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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  September 30, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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police departments in the region are warning about creepy clown sightings. it's a story that's sweeping the nation. people are reporting having run ins with clowns. good evening, i'm dawn timmeney. >> i'm chris o'connell. now, locally recent social media posts have police and schools taking notice. fox 29's shawnette wilson is live in radnor where one school received that frightening message. shawnette. >> reporter: well, chris, radnor police and township officials sent out a warning today to calm fears about what has turned out to be a hoax. now, this is the message that they posted on the township website today. it is in reference to a post that spread on social media. it states that people dressed as clowns would show up at the schools in radnor today and kidnap students and kill teachers leaving for the day. again, police did investigate and they tell us this afternoon that it is a hoax. still, parents as you can imagine are concerned about the scary clown reports happening here and other places.
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>> very dangerous for the children. >> i think they're just mean, and they shouldn't do it. i mean, kids are, you know, impressionable and they don't need all of that in their life. >> reporter: police also tell me that they received several phone calls from parents today who were concerned once they saw that social media post. also, we know that boyertown and other areas, other townships in our area i should say received several similar social media posts and are warning parents and schools as well. back to you. >> shawnette, thanks. now it's on to the fox 29 weather authority. don't leave home without the umbrella and your jacket if you're headed tout night. a dreary one out there. take live look at old city unfortunate probably not going to get whole lot better through the weekend. meteorologist scott williams to tell us more about the weekend forecast. >> unsettled day and unsettled pattern. it will continue at least the first part of the weekend, chris, and the reason being take look at this upper level low. kind of stuck off to the west
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around parts of the ohio river valley. so as long as that continues to sit and spin, we have winds coming out of the south drawing up some of that moisture from south to north across parts of our entire area. so really what you see is what you're going to get for your friday evening out. airport delays a little over two hours right now. so pack your patience if you're trying to fly out of philadelphia international airport. also, coastal flood advisories again its this evening through late tonight. we're talking about some postal concerns. some beach erosion. a minor coastal flood threat with the next high tide between 8:00 and 10:00 o'clock tonight. 62 degrees. that's it. the high temperature only made it up to 63. well below the average for this time of year. look at the 50s. 58 in allentown. 58 pottstown. we have low 60s right now in atlantic city. so grab the jackets and keep an umbrella handy as well. so as we go hour by hour, mist, drizzle, fog developing late tonight. 62 degrees by 11:00 o'clock.
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as we take a look at that weekend forecast for rain, a 60% chance for tomorrow. a 30% chance moving toward your sunday then a 20% chance even still into early next week. we'll time it out and talk about amounts coming up. back to you. >> thank you, scott. more than 100 shots fired by police at one man during violent rampage in cobbs creek. new details after fox 29 and neighbors started asking questions about the police response here. >> and tonight some answers from philadelphia's police commissioner. let's goat out to dave schratwieser life tonight at philadelphia police headquarters. dave? >> reporter: chris, commissioner ross held a news conference a short time ago, and said 109 shots were fired at a suspect during that wild 95 wielding rampage in cobbs creek wednesday night. he called that a serious concern. he says it may be a training issue. neighbors say it could have been dangerous. >> i could see the lightning
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from those gunshots, um, in my windows as i was sitting at my desk. >> reporter: still frightened over wednesday night's deadly police involved shooting on her block, she asked us not to show her face or use her name. but she did agree to tell fox 29 what she saw and heard. >> it sound like boxes of fireworks. >> reporter: this the bullet riddled front porch 32-year-old christopher sowell i was shot and killed by police after he went on violent rampage through this cobbs creek neighborhood. the attacks left two of so well's children suffering from serious stab wounds and two women in this house brutally attacked and critically injured by sowell. >> that was a violent violent rampage. >> it was lot. over a hundred. >> reporter: it's the fire power used by police that's now raising questions. nine officers fired their weapons at sowell after he repeatedly ignored orders to take his hands out of his pockets. then pulled them out abruptly. after questions from fox 29, police confirmed 109 shots were fired killing sowell and rid link two homes here with gunfi
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gunfire. >> he did a bad thing. i mean i agree with the police, but at the same token that was excessive. >> it is of serious concern to us the number of shots that were fired. we do not know exactly how many the suspect was struck. report roar police now say sowell was unarmed and may have been pulling a cell phone from his pock. evidence circles on the shooting seen number up to 69 with 13 more circles not number. >> they put my family in danger. big time. big time. >> regardless of what the circumstances are, it's not an indictment of the police officers, but it may be a significant training issue. >> whether they let a hundred rounds or 200 rounds go they fired until they thought the threat was gone. >> they had every reason to believe he was armed with a gun. >> they protected the community. they saved lives. if they fired one round they fired 200 rounds as long as they protected the community and went home safe at night. that's all that counts. >> reporter: commissioner ross
