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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  September 30, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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and -- you are right, something warm. >> i don't think they serve tea at genos. >> maybized tea. >> yes, yes. >> it is a two out of ten today. >> just lousy outside. we're saying last week how much we needed rain but we don't need it all at once and that is how it has been the past couple of days. buddy continues in his rain gear this morning with temperatures in the 50's and 60's, not expect to move very much those temperatures, throughout the day-to-day, and so our flood advisory continues, to the north of us, to the north, i should say and then a flood warning, southern delaware, and here's a look at radar and we will see rain just streaming through there is a couple places where it is taking a break like lancaster and trenton but straight line up through delaware and then heading up through lehigh valley, where we are seeing a lot of rain right now right around wilmington delaware ponding occurring there.
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57 degrees in philadelphia. forty-seven in mount pocono, down in wild wide it is 67 degrees. we will hit 60. sixty-one by lunchtime but with no sunshine expect, lot of cloud cover. we will top off at 63 degrees. good news is worst of it is happening right now so bob kill i, we are getting heaviest rain at the moment but could not come at a war time. friday morning rush hour, come on, you know. >> you know what, almost same deal as yesterday morning as well. 7:01. another accident. they just keep coming. this is a live look in conshohocken, the ramp from the northbound blue route to go west on the schuylkill out toward the king of prussia area coming off that curve, watch it, everything is slippery, heavy ponding and puddles every where live look at ben franklin slower than normal coming toward city. dover downs we have nasa car weekend will folks are checking in and hopefully turn spigot off and get racing underway there. do you think you are having a
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bad start to the day. look at this fellow at forty-sixth and chestnut, they sent me a picture of the light pole that flip on top of his roof. everybody is okay but that is an example of what we're dealing with in west philadelphia east on 422, an accident right here near trooper road causing delays, down wires at smith bridge road and ridge pike, and in wells chester and expect flight delays, just talked to philly international. they have delays on one hour and 30 minutes on ton of laguardia two hour delays. pack a snack heading to the airport but not the just this morning but for the rest of the day. back over to you. commuters say they saw a one go off on a speeding train plowed right through platform at nj transit hoboken station. >> women is dead more than hundred others injured and we are learning more about the engineer behind the controls. fox 29's jennifer joyce is live in hoboken new jersey for us this morning with the very latest, jennifer, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we know ntsb has a lot to look
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into whether or not a positive train control system could have prevented yesterday's crash. positive train control overrides engineer and automatically slows down the train that are moving too fast. none of new jersey transit trains equipped with this type of software despite 2015 set of mandates. according to nj transit they received an extension to comply by 2018. in yesterday's crash that caused a train to go airborne and plow in the hoboken platform. one person was killed and more than 100 others were injured. witnesses say they were startled by the sound of the crash. they didn't know what was going on. >> i observed it at a high rate of speed. it went over bumper block basically through the air, probably another 40 feet ape came to a rest. when it hit the wall of the waiting room. >> the lights went out and just didn't stop and people were falling over, standing, and then the roof came down,
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the roof of the train popped down. >> it looks like something out of the movie, you know, just all that kind of wreckage you don't really think it is possible until it happens. >> we will be pulling the event recorder, from the event recorder we hope to get such information such as speed and braking. >> reporter: victim has been identified as fabiola bittar de kroon a wife and mother of the young girl who has moved back to the states recently after working in brazil as a corporate attorney for global software company sap. investigators say bittar de kroon was standing on the platform at the crime of the crash and struck by fallen debris and killed. investigators are in the process of talking with the train's engineer identified as thomas gallagher, who was released from the hospital, yesterday afternoon and is said to have worked for nj transit for 29 years. we are also hearing that he is cooperating with investigators. lauren and chris. >> jenny, thanks very much. a crash is hosieries event in the series of deadly
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accidents on the rails there was a crash of amtrak train 188 in may 2015. train derailed in philadelphia's port richmond section, eight people died, more than 200 others were hurt. then in april of this year investigators say amtrak train 89, hit a piece of construction equipment on the track in chester delaware county. crash killed two long time amtrak workers, federal railroad administration says that it worked 30 train accidents in pennsylvania, between january and june of this year. nineteen in new jersey. >> we have much more on the deadly train crash throughout the morning including any up kate from authorities as they continue their investigation into new jersey and at 70:00 we will be joined by railroad attorney to discuss positive train control and whether or not it would have prevented this accident in hoboken yesterday from turning deadly. prosecutors charged a woman after fire that killed two wilmington fire fighters, beatrice ruiz is charged with arson and burglary. ruiz told police that she was drunk and on anxiety
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medications, when she lit this fire in the basement because she said that she was angry. senior fire fighter jerry fickes junior and lieutenant christopher leach died fight ago this fire at a home on lakeright view road. family and friend are starting to say good bye for the funeral of fickes yesterday, lieutenant leach will be remembered later today. >> dave kinchen joins us live from wilmington delaware with much more, hi there dave. >> reporter: chris and lauren while family, friends try to ponder the motive and who would do such a thing, such a deliberate tragic act here, it will be another sad day and another day of mourning at this church this time saint elizabeth roman catholic church in wilmington where second fire fight shore died in last week even's tragic fire will be laid to rest. hundreds will be paying their respects to the family of lieutenant christopher leach during a 10:00 a.m. viewing here at saint elizabeth followed by funeral mass at noon time. forty-one year-old lieutenant leach and 51 year-old senior fire fighter jerry fickes
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junior, died and two other fire fighters were seriously hurt, when they were battling a fire in lake view road in wilmington. a fire has been ruled arson as you injuries heard moments ago, last night fire fighter fickes was honored by family, by family, fire fighter we can tell you that this is why they are compelled to be here and the risk they face every day. >> an amazing young man, dynamic, would do just about anything you asked him to do. he was a family man. he loved hits family. he loved the fire department. >> it is a very common thing in the fire service to have fire fighters come and support those who lost fire fighters, and that is what we're doing we're here with fire fighters from all over the region in from many states that have come just to pay respects.
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>> viewing for lieutenant leach is at 10:00 a.m. and services start at noon. fox 29 legal analyst ken rottweiler is here to talk about the aron charge. people are confused about the first degree murder charge. >> is there a law this delaware that says if you have reckless behavior that causes death of the fire fighter that is a first degree murder charge this law was inact todd protect fire fighters because if you're reckless and that causes, and this is very example of this. she has a fire they came into save people there the fire fighters and they died. let me just say too because i have friend that are fire fighters, when you talk about a heroic job, this is truly a heroic job f there were a fire you know what we're doing we're running out. you know what fire fighters are doing they are running in. what is worst that can happen to us today, you know, nothing. fire fighter every day their lives are on the line. that is why delaware legislators put together a law that basically said if you do something that will be reckless and causes a death of
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the fire fighter that is a first degree murder charge. >> there was some confusion that the 911 dispatcher remembers someone saying there were children or people inside the house and someone on the scene said no, we told them everybody was out there was confusion as to whether they should have even gone in. >> there were people in the house at the time this happened at 3:00 a.m. i think there were seven people in the house at the time. >> they would normally be signed house the at 3:00 a.m. >> this is total craziness. the let me tell you what the charges were, two counts of first degree murder, one count of first degree arson, four counts of second degree a count and seven counts of reckless endangerment. >> all from being drunk. >> drunk is not an excuse under the law and she took anxiety medications and she was mad. >> is there a defense attorney how do you defend her. >> i don't think you do it is pretty tough to defend her. let me tell you one thing to do, delaware has had the death penalty since 1662.
