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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  October 4, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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i like uptown funk, give it to me, don't you. >> sure. >> every time i look at that video i think of alex as bruno hearts. i can't get it out of my head. >> takes me back to the day we shot our music video. >> it was cold. >> it had to be below zero. >> take your coats off. >> yes. >> so, yesterday, sue serio, now thaw are here for 9:00 o'clock hour where all heck breaks lose. >> yes. >> by the way, is my blood coagulated yet. >> i was going to give you napkin. >> is there a scab there. >> but it is forming. >> it will be there by the end of this hour. >> i cut it at 4:45 this morning. >> were you you in the dark, what was happening. >> vigorous shaving. >> i was late. >> in a rush. >> you always slow down around your lips, and that one, yes. >> slow down around your ear too. >> word to the wise, slow down
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around your lips and slow down around your ears. >> yes. >> now, yesterday i was driving back, from new york, and i heard maybe ten bruno mars songs. megan, milk way, was it bruno mars birth take? we will find out they saw a tweet where he tweeted that i just finish my new album, finish it and tweeted it right away. >> megan, do we have a piece of the the new cd? october 8th is his birthday. >> coming up. >> that would be four days from right now. >> we have a clip. >> not yet. >> when, when you can expect hughes i can we don't have it yet. >> you have a date. >> you are anxious to hear it yet. >> so we will play it, when it happens. >> but you to toews we will tell you when you can expect to hear it. >> that is like kissing your sister, taking a shower in the rain coat there is no satisfaction for me. >> you have something to look
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forward to. >> he is an instant grad case. >> delayed gratification is key to good life. >> what about gratitude. >> well, gratitude is my new attitude. >> yes. >> i want to be like my blood type, be positive. >> yes. >> by the way, i'm on to the two of you. i'm on to the to of you. i know why you like to hang out with me especially on tv. >> i make you two look better. you ever know people, that hang out with unattractive people. >> so they will look better. >> you think that is a real thing. >> i noticed when i go out at night, and you see, really attractive women. >> right. >> they will be a little satellite of unattractive people around them. there is even two types of women that i have noticed.
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they will only hang out with hot friends. >> i have seen that kind of group. >> everyone is gorgeous. >> like a pod. >> a pod. everybody is gorgeous. >> yes. >> everybody is hot. >> yes. >> then there is the other woman, the satellite, real attractive woman and satellites of, less attractive women around. >> yes. >> what does that do. >> i do the same thing you hang out with me because i'm hideous, it makes you two look better. you are both attractive. milky way what did you say? >> i thought i was in the middle of it. >> proceed. >> it is not just me fish face. asked volunteers to rate attractiveness in two sets of photographs, okay. in the first set of photographs, the subjects were this. in the second set of photographs they were with someone less attractive.
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now i want to hear the interview, i will need you you for a photograph you will be the less attractive person. somebody agree to be part of the test. so the people in the second set generally got higher scores, until right now, the jena jena summation that the person's attractiveness was on a fix levelly don't know because everybody finds what is attractive to be different. >> yeah. >> right. so you can look at two people, in the photo and you might think person b is attractive, sue might think person a ace tracktive. >> i agree with that. >> it might not be what ace tracktive it is just different opinions. >> unless it was a fashion model standing next to a slob. >> that is true. >> that is so obvious, but it is a why do the study and be like doh. >> i used to work with this guy, mark dwyer, we travel the world doing tv shows together. >> yes.
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>> were you the more attractive or less attractive one. >> less. >> you knew that. >> oh, yeah, i knew. >> but he was such a good friend, i loved him to this day. >> men accuse women of intentionally choosing friend that are either. >> i wanted to unload this guy. >> you did. >> yes, he is just too hot. >> what could you look at he always has all of the lovely ladies around. >> you could get his left overs. >> who wants left overs. >> i love left overs. >> well, food, yeah. >> if you really hunk gray. >> look in the fridge and see who is in here. >> sloppy seconds. >> that is a horrible term. >> don't let me explain it. >> me and my girlfriend talk about this all the time. i have a friend that is dating a guy, that her friend has already dated. >> oh, no. >> we call it girlfriend call it sloppy seconds. >> have i ever done that?
