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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  October 3, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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send this is clowns, they are already here. so send in the cops. they are already here. the creepy clown scare hitting close to philadelphia, on line threats against schools have home land security now involved in this investigation. what police are doing to make sure our kids are safe. septa says it is ready to return to the regular schedule for regional rail line even without its regular number of trains. how the changes could affect your morning commute. plus, kim kardashian held at gunpoint and robbed of millions of dollars, maybe 11 million-dollar in jewelry in her hotel room in paris. who the gunman were dressed as when they stormed into her room. and... >> first base man ryan howard.
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>> cheering for the last time ryan howard's final game marked the end of a memorable here a for the phillies. hear hise oceanal pregame speech and his former teammates are saying. >> what was that movie, that won an academy award, howard's end. >> yes. >> and good day everybody it is october 32,016th. our alex holley, is in the caribbean. >> welcome back to you. >> thank you very much. >> we missed you. >> well, i missed you too. >> that means a lot, i believe you. >> good to be back, good to see you. >> so anyway, big weather story of the day is fog. >> that is as if monday you weren't in enough of the fog. >> but we will give you a seven out of ten today because we're expect something sunshine, cross your fingers by end of the day but can you see bus stop buddy. phillies hat for ryan howard. we have umbrella because there are some showers out there.
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rain coat as well, and fog is an issue this morning. half mile visibility in allentown. fog any wrightstown. pottstown, reading, lancaster 4 miles visibility at philly international. one and a half in wilmington. that will slow you down this morning. there is some showers moving through as well. so the current temperature is, in the lower 60's. seventy-five will be our high temperature to take. early clouds and like i say cross your fingers for that sunshine this afternoon. we will get back into the fabulous 70's bob kelly. forecast coming up. >> speaking of 75, happy birthday to chubby checker 75. chubby watches us. he is from our area. good morning everybody. 6:02. here's i-95 right here near airport. roads are wet we are dealing with the fog, that hi. sort of the same thing we have been dealing with since thursday. live look at 42 freeway, spray kicking up off the cars in front of you. here's a live look for gang in wilmington delaware, the roads are wet. top story, normal service back
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on septa's regional rail lines. here are highlights. forty of those cars are back in service. rail services, returns on the cynwyd line. the festival pier lot is closed to vehicle traffic. in more parking lot. they have taken that back. they will keep free parking at frankford transportation center until october 31st. dave's at the ardmore station and will have more in a couple of minutes. expect flight delays at philly international, because of the weather today. mike and lauren back over to you. lets get back to this creepy clown story, lauren. >> threats have of violence made begins school, on social media and now office of home land security is getting involved. >> investigators trying to track down who posted disturbing messages, steve keeley is at the round house, hi there, steve. >> reporter: well, reason this got federal authorities involved because it became a lot more then the way this started back in august in south carolina with people put something clown make up on their face and jumping out of
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bushes scarring kids. this has gotten serious because threats have been going from people screaming the at little kid out of bush toes threatening to kill them on line. >> i don't think it is very funny. anytime there is kid involved, that is when it is not funny, at least, you know, to that extent. >> at first i thought it was a joke. i didn't believe it. it was supposed to be a post somebody posted early in the the day and they had certain things on the street, on the ground saying they were actually around. i don't have children myself but if i did i would be terrified and scared if i had children. even people just being in october and halloween's coming up, it can be doing threats and stuff around that time. it is just scary. it is just scary. >> reporter: smart people were on their phones and computers over weekend on saturday they noticed people were posting threatening messages to kill teachers and parents and students at philadelphia schools on both monday when catholic schools are in session today and a on
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wednesday when public schools returned after the rash hashanah jewish holiday. so what happened was that these people contacted their school authorities, the schools immediately contacted philadelphia police who immediately went across the street here to home land security and got the feds involved because the feds have the power to trace these on line sources and hopefully find these little worms setting upstairs in their bedrooms with nothing better to do then nothing better on line. we will see how much fun they have when they have a five-year sentence they are facing. after an entire summer of, cramming in packed trains septa riders will hopefully experience less stress this morning. >> but for the first time in three months, weekday rail service is back to the normal schedule. dave kinchen is in ardmore with how this transition will go. >> how is it going at 6:05.