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they used to do it the by hanging. in 1986 they changed that to lethal injection and this past august they have abolish the death penalty. they said it was unconstitutional. so i'm sure this woman will be convicted. i don't see a defense for her at all, chris but she won't get death penalty. some people would argue she deserves the death penalty for what she did but she will probably spend rest of her life in jail she's 27 years old. >> awful to think she go, intentionally set the fire, they run in, brave and heroic and that floor collapses and traps them in the pit of the fire. >> where she sit it. >> that is kind of the worst types of deaths the thaw can have. they are down there. roof collapses from above them, and traps them in fire and it is probably who are ren december death. >> because you are a legal analyst if someone pulls a trying their is intent to cause murder. this does in the ab solve someone in anyway causing someone's death. if you do something that is not directly sort of
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intentional to cause the death. >> that is a good point. normally first degree murder is premeditation you had to thought bit, think bit, create a plan and carry out that plan. that is not what she did. i don't think she intentionally tried to kill those fire fighters but under delaware law. >> it is a trap. >> but delaware law which is a good law which is says if you do something reckless that causes death of a fire fighter there to try to save you, that is a first degree murder charge. that is what she has been charged with, two counts of first degree murder, and it will be tough to defend her in this case. >> people in wilmington especially this weekend i don't think would have any bad feelings about her going away for the rest of her life. >> i think that is true. >> ken rottweiler, thank you sir. >> i am going to miss you, i have loved our friendship. >> we did 76 seats, court side, thanks to you. >> that is right. >> phillies game that we saw.
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>> the three of us did, it was a great day. >> yes. but more than anything just getting a chance to work with you has been phenomenal for me. i have learned so much. >> i have learned from you guys, so appreciate and i have loved our friendship. you are 3,000 miles a was but we can still be friend. >> absolutely. >> appreciate it. >> delaware department of justice is warning people against fraudulent solicitations for in the wake of the fire fighters death. scammers have been calling and asking for donations over past few days, these such scams tend to crop up after high profile tragedies from natural disaster. officials say callers asking for money are required by state law to say where they are from, charity for which fund are being raised and if they are calling on behalf of the police. switching gears police arrest two people in connection with the fatal shooting of a man in hunting park. it happened on the 700 block of west ansbury street around 11:00 last night.
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officers say victim had been shot in the head, a motive has not yet been released. shimon peres is laid to rest at a ceremony attended by a thousands, current and world leaders including former president bill clinton as well as current palestinian president were at the funeral. president obama and eulogy said that peres shows justice and hope are at heart of the israel's ideal. >> let it be understood that the practical necessity of peace, shimon believed that israel's exceptionalism was root had not only in fidelity to the jewish people but to the moral and ethical vision, the precepts of his jewish face. >> also you'll icing peres former president bill clinton. >> his critics often claimed that he was the night eve, overly optimistic dreamer.
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they were only wrong about the naive part. he knew exactly what he was doing in being overly optimistic. he knew exactly what he was doing with his dreams. >> per president helps is was one of israel's founding father. he held every major office. he died wednesday two weeks have after suffering a stroke. he was 93 years old. now, just 40 days away from election day, hillary clinton and donald trump are working hard to win over your vote. >> donald trump made a stop. his visit coming as he continues to fight back against criticism did he not prepare enough for his first debate on monday night against his rival hillary clinton. meanwhile clinton was in iowa where early voting started yesterday. >> i had to put up with the anchor and fight the anchor all the time with everything i said. what a rig deal. >> are you ready to get to the polls.
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>> yes. >> well, luckily in iowa you can start today. >> so donald trump, set to hold a rally in lancaster county tomorrow. vice-president joe biden stopped by tonight show with jimmy fallon last night and base ted in time taking a few jabs at donald trump. >> what amazing me about donald trump and he is a decent guy but his lack of sensibilities. the way he talks about, you know, well, i was rooting for the housing market to fail because that is business. that is in the business, that is callus. that is not business. i paid no taxes and that makes me smart. it must make the rest of us suckers. >> the next presidential debate will be held on october the ninth at washington university and in st. louis, missouri. team u.s.a. brought home gold during summer olympics. >> after winning big they had to make a stop by the white
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house. >> president obama, first lady, hosted u.s. olympic and para olympic teams. u.s. team brought home more golds then any other country. president obama said one of the reasons for all of the wins were because of the women, on team u.s.a. he made sure to highlight the achievements of ciman biles, cade i le decky and ciman manual. >> of course they made it in the white house. this is cute, right. >> yes. >> why is the president and first lady stretching with them. >> he is doing his best split do you see what it says there. >> i could not see there. >> it is because as low as you can go. >> i could not go that far. >> only person missing from that photo, sue serio was gabby douglas, she was not able to make it. >> how come. >> i'm not sure. >> if you ever invited to the white house wouldn't you clear your calendar.
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>> she was sick before. she got sick coming back from rio. >> you guys have the same thing around. >> there is something going around. >> lauren hernandez is doing dancing with the stars. >> i want to mention that there are a few showers in the the forecast we are out here every year for stepping out to secure a clear determine a walk. get started at lloyd hall, registration at 8:15 walk at 9:15. a couple showers in the forecast. that is same weather we had last year. we had a huge turnout. it is an important cause to help people afflict with this horrific disease, auto immune disease and we hope to see you helping us sunday morning. it will not be raining this heavily we hope and this does seem like it is easing up a little bit as rain moves from south to north, so wilmington delaware we're still getting rain. lehigh valley still getting a lot of heavy rain and as we look into the other areas, i
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was going to say salem county but i could not think of it but salem county has had a lot of rain. 63 degrees today. sixty-eight tomorrow. light rain here and there. sunday is day we could get some sunshine but we have some showers in the forecast, so don't get too excited. wye the middle of next week we do see possibility of rain on wednesday and then we have to see what matthew is going to do as a hurricane that is expect to affect cuba and then move northward and we will see what happens after that but it is too early to tell to put it on your radar bob kelly for neck week. >> or dump it on to my radar, sure. >> yeah. >> good morning, everybody. we have 295 on the radar here, jammo, every where because of that heavy rain, we have spray giving wipers a work out. just watch yourself because we have had a dozen accidents or so, most of them in the work zones, like 95, 422, and portions of 202. now here's up some dates on mass transit, market frankford
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line no a or b services this morning, all trains making all stops, and here's an accident that happened, to think you are having a rough start here light pole came down on the fellow's roof at forty-sixth and chestnut, south on the northeast extension an accident at quakertown interchange, slow go, coming in on 422, again, everybody will be late for work this morning, slow go because of an accident at troop are road earlier this morning. down wires in when chester, smith bridge and ridge road and expect delays at philly international. we have an hour and 30 minute delays. laguardia has checked in with two and a half hours at 7:19 in the morning. that will set tone for rest of the the day with air travel. good news for mass transit, guess what is back? all of those broken trains, fix, repairs, they will come back to normal service patterns on monday. it is a brand new schedule if you want to make sure you have it. get rid of the old ones and grab new ones that say effective day october 2nd but we should be ready to role and
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ease that crunch on monday, chris and lauren, back over to you. we will continue to track developments out the of hoe broken in morning after the train crashed there with deadly results. railroad attorney joins us at 7:30 to weigh in on the crash yesterday. you think it is too early to start your holiday shopping, chris murphy? think again, surprising number of people who say, not only have they started but they are done. >> i'm just trying to start mine. speaking of money. >> win the lottery
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restaurant chain cosi filed for bankruptcy. they made the announcement in federal court yesterday. boston based publicly traded sandwich chain employs 1100 people. i thought they were bigger than that. >> the chain says it has closed 29 of the 74 company owed locations cutting 450 jobs, 31 franchised restaurants will stay opened.
