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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  September 30, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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paragrin's home for children. >> yes. >> what about this movie what do you though about this. >> it is a tim burton movie and widely talk about. it will be a great movie. tim burton. i think it will be pretty good. let's ask one of our experts kevin mccarthey will weigh in when we should see this one. >> it looks whimsical. >> from the food cart, hallal guys are coming. we will get a preview where you can chow down tomorrow. this is fun. 9:30 i get to feed my face. >> rock that dinner how you can keep your jeans looking new, through the years, plus the best looks for all body types. that is important, because people try to pull off some jeans. >> even the dude are wearing the skinny jeans now. >> i like that. >> do you like the dude in the skinny jeans. >> on a certain guy. >> if the doodies skinny. >> right. >> that is right. >> that is right. >> you have have to know your body type and what works for you. >> boy band rocker, that is
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okay. >> i don't like the mom jeans on me per se because i can't wear high wasted jeans because i don't have a waist. >> what do you mean. >> that is a discussion we will have later. >> how about this, girl and a guy thing, vacationing together may be within of the great things, having a significant other, planning a trip, all romantic and everything else but one writer said she likes to vacation without her hubby. >> tell me more? her name is erika soto, a a columnist and she writes moment she said i do she lost her sense of individuality. she has traveled, as part of who she is and she decided she would never let anyone or anything get in the way of seeing the world, since her husband doesn't like to travel, she goes without him so she could just enjoy, her time and what she wants to to, and she loves to travel, so she leaves the dude at home. >> all right, karen. you have taken many a girl trips with your mom, sister and left ryan behind.
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>> i was just trying to think through this one, i know couples that do this and it is a good idea to get away where you may just go with your girlfriend. he does his sport trips where he does triathlon and gets away, and i make him feel guilty. go have fun. i have done witt my sister and my sisters and my mom. i think it is important. >> we're getting a way from the crux though of this issue, here. because i get it, you go, you have taken a trip with your mom. you went overseas. >> my dad, her husband. >> yes. >> and it is more i think this writer thing she just goes off alone and peruses her passion for travel. romantic exotic location and leaves the sc hmo on the couch. >> he doesn't like to travel. if you are with a guy who doesn't like planes, lay overs, does president like whatever, you cannot give that up if that is part of who you are. you cannot totally give up who you are just to be married. she said i will do what i was
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doing when i was single. >> we have different interests. we cannot expect to be within person and we will like same stuff. my husband likes different shows, different activities. we certainly do actually frankly very few things together. it is remarkable we are still together. we do very few things. >> we have our kid, we have our life, dinners, all of the important thing but he toss than the have the like what he likes and he doesn't to have like what i likes. >> you know this couple, they do everything together. including, calling me back. if i call her, then the call back, becomes, speak are phone with both of them on the phone. >> what? >> that is annoying. >> it can be. i'm like what if i just want to talk to one. i'm trend with both of her. i myth her first and then him. but can we please. >> do you ever call her out. >> all the time. >> we still like each other and we enjoy everything together. >> you don't enjoy, him, tagging along to you. >> on phone calls, yes,
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sometimes we have a group text and i keep my conversations there. you don't want to always. >> share one brain. you don't to have share one brain together, there is certain things and some friendships you will will stay more to the women then you would to the man. >> i reminded what you told me a while ago when we started anchoring together three years ago. how would you take a car trip with the kid down the shore and your husband wouldn't go on the car trip because he would work it into a bike ride, right. >> we were both go, he would bike down to the shore, so we would get down there one place and we are all together. it is how we all get our need met you weren't here to help to stop take the can i had to bathroom, fed, no. >> he helps to get them in the the car often times. he will help with the load up. but we just have different things. >> i don't do laundry he does laundry. >> let me throw this out. >> isn't there a middle ground for couples. >> lets say you plan something exotic, right. >> yes. >> maybe the woman in this case wanting to hiking, go to the water calls but guy just want to golf.