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i did. i was tamara, would the hand i should have harried. yeah, she was dating somebody else. >> you crept in. >> yeah. >> he came at me later. you should have have asked me for permission. >> i barely know you. >> so you didn't know him or you did. >> we were kind of tv doctor. he was the doctor mike. >> okay. >> he was like, you know, i got this. >> yes. >> yes, i got this. >> i can handle the exam from here. >> and you closed the deal on your friend. >> doctor. >> anyway, this guy name mark, we traveled the world, and no matter where we went, i thought i had a little bit of game. that was back when i was alive. >> you always had game, what are you talking about. >> we go in the restaurant together, boom, right to mark.
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>> where were you. >> close by. >> i with go in the corner and sit go back to the hotel. >> women know about the pressure to look good, right. >> right. >> sadly, yes. >> isn't that a big part of the trump campaign, clinton campaign. >> yes. >> looks. >> a lot of the ads are harping on it. >> it brought this up. looking perfect, do you know how young this study found that women, girls, worry about their looks and compare themselves to other children? are you ready for this? >> yes. >> seven. >> that is awful. >> seven years of age. >> new poll find girls that young are feeling pressure to look perfect. their are made to feel it is the most important thing in their life at seven. survey found in overall decline have of body confident, among girls and young women. 61 percent of them said they felt happy with how they looked down from 73 percent
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five years ago. many said their lives would be better if girls were not judged by the way they looked. we talk about that yesterday, yes. >> it is heart breaking, seven years old he realized his daughter was being judged differently then guys. >> seven. >> seven. >> i can see that though. >> my nieces are 12 now. i remember five years ago they cared about that is cute, that is not, i don't like that, that will not look good. >> i remember three years ago at nine they were talking about fashion. >> that is a all they love to talk about. >> but at seven you should just be playing in the backyard. that its just awful. >> teddy's how old. >> five and a half. >> oh no. >> she's not into that. >> well, she will pick out her clothes, sometimes disastrous ly until like a jackson pollack painting. >> patterns, stripes, colors but in her mind she loves it.
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>> yes. >> no one else can step in and tell her. >> she lets her have control over that so she feels like she has control over something in her life. that is a good way to then, you know, when she gives her an ultimatum about something she doesn't feel helpless. >> we should have you on your own talk show, the white oprah. >> yes. >> you gave her that name. >> did sheneille gave thaw name. >> previous anchor, scott. >> thanks, scott. >> he is the guy that vomited on the air. >> on thanksgiving. >> what was he eating. >> he ate toturkey that had been sitting out a long time. >> this show has a colorful history. >> we go there. >> we go there. >> i was in the store the other day because i'm such a
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dorky spent time in the craft store. i saw pumpkins that were colored tiehl. >> what does that mean. >> i'm thinking what is that. >> that is one of my favorite colors. >> different colored pumpkins. >> i like it. >> do you want to know the reason. >> not really. >> but i guess. >> it is for allergen free treats. >> okay. >> so you can put for kids who have allergies, the things without peanuts. >> so no recess go in pumpkins. >> you put a tiehl pumpkin and you have non-food treats waiting. you can put little toys. >> i can skip back that house. >> i'm just kidding. >> so, glow sticks, spider rings, things that are halloweeny but not edible. >> so i would get a tiehl pumpkin and put that on my stoop, my porch. >> and the kids hoff allergies, we can get treats there. >> i love this. >> good idea. >> what about this. >> what about you are a kid and get a plastic pumpkin and
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it is color tiehl i will then though not to throw anything recess, snickers, peanut related oral gee related. >> tiehl pumpkin project it is call. >> i lived on terrace drive growing up and i always wanted to say, i shouldn't say it because i was bad then, hobo. >> it is a mad men episode called gypsy and hobo because back in the 60's because in the 60's were you a girl and then a hobo. >> my parents never bought halloween costumes. >> we made them. >> you got a flannel shirt from your dad, put that on and then took a cork out of a bottle, turn it up, the gas stove there, and put your cork in there and it burns and then you make your beard with the cork. if you find a cork i'll do that today on the air. >> yes. >> hobo.
