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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  September 29, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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people started like panicking. >> there was loud bang. seemed leak it didn't stop and then the lights went out and then -- >> it's hard to imagine what those people felt on board that new jersey transit train this morning. not to mention those on the platform when the cars came crashing in. >> tonight one person is dead. 108 people are injured and hoboken terminal is slowly getting back to normal. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. our crews were on the scene shortly after the crash and we have team coverage tonight. dawn timmeney has been talking to local commuters in hamilton and trenton but we begin with brad sattin in hoboken tonight with what's happening right now. brad? >> reporter: lucy, this is still a very active scene behind me. they have been here obviously through the day. a lot of questions still need to be answered. we know for new jersey transit this is the fifth busiest station people come from all over from here they hop train or ferry to get over to new york city and as we mentioned this happened this morning around
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8:30 during the height of rush hour. new surveillance video of the train this morning nothing seemingly out of the ordinary. it was just after 8:30am the hoboken train station the end of the line but witnesses say the train never slowed down it. >> sounded like either a crash or an explosion then i saw this what looked like a giant flash of white light when i looked back and then i heard a ton of screams and everyone started running. >> we have multiple injuries. multiple critical injuries right now. the terminal is shut down. >> reporter: new jersey transit train which originated 35 miles north in spring valley, new york, crashed through the bumper careened off the track and slammed into the platform. >> what we know is that this train came in at a high rate of speed snoot station and crashed through all of the barriers bringing it right to the interior wall of the hoboken terminal. >> reporter: one person on the platform was killed by falling
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debris. >> i'm really thinking about the family that hoboken resident that we lost today. and really thinking about that family. >> reporter: 108 other people were injured most were in the first two cars of the train. >> that was live or death. there was no communication whether the train was actually going stop. we didn't know it collided. we thought something exploded. >> reporter: the engineer who was operating the train was also critically injured. he is at a local hospital and cooperating. >> the governors of both new york and new jersey vowed to work together to get to the bottom of why this happened but said for now it's too early to know. >> there's no real point as to speculating what happened. why did the train come in so fast. was there medical condition? what happened with the conductor? we have no idea. >> reporter: at least initially there's no evidence of terrorism. >> we have no indication that
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this is anything other than a tragic accident. >> reporter: now if there's any good news in all of this does it appear any of those 108 injured are dealing with life threatening injuries so some good news there. we know that the national transportation safety board and the federal railroad administration are investigating. in fact we're now hearing that the ntsb could be updating us with news conference in about 30 minutes. iain. >> brad, thank you. tonight the ntsb stepping a team to investigate this morning's deadly crash. they will start the process examining everything to try and figure out how and why that train crashed into the terminal. investigators will look at everything. the question will we be loo, at positive train control. absolutely. ptc has one much our priorities. we know that it can prevent accidents. whether it is involved in this accident, that is definitely one of the things that we will look at carefully. >> the ntsb has suggested that positive train control may have prevented that deadly amtrak
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derailment in philadelphia last year. eight people were killed in that accident. the train involved in today's accident did not have the technology it needs to be installed on us railroads by the end of 218. meantime a bit closer to home commuters are concerned tonight. >> that's especially the case at the hamilton, new jersey, train station and that is where our dawn timmeney joins us live. dawn, how has the crash impacted the ride there? >> reporter: well, lucy, it's been pretty busy here all day long. kind of business as usual. trains are running as usual. no big delays or any complications. still the hoboken tragedy has some a little bit nervous to hospital happen train. new jersey transit trains were rolling in and out of the hamilton train station pretty on schedule today. weighing heavily however on the minds of those taking the train the deadly crash at hoboken during the height of the morning rush. >> from what i've read, the train never slowed down. so that's really quite
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disturbing. >> reporter: anita, takes the train regularly to new york city for work. she says her first thought was it could be terrorism. >> i would say i probably most people in this area that commute to new york have been in a well-maintained state of anxiety since 9/11. i don't think it ever really goes away. this i hospital was some sort of tragic accident. not that that's good, but at least it's better than the alternative. >> reporter: authorities say there's no reason to suspect terrorism and that is a relief to jeremy rivera had takes the train three times a week to go to school in manhattan. >> i always think about with the bombings and, you know, this crash and stuff i always think about what may happen. i'm always kind of, you know, on point with everything going on it round me. >> reporter: news of the hoboken crash has left some rider as little leary today, most say they rely on the train to get where they are going and will continue to do so. >> i think the -- i take the train every day down here, and what are the odds it will happen twice in one day. the train did come in extra slow
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to trenton today than it usually does. >> it's sad. it's sad. it's a concern every single day. but, you know, still got to go to work. >> reporter: i think the one thing that commuters want who i talked to they want answers. they want to know exactly what went wrong so they can try to make some sort of sense of this tragedy. iain? >> all right. dawn, thank you. today's crash just the latest of deadly crashes in our area in recent years. of course, there was the crash of amtrak train 188 back in may of 2015. that train derailed in philadelphia's port richmond area. eight people died and more than 200 people were hurt. then in april of this year investigators say amtrak train 89 hit a piece of construction equipment on the tracks in chester delaware county. that crash killed two long-time amtrak workers. the federal railroad administration says there were 30 train crashes in pennsylvania between january and june of this year and 19 in new jersey. we of course will stay on top of this story on air and online.
