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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  October 4, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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police in atlantic county up all night investigating gunshots from ventnor, new jersey. lateness a live report with steve keeley. for weeks people across the country have been talking about creepy, clown posts, now young people in our area are under arrest, accused of making cyber threats. the latest school district on high alert. hillary clinton is setting her sights on pennsylvania, once again, and the focus of her campaign now and a list celebrities, joining her today. all of that, as country prepares for the first and only vice-presidential showdown, between mike pence and tim kaine it is tuesday, october 4th, 2016. we did an experiment, trying
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to name vice-presidential or former vice-presidents, and it got tough. >> yes, it did. >> once it gets nine or ten back we're like oh, who was this vice-president. anyway, so you can play that game, perhaps if you'd like. as you are watching the weather. and, digesting the fact that we have a seven out of ten this morning. we have a lot of fog yesterday, we only have a little bit today. reduced visibility in reading, and philadelphia international looks good. maybe down in south jersey we will run into some light fog and showers heading north, just out of new york city and northern new jersey there, but other than that, it is not a bad morning. little cooler then it was yesterday. 59 degrees in philadelphia still a lot of moisture in the air with 90 percent relative humidity. sunrise official at 7:01. we will get to a high close to 07 degrees depending on the cloud cover and we think we will have a lot with peaks of sunshine here and there. that is your tuesday forecast.
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we just got an update on matthew. >> i see your machine going off over there. >> 5:02. good morning, here's that fog, live look at the 42 freeway coming from south jersey as you work your way in to that bellmawr, construction zone, but crystal clear, as the benny, live look from camden toll plaza we can see tops of the sky scrapers coming into downtown today and they are finishing up this paving operation on broad street at spring garden, downtown. now the roosevelt boulevard inner drive block between strahl and rhawn street, again, construction up there in northeast philadelphia, big event in town today, hillary clinton campaign event taking over haverford the community center. doors opened up at ten, events start at noon. it is right off of route three and 476. so expect the heavy police presence. secret service, whole 9 yards impacting our late morning and early afternoon, with that event, otherwise, mass transit is looking good with no delays, lauren, back over to
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you. one person died in a atlantic county. squad card swarmed a home ventnor. steve keeley is live at the scene. hi there, steve. >> reporter: eleven hours and counting right now initial call coming in around dinner time 6:30, still daylight out and initial police showing up, to a round of gunfire, back being off, calling in, extra help from all of the local departments here at the shore, ventnor sits between margate and atlantic city and this section of ventnor as we look through this corner house where you can see at least one big bullet blast through an upstairs window, they have a swat team from the atlantic county prosecutor's office as well here and that is why the state attorney general's office has been called in for this all night, continuing non-stop so far investigation because local police cannot investigate the local police. they will get an outside investigative team in here. look at the video we shot last
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night, so many dozens of officers here both in swat gear, regular uniforms, on patrol, normally a quiet time, things settled down in october, here at the shore outside of any bad weather, but what a crazy, early, fall it has been here at the shore with a couple of big shoot-outs for local police departments surrounding the atlantic city area. this is latest. neighbors could not believe what they were seeing and hearing right around dinner time. >> i was watching, tv laying in the living room. then i heard a couple gunshots. i came out. i heard all of the cops started to pour in, locked everything off and i was hanging outside for a half an hour. we heard another five gunshots. right after the five gunshots, they just went off. it was maybe 12 to 15 shots in a row. >> reporter: state attorney general's office confirms to us that a ventnor man was shot and killed during the shoot-out and what we have learned is that a man living in the house with his parents, they got out okay, the man we