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>> yes. >> cork you burn it. >> yes. >> little kid it makes you look like you have a little beard. >> i will demo that before 10:00 o'clock. by the way, connor barwin will be here our philadelphia eagles defensive end. >> yes. >> he is really good looking. >> he is good looking. >> he is. >> big heart. >> big heart. >> probably the size of anybody elses but, i mean. >> the size, in the body. >> he will go to detroit his home town to play the lions. i found a lion i think to fight him live on the air before 10:00 o'clock. >> yes. >> i think. >> okay. >> after going through fertility struggles a couple is celebrating the baby, a baby, with a beautiful rainbow inspired maturity photo. would you like to see this. >> show to it me. >> explain what we are looking at. >> during six miscarriages one mother took this picture surrounded by a rainbow. photo titled from labor to love, each different color of
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the rainbow represent one of those miscarriages but as you can see story has a happy ending because now she's expecting baby number two. >> wow. >> that is beautiful. >> that is great. >> all right. >> good way to challenge those feelings. it can be so sad with miscarriaging. that is beautiful. >> her mother, i think has had six or seven miscarriages before alex was worn. >> yes. >> she's a miracle baby. >> that is why they love her so much, and they take care of her. >> that is super special. >> isn't that cool. >> yes. >> megan will can you punch yourself up again. you are the one who picked that story. it is really heart warming and almost brought me to tears. you are such a cold, calculating human being. that you found that heart warming. >> i did, i did. i saw it on toi's facebook pagey can get that.
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>> tori is a mom. >> look at her. >> she's here. >> she's a much nicer person then megan. >> yes. >> since she had little baby noah. >> you zoom in on megan. >> yes. >> watch this. >> hi, megan. >> do you see. >> she got a smile. >> do you like me megan. >> off with his head. >> if you are feeling down, like i have been the last few hours. >> wait, what? >> wait, what? >> are you feeling down because you have been sitting with me the last few hours. >> see, now we have a problem. >> now we have a problem. >> so we will talk it out. >> you look just like the baby.
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>> i ate food last night around 10:15. i was so hungry. now i'm bloated. that is why i'm feeling down. >> let's just do some small talk which we have been doing for 16 minutes now. >> so what is the idea. >> small talk is what you call striking up, a small conversation with strangers like at a bar, you say about the weather and stuff like that. but it does make you feel positive and happier according to a new study that finds humans, truly are, social creatures. it is all about the connections with other people. research negates previous stud that is say people avoid small talk with strangers because they think it could lead to a negative experience. you know how you go on a airplane and you have your book. >> yes. >> right. >> it changed everything. >> you walk down the street in one talks. if you annoy them, you lose that connection apparently. >> yes. >> oh, stop. >> i hate people. >> you made monday after
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military day that she gets a little, is what the word. >> anxiety. >> in big crowds. >> yes. >> but it was in the context of i was talking myself, through it, throughout the day so i wouldn't have anxiety because i love meeting people but sometimes when it is a big crush a people i was already starting to feel anxiety even before military day started. >> i had no idea. >> i didn't notice that. >> true confessions you missed it all. >> did you cry. >> i did not, because all morning i said to myself, you know what, just breathe, and just take it as it comes, and so i talk myself all morning before we went out there and it was okay and i didn't freak out. >> that is what it is when she talks to her early is, i thought she was just nuts. >> she's talking to herself. >> it is like mike's back. >> okay. >> boy, yesterday i was really talking to myself a lot.
