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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  September 30, 2016 3:30am-4:01am EDT

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♪ live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11. another train crash. more lives shattered and investigation opened while many people struggle to cope with what happened in hoboken, new jersey darks. investigators are just beginning to figure out what went so tragically wrong. a new jersey transit train careened off the tracks and on to the terminal's platform during the height of rush hour. hoax ken lackawanna station one of the busiest in the state ton night we've learned more about both the victim who died and the train's engineer. good evening, i'm lucy noland. authorities say 34-year-old fabiola bittar de kroon was on the platform head to go her job at a software company when the train kareened into the station. she died. more than 100 others are injured. many of them are out of the hospital tonight.
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the train did not have positive train control. in fact no nj transit trains have it. the transit agencies has until december of 218 to install it on all of its trains. now before ntsb investigators can even get up close to most of that train, crews need to secure the station. the impact of the train sent parts of the building's roof crashing down and asbestos among other things is a big concern. fox 29's chris o'connell is live in hoboken, chris, a long night ahead for crews there. >> reporter: that's right, lucy. federal investigators with the ntsb are on scene here in hoboken. they will begin the long task of figuring out what caused this deadly crash. men while, this train station you see behind me still very an active scene. people who use this station every day very busy station right across the hudson river from manhattan are still stunn stunned.
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>> call it fate but if brendan mcclellan didn't leave for work a half hour early this morning he would have been inside the hoboken train station when the new jersey transit train 1614 crashed. >> it looked like something out of a movie. you know, just all that kind of wreckage you don't really think it's possible until it actually happens. >> reporter: train from new york was pulling into the last stop at hoboken station about 8:45. but passengers say it didn't stop. the 100,000-pound train plowed through the bumper block going airborne crashing into the platform. the crash claimed the life of 34-year-old fabiola bittar de kroon of hoboken. killed by falling debris waiting for train. 108 others were injured many of them critically. the impact was so hard tonight the structural integrity of the building and asbestos issues are preventing recovery crews to access the crash site. >> the canopy of the building is on top of the controlling car,
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and water has been leaking all day. so there may be some structural damage. >> reporter: tonight as many commuters are using emergency shuttles to get around, most say the accident won't scare them away from their daily commute. >> it's just part of your every day live, but i mean, people are definitely probably nervous especially since it was pulling into the station. it's not like it derailed movi moving. >> reporter: now, investigators with the ntsb are right now in the process of trying tore treat the black bock data recorder as well as video from the front facing cameras. all in efforts to try to piece this altogether, lucy? >> going to take while thank you much chris. closer to home the crash has most definitely been on the minds of commuters. new jersey transit trains were rolling in and out of the hamilton train station pretty on schedule today. while authorities say they have no reason to suspect terrorism, many people are still thinking about it. >> i would say probably most people in this area that commute to new york have been in a
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well-maintained state of anxiety since 9/11. i don't think it he have really goes away. this i hope was some sort of tragic accident. not that that's good, but at least it's better than the alternative. isn't nj transit has live updates on its trains on the agency's twitter page. now today's crash is just the latest of deadly ones in our area in recent years. in may of 2015, amtrak train 188 derailed in philadelphia's port richmond section. eight people died. more than 200 were hurt. in april of this year, investigators say amtrak train 89 hit a piece of construction equipment on the tracks in chester delaware county. two long-time amtrak workers died. the federal railroad administration says pennsylvania saw 30 train accidents between january and june of this year. new jersey had 19. as things start to come back online in hoboken stick with fox for breaking details as the investigation into why the train crashed continues.