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saw in our sky fox video shot and killed right outside the front door of this house here. what was going on? we don't know. how many shots were fired? we don't know. and i'm sure the investigators still don't have an exact figure on that and that is why they have construction lights out here, lauren, so they can keep investigating through the darkness and probably will not be close to being done once sun comes up and that means we will not get any firm answers, for a while just yet on this story. lauren. >> all right, thanks so much, steve. police issue a new alert as another scary clown threat targets area students and teachers, this time burlington township says that its school district is mentioned in the latest disturbing post on social media. officials are taking the threat seriously adding extra officers on campuses, this comes as police say three teenagers are behind separate scary clown threats, recently posted on line, all of the menacing messages are supposed
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to be a prank. investigators say two of those students are at washington township schools where fox 29's dave kinchen is standing by live, hi there, dave. >> reporter: parents, had some conversation was their kids before they go to school today, here in washington township, and these two students who are in trouble, well, they are in really big trouble facing, cyber harassment charges over these scary clown threats. the september of washington township schools said in a statement in part we were quote saddened to learn that two of our children were charged with making cyber threats similar to the clowning incident that has been reported in other areas of the country, district recognizes seriousness of these threats and has no tolerance for any proposed acts of violence or personal injury. washington township police say they have traced two separate threats back to the 14 year-old boy and 13 year-old girl facing those charges, police are not identifying those teens but they will only say that they will go to a
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washington township public school for weeks, this nation has been talking about these creepy clowns and several social media posts have come up including many across the delaware valley showing clowns making threats begins schools or other public buildings. philadelphia police say they have a person of interest in local threats. >> at this point in time we have been able to identify a 13 year-old involved, she along with a friend of hers, decide that had this was a prank, something fun to do, and at some point in time these two classmates decided it was something to post on instagram threatening a couple of our local schools and again, it is certainly something that is not a laughing matter. >> reporter: investigators have also not released much information due to this 13 year-old girl's age in philadelphia, but case has moved to the philadelphia d.a.'s office. we should point out in philadelphia, in that case home land security has been investigating. so we have federal partners working with local, law enforcement in these matters
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as well, lauren. >> thanks very much, dave. hillary clinton scheduled to speak at haverford community rec center, today, her plan is to speak with families in delaware county. joining her will be her daughter chelsea and elizabeth banks who is a penn graduate. yesterday clinton returned to ohio, another big battle will ground state, after receiving the endorsement of the nba superstar lebron james. despite big name endorsement she's still dealing with the fall out of leaked audio where she appears to be talking bad about young bernie sanders supporters during a primary. she can be heard explaining to her donors that she didn't want to throw a wet blanket on their idealism. clinton is doing everything she can to keep donald trump's tax issues in the media trump seems to make no apology for using the tax
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laws to his advantage, as a businessman. >> trump was taking from america with both hand and leaving the rest of us, with the bill. >> it is my job to minimize the overall tax burden to the greatest extent possible which allows me to reinvest in neighborhoods, in workers, in building amazing properties, which fuel tremendous growth in their communities. >> the trump campaign working hard to escape controversy surrounding the unauthorized release of his partial tax return from 1995. however, candidate ran into a social media fire storm when asked how as president, he would address the issue of ptsd. >> when people come back from war and combat and they see things that maybe a lot of the folks in this room have seen many times over and you are strong and you can handle it the but a lot of people cannot handle it. >> trump was criticized for appearing to suggest strong people don't suffer ptsd. turning to the showdown
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between mike pence and tim kaine experts believe more people will tune in for this then last week's presidential debate, 84 million people watched that event. tonight's debate will be live from long wood, university about an hour west of richmond, virginia. the next trump/clinton debate is sunday october 9th in st. louis. you can watch the nominees for vp face off tonight at 9:00 p.m. right here on fox 29 followed by full wrap up and news, weather and sports on fox 29 news. kanye west postponing his san pablo tour here in philadelphia after his wife was tied up and robbed in paris, when the rapper says he plans to head back to our area. and more details on a outrageous crime, generate ago lot of anger, was this woman did just moments after a driver hit and killed her boyfriend, in gloucester county.
