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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  September 30, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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tragedy on the tracks, new details developing right now about the engineer at the control of a new jersey transit, train at the center of a deadly commuter accident. plus saying good bye, today family, friend, fellow fire fighters will say final farewells to fallen fire fighters. >> all eyes are on the radar yet again today keep umbrellas and boots out we're expecting another day of rain, dave warren is in with your weekend forecast. >> we're seeing a downpour at olde city at fourth and market. >> coming down hard. >> good day it is friday september 30th, 2016. >> lets go to dave warren right off the top, good morning. >> we are seeing that heavy rain right outside windows right thousand but very heavy, rain continues through all of delaware, do not even see rain there. we have had close to a foot of rain in some areas in sussex county but all of delaware seeing that rain, heaviest rain right up through delaware county, chester county and north and western suburbs and, of course, center city philadelphia getting this band of rain that moves through.
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heaviest rain will try to push north of the area this morning, it will start to lighten up just a bit, later this morning, but this has to work its way through first, so sussex county getting heaviest rain, kent county, new castle will county, up to i-95, chester county, heaviest rain north of the turnpike and moving into berks county and lehigh valleys west of the northeast extension, but that lighter rain, it is now pushing to the east, and philadelphia there darker shaded green indicating heavier rain moving right through center city right thousand. this is all moving south to north and will continue to push through the area, now, the heaviest rain, pick up by computer forecast and moves north but again, additional rain in this area, highlighted indicating we have a flash flood watch all day to day, flood warnings all of delaware because it seems so much rain here in the past 24 hours, additional rain on top of that where we are seeing 12 inches of rain. flooding autopsy and down the state, still dark out so watch out for those roadways.
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temperatures in the 50's and 40's, and they will try to climb in the low to mid 60's where we will make to it day so we will put it right at a two. grab umbrella before you head out the door because rain with some flooded roadways, 50's to 60's, flooding is key concern here without that light we could easily see those roadways becoming flooding, and don't want to drive through those flooded roadways if you can drive at all, bob kelly. >> they come up on you fast out of to where so until we see daylight here we will watch the speeds. we're shut down on the schuylkill expressway all westbound lanes are closed in the tunnel, under 30th street station. an accident, one of the vehicles sideways across the left lane, philadelphia fire fighters wiggled their way up through the actual traffic jam but again all westbound lanes, right at the vine street expressway, closed. so coming in from south philadelphia you will want to use i-95 over to the rine. other roadways are wet, yucky same scenario as yesterday, 42
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northbound slower than normal coming in toward the city. look at in the construction zones like 42, 295, there is potential for flooding, we had major flooding on i-95 overnight near girard avenue. with the heavy rain, so much rain in a short period of time we're not the just seeing little puddle but we are hitting big old flooding scenarios on the majors. route 73, the traffic lights are out at jackson, town tree at crescent valley at lincoln drive and i mentioned about that closure on i-95 earlier this morning, look at it in that whole entire construction stretch from cottman, into girard, and situation with new jersey transit, we will have more on yesterday's train crash in a moment but northeast corridor, regular services, we will have no problems from philadelphia up to new york but service in and out of hoboken is still suspended until further notice, chris and lauren, back to you. shock in hoboken as investigators start to search for reason behind a deadly rush hour train crash. >> young mother is dead and
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108 other people are confirmed injured all after the deadly commuter train crash yesterday morning. >> now an accident investigation is underway as to why that speeding train failed to stop. >> this morning we are learning more about the engineer behind the controls when that train crashed yesterday morning. jennifer joyce is live in hoboken, new jersey with the very latest, jennifer, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, chris and lauren. >> ntsb has a lot of work to do including interviewing with that engineer as well as determining whether or not a positive train control system could have prevented this massive crash, positive train control is a system that overrides engineer and automatically slows trains that are moving too fast. none of the new jersey transit trains is fully equipment with this equipment despite a 12015 federal mandate according to a nj transit received a extension to comply by 2018n yesterday's crash that caused a train to go airborne and plow in the hoboken platform one person was killed, and more than 100 others were
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injured. witnesses say they were startled by sound of the crash, they didn't know what was going on. >> i observed a high rate of speed and went through the air, traveled about another 40 . when it hit the wall of the waiting room. >> lights went out, and just didn't stop, people were falling over who were standing and then it just, the roof came down, the roof of the train like popped town, caved in. >> it looks like something out of the movie, you know, just all that kind of a wreckage you don't think it is possible until it happened. >> it will be pulling the event recorder, from the event recorder we hope to get information such as speed and breaking. >> reporter: victim has been identified as 34 year-old fabiola bittar de kroon a wife and mother of young girl who moved back to the states after working in brazil as a corporate attorney for global software company sap. increase gators say bittar de
