all week long down to one lane, got alert last night the work crew actually hit water main in that area. and they were going to close the lincoln drive for the morning rush hour all the way through the afternoon at gwen. so, get ready. if you are grabbing your coffee and keys and you're headed that way. take the detour, use wissahickon or germantown to kind of move yourself around from the gridlock, and if you are headed northbound, through the day, horter street is the way to go. guess who is coming to lunch? michelle obama today coming to lasalle university. twelve noon event motorcade madness during the later part of the morning, of course on the return trip when that event is over. chris, lauren, back over to
5:49 am
you. >> thank you so much, bob. now charlotte north carolina, police headquarters had to be evacuated. that after suspicious package was found inside the building, the suspicious package was found in the mail room around 5:00 last night, employees were forced out of the building for more than four hours, the bomb squad of course called n robot removed that package, police say, there was no phonecall or threat made to the department. and for the first time since the police shoot that killed keith scott, the charlotte city council held a meeting. it was a pack house. several people from the community criticized the mayor and city council mayors. some even called for the resignation of the mayor and the police chief. dozens every people spoke on police and race relations including little girl whose words are now making national headlines. we have black people and we shouldn't have to feel like. >> this we -- we do this because we need to and help it be right. >> the council set aside more
5:50 am
than two hours for the public to speak at that meeting, among the items some people demanded police released full tape of that fatal shooting. tennis star serena williams adding her voice to the number of athletes protesting police shooting. >> in can dad facebook post, how she fears for the safety of her 18 year old nephew saying, quote, i won't be silent. made references to catille's shooting in minnesota and said she worried that could happen to her family. >> so in the post she said she asked her nephew to drive her to run a few errands while she worked on her phone. at one point she look up, saw police officer, quickly checked to make sure her nephew was obeying the speed limit. serena said she immediately regretted not driving herself and was scared her nephew would be pulled over simply because of the color of his skin. she wrote that she would never forgive herself if something happened to him. she says it is sad that this is the way her minds has to work in 2016. i remember read that yesterday and thinking wow. because you don't think that when you are just hey can you take me to run a few errands,
5:51 am
and then you look up, something puts you in the mindset you start second guessing everything do you. >> putting myself in your shoes, what's your brother justin say about this? >> we talk about it all the time. i always try to tell people, i don't know what it is like to be a black man, so i think of my father and my brother immediately. so i ask them questions. it is just like it is scary to think leaving the house to go to the store you might not come home and you just don't know why. because of prejudices or, you know, people reacting just -- >> prejudices which know no boards err, which seems all over the country, and nothing to do with anything that's socio-economic, simply the color of your skin. >> alex holley joining us this morning. >> hi, alex. how are you doing today? >> doing all right. how are you? >> yes. >> good to see you. >> you road a rocket for four snores. >> six hours, that's always the question. >> coffee for shows like this. >> drink up. because we have to talk about this presidential debate that's of course in the books.
5:52 am
but, the pressure now on. can you feel it between hillary clinton and donald trump? so they're pulling out all of the stops hoping to change your minds and also sway the undecided out there. expect to see even more political adds, noticing them here too, leading up to the election, so later in the show how these ads are craft today affect you're motions and also change your minds about who you are going to vote for. >> every time i see or hear that from the beginning, wait, what did he say abouter? >> yes. >> so we will get into that, bring in an expert and evaluate those ads. what about this? local mom, raw emotions, she post today facebook. had throw children, every single one has autism. how she getting real in hoping to help other mothers. you will get to see what it is like to be a mother dealing with that. and then would you ever tell a bride where you want to sit at her wedding? >> what? >> you just got back from a wedding. >> i was a bridesmaid you. >> didn't come in and hold court and tell people where to
5:53 am
sit? >> i did what i was cold, i was dealing with a bridezilla organization, so yes, ma'am. >> rules are constantly changing what you thousand dollars whether it comes to seat requests. >> yes. >> how do you feel about this? oh, if i'm coming to your wedding, can i sit with so-and-so? can i bring my man? can you sit with me? >> oh, we'll talk about that, one of the hardest things, wherever one will sit. oh, that's a bad pairing. that won't go well. >> will they talk to each other? >> luckily the ones i've been to in attendance, they've done a good job pairing certain people at certain tables. yes. >> when i go i'm always at the singles table, it is so awkward. >> really? >> yes. >> but you can meet people. all dressed up, having few cocktails, food is good, music, a band? >> look at you. >> we know what you were looking at at the wedding, looking at the singles table. >> what am i, best friends bought a playboy playmate to my wedding. he was dating her. >> did that go over well?
5:54 am
>> for him? i'm hoping. >> did it steel the attention from the bride? that's what i'm wondering. >> okay. >> in the next hour, new details about the hours leading up to the death of marilyn's pitcher jose fernandez, the warning he was given before he went out on that boat.
5:55 am
5:56 am
the philadelphia bar
5:57 am
association holding free city-wide expungement clinic. that means, they'll help people who commit dollars minor crimes clear their records. it comes after the state passed a bill expanding criminal records, in pennsylvania. for many this means chance to pursue a job or house that would otherwise be unavailable to them. that will free clinic will take place on november 12th, at several locations in our city. next, on good day, the death after local boy, making national headlines, what happened with the halloween mask shortly before that teenager's murder. and, the campaigning continues after a record setting debate where you can catch the first lady in philadelphia today, campaigning for hillary clinton. valentine cane
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> the word wakes up mourning the loss of israel president shimon peres, died at the age of 93. how worlds lilled remembers responding to the news right now. and the campaigning continues after a record setting debate. where you can catch the first laid any philadelphia today. campaigning for hillary clinton. >> good day everyone, it is wednesday, september 28th, 2016. >> 88 million people watch that debate monday night. 88 million. >> that's a lot of people. not as many as the superbowl, but a records, so still big crowd,


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