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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  September 30, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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♪ live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11.
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and first at 11 the soaking continues. you can see the mess still on ultimate doppler radar tonight. all this wind and rain made eight good night to just stay inside and sadly it looks like this wet weather will stretch into your weekend. good evening, i'm dawn timmeney. if you haven't already it's probably time to start rethinking those outdoor weekend plans. let's get straight over to meteorologist scott williams for more on what's happening right now. scott? >> hi there, dawn. we still have the cloud cover, the mist and the drizzle. not whole lot of heavy rainfall right now across the area but look at ultimate doppler. we'll continue to tap into some of that moisture off to the south. so more rain will be moving in overnight tonight, and during the day tomorrow. so it looks like the start of the weekend will be kind of wet. temperature wise we're looking at 62 philadelphia. 64 millville. 63 atlantic city. 50's once you move north and west. we only made it to 63 degrees in philadelphia for the hold high
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today. 60% chance for showers on tomorrow. 30% chance on sunday. we could see some sunshine by the latter part of the the weekend. so planning your day for tomorrow, a foggy start mist and drizzle. look at the temperatures. a high tomorrow of only 68 degrees. so for that weekend saturday looks to be the wetter of the two days. scattered showers around. cloud cover upper 60s for highs. moving ahead to sunday, a few showers around, 74 degrees and more sunshine for the second half of the weekend. coming up, we'll talk much more about this major category four hurricane in the caribbean and i'll have that seven day forecast. dawn, back over to you. >> all right, see in you a bit, scott. you can be prepared for the weather by downloading the fox 29 weather app. you can get weather alerts sent right to your phone download it for free from google or apple stores. to developing story now, scary clown stories are popping up all over the country, and now
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the concern has hit our region. authorities say some schools are getting threats warning of people dressed in clown masks with sinister intentions. fox 29's shawnette wilson is live in radnor where one school there received a frightening message. shawnette. >> reporter: they did, dawn, and police did determine that this was a hoax, but it still isn't sitting well with some parents and students. >> there's actually a policeman that came into our school and i heard about it then. >> reporter: 17-year-old mary naylor is talking about a scary clown threat that spread on social media involving schools in the radnor township district she's a junior at agnes irwin. >> sean thought they were joking but a lot were texting their parents. >> radnor township police say someone spread the threat from various media sites under different hash tags this one police showed us threatens to either kidnap students or kill teachers going to their cars. police pos posted on they are website and crime alert page the posts are actually a hoax. >> what i want to stress is everything has been unfounded in this area.
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nothing has been founded, but it's somebody playing an evil trick op people, and actually getting people legitly upset. >> reporter: and officials in other areas like toms river and boyertown also sent out similar warnings that this was hoax. dawn? >> all right, thank you shawnette. happening now, questions over the police response to a dangerous suspect. police shot and killed a man identified as christopher sowell after he allegedly established two children and two adults on wednesday. and following questions from both neighbors and fox 29, police confirmed that officers fired 109 shots that night. police now say sowell was unarmed although they say he repeatedly ignored orders to take his hands out of his pock pockets. evidence circles on the shooting seen number up to 69 with 13 more circles not numbered. some neighbors say even if sowell was a bad guy this type of police gunfire makes them feel very unsafe. >> those shots were primarily
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contained at the two houses, one of which he was in front of and the house next door. so they largely served as a back drop unfortunately for the people in that home it did kind of put them in jeopardy. they were not harmed as you know but it's of serious concern to us the number of shots that were fired. >> commissioner richard ross says this could be a case of contagious fire by the nine officers who opened fire. there is an on-going investigation by police and internal affairs. >> ♪ the search continues for answers tonight in yesterday's deadly nj transit train crash. we still don't know exactly how fast that train was going when it barreled into hoboken station injuring scores of morning commuters. the ntsb says investigators will wait to question the train's engineer because of his injuries. but federal officials say they are making progress in their investigation. one of two data recorders from the train's rear locomotive has been recovered. more than 100 people were
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injured in that rush hour crash. 34-year-old fabiola bittar de kroon was the lone fatality a mother of three. she was killed by flying debris while just standing on the station platform. meantime, safety and structural concerns are still slowing recovery efforts. investigators have to wait for a contractor should remove collapsed sections of the station to fully comb over all the evidence. hundreds gathered today for a final goodbye to a fallen hero in delaware. funeral services were held for lieutenant christopher leach. the father of three was one of two firefighter firefighters kit weekend fighting a house fire in wilmington. leach's flag draped coffin arrived at saint elizabeth's catholic church in wilmington on the back of a fire truck today. his friends and family recalling fond memories of the 41-year-old saying he wanted to be firefighter ever since he was a young boy. lieutenant leach was working for a friend the day he was killed. he was filling in. he rushed into the burning home