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>> this 6:08 is early as it makes its way. you can see the light but you cannot see train just yet the but making its way in the ardmore station. a lot of the folks we're talking with here in ardmore they like the idea of septa returning to the regional rail weekly schedule after a third have the fleet was off line for cracks on those cars. there is that train coming in you can see lights by the way. septa says beginning today the crowded trains and delays are expect to taper off new that progress has been made in repairs. you'll recall a few months ago septa pulled 120 silver liner five trains when crack where is found. today more than 50 repaired silver liners will be back in service, septa is leasing trains from amtrak and nj transit. they have many vehicles not back in place while return to normal is welcomed news we found reaction is milk. >> the fact that we can get back to regular interval f i
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don't get my kids by 6:00 we are paying a dollar a minute for every minute we are late so we have got the two kids. it adds up very quickly. over the summer, i mean i can't remember the last time i was on a train that was on time. >> i'm so happy. very happy. >> you have to leave earlier because trains are much more crowded and standing room only so you're definitely leaving earlier. so i'm very appreciative that as of monday we will get back to having a seat. >> reporter: lets come back out here live we want to show you train that came through. conductor said we're back, as far as it pulling in. this train is on time and heading to center city. trains going in to center city and coming back from center city will still have slight adjustments because this is a matter of logistics because mike and lauren they are still trying to get those trains back in service, silver liners back in place but for now looks good, now you back to you. >> so far so good.
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there they go. good day at work. we will keep track of that all morning. 6:08. scary moments for kim kardashian overnight while were you sleeping the reality tv star ran into some gunman in her paris hotel room. >> spokesperson says two armed men dressed as police officers confronted her inside of her hotel room. she was tied up, robbed of ten million-dollar worth of jewelry. >> what is this. >> according to that spokesperson actress was badly shaken up but physically unharmed. her kids are not there with her at the time. kardashian west with her mom and two sisters were there for a paris fashion week. her husband kanye had a show, left fans confused when he abruptly ended it when he found out about the situation, watch. >> i'm sorry, family emergency i have to talk to y'all. >> didn't he just give his wife a second wedding ring, 15
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carat or something. that was one of the pieces of jewelry. >> i'm pretty sure. >> fifteen million-dollar, in a hotel room. >> so fans there didn't believe it at first. he is supposed to be here in philadelphia tomorrow night to perform at the wells fargo center no word if he will cans that he will show to head to paris to meet with his wife. >> one of our friend of the show, jeff, is promoter on have that concert so maybe we can get him on the phone. i know he was at this event last night. we will see if he will perform in south fail. a setback in the investigation in hoboken, new jersey. why investigators say the recorder from the train is useless. it wasn't working. >> it doesn't even work. in the road to the white house hillary clinton and donald trump on the defense what we have learned about trump taxes and hillary's comments about bernie sanders supporters.
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i survived breast cancer. if the doctors hadn't caught it early i might not be sitting here. so i'm outraged that pat toomey voted to defund planned parenthood... which thousands of pennsylvania women depend on for cancer screenings. pat toomey was even willing to shut down the federal government to eliminate funding for planned parenthood.
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shut down the government over planned parenthood? i think we ought to shut down pat toomey. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. ryan howard, suited up for, undoubted his final time as a philly. one of the season's biggest crowd came out to south philadelphia about 40,000 people to honor ryan. there was no mistaken the love of one of the most popular phillies ever as a video tribute played before the game an emotional ryan talked to fans as they got a chance to say good bye to number six. >> i want to thank you because i have grown with all of you.