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still as powerful as it was with 145-mile an hour wind, bearing down on haiti land fall will be this morning. because it is only 35 miles away, from the the coast of haiti, and moving north at 9 miles an hour. it is not moving very quickly. that is not a good thing because besides these powerful wind it is the rain with this storm. this is an enhanced satellite picture. you can see eye of the storm there, the rain is spreading through haiti and part of the dominican republic as well,
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next it is aiming for eastern cuba, so this is latest projected path that takes it to bohamas, and then, just next to the east coast of florida, and keeping category three strength as it does. it doesn't really weaken that much, then, of course, we have to worry by week end where it will go after that and it looks like that eventual right turn, eastward turn would be after the carolinas but with that cone of uncertainty here it could go inland, little further out to sea. we have to wait and see for that one. we have showers to the north of us around asbury park in new jersey but looking at future cast and sees maybe chance of the stray shower. there is a low pressure system to the north of us bringing easterly wind which is why we're expecting cloud cover today, but, that will keep us a little bit cooler then yesterday. so, 70 degrees, with mostly cloudy skies, maybe a stray shower if you get one it won't be a big deal.
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then beautiful weather for wednesday, thursday, and friday. temperatures in the 70's, plenty of sunshine. but it may in the last through the weekend depending on what matthew decide to do, bob kelly. >> still got to get to work. look at this knuckle head, yesterday on the roosevelt boulevard right here near henry avenue. remember big wheels growing up, okay. >> on the the highway. >> yeah, exactly. >> it is a homemade big wheel, a big bike wheel as your big wheel and he has two plastic tires on the side. he is on the roosevelt boulevard center lane near henry avenue. we are not playing sound because drivers were not too happy with him driving on the boulevard so we are going to keep sound volume down for that but, excitement yesterday out there, only in philadelphia, um. good morning, everybody. it is 5:15. live look on the new jersey side of the delaware memorial bridge. we are dealing with patchy fog, mainly on the 42 freeway,
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route 55, so just be ready for that. not as widespread as we head this time yesterday. good morning to the schuylkill looking good coming into downtown, no problems or delays at all, looking good at bennie working your way in to philadelphia this morning. we had a hit and run accident involving a tractor trailer and pickup truck all happening south on the northeast extension, just south, of the lehigh valley, allentown interchange, so if you are heading out the front door be ready for a delay there. septa regional rails, we heard from a few folks, they saw a difference, increase trains, we are getting back to the normal services pattern. we want to have that new schedule in play. they have basically took those 40 silver liners that had been repaired, out and added them to the rental trains we have and it puts us back to basically where we were back in june. things will get better day by daze from here. free parking still out here at frankford transportation center and we have a big event today hillary clinton coming to town, haverford community center which is just off of
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route three and the blue route, so right here where we will see that bottleneck of traffic, already we will see police presence, obviously secret service and motorcade madness, later on around that lunchtime hour coming for peanut butter and jelly, back over to you. family and friend will say final good byes to the husband, beloved son brother and father. police say khiry felder was gunned down outside a corner market at 18th and dickinson 8:30 saturday night in south philadelphia. the killer has not yet been caught and that community is desperate for answers. >> it shouldn't be so much hate in the world that they can just go around killing people, actually kill somebody like that, you cannot take that back. it is not i'm sorry. >> everybody will go about their business until the next one is hurt. it needs to change. it is up to us. >> there are surveillance cameras near the murder scene. so far police november suspects or motive. skiesry felder's funeral is
5:18 am
scheduled for later this morning. police in bucks county are looking for a man who exposed himself to one young girls riding their bikes. police say this happened at george bush park in buckingham 1:45 sunday afternoon. investigators believe he is in his 40's and he left the area in the white sedan. if you have any information, or if you have seen this hand, call the police. police are now calling a person of interest a suspect in the murder of a three two-year old moth the inner delaware county last month. they say that they are still after this man, for the brutal murder of natasha gibson in yeadon. take a very good look at him his last known whereabouts in the philadelphia area at 59th and catherine streets. police believe he might live in that area. gibson's friend found her outside bailey road in yeadon her throat was slashed and her funeral was held yesterday. an outrageous crime is generate ago lot of anger, woman rays on paramedics as they, work to save her boyfriend's life what first