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on lake view road saturday morning. close friend says he's known leach sips high school and says he always had your back. >> from that day i met him we've been friends ever since. he's that kind of guy that he moves you and you just want to be around him. he's the lieutenant that you want to work for. >> a joint memorial service honoring both firefighter's christopher leach and jerry fickes who also died that day will be held tomorrow at 1:00 o'clock in the chase center on the riverfront in wilmington. a gofundme has been established for the children of both fallen heroes. we have a link on well if you bought tickets to see the philadelphia orchestra this weekend, consider your plans canceled. musicians are on strike. they walk out just before their season opening concert. the musicians of the philadelphia orchestra are members of the philadelphia musicians union local 77. the biggest bargaining issue for them they say is compensation. they collectively rejected the orchestra leadership's salary
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offer. negotiations will continue on october 4th. but that means the weekend concerts including october 1st and 2nd have been canceled. filling your gas tank in the garden state get ready for pain at the pump. governor chris christie and the leaders of the state senate and assembly announced an agreement this afternoon to raise the state gasoline tax for the first time in 28 years. and the size of the increase, well, we'll let our bruce gordon break the bad news to you. >> reporter: for years whenever anyone would criticize the garden state jersey residents could always come back with, yeah, at least we got cheap gas. in the any more. governor christie and leaders of the state senate and assembly announced friday they've agreed on deal that would raise the state gasoline tax by 23 cents a gallon. motorists we talked to are not happy. >> wow! that sucks. >> that's a lot. >> reporter: end of cheap gas in jersey. >> yup. that's true. lucky us, right? >> reporter: governor christie says revenue from the gas tax
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hike will be spent on inn have a fracture repairing deteriorating state roads and bridges. in fact he's pitching the hike as money safer for drivers who have had to pay for bent rims and blown tires destroyed by potholes. jersey drivers are not optimistic the money will be well spent. >> i feel like a lot of times you pay more taxes and nothing happens. >> in an effort to further soften the below the governor is promising a slight trimming of the state sales tax and the end of the estate tax. headline here is clear. the first big increase in the state gasoline tax since 1988. i'm bruce gordon fox 29 news. ♪ back to your fox 29 weather authority. and the rainy weekend still ahead. total washout, scott. >> it doesn't look like a total washout, dawn. that's got news but the bad news we have more rain that's going to move in overnight tonight and first part of your saturday. right now, ultimate doppler not showing whole lot but we do have areas of fog, mist and drizzle as we talk about the hour by hour forecast you can see mostly
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cloudy overnight. by tomorrow morning we're looking at more of that rain moving up from delaware into parts of south jersey, moving toward the philadelphia area as well during the first part of the day, but you can see we keep mostly cloudy skies tomorrow with on and off again light pocks of showers. so not a whole day washout over heavy rain just kind of that nuisance activity. you'll kind of need to use the windshield wipers from time to time during the day tomorrow. let's talk about the tropic. i just got the latest update in from the national hurricane center on matthew. it is now a category five hurricane maximum sustained winds up to 160 miles per hour with this system as it continues to kind of breathe and feed off of the very warm waters of the caribbean. moving a little more toward the west southwest but eventually we'll take a more northerly track and move through portions of jamaica. a life threatening event on tap for them and then moving toward
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cuba. you can see still maintaining like al category four status by that time frame as it heads toward cuba eventually the computer models will take it toward the bahamas. so certainly something we'll have to watch for the lower 48 to see if it's going to parallel the coast or either just go back out to sea. but we have some time to watch but the latest once again matthew now a category five hurricane in the atlantic basin. a few showers linger into sund sunday. maybe a spotty shower monday. but you can see we finally dry out for much of the next week. dawn? >> all right, that sounds pretty good. thank you, scott. there's services that mitt come in handy on a rainy friday night like tonight bite ridesharings like uber and lyft could be in jeopardy in the city. looming deadline. >> discover about the hpv vaccine. why this could be as good as time as any to talk to your doctor. a bitter taste for a familiar face fox 29 viewer celebrity chef gordan ramsay says he just
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got banned from his children's school. the reason why may leave you wondering if there may be a little more to this story. ♪
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♪ on rainy friday night like tonight you may be itemed to take advantage of low cost ride sharing services. could they be going away? the state allowed certain uber and lyft drivers to operate legally before the democratic national convention.