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>> applause. >> my family has grown all of you. >> his wife was there, his son was there, i don't know if his little girl was there or not. probably. very normally a quiet guy ryan howard is technically a philly for next year but team will likely buy him out of the last year of that contract, giving him ten million-dollar to say. >> bye-bye. >> bye-bye. >> wow. >> do you have your favorite ryan howard memory. >> yes, over the years, it was 2009, he hit two home runs in one game against the yankees. that is in my top five. >> impressive. >> what is your top three, top whatever, ryan howard moment. share them with us, what #should we use. >> fox 29 good day so we can see what people are saying.
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>> would i love it. caribbean island feeling impact of hurricane matthew, even before it makes land fall. this thing is huge. could be one of the worst storms for jamaica since the 60's. >> is it heading towards u.s. >> looks like. >> sues will have more coming up. man, the sixers cannot catch a break? ben simmons, our number one pick broke his foot? how long will he be out? we just got word.
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our alex holley down at the caribbean taking a few days off, i think this hurricane is coming close to her. hurricane matthew. >> we are keeping an eye on it, one of the most powerful storms in a decade, right now it is a category four churning slowly across the caribbean. in jamaica there is dangerous flooding, high wind, it will reach cuba tomorrow. evacuation plans are in place, non-essential personnel have been evacuated from the u.s. naval station at guantanamo. >> aim sure sue serio is talking spaghetti models and a possibility it will affect us later this week. >> we have cone of uncertainty to show you. there it is, hurricane matthew, 130 miles an hour
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wind. that makes it a category four storm. it is located 230 miles of kings ton jamaica and this enhanced satellite show the defined eye of this powerful storm. there is gentleman make, there is haiti, there is dominican republic. bearing down on them first. then only weakens to a category three as it goes through bohamas. still pretty powerful. as a category two it gets closer to the east companies of the united states but you see how big this cone of uncertainty is. we will have to start watching it closely by the time we get to the weekend. so fog is our issue right now, in fact, this is a look at what a category four hurricane does with sustain wind of 131-155 miles an hour, catastrophic damage for place that is get a direct hit from wind, rain, mud slides. it doesn't look good. 75 degrees is our high temperature. provided we will get sunshine. we will start off cloudy and
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it will look like it did all weekend with the rain, drizzle and cloud cover at least in the morning but we will get close to 70 tomorrow and looks good on wednesday and thursday. we will start keeping an eye on matthew. bob kelly, what are you seeing or more importantly what are you not seeing. >> i don't know what i'm looking at. 6:18. a live look every now and then we can make out a headlight, of i-95 here, an example of how thick the fog is along i-95 this delco downtown we will go, we will see the brake lights. live look of folks trying to exit for 30th street station. we will go down to wilmington where we have some fog. hit and miss depending upon where we begin and end your trip. we will have lighter than normal will volume as jewish friends celebrate the holiday, schools are off, we have one accident there along 55 northbound right here near 322, normal service patterns returning today and to septa's
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regional rails. key is a whole new schedule. whatever schedule you have been following, throw it out, brand new one went into effect yesterday and almost similar to had we have had back in june. here are highlights. there is only 40 of the silver liner cars back in service, septa using those 40 and the leased vehicles to put together a game plan that is very similar to what we had back in june. rail service back on the cynwyd line. festival pier parking lot is closed, not able to park there because of the new change but they will allow that free parking at frankford transportation center, until the end of the month, mike and lauren over to you. trump campaign is threatening legal action after new york times release aid report that says, oh, boy talk about his taxes. declared a lost, donald trump declared a loss way back in 1995, that he lost close to a billion dollars, right. so new york times went onto
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say, trump could have used that loss to avoid paying taxes for 18 years which is legal. his opponent says it shows billion air only thinks of himself but supporters are praising trump's business accu men. >> what it shows is what an absolute mess the federal tax code is and that is why don't old trump is person best position todd fix it. there is no one who has shown more genius in the way to maneuver around the tax code as he rightfully used the laws. >> billion airs, his tax land benefits donald trump. that should be no surprise to anyone since that is how he sees the world. >> well, trump campaign says the returns used in the times article were illegally obtained. his team insist trump has paid hundreds of millions of dollars in taxes, on the federal, state, and local level over those 18 years.