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>> i thought i was charming yesterday. >> you were irritating yesterday. >> today too. >> was i. >> most of the time. >> how about a tighter shot. >> enough. >> president barack obama, you may know him is teaming up with leonardo dicaprio, to push for action on climate change. it was all part of the south by south lawn -- south by southwest. >> right. >> austin texas. >> they are so clever. >> south by south lawn at the white house. >> yes. >> ♪ it was invite only event. it wasn't a huge crowd there. they had music, panel discussions and students got to present their film.
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>> leonardo dicaprio was there. >> there he is. >> leo. >> this is more interesting to go me. >> okay. >> getting better. >> then a woman doing a flip. >> so they were talking about climate change and the steps the white house is taking. >> anything funny. >> it doesn't look like a funny event. >> i just noticed you have a real presidential wave, did you see how the president waved, he threw his hand up and see that. >> did you note that is. >> when we're out and about, yep, that is you you. you do point, yes, you do the point. >> you know, does he to the point. >> he does the wave. >> yes. isn't that what you do, throw your hand over your head. >> a friend of mine was making fun of me the other day for my wave. >> i'm waving, because i'm losing blood in my arm. >> a guy pulls up, people are always saying hello, every day.
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guy pulls up and said hey, mike, what is going on. >> i go, my response is it is what it is. >> so my friend my fun of that. >> that is odd. >> it is sort of a neutral answer. >> it is what it is. >> it is what it is. >> yes. >> i have said it many times. >> it is what it should be. >> my favorite when i go out and people ask about your whereabouts. they want to know. they first ask me how is mike jerrick? >> yes. >> it is never jerrick, where is mike jared. and then how is mike jerrick off camera. it is how they pronounce your name. >> do like you really do it. >> like friday when we're outside where is mike jerrick. where mike jerrick. where is mike jerrick. >> your last name is mike jerrick. >> people miss pronounced my name, they think it is j
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errit. >> i worked with a guy named greg up in new york and even our pr people, they scheduled a photo shoot. >> you showed up. >> to me and my co host juliett, right. >> right. >> our names were so confused they never contacted me for the photo shoot with juliett, he showed up with the photo shoot we were supposed to do with juliett. >> creeping on your co host. >> greg, why are you here. >> we have a photo shoot. >> it was mike jerrick not greg. >> that was a dull story. >> you should say jerrick. >> jerrick. >> there we go. >> clear it up. >> mike jerrick. >> a warmer fall isn't just hurting your wardrobe but do you know women especially buy
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less clothing when temperature is warm in august and september. you don't think about going shopping for fall clothes. >> who wants a sweater when it is 80. >> it will get cold. it the is hurting our businesses, sue. you are personally taking down the king of prussia mall.
9:23 am
she saw the boots and fell for fall all over again.
9:24 am
was she expecting to find the perfect designer boots at such an amazing price? no. but that's the beauty of a store full of surprises. you never know what you're gonna find, but you know you're gonna love it.
9:25 am
okay. warmer than usual fall is hurting the retail business. they are struggling to sell cold weather clothing, sales of specialty stores have been down 400 million-dollar, sue. >> wow. >> foot traffic at shopping malls, also on the decline, experts say retailers are hoping for a hot trending item, to boost sales. i heard plaid is trending this fally saw that, too. >> and leather. >> leather is in again. >> what else. >> i don't know but these new sweat shirts with i don't know what you call them with statements on them. >> yes. >> those are in too which i
9:26 am
love because it is a good fashionable way to be cozy during the cold months. >> yes. >> but it is hard to buy a parka, but it is 85 degrees outside. >> you don't think of that until it is cold until you think i have to get a coat. >> but you will get a good price on your parka. >> because it is probably on sale, right. >> yes. >> i know. >> is what your one thing you have to buy this fall. >> i bought it already a new rain coat because i wanted a rain coat with a hood because i didn't, yes. >> you know. >> i have a trench coat, you wear trench coat but no hood. i think. >> did you get a good deal. >> yes, i got the on line 50 percent off. >> okay, jen, national vodka day. you hung around revolutions, are you still at the bar? >> here's the thing i'm upstairs which if you have been upstairs and you like vodka this is the place to go. the kids are in the arcade.