5:19 am
responders thought she was grieving, police say she was actually steel, as fox 29's brad satan reports this morning it all happened inside of an ambulance. >> reporter: balloons, roses mark the spot on mullica road where a 27 year-old man lost his life on sunday. police say he was in a car with his girlfriend when he got out and was struck and killed by a passing car. paramedics pronounced him dead at scene. trying to comfort his girlfriend 25 year-old brittany, they offered her privacy by sitting in the ambulance. >> she was there, by herself, and that is when the attempt of the wallet occurred. >> reporter: she is accused of grabbing wallet on the of the paramedic's purse taking credit and debit cards, a driver's license and $120 in cash. >> we don't know what would possess anybody to steel from somebody trying to help them but it happened. >> reporter: she admitted to the theft and all but cash was return. stealing from those, committed to those committed to saving lives disdain came fast. >> you had a car accident, someone passed. who could be thinking about stealing? >> maybe he didn't have life
5:20 am
insurance, i got to pay for this somehow. >> reporter: do you think, really. >> i doubt it, but. >> reporter: trying to give her benefit of the doubt. >> just trying to think of something to make it not an absolute horrible person. kanye west cancelled his concert at wells fargo center tonight. he decided to reschedule it after his wife was robbed at gunpoint inside her hotel room in paris. promoter sites family reasons for the cancellation. according to a source kim is still very shaken up by the hold up. new concert date in philadelphia announced for december 13th. federal judge banned bill cosby from attending his accuser's deposition. this is relating to andrea constand's defamation suit begins former district attorney. cosby is awaiting trial in june over charges he drugged and molested constand in 2004. since then, she has sued the district attorney for crimes to prosecute cosby at the time. constand says bruce castor
5:21 am
defamed her when he said constand had change her story over the course of time. sentencing for former pennsylvania congressman chaka fattah will not happen this week. things are on hold while his lawyers appeal his conviction. attorney for fattah say that a recent supreme court ruling narrowed definition of bribery, they argued long time congressman did not give any political favors in return for gifts. new details confirming a man killed by a los angeles officer was not holding a deadly weapon, what officials in california say that the man had in his hand, instead. but first your winning lottery numbers.
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the department was just, officers feared for their lives. police say one or two men fatally shot by officers in separate incident over the weekend pointed a fake gun, at the officers. they say that the fake handgun didn't have its usual plastic orange tip which is normally used to identify a fake gun. another man was gunned down by officers on saturday, and investigators say that man was holding a loaded gun, and turned toward them. meanwhile people in l.a. continue to protest, into the night to show their disapproval of these police involved shootings, both
5:25 am
incident are currently being investigated. the u.s. supreme court has just started its new term and justices are steering clear of the more controversial cases with only eight people, they are hoping to dodge grid lock having four justices on each side. sudden death of antonin scalia has most certainly impacted the court's dock it, experts agreed that the justices are likely trying to avoid hot button issues until the senate approved a tie breaking ninth justice. even so, the court did take some action, it reject a long shot appeal from the obama administration over the president's use of executive actions, to block the key porttation of millions of undocumented immigrants. president barack obama is teaming up with actor leonardo dicaprio to push for action on climate change. they appeared together monday on the white house south lane as part of the festival of technology and music, meant to recreate the spirit of the annual south by southwest festival in austin texas. the president says that the world is in a race against
5:26 am
time to combat climate change. up variety only festival incorporates live music, panel discussions and student film portion. we will continue to follow breaking news out of atlantic county this morning. let's check with steve keeley, good morning you to. all right. lets turn things to dave kinchen on our other top story, hi there, dave. >> reporter: hi lauren. we have teams being looked at police and some cases charged with washington township and another new jersey town for making cyber threats related to this crazy clown craze we will tell you where other community is after the break. planned parenthood.
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i would support legislation in pennsylvania that would ban abortion and i would suggest we have penalties for doctors who perform them. would you put people in jail for performing abortions? at some point doctors performing abortions i think would be subject to that sort of penalty.