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you can get the latest updates on you'll see the story right on the home page. blustery day as winnie poo might say. rain falling in your fox 29 weather authority. rain not the only problem. check out the choppy waters. fresco user carl found in little egg harbor township today. the potential for flooding looms for people along the coast. and we haven't even started talking about the winds yet. let's get straight to meteorologist kathy orr for what is going on. >> you know what, lucy, the wind is a big part of this puzzle. you have on shore wind at about 35, 40 miles an hour. the waves are building, and there are big concerns in cape may and also heading down toward the delaware beaches for flooding. coastal flooding at times of high tide and that's coming to night. look at all of this very heavy rain. slowly moving in land in philadelphia even seeing waves of heavier rain but the two counties i'm most concerned about sussex county delaware already seen inches of rape and also even into cape may. some concern there is. not just flooding because of the
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coastal wave action, but because of the heavy rain that's already fallen an additional rain that's going to come tonight. the flash flood watch has been extended into south jersey, 92 philadelphia and delaware counties. that's until tomorrow afternoon with a potential for two to four additional inches of rain where that heaviest rainfalls. georgetown, delaware, almost 5-inches of rain and more to come. dover over 2-inches lower accumulations as you head toward wilmington west toward lancaster and philadelphia just about a third of an inch. the winds incredible. persistent gusting to 33 miles an hour in philadelphia. dover gusting to 45 miles an hour. temperatures mainly in the 60s and that's the way they are going to stay right through the nighttime hours. that heavy rain will be moving through the region waves of it during the early evening and into the late night hours if you're going to the beyonce' concert tonight i expect winds gusting to about 35 miles an hour. temperatures very consistent and potential for a wave of heavier rain tonight so bring the poncho, be prepared. i'll see you later in the broadcast. >> sounds good, thank you very
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much, kathy. reading police made arrest in the murder of a teenager officers say 29-year-old avery val lean blair turned himself in for the murder of 16-year-old christian torres. police found torres' body sunday night. someone had stabbed him to death possibly investigators say in a dispute involving a halloween mask. veils have 99 bear faces first degree murder. >> surprising a announcement from police in wilmington, delaware. they say this woman, 27-year-old beatrice, ruiz is charged with arson and murder in the fire that killed two whim wilmington firefighters over the weekend. senior firefighter jerry fickes and lieutenant christopher leach died saturday when the floor of a burning home along lake view road gave way according to court documents ruiz told police she was drunk and on some anxiety medicine when she lit that fire in the basement because she was angry. memorial for both firefighter social security now set for saturday. but first tonight, a public
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viewing for senior firefighter fickes. fox 29's bruce gordon is live outside grace lutheran church in hokessin tonight where hundreds are paying their respects. bruce? >> reporter: yeah, lucy, the weather conditions out here probably fitting for what's going on behind me. the sky is gray and somber and that certainly is the mood out here as firefighters, police officials and on the first responders pay their respects to jerry fickes as you said 51 years old, 13 year veteran of the wilmington fire department who died along with his comrade christopher leach last saturday morning early in that house fire in which the floor collapsed several other firefighters badly injured in that blaze as well. obviously some added anger to the mix of sadness with the news that this was in fact a case of arson. as is often the case with these kinds of scenarios in which a first responder loses his or her life the community, that is, other first responders gather around and show the support that
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they can and the love and affection they have for their comrades really from all over the region and beyond. listen to this firefighter from boston. >> very common thing in the fire service to have firefighters come and support those that lost firefighters and that's what we're doing. we're here along with firefighters from all over the region and from many states that have come in just to pay respects. >> reporter: again, this viewing will run till 8:00 o'clock tonight. another one tomorrow afternoon and then a service for firefighter jerry fickes again the mood out here somber. but no doubt mixed with some anger over the news of this arson arrest. lucy? >> indeed. all right, thank you very much, bruce. it is the crazy video that is hard to wrap your mind arou around. surprise hitchhiker on new jersey road and now the woman who had to fight off this disoriented deer is sharing her story. >> people already voting for the neck president.
