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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  September 29, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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center of a deadly commuter crash. a woman accused of of starting a fire that killed two wilmington firefighters. what police say she confessed to. your news in 30 seconds. live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 10:00. shock in hoboken tonight investigators start to look for the reason behind that deadly
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rush hour train crash. they are still having a hard time get to go all the mangled wreckage tonight we're learning more about the engineer behind the controls when that train crashed. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. the engineer is 29 year new jersey transit veteran. he's out of the hospital tonight and talking with investigators and we now know 34-year-old fabiola bittar de kroon was the woman who died while she was waiting for the train. more than 100 others are injured though many of them are out of the hospital tonight. the train did not have positive train control. in fact, no nj transit trains have it. the transit agency has until december of 218 to install it on all of its trains. the investigation into the deadly tragedy is only just beginning. ntsb says there's work to do before its investigators can get a close look at the crash scene. chris o'connell is live in hoboken, new jersey torque night. chris? >> reporter: iain, lucy, federal investigators have arrived on scene here in hobok
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hoboken, new jersey, to try to begin to peace together what led up to this deadly train accident. one of the biggest clues they will get is an interview with that train engineer as you said that engineer released from the hospital tonight. >> extremely fortunate that i decided to go in to work earl daal. >> reporter: call it fate but if brendan mcclellan didn't leave for work a half hour early this morning, he would have been inside the hoax ken train station when the new jersey transit train 1614 crashed. >> it looked like something out of movie. you know, just all that kind of wreckage. you don't really think it's possible until it actually happens. >> reporter: the train from new york was pulling into the last stop at hoboken station about 8:45 but passengers say it didn't stop. the 100,000-pound train plowed through the bumper block going airborne crashing into the platform. >> the crash claimed the life of 34-year-old fabiola bittar de kroon of hoboken.
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killed by falling debris waiting for a train. 108 others were injured many of them critically. >> impact was so hard tonight the structural integrity of the building and asbestos issues are preventing recovery crews to access the crash site. >> the can nappy of the building is on top of the controlling car, and water has been leaking all day, so there may be some structural damage. >> reporter: tonight investigators are recovering the black box data recorder and front facing cameras that may store critical information. one thing new jersey transit tracks did not have, positive train control, a system designed to prevent accidents like this. >> the ntsb has been recommending positive train control or ptc for 40 years. we had look at that. >> reporter: tonight as commuters are using emergency schultz to get around most say the accident won't scare them away from their daily commute. >> it's just part of your every day live, but i mean, people are
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definitely probably nervous especially since it was pulling into the station. it's not like it derailed movi moving. >> reporter: now, we are learning more about the fatal victim tonight. fabiola bittar de kroon, she apparently moved here about a year ago from brazil to be here with her husband who taken a new job and apparently she had just dropped her one-year-old daughter off at daycare before coming to the hoboken train station. just a horrible story on that account. lucy. >> indeed it is. all right, chris. services slowly returning to normal tomorrow. all new york city bound trains including those on the atlantic city lines will operate on a normal weekday schedule. for everything else you need to know before you head out the door tomorrow, just log on to remember there have been recent crashes here recently. there was the crash at amtrak train 188 in may of 2015. that train derailed and philadelphia's port richmond
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area. eight people died and more than 200 people were hurt. in april of this year investigators say amtrak train 89 hit a piece of construction equipment on the tracks in chester delaware county. the crash killed two long-time amtrak workers. federal railroad administration says there were 30 train accidents in pennsylvania between january and june of this year and 19 in new jersey. as things begin to come back online in hoboken stick with for the breaking details as the investigation into why the train crashed continues. on to your fox 29 weather authority now. that rain is coming down out there tonight. it's been coming down all day. causing flooding in millsboro, delaware. some vehicles tried to drive through it. remember turn around don't drown this video sent in by fox 29 viewer. meteorologist kathy orr going tell us how much more rain we're in for. >> we can see another inch, maybe two in those persistent spots where we're seeing the heavy rain right now you can see on ultimate doppler catching a little bit of a break interior south jersey and in philadelphia
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but another wave of heavy rain beginning to hit the shore and taking a break in southern delaware but dover and wilmington will be seeing heavy rain again within the next half hour or so. through south jersey, seeing sporadic moderate to heavy rain where we do have flooding and as you see in philadelphia, the beyonce' concert going on catching a bit of a break. a very lucky break late in the concert. flash flood warning in effect for sussex county, delaware, really bearing the brunt of this storm the national weather service reports between lewes, delaware, and georgetown harbison reports of up to 12-inches of rain. most of the locations in this county between six and 12-inches of rain so that flash flood warning will continue until 5:30 tomorrow morning. never drive across road that is covered with water. still seeing those up tense wind gusts in wrightstown gusting to 30. atlantic city gusting to 33 miles an hour. so as we go ahead in time on our fox future cast a few more waves of heavy rain overnight then it becomes more showery for tomorrow morning's commute.