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>> on the other side hillary clinton is now dealing with the new controversy, since they have released an audio tape released from a february fundraiser heard describing bernie sanders supporters as quote living in their parent's basements and trapped in deadened careers. sanders responded on sunday saying there are still huge differenceness their two campaigns but clinton isn't wrong in what she says. >> what she was saying there is absolutely correct and that is we have millions of young people many of whom took out loans in order to go to college, hoping to get decent paying good jobs and you no he what they are unable to do that. >> donald trump responded to the back and forth says crook h is nasty to sanders supporters behind closed doors, owned by wall street and politicians, hrc is not with you. >> interesting bernie sanders defending, i thought creatively hillary clinton, bernie sanders on saturday night, i saw in an interview saying he is a creative guy.
6:22 am
we should not forget that, right, mr. sanders. >> maybe because people like jill stein calling in the middle of the night asking you for advice, that woman drives me nuts. somebody who cares about the environment she sure doesn't mind asking people to throw their votes away, um, um, um, pretty clever, you didn't know i was so clever, um. >> of course, that is larry david playing a great bernie sanders on saturday night live. >> he is great. great moment lasso owe well, saturday night. a final farewell to a phillies legend. hear from ryan howard after what is expect to be his final game as a member of the phillies.
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good morning i'm sean bell. it is like deja vu all over again for sixers. they have to deal with another number one draft pick getting hurt, in the the first practice back in philly, the coach talked about his reaction help he found out ben simmons broke his foot. >> i think when we first hear the news, we have all been hit
6:26 am
in the stomach and you know, you lose your wind and then after a while you get it back and then move on. >> it was a end have of an era ryan howard last game for phillies, the big man with so much to the city and fans showed love, yesterday after the game he talked about that emotional day. >> it has been a roller coaster, i will in the lie. it was crazy. i didn't know what to expect just getting out there seeing the people, you know, seeing different videos and just everything kind of all just came in and hit me all at ones. >> that is sports in a minute i'm sean bell. all right. 6:26. let's toss things out to steve keeley covering our top story. >> as if philadelphia police commissioner has nothing to worry about, now we are waiting to get his reaction about this threatening clown situation threatening to kill
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when i was one year old, i was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer on my spinal chord. but i spent my whole life fighting back. so you can imagine what i thought when i saw donald trump say... "i don't know what i said, ah, i don't remember!"
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"that reporter he is talking about suffers from a chronic condition that impairs movement of his arms." i don't want a president who makes fun of me. i want a president who inspires me, and that's not donald trump. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. frightening clowns, threatening students at on line. philadelphia school district working with home land security and police to find out who posted this. what they are doing to make sure your kid are safe at school. catholic schools too. tied up and robbed at gunpoint kim kardashian has a scary ordeal in her paris hotel room. latest on what we know about
6:30 am
her attackers. coming up. first base man ryan howard. >> ryan howard's final game marks an end of the era in philadelphia, hear his emotional speech and what his former teammates are saying. >> i want that as my new moniker, call me the big piece. >> big piece. >> you big piece of... >> no. >> that is right. so he was big piece of the process, you know, of the winning process. >> true. >> going to the world series in 2008 and 2009. >> his entire career in the philly jersey. >> where will he end up next year. some team will pick him up. it is october 3rd. here's a big piece with the weather. >> charlie manual gave him that name. >> is that right.