7:24 am
no word on if any of those restaurants air affect. we have one on our block at fourth and chestnut just down the street from fox 29. halloween, it is in a month and fast track to the holiday season, right. >> if we take tonight chronological order. >> have you got even any gifts yet. >> what for halloween. >> no, for christmas. >> no. >> there is 86 days left. >> if you are counting. >> i was than the. >> even though it is just end of the september, many people are say i'm done. survey says 34 million people are shopping. >> who are these people. >> 1 million of those people have finish. >> what is this. >> if you are a procrastinator like chris movie do i not worry, you you are not alone, 30 percent say they will finish, guess when they are finish. >> when. >> on christmas eve. >> well, loading up on gift card. >> that is the best. >> that is what mike jerrick does. >> yes. >> checking out at super market. look the at all these gift
7:25 am
card. >> you have kid. you have to make sure you check the list, to give to santa. >> the list is growing more and more every year. >> here's my thing though, black friday deals. >> um-hmm. >> people just did this, they are not going to get in on the black friday deals. >> some of the sales are like still in effect now. sometimes i see some good sales going into summer. you might buy something. >> what do you want. >> what can i get the you you. >> kaine make a list. >> no. >> don't check it the twice. >> i have to tell you what i want. >> one thing you pick one thing off my list, very simple >> one thing. >> speaking of a rap, battle over bromance. why ben affleck and matt damon are arguing over this guy mr. deflate gate.
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jen fred, is what up girl friend. >> hey ladies, and chris, beyonce, we were talking about that but gina davis and guy who played cameron in ferris buehler's day off our new fox show, you know, what he has to say about the the icon i can movie and the tv show, exorcist i think my strongest asset, maybe by far, is my temperament. i'd like to punch him in the face, i'll tell you. i would bomb the [bleep] out of 'em. i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them
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to go [bleep] themselves. get him out of here! get him out of here! get the hell out of here! priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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after a train derails, it is, with deadly results. we are live in hoboken an update throughout the morning. emotional good bye for one of the two fire fighters killed in wilmington over the weekend. lieutenant christopher leach will be laid to rest one day later. murder investigation now connect to their death. >> sad weekend in delaware. >> um-hmm. sue serio, good morning to you on a wet friday morning. >> yeah, it really is just yucky out there but you somehow bus stop buddy just keeps on smiling. he has rain gear on as you should. temperatures in the 50's and 60's as we get started with rain and we have got flash flooding around when you get heavy downpours and then this is flooding from the build up of rain in southern delaware. flood warning in effect there because some places, down in sussex county of gotten 12 inches of rain so far and
7:30 am
you can see as we put this into motion there is more coming in. it is some places, it is easing up a little bit but still nasty when we look out window here just a lot of people dodging those rain drops. forty-seven in mount pocono. sixty-six in wildwood, in between we are mostly in the 50's, so we are expect to go reach 6061 degrees. topping off in the lower 60's later today. temperatures not moving much because we expect clouds to linger all day long. as the wind calms down and rain tapers off we will have scattered showers throughout the the rest of the day. weekend forecast is just ahead, bob kelly. >> hey, sue, good morning everybody. 7:30 on a friday. another yucky start with accidents every where and slower than normal speeds. it is one of those days north bound lanes of 309, an accident here, at norristown, here's a live look at i-95 in delco as you look closely you can see rain hitting our camera here sideways. it is not just heavy rain but
7:31 am
coming at you sideways no matter how big an umbrella you have you will get wet. i-95 parking lot southbound out of northeast philadelphia, flood watch as sue mentioned in dover, delaware, live look the at dover speed way where they are hoping to have nascar this weekend. lets go to mass transit, market frankford line all trains making all stops, no aob service this morning. the as far as new jersey transit, northeast corridor regular service, in the a problem between philadelphia and new york, service this and out of hoboken is still suspended, southbound on the extension an accident near quakertown and slow go on 422 eastbound from collegeville into trooper road from an earlier accident, chris and lauren, back over to you. federal investigators now working to determine the cause of the train accident that killed one woman and left more than a hundred injured. new jersey transit train seemingly never slowed down, before it crashed into the hoboken train station. investigators are speaking to
7:32 am
the conductor thomas gallagher. >> he started 29 years ago became an engineer 18 years ago. crash is raising a question about positive train control and why it is not being deployed more quickly. >> as you know, ntsb has been recommending ptc for 40 years. so we will look at that. we will look at whether there is positive train control installed and all of the aspects related to that before we come to any conclusions. >> congress has been pressuring railroads to adopt the positive train control systems but the deadline has been pushed back now, to 2018. joining us to talk all about this is attorney jim mceldrew, you are a railroad expert. you represented a couple of the passengers injured in the train derailment we had in philadelphia, where we lost eight people. >> yes. >> when you look at this, lets start with the positive train control.
7:33 am
why is it not in place and why wasn't it in place yesterday at hoboken. >> so in 2008 congress passed, basically a mandate to put positive train control on all class one railroads. it was unfunded mandate. along with this law came, you know, the desire for congress to have class one railroad put positive train control throughout the system however it was pretty clear by objecting of 2015 that was not going to happen. class one railroads petitioned congress and they got a three-year extension. >> into 2018. >> so these trains, you know, these tracks, just sit they know they have a problem waiting to happen. >> i think absolutely, i was talking to you beforehand and back in may of 2011 hoboken had a number of similar incident where a path train ran over a bumper. fortunately not as many people were hurt and nobody was kill. but something that the ntsb said earlier one of the things that they recommended was
7:34 am
after that accident for positive train control throughout the new jersey transit patsies tell, again, i'm not trying to get into what transit's budgetary issues are but there should be some funding from congress to do this. >> they say it is too expensive and we have not made it happen yet. >> it is a complicated system because a lot of trains run over different trains, different train lines so they have to integrate lines back and forth between various railroads but biggest issue here is money and we're paying money to the victims unfortunately after the occurrence, if we were able to put that money towards positive train control beforehand a lot of these accidents should have been mitigated or donna way with. >> go ahead. >> lets talk about the engineer. people are asking what was he doing? how does something like this happen. >> there are no in ward facing cameras there so i don't know if we will ever get right answer out of that but we do know going in the hoboken train station there is a signal that decreases speed to
7:35 am
under 30 miles an hour. >> there train had to be doing more than that. >> exactly. >> septa is already in philadelphia, has already equipped with positive train control. if that were to happen in philadelphia emergency brakes would be automatically activated. he had to pass through at least two signals at higher than normal speeds in order for this to happen. >> what do they do know, do they go back and look at 72 hours before this accident happened and they do a paper trail on this engineer's activity. >> sure, they will want to know where he was, what engineer fatigue is a big issue. >> you cannot fly unless you have had a certain amount of sleep. >> absolutely there are certain issues with whether he was out or not. i have no idea in this particular case. we do know they will look at the braking system, obviously the positive train control issue will be on the table again. we will look at engineer's activities. we will look at signals. we will look at people in the signal department as well, as
7:36 am
communications department. so everybody, everybody is going to be investigated in this incident. >> as far as looking at everything and looking back getting black book, finding out more, how do we look forward to make sure this doesn't happen again. >> like we said before we know positive train control can prevent these accidents or lessen the severity of it. i mean i think we have to as a society make a decision whether we want to put money for prevention or pay it for injuries. at this point we're making wrong decisions. >> say that to the eight people who died on may 12th 2015 of philadelphia and miss fabiola bittar de kroon standing on the platform, age 34, mother of one person. >> it is horrible to look at the wreckage here from philadelphia. >> but final question here, this might not be your purview as an attorney but look at driverless cars and that technology it seems like if something is on track it is better for something to be driver less, right. >> would you think so.
7:37 am
>> i was coming over here with the very bad uber driver. i was actually, i saw that the air bag sign was on i had seat belt. a train that carries hundreds, sometimes thousands of passengers has none. if the engineer should fail, should not be paying attention, lose track of where he is at, without any other preventions in the system these accidents will continue to happen. it is a tragedy. >> i don't know if these trains are equipped with seat belts. i never wear a seat belt on a train a lot of questions, legally and every other way. thanks for coming in. >> appreciate it. so she's going back to back, super bowl, find out why lady gaga will be there again this year after the amazing performance in the national anthem last year. katie mcginty: franny, johnny, mikey, maureen, jimmy,
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joey, ricky, eileen, me, and colleen... all 10 of us raised on a policeman's salary and a mom working as a restaurant hostess. imagine trying to do that today, with washington looking out for the favored few. i'll bring a different point of view to the u.s. senate - working class roots and the mother of three, i'll put middle class families ahead of wall street. i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message because it's your turn to get ahead.