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still periods of rain but not as heavy as our system begins to weaken and cool temperatures continue. coming up we'll talk about when the rain finally comes to an end, and when the sun returns in your seven day. for now we'll send it back to you lucy. >> thank you very much, kathy. you can always use our fox 29 weather app to stay ahead of the storms and you're going to want to have it in the next few days. download it from the apple or google play stores. >> prosecutors have charged a woman after a fire that killed two wilmington firefighters. beatrice ruiz has been charged with arson and murder. senior firefighter jerry if he can kess and lieutenant christopher leach died saturday fighting a fire at a home on lake view road. according to court documents, ruiz told police she was drunk and on anxiety medication when she lit that fire in the basement because she was mad. meanwhile, friends, family and fellow firefighters are saying their final goodbyes. first of the events paying tribute to those fallen firefighters began this evening. senior firefighter jerry if he
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can kess, jr., family held a fewer tonight. emotions running high in that community. fox 29's bruce gordon has more from wilmington. >> reporter: gray skies matched the somber mood at grace lutheran church in a steady rain could have been mistaken for the tears that fell among those who came to mourn jerry fickes a firefighter who died doing what firefighters do. >> you always prepare fort wor worse. you never know when it's coming much it's a dangerous job. it happens. >> reporter: guess that doesn't make it any easier. >> new york it doesn't make it any easier. 51-year-old fickes died alongside 41-year-old christopher leach last saturday morning. when a floor collapsed be 19 them in burning row house in wilmington. four other firefighters were injured in a blaze now alleged to be arson. that news has added anger to the sorrow here. >> of course that hurts any time we go in there and risk our lives every day and for somebody to intentionally set a fire it's
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horrible. >> accidental fires you can kind of, yorks want to say forgive and forget but intentional fire makes things much more difficult. >> reporter: tougher to get over this? >> yes, yes. >> reporter: grace lutheran was fickes' church he worshipped here along with his wife and two sons. members say did he not just attend the church. he belonged. >> tell me a little bit about jerry. >> he's a great role model for all of us, always giving. always volunteering. >> throughout the evening they came from all over the region, all over the nation to pay respects and send a message that those who protect us protect each other as well. >> if this is really for the families, you know, to let them know that their loved ones lives meant something. report. >> that was bruce gordon reporting. two children and adult are in critical condition tonight after police say that a man went on stabbing spree in the city's cobbs creek neighborhood. it ended when officers shot and killed him. this all played out last night on the 6200 block of hazel
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street when officers got there, they found an eight-year-old with his throat slashed, a 13-year-old had a stab wound and police say the father of the eight-year-old was the attacker. they say the same guy attacked two other women inside a home along 700 block of cobbs creek parkway. one of them is in critical condition. police say they shot the man when he refused to show his hands. he was not armed at the time. philadelphia police arrest add man they say was behind the wheel of the truck that hit and killed a woman in holmesburg almost two years ago. 43-year-old christopher cook faces homicide by vehicle and involuntary manslaughter charges. police say he was driving the truck that hit and killed 33-year-old theresa posey along state road in december of 2014. investigators say anonymous tip led them to cook. reading police say 29-year-old avery veil 99 bear turned himself for the murder of a teenager. police found 16-year-old christian torres sunday night. someone stabbed him to death possibly investigators say in a dispute involving a halloween
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mask. the man faces several charges including first degree murder. september is a trains will return to regular weekday schedule three times after side lining more than 120 cars with structural problems. the transit agency's regional rail has been forced to run on a modified schedule since early july. it caused delays and headaches for commuters and dropped septa ridership regular weekday schedule officially returns this monday october 3rd. anger to from taxpayers who have just found out a man who resigned a mid sexual allegation social security getting a six figure pension. philadelphia inquirer worse fenerty still stands to get his $155,000 a year pension. he's the former head of philadelphia parking authority. at least ppa employees he sexually harassed them from the early 2,000 to 2014. the board chairman. ppa says the agency did not address the complaints earlier because they never made it into
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fenerty's human resources file. police were stunned at what they found locked inside a room at this woman's house. what was so horrible that it landed her in jail. things didn't look too good for a homeowner armed robbers him tied up in his own home. one of those robbers made a rather dumb and painful mistake. >> and this army soldier has found new way to deal with stress and she's using dolls but she's not playing with them. how her love for dolls is bringing tears to the eyes of others.