6:31 am
>> yes, big piece of the action. >> that is right. >> a bit foggy so allow a foot extra minutes. don't be rushing because fog could slow you down. reading and allentown in particular. very foggy there. 4-mile visibility at airport. less in wilmington. really socked in atlantic city think morning. bus stop buddy you can see through haze and fog. temperatures in the 50's and 60's. have the rain gear because we have some showers around this morning and we have a chance of some more later this afternoon. mostly showers in south jersey right now. we have reduced visibility 63 degrees in philadelphia. sunrise isn't official until 7:00 o'clock this morning. we will get to 75 degrees if we get that sunshine today. it will probably happen in the afternoon. northwesterly breeze as well. that is your forecast for your monday, we're all in a fog this morning, bob kelly, literally. >> yes, let me see if the fog horn is working i have this new thing on my clicker,
6:32 am
ready, set, go. >> nice. >> we have new batteries in that over weekend. here's an example of the fog here on i-95 in delaware county. it is thick in some spots, it brightens up here at the schuylkill expressway coming this and out of the city. we are looking busy. 295 everything is foggy, everything is wet. another bad hair day. sort of the same deal we have been dealing with since thursday, north on 55, an accident in glassboro right at route 322, our top story, also top traffic story normal service patterns returning to septa here's nitty-gritty only 40 of the new -- 40 of the 120 cars back in service, septa's able to take those 40 plus those leased vehicles, put it all together shake it up like a snow globe and have a similar schedule that we had back in june. rail service is back on the cynwyd line so that is a plus.
6:33 am
festival pier parking lot is closed, so that is no longer an option but there will be tree park ago loud at that frankford transportation center until end of the month. dave will have more in ardmore in a couple minutes. >> we will take to you ardmore in a matter of minutes. we have to talk about clowns. >> yes, scary clowns and threats of the violence begins local students and teachers. >> how about this home land security now involved. philadelphia police involved. who is behind these posts, steve trying to figure out over at the round house, hi steve. >> reporter: so many people shot up so many schools since columbine that is why you have federal authorities taking this seriously or treating this seriously despite how stupid it looks. it is likely copycats, little weasel worms were not enough to keep them occupied but real good positive part of all this and that is the public response over the weekend, before the school leaders abe law enforcement even found out about it because there was plenty of public tips alerting authorities to what was being posted on line.
6:34 am
threats to kill kid and teachers, at philadelphia schools. brendan lee is philadelphia school district's executive director of school safety. he was out in front of this and on top of it all weekend thanks to people out there who let him know about it. >> we're receiving tips from several on line social media sites from people that contacted us and that prompted us to go into action and meet with philadelphia police and call them, contact them and then we will start collaborating on strategies that we will do. >> is it typical on line posting on threats of, you know, injuries to students, threats to build goes, threats to students in general. >> mr. lee has a couple more case to prepare, for his students coming back not until wednesday as philadelphia public schools are off for two more days, celebrating the rosh hashanah jewish holy days but philadelphia catholic schools are in session within
6:35 am
the hour and that is likely why police commissioner ross's car already here in the dark, already on duty, already on the job and likely already dealing with this and don't be surprised if you see commissioner in the school yard himself to make people feel safe, secure and know that police are on top of this. mike and lauren. >> weird, weird story. philadelphia public schools are not in session today, right. >> that is right, today and tomorrow. >> but catholic schools are certainly in obsession we will go over there in a little bit. septa passengers can breathe a sigh of relief today's morning commute should be back to normal. >> what is normal is this it comes after months of crowded train delays and modified schedules, we have been covering week after week here on good day. >> dave kinchen in ardmore, hi there, dave. >> reporter: new normal like the old normal. let me step out of the way at the ardmore station. we will see these people waiting for their trains to come into center city. one we saw was about two minutes early.