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dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising. local man is killed, and latest coming up, in a live report. for weeks people across the country have been talking about creepy clown posts and now young people in our area are under arrest, accused of making cyber threats. the latest school district on high alert. plus, months after a major defect, sidelined a third of septa's regional rail fleet, things are back on track but now something new you for riders. a local at what is right around the bend been. good day, it is tuesday
5:30 am
october 4th, 2016. sue serio has a look at our weather for this tuesday morning, hi there, sue. >> this is a 10/4 day do you remember cb radios back in the day, 10/4 good buddy yes. >> anyway, here's bus stop buddy. we have fog out there this morning not as much as yesterday but it is there. temperatures in the 50's and 60's and ever so slight chance of the shower today, umbrella there just in case. you can see numbers are not as low as they were for visibility but this reduced visibility in reading, as we head down to millville in atlantic city reduced visibility as well, just depends where you are driving. the as far as showers we're seeing moisture coming off the ocean in northern new jersey, the possibility is for a sprinkle here and there but it will be a stray shower if you get one today, temperatures are cooler then yesterday, 61 degrees, 7:01 is your sunrise time and we head to the planner and we will see some fog this morning.
5:31 am
a lot of clouds. maybe a stray shower. high temperature of around 70 degrees. sunset time 6:38. there is your tuesday. we have latest stats on matthew and its project path coming up in just a few, bob kelly. >> it is also national taco day. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> national vodka day. >> there is a jump for you. >> good morning, everybody. 5:31. live look at the freeway, fog lifting a little bit here, it is still out there in the overhead street lamps. it is patchy. not as thick as we had yesterday. hello to philly international. put your trays in the the upright position. no delays in or out of the airport this morning. no problems getting there but a problem on the northeast extension, southbound, a tractor trailer, hit and run, accident here just south of the lehigh valley, allentown, interchange, and then a pig event today, hillary clinton campaign event coming to town haverford community center right off of route three and blue route right there in that area.
5:32 am
doors opened up at ten we will have a heavy police presence, secret service for the ride and events start at noon and then, of course, early afternoon we will have that exit motorcade back. the she's heading out to harrisburg after today. a lot of unusual traffic patterns in haverford this morning. boulevard inner drive closed between strahl and rhawn street. also later on today city avenue down to one lane from 63rd, into wynnewood. mass transit is off to a good start with to delays, lauren, back to you. shoot-out involving police in atlantic county leaves one man dead. lets get on it to steve keeley right here near that scene with the very latest, hi there, steve. >> reporter: it is not summer so ventnor traffic is not the a big story but if bob kelly was doing traffic here in ventnor he would report that several blocks are still shut off, ten hours after this incident, began, which was around dinner time last night. still an hour of daylight left, and they have treated this scene, like it is like daylight with all of these construction lights out here because investigation has been
5:33 am
going none ton stop. vent are in between atlantic city and margate this section way back from the beach block, we're closer to the back bay area what is known as ventnor heights, first call to police around dinner time 6:30 last night, neighbors say that as the first officers arrived local police from ventnor city they heard gunfire from inside this corner house where you can make out a big bullet blast, through an upstairs window. ventnor police, of course, then had to call in for help from other local departments including local atlantic city squat team whose armored truck is still parked in front of the house behind that tree. you can probably make it out throughout the bushes right there back door still opened. you can make out one of the swat team members shields there that they usually use to block any bullets. it is a bullet-proof shield. they probably had little time to react because as soon as they arrived that is when neighbors tell us a fire fight erupted. >> i was watching tv laying in
5:34 am
the living room and then i heard a couple gunshots, i came out, that is when cops started to pour in, blocked everything off, and then, you know, hanging outside for a half an hour and we heard another five gunshots and then right after five gunshots, they just went off, it was maybe two to 15 shots in a row. >> reporter: domestic calls are the most dangerous and most deadly for police this is another that demonstrates that fact and our sky fox, which we cannot obviously show you shows hand killed lying outside of the front door, the door shut, lying on the front porch right outside that trent door and because it was atlantic county law enforcement involved atlantic county law enforcement will not investigate this to avoid a conflict. that is why new jersey state attorney general's office and shooting response team is here now and they are handling this investigation and standard practice to do that, always standard where police are