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♪ you decide 2016. the presidential candidates have exactly 39 days to convince voters they are the right one for the job. donald trump returning to the swing state of new hampshire today. trump's visit coming as he continues to fight back against criticism he didn't prepare enough for his first debate on monday night against his rival hillary clinton. meanwhile clinton was in iowa today. her visit cohen sides with the first day of early voting there. >> i had to put up with the anchor and fight the anchor all the time on everything i said. what a rigged deal. >> are you ready to go to the polls? >> yes! >> well, luckily in iowa you can start today. >> donald trump set to hold rally in maneheim, lancaster county saturday. >> new chapter in a fox 29 investigation. the operator of several area
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chapter schools -- charter schools supported with your tax dollars will get a hard look from pennsylvania fiscal watch dog after fox 29 investigation. >> the auditor general has strong words for the group's e he will. here's our jeff cole. >> you paid her -- your insurer paid her $350,000. she said you sexually harassed her. did you sexual harass her. >> sir -- >> did you sexual harass her. >> i can set up a meeting sir. >> after viewing our fox 29 investigation revealing city charter school operator aspira settled and sealed a sexual harassment claim made by a former top educator against its ceo pennsylvania's fiscal watch dog was blunt. >> should he continue to work for this entity that oversees charters in this city after this situation? >> i believe the answer to that is no. >> reporter: you believe they should have fired him. >> yes. >> alfredo calderone who earns over $200,000 year wall not fired. he's remained the leader of the non-profit which receives tense
10:16 pm
of millions in tax dollars to run five charter schools. fox 29 investigates learned the details of the $350,000 payment to aspira's former chief academic officer evelyn nunez after the in that-profit was sued by an insurance company for non-payment of a bill. >> why did you settle $350,000 sexual harassment case with ms. nunez? >> i understand. >> did you harass her. >> sir, i can't -- >> you can tell me about it. >> i can set up a meeting with you. >> that meeting never happened. instead aspira spokesperson kevin feeley wrote we would very much like to share the details of the case but are prohibited under the terms of a strict confidentiality agreement adding under mr. calderone's leadership aspira hired women in leadership positions and has a strict no tolerance policy with respect to discrimination of 93 kind. in a recent dear colleagues letter sent to employees and obtained by fox 29 the board chair of aspira and aspira's
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schools wrote the ceo calderon had the full support and confidence of board members and continued we won't let disruptions from outside parties get in the way of this important work. >> pennsylvania has the worse charter school law in the united states. >> the auditor general says pennsylvania's charter school law needs to be reformed to force charter school operators like aspira to open up about its practices and be subject to the state's open records law. fox 29 investigates made an open records request for any cements aspira has made similar to what it did with nunez. aspira is fighting it claiming it is not a public agency. but there is something depasqualely can do. >> do you think you need to get to them now in terms of your awed ability. >> we met about this issue earlier this week and we'll be bumping up schools in early part of next year to make sure we have a thorough audit of some of these entities. >> based on what you've seen. >> correct.