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kroon was standing on the platform and was struck by fallen debris and then killed. up investigators are in the process of talking with the train's engineer identified as thomas gallagher. he was released from the hospital yesterday afternoon and is said to have work for nj transit for the last 29 years, investigators do say that gallagher is cooperating. lauren and chris. >> thanks very much, jenny joyce. >> such a mystery as to what happen. services slowly returning to normal today, all new york city bound trains including those on the atlantic city lines will operate on a normal weekday schedule this train crash reminding many of us of other local train tragedies, there was crash of amtrak train 188 in may 2015. train derailed at philadelphia's port richmond section, eight people died and more than 200 people were hurt when the train took that curve, and more than 100 miles an hour. then in april of this year investigators say amtrak train 89 hit a piece of construction equipment on the trackness chester delaware county. crash killed two long time
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amtrak workers, federal rail rorrer administration say there were 30 train accidents in pennsylvania between january and june of this year and 19 in new jersey. >> and as things start to come back in line in hoboken, stick with fox as the investigation into why that train crashed continues. all right. we're following breaking news out of hunting park one man died after being shot in the head and it happened in the 700 block of west ansbury street around 11:00 last night. police say four shots were fired during that shooting. fox 29 has learned that two people have been arrested in connection. all right. prosecutors have charged a woman after a fire that killed two wilmington fire fighters. beatrice fana reeasies charged with murder and arson. senior fire fighter jerry fickes and lieutenant christopher leach died saturday fighting the fire at the home on lake view road. according to document ruiz told police she was drunk, and on anxiety medication, when she lit the fire in the basement because she says that
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she was angry. >> funeral for fickes was yesterday, lieutenant leach will be laid to rest later today. dave kinchen joins us live from wilmington with more, hi there, dave. >> reporter: eerie motional daze and somber day here in wilmington. we're right outside saint elizabeth roman catholic church in wilmington where a funeral will be held for second fire fighter who died, who will be laid to rest, hundreds will be paying their respects to the family of lieutenant christopher leach during a 10:00 a.m. viewing at saint elizabeth followed by funeral mass at noon, 41 year-old lieutenant leach and 51 year-old senior fire fighter jerry fickes, junior died, two other fire fighters were seriously hurt when a floor collapsed as they were battling a a fire on lake view road in the city of wilmington. a fire that has been ruled as arson as you just heard. now last night senior fire fighters fickes was honored by family, friend, colleagues during a viewing for him. fire fighters from all over told us why they felt
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compelled to be there in a risk they face every day. >> amazing young man, his dynamic would do just about anything you asked him to do. he was a family man. he loved his family. he loved the fire department. >> it is a very common thing in the fire service to have fire fighters come and support those that lost fire fighters, and that is what we're doing. we're here along with fire fighters from all over the region, in from many states that are coming in just to pay respects. >> they will likely continue here at saint elizabeth roman catholic church, again a viewing for lieutenant leach held at 10:00 a.m. and funeral mass starting at noon, and a special memorial tribute tomorrow for both fallen fire fighters. back to you. >> dave, thanks very much. delaware department of justice is warning people against fraudulent solicitation for money in the wake of the fire fighter's death. the authorities say scammers have been calling and asking
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for donations over the past few days. these such scams crop up after high profile tragedies and natural disaster. >> how horrible is that. your commute on septa is changing after this morning. the septa trains are returning to a regular weekday schedule starting on monday, it comes three months after the transit agency sidelined 120 cars with structural problems. regional rail has been forced to run on a modified schedule since early july. it caused delays and headaches for commuters and dropped septa's ridership. well, taxpayers are angry this morning after a man who resign amid sexual harassment allegations is still set to get a six figure paycheck. it thinks guy, philadelphia inquirer reports vince fenerty still stand to receive his $155,000 a year pension. he is the former head of the philadelphia parking authority. at least 2ppa employees claim that fenerty sexually harassed them. dates span from the early 2,000 through 2014. board chairman of the ppa says the agency did not address
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complaints earlier because they never made it into his human resource file. police are looking for this guy, you where to see after they say this guy broke into a body shop. here it is. but he is facing even more charges once he is caught, what else happened inside of those cars. it will be a wet commute to work and school after weeks of no rain, the wet stuff is here, just how long will it last? dave has the answer next.