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can't you find an area that encompass both. >> i think so. >> yes. >> a couples spa. >> i know, golfers who are in a spa. >> yes, i know where those are. >> yes. >> because like executive producer was saying when she was in california, her husband did not the want to shop. she was looking at shoes. i'm going to the bar. you stay here. we will meet up. that is a compromise, right. >> nothing worse in the planet. >> then shopping. >> tagging along with your wife while she wants to shop for clothes. >> really. >> it is the worst. >> brian would never. he would just have to know certain things, they are men, they are in the women. >> and every three minutes, how does this one look. there is another one. do you like these shoes with this. oh, my god, i'm missing the game. kick off is in an hour. >> i'm going to tell you, how movies can help with your love life. >> a movie. >> a movie. >> this better be good. >> so there is a reese recent
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study that they should answer discussion questions. it sound like homework, right. >> okay. >> it should all take place in the year before they get married they suggest but you can keep this going. >> march up to the nuptials. >> correct. >> okay. some move that is they included in the study, a star is born, as good as it gets. >> yeah. >> love jones, have you seen that. gone with the wind. i don't know who that one is. >> nine lives. and steel magnolias. >> don't make me cry. >> the way we were. >> the way we were. >> yes. >> robert redford. >> and yes. >> when a man loves a woman. >> and jungle fever. >> i got jungle fever. >> yes. >> that is like our hand, right there. >> is there anything else to talk about i give up.
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>> young will fever. >> it is just an appropriate. >> yes. >> it is one of the 47 movies used in the study, but there are other films you can do as well. >> did you do movie night. >> we did g force last night with the begin i pigs because we bought three of them. they were holding their brand new gunie pigs, but thinks about having a discussion, but what will happen with father on have the bride when kid get married. what sit like for in laws and meet them. they have these questions. sometimes we go through a precana. equivalent to that but a lot more fun. >> i love the idea. >> did you see mr. and mrs. smith when angelina and brad met. >> yes, it got all torrid and romantic. >> yes. >> you see how that ended. >> would you do this if your wife was like lets sit down, watch movie and then talk about and discuss it. >> whole thing is in a fun, way they bring up some very
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serious underlying issues that can confront couples. great way to get into it. >> even though they say you should never compare your life to hollywood, i think you can learn lessons. i'm watching shame lapse on netflix. >> what is it about. >> really dysfunctional family. >> like everyone in america. >> and the father is an alcoholic and the mommies b ipolar, away for a while, oldest child is raising younger kid, in the enough money to go around but they make it work. so you learn so many lessons in that. because if they can mack it work, i cannot complain. >> i think couple watching shows, movie, jerry springer factor. we are not that crazy. our life is not that bad. i'm not that bad. >> first show that did that was rose ann, right. >> yes. >> wasn't that the first show that went there. we're getting a way from all these perfect families that we saw, in the previous years. >> telling it like it is. >> look at the cosby, perfect family, all that going on.
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>> nothing that was going wrong so yes, first time you see something in your life. >> then we have simpson's. yes. >> i never watch the simpson's. >> i love the simpson's. >> to this day i love it. >> what they say is the parents are still, like a family where they are married, you know, it is goofy, they made real choices but they are always together and family still works in its own way. >> i just don't see tv anymore. if i go home on this shift ape sit down and watch something i'll fall right asleep. prime time i fall asleep. i still haven't seen empire. it is on too late. >> you and i are tv husband. did you see how he hurt her feelings. >> wait, that is what you would do. >> is that your body language. >> do that again. >> like this, how in the couple in the movie handle hurt feelings? do they apologize to each other chris. >> do it again, do it again. >> did you see how he treated her when they went to dinner.