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your fox 29 weather authority in a dark and stormy night. a windy wet day will give way to another one tomorrow. jacket and umbrella highly recommended when you head out to work in the morning. the rain isn't going to go away any time soon. meteorologist kathy orr is here with your first forecast at 11. >> here we go. like a broken record. more of the same. the heavy rain will be replaced by periods of rain and showers overnight. that is the good news. take look at ultimate doppler through south jersey along the jersey shore and moving inland all of this rain is going to be pushing toward the philadelphia area. but it's just going to be in waves. i want to show you this doppler radar estimates because it's really amazing focal point is central and southern delaware. sussex county delaware seeing a range of precipitation from 4-inches where you see the orange color to 8-inches in seaford till the millsboro area and harbeson area between lewes delaware and georgetown there's bulls eye of around 12-inches of rain. a foot of rain with flooding going on and that will continue
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for the next couple of days. so please be careful on area roads. here's some other numbers. georgetown nearly 7-inches of rain. dove air force base over three. millville nearly two. wilmington over an inch. lancaster and physical between half an inch and three quarters of an inch of rain. still seeing those gusty winds out of the east. winds gusting to 31 in wilmington and 28 miles an hour in philadelphia. so expect cool conditions. windy conditions and more rain over the weekend. so you'll see late tonight as we see waves of heavy rain being replaced with more showery precipitation that's for the morning rush and right into the day tomorrow by tomorrow evening i think it will be a spotty shower or two. so getting better as the weekend progresses. we have to talk about hurricane matthew. max pump winds at 75 miles an hour. moving west it is heading toward cuba as category two storm. over the course of the weekend and then tracking all of the computer models for this hurricane. it does show a crossing cuba and coming close to the east coast of the united states by next
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week. now, this still a long ways off and there's a lot of models to consider. but it's definitely something to watch over the course of the weekend and beginning of next week. overnight tonight, rain some heavy. becoming more sporadic during the overnight and tomorrow. 60 in the city. 56 in the suburb. more whipped still damp and dreary tomorrow the high temperature 60. winds gusting to about 30 miles an hour on your seven day forecast, a gradually gets better. scattered showers saturday. sunday still a chance of rain. but the sun comes out monday, more sun. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, dry for now. with highs in the 70s and lows in the upper 50s to around 60 degrees. we needed the rain. we got it. it's time to move on. what do you think? >> i like the rain, you know. so thank you, kathy fox 29 weather app will help you stay ahead of the storms and you're going to have really want the neck to you days. download it from and he'll pell or going fell play stores. >> surprising a announcement from police wilmington, delaware.
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prosecutors have charged this woman she's 27-year-old beatrice ruiz with arson and murder in the fire that killed two wilmington firefighters over the weekend. senior firefighter jerry pickles and lieutenant christopher leach died saturday when the floor of a burning home along lake view road collapsed. court documents state that ruiz told police she was drunk and on anxiety medication when she lit the fire in the basement because she was angry. that news hit those gathered tonight for fear fighter fickes very hard. fox 29's bruce gordon has that story from wilmington. >> reporter: death of a first responder is always cause for heart ache but the news that two wilmington firefighters lost their lives in a fire now determined to have been deliberately set added an extra layer of emotion to tonight's viewing for one of the victims. under gray skies an steady rain they came. first responders from all over the region and beyond to pay their respects to a firefighter who died in service of others.
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>> you're always prepared for the worst, you never know when it's coming. it's a dangerous job. it happens. >> 5184 old jerry fickes died alongside 41-year-old christopher leach early saturday morning when the floor collapsed be 19 him in burning row house in wilmington. four other firefighters were injured in a blaze now alleged to be arson. that news has added anger to the sadness here. >> accidental fires you can kind of -- i don't want to say forgive and forget but an intentional fire makes things much more difficult. >> reporter: fickes was member of grace lutheran church along with his wife and two sons. >> tell me a little bit about jerry. >> he's a great role model for all of us. always giving. always vol hun tearing. >> reporter: a second viewing forgery fickes will be held tomorrow afternoon followed by a private service. viewing and services for christopher leach are also scheduled for friday. in wilmington, bruce gordon, fox 29 news. you see it, you shoot it fresco users are helping us show what is happening in your
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neighborhood. iain what's going on tonight. >> lucy, when news commuter train crashed in hoboken bro we got video right from the scene from hoboken mark. confusion and chaos moments after that trash plowed into the station. we'll couldn't to follow the investigation in the comely days as we learn about what happened with that train during the morning people all over our area felt todays rain and wind. in little egg harbor township people dealing with rough surf. fresco user carl took this vid video. >> send it to our newsroom. you might make some money. lucy. >> thank you very much, iain. she work at chipotle but tonight she's a multi millionaire. what the teen says happened to her in the restaurant and the big lawsuit she just won. have you ever wondered with some people don't seem to age? scientists just made break through that could be good or bad depending on how you look at it. >> and what is it like to be an
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american on american street? hank flynn p
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after more than a year and a half philadelphia police say they have caught the man behind a deadly hit-and-run in the citi' holmesburg neighborhood. 43-year-old christopher cook faces homicide by vehicle involuntary manslaughter charges to night. investigators say he was behind
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the wheel of a truck that hit 33-year-old theresa posie along state road in december of 2014. she died. police say anonymous tip led them to cook. two children and an adult are in critical condition tonight. police say a man stabbed them last night in cobbs creek. officers say they found an eight-year-old boy with his throat slashed and a 13-year-old established several times along the 6200 block of hazel street. police say the father of that eight-year-old was the attacker. and they say the same man then attacked two women in a home along the cobbs creek parkway. police shot and killed him when he refused to show his hands. you decide 2016. hillary clinton and donald trump are hitting the campaign trail even harder than ever trump is back in new hampshire today. that is where he won his first primary months ago and today he defend his performance on monday's debate he claims he had to put up a fight with moderator lester holt and even claimed it was rigged. donald trump will hold a rally saturday in lancaster county.