5:35 am
forced to fire their guns and also always especially when that firing of the guns end up with use of deadly force, lauren. >> okay, steve keeley, thanks very much. well, another crazy clown post pops up on line targeting schools this burlington township, new jersey and latest threat comes as police say three teens are behind similar posts, two attending public schools in washington township. that is where fox 29's dave kinchen joins us live this morning, hi there, dave. >> reporter: hi lauren. big question is when will this all stop here in washington township, new jersey. two teens in big, big trouble now facing cyber harassment charges over these scary clown threats, the superintendent of the washington township schools said in a statement in part quote that we were saddened to learn that one students were charged with making cyber threats similar to the clowning instant tenth that had been reported in other areas of the country, our district recognizes seriousness of these threats and that no tolerance for any
5:36 am
proposed acts of violence or personal information. washington township police say they have traced two separate threats back to a 14 year-old boy and a three-year old girl. police are not identifying them and will only say both go to a washington township public school, for weeks now, the nation has been talking about these creepy clown cases, and several social media post have come up on line including some in the delaware valley showing clowns making threats begins schools and other public buildings and in fact, philadelphia police say they have a person of interest in local threats. >> we have been able to track town through investigative work as well as tips that have come from the public, able to track down a three-year old that has been involved in some of the local posts out there on social media. at this point in time we're moving for. >> i don't know, i think it is a whole bunch of people that are looking for opportunities to do wrong things, i don't know, i don't know.
5:37 am
>> home land security and other federal agents working the philadelphia case. up investigators have not released much information about the 13 year-old girl accused in this kiss because of age but it has moved to the philadelphia d.a.'s office. we can tell you it is clear several cyber security divisions and various police departments across the delaware valley have have been very, very busy looking into these cases. >> can't take these lightly, thanks very much. hillary clinton trying hard to get support of the voters in our area she will return to delaware county for a campaign event in haverford. she will discuss her economic agenda, and plans for supporting families. joining her will be her daughter chelsea and actress elizabeth banks, who is a penn graduate. event will be held at noon at haverford community recreation and environmental center. heene hyle there is trouble in new york for donald trump state's attorney general's office has ordered the trump foundation to immediately stop fund raising there, the office says that the foundation is not registered to do so.
5:38 am
trump campaign believes this movies politically motivated if you it will comply. turning new to the showdown between vice-presidential candidates mike pence and tim kaine, experts believe more people will tune in for this then last week's presidential debate. 84 million people watched that event, watch nominees for vp face off in virginia at 9:00 p.m. on fox 29. the eagles, coming back from training camp dealing with off the field issues, what airport workers found in miami in one player's carry on bag, that led to his arrest.
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early in the season bye week stopping their momentum but from the players, coming back from practice yesterday they didn't miss a beat. >> everybody warmed up, everybody was ready to roll. obviously, you know, some guys me take advantage, we had a week off to get prepared for long hall ahead of us but it was great. energy was great. everybody came out. >> first thing a coach tells you to go in the bye weekend don't get in trouble. of course, someone did. nigel bradham found plenty of it, nigel was arrested at miami airport with a gun in his backpack. the just stupid. he was released on bond. that is a second incident in the past. may end up with suspension. flyers preseason, tied at
5:42 am
three with the rangers, jay voracek look at that, going through everybody, and that is a goal, the flyers go on to win four-three. season starts next friday. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell.
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when i was one year old, i was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer on my spinal chord. but i spent my whole life fighting back. so you can imagine what i thought when i saw donald trump say... "i don't know what i said, ah, i don't remember!" "that reporter he is talking about suffers from a chronic condition that impairs movement of his arms." i don't want a president who makes fun of me. i want a president who inspires me, and that's not donald trump. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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we're arguing about all of the ladies, i don't know is what going on. we need some dones pills for back pain. 5:44. good morning everybody. live look at 42 freeway.