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>> you want to look at them harder based on what you've seen in that report. >> absolutely. aspira tells fox 29 it is regrettable that the auditor general would reach conclusions based on television news repor reports. it says consistently receives clean audits and will work with the auditor general. as for that dear colleagues letter, aspira says it accurately describes what it believes are politically motivated attacks on aspira and calderon. jeff cole, fox 29 news. northeast philadelphia restaurant served up a special meal all in the name of helping community police relations. lore haven't so's cafe in philadelphia' tas coney neighborhood host add free lunch for 15th district officers. the restaurant owners invited of one several people showed up just to say thanks to philly's finest and for officers it's a chance to show a different side of who they really are. >> across the country there's lot of negative recourse going on with law enforcement, and the communities they're dealing with every day, and i think that when you build those gaps and start
10:19 pm
fresh and invite the community in with every day working environments with the officers it builds that partnership and it's a great tool and recipe for success. >> officers sailor ren so's holds several events for the community and police officers to come together every year. police are looking for this guy after they say he broke no a body shop but he's not only facing burglary charges. what he did to the cars were he got inside. you can watch the super bowl on fox in february but what if you can spend the night in the stadium before the big game? how you can along with some pretty special company. >> that looks pretty cool. >> and heavy hearts in miami today as family and teammates sadly said goodbye to marlins pitcher jose fernandez. a quick look at tomorrow's traffic. rain going to cause delays tomorrow for the rush hour in the morning. bob kelly will check the wet and soggy jam cams plus great nouse
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for septa regional rail passengers. bob will have all that and more bright and early for you tomorrow morning beginning at 4:00 a.m. ♪
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i think my strongest asset, maybe by far, is my temperament. i'd like to punch him in the face, i'll tell you. i would bomb the [bleep] out of 'em. i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go [bleep] themselves. get him out of here! get him out of here! get the hell out of here! priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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>> now your winning lottery numbers. ♪ the quintessential hero and tonight we're might meeting the man who prevent add tragedy from becoming even worse. this is volunteer firefighter jamie bock from townville, south carl. police say he tackled the teen accused of of shooting two students and a teacher outside townville elementary school. one of those students and the teacher are out of the hospital. the other six-year-old boy remains in critical condition before heading to the school police say the teen shot and killed his father at their home. tonight case of elder abuse that is making national headlines. >> and the buser in this case police say is the spouse. this is just bizarre. prosecutors in greenwood, indiana have filed list of charges against 69-year-old darlene dickinson.
10:24 pm
they say she locked her husband in room for two years leaving him in filth and excrement. a concern neighbor eventually led investigators to the house. she went to the window and was able to talk to him and he told her his wife took his prosthetic leg with her when she left the house to prevent him from leaving. but in may he made an escape. >> he had a t-shirt on just covered in food, bugs, um, had diaper on and he had feces from his head to his toes. and all he really said was, she was a mean woman. >> court documents say the victim weighed 100 pounds and was malnourished when he was removed from his home. he's now living with his son and he's regained about 30 pounds. some tense moments today in the nation's capitol as the ceo of wells fargo take the shot hot seat during a hearing. he testified about the sales
10:25 pm
practices in employees who were allegedly secretly opening hundreds of thousands of accounts for customers without their knowledge. stomach if apologized while lawmakers grilled him. >> i am deeply sorry that we failed to fulfill our responsibilities to our customers torque our team members and to the american public. >> you clearly have failed. you clearly failed in your own ethical standards internally. you have broken and your company has broken long-standing law. >> wells fargo agreed to $185 million to settle allegations that the bank workers those accounts without customer permission to reach aggressive tails tack tis. what had fans lining up to see bruce springsteen today. the investigation continues into that deadly train crash in hoboken. what federal investigators still can't do yet. and what it's like to be an
10:26 pm
american on an american street? hank nine pulls up a chair and gets to know the neighborhood. that's coming up on fox 29 news at 11:00. >> our kathy orr is tracking your forecast. >> i like that picture of the sunshine. you won't see that for while you can see on ultimate doppler that spin over cincinnati that's that upper level low keeping the rain over us. i'll show you when it finally moves out and the rain ends coming up.
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does pat toomey speak for you? i also want to thank the nra for it's, uh, strong support for my campaign. pat toomey: he opposes an assault weapons ban and got an "a" rating from the nra. "i have had a perfect record with the nra." and on women's health? "i would support legislation in pennsylvania that would ban abortion, and i would suggest that we have penalties for doctors who perform them."