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but that was only temporary. and the authorization is set to expire tonight. fox 29' is that so bean in a kuriakose explains what's next for the companies. >> probably three to four times week. >> five times a week. >> reporter: it certainly become the transportation of choice for friends sarah and herman uber x and lyft ride sharing apps getting from pointer a to point b is a tap away. >> on rainy friday night in philly uber x users are hard to miss. >> smart phone in happened and on the look for their ride. come midnight all that will be up in the air that's when temporary agreement struck in july allowing uber x and lyft to operate in the city expires. throwing riders and drivers like moses into uncertain territory. >> the city refuses to extend it a lot of riders will protest. >> i think they should definitely keep it and extend the agreement. >> uber says it will keep going despite the expiration date. philadelphia parking authority
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which have been known to impound uber x drivers hasn't said whether they'll enforce the ban. only that safety of riders will be their top concern. users are less ambiguous. >> it's cheaper than like parking my car in center city. >> i think it's pretty absurd. >> if the apps are still up i'll still take them. >> reporter: next month the state house is expected to consider legislation that could extend ride sharing into the city of philadelphia permanent permanently. in spring garden, is a bone in a kuriakose fox 29 news. nurses, elected officials and other health care professionals came together today. they want to make sure all hospitals have what they call safe staffing ratios. >> even in today's rain nurses from temple, einstein, hahnemann, saint christopher's and delaware county memorial came out to say they want to mack sure there are an appropriate amount of nurses at all hospitals. they unveiled a citywide petition to challenge what they're calling unsafe practic
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practices. >> we're out here today to unveil our petitions that were signed by over 3,000 members demanding that the hospitals with whom we are negotiating have safe staffing in the contract so we can do our jobs safely and that the patients are cared for safely. >> the group says that hire staffing results in better patient out comes and fewer deaths. ♪ in you decide 2016, candidates aren't wasting any time the days following the first debate. coming off her edge in the polls, following her performan performance, hillary clinton stumped in florida today. meantime donald trump recovering from a twitter controversy surrounding former miss universe alicia mew chad dough whose accused of of -- who accused the republican nominee of mistreat herring. trump was quick to try be change the conversation as he campaigned in michigan today. >> we can't led them take your car industry out or your industry out of your state any
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longer. not going to happen. >> i believe america is an exceptional nation. my opponent believes america is in decline. i've never heard such a dark and divisive, terrible image of our country coming from someone running to be president of the united states. >> a real clear politics poll average shows hillary clinton ahead of donald trump by three points nationally. well you see it you shoot it, our fresco users are helping us show what's happening in your neighborhoods. so chris, what's going on tonight? >> well, dawn, one fox 29 viewer shared this video with us from absecon this was taken earlier today as the rain finally stopped. lots of this out here tonight. flooding concerns in that city tonight as well as other parts of new jersey and delaware. you can see completel completely beach here strong winds in the video. officials in absecon had to close roads because of tidal
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flooding today and another look from atlantic county fresco user evan myers zen us this video from the bay from brigantine beach. definitely not a beach day out there. not calm at all. the rains cleared out the beaches and it doesn't look like anyone out on the water there either. and a little further south, folks couldn't escape the damp and drearier weather our fresco user in rehoboth beach, delaware, zen us this video. people running out of the whipping winds and rains to get somewhere dry. the shore now has a coastal flood advisory in effect. you see news happening be sure to take out your phone, shoot it and mack sure you use the fresco app to send it to our newsroom. dawn, back to you. >> all right, thank you, chris. rosetta has complete comples mission. european spacecraft landed on comet in? gentle belly flop and turn itself off. probe has spent the last 12 years flying through space sending back data and images. the craft finally got to the end of its life. distance from the sun was just
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too great to charge the solar panels that gave rosetta it's power. turning to your health tonight the vac keen against the human papilloma virus commonly known as hpv is even more effective than doctors first thought. researchers collected data on young women tested for cervical cancer between 2007 and 2014. they found that even eight years after getting the vaccine there was a smaller amount of abnormal cell growth which can lead to cancer. doctors say this is another reason to talk to your doctor about a vaccine for yourself or your child. the findings appear in the journal jana oncology. sean brace here now with a look what he'll be talking about in sports. sean. >> you know dawn i feel the need to lecture a little bit. that's right. coming up next, hear my take on the most under appreciated athlete in philadelphia sports history. can you hear me now? ryan howard coming up.