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who could ever forget lady gaga's amazing performance last year, do you remember this. >> ♪
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>> they cut her off. that is so rude. >> who did that. >> i don't know. >> she did it to herself. >> what is this crazy thing that she's doing. >> i don't though but we will get more this year. pop star a announced she will head line the half time show at this years super bowl and it will come just in time for drop of her album coming up october 21st, remember super bowl is happening, right here, on our station, on february 5th. it was so nice to watch her sing at super bowl last year because her music, has that techno voice type sound. >> we will get to her her skills. >> she has skills too. she can belt it out. >> no one likes getting it may be good for you. how your break out, could bring you and helping you younger. >> i have a pimple on my neck right now. >> ugh. >> yes. >> jen fred, good morning to
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you, love. >> good morning. okay, first of all do you know where i am? figure out where my new spot is? second of all, gina a davis, two academy awards, so why is she going back to television. hear what she has to say about her new show exorcist on fox. [ clock ticking ] time. you only have so much. that's why we wanna make sure you won't have to wait on hold. and you won't have to guess when we'll turn up. because after all... we should fit into your life.
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[ laughing ] not the other way around. [ clock ticking ]
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good morning, everybody. here's a live look at 422, wet
7:45 am
behind the ears, and slow go from royersford all the way into king of prussia. rain drops on the camera lens and rain drops on your windshield this morning. here's a live look from new jersey on the freeway again, everyone is going to be late. pack your patients, pack a snack, we have that heavy rain, still hitting news some areas, and that is because of ponding and quick flooding especially in the construction zones, like here a live look at 295 between 42 and the black horse pike. as far as mass transit go, the market frankford line no a or b express service, all train making stops, new jersey transit, concerning that accident from yesterday, no problems, on the north east corridor regular service from philadelphia all the way up to new york, it is branching off where there is no service in and out of hoboken until further notice. southbound i-95 stacked up from academy into center city, be careful in the construction zones, watch out for flooding they are not where they should
7:46 am
be, and we have had closures earlier this morning of i-95 and a normal services comes back on monday, those silver liner trains are back. we will put them back on the rails and they will follow a brand new schedule, similar to the one we had back in june before this mess unfolded, but, whatever schedule you have been using, throw it out over the weekend, grab the new one because you there are some, minor adjustments, it is clearly listed effective date october 2nd which is sunday and i have a link up on my facebook page, we have one up on our web site at fox and speaking of back, sueby's back she's got forecast in 152nd. blank blank. so hey what about the
7:47 am
games, we want to see ryan howard's potentially last home games with the phillies is this phillies play mets tonight at home. occasional showers in the forecast. just bring rain gear and puncho you should be fine in the upper 50's. pretty much same temperature it is right now. here's a look the at the rain as it moves in, still streaming in from south to north, but, some of it is decrease nothing intensity. i say some of it but we have a heavy downpour just north of the marlboro and right around lima, in delaware county around who will an, pennsylvania, in bucks county, up there and then all of these areas in southern new jersey, gloucester, evesham township, around winslow, and waterford and then new jersey shore just north of the ocean city a heavy downpour as well. so it is all over the place. rain is still here, the heaviest rain is this morning, we will get to a high of 63 degrees but still a chance of showers so just have that umbrella with you or wear rain coat with the hood throughout the day today. tomorrow the same deal, light
7:48 am
rain on and off but not raining every minute. this weekend will not be an entire wash out. if we get enough sunshine we could get in the 70's on sunday but chance of showers, monday, some clouds, high of 75 degrees. tuesday and wednesday we're sunny on tuesday, rain possible on wednesday, and then we will have to watch, lauren and chris for hurricane matthew and see if it effects our forecast middle of next week. >> could be more rain. >> yep. >> sue, thank you. eagles are enjoying a bye week but you that does not mean there will not be football at the link. temple is hosting smu saturday at noon, their last few years these have been high scoring match ups. it is also parent/child touchdown pass day what is it? >> parent/child touchdown pass day. >> is today. >> so all kids four and under can come on the field, score a touchdown after the game, get all of the pictures you want. first 3,000 fans get a free t-shirt. go to owls for
7:49 am
tickets. >> parent child touchdown is today. you can take your kid down to the field and throw a the two ball to them. >> take a picture. >> do your best merrill reese. >> yes. >> wentz to agholor, something like that. >> something like that. >> that is so cool. >> so tonight on fox, two movie stars are on tv. >> who are they. >> gina davis, and, allen rupp. >> yes, that is a line i remember from that hoffy let's jen fred do it. she's in her new jen cave. where are you and where is this place what floor do you think i'm on, by the way, this is mike our facebook show and tracefully that is in our building. >> you are on the second floor. >> i love it. >> are you having a -- you need to have a house warming party. >> this is the house warming party. >> so before you come up this will be a great place to watch
7:50 am
exorcist on fox. you know how fox has been doing it, empire, gotham they go there, they go as far as they can for network tv and this show is just like the others, it is as creepy as you want it to be. >> i love horror. i was actually in one horror movie back in the 80's, the fly and i just love the ge nre. >> and possibly to go there. >> right. >> yes. >> willing to make it as creepy, scary, frightening as this need to be. >> been doing a really good job, and they are giving us some slack. >> it just keeps kind of building, we're in the middle of five, we are both at episode six ape it just keeps rolling. >> and everyone we're like this is so much scarier and it has been amazing. >> it is honest too. we're trying to keep our big toe in reality, kind of root
7:51 am
this down and this is happening to a regular family. >> pollution tell me. >> so sometimes you think allen's character suffers from dementia but does he. >> it is tonight at fox 29. ladies and gentlemen raise your hand if you have seen fures buehler's day off? they have both seen it. so, of course you cannot talk to cameron from fures buehler's day off without talking about the movie. i couldn't fess todd him and i'm excited for my 11 year-old to see the movie. he says his character was informed by something that he did when he was in fifth grade. >> ridiculous. >> that is when i cut school. >> right. >> for a week because my mother started to teach school. she decided to go back and be a schoolteacher and there was nobody in the house and it is just me and i had a plan to forge her signature, on a note
7:52 am
but i never got around to it, so: >> so awesome. >> it wasn't so awesome. >> was that in fifth grade. >> yeah, i had fun but i paid, i paid, i paid. >> so how crazy is that, he skipped five full days of school. i asked if he would have skipped school? he said maybe a day but what do you do for five days in your house as an 11 year-old? so lauren i want to you know we will be using this area more. >> hi. >> oh, hi. >> how are you doing. >> this is fancy. >> get in the good mike. >> hi. >> there is a jammo on the party couch. >> again, get in the good light, baby, get in the good light. >> hey, how are you doing. >> we need some music. thinks where we will all watch the fox shows, you guys look
7:53 am
good. >> yes. >> we scotch guarded it. >> dressage at devon horse show currently underway sometimes referred to as ballet on horse back, elite show brings competitors, horses, trainers around the world to compete. there is an explorer day for kids plus plenty of food and shopping at the fall festival. don't miss it, show continues through sunday located on route 30 in devon, pennsylvania. ticket are ten dollars for adults, five bucks for kid and 12 abe under. it is battle over bromance. why ben affleck and matt damon are arguing over which of them tom brady loves more. give us guests on twitter.
7:55 am
7:56 am
does pat toomey speak for you? i also want to thank the nra for it's, uh, strong support for my campaign. pat toomey: he opposes an assault weapons ban and got an "a" rating from the nra. "i have had a perfect record with the nra." and on women's health? "i would support legislation in pennsylvania that would ban abortion, and i would suggest that we have penalties for doctors who perform them." pat toomey: does he really speak for you? senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
7:57 am
the great jim morrison of the doors, we don't love this weather, do we. >> not at all. >> here's someone people love, tom brady. >> they do, i don't. >> why? >> he is a pain. he is a dilldant. >> matt damon and ben affleck are trying to figure out who is better friend with the patriots. >> the award winning actors are duking out over who brady likes better. they're all from the new england/boston area. is there your connection. this is all for a very good cause. >> hi guys matt damon, ben, are you on. >> i'm here too. >> we have some really good exciting news for you. >> for just ten dollars you and a friend can hang out with me, and tom brady. i guess, also, matt will be there. >> yeah, and also me because i'm also friend with tom brady.