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peter gabriel, this morning. rain is coming down and puddling and flooding on the road. this is right here in olde city looking down toward penns landing and then you can see camden off in the distance. rain is here in center city and very heavy in the north and western suburbs and heavy in delaware. flood warnings up and down all three counties there, new castle, kent, sussex county had close to a foot of rain in the last 24 hours. rain add to go that. this rain has been focused, weather pattern is stagnant but it will start to change and move. a lot of this area of rain continues to move north but push north out of the area, but not until we are getting more rain over the same areas, delaware seeing the area to be
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hardest hit. rain now pushing into kent county, new castle county and continue to spread north. here's that rain right through philadelphia, delaware county, just west of the blue route there pushing over route one, route 30, this will move north toward harp he will and then through main line, montgomery county, and berks county, right along 422 here there is that area of rain pushing through reading, heaviest rain in the north. this is something we could see flooding from this flash flood watches remain in effect, thermosly for delaware and south jersey but would i not be surprised to see flooding advisory coming out of the north and western suburbs, only because, of the heavy rain over the same area. here's the watch in effect until 4:00 this afternoon, and flood warning, there we go, they have extended, it to north into parts of the southeastern pennsylvania. we have had 12 inches of rhawn here but that heavy band which extend north from chester county and berks county well, now you we are seeing areas of
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flooding there. watch for roadways, poor drainage areas could see flooding. it comes up quickly without that sunshine. the is there coastal flood advisories this morning's high tide with northeast wind at 50 d lead to minor to moderate coastal flooding. there is weather pattern but high will move out, low will move to the south, and so that area of rain will spread north, and we will start to sees this area of rain break up but not until about 10:00 this morning. a few more hours left to go where areas seeing heavy rain now will continue to get a lot more. not completely drying out, the rain breaks up just a bit but we have clouds, light rain, drizzle, that continues throughout tonight, and tomorrow morning. it starts to clear up and break out, we will get a little bit of sunshine by end of the weekend. little sunshine today will do nothing for our temperatures. upper 50's, maybe mid to low 60's. hurricane matthew advisory 5:00 o'clock still category two, hundred miles an hour but it will track west and then
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turn north. we will see how close this is to the atlantic coast by middle of the week. this is when we will be talking about this right now we're talking rain, heavy morning, lighter rain saturday, sunshine on sunday, monday we will dry out, tuesday looks okay but you by wednesday some more rain, comes in and then thursday we are watching matthew with a temperature of 67 degrees. only climbing barely above 70 in that seven day forecast, rain coming down. we have flooding issues out there along with some problems, bob. >> we have it all, dave. good morning. 5:17. we have a shut down of the schuylkill expressway. this is a live look at westbound lanes of the schuylkill closed right in the tunnel of the 30th street station. an accident emergency crews on the scene here so all traffic, leaving south philadelphia, pushed off either south or university as they try clear up this mess. another accident further west on the schuylkill, out approaching the 20 interchange. we have a heavy band of rain,
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ponding on all of the roadways especially in the construction zones where we're finding out pretty quickly that the trains are clogged. good morning to dover, delaware where it is nascar weekend down at dover. this is one of our cameras, right outside the dover speed way, so i would check, i know gates are supposed to open up at 10:00 o'clock but would i check their web site before you head down there and hopefully get that race in this weekend. portions of airport road down in delaware are closed, right outside of the airport as dave mentioned getting hit hard with flooding. good news over septa regional rail riders, normal services will be returning on monday, to the same level that they were prior to the silver liner trains being taken out of service. the repairs are made, however, you will want to ditch all of the old schedules that you have been playing around with and grab the new one which goes into effect, sunday october the second, that is posted on our web site, on septa's web site, that is the deal for monday morning. so that is going to be good news for everybody that has been going through that mess with the regional rails.
