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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  September 30, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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nor high school football or anything else you may have planned outside this evening. good evening, everyone, thanks for joining us on this wet friday night. i'm chris o'connell. >> i'm dawn timmeney. basically you're going to want to have your umbrella an jacket with you if you're planning to go outside tonight. let's get right over to meteorologist scott williams for wet weekend forecast, scott. >> it looks like a wet weekend across parts of the area dawn it's been damp and dreary for. much day look at ultimate doppler wither cloud cover and also radar we're stuck in this wet pattern upper level low still well off to the west. we'll zoom in a little closer getting a break from that real heavy rain we saw the first part of the day. but don't be fooled. we still have patches of fog, drizzle, mist, and temperatures have been running well below average for this time of year. look at some of those rainfall totals around philadelphia, one to 2-inches. around dover between four to 8-inches of rain and look at the bulls eye in sussex county, eight to 12 or more inches out of this system. temperatures right now in
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philadelphia only 63 degrees. as we look at the temperatures north and west, upper 50s. 64 right now in atlantic city. so the bottom line if you're stepping outdoors, grab a jacket and also keep the umbrella handy. temperatures will be in the low 60s and we also have the cloud cover and cool temperatures. first pitch is going to be kind of damp and dreary with that mist and temperatures in the low 60s. we'll time out more rain for the weekend coming up. >> all right, scott, thank you. you can stay one step ahead of mother nature with fox 29 weather app. you can get the extended forecast and live radar sent right to your phone. new details tonight about the police involved killing of a man in cobbs creek. tonight questions about the police response when they went after a dangerous suspect. >> police fired more than a hundred shots at one man and this evening commission are in richard ross is addressing the issue after questions from fox 29. our dave schratwieser joining us live now from police headquarters with more on what he found out. dave? >> reporter: dawn, commissioner ross just wrapped
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up a news conference 45 minutes ago after we raised questions along with neighbors in could bees creek. the commissioner confirms tonight 109 shots were fired by police that evening at the suspect. took him down after a violent rampage in that neighborhood. tonight he says he's concern. >> it was horrible. >> reporter: still frightened over wednesday night's deadly police involved shooting on her block, she asked us not to show her face or use her name. but she did agree to tell fox 29 what she saw and heard. >> it sounded like boxes of firework. >> reporter: this is the bullet riled dealed front porch where 3284 old christopher so well was shot and killed by police after he went through a violent rampage. the attacks left two of his children suffering from serious stab wounds and two women in this house brutely attacked and critically injured by so well. >> first of all, that was a violent, violent rampage film it was a lot. over a hundred. >> reporter: fire power used by police that's now raising questions.
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nine officers fired their weapons at so well after he repeatedly ignored orders to take his hands out of his pocks. then pulled them out bruntly. after questions from fox 29 police confirmed 109 shots were fired. killing so well and rid link two homes here with gunfire. >> he did a bad thing. i mean i agree with the police but at the same token that was excessive. >> it is of serious concern to us the number of shots that were fired. we do not know exactly how many times the suspect was struck. >> we were called there because of a shooting. we had a number of officers shot there since january. police now say sowell was unarmed and may have been pulling a cell phone from his pocket evidence circles on the shooting seen number up to 69 with 13 more circles not number. >> they put my family in danger. >> regardless of what the circumstances are, it's not an indictment of the police officers, but it may be a significant training issue. >> whether they let 100 rounds
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go or 200 rounds go they fired till they thought the threat was gone. >> excess tiff to this mom because she was at home with her children when police opened fi fire. >> had it been angled a little more, and came into my house, it could have hit my son that was on the steps. >> they every reason to believe that he was armed with a gun. >> reporter: now, commissioner ross says this could be a case of contagious fire where one officer fires, others think they're -- they're under fire and they open fire as well. he says all four victims of the violent rampage are still in the hospital. john mcnesby points out that four police officers have been shot in the 18th district since january. two of them the victims of attempted assassinations. dawn? >> all right, dave, thank you. to developing story now. the creepy clown sightings reported across the country are now hitting our region. >> some schools have received threats indicating people dressed in those clown masks may cause danger. fox 29's shawnette wilson live in radnor where one school received that frightening