6:36 am
everything is looking g regional rail returning to the regular weekday schedule after a third of the fleet was off line due to cracks found in the cars we have been telling but all summer. septa says beginning today crowded trains and delays are expect to taper off now that progress has been made in the least pairs. you may recall a few months ago septa pulled 120 of the silver liner five trains with cracks found. today more than 50 repairs have been made to the silver liners and so 50 of them or a little bit more are back this service. septa is leasing trains from amtrak and new jersey transit, monk others still to make up that difference because there is still some being repaired while the return to a normal schedule is welcomed news we have found many of mixed reaction. >> i hope it works because i'm really tired of having my wife drive me in the morning. she has her own work. so back to normal that is a
6:37 am
plus forsch. >> i'm not too enthusiastic but if they can do it, that is great but if not, it will be just be par for the course. >> many of the passengers are suffering from the delays which sometimes has been about one hour or so. so i hope that everything goes back to the normal schedule and less delays. >> optimistic many others are optimistic. throw out your old schedule, use the new schedule which is a lot like the schedule in june. before a third of the regional rail was pulled and by the way this is still a fluid situation so septa may have adjustments they have to make trains going into center city and going back from center city as well. mike and lauren. >> let's a knot forget about our new jersey viewers, new jersey transit lines are still operating on a modified schedule. >> this is after last week deadly train crash in hoboken
6:38 am
station. the investigators working to figure out why it happened. ntsb says one of the train's event recorders was not even working on the day of the crash. that recorder would have had information on the train's speed when it crashed into that train station. another one was in the front of the the train but they have not been able to recover it just yet because it is buried underneath the ruble. meanwhile the ntsb says that the train's engineer had no recollection of the crash itself, but he does remember certain details from right before the incident. >> he said he looked at his watch and noticed his train was about six minutes late arriving at hoboken. he said that when he check the speedometer he was operating at 10 miles an hour when entering the station track. engineer says he has no memory of the accident. >> does that sound familiar? isn't that what the amtrak train person said too. >> no memory. >> ntsb says cars were much more crowded and usual on the
6:39 am
day of the crash which ace macing only one person died in the attack. >> when you looked at the ruble i'm shock. person who died would the man wasn't on the train. >> on the platform. >> when it came barreling in the hoboken station. >> scary moment for kim kardashian overnight while were you sleeping the reality tv star was held up at gunpoint, tied up in her paris hotel room. >> her spokesmen says one armed men dressed as police officers confronted her in that room. she was tied up and robbed of ten million-dollar worth of jewelry. actress badly shaken up physically unharmed, her kids they do not believe were with her at the time. she was with her mom and two others when they were there for paris fashion week. her husband, had a show last night in new york and abruptly ended it when he found out about the situation. >> i got to stop this show right now with a family emergency and walk off. will it affect his concert tomorrow night in philadelphia will he go paris? will he stay in the states and perform in south philadelphia tomorrow night.
6:40 am
we will try to call, we have a call into the promoter of the concert right now. lindsey lohan, she had her middle finger up in the air yesterday. >> yes. >> showing everybody. >> no, not that way. >> lindsey lohan terrifying tail as she is also overseas. she has apparently lost the tip of her middle finger during. >> just the tip. >> just the tip. >> during a boating accident. >> but doctors have been able to reattach it. >> yes. >> you see her middle finger all bandaged up. she was kind of laughing about it. this happened off the coast of turkey. she tried pulling up boat's anchor but became entangled in the line. wrapped around that middle finger. friend found the fink are tip on deck. >> she's lucky. >> yes. she says she's fine. she was joking about it, posting about it last night. >> yes, could have pulled the finger all the way off.
6:41 am
>> so police in chester investigating after multiple people, happened around 8:00 last night. and barclay street. >> we are working to find out how many people were stabbed but we do know those injuries are not have threatening. ryan howard takes the field for final time as a philly hear how some of his former team mates talking about the big piece and you'll recognize the name chase utley weighed in. >> and snl returns just in time for the presidential debate.