9:27 am
kid friendly until 9:00. then we hit the bar, ladies and yes because it is vodka day. fall fantastic vodka drinks for you come on back. approve this message.
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i'd look her right in that fat ugly face of hers. she's a slob. she ate like a pig. a person who's flat chested is very hard to be a 10. does she have a good body? no. does she have a fat [expletive]? absolutely. do you treat women with respect? i can't say that either.
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>> ♪ >> what looks like rahman noodles i guess but tastes sweet and cold like ice cream lauren. >> introducing ice cream raman. tech nick its japanese jelly noodles made from algae over crushed ice and evaporated milk. there's also cantaloupe balls and mango chunks mixed in. looks like a stream water. >> on this i would like it if
9:31 am
i didn't know what was in it. it's ice cold and sweet and gives you the feeling of eating ra some. an. you can crime it in new york's greenwich village. >> of course got to go to new york to get it. i don't know if i would wander that. it looks kind of weird. i'm very pick he key. like if it looks like something else -- why do i wander to eat something that looks like raman but tastes like ice cream. >> but some actual raman in some ice cream. >> i used to live off of that in college. and now you look at the sodium and you're like what i was eating this every night for dinner. >> you can get three for a dollar. >> that's true. >> it's national vodka day. >> happy vodka day. you're hanging out in fishtown and it looks like fun in revolution. >> this place is big bold and awesome. good morningly we moved the crew upstairs. i can't play favorites. when it comes to bartenders i can't play favorites.
9:32 am
we'll talk a little bit about national vodka day. what is the drink first of all he's going to be making as he pours right there. >> he's making a day tripper our edition of a months kuehl mule. >> it has fresh squeezed lime, tito's vodka and mischief. >> what is that a pistachio flavored liquor. >> can i buy that at the liquor a place. >> this is the gosling's beer. >> the gentleman downstairs used it as well. >> it's a popular item up in this joint. >> in her? beer people love it. does it have alcohol in it. >> just a very little bit. >> this is called a. >> day tripper. >> then we bring in the lovely and -- what is she going to make. >> a platinum blond like a loaded raspberry lemonade. we did not he go pumpkin this fall. >> i said you to i'm really proud of you guys. we said fall drinks.
9:33 am
i was expecting some pumpkin syrup disgustingness. >> we're over it. philadelphia is over the pumpkin. no, i don't think that's true. >> but the raspberry does feel kind of fallish right it's like a darker fruit. >> a little light fall issuish way, yes. it has raspberry he vodka fresh raspberries lemon little sour mix shake it shake it shake it and serve it up. >> i talked a little bit off camera about how these are easy. but they're advanced than vodka sewed today. do you want people to try something go out of the box a little bit. >> yes, definitely what we wander. >> and you said and i agreed that vodka goes with a lot of stuff. it goes with more things than like a whiskey. if you're going have -- that's super pretty. again, what is in that one. >> that's the raspberry vodka fresh raspberries lemon,
9:34 am
little sour mix. >> and when you said shake it do we have to shake it to get it floaty like that. >> yes. everything is fresh. the more we shake the more we get from the fruit. >> ladies, dudes. i water main --, want you to see how big this place s it's by sugar house. it's this new complex. they'll be renting it out for all kinds of things but where we are it's going to be kind of cool. it's going to be more kid friendly they have the bowling alleys here and we already showed you the arcade over there. so, lauren, and sue any time you want to babysit brody and landry, this is what i think we should do. >> she's telling you to babysit. >> i'll sit here. i'll sit here. >> you'll have to sit there. >> and i'll drink and you guys can go over there. >> okay. >> over there. >> i love this place. we should have a bowling party. >> yeah, can we have a big party.