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says this may be a case of contagious gunfire. where one officer opens fire and then the other officers open fire thinking they're under attack. the commissioner says, all four victims of the rampage are still hospitalized. john mcness guy says four police officers have been shot and wounded in that district since january. two of them the victims of attempted assassinations. chris? >> okay, dave, thank. big questions for investigators to answer tonight over yesterday's deadly train crash new jersey transit train crashed into the hoax ken train station yesterday morning investigators know what happened. they're still trying to fine out why and how. investigators are making steps in the right direction today. they have removed one of two data recorders from the train's locomotive. it comes after more than a hundred people were injured in the rush hour crash including engineer thomas gallagher who investigators plan to interview today. 34-year-old fabiola bittar de kroon was the lone fatality
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killed by flying debris while standing on the station platfo platform. the crash is bringing renewed a tension to positive train control. a system designed to prevent accidents like this. a system new jersey transit did not have. >> we have studied hundreds of train crashes in the past, and in many of those cases, positive train control was the lack of it was factor and could have prevented it. but, again, every accident is different. so we'll see about this one. >> the ntsb will be staying at that hoboken scene for at least we can to collect evidence. a full report on the crash could take up to year. hundreds gathered today for a final farewell to a fallen hero in delaware. funeral services were held for lieutenant christopher leach the father of three was one of two wilmington firefighters killed last weekend fighting a house fire. leach's flab draped coffin arrived at saint beth's catholic church in wilmington a top fire
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truck. his family and friends recalling fire members of the 41-year-old saying he wanted to be a firefighter since he was a young boy. lieutenant leach was working for friend the day he was killed. rushing into a burning home on lake view road saturday morning. close friend says he's known leach since high school, and says he always had your back. >> from that day that i met him, wee been friends ever since. he's that kind of guy he moves you and you just want to be around him. >> joint memorial service honoring both firefighters christopher leach and jerry fickes who was also killed will be held tomorrow at 1:00 o'clock at the chase center on the riverfront. gofundme page has been established for the children of both those fallen heroes. we have a link on in north philadelphia, family is getting a brand new home for free. that's all thanks to volunteers from the habitat for humanity. they teamed up with bank much america to build a home at 16th and fountain streets.
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the bank also presented a $50,000 check for future proje projects. habitat for humaniti' executive director says this is one of 21 homes they'll build in north philadelphia. he says this is their biggest project in the city yet. >> what we are doing is bringing an affordable housing to this neighborhood which is great. there's all sorts of student housing going up. this is keeping the fabric of the neighborhood going. >> bank of america partnering with habitat for humanity. more than 60 other u.s. cities to build new homes. one philadelphia homeowner is pleading for someone to take action as his backyard just washes away. he says the poe kess sin creek causing more problems to his backyard than he can ever imagine. in fox 29's karen hepp has the man's story from somerton and tells us how the city is respo responding. >> reporter: mark takes a lot of pride in his somerton home. he loves to decorate and relax in his back big yard by the creek. the problem is, his yard keeps getting smaller as the poe kess
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sin creek keeps getting bigger. >> you see where these rocks are here, this like walkway. it was there. >> reporter: and now, it's way back here. it's moved so fast eroding the embankment there's a root forest where the soil washed away and the big trees, they're so exposed in many places they've already started falling. >> bottom line who is responsible for this creek? this creek is destroying my property. >> reporter: the house sits at the bottom of the street and also gets walloped by storm run off from the this drain. mark is trying to figure out if it's all on him or if he can get a little help maybe some old jersey barriers. >> i wouldn't want anyone to come out and, you know, redo my yard for me. but i do want to save it. >> reporter: bad news. when we checked with the city, they say the creek is end tearily on private property and it's mark's responsibility. in a statement they say, in the big picture, we sympathize with this homeowner and wish there was in easy intervention that the state which owns the
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waterways in the commonwealth could take. the solution would require rebuilding the entire stream system to for if i its banks often encompassing miles of stream and these solutions are monumental in design, cost and saily karen hepp, fox 29 news. one local police department announced plans for new station today. when construction will begin on the officer's brand new buildi building. and there are new concerns tonight discrimination in one philadelphia community that is no stranger to it. sean? that's right, dawn. a very sentimental weekend ahead for all phillies fans. most likely ryan howard's the big piece final week mend a phillies uniform. hear what coach mckeon nannies say about howard's final day as a phillie coming up in sports.