7:58 am
>> yeah, sure. >> lesser friend. >> anyway, we will get some pizza, get a couple beers, we will throw the ball around, hang out in one of our favorite spots this boston with the greatest quarterback whoever walk the earth. >> and the man who will be joining us on this call any minute. >> that looks like, what is this. >> it is a text from tom braidy hey ba, my initials, we use initials because we are close, you know. >> i'm running a little bit the late. >> so, it intensifies and they take it to the next level, look at brady finally jumping into break this all up. >> why don't we ask him, after he threw that touchdown in new orleans. >> he gave the double wink too. >> he was sitting right behind his parents. >> he pointed at me first and that gesture to his parents. >> maybe i'll ask tom all about that when we get his half of our matching tattoos. >> he got that tattoo four years ago. he will never get his half. >> he will, when he gets it, we will press our arms together and make a special
7:59 am
symbol and it will be majestic, beautiful and just for us and you will be so jealous, guy. >> hey tom, tom, tom. >> hi. >> touchdown tommy. >> sorry, i'm late i just got done with body work. >> i do some stretching. >> i take it, you already told them about the fundraiser. >> yes, we kept it straight. >> and stuck to the talking points just like you said. >> just like you said t a crossbone great. >> well,. >> he is better actor then the other two. >> they are all great friends. the a fleck initiative, damon's and brady's td 12 foundation. >> i'm more impressed by man bun back there when he turned around. >> do you like the man bun. >> are you into it. >> i like it. >> on that note, we're coming up at 8:00 o'clock hour of "good day philadelphia" on
8:00 am
this last day of september, 2016. >> let's do it. tragedy on the track. >> there was a lot of people. there was a gentlemen at the door, he was bleeding. >> reporter: new jersey transit train slams in the hoboken train station, one women dead, more than 100 hurt. the man behind the controls. a final farewell, lieutenant christopher leach will be laid to rest this morning this is after a woman is accused of starting a fire that killed him and senior fire fighter jerry fickes. what police say she confessed to about the crime. and turn up your pimples, they are good for you, how your break outs will keep you looking younger, longer. turning women into problem made.
8:01 am
beyonce storms a soaking stage and makes it rain in philadelphia, how the star embraced the wet weather in philadelphia. people have their umbrellas out, guy without the umbrella. >> in the bus shelter. >> the tree, it is windy too so that makes it worse. >> that is the worst. >> i try to put my hair up, and it blew up. >> how did that go. >> you see where it is now. >> never touch a woman's hair. >> i have learn that. >> i have learn many things and the first rule was never touch hair. >> embrace it. >> yes. >> you made it the in to a cute dew. >> my hair spray. >> i said what do you have mace here for. >> so watch what you do with that. >> it has the same effect. >> lets get to the number of the day even though you will not like it. it is two out of zero, just
8:02 am
yucky with the rain, win, and it is somehow bus stop buddy is still smiling. so your temperatures are in the 50's and 60's. we have rain, flash flooding, around this morning, we have a flood advisory in effect for delaware county, parts of montgomery, up there in berks county, and you can see the rain is kind of coming in the line all the way through to delaware and straight north from there, so southern delaware has gotten hit the hardest from this rain and as we look at the current radar we do see some areas where rain is easing up but a few where we see orange and yellow still have heavy downpours. a coastal flood advisory continues until noon time today with winds continuing to push that water, on to other shore points. our temperature 57 degrees in philadelphia, and 67 in wildwood. and 47 in mount pocono. big range of temperatures there. we have only, don't expect the temperatures where ever they are to move very much because of the cloud cover, even when it is not raining, 61 by
8:03 am
lunchtime, high temperature today only 63 degrees. the last week we were in the 80's bob kelly, not anymore. >> fifty-seven right now, what you sianni what you feel is what you got. live look at the benny, an example of the heavy downpour, that just whipping through center city and across the bridge here, poor visibility, coming over the bridges, rain drops on the camera lens and on your windshield, blue route just an absolute crawl, from end to end and a accident just not that far from that camera shot, southbound lanes of route one right at state road. accident north on 295 up by florence columbus interchange, mass transit, septa, all trains stops no a or b service on the market frankford line today. situation with the northeast cover for regular service not a problem as a result of yesterday's train accident. only problem is hoboken, still suspended and southbound i-95 a hot mess from academy into
8:04 am
downtown. be careful on all of the work zones including i-95 as heavy rain is more than puddles, it is flooding out in all of the work zones, chris and lauren, back over to you. chaos and destruction when a speeding train plowed right through the platform at hoboken station during the busy commute yesterday morning. one woman is dead, more than 100 others are injured. >> we are learning more about the engineer this morning who is behind the controls during this crash, jennifer joyce live from hoboken with the very latest, jen good morning. >> reporter: good morning, chris and lauren. this engineer is said to have work for nj transit the for the last 29 years. so what prevented this season employee from slowing, controlling the train as it entered the hoboken station. that is the big question. by 8:45 a.m. hoboken train station looked like a disaster zone after nj transit train plowed through the bumper of the tracks, went airborne and slammed into the platform. according to reports desperate
8:05 am
passengers exited the mangled train anyway possible and including crawling out of the smashed windows. one person killed by falling debris, more than 100 others were injured, majority were hospitalized. witnesses were startled by the sound of the crash, they didn't know what was going on. soon thereafter they heard screams and they saw the aftermath. >> all i could see is that the train made a big bomb noise. we thought we had a bomb, just like a bomb. when i ran out and looked to the right i saw people on the ground and i was on opposite end of the terminal when i heard the noise, when i exited the office, folks were running away from the train, screaming and things like that. >> fire department actually was part of the extricating a few of the victims, and using specialized equipment and getting them out. we appreciate all of the work. >> it took out a number of the supporting structures for that ceiling, the ceiling in that area collapsed and it came to a stop at the wall that leads into a terminal.
8:06 am
>> reporter: victim identified as fabiola bittar de kroon, wife and mother of an 18 month-old girl whom she just dropped off at day care. investigators say bittar de kroon was standing at the platform at the time of the crash and struck by fallen debris and killed. investigators are in the the process of talking with the train's engineer identified as thomas gallagher, he was released from the hospital yesterday afternoon, gallagher's neighbors told reporters yesterday that they were stunned, upset about the crash and they say he is a great man who is passionate about his career and investigators tell us that he is cooperating and as ntsb continues to investigate one of the things that they will be looking at is to black box recordings which they apparently took from the train yesterday. that will tell us just how far that train was traveling at the time of the crash as well as whether or not engineer made any attempt to slow down, lauren and chris. >> jenny, thank you so much. >> all unanswered.