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hillary clinton is focusing in on one state in particular and donald trump has got his own strategy. and black guns matter. what do you know about your ritz to shoot a gun? >> assume and don't ask i can't help you. >> make sure everyone knows how to defend themselves.
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i think my strongest asset,
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maybe by far, is my temperament. i'd like to punch him in the face, i'll tell you. i would bomb the [bleep] out of 'em. i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go [bleep] themselves. get him out of here! get him out of here! get the hell out of here! priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> breaking news out of hoboken. difficult commute home for those who rely on new jersey transit in and out of that city. investigators are combing over the hoboken terminal after a
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train ran off the end of the track crashed and brought down parts of the terminal with it. one person is dead. more than 100 others are injured. the national transportation safety board is on the scene. too soon to determine a cause yet. but in a news conference today, governor chris christie says the train came into the station moving too fast. a man is dead after police say he went on a stabbing spree in the city's cobbs creek neighbor. >> and it ended when officers shot and killed that man. this played out last night on the 6200 block of hazel street. when officers arrived, they found an eight-year-old with his throat slashed. a 13-year-old had a stab wound. and police say the father of the eight-year-old was the attacker. they say the same man tacked two women inside a home along the 700 block of cobbs creek parkw parkway. one of them is in critical condition tonight. police say that they shot the man when he refused to show his hands. he was not armed at the time. he resign because of allegations of sexual harassment but tonight a lot of people are
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sun that the former head of the philadelphia parking authority stands to collect a six figure pension. ppa employees claim that vince fenerty sexually harassed them. the alleged incidents happened in the early 2,000s then again in 2014. the chairman of the ppa says the complaints were not in fenerty's human resources file so the philadelphia inquire sorry reporting fenerty still stands to get his $155,000 a year pension. you decide 2016. the two presidential nominees have exactly 39 days to convince voters they are the one that's right for the job, and they're hitting the trail harder than ever. fox's doug mckelway in wads with the very latest on the campaign trail. >trail. report. >> the people of new hampshire and everywhere else don't care about bernie any more because now they're looking to the future and the future is going to be something special. >> reporter: donald trump returning to the swing state of new hampshire today. the same state where he won his first ever political primary.
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trump's visit coming as he continues to fight back against criticism he did not prepare enough for his first debate monday night against rival hillary clinton. >> i had to put up with the anchor and fight the anchor all the time on everything i said. what a rigged deal. >> reporter: his running mate mike pence taking time away from his debate prep to defend his candidate' performance. >> you just got to love donald trump. all talk, no act, sounds good, never going to happen. >> reporter: meantime hillary clinton is back in iowa for the first time. since winning that state's first in the nation caucuses back in february. her visit coincides with the first day of early voting in iowa where the real clear politics average of recent polls has trump beating clinton by nearly five points. mrs. clinton laying out the stakes of november's election and urging those in the hawk eye state to vote early. >> we have 40 days to win an election that's going to affect the next 40 years of our count country. and you everyone of you can make the difference in this election.