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pat toomey: does he really speak for you? senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> how did an nj transit train plow into the station in hoboken, new jersey? that is exactly what the national transportation safety board is hoping to figure out but that investigation could take quiet sometime. investigators can't even get close to the wreckage until that damaged train station is secured. fox 29's chris o'connell has been following the investigation from hoboken. chris? >> reporter: iain, those investigators with the national transportation safety board arrived on scene.
10:30 pm
they are here. they will be here through the night. the goal of those investigators tonight is to get into the locomotive of this train and recover the black box data recorder and video from the front facing cameras to try and figure out what caused this deadly crash. now we are learning tonight the victims the fatal victim in this a 34-year-old young mother fabiola bittar de kroon of hoboken. she was killed by falling debris waiting for a train. more than a hundred other commuters were also injured. many of them critically. this happened when the new jersey transit train from spring valley, new york, did not break when it approached the station according to passengers. instead that train came barreling into the station careened off the tracks and into the station platforms and support walls. what is not clear is why the train did not stop. the engineer of that train who was also injured has been released from the hospital tonight.
10:31 pm
investigators have not been able to interview him. >> looked like something out of a movie. you know, just all that kind of wreckage you don't really think it's possible until it actually happens. >> it's just part of your every day live, but i mean, people are definitely probably nervous especially since it was pulling into the station. it's not like it derailed movi moving. >> reporter: now the ntsb says the recovery has been slowed tonight because of the structural integrity of this very old historic hoboken train station. there are water issues as well as asbestos issues. they plan to be here over the next seven to 10 days. they said hopefully sometime after that they will have some sort of cause as to what caused this crash. iain? >> all right, chris, thank you. today train crash in hoboken had lot of commuters right here in philadelphia nervous. some people head out of philadelphia's 30th vote station to hop on to new jersey transit trains. >> fox 29's dawn timmeney has more tonight on the mood of
10:32 pm
those commuters as they traveled home. i was a little apprehensive after i seen it on the news. about getting on the train. >> dennis dubois like many riding new jersey transit trains today is feeling a little anxious after an njt train slammed into the hoboken station this morning. >> wonder wagon caused it, you know, you always questioning that, you know. >> reporter: authorities are still early in the investigation, but say the train was traveling too fast and don't suspect terrorism. that was a neat today,'s peer when she heard of the deadly crash on the crowded train during rush hour it. >> always makes you, um, nervous and anxious, and i would say probably most people in this area that commute to new york have been in a well-maintained state of anxiety since 9/11. i don't think it he have really goes away. >> reporter: michael marino was traveling from new york city back to new jersey with his family this afternoon. hoboken tragedy was definitely on his mine. >> we were traveling with our son, and we were a little nervous about how it was going
10:33 pm
to work out. >> reporter: he says fortunately it was a smooth and safe ride home and says this not deter him from traveling by train. >> i hope that we find out that there's some things that can be fixed to prevent something like this from happening again. obviously it's a terrible tragedy but taking the train is a necessity. >> reporter: many of the injured were traveling in the front train cars which had hector considering where he would sit today. >> i was thinking about it this morning. i usually sit on the quiet train, the first train but it's a concern. but still got to go to work and i still going to sit on the front train. >> reporter: dawn timmeney, fox 29 news. >> philadelphia police node your help finding the guy in this surveillance video setting a garage on fire. this was inside the phil moment auto body along west ashdale street in olney. police say on september 19th a guy made his way inside around 5:00 in the morning poured gasoline all over then lit it on fire. luckily it did not hurt anyone. the philadelphia children's
10:34 pm
alliance opened its doors tonight to show the public how it helps abused children. the center in hunting park partners with the children's hospital of philadelphia and saint christopher's hospital for children to staff it the children's allies says the city deals with 3,000 report of child sexual abuse every single year. the pca helps bring healing to and justice for those children. there were heavy hearts in miami today as family and teammates said goodbye to marlins pitcher jose fernandez. >> and you can watch the super bowl on fox in february. what if you can spend the night in the stadium. how cool is that looking right? and then saw the big game. how you can with pretty special company. >> things didn't look good for a homeowner. armed robbers him tied up in his own home. one of those robbers made a dumb and painful mistake.