5:45 am
headlights coming toward the city. it is a early morning fog that is starting to lift here but you can see patches coming from south jersey. hello, downtown philadelphia, 30th street station big light on we're opened for business this morning. folks coming in the city, vine street expressway is opened, septa's regional rails will kickback in with that normal service pattern, just make sure you have new schedule so you are good to go. bottom line is 40 of the silver liner cars back in with the leased vehicles and that puts same scenario we had back in june. they are continuing now with rail services back on the cynwyd line so that is a plus for that gang. festival pier lot is closed no longer opened for park bug they will offer free parking, at frankford transportation center until end of the month and until everybody gets back to the normal scenario. southbound northeast extension at allentown interchange police, it is a hit and run, tractor trailer clipped a pickup truck and kept going. even if you are going further
5:46 am
south down into quakertown or the lansdale interchange, just watch for some possible police activity there, and guess who is coming for lunch, hillary clinton to haverford community center will see heavy police presence through the daze and motorcades in and out of that stretch there, again the event starts at noon so late, late morning, and early afternoon, we will see some unusual traffic patterns. what is weather going to be like for mrs. clinton coming to town. sueby has the answer in 15 seconds. okay. her back is battering her. >> are you all right. >> i'll stan right here just in case. >> if i kiehl over at least i know. >> anything i can do. >> i have a net?
5:47 am
we have to talk about this a horrible hurricane, 145 miles an hour winds, as it bears down on haiti, land fall will be, sometime this morning along the south companies of haiti, we will do this enhanced satellite to show you this. when eye is as well defined as this it means a powerful storm. it is already been raining in haiti, just direct impact as i mentioned, facebook page, the rain will be measured in feet not in inches from this storm. the next place it will go is eastern cuba. now these are the spaghetti models. most of them in agreement through the bohamas, and then we have some widening of the spaghetti models with disagree will it make land fall in florida, will it not, probably just parallel to the coast and whole lot of disagreement about whether it will stay on land or make that right turn and move out to sea around north carolina we will see
5:48 am
what happened but these will get, the spaghetti models will get closer to us, get it out anyway. we have rain to the north of us, we could get a little shower or two today looking at the future cast, but there is a lot of cloud cover, a few peaks of sunshine and maybe a stray shower or two if you get one it may be that you are driving along and see a few drops and gone that quickly that is how it will be. visability are not as bad as they were yesterday, temperature 61 degrees. the mostly others in the 50's. it is cooler this morning, little cooler this afternoon. 70 degrees. seventy-two on wednesday. seventy-four on thursday. now this weekend we have to watch for possibility of matthew and first alzheimer's walk in the season in atlantic city meeting up at boardwalk hall sunday morning and columbus day on monday. hopefully things will clear up but we have a lot of uncertainty as we get to the weekend forecast, lauren.
5:49 am
tyler perry had madea go to jail. over christmas now she's scarring uphill layer just halloween but what with happen if madea came to philadelphia tyler perry answer that had question in chestnut at prince theater, he said first thing madea would go to geno's and get a cheese stake, then head to the art museum, she's not running the rocky steps but she wants to look around. finally madea would end her trip by taking over north philadelphia, so why north philadelphia? well, apparently madea is a fan of inkster jill scott and that is where she's from. listen up gillshore girls fans luke diner coming to philadelphia as part of the netflix release of four new episodes of gillmore girls on november 26th. just be one of the first 250 customers at hubbob coffee shops which has two locations. netflix will supply each with luke diner officials including t-shirts and aprons. that pop up event will run
5:50 am
from 7:00 o'clock until noon time. temporary custody agreement has been reached between angelina and brad, it gives jolie soul custody of their six children. pit has been granted temporary visitation but therapist must be present. he must undergo random drug tests. sources say pities devastated by the divorce. he has been crying a lot and apparently been calling his parent every day. in the meantime angelina has reportedly hired crisis manager judy smith, who is men for handling highly publicized scandals. she has worked with michael vick, jolie has taken a break from acting, focusing on her international work with the u.n., some people are saying this is another sign that the actress is, seriously considering a career in politics. >> i know judy smith. i work with judy smith help i work at nbc. i she was sitting next to me