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expect flight delays today down at philly international obviously with the rain and wind and lights are out along route 73 at jackson road, over in new jersey. chris and lauren, back over to you. bob, thanks very much. police arrested a man they say was behind the wheel of the truck that hit a killed a with man in holmesberg two years ago. four three-year old christopher cook faces homicide by vehicle and involuntary manslaughter charges. >> police say he was driving the truck that struck and killed, three three-year old teresa posey along state road in december of 2014. investigators say an anonymous tip led them to cook. philadelphia police need your help finding the guy shown on this surveillance video setting a garage on fire. take a look, inside the philmont auto body on west ashdale street in olney. police say on september 19th he made his way inside around 5:00 in the morning, poured gasoline all over it, and then lit it on fire. luckily he did not hurt anyone. tensions rising in california avenue a police shooting of an unarmed black
5:20 am
man. >> a still picture of the incident is causing confusion an a bit of the outcried. police shot the man to death in the strip mall after they say he pulled something out of his pant and pulled something in a shooting stance. here's that still photo. police release that had single still image from a cell phone video that captured the shooting, but family, of the immigrant wants the entire video released saying the single image was kind of cherry pick, to fit a police narrative. >> i'm telling you the truth. my son was a good, lovely young man. only 38 years old. we need justice. this kind of thing needs to stop. >> san diego county district attorney's office is investigating and it is up to them to release the video. his mother is asking people to keep their protest peaceful. harsh words on capitol hill as top man at wells fargo faces tough questions. what the ceo said while being
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grilled by lawmakers. >> here are your winning lottery numbers, good luck. third president?
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you decide 2016 hillary clinton and hillary clinton hitting the campaign trail. that is where he won his first primary months ago. he defended his performance in monday's debate. he claims he had to put up a fight with moderator lester holt and even claimed it was rigged. trump will hold a rally saturday in lancaster county. hillary clinton was back in iowa for the first time since winning the state's first in the nation caucus in february. yesterday, the first lady, was there, for early voting in iowa, real clear politics average of recent polls by the way has donald trump beating clinton by nearly five-point in iowa. tense moments in the nation's capitol as ceo of wells fargo took the house seat during a house hearing. john stumpf testified about the bank's sales practices, this comes after an internal investigation into employees who were allegedly secretly opening up hundreds of thousands of accounts, for
5:25 am
customers who didn't ask for them. stumpf expressed his apologies while lawmakers grilled him. >> i am deeply sorry that we failed to fulfill our responsibility to our customers, to our team members, and to the american public. >> you clearly have failed. you have clearly failed in your own ethical standard internally. you have broken and your country has broken long standing laws. >> wells fargo has agreed to pay 185 million-dollar to settle allegation that the bank workers opens millions of accounts without customer's permission to reach aggressive sales targets. dress age in devon, this is, you know. >> what sit. >> dressage. >> this show is currently underway, if you are so incline. >> tell me more. >> sometimes referred to as ballet on horse back, elite show brings top competitive horses and trainers from all around the world to compete. there is a explorer's day for
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kid, plenty of food and shopping at the fall festival. >> dressage. >> dress age. >> yes. >> so here's the deal, show continues through sunday, it is located on route 30 in devon, pennsylvania. ticket are ten dollars for adults, five dollars for kid, 12 and under, if you love horses, this is darn cool. lets look the at what is coming up at 5:30. >> jennifer gist following the latest in the hoboken train crash, jenny, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, lauren. the season engineer was in control of the train when it crashed inside hoboken station killing one, injuring more than 100, that went wrong is the big question this morning, dave? and jenny, it is another day of mourning here in wilmington, second fire fighter who died, in a horrible blaze, days ago, will be laid to rest, that story after the break.