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>> look at your expression too. >> i'm afraid all of a sudden. >> it works. >> it will make men feel threatening. >> do you think we have similar expectations. >> divorce. >> run, get out of there. >> well, ucla, professor thinks it works. >> watching movies. >> yes. >> once a week it says. >> all right. >> make a movie night good that study was funded by paramount pictures. there was a big mistake when we make when choosing a career. they are choosing a career they know that they will be good at, right. rather then one that was challenging to them. >> interesting. >> experts say woman can feel unfill filled, unhappy, and empty in their professions because they pick jobs that are safe, that they know they will be great at. they say woman should be brave, challenge themselves and that will lead to a job that is more rewarding. >> why is it women, wouldn't you think any human should do
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this, right. >> right. >> i have been read ago lot, it is fascinating, basic genesis is boys are given the write ups. they can be i'm not good, they talk late, they walk late, they are in the good at this, where girls are always taught to be perfect. you are taught to to what you can succeed in. you do not do what you cannot succeed in. if you are not good at gymnastics lets pick tennis where you can be really good. you are taught to be good, succeed but not taught to fail and tait risks. you shut be tad to take risks and do things to purchase your comfort level because then you wind up in a job where you can do it but it is soul killing and why am i not passionate, exactly, or just have to be good, perfect. >> yes. >> so it is a cultural divide between women and men. >> yes. take risks. be aggressive. >> that is interesting goconger the world as a man. >> and no big deal. >> interesting. >> you can do it again. >> you have a brother.
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>> and, growing up at that age. >> a year. >> so you adjusted. parental guidance, but it is a pretty big career in tv journalism. >> by mistake. mine was never plan. it wasn't like lauren, you should go in tv, you are outing and go to meet people. mine was i will go be a doctor, and, always flung out of college and my mom said. >> you didn't have a science brain. >> play it safe, go to the communications department where you know you are in the shy, outing, try to figure it out there. >> yes. >> i was literally going to flung out of college. she wasn't like keep at it, let's go, you can do it. nope, direction change. >> good dull. >> yeah. >> absolutely. >> what you touched on is a good thing. i was going to study medicine too. we both wound up here instead. would hen should fine jobs that fit your personality. >> yes. >> exactly. >> you are outing.
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i like to meet people. curious. explore the world. this was a good job for news that capacity because it answer that is. >> can you imagine yourself in a hospital or doctor's office and you have to be quiet now, and we're so loud, yes, and jarring the patients. >> i'm only here because i could not hit a change up, curve ball or slider. >> he was a baseball player. >> i guess i can talk. >> good job. >> it all work out. >> have you heard of christmas shopping, the boys yet. >> i'm not, that is last thing. >> i know you haven't we have talk about this. >> is christmas december 25th. >> isn't it the 25th this year. >> yes, same day every year. >> no, not enclose. >> well, according to a new study in a survey credit says 34 million people have already started and a million of those people are completely done. a year of the procrastinators like all of us, 30 percent say
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we will finish, on christmas eve. so karen and chris, we have 86 days to get our shopping done. >> eighty-six daises tan amount to three full months, right now. that is plenty of time to procrastinate. >> it goes so fast. >> thanks to amazon and on line. >> card, card. >> that is other thing if you do your shopping ahead of time are you going to miss out on these black friday deals. >> that is what he is worried about. >> people wait for black friday on line deals now, right. >> yes. >> he is all held up with black friday. >> i'm cheapy said my mom was cheap once and she got all upset. she was watching on line in california. she said i'm thrifty. don't ever call me cheap again you can't say that. >> one is an insult. you are too cheap. other one says how smart you are with your money. >> she is, yeah. >> all right. >> nasty weather, karen, we're looking outside, it is gross,
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good time for movies. if you are having a kid they are pretty excited about this one. >> mrs. paragrin's home for peculiar children. >> where is he. >> he is with jake. >> anything you face in the outside world. >> kevin mccarthey joins us. kevin, good morning. so, i like tim burton from beetle juice going way back to the 80's. >> yeah. >> this is kind of different from that kind of stuff. >> good morning to you. this film ace throw back, back to the old school tim burton days. i loved tim burton, edward
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cyst ars head, big fish, beetle will juice, one of the greatest film makers of our time. this film is based on a very popular book and deals with the young boy who is trying to find out his true identity and he end up in this home with these other kids who have peculiarities and very much like super powers and x men kind of alice in wonder land and edward cyst airard and i have a green stars. the film is brilliant in the story telling. i really loved that tim burton gave us throw back, to his old stop animation days. if you look closely in the movie there is a cool scene where he goes back to his stop motion animation, very similar to how they did nightmare before christmas and corpse bride but movie itself is beautiful. lots of great scenes. i spoke to tim burton by the way. this is cool. he has a very, very, very quick, one to 22nd cameo in the movie and he told me how that came about. >> well, i hate to see myself. this was out of necessities.