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meanwhile, hillary clinton was back in iowa for the first time since winning the state's first in the nation caucuses in february. today, was the first day of early voting in iowa. the real clear politics average of recent polls has trump beating clinton by nearly five points there. with the presidential election right around the bend the definition of what makes us american is more in numbers than ever. fox 29's hank flynn went looking for what makes us, well, us on philly's north american street and what he found has a distin distinctly latin favor. ♪ >> reporter:. [inaudible] >> set up a couple of chairs out in north philly the other day. >> i brought chair just for you baby. >> the first presidential debate is hype us, big vote coming up.
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i wondered, what's up with america? >> i want to talk to you about america. in maybe i can fine out on north american street. >> north american street. is that a good name for this street? >> it is. >> why? how does it remind you of the country you live in? >> it goes with the city. it goes with this country. i mean this is a good country to live. >> no doubt, man. it's the best in the world. >> that's why i'm here. i've been here 46 years already. i came here when i was 14 years old. >> where you come from? >> puerto rico. >> driving north on north american street it's clear puerto rican pride is well established. ♪ >> actually it's for sale. >> american why you say very commercial. a lot of white house you know. >> with most north american street zoned industrial it's a good place to set up shop. thing may be a foot with recent zoning changes made by city
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council that could allow more residences and storefronts. for now though some guys are getting by on sheer elbow grease. and the news mobile needed a bath. >> how is business on american street these days? >> pretty good yes. >> yeah. >> yeah it's pretty good. >> you bring home some good money? good that's what i'm talking about, man. >> now we're talking man. you can sing the blues all you want. edgar is making a buck on american street. what's more american than that? >> only thing you can do, work, work, work and whenever you get a chance to have vacation just take it. >> all right. so, yeah, it's interesting that everyone i met out north american street comes from america's unofficial 51 is the state of puerto rico. but isn't the treatment a life in guys like edgar and louis who will gladly wash your wagon for 15 bucks.
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what's your american street and how you getting by? >> thank you guys. have a good one. >> hit me up on twitter at hang fox 29 and always us at fox 29 pill philly. >> queen bee brought with you the wind and the rain. beyonce' formation world tour has coincided with the formation of more than a few rain clouds and it's no surprise that fans are not letting the weather rain on their parade. fox 29's shawnette wilson joined the masses to note at the linc. >> reporter: rain, sleet or snow we will be here. we're in the beehive. excited fans tried to dodge raindrops to get inside the linc tonight for beyonce''s formation tour concert does we love her i came all the way from d.c. to see beyonce'. >> to sit in the rain. >> they're not the only ones. queen b super fans known as the beehive turn out in large numbers. not just from philly but from surrounding areas. >> we've been up since 5:00 a.m. because we had to work.