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message. sean net. >> reporter: well, some of these sightings have been real and other in other states but others have been deemed a hoax and here in radnor township they determined that a hoax was put out earlier this week. so here's the look at the message they posted on their website today. radnor township police along with the school district got information about a threat that was posted on social mode ya. they said it was a picture of a clown posted by someone who threatened a group people dressed as scary clowns would show up at the school and try to kidnap students and possibly kill teachers, again, police have determined that was hoax and they spread that message route to the community today. but apparently we -- a parent we spoke to is concerned about the safety of children. >> i think they're just mean. and they shouldn't do it. i mean, kids are, you know, impressionable and they don't need all that in their life. >> reporter: and back here live again boyertown, toms
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river/other areas that receive that same posting on social media regarding schools in their diss trek they have have been deemed a hoax but again just a very scary thing for parents who are learning about this threat today. dawn? >> all right, shawnette, thank you police make two arrests in connection with a fatal shooting in hunting park. that happened last night. authorities say 42 year old michael thompson was killed right outside of his home on the 700 block of west answer bury street. police say four shots were fired with at least one of the bullets hitting him in the head. no word on motive yet as authorities continue to investigate. the search for answers tonight in yesterday's dea deady new jersey transit train crash. we still don't know exactly how fast that train was going when it barreled into hoboken station injuring scores of morning commuters. federal officials say they are making progress in their investigation. one of two data recorders from the train's rear locomotive has been removed. more than 100 people were injured in the rush hour crash including train engineer thomas
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gallagher who investigators plan to interview today. 34-year-old fabiola bittar de kroon was the lone fatality killed by flying debris while standing on the station platfo platform. the crash is bringing renewed attention to positive train control. a system to prevent accidents like this. new jersey transit did not have. >> we have studied hundreds of train crashes in the past, and in many of those cases positive train control was the lack of it was a factor and could have prevented it, but, again, every accident is different. so we'll see about this one. >> the ntsb expects to be on seen for seven to 10 days. a full report on the crash could take up to year. the weather matched the mood in wilmington today as funeral services were held for lieutenant christopher leach one of two firefighters killed last weekend fighting a house fire. hundreds gathered on this rainy, dreary cloudy day to say goodbye
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to the 41-year-old father of three who gave his life in the line of duty. >> lieutenant christopher leach's flag draped coffin arrive at saint elizabeth catholic church in wilmington a top the back of a fire truck. an american flag flapping in the wind from between two ladder trucks bagpipes playing in the background as friends, family and first responders made their way into a packed church. >> looking around today it's obviously that chris has so many friends. it's a testament to him because he was the best friend probably everyone in here had. >> leach's cousin told mourners that chris wanted to be a firefighter ever since he was young boy. recalling when he first join the fire department. >> he was glued to that fire radio the way most people today are glued to mobile devices. >> lieutenant leach was working for a friend the day he was killed. rushing into a burning home on lake view road saturday morning. thinking there were still people inside. the floor collapsed killing
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leach and senior firefighter jerry fickes injuring four others. >> we will get back up because chris will help us. jerry will help us. they made us strong in life. we loved them and they loved us. and they gave us everything they had to give. ♪ >> lieutenant leach leaves behind three children, two daughters an son who friends say meant the absolute world to him. >> everything did he and every waking hour revolved around better life for you three. >> tim taggert met chris leach in high school and says the two have been close friends ever since. >> he moves you and just want to be around him. he's the lieutenant that you want to work for. >> there were lots of tears and laughter as lieutenant leach was remembered as cite quite the prankster and not so good danc dancer. >> as dancer he had two moves. the sprinkler and the lawnmower. [laughter] >> even though they were rumors of him perfecting a cabbage
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patch and definitely trying to bring the running man back. >> it was a fitting farewell for a heroic man. >> we will never ever forget chris. we will never ever forget jerry. you see we cannot forget them. they are now part of us. >> a joint memorial service honoring both firefighters christopher leach and jerry fickes will be held tomorrow at 1:00 o'clock at the jays center on the wilmington riverfront. gofundme has been stabbed for the children of the two fallen who are rows. we have a link on socks the zika virus in delaware is spreading. that word from state health officials urging residents to be cautious. four more delawareans tested positive for the virus that bring the statewide total to 15 confirm cases of zika. all of the people who contracted the disease have recovered well and none are pregnant women. officials say all of those cases were caused by mosquito bites while traveling abroad.