8:07 am
prosecutors charged a woman, beatrice ruiz is charged with arson and murder. senior fire fighter jerry fickes junior and lieutenant christopher leach died sat take fighting the fire at the home on lake view road. according to court documents, ruiz told police that she was drunk and on anxiety medication when she lit the fire in the basement because she said, that she was angry. >> dave kinchen joins us from the church where the two will be remembered, hi there dave. >> reporter: hi lauren and chris. we have a different vantage point. i want to show you saint elizabeth roman catholic church. they are setting up this area that walkway is where they will see fire fighters coming up, and honoring the body of lieutenant christopher leach. what will happies an engine will come up in a little bit and bring his body on top of it, so it can be taken in the church and services can begin, viewing at ten with the second fire fighter killed in this tragedy he will be laid to
8:08 am
rest. hundreds will be paying their respects to the family of lieutenant christopher leach during a 10:00 a.m. viewing followed by a funeral mass at noon. forty-one year-old lieutenant and 51 year-old senior fire fighter jerry fickes junior died and two other fire fighters were seriously hurt when a floor collapsed as they were battling a fire on range view road a fire ruled as case of arson. new last night there was a service for senior fire fighter and we talk to people and tweeted bit, with fire fighters all over. we talk about being there and what the risk means every day. >> it is an amazing young man. he cast dynamic. he would do just about anything you asked him. he was a family man. he loved his family. he loved the fire department. >> it is a very common thing in the fire service to have fire fighters come and support those lost fire fighters a and that is what we're doing. we're here with fire fighters from all over the region, in
8:09 am
for many states that come in just to pay respects. >> reporter: including one from boston helping direct everyone here. viewing for lieutenant leach at 10:00 a.m. and we can tell you that the service, funeral mass start at noon and tomorrow there will be a special memorial for both fallen fire fighters, back to you. >> dave, thank you. 8:09. one of the biggest moments in high school choosing home coming king and queen but it is over at one school, who kid will elect instead. >> but first, embrace your acne. >> what? >> it turns out your pimples are good for you you. how your break outs will keep you looking younger, longer, bring it on, bumps. when it comes to risking social security on the stock market...
8:10 am
pat toomey wrote the book. "i'm...i've got a whole chapter in my book where i... specifically lay out how i think we should... reform social security." toomey's plan requires wall street and bankers to manage... the accounts. collecting fees out of your social security that could... total billions. fees they collect, even if the market crashes and... seniors lose everything. pat toomey's looking out for wall street, not pennsylvania. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising.
8:11 am
8:12 am
septa trains will return to a regular weekday schedule one months after side lining 120 cars with structural problems. the transit agency regional rail has been forced to run on a modified schedule since early july. regular weekday schedule returns this monday, october 3rd, and they promise
8:13 am
that we would see some major changes come october. >> they said, that but october d they will stick to it. i talk to septa yesterday, right after the show, and they gave me heads up on it but here's the deal, follow the new you schedule. whatever schedule you have been following, trash it, get rid of it, and down load the new schedule. i just put the lincoln my facebook and twitter page. we will have it on fox direct link to the brand new schedule. they will go back to the same service plans, that they had back in june before this mess even started. but there are a couple of, tweaks in there. so make sure you have the new schedule, it is clearly dated october the second and although monday and tuesday may have some hiccups, we're heading in the right direction with all of those silver liner trains back on the tracks and they are going to keep those leased trains with us for next couple weeks as well. so hopefully we will see a total transformation for the
8:14 am
good, on monday with the regional rails. this construction zone is a mess on a regular day. we have had accidents here, another don't right behind the scene here at i-95 north at allegheny avenue. i cannot stress enough that not only on i-95 but all of the work zones those drainage grates are not the in the proper spots. so this heavy rain, it has no where to go, and we're drying right through it almost like you are going through log flum at great adventure. southbound i-95 watch for flooding between cottman and girard. when is the rain going to stop? suebias back and she has the answer in 15 seconds
8:15 am
all right. rain will event eventually end. as we lot this radar picture it has thinned out over the last hour. but is there still some places where we're seeing some decent rainfall, and philadelphia is one of them, cherry hill, palmyra, new jersey, haverford, we're getting heavy rain as well. go to the north and you will see around mount pocono, we're get something pretty steady heavy rain, it has eased up a little bit but still raining at the new jersey shore. so, flood advisories, flood warnings, do kin for the rest of the morning. especially down to the south, where some parts of the sussex county, delaware has seen 12 inches of rain. so lets start with two days of the seven day forecast. 63 degrees today. heaviest rain today. still have that rain gear today and tomorrow. even though it won't rain all the time on saturday, the chance is still there, that is what we call unsettle weather. sunshine, eventually, on
8:16 am
sunday, so sun take really out of the two weekend daises your better day and then by the middle of next week, guys, we will have to start watching for hurricane matthew because that could factor in our weather picture by then. back to you. welcome back. >> speaking of health. >> thank you. >> delaware new has four new cases of zika including an infant. this brings total number to 15. officials say all the of the casees were caused by mosquito by the traveling abroad. no pregnant woman affected. they say none of those 15 people could locally transmit the virus, bitten by a mosquito. >> meantime there is alarming new information out about zika and how it may be spread. >> so one man contracted the virus after wiping the eyes of his dying father, doctor mike. >> what? >> i don't think we have ever heard anything like this yet.
8:17 am
>> it can be transmitted from bodily fluids, sweat, tears, anything like. that if someone is known to have suffering from zika, you want to wear gloves and practice what we call universal precautions. now, the problem with this is that 80 percent of people with zika don't even know that they have the zika virus. >> that is the big problem. >> do you want to talk acne here. >> go ahead. >> it is okay, it is chris's, he need more coffee. >> yes. >> breast-feeding and cancer they go hand and hand talk about that for us. >> we always talk about the fact that breast-feeding is really, really good for the child but we forget that it is so good for the mommy we know it helps with weight, right for women. >> more than that reduces your risk of cancer, high blood pressure, heart attacks, stroke, even diabetes.
8:18 am
this new data suggests that you should, if you can breast feed because if you do it is good for the baby, it is good for mom. if you can't, you can't. no worries. we deal with it. but best way to to it is breast feedy was born in the late 60's. my mom told me back in the day she took a pill to dry it up ape bottle federal me and breast-feeding thing came on board where doctors like yourself say no, start breast-feeding american women. are you seeing a higher rate of cancer in a generation because of that. >> i think it has to do with, they looked at $4.3 billion in health care savings if women breast fed. this has political connotation, talking about paid leave, and how 22 percent of women after giving birth go back to work in ten days, so, in my opinion, save money long term, you need paid leave if you have a child.
8:19 am
>> we have to get to this because horrible, big pimple on my neck right now. >> break out. >> it can be good for me? >> researchers have found that if you do have acne early on, you end up having better looking skin throughout life. no one really knew why that is, but we have a reason. >> what is this reason. >> there is an actual video, there is a substance, there you see they are, do we talk about how president obama has at the end of eight years it is gray. it has to do with the things at the end of the chrome zone, they get rub down like an eraser on the pencil and it is thought that people with acme has longer tellameres there and it allows the genetics to play and make the skin look healthier longer in life. >> i will i have acme scars. >> it has to do with genetics and environment and everything. >> even with the pimple, you
8:20 am
know i love you, chris. iowa than the to say one more thing, number one, out of the darkness is a walk, for the prevention of suicide. it is sunday morning, over at the art museum. you have got the to be there. death by suicide is a very, very concerning, and serious situation, that affects all of us. please, if you have or know anyone, you need to support this cause. they are the number one walk in the country. >> philadelphia steps up to the plate and makes it happen. >> what time. >> 7:30 registration. 9:00 o'clock kick off. >> now i know i'm always running late and they are telling me to wrap. >> i love you. >> i will never look at anything as the end, i tell people like a recurrent fungus we will be together, again, one way or the other, you never know, but i love you. >> i love you back. >> you are a quality human
8:21 am
being. >> thanks. >> that is more than i can say about anything you you are so sweet. >> thank you. >> i love you too. >> movies, to help your marriage, while watching films like steel magnolias may help you as a couple before you tie the knot or even after. >> chick flicks help. >> there is a long list we will break it down. >> but first your thought bill clinton loved balloons wait until you see atarax he gets from princess charlotte.