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after a deadly train crash during a morning rush hour in hoboken, new york. investigators or i should say, investigators on the scene in the accident in new jersey are trying to find out how this crash happened. we are tracking your forecast this morning. rain will make for a very slippery commute, dave's got a look at what you can expect. good day it is friday, september 30th, 2016, the month is over.
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>> it is, and going out with a, in like a lion or lamb, but it is raining cats and dogs out there as we stay with the animal theme. >> raining cats and dogs. >> yes. >> don't step in a poodle. >> yeah. >> i never heard that before. >> you never heard that before. >> no. >> okay, okay. pulling out the old book there for that one. here's the situation here. this morning was the warn was set to expire at 5:30. still in effect here because we have more rain over the same area. flooding is now an advisory through new castle county, chester county, and into berks county. this is an area of heavy rain that continues to move over the same area, and there is certainly more on top of areas that have had close to a foot of rain. so flooding, is the problem there you can see, as this band continues to go over same area. not the best situation. we don't see it breaking up until at least a few more hours as this all tries to
5:31 am
work its way north. new castle county there is that heavy rain moving toward i-95 along the turnpike west of the northeast extension, although there is a ban that came through philadelphia, and it is now pushing through montgomery county, so this will continue to move north, toward 202 in doylestown and berks county where we have heavy rain and this is why we have seen that advisory issued because this is heavy rain going over same area, pushing to the north, zoom out a little bit and you can see the heaviest rain here, band picked up, and will continue to push thort and we will see it break up, by 9:00 o'clock this morning. rain still continues to come down. this is actually time of high tide so we could sea coastal flooding on top of the flooding with all of the rain but by 2:00 starting to break up, we will not see heavy rain but we are not completely try. it will clear out later. with the clouds and rain, temperatures in the 50's, only climbing in the mid to lower 60's but we have sunshine in the seven day forecast and
5:32 am
certainly not today or tomorrow but we will look at that coming up later. look at those flooded roadways on many cameras out there this morning, lets get to bob. >> 5:32 on a friday. another accident here 422, eastbound, right at trooper road, right before the the bridge here, that takes you over the schuylkill river, right where we always bottlenecked to begin w it looks like the right lane is taken out and this is one area that is a construction zone where any of the construction zone, just heavier rain, not headaching it in the drains quickly enough and we're seeing flooding, all over the place, here's a live look at ben franklin bridge coming into town, extent westbound on the schuylkill near king of prussia interchange, all lanes are blocked west on the turnpike, at morgan town. dave mentioned about a heavier band of rain coming through this area and we're right there best bound turnpike blocked at morgan town. there is portions of airport road closed down in delaware because of flooding. they got hit hard, and here's
5:33 am
the latest new jersey transit, it will operate regular service between philadelphia and new york. there will be no problems at all. we will have more on the situation from yesterday, in just a moment but all service in and out of hoboken is suspended. good news though for folks who use regional rails normal service patterns will return on monday morning, all of those silver liner trains will be repaired and back the on the rails beginning on monday morning. take whatever schedule you have been following and ditch it, grab the new one. that goes into effect on october 2nd, it is available on line, septa's web site, we have a link also on our web site, and that is great news for folks for monday morning, chris and lauren, back over to you. a woman is dead, 108 people injured after speeding commuter train plows into a platform at nj transit hoboken terminal. >> this morning we are learning more about the engineer behind the controls when that train crash. jennifer joyce live in hoboken, new jersey. jennifer, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, chris and lauren.