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>> reporter: former secretary of state has been on the campaign trail every day since the debate with headlines speakers including president obama and his wife michelle obama as well as husband bill clinton and daughter chelsea. all being dispatched to help rally support for the democratic contender. in washington, doug mckelway, fox news. meanwhile a local restaurant is going above and beyond to honor our men and women in blue. lorenzo's cafe in philadelphia tacony neighborhood host add free lunch for 15th district officers and the restaurant owners invited everyone several people showed up just to say thanks to philly's finest. >> it's a great opportunity for us to show softer side when an officer, you know k also feel like -- the softer side of our job as well bridgin bridging thp with the community is always great thing. >> officers sailor ren so's holds several events for the community and police officers to come together every single year. you probably seen this incredible video out of new jersey. a woman hits a deer after that the deer runs back, clearly
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disoriented and tries to jump into her suv. >> well now that driver is talking about that crazy face to face. here's fox 29's brad sattin. >> reporter: patrolman nicholas austin is sure glad there's video because he thinks no one would have believed him otherwise. his dash cam -- he radioed in what he saw. >> witnessed a vehicle hit a deer. the driver went to open the door the deer ran back into the car. >> dear running into cars happens all the time but never literally running into cars. >> i have never seen a deer come back at a car and try to get in the person's vehicle. >> reporter: if you can't believe it, neither could ellen saeger she was behind the wheel. >> there was a lot of apetalies a lot of hooves and a lot of snorting. >> reporter: she hit the deer about 100 feet back but the buck didn't stop there. it somehow got up on to its feet and came at her all 200 pounds. >> i opened the door and he's literally right there and i just
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grabbed a hold of his antlers and put my foot in his chest to try to keep him from coming in more. >> i was thinking in it jump in the car, what do i do? if it starts coming after me, what am i going to do? >> on the hood here. >> reporter: ellen's car sustained a small dent on the outside and damage from the antlers on the inside. she walk away with some bums and bruises and sadly just out of view the deer died. >> last little bit of adrenaline once it finally collapsed on the ground it came to rest. >> reporter: watching the video together they still don't believe it. >> it's definitely a freak thi thing. >> as our brad sattin reports this is not austin's first end count with life live rot road. she was on motorcycle when her and an owl slided. she's also a park ranger. pennsylvania fiscal watch dog has some strong words for the ceo of a local charter school operator and plans increase scrutiny for the schools. pennsylvania auditor general will weigh in on fox 29
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investigation that we showed you earlier this month. jeff cole's report focused on aspire rah and sexual harassment brought by a former top educator settled and seal. we'll have full details tonight at 10:00. she work at chip hot pottily but tonight she's a multi millionaire. what the teen says happened to her in the restaurant and the big lawsuit she just one. >> eighth grader in trouble tonight. what someone found written on peace of paper that has people in his community scared. >> have you ever wondered why some people don't seem to age? scientists just made a break through that could be good or bad depending on how you look at it. ♪
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capitol hill day two of house hearing on wells fargo and what has happened with the bank in the past few months. the bank's ceo took the stand today over the company's sales practice. john stump apologized for the scandal in which employees secretly opened hundreds of thousands of accounts for customers. wells fargo has agreed to pay $185 million to settle the
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allegations that the bank's workers opened millions of accounts without customer's permission to reach aggressive sales targets. tonight we're learning new details about yesterday' shooting at an elementary school in south carolina. school officials say a teacher and two young students were walking out of the school for recess when the gunman shot th them. >> but that suspected teen shooter never made it inside the school. police say the teen shot his 47-year-old father jeffrey osbourne inside the family home and then according to investigators the teen drove a pick up to townville elementary school, crashed into fence and began firing. volunteer firefighter tackled him and held him until he was taken into custody. the teacher and one of the students shot were released from the hospital last night a six-year-old boy is still in critical condition. the teen's name and age have not been released. parents in idaho are very upset tonight after they say a school district is not taking threats seriously. students in one middle school say one of their classmates wrote a kill list with more than
5:26 pm
a dozen names on it. when students reported it to the principal, they say the school did nothing. >> principal came to the classroom. he pulled her outside the class, and then she told him that it was a joke. and then he just let her go back in the class. >> we get phone call back from them saying that the police were involved, they said it wasn't a credible threat and that was it, and that maybe next time they would think about ning parents. >> local reports say the school district has yet respond to do their requests for an interview. well, things did not look too good for a homeowner armed robbers tied up in his own home. but one of those robbers made a rather dumb and painful mistake. >> we are on top of breaking news in hoboken, new jersey, deadly train crash and the first questions includes what went horribly wrong. kathy. >> we're tracking the rain on ultimate doppler and you can see it moving toward the philadelphia area. the heaviest rain undoubtedly southern delaware and south
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jersey. we'll show was to expect and when the sun returns coming up with the seven day. when it comes to risking social security on the stock market...