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and i would suggest that we have penalties for doctors who perform them." pat toomey: does he really speak for you? senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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ryan howard suited up as a final time for the philly yesterday. he was the last group of that core of players that the said good bye to philadelphia, remember big run we had that group is responsible for one of the greatest era in philadelphia sports history. some of the ryan's former teammates took time to share their thoughts on what the big piece meant to the city and to the phillies. >> chase utley. >> he released a statement saying ryan on countless occasions put us on his back and carried us to the finish line. he was such an important part of the success and i hope philadelphia recognize that is. >> jimmy rollins release add statement saying ryan never stopped working to better himself and his craft, whether it was getting to the field early for extra defensive work
6:45 am
or finding that sweet home run stroke. although he hit a lot of them, he was more than just a power hitter, he was a great teammate. >> and shane victorino tweet had you will go down as one of the best phillies, ever, glad i was able to enjoy, bro, #last one standing. zero eight world series champs. >> seems so long ago. >> i know. >> we have to do it again. >> eight years ago. >> wow. >> eight years ago on halloween, crystal beautiful clear day phillies parade down broad street. >> memories. >> what was the next line. >> memories. >> memories of the way we
6:46 am
were. >> by the way, bob lets talk about our favorite ryan howard moments. so we will just use the #fox 29 good day. >> maybe it was parade from back in 08. i remember being at 19th and market covering the parade. i did a lot of, as i'm sure did you as well, a lot of charity fundraisers with ryan. super nice guy. >> we used to bowl together. >> that bowling event every year. we wish him best of luck. it is 6:46 here on a monday morning, eastbound on the schuylkill an accident right in the tunnels, under 30th street station. it involves this tractor trailer there southbound i-95, some fog starting to lift as we head south from academy to cottman. nasty accident, north bound lanes of 55 right at 322 for the morning, use route 47, and using a live look at route 47 which will take the brunt of the new jersey transit buses making the turn there. so fog hit and miss and even some fog for folks that use
6:47 am
regional rails but good news normal service beginning to return. the here's highlights, 40 of the 120 cars are back in service. they are taking those 40, plus the leased vehicles and we have put together a schedule that almost looks like the one back in june before this all happened. rail service back on the cynwyd line so we don't to have ride buses there anymore. folks using that festival pier lot are gone. they are no longer offering parking there however, until things get adjusted they are going to continue with the freeze parking at the frankford transportation center, through the end of the month and with the fog and the mist and the haze and all that, expect delays this morning down at philly international, you will want to check with the airline and for how long this fog will hang in there around here we will check with sue serio coming in 15 seconds.
6:48 am
six credit 48. still drizzly and drippy we have a low pressure system spinning off to the northwest but things will change today, this weather pattern we have had for days and days in a row. clouds are starting to clear we are seeing the rain dissipate into southern new jersey and little bit into southern delaware. we have had heavy downpours earlier in cumberland county but a lot of that has dried up. so we're really not seeing too much as far as precipitation but we may not be finished by end of the day. clouds clearing by 10:00 o'clock in many places, not every where but as we look throughout the rest of the afternoon a few spots of green around. so you could get a pop up shower as this system departs today. that will be a good thing. not so goodies the fog to the north of us, reading, allentown, pottstown, trenton,
6:49 am
all kind of socked in along with wrightstown and atlantic city, only 4 miles visibility at philly international. maybe a sweater or jacket this morning 63 degrees in philadelphia. sixty-three in wildwood. if you with enough sunshine we will get to a high of 75 degrees today as we continue to celebrate, the new year rash hash shan a69 degrees tomorrow and then in the 70's through end of the week and mike and lauren by friday and saturday that is when we have to start watching for hurricane matthew if it has any impact on our area, too early to tell. >> you'll know better tomorrow so i will come in tomorrow and listen to you. returning snl showed comedy i had side of the last years presidential debate. >> i went out of my way to stay up for saturday night live at 11:35. alex called win was introduced as donald trump, make up under his eyes is fantastic.
6:50 am
he went up against kate mckenon as hillary clinton this is how it went. >> i mean this man, is clearly, unfit to be commander in chief. >> bull. >> he is a bully shut up. >> he started birther movement. >> you did. >> he said climate change is a hoax invented by china it is pronounced china. >> he hasn't released his tax returns which means he is either not that rich. >> wrong. >> not that charitable. >> wrong. >> or never paid tax necessary his life. >> warmer. in virginia, vice-presidential nominee tim kaine mike pence will face off in their debate. this is in virginia. is that home field advantage for tim kaine? >> yes. >> a little bit. this is shocking the country's opioid addiction, in other word, people are using heroin. >> yeah. >> in their teenage years, middle school, how to protect
6:51 am
your children, the new documentary, that is based in philadelphia. about this crisis. the man who produced it is in our studio soon. katie v/o: she works hard.