9:17 am
this is the at the end when we had no money, no crew, and no permits, so, i snuck out a couple of ride and got kicked off a pier a few times but it was out of necessarity, not vanity in this particular case. >> were you riding the ride. >> no, we just did a quick, you know, a quick one, because we weren't allowed to be on there. so we did it quick and ran off. >> yes. >> it helped. >> trying to be mysterious. >> sitting in that room with him was insane. >> it seems like it. another big movie this weekend deep water horizon. what do you think of that is that based on the true story. >> yes, by the way i gave the other film a four out of five. deep water horizon is an absolutely intense ride, you have to see in theaters. this film was based on the huge oil spill back in april
9:18 am
of 2010 and mark wahlberg plays mike williams ape told through eyes of his story line. this guy mike williams legitimately jumped off deep water horizon ten store thinks to firely what the tore save his own life. behind the scenes foot able of this movie is insane. we should have footage here. it will blow your mine. what they did was they built a 85 percent large scale rig, that replicated the keep water horizon, and the actors were fully immersed in this. there was mud, fire, oil, i mean they actually did a lot of what you are seeing on the screen. movie builds up to this point and it really dots have intensity. mark wahlberg was actually on fire, during some of his scenes. watch this. >> i'm actually on fire. you are wearing a jacket and there is fire. shooting in that moment, i'm sure there is insurance, crazy things like that, how do you get approved to do something like that.
9:19 am
>> pete is like will you do it. he says do. i ill will do it. one of the more scary moments in the movie. but you know you got to protective gel underneath and fluid. my wife would not be happy with me doing that. she was sitting there, listening to some of the things earl are and somebody mentioned about fire and she gave me this look. i didn't tell her that. >> yeah. >> he played vince papale and he put on pad and took hits on the field. gets in to these films. he is like a stunt man. >> he does, peterberg who directed this did lone survivor which was a phenomenal film. i love that mark wahlbergs take on these real life people and real life hero. movie focuses on the 11 lives that were lost. everybody talks about the environmental impact that the
9:20 am
bp oil spill had but this was a gigantic human story about people were on those rigs. movie focuses on them. >> how many stars. >> very well done. >> how many stars. >> four and a half. >> four and a half. >> that is big. >> yikes. >> have a great weekend. >> have have a great weekend. >> bye, guys. >> toys for all how one stories kicking stereotypes to the curb with a new app. >> we are taking a live look from wilmington delaware where there is a viewing taking place, shortly, for lieutenant christopher leach. lieutenant leach was killed in a fire over the weekend along with senior fire fighter jerry fickes, viewing will take place at saint elizabeth catholic church in wilmington at 10:00 o'clock this morning followed by a funeral mass at noon. approve this message.
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i'd look her right in that fat ugly face of hers. she's a slob. she ate like a pig. a person who's flat chested is very hard to be a 10. does she have a good body? no. does she have a fat [expletive]? absolutely. do you treat women with respect? i can't say that either.