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the accounts. collecting fees out of your social security that could... total billions. fees they collect, even if the market crashes and... seniors lose everything. pat toomey's looking out for wall street, not pennsylvania. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising. ♪ continue to follow the system that's dumping a lot of rain on us. the wind has been brutal, too. down the shore, some people could see flooding. how bad things could get and when they'll ease upcoming up in your fox 29 weather authority. now to our continuing coverage of the deadly train crash in hoboken. we just learned it was a 34-year-old woman who died and 108 others are recovering from
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injuries at the after that new jersey transit train crashed into the rail station at the lackawanna terminal in hoboken this morning. investigators developing into a went wrong. obviously a lot of questions and many more to come in the days and weeks ahead. >> to shed light on all of john behind a railroad accident investigation joins us on the phone. >> join, you're a former engineer. thank you very much for joining us tonight. >> clearly it's very early. but right now, what are investigators zeroing in on? >> well, obviously the first thing that jumps out to everybody why was this train exceeding the speed limit, and so whoever was at the controls, um, may have had some issues and so many different options there and obviously the concerns it sounds like early on is health condition of some sort, but again, this all boils down to the word preventive that just keeps popping up in everybody's interviews and everybody's
5:31 pm
statements. here we are with the fifth busiest hub in the united states for rail transportation, and we don't have positive train control. so it's a little -- i just don't understand it. >> john, let's talk about that, because obviously that's always been brought up that was brought up in that deadly amtrak derail in many philadelphia. recently here. i mean could ptc have helped today? >> you know, i would have to say yes right off the top. i don't know all the facts about what they did have in place. it sounded like they had a cap signal system which is just something that alerts the on board personnel of what signals may be coming up and what precautions should be taken, but that's still puts all in the hands of that one individual. and in this particular instance, the engineer is running from the end of the direction of movement but the engine is actually on the rear end of the train shoving the train. it's a push pull movement they use, and who knows if maybe
5:32 pm
somehow he didn't lose remote control corresponds with that rear locomotive. that's another option. i mean there's lot of options. >> right. >> so you can't point fingers at anybody right now. i wish the best for everybody. it's frustrating in you're the children of the 34-year-old mother who's not coming home tonight. the word preventible will still in your could have for long time if they come out tomorrow and say, yes, ptc would have prevented this. >> john, you brought up a point. aside from ptc, you've got one individual in charge of this enormous machine. so if something happens to them, something like this could happen, so of course an airplane, we have a captain and co-pilot. we have two people there. in case something happens. so do you think something like that on a train would help out? >> absolutely. you know, it's always the case four eyes are better than two. but in this industry, the
5:33 pm
workload is pretty concentrated. these guys have very rigorous schedules and lifestyles, and you have very -- large amount of rules to adhere to. you have structures out on the track you have to watch out for. you have signals to read and just a lot of thing going on, and i think, you know, me personally i do believe that it's too much for one person. especial whole you're transpor transporting 250 people at a time. i mean that's pretty crucial. >> all right. john behind we appreciate the inside and the time. >> well, thank you guys. >> you're welcome. of course, we'll be on top of this story. it's breaking right now. new details coming in left and right. we'll have a news conference very soon that we will break into as soon as that happens. for the very latest updates 24/7 go to you'll see the story right on our home page. >> let's get were tock your fox 29 weather authority now. i know kathy orr is checking on flash flooding going on. kathy isn't we're watching this really carefully. the two counties i'm very concerned about are sussex county, delaware, also kent
5:34 pm
county, delaware and now i'm watching cape may county just because of that persistent on shore flow and because of the rain that's fallen on top of the other heavy rain we've had over the past 24 hours. everything moving toward the north and slightly toward the west and a little bit of a break right here in central parts of burlington and also camden counties but that will be filling in once again. so as we take a zoom you can see the very heavy rain along the delaware beaches with gusty winds and this may just end up raining itself out like the focal points staying through cape may county, kent county and sussex county, delaware, because really that's where the bulk of it has been throughout the day and it really has not progressed northward that much. coastal flood warning in effect until 1:00 a.m. for coastal flooding at times of high tide along the shore between seven and 9:00 o'clock so street flooding is expected. live outside of our studios you can see some umbrellas some windshield wipers going at a moderate clip because of the rain that's falling out there right now. it is light. it's cool and it's very windy. temperature 63.