5:34 am
engineer said to have work for nj transit for the last 29 years what prevented this seasoned employee from slowing, controlling the train as it entered the hoboken stationary mains the big question. 8:45 a.m. yesterday the hoboken train station looked like a disaster zone, after the new jersey transit train plowed through the bumper of the track, went airborne and slammed into the platform. according to reports the desperate passengers exited the mangled train anyway possible, including falling out of the smashed windows. one person was killed by falling debris, more than 100 others were injured. man jord were hospitalized, witnesses say they were startled by the sound of the crash. they didn't know what was going on soon thereafter they heard screams and saw the aftermath. >> it the breaks your heart to see something like this happen. you are always prepared for the worst. you never know when it is coming. it is a dangerous job.
5:35 am
it happened. we have to deal with it. >> reporter: that doesn't make it any easier. >> no, it doesn't. it is a brotherhood it doesn't matter what fire department we are with. it could happen at home, hit anyone of us at any department. >> reporter: victim has been identified as 34 year-old fabiola bittar de kroon a wife and mother of an 18 month-old girl whom she had just dropped off at day care. investigators say bittar de kroon was standing at the platform and struck by fallen tea brings and killed. investigators are now in the process of talking with the train's engineer identified as thomas gallagher, he was released from the hospital, yesterday. lauren and chris, back to you. >> such a mystery as to why that went in at almost full speed. we will see what happens. thanks, then. >> 5:35. prosecutors have charged a woman after a fire that killed two wilmington fire fighters. beatrice ruiz, is charged with arson a murder. senior fire fighter jerry fickes junior and lieutenant christopher leach died
5:36 am
saturday fight ago this fire. it was at the home on lake view road, ruiz told police that she was drunk and on anxiety medications when she lit the fire in the basement because she said that she was angry. >> funeral for fickes was yesterday. lieutenant leach will be remembered later today. dave kinchen joins us live from wilmington with more, hi there, dave. >> reporter: one of the word that can best describe the moodies brotherhood, amid such tragedy here. we are here at saint elizabeth catholic church in wilmington where the second fire fighter who died in last weekend's tragic fire, will be laid to rest, and hundreds will be paying the respects to the family of lieutenant christopher leach during a 10:00 a.m. viewing here at saint elizabeth followed by a funeral mass at noon. forty-one year-old lieutenant leach and 51 year-old senior fire fighter jerry fickes junior died as two others were seriously hurt when a floor collapsed as they were battling a fire on lake view road in wilmington.
5:37 am
a fire that has since been ruled as arson, last night, senior fire fighter fickes was honored by family and friend and collogues during a viewing for him. fire fighters from all over told us why they felt compelled to be there and they talk about the risk that they face every day. >> it just breaks your heart, breaks your heart to see something like this happen. you always got to be prepared for the worst, you never know when it is coming, it is a dangerous job and it happens. we have to deal with it. >> reporter: it doesn't make it any easier to. >> no, it doesn't. >> it is a brotherhood it doesn't matter what you are with, it can happen at home and hit anyone of us at any department. >> reporter: no doubt about that. something fire fighters think about all time out here in wilmington, at saint elizabeth catholic church, lieutenant christopher leach will be honored with the viewing at 10:00 a.m. when it starts and then funeral services at noon time and then a special memorial for both fire
5:38 am
fighters, tomorrow. back to you. >> all right, dave kinchen, thanks very much for the update. 5:37 this friday morning. top honors for two eagles players, you may have already guessed one is carson wentz, right? who is the other getting national recognition? the answer is next.