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>> ♪ if i were a boy is the cover for a thought provoking new toy ad, and, based on our gender, and this ad shows us, gone are the dates when girls are stuck playing with only dolls ape boys could play with trucks. kid just play with toys, that they enjoy. so let's watch. >> ♪ if i were a boy even just for a day ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
9:25 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> so, this commercial is for a british toy brand. >> that is super cool. >> smyth toys. >> yes. >> across the pond. >> i like this idea because i remember, we just talk about my brother. >> justin. >> i was so much of a tom boy. i want to do what justin do, i want to fish, play with cars, bikes. i was than the doll type. play with whatever makes you happy. >> you always had a very big personality, haven't you. >> yeah. >> doing what you want to to. >> do what you want to do. >> justin. >> your brother. >> did you come in and say give me that toy i will play with that. >> sometimes. >> you have to hold your ground. >> is he older or younger. >> justin. >> everyone thinks he is younger. >> you have all boys they just all play. >> yes. i think you try to do, to present all toys, and sometimes they will play with my three-year old will play
9:26 am
with a cooking set, kitchen and a lot of things they go to the store they will say that is the girl aisle they won't even walk down. >> every kid come wired differently. my boy and my girl, jackies older, they kind of play with the regular, boy toys and girl toys but my daughter is more into sports. so if i want to play tennis or throw a pitch or balls she's totally into it. my son could careless. you just never know. >> you have to go forward to know. >> speaking of kid, angela had her baby, daughter of reverend run posted a photo to announce arrival of her first child. she says a baby boy and she says, best part of life has just begun. so congrats to mom and baby. >> the best part, angela if you are out there is changing diaper. it is fantastic. >> sweet picture. >> hey, from a food cart to a global icon the hallal guys
9:27 am
are coming to our area. i have to tell you the studio smells so good, dave warren hasn't been on air for about four hours and he walked in, sniffing around. >> you and karen will taste it all. >> i bet dave warren will help too. wow. gie destiny was mr. bonejangles expecting the perfect toy at an amazing price? of course not. he's a dog. but that's the beauty of a store full of surprises. you never know what you're gonna find, but you know you're gonna love it.
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>> live look from wilmington, delaware where viewing will be taking place shortly for lieutenant christopher leach. lou tenant leach killed in a fire over the weekend, along with senior firefighter, jerry fickes. the viewing will take place at saint elizabeth catholic church in wilmington, it is scheduled to begin at 10:00 this morning folds by a funeral mass, at noon, and you can see everyone there. it is already lined up in the procession awaiting his casket
9:31 am
to arrive. chris, karen? >> thank you, karen, i'm sure tomorrow you'll have that on the fox morning news good day. >> we will be covering that, then covering all of the services, as well. time 9:31. and i am smelling some food. >> this is amazing, worlds famous guys coming to our area, first local shop set to open tomorrow in the king of prussia area. getting sneak preview and the smell. owner of the new shop. >> sure. >> restaurant. >> we are coming in in the target shopping center in king of prussia. >> is that the valley forge shopping center a rena? i know where that is, where the giant target is. >> so tell me why you want to be part of the guys. why do you like this food? >> i was customer of the hog guys way before franchise, my sister lives in new york so every time go to new york if you google food places, hello guys is actually probably i think the third most business in the u.s. >> what makes them so good?
9:32 am
start here and show us what we'll finds on the men knew. >> basic, we keep it simple on purpose. so our chicken here, never frozen, our gyro, we refer to as our beef. >> you brought two? >> before you taste it, i got to give you the famous white sauce. >> oh, yes. >> what's in the white sauce? yogurt sauce? >> i can't tell you. >> not tazikki. creamy sauce. >> just give me little bit. not used to -- oh, all right. >> let me see. >> oh, delicious. >> also, there is rice under ♪ >> hot sauce, make it hot. >> yum, that's good. >> i hope you have some water. >> more tank i flavor than i thought. >> it is very good. when you go to the carts and come to the restaurant, you will see people pour the entire plate with white sauce. >> good morning, guys, see ya. my goodness. >> what's the best seller. >> so people coming out on
9:33 am
saturday for our opening we will suggest them to get the combo platter, because they can taste both proteins, know which one they like better. vegetarian, we have filofil. taste that, just little bit of white sauce. >> can i just eat it with my fingers? >> yes. >> just like this. >> basically, you know, if people don't know what that is, grounds up garbage is a beans. >> spices, and just deep fried. >> so, in addition to the platters, we also have our sandwiches. so, i was telling you earlier, in pa, gyro is referred, people think gyro is a sandwich, but ours is the beef. so if you want a gyro sandwich, you get beef sandwich rolled in peta. >> is the name flexible, can you do beef, can you put chicken something like that. >> only three items, beaver, chicken and filofil. can you put it over bed of risor get it in the peta sandwich. >> i like officinal thing, just do couple of things and do you it well. are you giving anyway anything for me? >> one hundred free flatters