5:35 pm
the high for the day 65. but look at this sustained wind east northeast at 22 miles an hour. gusting over 30 miles an hour. so wind quite a factor out of the east northeast at 33 miles an hour in philadelphia. dover a persistent wind out of the east at 41 miles an hour. that's the way it's been all day and i do expect it to be that high this evening fox future cast does show some pockets of heavy rain during the period and this continuing to lift toward the north. possibly moving through philadelphia i kind of think we'll be on the light to potential moderate side for rain this evening. that's just about it with that heavy rain staying to the south. the very latest on hurricane matthew. this category one storm is moving west and that is expected to take a turn toward the north over the next couple of days into the weekend and head toward cuba as a very powerful and dangerous category two storm. when we add on the spaghetti plots it's very interesting where all of these hurricane models take the storm. heading up the eastern seaboard. so we'll keep a careful on on matthew into the middle to late
5:36 pm
period of next week. so for tonight in the city 60. 56 in the suburbs. rain some heavy additional accumulation of about one to 3-inches of rain where the heaviest rain falls. tomorrow 66 occasional showers and then slowly we see an improvement the atmosphere is kind of locked right now not much is going to change until an area of low pressure begins to move. some scattered showers saturday. still a chance of rain sunday. you see those temperatures inching up. monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, as long as that hurricane stays away, we'll see temperatures in the 70s and some sunshine. just the way it's supposed to be this time of year. we'll send it back to you. >> all right, kathy, thanks. continuing coverage now the deadly new jersey transit train crash national transportation safety board holding a briefing in hoboken. let's listen in. >> the canopy of the building is on top of the controlling car and water has been leaking all day. so there may be some structural damage and weakness.
5:37 pm
additionally because of the age of the building, there is the possibility of asbestos so there are concerns about that as well. a contractor will be coming in to remove parts of the canopy, and that's what the goal of making the area safe for our investigation activities to continue. once that is done, then we will be able to access the car, and we had continue our investigative process in that as spec. we can currently access the locomotive which is at the end of this train. and we'll be pulling the event recorder this evening. from the event recorder we hope to get information such as speed and braking. we know that there were three passenger cars and a locomotive in a push-pull configuration. the engineer was operating the train from the cab car also called the controlling car.
5:38 pm
we also know the train had outward facing video recorders on both ends of the train, and we also will be recovering both of those. the nts were will analyze the facts, determine the probable cause of the accident, and issue a report of those determinatio determinations. the investigator in charge i have with me here today and his name is mr. jim south worth he has 19 years of experience with the ntsb and over 35 years of experience with railway operations. he is leading a multi disciplinary group of experts. and they will be examining the following areas. operations, mechanical issues, human performance, signals, survival factors and track issues. in addition to our investigators, we also have our specialty lifts from our office of transportation disaster it is to assist those who have been
5:39 pm
affected by this accident. tomorrow morning we'll be holding an organizational mee meeting and we'll be stabbing the parties to our investigati investigation. the parties will provide the technical expertise we need for this investigation. tomorrow will also be our first full day on the scene. we arrived today. but i want to emphasize that we will only proceed when -- to inspect the cars when it's safe to do so. it may be tomorrow afternoon before we can safely do that. so we'll be proceeding with other aspects of the investigation in the meantime. >> all right. we're listening to the ntsb giving a life update on this morning's dead commuter train crash in hoboken. >> stay with us. we're back with more right after this.
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man punch add woman in the face outside a store in california and a camera caught it. >> want to warn you this video is tough to watch.