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good morning i'm tom sredenschek, phillies play their final road game thursday night they took on the braves down in atlanta phillies had a players only meeting on wednesday to make sure they plan to play the in the final four games of the season the the right way. they were tied at one in the eighth inning last night, matt kemp who has been good since he came up from the padres gives atlanta lead two-one. it is three-one. tommy joseph and caesar hernandez say hello this goes through for a two run single they get four runs. beat phillies five-two. on thursday fletcher cox and eagles lift up to 100 million-dollar deal he signed in the off season he was name nfc defensive player of the in thursday. he had 11 tackles, three sacks and forced fumble during the month of september. another day, yet another honor for eagles quarterback carson wentz on thursday. he was named nfl rookie of the month for three and zero september. he threw five touchdowns, and mess important stat of all,
5:42 am
zero interceptions. that is sports in a minute. i'm tom sredenschek. phillies season is winding down, final seer thinks weekend marks end of an era for phillies as likely last time ryan howard will put on a phillies jersey. >> that number six. howard's contract expires at the end of this season and phillies likely will not bring him back: ryan hurt has played his entire career for phillies, playing rookie of the year, mvp award and taking us to our world series win in 2008. how about that, we were in the post season five straight years, and many feel those teams without him would not have had the same success. his numbers, the phillies all time leaders in home runs, rbi and other impressive stats. we wish him all of the best. thank him for great memories ryan howard. it is going to be a wet commute to work and school after weeks of rain at all wet stuff is here, how long will it last? dave has forecast after the
5:43 am
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5:45 am
♪ >> who will stop the rain. >> it is clearwater revival. >> very good. >> we had a lot of rain coming down right now. flooding issues, big problem
5:46 am
here, all of delaware, this is flood warning, it goes all the way up to kent county and flood advisory new castle county extend north through chester county into berks county. very heavy rain, over the same area, we're not seeing much of the break just yet. it goes south through delaware, extend up through new castle county and very heavy rain just pushed into berks county and will continue to spread north. look at how this is moving south to north. we are getting rain over same area. we have had a foot of rain in parts of the sussex county, and now flood advisory continues. this will continue for a while, another batch coming into cape may county because we are not seeing a break just yet. we will see that later today but for right now in middletown we are looking at heavy rain, this will continue to push north crossing over i-95 and moving in delaware county. just came through philadelphia, lightening up just a bit but we're still seeing that light rainfall here. we had that around olde city but now this has moved into lower merion, montgomery
5:47 am
county and delaware count a long the main line and berks county and right along 422, up through pottstown, heavy rain moving north and there is lehigh valley, allentown, getting heavier rain and gets lighter, further east we go, wider view gives you impression what is happening here, heaviest ban will spin north, we have areas of rain moving in so that could lead to more flooding. eventually though this weather, which is focusing the rain right over our area, we will start to spread out just a bit, high pressure will move east, that low will push to the northwest so that ban spins through, and we will start to see that rain break up. not ton completely, we still have that heavier rain coming from that northeast wind, watch out for high tides, coastal flooding, happening between 9:00 and noon this morning, heaviest, worst flooding in cape may county and sussex county. coastal flooding on top of that heavier rain leading to flooding across the area. rain starts to break up just a bit overnight tonight, and
5:48 am
then weather pattern begins to change by tomorrow. we are seeing a few showers around but that is light rain that still continues. it is not until sun take we could see a break. sunday, machine look okay, tuesday wednesday we will look at late west hurricane matthew. category two expected to turn north over jamaica, cuba and then by wednesday it is pushing north, moving north toward miami but once it pushes to the north here when does it eventually turn to the north east we will look at that by end of the week, we will continue to look at latest information from the national hurricane center but be aware of that later this week, once this rain moves out, that will be focus of our forecast over next few days. temperatures in the 50's and 60's with the clouds and rain, mid to lower 60's today, with a high of 63. still some light rain tomorrow, but there is the sun, sunday, we will see start to break up just a bit with that sunshine we could go up to 72. seventy-five on monday. mix of sun and cloud. tuesday and wednesday that northeast wind comes back so
5:49 am