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the group sponsoring the debate monday confirm there were problems with audio in the auditorium. this comes after donald trump complained of problems with his microphone. commission on presidential debate said in a statement on its website that there were problems specifically with donald trump's microphone earlier in the week. hillary clinton mocked them saying quote anybody who complains about the microphone is not having a good night ". we'll have much more on the race for the white house coming up later in the show. well, a local man dreads rainy days like today he says nearby creek is slowly washing away his backyard. what the city says it plans to do about the problem. >> and the police officer accused of killing an unarmed black man in oklahoma went in front of a judge today. why she says she is not guilty. and police raid this couple's home and found a marijuana growing operation. what their children told police mom and dad made them to help out.
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♪ we have breaking news coming out of new jersey tonight. new jersey residents listen to this. governor chris christie has come to an agreement with democratic leaders to raise the state's gas tax by 23 cents a gallon. it is an eight year agreement also eliminate the estate tax and also cut the sales tax. the money raised from this gas tax will go towards funding road projects in the state.
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new jersey lawmakers approve this deal it would be the first gas tax hike since 1988. tonight philadelphia police say they have a serial robber behind bars today they arrested dante highman in north philadelphia. prosecutors charging the 30-year-old with three counts of robbery and related offenses. they say that he hit three city businesses back in september. each time flashing a gun. police say after fox 29 and other media outlets aired his mug shot, they received a tip which led them to their suspect. a philadelphia home own are in finds himself in troubling situation. his backyard, well, it's washing away. he says the creek is causing more problems to his backyard than he can have ever imagine. now he's pleading for someone to take action. fox 29's karen hepp live from the man's home in somerton with his story and how the city is responding to this one. karen. >> reporter: it's a great home. check it out. take lot of pride in this house
5:16 pm
do fabulous halloween decorations. they put in the front and put as much effort into the back. having nice lounge areas back there but the issue is, this creek and you can see it is just chomping up their backyard. >> as you can see, where this water is, where the rock line up, that's where the yard should be. >> reporter: mark is losing his yard to the poe kess sin creek. make no mistake he loves the creek it's part of the reason he bought the somerton property. he painstakingly decorates the house. the backyard is the family oasis the kids fish, the grown ups relax, the problem is the water is chomping up his yard more than he ever expected. >> where i have the fire lamps, we've already had to move them back twice this year. >> reporter: roots can no longer hold the bank on one side and on the other side huge trees are in jeopardy. mark says the problem is compounded by a one-two punch. >> i get not only the creek but then i get all the water from the streets coming through here and all just meets and crash
5:17 pm
noose here. and it's just taking my yard away. >> reporter: mark's called everybody he can think of. and can't figure out who is responsible for the creek. him, the city, the state, he just would like a little help. >> the best thing would be to build a wall. i don't expect the city to come out and build a wall. i don't expect that, you know, i just want to know are there used jersey barriers sitting around somewhere. >> reporter: we tried to get some answers on this one and made a number of phone calls and seat got back with us. they did lot of research on this one because this is different agencies that could be affected and here's theirs statement. in the big picture, we sympathize with this homeowner and wish there was in easy intervention that the state, which owns the waterways in the commonwealth, could take. but because of, you know, me ants around it can chomp up different areas. they said the solution would require rebuilding the entire stream system to fortify its banks often in end com passing miles of stream and these
5:18 pm
solutions are monumental in design, cost and scale. so the bottom line it looks as though the homeowner scott hook for this one much this is not a city stream. fully encompassed by the homeowner's property so on private property so we have bad news today for the homeowner on this one who is very latest from somerton, dawn and chris, back to you. >> what a mess. karen, thanks. nurses elected officials and other health care professionals came together today. they are demanding what they call save staffing in hospitals. >> even in today's rain nurses from temple, einstein, hahnema hahnemann, saint christopher's and delaware county memorial came out to say they want to make sure they're appropriate amount of nurses at all hospit hospitals. they unveiled a citywide petition to challenge unsafe practices. >> we're out here today to unveil our petition that was signed by over 3,000 members
5:19 pm
demanding that the hospitals with whom we are negotiating have safe staffing in the contract so we can do our jobs safely and the patients are cared for safely. >> the group says that higher staffing results in better patient out comes and fewer deaths. a new chapter in a fox 29 investigation. the operator of several area charter schools supported with your tax dollars will get a hard look from pennsylvania fiscal watch dog after a fox 29 investigation. >> the auditor general also has some strong words for the group's ceo. here's our jeff cole. >> reporter: you paid her. your insurer paid her $350,000. she said you sexually harassed her. did you sexually harass her. >> sir,ing. >> did you s wally harass her. >> i'll set up a meeting. >> after viewing our fox 29 investigation revealing city charter school operator aspire rah settled and sealed a sexual harass many claim made by a former top educator against its ceo pennsylvania's fiscal watch dog was blunt.