6:52 am
she stays late. but she gets paid 21% less than her male coworkers. pat toomey has voted time after time against equal pay for women, against pay that helps hard working families get ahead. katie o/c: for my daughters and yours, i'll fight for equal pay for women. families need it; you've earned it. katie v/o: i'm katie mcginty, and i approve this message because it's your turn to get ahead. ♪ ♪ ♪ can you say i love it? ♪ oh love it? ♪ can you say hey? ♪ hey! ♪ that's the spirit! oooooh.♪ ♪ ooh ooh ♪ wooh ooh ♪ wooh ooh ♪ sing sing, baby baby i love you. oh yes.♪ ♪ ooooh oooh. ♪ every little thing.
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6:54 am
hi sue do you have your microphone on. >> i do. >> what in the the heck is going on at 6:53 in the poconos. what are they doing up there. >> what are these round things, first of all, putting greens. >> they are putting greens. >> why are they only on one and what are they doing. >> it is a ceremony, maybe welcoming the day. >> tie che. >> 7:00 o'clock is sunrise time and would i say they are greeting the dawn. >> meet me. >> it is a class of some sort. >> tie che. >> really. >> yeah. >> welcome. >> yes, they do. >> do not the leave the circle. >> 6:54. >> crowds had a good time during the buddy walk at villanova yesterday. >> i know this raises money to support patient was down syndrome. jen fred was at this event.
6:55 am
you know, one, ten year-old boy, stole the show though, when he took to the stage. the audience went wild when anthony showed off his, whip and nana move. >> oh, okay. >> ♪ >> look at him go. >> look at anthony go. >> this has raised more than two and a half million-dollar in the last 14 years. >> awesome and amazing. >> i feel like whipping and nana later today. >> i have my energy back. >> on a scale of one to ten your energy at 6:55 your energy is where. >> four. >> we need that at ten. >> i will be there. >> 6:55 now. we have a big show planned for the 7c o'clock and our number one story of the day is weird one the scary clowns, here's
6:56 am
steve. >> reporter: when threats came to philadelphia schools over the weekend the story went national. i'm looking at national reports and saying school advertise trick in st. louis posting added police presence there this morning too because of on line threats from these clowns. septa is returning to normal schedule today after a month of headaches but will it be better for commuters. we will tell what you to expect when you hit the rails this morning. i can't believe we're doing this. gus, you're not scared are you? you're the second most famous groundhog in pennsylvania. i don't like thunder! (bashfully) this is getting creepy! (sfx: loud thunder clap) grrrr, did you say creepy? creepy cash?
6:57 am
the new instant game from the pennsylvania lottery. yeah, with top prizes of 50 grand. that's a monster of a prize. keep on scratchin'
6:58 am
6:59 am
clowns and cops i'm talking frightening clowns threatening students at local schools on line. >> anytime there is kids involved, that is when its not funny. >> philadelphia school district now working with home land security and the police to find out hoist responsible for these posts, and what they are doing to make sure your kids are safe today. and kim kardashian held up at gunpoint, robbed of millions, possibly, who authorities say her attackers pretended to be as they barged into her paris hotel room. plus how her husband kanye west who is supposed to be at a concert in philadelphia tomorrow night, reacted. when he found out what happened to his wife. after three months of headaches and delays, septa says its regional rail lines are operating on a normal schedule today. oh, but is there a catch.
7:00 am
why your commute could still be impacted this morning. and a final big farewell to the big piece. >> first base man ryan howard. >> yes, good bye to a living legend here in philadelphia, ryan howard wears a phillies uniform undoubted for the last time hacking the end of one of the greatest eras of phillies baseball. his emotional thank you to the fans and plus legacy he leaves behind. >> that is right. >> so what is your favorite ryan howard moment. you are exploding on twitter with all of the different home runs you have watched him hit, people are mentioning strike outs too. stop it. it is a celebration moment. >> a tribute. >> so, alex is off, lauren is here, good to see you. >> welcome back to you. >> i'm bac


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