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>> we both had to work shifts before this. >> reporter: these two took the bus from new york and ba barring lightning there was no way they'd miss the show. >> i have my poncho ready it's not a very lemonade style poncho. i'm not going to wear it unless i absolutely have to. >> it's beyonce' formation tour stop in philly. she was here in june. those had didn't make it them say this is a must see. >> i've never seen beyonce' live in concert and i've been a fan of her since destiny's child 1998. formation this is the time. >> in south philly shawnette wilson fox 29 news. >> tonight in your money a another blow for chipotle a jury awarded teenaged girl nearly $8 million in her sexual harassment lawsuit against the fast food chain. 16-year-old girl who we're not identifying because a court is calling her sexual assault victim landed her job at a chipotle in texas but her attorney says within weeks her soup 55 was commenting about her
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body and touching her inappropriate 88ly. 26-year-old manager had sex with her. >> this happens so often, you have your children go into the work force, you think that they're safe, but in the restaurant industry there's a higher percentage of females being violated sexually. >> the victim says she helps speaking out will convince other sexual harassment victims not to to remain silent. >> have you ever wondered why some people just don't seem to age? turns out some of us actually do age faster it all boils down to as usual our dna. and international team of scientists discovered that 5% of us age at a disaster biological rate than the rest of us. this results in a short life expectancy and there's not whole lot you can do about it. however researchers say a healthy lifestyle may help you live longer. scientists say they have quite a bit more research to do. in the house right now we have the one, and the only tom srendenschek.
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>> who is aging gracefully. thank you lucy. >> of course you are. >> thank you young lady for ryan howard the end of his career in phillies uniform. phillies fans it's the end an era in philadelphia babasly my thoughts on ryan had you ward bitter decrown.
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fab yoel a. bit air dekrone.
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♪ baseball commissioner said "the baseball you count on it, you relight it buffers the passage of time to keep the memory of sunshine and high skies alive. baseball season will end in philadelphia sunday afternoon and with it and era. ryan howard final game phillies pinstripes will be the end glorious period in philadelphia history. you know, he must have been thinkinthinking of high majestin howard homeruns when he talked talked about sunshine and high skies. i've always felt this is a baseball town at heart. and ryan howard drove that home like a letter high fast ball. pure class. i get upset with fans who complain about his dwindling stats and every expanding bank account how much he put into his wallet. face it guys ryan howard was
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never the same player after he ruptured achilleas tend to end the 2011 season against the cardinals. my lasting image cruel october ryan howard standing on crutches at his locker in an empty locker room wearing a boot. ryan howard always was and always will be a stand up guy. i'm going to miss ryan howard for returning the passion to phillies fans for that era of excitement and ryan's polished way of embracing it. ryan howard was barchi a matty kind of guy. >> good stuff. thank you very much shredder. bruce springsteen was in town not too longing a putting on big shows in south philly. today though he was back on the streets of philadelphia in front of a smaller crowd at the free library a great place if you've not been there you can check it out. that's where i met you kathy. i met kathy orr at the free library. okay. brought back memories. we're talking about the boss now. more than 100 people lined up in the rain outside the parkway
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central library. the boss met with fans who were in line to get a presigned copy of his new book born to run. all right. empire ad addicts hit show' creator lee daniels is making musical about himself. the philly native who's working on new tv show says he's had an interesting life no doubt, right, and no word on when his musical will hit the stage. >> it will be success good i'm sure. >> he's like my today's. >> everything he touches turns to pure gold. >> got to love that. >> is that your forecast. >> liquid gold. >> we have gold come nothing your forecast in the sun. >> the sun will return maybe a little bit sunday. more likely on monday. >> it's not coming back tomorrow annie. back here at 4am for fox 29 mo
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tragedy on the tracks, new details developing right now about the the engineer at control of the new jersey transit train, at center of the deadly commuter accident. and saying good bye, today family, friend, fellow fire fighters will say their final farewell to two fallen fire fighters. top leaders around the world gathering right new pay their respects to former israeli prime minister shimon perez. plus all eyes on the radar again today, keep those umbrellas out we are expecting another day of rain, davis in this morning with the look at your weekend forecast. >> i will not miss weather. >> no, you won't. >> good day, it is friday september 302,016th. what is up. >> my last day here at fox 29. we will talk about that. six straight hours more you have to put up with my girl friend, will you get through this. >> i will. >> dave


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