5:20 pm
>> should he continue to work for this entity that oversees charters in this city after this situation? >> i believe the answer to that is no. >> reporter: you believe they should have fired him. >> yes. >> reporter: alfredo calderon who owns $200,000 yearly was not fired. he remain the leader of the no non-profit which receives tens of millions in tax dollars to run five charter schools. fox 29 investigates learned the details of the $350,000 payment to aspire as' former chief academic officer evelyn nunez after the non-profit was insured by an insurance company for non-payment of a bill. >> why did you settle $350,000 sexual harassment case with ms. nunez. >> i understand. >> did you harass her. >> sir, i can -- >> you can tell me about it. >> i can set up a meeting with you. >> reporter: that meeting never happened. instead aspire rah spokesperson kevin feeley wrote we would very much like to share the details of the case but are prohibited under the terms of a strict
5:21 pm
confidentiality agreement adding under mr. calderone's leadership aspire rah hired women in leadership positions has a strict no tolerance policy with respect to discrimination of any kinds. in a recent dear colleagues letter sent to employees and obtained by fox 29 the board chairs of aspire rah and aspire rah schools wrote, the c. o calderon had the full support and competence of bore members and continued we won't let disruptions from outside parties get in the way of this important work. >> pennsylvania is the worst chart school law in the united states. >> auditor general says pennsylvania's charter school law needs to be reformed to force charter school operators like aspire rah to open up about its practices and be subject to the state's open records law. fox 29 investigates has made an open records request for any cements aspire rah made similar to what it did with nunez. aspire rah is fighting it claiming it is not a public
5:22 pm
agency. but there is something depasquale can do. >> do you think you need to get to them now in terms of your audit ability. >> we met about this issue earlier this week and we are going to be bumping up some of their schools into early part of next year to make sure that we have a thorough audit of some of these entities. >> reporter: based on what you've seen. >> yes, correct. >> you want to look at them harder now based and were you've seen in that. >> reporter: absolutely. >> in a statement aspire rah tells fox 29 it is regrettablely auditor general would reach conclusions based on television news reports. it consistently receives clean audits and will work with the auditor general as for that dear colleagues letter, aspire rah says it accurately describes what it believes are politically motivated attacks on aspira and calderon. jeff cole, fox 29 news. this little girl just eight years old went viral this week after her mom posted a video about her daughter wanting to go to her favorite college. well now that university has stepped up and is making this
5:23 pm
third grader's dreams come true. >> and some swat officers made sick children's day when they repelled down the side of a children's hospital. but it's not all fun and games. why this is about more than helping the young patients feel better. and this soldier has found new way to deal with stress. he's using dolls but she's not playing with them. we'll show you how her love for dolls is bringing tears to the eyes of others. ♪
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>> 14 year old south carolina boy accused of of killing his father at home before shooting and wounding three people at an elementary school is now charged with murder an tempted murder. prosecutors charged the teenager as a juvenile. right now a six-year-old victim is on life support. the gofundme page already raised more than $80,000 for that little boy. a teacher and another student who were shot are also recovering at home. oklahoma police officer charged with the murder of an unarmed black manmade her first appearance in court today. officer betty shelby left the courthouse after she plead not guilty to first degree manslaughter in the death of terrence crutcher. prosecutors accused shelby of overreacting during an encounter with crutcher after his car was
5:27 pm
abandoned on the streets. shelby claims she feared for her life when she fatally shot the 40-year-old. some critics say it was racism. crutcher's family was in the courthouse in the first few rows of the courtroom. leaders from around the world are jerusalem to say goodbye to former israeli leader shimon peres. >> president obama is among those paying their respects. the former israeli president and prime minister was laid to rest in israel's national cemetery. peres died wednesday at the age of 93. two week after suffering a stroke. he's arguably best known for negotiating a 1993 interim piece deal between israelis and palestinianpalestinians. peres is a noble peace prize winner. form presidents bill clinton and secretary of state john kerry joined president obama at today's service. >> he knew better than the cynic if you look out over the arc of
5:28 pm