that could lead to period of rain on wednesday and, of course, thursday watching the latest, with matthew, that will be a big concern here late this week especially across the southeast and carolinas. concerning on the roadways has got to be that flooding, bob kelly. >> good morning, everybody. 5:49. a live look at 422, eastbound an accident right at trooper road right before you get to the bridge there that takes you over schuylkill river, basically down to one lane and we're stacking up like pancakes here from collegeville on into king of prussia. live look at ben franklin bridge getting doused with a heavy downpour, and quick flooding like here in west chester, montgomery and chestnut. police crews responding to a report of the vehicle, struck in high water. anytime we see that high water play it safe and go around the block, electrical fire out here in willow grove, fitzwater town and easton road just off of the pennsylvania turnpike, all westbound lanes of the turnpike closed at
5:50 am
morgan town because of an accident. also that same area that is getting hit hard now with the heavy downpours. dave mentioned delaware getting hit hard, portions of airport road closed to flooding, another half dozen smaller roads around that same area, all blocked with flooding. here's a live look at moorestown, new jersey main street, and a example of the heavy downpour, really playing havoc on our camera lens here as well, as far as new jersey transit, because of the situation from yesterday, from philly to new york, northeast corridor service not impact at all. regular service, only changes will be services this and out of hoboken is still suspended, patties back to normal as well. good news for regional rail riders, normal service the path earns will return on monday, and all those cars have been repaired, we will put new schedule back in effect, so ditch the old one, bottom line there are some tweak as long the line of the the new one make sure you have it, down load it, it says effective on sunday, october
5:51 am
the second, chris and lauren back over to you. thanks, sir. 5:50 is the time. top stories. fast casual restaurant chain cosi files for bankruptcy. they make at thens. yesterday, boston based publicly traded sandwich chain employs around 1100 people. chain says it was already closing 29 of the 74 company owned locations cutting 450 jobs. thirty-one franchise restaurant will remain opened, in word if this will affect restaurant in our area. i necessity there is one basically on the same block as us. >> yep. >> right there at fourth and chestnut. america runs on dunkin' but now america can run with dunkin'. company will start bottling its cough another and it will try to give star bucks a run for its money. coffee chain says you can see these new bottles of dunkin' donuts and grocery stores early next year. it turns out some of us do age faster and it is all
5:52 am
boiling down to your dna. >> international team of scientists advertise covered that 5 percent of us, age as faster biological rate then the rest of us. the result in a shorter life expectancy and there is not much you can do about this. researchers say healthy leave style may help you live longer, scientists say they have more research to do. >> interesting. >> okay. rain didn't stop, you know what that is, the buzzing of the beehive at the link last night. >> okay. >> everyone showed up for formation, to see beyonce. they were trying to dodge rain drops to get inside the show for the concert. her super fans, you know, are call beehive. they have turnout this large numbers. many were not just from philly but they came from far and ride. >> we will be here. we are in the beehive. >> yes. >> queen b. >> yes. >> i have my puncho ready but
5:53 am
not very flattering beyonce puncho so i will not wear it until i absolutely have to. >> traffic as you can see wrapped around the link as fans sat patiently in their cars waiting to get in. it is beyonce's second formation stop in philly. she was here in june, it was similar weather, you know you are an ardent fan if you brave elements. i would go in the snowstorm to see the streets of philadelphia for springsteen, parkway central library a long vine street yesterday. he met with fans in line to get a presigned copy of his new book born to run. despite rain hundreds waited in line to get up and close and personal with the musical legend and you evidently got about 15 seconds to shake his hand, take a selfie and move on your way. >> keep it moving. >> all eyes are on radar again today, keep your umbrellas and boots out because beer's expecting more rain to fall,
5:54 am
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very wet benjamin franklin parkway on this friday. police woke up feeling more love this morning after a local restaurant went above and beyond to honor our men and women in blue. lorenzo's cafe in tacony neighborhood hosted a free meal for 15th district officers. restaurant officers invited everyone. several people showed up just to say thanks to philly
5:57 am
finest. lorenzo's holds several events in the community and police officers to come to go every year. tragedy on the tracks, new details developing right now, about the engineer at controls of the new jersey transit train at center of the deadly commuter accident yesterday morning, straight ahead.
5:58 am
5:59 am
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who are standing, and, you know, the roof came down. >> horror in hoboken, a train derails and slams in the station, thursday morning, one woman is dead, more than 100 others hurt, now authorities are trying to figure out how it happened? what we have learn about the man at the controls. emotional good bye funeral for one of two fire fighters killed over the weekend this delaware. why their tragic deaths are being investigated as murder. how about this, really wet start to your weekend, some flooding in spots, find out when, this will clear out. it is september 302,016th. sue serio, you made it in. >> yes. >> do you feel better. >> i just had a three day bug. >> yes. >> so, it was fun to watch you from the couch but i would rather be here. >> sister gertrude needs a


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