9:35 am
>> good day bowling party. >> you know people over there -- your people over there talk to our people. >> a team building exercise. >> oh, yes. >> right. >> boom. >> we can fall into each other's arms a trust game stuff like that. >> jim are you watching. >> hold the bowling ball over your barefoot and you trust me not to drop it. >> exactly. >> i would never trust you. >> he go to the bar and trust i'm going to help you if you have too many. >> let me see your little cup there. >> yeah. [laughter] >> national vodka day. >> i finished it. >> it helps get through. [laughter] >> as megan milky way will key said it there, that's how you feel. megan said in my ear a little while ago what's wrong with you today. >> she did say that. >> megan want to punch yourself up. you said that, didn't you. >> i think she -- actually i think she said what are you on? >> i'm not on anything.
9:36 am
>> just high on life. >> who did you point to in the monitor there. >> greg jaret. >> that's who people used to get me confused with. not the look but his last name is greg jaret. >> i told you how to fix that. >> there he is. look at his cheeks. >> he looks nothing like you. >> no, but his last name is jaret. >> i know. we have something in common but i can't get into that. it's very bad. >> please don't. >> it's horrible. it's time for bob -- no, what i call it kelly classroom. >> that's it kelly's classroom. >> he visits classrooms once a week. >> is he grading papers? is he helping the teachers? what's he doing. >> bob where are you going to school today. >> reporter: helping. i can't wait for he recess. good morning, everybody. it's the coveted blue ribbon and there is only three schools that have won it in the last three times in a he row and i am here at one of them, good morning saint genevieve.
9:37 am
[cheers and applause] >> reporter: i'll have all details when we get right back.
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when i was one year old, i was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer on my spinal chord. but i spent my whole life fighting back. so you can imagine what i thought when i saw donald trump say... "i don't know what i said, ah, i don't remember!" "that reporter he is talking about suffers from a chronic condition that impairs movement of his arms." i don't want a president who makes fun of me. i want a president who inspires me, and that's not donald trump. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. i can't believe gus, you're not scared are you? you're the second most famous groundhog in pennsylvania. i don't like thunder! (bashfully) this is getting creepy!
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(sfx: loud thunder clap) grrrr, did you say creepy? creepy cash? the new instant game from the pennsylvania lottery. yeah, with top prizes of 50 grand. that's a monster of a prize. keep on scratchin'
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>> good morning from flourtown hello saint genevieve. look at these sweet blue ribbons we have not one, not two but three. i think there have only been three schools that have won three blue ribbons ever. >> in the state of pennsylvania. >> thanks for inviting us. what's the application process to become a blue ribbon school. >> the application process is a rigorous study of what our school has to offer in our curriculum the integration of our curriculum technology and how we move our school forward.
9:41 am
>> you got all the students fired up. monsignor what does this mean for the parish as you try build parishioners and students. >> it's an incredible honor. it sends a message we're live and healthy and we want to share our faith and want our kids to become good persons that they can work in the world and do what god asks them to do. >> are you excite that you had won the blue ribbon guys. [cheers and applause] >> this is something. my gosh. why are you so excited today? first of all what is your name. >> james. >> why are you so excited. >> i'm excited because our school was honored with the national blue rib on. >> how often has the school been recognized for the blue ribbon. >> our school has been recognized three times as a national blue ribbon of excellence. we received the awards in 2000, 2006 and this school year 2016. >> 2016 come on give it up. [applause]
9:42 am
9:43 am
>> how did the flag football game yesterday. >> it went well. >> we had footage. >> you didn't play though. >> no. i pulled my meniscus or whatever you do with your meniscus. >> we'll talk to you after break. come on back. an ban abortion and i would suggest we have penalties for doctors who perform them. would you put people in jail for performing abortions? at some point doctors performing abortions i think would
9:44 am
be subject to that sort of penalty. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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9:46 am
>> ♪ >> we're back on live. you can't yell that. >> that's connor talk. >> connor barwin. >> giving mike the scoop on what you can and cannot say on theed. >> our philadelphia eagles defensive end one of the toughest positions to play and i'm not just saying that because you're here. >> thank you. >> they're exxon tanly coming at you. >> we're coming after that. >> you're going after the quarterback. i don't think it's hardest position because i enjoy and i love what we're able to do. but not many guys can do it i will say that. >> can you show us your latest injury. >> turn it that way. >> looks like i painted my nails. >> it does.