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♪ >> how about this, vineland, new jersey getting a 59,000-foot addition to their town. officials announced plans for a brand new police station. it will be located next to city
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hall. construction on the project is scheduled to begin in 2017. controversy tonight over a video online that shows a philadelphia club owner saying a racial slur. many people are now calling for action following the leaked video involving owner of an lgbt club in center city. >> and some feel an apology well it's just not enough. fox 29's bill anderson joining us in the studio to explain why people are so fired up over this. bill. >> reporter: dawn it's a huge issue. philadelphia's regularly rated as a diverse and accepting city for the lgbt community but a leaked video has people not only questioning if we're as accepting as we seem, but also if the lgbt community itself is engaging in racist practices. >> i mean we were absolutely infuriatinfuriated appalling and disgusting video. >> i'm not surprised. >> reporter: the n word. said repeated on a leaked video by the owner of i candy an lgbt club here in philadelphia. >> bleep bleep bleep bleep ble
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bleep. >> of one of them. >> reporter: video has many wondering if a community historically in need of protect from dissemination needs to address their own racism. >> black and brown people have been saying for a very long time that they are not being treated fairly. we've built walls around protecting people but yet this is still happening. so it's time for people to do the work. this shouldn't be on the oppress to fix the oppressor. >> all three of them are bleep. >> video allegedly three years old. but was just leaked at a time when dress code and highering practices in the area known as the gay neighborhood are being called racist supporters of the club say it was a moment of anger from a good person whose also been oppressed. critics aren't buying that explanation. >> then you also have folks that now think they're be a solved that they are unable to be racist because they identify as lgbtq. that's relevant. you may experience oppression in one aspect and experience privilege in another. >> the owner apologized on facebook. >> but many in the community say
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that an apology without action just isn't enough. >> we're vulnerable community ourselves, um, and to see people that understand discrimination go and discriminate against other people is not acceptable. >> hearing has been scheduled to investigate racism here in the gay neighborhood which sadly could lead to businesses and organizations that often need the protection of the human relations commission and the city administration being sanked by them. >> is there a racism problem in the gay neighborhood. >> absolutely. there's a racism problem in our and tire nation. so absolutely it's here. it's everywhere. >> reporter: now nobody representing i candy would speak to us. so far there has been backlash. several groups have canceled planned events and i candy has been removed from participating in out fest which is a huge lgbt event scheduled for next week. remains to be seen what has to happen to heal what appears, chris, to be a growing wound in the lgbt community. >> sounds like it, bill. thanks. it's time to check back with
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fox 29 weather authority meteorologist scott williams. i know understandly already canceled plans for this weekend. >> yeah. any good news at all. any silver lining here, scott. >> i can tell you this. the week send not going to be complete washout and we might even see couple of peeks of sunshine before all is said and done, but take look at the philadelphia international airport. on of a research two hour airport delays for arriving flights. we have some wind. we also have some low visibili visibility. 62 degrees right now. the high only 63. well below average for this time of year so if you're stepping out right look at the temperatures. upper 50s north and west. low to mid 60s once you move into parts of south jersey and delaware. and for tomorrow, about a 60% chance for some showers. that activity mainly in the morning. diminishing chances on sunday only a 30% then a 20% chance for spotty shower by monday. so that weekend forecast tomorrow scattered showers around. 68 for the high. then 74 on sunday. so once again, a little settled