history human beings should be filled not with fear but with hope. >> he was a great man of israel. he was a great man of the world. >> peres' funeral prompt add rare moment of unity between israeli and palestinian leaders. the palestinian authority president attend the funeral and shook hands with the current israeli prime minister. after being missing for more than a decade, two vincent van gogh paintings are back home tonight. the odd place where the stolen works of art were found. and what's it like to be an american on american street? our hang nine pulls up a chair and gets to know the neighborhood. scott? >> it's been damp and dreary friday. we have mist, drizzle and fog right now but will the weekend be a wash out plus we'll talk about a category four hurricane in the caribbean.
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>> you decide 2016. candidates are turning up the heat with just 38 days now until the election. hillary clinton is enjoying a post debate bump as she heads to florida to sway more millennials to join her campaign. >> this is donald trump heads to michigan where he's faced with questions about his late night tweets focusing on former pageant queen. fox's doug kell way has the latest from washington. >> reporter: hillary clinton hits battleground florida targeting millennials and taking jabs at donald trump. >> 39 days left.
5:32 pm
this is the choice. do we lift each other up or do we tear each other down? >> the fight for the sunshine state is tight. new poll has clinton leading trump by four points. >> why aren't i 50 points ahead you might ask? >> maybe it's because the director of the fbi said you lied about your e-mails. >> the trump camp rolling out this national ad zeroing in on clinton controversie controversd comments but the gop nominees own words grabbing headlines today. >> why did you go on late night sweet storm last night. >> donald trump doing his best via twitter to put a dent in the credibility of alicia machado accusing the former pageant owner of mistreating her during her reign as mess universe. did crooked hillary helping disgust check out sex tape and past alicia m because a u.s. citizen so she could use her in the debate? clinton firing back. calling her arrival unhinged for his latest social media scuffle. >> he gets an f for the day. hopefully he doesn't keep this up for the next 30 some odd days
5:33 pm
but if he does, he certainly guarantees he'll have lot of free time over the next four years. >> reporter: for the first time in its history usa today's editorial board is weighing in on a presidential election. while the newspaper didn't endorse hillary clinton it urging 3 million retter toss oppose donald trump. in washington, doug mckelway, fox news. back to your fox 29 weather authority now. hope that you planning a trip sunny this weekend. >> i wish. >> yeah you might weren't to. pretty much what you see what you get. cool and soggy out there. taking a live look at philadelphia international airport. time to check in with meteorologist scott williams now. >> not looking good for outdoor plans this weekend scott or hair. bad hair weekend. >> yeah. high humidity and of course it's going to be kind of damp and drear row at least to start the upcoming weekend but we might see some peeks of sunshine by sunday but look at ultimate doppler look at this pinwheel off to the west. it's kind of stuck so we continue to find that flow from south to north cloud cover,
5:34 pm
drizzle in spots and temperatures well below average for this um year. we'll zoom in right now. seeing a little bit of drizzle and mist out there but not the heavy rain that we saw the first part of the day. in fact look at the temperatures right now. with the cloud cover out there, we're only in the low 60s. 62 degrees right now. the high only made it up to 63. still breezy as well. winds out of the east northeast gusting over 20 close to 30 miles an hour right now gusts in wildwood. so for tomorrow, a 60% chance for some rainfall. mainly the first part of the day. and then you can see the rainfall chances will continue into sunday, but they lessen, 30% by sunday. 20% a couple of spotty showers by monday. so here's the forecast for tomorrow. upper 60s scattered showers around then by sunday like i said peeks of sunshine not out of the question with a few showers. temperatures top out around 74 degrees. so we'll go hour by hour. we have the cloud cover. we have the fog mist and drizzle
5:35 pm
what you see is what you'll get through tomorrow. tomorrow morning moderate to heavy rainfall lifting from south to north across the area. so we'll kind of keep this pattern into the first part of the weekend. the tropic heating up. look at this textbook hurricane. a major category four hurricane and look at that eye right the there. the name is matthew maximum sustain winds 140 miles per hour. movement off to the west southwest at about 9 miles an hour. it will likely move toward jamaica and then eventually toward cuba as we move toward the latter part of the weekend early next week. and then move toward the north still uncertainty as to if it weakens with its impact with land and also is it going to impact the ear seaboard. we'll have some time to watch this and continue to keep you post. temperatures for tonight, 50s in the bushes. 60 in the city. areas of fog, drizzle and mist. upper 60s. that's going to do it for the high temperature on your saturday.