5:43 pm
assault stemmed from earlier argument between two strangers. the man was supposedly talking to a homeless man at some point during that conversation the woman intervened telling the man to leave the homeless gentleman a loan. the two later ran into each other in a store and the assault took place shortly thereafter. so far no arrests have been ma made. >> a judge has just awarded teenaged girl nearly $8 million and sexual harassment lawsuit against the fast food change chipotle. 16-year-old girl who we are not identifying because the court is calling her sexual assault victim landed her first job at a chipotle in texas. but her attorney says within weeks her supervisor was commenting about her body and touching her inn appropriately. he also says that she had sex with a 26-year-old manager. >> this happens so often. you have your children go into the work force. you think they're safe. but in the restaurant industry there's a higher percentage of females being violated sexually. >> the victim says she hopes
5:44 pm
speaking out will convince other sexual harassment victims not to remain silent. so have you ever wondered why some people don't seem to age? scientists just made break through that could be good or bad news depending on how you look at it. >> and black guns matter? what do you know about your rights to shoot a gun? >> if you assume and don't ask, i can't help you. >> how he's trying to make sure everyone knows how to defend themselves. tom? >> iain more words for the eagles today after a perfect three-zero september and an nfl player with a pay back for the ages. a fullback pays in full and in way you won't believe coming up later in sports. approve this message. i'd look her right in that fat ugly face of hers. she's a slob. she ate like a pig. a person who's flat chested is very hard to be a 10.
5:45 pm
does she have a good body? no. does she have a fat [expletive]? absolutely. do you treat women with respect? i can't say that either.
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♪ no denying the problem of illegal guns on city streets and the heartbreak that comes from them and so one north philadelphia man is trying to curb the problem through firearms education. >> he wants to change the way people think in the process. fox 29's hank flynn has the story. >> reach over top, slide. >> i was blowing off rounds at the gun range in north philadelphia the other day and i ran into the founder of black guns matter. >> if you assume and don't ask i can't help you of. if you ask me i can tell you black guns matter we are a firearms safety training organization going around the country ning the people about second amendment rights and how to defend and pro tuck themselves. >> reporter: he's a gun own they are from north philly whose license to carry his side arm he doesn't shoot on caimacam rah any more but he kept an eye on instructor james kelly mean as we took turns at target practi practice. [gunfire]
5:49 pm
>> he's self-imposed mission through black guns matter is teaching gun safety and the pathway to legal gun ownership. he's happy to teach anyone he says but he does focus on communities that he says are under informed on gun law. in other words he says the black community. >> i think a lot of times other organizations may have judged or even ignored our demographics. for whatever their reasons are we don't really care. we're going to use whatever resources are available to make sure that, you know, this group of american citizens are handled properly and very well informed. i think that's the basic difference between us and black guns matter and a lot of different organizations. >> reporter: here's the thing. it's not all about guns. the way he puts it guns are a commonality that spark a larger conversation. one about perception in the eyes of the law there's no difference between a legal gun owner in north philadelphia, black man like maj for instance and a legal gun owner anywhere else. but then people have
5:50 pm
preconceived goes. >> the people who has bias he is special physical they're into firearms we have a commonality. because if i say, hey i want my firearm even don't want anyone to take it they feel it's exact same way. now we can deal with the fact while me having firearm if it doesn't make you nervous why does it make you nervous. >> fair question and serious one, too, when you consider that maj has gotten death threats mainly he adds from people who don't understand what black guns matter stand for. now, as americans we know that the same laws apply to everybody or at least they're supposed to. so why does a guy from north philadelphia preaching gun legality stir up such a fuss? hit us with your answers at hang fox 2fox 29. or always fox 29 philly. >> turning to your health now, some anxiety down south. florida health officials have issued a mosquito born illness advisory after confirmed case of bendy fever admired in my ammo david county state department of health confirmed the case which
5:51 pm
is primarily spread through infected mosquitoes can cause flu-like symptoms and most of that goes away in two to seven days. health department officials say the infected person has gotten medical treatment is expected to fully recover. pregnant women should get routine blood pressure checks at every single prenatal tal visit that new recommendation comes from the us preventive services task force. the panel just updated its guidelines from 1996 when it recommended periodic blood pressure checks. the change comes from scientific evidence on the best way to defect pree clap see ya this lie blood pressure disorder in pregnancy effects nearly 4% of pregnancies in the us. it's an owe enormous problem if not treated. have you ever wondered why some people just don't seem to age? turns out, some of us actually do age faster and it's all in our dna like everything, right? international team of scientists discovered that 5% of the
5:52 pm
population ages at a faster biological rate than the rest of us. this means, well, a shorter life expectancy and you really can't do much about it. researchers say that while a healthy lifestyle may help you live longer, the way you naturally age means you just can't cheat death forever, duh. it all comes to an end. scientists say they have more research to do. all righty. so hundreds of people are coming together to make the world a better place with yarn. philadelphia council woman blondel reynolds brown host add it in in for the city's homeless children. isn't that cool? love it. volunteers from all over the city gathered at the school district of philadelphia headquarters on broad street. they knitted hats and gloves and scarves and blankets hopefully crochets were allowed i crochet. this is the 15th year of the incredible event. things didn't look good for a homeowner who been tied up by armed robbers in his own home. one of those robbers is about to make a stupid and painful mistake.