9:34 am
for the first 100 customer. >> what? >> tomorrow, saturday. one hundred free flatters, and in addition, you guys are part of the hello guys family. handing out these shirts. >> chicken rice gyro sauce. awesome. >> when you eat it you will under stands what the shirts means. you want to do the same thing over against. these are for you. i will leave them here. >> thank you, thank you, thank you. i like some of the traditional stuff. >> what's babaganush? >> roasted eggplant, spices, lemon juice, all in one great tasting dish. >> so if i'm looking at this, especially shopping at the king of prussia mall, i head, you're how far basey? >> 1 mile exactly. >> 1 mile exactly. i'm starving, i would love this. what about my kids? sometimes they don't want to try this. >> all of this comes in a small platter. so we get a lot of kids that come in. so rice, chicken, we have one of my family members kids came in, they got the chicken and the rice first time, and they were like mom this is the greatest food i've ever had. that's all it was, rice and
9:35 am
chicken. so we have options for the kids, as well. >> thank you. >> this is by the way going to be a huge hit, fantastic. >> thank you. >> not the only food that we have. >> no. >> talking about there is here's bob kelly with breakfast with bob. >> good morning, everybody, i'm back here busy behind the counter at carlinos in ardmore, wrapping up the friends baked goods. and i'm taste testing this morning. >> yum. wait until you see the rest of the joint when we come right back.
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when i was one year old, i was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer on my spinal chord. but i spent my whole life fighting back. so you can imagine what i thought when i saw donald trump say... "i don't know what i said, ah, i don't remember!" "that reporter he is talking about suffers from a chronic condition that impairs movement of his arms." i don't want a president who makes fun of me. i want a president who inspires me, and that's not donald trump. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> mellow guys, this new food that they're going to have in the king of prussia area
9:39 am
tomorrow. and during the commercial break, lauren goes oh, oh, you have to read this. >> (laughing). >> let me see. >> no! >> oh, let's keep talking. >> so we go from italy to ardmore, the carlino family so famous sharing their amazing food, recipes for generations and bob kelly got a taste from the original carlinos in ardmore, where i love to go. take a look. >> good morning once again, everybody, i'm making the dough here at carlinos in ardmore. take a look at the deli cases we have here lined up with all of the prepared foods made fresh here each and every day, as they get ready to open up the doors here this morning. they have all of the bread and you know what's made fresh when you take a look at this, right here, hello guys. >> hey. >> good morning, making the dough. i'm sure they've heard that few times before. but we are here at carlinos in ardmore. this is the original spot where they've not only the prepared foods, the breds, take a look at the cheese
9:40 am
department. she is the head cheese. right? as they get the cheese all lined up, again, everything made fresh here, each and every morning, on county line road. come on out here f that doesn't already have your stomach growling. take a look at the case here, with all of the desserts. all homemade fresh right here wrapped up back there, the girls wrapping up the cake, and all of that good stuff. not only do you get the prepared stuff, they also have great breakfast, that's made. come on out here, ready? hello ardmore. look at the gang out here. pack on the patio. hi, angela. >> hi, bob, how flu. >> you're what third generation? >> third generation carlino family here in ardmore. >> this is the original location. >> the original location, we've been here for 33 years. >> okay, and the other location is in west chester? >> west chester. >> i've gone your other place in west chester.
9:41 am
>> wonderful. >> been there many times. all of the guys and girls getting their day started. good way to start the morning? come on over here, show me what you have here. >> owning, that's our sunrise porketta, famous uncle frank's sandwich so popular, two eggs on it for breakfast, awesome. and we have a breakfast blt sandwich that you can get on the hot grill here in ardmore. >> oh, gosh. >> and of course all of the bread. >> made in house, chocolate cherry bread, an energy bread, a cheesey bread, classic italian and all of the baked goods we make in house. >> so you are getting ready for the big holiday? >> oh, we are. we have hala bread coming out for rosh hashana this weekend, bakers just pulled them out of the oven. sauces are beautiful, they smell so good right? >> you walk in the door here, just, oh, now which one is the energy bread? >> this guy right here. full energy. >> okay, i'm going to bring this back to the station. >> perfect. >> energy bread for everybody, all right?