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that's right. time has come to say goodbye to the single most under appreciated athlete in our sports history. can you hear me now? i'm talking about ryan howard. that's right. he's suiting up for the phillies what will most likely his final weekend with the franchise. the same squad that drafted him all the way back in 2001. the reason why i say howard is unappreciated it's very simple. dating back to the year he won the mvp award in 2006 to be exact, all i ever heard and continue to hear is why ryan howard strikes out too much. i'm not here to tell you that you're wrong. i'm just here to tell you that can't be the first thing that comes out of your mouth when you talk about the big piece. folks, for six straight years, how war put up number the only player in comparison was babe ruth. i'm talking about six straight seasons of 30 plus homeruns and over a hundred rbi's. my goodness that's year after year. you do realize that without howard on that 2008 world series championship team no shot the phillies are the last team standing. you can't say that about any
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other player on that squad. howard hit 48 homeruns and knocked in 146 rabies. phillies are honoring ryan hoy ward with a pre-game celebration on sunday. i have to ask you are you going. >> i'm asking because i know over 28,000 of you attend the the return the chase utley in a dodgers uniform. so i ask you to do the right thing and send howard off with an even bigger ovation because after all on sunday there's no eagles game. dawn. >> no, they're not. all right, thank you sean. it is official lady gaga will headline the super bowl 51 half time show. the nfl and pepsi made the announcement the game will be played at nrg stadium in houston on february 5th and broadcast right here on fox 29. of course lady gaga no stranger to the big game she sang the national anthem at last year's super bowl. you know him as the tough talker from fox 29's hit likes hell's angel, master chef and master chef, jr. but according to us
11:26 pm
magazine gordon ramsay got taste of his own medicine. celebrity chef was just kick out of parents night at his kid's school. the reason, he apparently asked the head master for a selfie. ramsay says he was banned and told he's not welcomed back. i wonder if might be a little more to it than just that. have to wait and see. >> that will do it for us tonight at 11:00 o'clock. more entertainment and news straight ahead on fox 29 with tmz and dish nation and stay tuned for chasing news followed by the simpsons. we are back here 7am for "good day philadelphia" weekend. scott will have you covered all morning long with your weather and karen and bill will have all your news and fun tomorrow morning starting at 7:00. have great night and thanks for watching. stay dry. ♪
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: i cannot believe this, that john cena says he would do the kelly ripa show! >> i love to do that stuff. i don't mind wearing a suit. >> there's something captivating about john cena. >> he looks really dumb but he's smart and charming. harvey: why do you say he looks dumb? >> the smartest minds are usually not buff dudes. stephen hawkings, not a buff dude. >> kim kardashian has officially been injected into the presidential conversation. hillary clinton just tweeted -- trump insulted kim kardashian for her weight when she was pregnant, pathetic. >> she's making reference to the fact he says this a lot about women. >> in his defense, we all called her -- we called her burrito foot here. [laughter] >> we got l.a. reid. we ask him about the fifth harmony girl who was attacked. >> she's very hot. she's very famous. that's why. >> why her? she's the least famous one. harvey: can i ask you, how many girls are in fifth harmony? >> five! [laughter]


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