5:53 pm
>> continuing coverage of breaking news in hoboken. a deadly train crash and the first question and clues about what went so tragically wrong. >> and dash cam video shows a car on road. there's a mom and baby inside. something terrifying is happening. how an officer is about to risk his own live to save them. i think my strongest asset, maybe by far, is my temperament. i'd like to punch him in the face, i'll tell you. i would bomb the [bleep] out of 'em. i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody
5:54 pm
and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go [bleep] themselves. get him out of here! get him out of here! get the hell out of here! priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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sky divers in austria went for a record. create the world's largest swing. the adventure adventures from tl
5:57 pm
skydiving steam tied a swing between two hot balloo air ball. they jumped off and parachuted down the rest of the way. that's so cool. i know it's random but so wild. they're still waiting for verification to see if they broke the world's largest swing record. all righty. you can call them the gang that couldn't shoot straight. they were a pair of absent minded assailants who robbed a man at gun point inside his home in las vegas. >> that are plan to rob the guy was well didn't work out too well and involved their own actions which screwed the whole thing up. fox's adam herbert has the sto story. >> reporter: the man who his here says it probably all started because of his ferrari his garage door was open and then all of a sudden two men dressed in black robbed him at gun point. >> i'm scared as heck, you know, i got a shotgun in my face never
5:58 pm
experienced anything like that in my life. >> reporter: the robbers rummaged through the house for almost an hour and tied him up with computer cables and electrical tape. >> as i told him i didn't have anything. i got hit in the head with the but of a shotgun and i was told don't look at me. shut up and look at the floor. >> police say the robbers were stupid. especially because of what happened next on the way out. >> sloppy and everything. >> not very smart criminals. >> no. especially shoot yourself in the leg. >> reporter: yes, police think one of the guys shot himself and was dropped off at the hospital by his accomplice the second guy bounced but once the shotgun show she will was surgically removed the first suss spec was arrested. >> hopefully he'll him out and we'll get him too. >> that's when he got his license back. it was on the guy the whole time. >> when i think about what happened this morning i could very easily have been shot just because i opened my mouth. >> police have not identified the man they arrested they are
5:59 pm
still looking for his partner. ♪ people were screaming and... >> breaking news at 6:00. a deadly commute and devastating aftermath at a new jersey train station. >> the second half of the first car was completely destroyed. >> we pray for the family of the one fatality that we have confirmed. for her and for her family. >> what went wrong tonight the first clues in the investigati investigation. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this fox 29 news at 6:00. tonight at 6:00, terrifying moments on a train. >> it was not good scene. train was there and, you know,
6:00 pm
the ceiling is kind of collapsed on top of a portion of the tra train. >> lights went out and just didn't stop and people were falling over who were standing and the roof came down. >> twisted metal broken glass, people trapped and bleeding new jersey transit train crash sparking chaos and panic in hoboken this morning. >> 34-year-old woman from hoboken died. authorities say she was, 108 people are injured. the engineer was treated and released at a hospital and is cooperating with investigators and as the station slowly returns to full operations investigators are trying to figure out what went wrong. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. of course we've got team coverage tonight. dawn timmeney has been talking to local commuters in trenton and hamilton. let's begin tonight with brad sattin who is in hoboken with more information. brad? >> reporter: iain loft this new information is coming as a result of a national transportation safety board just w


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