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i think my strongest asset, maybe by far, is my temperament. i'd like to punch him in the face, i'll tell you. i would bomb the [bleep] out of 'em. i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them
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to go [bleep] themselves. get him out of here! get him out of here! get the hell out of here! priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. ♪ boss paid visit to the streets of philadelphia. bruce springsteen made a stop in
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the parkway central library along vine street. he met with fans who were in line to get a presigned copy of his new book "born to run" despite the rain hundreds waited in line to get up close look at the music legend n your money, one hotel is offering free sleepover at the super bowl. in february the courtyard marriott will choose winner for sleepover with an nfl star, hmm, competition. the competition -- i don't know. the competition will let a lucky super bowl fan head to bed and wake up inside the stadium. they are transforming a stadium sweet into a luxurious hotel room. for more information or to enter log on to the super bowl airs right her on fox sunday, february 5th. beyonce' is performing right now at the linc in south philadelphia. but performing in front of of tens of thousands not the only thing that's keeping her busy.
10:39 pm
tech crunch is reporting she's invested in an app called side step it let's people who go to concerts buy merchandise before the show it's ready for to you pick up once you get to the stadium or wherever the concert is. beyonce' reportedly put up bough about 150 thus san dollars. nevada man is thankful to be alive tonight after he says two guys broke into his home and robbed him alt begun point. >> police found one of those guys quickly. he botched his own robbery. the man who lives in this las vegas home says it was the ferrari in his garage that likely drew in to two men dressed all in black. they barged into his home earlier this week tied him up and held him at gun point. they took some of his stuff including his driver's license. but on the way out cops say one of the robbers shot himself in the foot and they arrested him at a local hospital. >> hopefully his partner will dime him out and we'll get him in custody too. in when i go and think about what happened this morning i could have very easily been shot. >> by the way that home own are in was able to get his license
10:40 pm
back since it was on the robber at the hotel. soldier found new way to deal with stress and she's using dolls but she's not playing with them. how her love for dolls is brin bringing tears to the eyes of others. kathy orr is tracking that forecast. it's a biggy. >> yes, waves of rain continue across the region. another wave moving on shore down the shore into interior south jersey, philadelphia seeing a few showers but this will weaken as our storm pulls away. i'll show when you the sun returns with the seven day when we come right back.
10:43 pm
>> emotional day for family, friends and the marlins organization as they bid a final farewell to pitcher jose fernandez. private funeral service being held today for fernandez who was killed in a boating accident over the weekend. hundreds filled the service at a church in miami to pay trick to the baseball super star. authorities continue to investigate the cause of that fatal crash. people in high stressed jobs often take relaxing hobby to balance out their lives. >> our joyce evans shows us one local woman's love for people extends from serving our country to saving broken dolls.
10:44 pm
♪ >> reporter: army sergeant valerie moyer tough as nails. she's in the pa national guard. >> we do what we do because we love our country. >> reporter: military through and through. for nearly 25 years. >> and that attachment is really strong. >> reporter: but this no-nonsense soldier has another love. unbrokable attachment to dolls. >> i play with dolls. >> ♪ >> reporter: so she has her entire live. >> i never really grew up let's say when it comes to doll play. >> that's better. eyes wide open. i like that. >> reporter: she likes all kinds of dolls. >> you can talk to them. you can play with them. no harm. >> reporter: even if they have trouble sometimes following orders. >> listen, you chicks stand there. nobody told to you move. >> reporter: the sergeant collects all shades of dolls
10:45 pm
from all periods of time. >> isn't it cute? >> reporter: she's got brides. some blushing and some maturing. >> dolls are everywhere. >> you like them all, don't you? >> not all. oh, no, no, no,. there's some dolls i do not like. there are some dolls i do not like. >> reporter: their names and locations classified. >> i care enough. >> reporter: to mess with or not she first learned that from her grandmom. >> she was a doll collector. >> reporter: a collection she and valerie maintained well. >> we fix their hair, comb them all this kind of good stuff. >> reporter: in time she not only main taped her grandmom's on her own incredible doll collection, word spread that she knew a thing or two about reviving dolls. >> fix one person's doll they'll tell someone else who tells someone else who tells someone also. >> reporter: valerie had to build this doll house/doll hospital right next door. >> i needed something.