5:51 am
and some creepy guy was sitting next to her, trying to, um, um, um. >> you handles that crisis. >> she leaned over to me and says can you start talking to me. >> yes. >> and then the guy just kept coming back. he kept coming back. >> you know, she is, her character is on tv. >> scandal, olivia post. >> that is judy smith. she's a good looking woman. >> i love that show too. >> how is it going. >> of course that was 20 years ago. >> conner barwin is here. who is that. >> an eagles layer good detense. >> defensive end. >> defense. >> defense. >> defense. >> he is very socially active. >> he is. >> he grew up in detroit and detroit is where they play next. we wanted to get him in here to talk about his home town and he will go there and stuff those lions. >> yes good plus when he is here we will actually bring a lion into see if he will fight
5:52 am
it. >> really. >> um-hmm. >> does he know that. >> yes, we are. i'm not kidding. you didn't hear that? seriously. >> floor director saying i didn't hear that. >> i'm not kidding. now i normally say he will just be here so you'll hang around and ratings will stay up but i have to admit he will not be here until 9:00 o'clock. people hang around and watch, and then they will get more mad at me the more he is not on. >> that is true you. >> then they have to go to work and missed him. >> anyway, it is national taco day. if you are wanting a taco where do you go in the delaware valley. >> i went to mission on friday. >> it is brand new, people are loving this place call mission. >> it is good. >> it is basically 16th and sansom. >> yes, right across the oyster house. >> pretty close. >> yes. >> fifteenth ape 16th am i right. >> yes. >> yeah. >> we have to go. >> actually might be between broad and 15th. >> you know there is no 14th street in philadelphia.
5:53 am
>> it is between 15th and 16th, according to our producer. >> she would know. >> right above oyster house. >> she has no idea. >> i ate food last night at about 10:00 p.m. >> yes. >> why, are you bloated. >> i'm bloated now this morning. card not rule don't eat past seven or 8:00. we have five myths, they say you can eat past eight now and still be slim. if you think you have the same work out as beyonce that you will work and look like her. >> stop it. >> who wants to drink lemon and water, combined. >> i necessity something that for a week kay and pepper. >> you were on a juice diet for two days. >> it was supposed to last ten days. >> how did that go. >> didn't quite work out for him. >> i actually did it to impress my friend. >> it was in the very
5:54 am
impressive. >> how dit go. >> not particularly well. >> speaking of going, i actually do. >> i have to go. >> we have four hours to do. >> we do, together. >> together. >> in the the next hour, hurricane matthew, pounding the caribbean overnight, but it is where storm that could head next that has some people in the u.s. pretty concerns, stay with us. katie v/o: she works hard. she stays late.
5:55 am
but she gets paid 21% less than her male coworkers. pat toomey has voted time after time against equal pay for women, against pay that helps hard working families get ahead. katie o/c: for my daughters and yours, i'll fight for equal pay for women. families need it; you've earned it. katie v/o: i'm katie mcginty, and i approve this message because it's your turn to get ahead.
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5:57 am
defectness railcars took one-third of the fleet off tracks for past three months, some cars that were repaired along with other leased cars were put back on the track, septa returned to the normal weekday schedule, summer of chaos caused the agency lots of riders and likely about ten million-dollar in lost revenue. will next july planned fare hike being even big tore make up for summer losses. >> there is no indication that we will have that built into a fair increase because of our loss of revenue this year, so -- >> it won't be built in either. >> we're just keeping, we are looking at those numbers, that is what i can say. >> okay. the septa fair hike is 20810 percent came in july of 2013. coming up a local man kill during a shoot-out with police in atlantic county. plus young people in our area, are under arrest, all over, cyber threats, about clowns.
5:58 am
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that's a monster of a prize. keep on scratchin' eye shoot-out in ventnor. ventnor? one person is dead? gunfire erupts in the normally quiet shore town, the swat team spends hours outside a home in ventnor overnight they are still there. kids and clowns it turns


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