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but not entire washout for the weekend across the area. we have this upper level low off to the west. all of that moisture continuing to move in our direct. we have the cloud cover. we have the fog. the mist, the drizzle so really what you see what you'll get for your friday evening out. as we go hour with hour, you can see for tonight mostly cloudy. areas of fog, drizzle and mist and that will continue overnig overnight. by 7:00 a.m. on saturday, moderate to heavy rain develops again in parts of south injuries zoo, then moves a little farther to the north around philadelphia, moving toward trenton. and then that continues to move toward the new york city area but we're stuck with mostly cloudy skies and on and off again scattered showers for your saturday. the tropics heating up. take look at this. massive hurricane it's named matthew winds at 140 miles per hour and look at that eye. that developed this afternoon. so this is likely to bring some life-threatening damage towards
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jamaica as we move toward the upcoming latter part of the weekend into early next week. maintaining a category three status as it moves toward cuba as well. for us 60 degrees for the low temperature tonight. areas of fog, mist and drizzle. scattered showers tomorrow around for the temple game keep that in mind. a few showers on sunday. as we move toward next week, we finally start to dry out across the area. back to you. >> all right, scott, thank you. sean brace here with preview what's coming up in sports. i can guarantee the eagles will be undefeated aft the weekend. [laughter] >> that is correct, chris. >> it's the bye week for the eagles all players had the week off. find out what eagles quarterback carson wentz likes to do with his down time. he's a sharp shooter on and off the field. most likely ryan howard's final weekend in a phillies uniform. hear what coach mackanin had to say about howard's emotions as he gets ready to take the field
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play off baseball is in the air. well, sort of. game 160 of 162 for the phillies as they take on the wild card leading new york mets. in the final home stand of 2016. the mets control their own destiny with three games to play. a win night over the phillies and a st. louis cardinals loss the mets are celebrating an our tough. ouch. more on the cardinals in just one second. business news involving the phillies not about wins or losses at this time instead it's all about ryan howard. the greatest first baseman in franchise history.
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howard will take what should be his final swing for the phillies this weekend. he'll be honored with a special pre-game presentation before sunday's game. manager pete mackanin talked about howard's emotion where is tonight's game. >> he keeps everything close to the vest. he doesn't show a lot of emotion, and he has been asked if he has some feelings of nostalgia about being here and he said he's just out there to play. i think he's taking it as professional and playing the games one at a time. >> the big piece got to love him. back to the cardinals. how about this? the cardinals currently sitting a game behind the giants for final wild card spot taking on the reds last night. bottom of the ninth two outs molino hits a walk off double to win it or did he? closer look the ball bounces over the wall and hits the mo lottery sign that's a ground rule double. runners on second and third two outs but the umpires they left the feel. what? come on. you got to complete that. later they as sorried that time
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had expired to challenge and therefore the cardinals went on to within the game. mr. umpire you got to do your job. come on you can't be clocking out early. as i said in eagles game this weekend eagles green bay packers the only two teams off. so it brings up an interesting question for all of us. what do you do during the by week? for most it means a weekend of catching up on everything that our significant other wants us to do. for eagles quarterback carson wentz it means bagging an eight pointer in the woods of north dac. check this out. carson wentz tweeted that's right what do you do on your by week? you get your first buck thanks to doug whoever that is up in north dakota for the help. hash tag nd legendary. hash tag i. tka. good shot on and off the field. >> he's a winner both weeks. >> that's right. that does it for us here at 6:00 o'clock. >> see you back here at 10:00. have a great night. inside edition is up next.
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was it foul play? two sisters found dead on a bed at a luxury resort. >> two young women would die of the same thing at the same exact time, how do you explain that? then, trump's 3:20 a.m. tirade against miss universe. hillary clinton calling him unhinged. >> he shouldn't alienate 70% of the country who are overweight. and the birth of a nation firestorm. >> due feel guilty about anything that happened that night? >> now a sister's revenge. plus, what's up with carry under wad's knee? -- carrie underwood's knee? why some are saying it looks like prince george. and greatest


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