5:36 pm
the weather authority seven day forecast showing you a few showers as we move toward sund sunday. 74 degrees. and then that spotty shower chance on monday. temperatures top out around 75. then tuesday, wednesday, thursday, into friday of next week, looks like partly sunny to movely cloudy skies. guys, back to you. >> thank you scott. swat officers made some sick children's day when they were repelled down the side of a children's hospital but it's not all fun and games. why this is about more than helping the young patients feel better. and police raid this couple's home they say they found a marijuana grow operati operation. what their children told police that mom and dad made them help them out. coming up all new at 6:00 o'clock, one local police department announcing plans for a new station today. when officers will have a brand new building to call home.
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>> here's some big news you'll want to hear about. easter basket crisis averted. looks like we'll have our peeps after all. the workers who make the popular marshmallow candy are back to
5:40 pm
work. the union representing about 400 workers at the just born quality candy company in bethlehem says its workers are returning today after going on strike earlier this month. earlier this week, the company filed a federal lawsuit claiming the strike violated a no strike provision. >> some good news in the art world today. two vincent van gogh paint having been found after being stolen more than dozen years ago. tighe tile yann police recovered the artwork. the paintings were stolen from an amsterdam museum 14 years ago. they apparently had been hidden in farmhouse near the strong hold of a naples based organized crime group. museum officials say the 1882 paintings were found without their frames but in quote relatively good condition. well, it is very illegal way to to say the least to discipline your children. >> tonight two parents in my sorrow behind bars after police say they forced their kids to grow and sell marijuana as punishment. deputes execute add search
5:41 pm
warrant at the home of christine at wyler and martin gatlin following complaint. what they found guns, ammuniti ammunition, drug paraphernalia and about 450 grams of marijuana but prosecutors say the duo took it a step further forcing their children ages eight and 13 years old to help grow and process the drugs. one suspect police say even admitted the 13-year-old had accompanied them to sell pot. >> they're in a safer place now knowing that they have people around them i would hope whether that be county officials that can help them maybe steer them back on the better path. >> both suspects are felons who have prior convictions for drug charges. they're now facing a shrew of other charges including endangering welfare of a child. well, you got to see this. scary moments for a deer after it got itself stuck in a fence in montgomery county. but local police to the rescue. how they were able to help him out of a jam. and this soldier found few
5:42 pm
new way to deal with stress and using dolls but not playing with them. how her love for dolls is bringing tears to the eyes of others. sean? that's right, it all starred in 2001 for ryan howard and the phillies. a long 15 years ago for the big piece. how he'll likely be suiting up for his final weekend for the phillies. hear what manager pete cannon has in store for how war's send off coming up in sports.
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when i was one year old, i was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer on my spinal chord. but i spent my whole life fighting back. so you can imagine what i thought when i saw donald trump say... "i don't know what i said, ah, i don't remember!" "that reporter he is talking about suffers from a chronic condition
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that impairs movement of his arms." i don't want a president who makes fun of me. i want a president who inspires me, and that's not donald trump. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. ♪ people in high stress jobs often take up a relaxing hobby to try to balance out their lives. >> sounds like a good idea. >> right. >> joyce evans shows us one local woman's love for people goes from serving our country to saving broken dolls.