9:42 am
>> let's break bread together here at carlinos. >> thank you, bob, you know what they're so famous for? their tomato pie, off the hook. >> really? >> so good. it is amazing. >> bob bringing back that love of bread. we need it today. i don't know, this smells so good. all right, jen, she's doing some fall fashion. fall is here, right? >> you better get your jeans out. >> fall is shear, baby, i know you love these, how could you not? amazing, right? here is a question for the jean guru. cap re pants, don't answer this question, we'll answer it after the break. cabby jeans, a do or oh, heck no? we'll talk about all of the different styles in, and when boyde type will really want which jeans. we'll make you look good.
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>> ♪ well, if you want more, you better tune into the superbowl. because she's back. yes, we're getting more of the pop star, lady gaga announced last night, she will headline the half time show at the superbowl this year. she is going to drop an albumn in october, then the superbowl happens right here, on february 5th. >> i'm old enough to remember when they used to release albumns. now they drop them. >> drop this albumn for you on itunes. >> going to drop it on my head and shut me up, i'm sure. >> how cool is this? one lucky kid got his absent
9:46 am
note signed by bruce springsteen. >> what's it say? >> it says: dear principal brown, please cute michael for being late or absent from school today. he came to the free library of philadelphia to meet me and get a copy of my book. thanks very truly bruce springsteen. dave war send over there on the wall, just staring at it. studying it. >> can you tell the kid probably typed it out and gave it to him to sign it? >> amazing. >> that's awesome. >> teacher keep it? it is my autograph now. >> okay, jen, so, fall fashion, denim is in, and you'll tell us what's good for our body and what's not. where are you? >> okay, we're at shop 65, and they've moved locations, good morning, how are you? >> good, how are you? >> they're downtown now, used to be in doylestown for years. >> right. >> and for people who don't know where this is, you're basically bike the corner -- >> the jean guru, can set up a girl in 15 minute or less.
9:47 am
let's talk about trends, first we bring in stephanie watch we are looking at here, i look at the bee dad recalled top. but you're looking at the bottom? >> right. with women that are typically pair shape, they tends to look really wonderful in the long leg of the boot cut. then it kind of falls out, draws your attention there. >> to this it looks like custom fit jean. >> looks amazing on her, the embellished top we picked as one of the pieces for the season because they're showing embellishments of all type whether it be beading, embroidery, metallic. >> i love it. and all black, looks good. i like it, as well. thank you very much. >> black denim being a big trends. >> kind of cool. i talk to you. this is boyfriends jean, right? >> right. >> i said to you on instagram, i looked at celebrity it, looks so big and box i. >> this is more modernized version of the boyfriends jean it, has little more taper to it, so it still hangs on the hip and gives the illusion of it being baggy but has little bit more -- gives her little
9:48 am
more ship. >> the top, loser fit, even though it is a motorcycle situation? >> right. so the leather is more escalate in the year, little longer in the lent, less hardware, lit bit more sophisticated all colors. >> i love it. she looks great. >> beautiful. >> so this is kind of cool. i have a pile of things in my closet right now, supposed to be going for summer. >> not any more? >> i put the white jeans on top. you say grab those back out of the pile? >> white is classic now. it is really showing it across the board from white blazers, white jeans, white leather. really it is brightening up your winter when you are feeling like i'm wearing gray and black all the time. >> are we working with the shape of the jean or made it white? >> yes, the new shape, which we were talking becomes the cap re, now more after ankle lent, and it has got like doing a lot of different finishes with the end. >> like the frayed hems.