10:46 pm
it was taking over the house. charleston south carolina. >> reporter: boxes and boxes of broken babies many pulled from damp basements. >> this little girl she needs to be restrung. >> reporter: hot attic spaces. >> valerie moyer. >> reporter: now being shipped to her in the jones town country side. does with by. >> reporter: that's where the doll dr. reports for duty. >> she needs to have her head put back in place. >> reporter: they come in contracted, faded, tattered little figures. some treasured, most neglected. this little girl right here would have been done back in about 1920 or so. >> reporter: or they simply aren't wearing their age very well. parts are important. got to have the right ones. >> if all the parts that were i've got parts. >> reporter: creeper. >> lot of repairs are slow tedious process. it can require quite bit history, skill and safety. >> you're dealing with materials that can be somewhat hazardous.
10:47 pm
so do you have to be careful because once you start getting in that, you never what you'll get. >> reporter: while most are rare and quite valuable, it's not the monetary value of a doll that drives her to help. >> the dolls that are valuable are the ones that were someone's play toy that was gemmily used that they love. >> reporter: rarely does she meet a doll she can't save. >> i'm at 895. >> reporter: eight knife revivals? >> yes. >> reporter: but there are some like wanda here rest in peace. she'll be buried with her skates on. valerie operates along with rex, pepper and the doll to keep her company. >> the dolls are a way to kind of just get away. >> reporter: reborns by valeries. >> this is one of the little ones that i created. poor baby. >> reporter: but the main mission for her customer social security to renew, not completely redo. >> i get tears. i get hugs. i get down right crying people.
10:48 pm
that to mow is the most satisfaction. >> reporter: sergeant moyer is just about to hang up her uniform and devote more time to her precious patients. >> will the doctor always be in. >> the doctor will be in by appointment only. >> reporter: joyce evans. >> -- i love it. >> it's so much fun. >> reporter: -- fox 29 news. how fantastic. all right. your fox 29 weather authority right now. you know what, not even the rain and the chill and the air could stop the beehive tonight. beyonce' -- >> wow! >> look at that kathy orr. >> unbelievable. >> beyonce' fans out in formation tonight at the wells fargo center for her formation tour and kathy you predicted they would need those rain ponchos. oh, yeah, you were right. >> yeah. i told jenn fred she's been tweeting mow all night. oh, no. beyonce' stop the rain and it did stop for period of time and we have one more shower going through right now at the linc it is dry.
10:49 pm
there's just little bit of a mist in the air but who cares? what a show. on ultimate doppler we are looking at rain moving ashore especially down the jersey shore along the expressway and of course the garden state parkway upper township middle and in cape may all this moving toward the west into cumberland county and atlantic county. catching a little bit of a break. final until sussex county through part of the county, lewes and frankford still seeing patches of rain and this is the doppler radar estimate. i haven't seen anything likeness any really long time. really focused in one county. sussex county, delaware, bearing the brunt of this storm. we talked about it earlier. harbeson between lewes and georgetown the bulls eye doppler radar estimates about 12-inches of rain there and that was from the national weather service as well. where you see the orange about 4-inches. millsboro eight to 10-inches there. in seaford 8-inches where you see the red. just enormous amount of rain, of course, flooding is continuing as we speak so please never drive across road that is
10:50 pm
covered with water. current wind gusts right now in philadelphia we're gusting to 28. 32 in wilmington. 30 in wildwood and 33-mile an hour gusts out of the east in atlantic city. coastal flood warning continues for the jersey shore. the delaware beaches and the bay till the early morning hours. a wind advisory for the beaches as well. for winds gusting to 45 miles an hour through tomorrow morning. after we get through this storm that's really not going to lose its grip on our region until about monday all eyes will be on hurricane matthew right now maximum hurricane strength is at about 75 miles an hour with the wind moving west but and that taking a strange northerly turn very abruptly and it will have its eyes on cuba. then watching all of the models our spaghetti plots going across cuba and then moving toward the east coast. so we'll keep a careful eye on the forecast as we move into the beginning to middle period of next week. overnight tonight in the city, 60. 56 in the suburbs. rain some heavy but as our storm system continues to weaken,
10:51 pm
we'll see that become more showery during the day tomorrow. occasional showers for your friday. windy still with winds gusting to 30 and temperatures still only in the 60s as we end the month of september which has been very warm month. on your seven day forecast, for the temple game scattered showers 72 on saturday. sunday still a chance of rain but warmer temperatures. and then we slowly dry it out monday more sun. tuesday pleasant. wednesday and thursday right now look dry a mix of sun and clouds for your wednesday. the temperature 70. the morning low 58. thursday dry and pleasant the temperature 70 degrees. finally we will be getting out of the rain, wow. pretty incredible. tom good football weather by sunday. >> i'm sure you phillies fans have done it once or twice. you can all relate to heckling because you all know you've done it. it actually paid off for a fan at the rider cup in minnesota today. we'll explain and mike tolbert of the carolina panthers pays his bills and does it promptly and on time. but in a way you won't believe.