5:46 pm
♪ >> reporter: army sergeant valerie moyer tough as nails. she's in the pa national guard. >> we do what we do because we love our country. >> reporter: military through and through for nearly 25 years. >> and that attachment is really strong. >> reporter: but this no nonsense soldier has another love, unbreakable attachment to dolls. >> i play with dolls. ♪ >> reporter: so she has her entire life. i never really grew up let's say when it comes to doll play. >> that's better. eyes wide open. i like that. >> reporter: she likes all kinds of dolls. >> you can talk to them. you can play with them. no harm. there's shoe. >> reporter: even if they have trouble sometimes following orders. >> listen, you chicks just stand there. nobody told to you move. >> reporter: the sergeant
5:47 pm
collects all shapes of dolls from all periods of time. >> isn't it cute? >> reporter: she's got brides, some blushing, and some maturi maturing. dolls are everywhere. >> you like them all don't you? >> not all. oh, no. no, no, no. there's some dolls die not like. there are some dolls i do not like. >> reporter: their names and locations classified. >> i care to mess with them. >> to mess with them or not she first learned from that her grandma. >> she was a doll collector. >> reporter: a collection she and valerie maintained well. >> fix their hair, comb them. all this good stuff. >> reporter: in time she not only maintained her grandmom's on her incredible doll collection word spread that she knew a thing or two about reviving dolls. >> you fix one person's doll they'll tell someone else who tells someone else who tells someone else. >> reporter: valerie had to bill this doll house/doll hospital right next door. >> i needed something.
5:48 pm
it was taking over the house. charleston south carolina. >> reporter: boxes and boxes of many babies many pulled from damp basements. >> hot attic spaces. >> velure moyer. >> now being shipped to her in the jones town country side. >> bye-bye. >> reporter: that's where the doll doctor reports for duty. >> shends to have her head put back in place. >> reporter: they come in contracted, faded, tattered little figures some treasured, most neglected. >> this little right here would have been done back in about 1920 or so. >> reporter: or they simply aren't wearing their age very well. parts are important. got to have the right ones. >> all the parts aren't there i've got parts. >> reporter: creepy. a lot of repairs are slow tedious process. it can require quite a bit of history, skill and safety. >> you're dealing with materials that can be somewhat hazardous.
5:49 pm
so do you have to be careful because once you start getting into that, you never know what you'll get. >> reporter: while most are rare and quite valuable, it's not the monetary value of the doll that drives her to help. >> the dolls that are valuable are the ones that were someone's play toy that was gently used that they loved. >> reporter: rarely does she meet a doll she can't save. >> i'm at 895. >> reporter: 895 revivals? >> yes. >> reporter: but there are some like wanda here rest in peace. she'll be buried with her skates on. valerie operates along with rex, pepper and the dolls to keep her company. >> the dolls are a way to kind of just get away. >> reporter: row borns by valerie. >> this is one of the little ones that i created. poor baby. >> reporter: but the main mission for her customers is to renew, not completely redo. >> i get tears. i get hugs. i get down right crying people.
5:50 pm
that could me is the most satisfaction. >> reporter: sergeant my moyer is just about to hang up her uniform and devote more time to her precious patients. >> will the doctor always be in? >> the doctor will be by appointment only. >> reporter:. [laughter] >> i love it. >> reporter: joyce evans. >> i love it. this is so much fun. >> reporter: fox 29 news. ♪ a deer runs into some trouble in montgomery county but fortunately an animal control officer is able to save the day. check out this video. a deer stuck in fence much this is in lower merion township. as you can see he's unable to move and that's where you see animal control officer ed boeingly showing up. the officer is able to save the deer let him run free. he sawed the fence to get it free. lower merion township police calling the animal control officer their hero of the day. >> i like to see that. >> well deserved. >> yeah. >> happy ending. >> yes.