9:49 am
>> knee seems are big. >> i have to say, this blazer is everything if you're ever chilly, because that hoodie is built in? >> yes, so the blazer, this is like a different version of the blaze their we're seeing now, has little bit of cashmere in the sleeve with the little thumb hole t has the hoodie, but just placed in specific spots, so not overheating when indoors. >> like the look. >> you can do it with the concert tee, do it out to dinner, taught work, walk your dog. put together piece. >> last but certainly not least, we have this is adorable. so i was worried because i wore my skinny jeans. i didn't know if i would be out? they're still in? >> we can't get rid of the skinny jean. they just keep, keep staying around. again, the newest silhouettes are knee slits, seeing the cropped ankle because you can do that with a pump, you can do it with a flat, you can tuck it into boot east. >> i love it. >> you're hot tip is a cold tip. don't wash your jeans. you really put them in your
9:50 am
freezer? >> i do. i believe that what makes a jean look really escalated is the fact that the wash is true. when you wash your jeans, you're pulling out the colors. all of the detergents now have stain lifters, which is great for moms, i get it, but it just pull out the color and it kind of ruins what you're going for. >> so trying to get them un-funky, no stains? put them in the freezer? >> no stain. but the freeze letter kill the bacteria. obviously not going to take out stain or anything like, that but for that, if you have to wash your jean, inside out them, make sure but the orthopedics and sipped, then really make sure you use something that's a very mild detergent. >> i love. >> protect it. >> thank you jean guru, back to you guys, pretty cool, right? >> yes. did she say put them in the freezer? never heard that. that's amazing advice. ladies, thank you. >> freezer pre serves everything. >> let's do it then. let's go back out, live look from wilmington, delaware, viewing will be taking place shortly for lou ten around
9:51 am
christopher leach, killed in a fire over the weekends along with senior firefighter jerry fickes. the viewing will take place at saint elizabeth catholic church in wilmington at 10:00 this morning, followed by a funeral mass at 10:00. and you can see there is part of the procession there beyond the trees. >> so this is
9:52 am
9:53 am
the new family feud what's minstant game playing with top prizes of a hundred grand? survey says... (ding) winning. on the spot. play family feud from the pennsylvania lottery. and you could win... on the spot! keep on scratchin'
9:54 am
♪ ♪ >> welcome back at 9:54. we are seeing the casket containing lieutenant christopher leach, thereon top of the firetruck with the paul bearers there, because we are getting ready for his viewing and his funeral, and there are so many ceremonies that will be taking place today of honor and of respect of everything that he gave as a firefighter
9:55 am
and as a father to his children and to our entire community there in wilmington. he of course lost his life tragically this weekend, along with another firefighter, senior firefighter, jeffrey fickes on saturday. >> jerry fickes, yes. the viewing will take place at saint elizabeth catholic church in wilmington at 10:00 this morning, followed by funeral mass at noon. so sad. >> very sad. >> and arrest made yesterday in connection to that fire, so that woman in delaware is facing two, first degree murder charges as well as arson charges in connection to the death of these firefighters. several others were injured. the fire was set in the base many. they went inside the home thinking someone was still trapped inside that first floor buckled underneath them, they fell sort of down into a fire pit with no way to escape. that's when they lost their lives. such sad, sad day for the city of wilmington, state of delaware, firefighters all over the region.
9:56 am
>> we had ken rotweiler in, talk about how a lot has changed in delaware, and this woman, who set the fire basically said that she was angry, her words, and that she set the fire in that basement, and ken was saying, well, now at this point, she would face murder charges based on that, if you do something intentional, and first responds err dies, that's when you can face those charges. >> trying to save someone's life, everyone running out of the home, they are running inside into danger to try to save someone. she did, she said she had been drinking, taken some anxiety medication, was just angry when she did this. >> talk about this lieutenant, because he is the one we're honoring on this day, he played baseball certainly for some of the firefighters there, for wilmington, he was so engage in the his community, father of a number of children there, and he was so well likes. i mean, we heard from everybody after we were learning about him, his chief anthony good, wonderful chief. they haven't had a death in the line of duty this in wilmington in decades.
9:57 am
>> this was extremely shocking. and then of course there were the other injuries, in this fire, so this that is had huge impact to this entire community there. and that's why we're seeing this kind of showing on this day. so many people. >> let's listen in. >> let's go. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
9:58 am
>> as always, see you at 5:00, 6:00 and ten.
9:59 am
10:00 am
. >> announcer: live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> how you doin'? we won't judge, but we're judging. it going to be juicy, sexy. >> announcer: now here's wendy! >> wendy: yeah. if you like it, i love it! thank you for coming in today.


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