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that's coming up next in sports.
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does pat toomey speak for you? i also want to thank the nra for it's, uh, strong support for my campaign. pat toomey: he opposes an assault weapons ban and got an "a" rating from the nra. "i have had a perfect record with the nra." and on women's health? "i would support legislation in pennsylvania that would ban abortion, and i would suggest that we have penalties for doctors who perform them." pat toomey: does he really speak for you? senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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♪ phillies playing final road game of the season tonight down in atlanta against the braves. now don't tell me they don't care phillies have given up 36 runs the last three games. doesn't sound like they did. they called players only meeting last night to finish the four game the right way. they were tied one-one in the
10:55 pm
eighth and matt kemp whose been pretty good for the braves since he came up from the padres gives the braves a two-one lead and this is how bad things have gotten for the phillies. down three-one now. you got it, i got it, nobody has got it. in right field two more score. braves on the beat the phillies final score five to two. so for the record the phillies finish 2168 games on the road than they did a year ago. another day and yet another honor for eagles quarterback carson wentz. today was nfl rookie of the month for his three-zero september. carson threw five touchdowns and three wins another good number for him of course no interceptions. on the side of the bowl fletcher cox living up to that $100 million deal he sign in the off season. cox named nfl defensive player of the month. 11 tackles, three sacks and forced fumble in the month of september. how about this at the rider cup today it starts tomorrow a couple of europeans are struggling on the eighth hole. an american heckling them. you know what hendricks says
10:56 pm
come down tough guy. you make the putt. david johnson from north dac gets 100 bill placed on the course right here. and guess what he does? winds up, sticks the 8-foot putt right here. a moment fort americans tomorr tomorrow. >> mike tolbert is a tough guy. fullback fort panthers don't do him wrong. business in charlotte did and paid the price. or actually mike tolbert paid the hard way. tolbert and auto body shot got into fight over work done to his car. in the end tolbert decided to pay and he did but the auto shop wouldn't accept check. so mike tolbert paid three thus sap $943 and 33 cents in coins. >> pennies, nickles, dimes, quarters everything. i didn't even care. i didn't care one bit. i took a truckload of it and put it right in their way and i got my car. >> what did they say? >> they was upset. sit there and count basically
10:57 pm
four grand in coins. you'd be mad, too. >> i'd be mad. >> he paid the bill. >> they'll take the money. >> accounts uming up at 11:00 we're top of deadly train crash in hoboken. what officials have learned and what's in store for commuters and your wake operated weather and seven day forecast all coming up in the first five minutes.
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♪ live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11. another train crash. more lives shattered and investigation opened while many people struggle to cope with what happened in hoboken, new jersey darks. investigators are just beginning to figure out what went so tragically wrong. a new jersey transit train careened off the tracks and on to the terminal's platform during the height of rush hour. hoax ken lackawanna station one of the busiest in the state ton night we've learned more about both the victim who died and the train's engineer. good evening, i'm lucy noland. authorities say 34-year-old fabiola bittar de kroon was on the platform head to go her job at a software company when the train kareened into the station. she died. more than 100 others are injured. many of them are out of the hospital tonight. the train did not have


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