5:51 pm
well, she is still years away from high school, but this eight-year-old from texas is already catching the eye of one university. >> yeah. her story is going viral. meet third grader jordan phipps. her mom recorded her praising the university of north texas before school one day. in the video jordan talks about her desire to go to the school. well, the school caught wind of the video, and they surprised little jordan at her school. >> so we have for you a $10,000 scholarship. >> whoo! [cheers and applause] >> this is the first time we've ever added mitted a student this early age. her video and her spirit and her positive attitude touched. >> jordan wanted to go to the university of texas as long as she can remember because that's where her mom went to college. >> what's it look to be an american on an american street. hank flynn pulls up a chair and gets to know the neighbor. all new at 6:00 concerns of the discrimination in one of
5:52 pm
philadelphia's communities that's no stranger to discrimination. and a local police department nouns new plans for a brand new station. when officers will have their new building to call homecoming up at 6:00. ♪
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
patients at children's hospital of colorado got some super hero strength. aurora police department swat team dressed up as spiderman, captain america and batman on thursday. they repelled off the roof of
5:56 pm
the hospital all why the kids watching inside. look at the faces on these kids. isn't so cool. >> this is the third year the police department has been surprising kids at the hospital. officials say it allows them to train members of its team while teacteaching children they can overcome almost everything. great story there. well, with the presidential election just 38 days away, the definition of what makes us american changes every day. >> fox 29's hank flynn went looking for what makes us us on philadelphia's norming american street and what he found was a distinctly latin flavor. ♪ >> reporter: how you guys doing set up a couple of chairs out in north philly the other day. >> i brought a chair just for you, baby. >> first presidential debate is behind us. big vote coming up.
5:57 pm
i wondered what is up with america? i want to talk to you about america. >> maybe i can fine out on north american street. >> north american street. sap good name for this street? >> yeah. >> why how does it rei manned you of the country you live in? it. >> goes with the city. it goes with this country. this is good country to live. >> no doubt, man. it's the best in the world. >> that's why i'm here. i've been here, what, 46 years already. i came here when i was 14 years old. >> when you were 14. where you come from. >> puerto rico. >> ♪ report roar driving north on north american street it's clear puerto rican pride is well established. >> actually it's for sale. >> america -- >> very commercial. >> yeah. a lot of white houses you know. >> with most of north american street zoned industrial it's a good place to set up shop. change may be a foot however with recent zoning changes made
5:58 pm
by city council that would allow more residences and more storefronts. for now though some guys are getting by on sheer elbow grease. >> it needs a washington. >> and the news mobile need add bath. >> how is business on american street these days? >> pretty good. >> yeah. >> yeah, yeah, yeah it's pretty g. >> you bring home good money. >> that's what i'm talking about, man. >> see now we're talking, man. you can sing the blues all you want. edgar is making a buck on american street. what's more american than that? >> only thing you can do, work, work, work and wherever you get a chance to have vacation just take it. >> reporter: all right. so, yeah, it's interesting that every i met out on north norming american street comes from america's unofficial 51 is the state of puerto rico. isn't the dream alive in guys like edgar and louis who will gladly wash your wagon for 15 bucks? what's your american
5:59 pm
street? how you getting by? >> thank you guys. have good one. >> me up on twitter at hank fox 29 and always us at fox 29 philly. what difference a week makes. wet and cool weather threatening to ruin a lot of outdoor plans this weekend. so when will the rain stop and the sun finally make a return? tense situation wednesday night ended with police shooting and killing a man in cobbs cre creek. tonight new questions about the force police used to control the situation. what the commissioner is saying about the moment that ended in a hail of gunfire. ♪ live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. rain and wind are threate threatening to put a damper on lot of weekend plans. meteorologist scott williams is standing by to tell us if the weekend will be a complete washout. but first tonight, several
6:00 pm
police departments in the region are warning about creepy clown sightings. it's a story that's sweeping the nation. people are reporting having run ins with clowns. good evening, i'm dawn timmeney. >> i'm chris o'connell. now, locally recent social media posts have police and schools taking notice. fox 29's shawnette wilson is live in radnor where one school received that frightening message. shawnette. >> reporter: well, chris, radnor police and township officials sent out a warning today to calm fears about what has turned out to be a hoax. now, this is the message that they posted on the township website today. it is in reference to a post that spread on social media. it states that people dressed as clowns would show up at the schools in radnor today and kidnap students and kill teachers leaving for the day. again, police did investigate and they tell us this afternoon that it is a hoax. still, parents as you can imagine are concerned about the scary clown reports happening here and other places


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