8:22 am
8:24 am
♪ >> bruce springsteen is, a piece of philadelphia. >> bruce springsteen made a stop at the parkway at free library on vine street to meet up with fans in line to get a presign copy of his new book born to run. this book by the way is the
8:25 am
supposed to be really interesting. he goes into deep stuff about the depression he suffered, he penned every single word in this book. despite rain hundreds wait in line to get an up close look the at music legend and they got to take a selfie, they had to pay for tickets but if you are a huge fan, actually shake hands with him, take a selfie, it is a living legend truly. >> he is. >> princess charlotte, prince george, they are royalty, i know how you feel about royals. but there is adorable video reminding us they are cute little kids as well. >> well, not big fan of the royals but i love kid. prince william and his family are on tour in canada these are cute kid. well, at a kid party for military family princess charlotte and prince george, had a lot of fun with the balloon decorations. they really enjoyed bubbles that were being blown. >> that is cute. >> that is what it looks like. >> and then these kid will grow up and all fashionable
8:26 am
and do nothing and everybody will chase them around with cameras for the rest of their life. >> that is his opinion. we all know it. >> yes. >> you are never quiet about it. >> those in glass houses. >> lemons into lemonade. >> of course. >> people did it last night because beyonce was here during middle of the storm but she made it rain in philadelphia. we will show you video about wet weather at the link, and beyonce song. >> the left, the left, the left. >> to the left, to the the left.
8:27 am
when i was one year old, i was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer on my spinal chord. but i spent my whole life fighting back. so you can imagine what i thought when i saw donald trump say... "i don't know what i said, ah, i don't remember!" "that reporter he is talking about suffers from a chronic condition that impairs movement of his arms." i don't want a president who makes fun of me. i want a president who inspires me, and that's not donald trump. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
8:29 am
one woman says she does president travel with her own husband. >> you go, girl. >> you stay home. i'm going to have some fun. reason she says it helps their
8:30 am
relationship, plus, have you seen this movie? >> i will take it off for you. >> don't you tell me what to do. >> why you should watch monster in law and a whole bunch of other movies with your partner if you want your love to last. >> have you seen that movie before. >> no. >> would you want to watch it. >> now i do. >> that looks good. >> good job on that clip. >> what happens next. >> you ever see her at atl at your ballpark when she was with ted turner doing that chop 20 years ago. >> i don't think i did. >> she was always there in the crowd. >> sue serio, this is not baseball weather at all. >> no, but we have a game tonight. buddy says wear rain gear, have your puncho with you. it will not rain as heavily as right now but we do have some flooding around for this morning. temperatures in the 50's and
8:31 am
60's and we do have a flood advisory, in effect to the north of us, these counties here, berks, and chester and delco, and then down through delaware, it is a flood warning because they have had so much rain. but they are getting a break for right now. you can see rain kind of taking a break. it is not going away completely but maybe for some of us, the heaviest rain is over, 57 degrees, in philadelphia, so subtract 10 degrees from that, mount pocono 47. almost 10 degrees to that and wildwood's temperature of 66. we will stay in the 60's with clouds continuing as wind and rain taper off a bit. dripping, dropping, will still be around but will it last through weekend? that is the question. we will have the answer coming up. bob kelly. sue, good morning everybody. hot mess. 8:31. live look at that accident on i-95 northbound, just pushed off at girard avenue. this i-95 construction zone is just a mess, a mess to begin with but there is no where for
8:32 am
rain to be going, like buckets just sitting there almost like you are driving through the log flum at times. so just be careful throughout the rest of the day, or even through the weekend, up and down i-95 in the the construction zone, 202, 422, all of the work zones, the drains are not set up, to handle this type of a rain that we're getting in such a short period of time. an accident eastbound pennsylvania turnpike at fort washington, and here's a look at that accident southbound lanes have of route one right at state road, what was an overturn vehicle getting pulled out of the bushes getting put up on the flatbed an accident north on 295 at florence columbus. we're looking at anywhere from one to two hour delays in the air at philly interest that the. chris and lauren, back over to you. i'm showing chris pictures on instagram and everyone, has the bum many bee. >> that lady wore that to the beyonce show last night in the rain. >> in the rain it didn't stop the show.
8:33 am
>> it is a picture of a lady dressed just like beyonce. >> she does. beyonce came, showed up, showed out despite all of the weather, check it out. >> ♪ >> she's not going to come here and disappoint her fans, right. >> no. >> they are there in the rain. you have to show up. do they give her a tent so her equipment didn't get wet. >> hear she performs, rain or shine. jen and tori were there. >> beehive is buzzing. >> jen fred, is what up. >> hi tori. >> i want to know did you wear the puncho. >> i wore a puncho, a wore a sweat shirt, i wore sneakers, it was the most dressed down i have ever been at a beyonce concert, i apologize, but this is four hours of sleep. >> welcome to the club.
8:34 am
>> jen, what did you wear for queen b. >> well, i wore rain boots, i wore black underneath and then yeah i had to wear a hat on top. i wore a stylish hat. i don't know. i have to say this, do you remember last year when she was here it was like, it stopped, right as she went on stage. corry went to the show, with alex and these other people. maybe it will stop. it did not stop. we were talking about that this morning when beyonce was flipping her hair back and forth you could see the water just coming down from her hair. >> was it fun to stand out there in the rain. >> you you know what, it was fun because i'm in the beehive, people, i'm a card carrying member, okay, when the queen hits the stage i don't care about the rain. i don't care about the wind. she's out there shaking it. she is hitting those notes. hey. >> i like beyonce i don't love beyonce. chris asked what is it about her that you would go to two
8:35 am
concerts in one year and a concert in the pouring rain. >> she gives you her all, lauren. i told jessica our executive producer, beyonce is so professional. that girl came out there in the pouring rain and she hit every note, she made every move, her dancers were shaking it, giving us their life and she was just so appreciative. she kept thanking us, throughout the night for being out there with her, standing out there in the rain and her punchos, she kept saying i love y'all, i love you guys, thank you, thank you, thank you. >> positive strong message. >> i went with my family and my mom, went, poor baby, but my mom was like she kept saying i'm not going out there. i don't know anything about beyonce. she went. she said i'm a fan. >> in the rain. >> you have to go to her show, lauren if you go to her show you will fall in love with her. >> jen, is what your love affair with queen b. >> look, she came to sleigh and she slade, okay. i have to say this, it is
8:36 am
about the stage production. you can tell, came here to geno's after the show because he knows where to have a cheese stake but lets go back to the beyonce. exactly like tori says. the dancers did not miss a stretch ape as they were doing their moves and stuff you could see their puddles, splashing. i was worried that someone would slip, fall, there was a drummer out there. musicians had a little bit of cover but there was an electric guitar going crazy. >> how long was the show, in the rain. >> it is about two hours would i say, right, jen. >> it is longer than that. >> yes. >> wye by the way, all of the people trunk behind me don't be drunk at the a beyonce show ever again. >> happy recovery ladies thank you, baby. >> she wasn't working because of the concert. she said it was cold, wet but so worth it. everyone loved it.
8:37 am
>> that is a true testament how committed these people are. >> go to beyonce. >> stand out there in the rain. >> crazy. >> one of the biggest moments in high school you choose a home coming king and queen but it is over at one school already who kid will elect instead. >> that is cool.
8:38 am
does pat toomey speak for you? i also want to thank the nra for it's, uh, strong support for my campaign. pat toomey: he opposes an assault weapons ban and got an "a" rating from the nra. "i have had a perfect record with the nra." and on women's health? "i would support legislation in pennsylvania that would ban abortion, and i would suggest that we have penalties for doctors who perform them." pat toomey: does he really speak for you? senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
8:39 am
8:40 am
so, students at one maryland high school are breaking with home coming tradition. >> go on good so instead of the long time practice of electing a boy's king, and a girl as queen, student in bethesda are voting for a gender neutral home coming. so that means any can kin win including gays, straight transgender. most students seem to be opened to the idea but some say they do not understand the change. >> it shows that we're a school that wants to include
8:41 am
the whole student body and doesn't want to be offensive in any possible way. >> i'm not begins transgender or anything but it is weird like they would be changing everything. is there only like two people don't identify as man or would hand. >> school's home coming court is taking center field, next week. >> at least they are sending the message of inclusion at that school. >> absolutely. >> that is good too because sometimes school can be, it is tough to deal with. >> yes. >> bullying, and people having their opinion and the clubs and you don't feel welcome, wanted. it sound like everybody there is trying to show some love. >> this third grady moved from massachusetts to the los angeles area. every friday they had kill murphy day because i was the new kid. i was out spoken as a third grader. >> yes. >> really. >> i would give california my massachusetts piece of mind. >> every friday, it didn't go well for you. >> butt kick.
8:42 am
>> teachers looked the other way he deserves it, he is a brat in class too. things have change. guess what else happened help i was like a little will kid. >> what? >> i was about two years from being born. >> geno's started 50 years ago. >> and jen is there this morning. i think she said someone famous stopped by last night. >> yes, dj was here last tonight but everyone who comes to philadelphia is always here. look at that, look at that. we're getting secrets from the guy himself, you don't look a day over 25 hand. fifty looks good on you.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
what is going on, the rainy, blue mountain, and poconos, and pretty much, and, where you you are, it the looks pretty glummy out there. lets take a look, we have 8:00 r hurricane matthew. that is just north of south america, and, headed towards the west, and you would think that maybe it wouldn't be a factor in our weather at all but it takes a northern turn and projections for where it will move as a category two
8:46 am
hurricane and maintaining that strength. it is off the coast of florida there and moving right over bohamas. what happens after that well, we're not sure because that is a licensing way from now but by middle of next week we will to have watch that very closely. here's the rain we have right now and quick look at the seven kay forecast shows 63 degrees today, 68 tomorrow, and some showers around, probably a few more showers in the morning but we may see sun break through on sunday, and then by monday we are in the 70's and then we will start to watch matthew by wednesday or thursday of next week and bring that puncho guys if you go to the temple game tomorrow. >> we can bureau it from bee april say fans. >> that is right. >> yes. >> geno's steaks, philadelphia institution is if there ever was one was getting ready to celebrate a big birthday. >> jen fred, this is a tough assignment for you, right. >> it the is tough assignment, i just told everyone when i first came years ago this was
8:47 am
the first cheese stake that i had because you go big or go home. >> good morning to you? hi jen good morning. >> to see flip side of it, i said how many cheese cakes do you make every day and you said. >> it is top secret. >> secret business. >> how many do you think you personally have eaten over the years. >> thuses, wiz with. >> mr. trump was here last week. >> yes. >> he ordered correctly. >> he ordered correctly and he had 11 cheese steaks he ordered. >> he was feeding everybody. he got the some tastykakes he has a sweet tooth. >> i asked you off camera of all of the celebrity, politicians and sports people, i mean you have have met every single person i have met that have come to philadelphia at some point who is your favorite. >> who is your favorite, general rivers. >> really. >> what did you love about her. >> her zazi this is, basically her class and she was just very feisty and just
8:48 am
basically, you know, just said what was on her mind but she had heart of the gold. >> did you she eat the cheese cake. >> yes, she had a heart time but she did good. >> you have employees that have been here forever. >> yes. >> forty-three years. >> you are happy to be on tv. >> yes. >> it has got to make you proud people stay here, happy to be part of this institution. >> yeah, going on 50 years, being a stapel abe icon in philadelphia is just mind blowing but i'm honored that people, come here every day for cheese steaks. >> you will celebrate that, tomorrow. >> we are having a big block part friday 12 to 6:00 rain or shine. we have fletcher cox coming this. >> huge. >> face painting, things for the kids, pop corp, cotton candy, musical acts. >> unexpected boys. >> who used to be the jersey boys but we're not expect to a that. >> you also give back to the community. >> because of 50 years i'm giving out the 50 you this dollars, we're picking five charities throughout the city and we will give $10,000 each.
8:49 am
>> a macing. >> turf ask you you when you go on vacation and getaway from it all what is the thing that you eat ? i'm sure it is this is a cheese stake. what do you eat when you go away. >> mack and cheese, i like meat loaf, comfort food. >> bob kelly, is this really you. >> bob. >> we have to do a segment on fashion. >> we will get it right away. >> who do you think you are. he he is giving away $50,000. you are cutting into his tv time. thank you for everything you do hi, guys. i love that they are here. and dj khalid was here. >> yes. >> at 2:00 in the morning. >> i can't keep up with them, with the coffee guys. i can't keep up with you. >> yes. >> we don't know what he ate because he is a vegetarian. >> he is.
8:50 am
>> okay. >> don't you follow him on snap chat. >> well, i will. >> yes. >> can you bring back some soda and iced tea. >> it is a joke, thank you. >> we love you. >> she's so over us. >> because you put in too many questions, he's already giving on way $50,000. >> that is when buy buys me coffee and i take a sandwich from the coffee shop. >> #greed. >> that is #violation. from geno's to a food cart to a global icon. >> the hello guys are coming to the area we will see where they can chow down tomorrow. man, i get to try every single one of these samples. >> good for you. hallal. when it comes to risking social security on the stock market...
8:51 am
pat toomey wrote the book. "i'm...i've got a whole chapter in my book where i... specifically lay out how i think we should... reform social security." toomey's plan requires wall street and bankers to manage... the accounts. collecting fees out of your social security that could... total billions.
8:52 am
fees they collect, even if the market crashes and... seniors lose everything. pat toomey's looking out for wall street, not pennsylvania. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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8:54 am
an accident at spring garden and delaware avenue. look at this fellow facing the wrong way, it looks like he was trying to get in the gas station here across delaware avenue. of course, back in the day we called that, no, columbus boulevard. here's a live look here this is what it looks like from one of our folks who posted something up on twitter, a parking lot on the the schuylkill expressway eastbound at conshohocken. i bet if you got out and walk to the city, he would get here quick your. delays of about one and a half to two hours at philly interest that the. chris and lauren, back over to you. in case you missed it yesterday on good day two incredible teens got make overs during the show as thanks to i great fund days called joy juice. >> we had that breaking news when they were in the studio, of the train crash, in hoboken, new jersey. but, we didn't get to see their finish product because of that breaking news.
8:55 am
so lets take a look right now. >> here they are, nia murphy and stephanie joost looking gorgeous. >> yes. >> so they are a long way, joy juice, daniel, philadelphia eagle rodney mccloud for sharing their stories and their missions with us. >> so dor rap. >> really sweet family. >> look at rodney with the glasses on. alex is like did you see that guys thighs. when you see these guys it is amazing. look at how cute they are. >> forget romantic getaway. a reason she says it helps their relation hip stay stronger when she leaves herman behind. have you seen this movie? >> are you crazy. >> hey, buddy. >> ouch. >> you should watch four christmases and a bunch of other movies with your partner before you tie the knot.
8:56 am
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8:58 am
with this level of engineering... it's a performance machine. with this degree of intelligence... it's a supercomputer. with this grade of protection... it's a fortress. and with this standard of luxury... it's an oasis. introducing the completely redesigned e-class. it's everything you need it to be... and more. lease the e300 for $549 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer.
8:59 am
mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. you're a bird. >> have you watched the notebook with your partner? well, you should. why watching a certain movie, on a long list can help your relationship? good day it is friday september 30th, 2016. how are you feeling. >> i'm well. >> this is perfect weather. >> yes. >> it is taking so long to get every where on this last day of september. >> you ladies wearing boots, because of the puddling out there. >> gentlemen yes. >> how about the movie, miss
9:00 am
paragrin's home for children. >> yes. >> what about this movie what do you though about this. >> it is a tim burton movie and widely talk about. it will be a great movie. tim burton. i think it will be pretty good. let's ask one of our experts kevin mccarthey will weigh in when we should see this one. >> it looks whimsical. >> from the food cart, hallal guys are coming. we will get a preview where you can chow down tomorrow. this is fun. 9:30 i get to feed my face. >> rock that dinner how you can keep your jeans looking new, through the years, plus the best looks for all body types. that is important, because people try to pull off some jeans. >> even the dude are wearing the skinny jeans now. >> i like that. >> do you like the dude in the skinny jeans. >> on a certain guy. >> if the doodies skinny. >> right. >> that is right. >> that is right. >> you have have to know your body type and what works for you. >> boy band


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