9:47 am
>> how did it happen. >> between two people's helmets got smashed. >> so you know that it happened though when it happened. >> yeah, yeah i felt it when it happened so you kind of shake it off. >> keep going. >> keep going, yeah. >> uh-huh i'm telling you, the city is on fire right -- you know three weeks ago, we weren't too excited because -- >> we were a little nervous to be honest. >> three and o and you're going -- the bye week now people are getting rested a little bit. >> yes, we just had the bye week. >> you're going to your hometown. >> detroit this weekend to play the lions. >> is that a little extra special? do you have a taste in your mouth to beat them. >> a little bit but really because i don't want to bring it up but they beat us pretty bad last year. >> true. >> so, we owe them a better performance this year when we go back to detroit. >> is it tough coming off of the bye week because you guys have been off. >> we had a 92 week off. it's nice because we get some guys back healthy, zach ertz will be back leodis will be back. everybody has been talking
9:48 am
about the bye week is really early but if you count the seven weeks we're in training camp which is the hardest part of the year an early bye week splits the season in half. >> you like it. >> awesome dog just walked into the video. >> this is what we have planned. looking at footage from the steelers game. a lot of people said the steelers were going to smack you guys around. it was the other way around. >> it was a great challenge for us. our offense played well. carson played great and we were able to keep their offense in check. >> let's talk about this wentz dude. >> uh-huh. >> he they say that he doesn't -- he has no heart rate. [laughter] >> ice water in his veins. is he really that cool? >> he -- ever since i've known him which is which has been about six months he's a steady of a person ice ever met. it's amazing. he's played so well the first three weeks. he doesn't really seem that excited yet. still the exact same guy he was during the training camp. >> wow. where he comes from north
9:49 am
dakota. has he had a turnover yet. >> no, he hasn't. >> that's wild. >> i know. what would you say connor makes him so successful because you're down there on the field and we watch on tv. >> i think first of all he's talented. he can make every throw. he's a big tall strong athletic guy so he can move around the pocket and run but really i think what makes him special is just his decision making and his kind of control. >> yeah. >> of the offense and the game. >> he so during the bye week weren't down to cuba. >> yeah i was in cuba a couple days. >> mind talking about that. >> it was fascinating. i have learned that -- we he had kind of -- it was opened up for americans to get there so i decided to get there soon before it changes a lot and it was a beautiful country. it was really interesting to see how they live and how communist country kind of works. >> so i want to go. so we should go. >> you could go soon. >> flag football game yesterday it was supposed to be today.
9:50 am
had to train. chris o'connor and sean bell they played in the game. how did they do? is that pat gallen. >> i heard they did okay . >> [laughter] >> no one stood out for connor apparently. >> he they wanted to make an impression as they came in. mig began do we have their entrances as they're introduced. >> uh-oh, sean, really. [laughter] >> oh, no. >> the worm really? >> oh no,. >> i like the double d right there. >> we apologize for that. >> oh, that was a good -- >> was that for charity. >> yes, for charity. >> what makes you want to do all this charitable work? you're such a good member of our down. >> i do some charity but nrg put this on and they donated i think almost $30,000 to local charities yesterday putting this flag football game on and i've been working with nrg for four or five years and they're a great company and i'm happy
9:51 am
to be an ambassador for them. >> are they the people who put the things on the. >> they do renewable energy. if anybody lives in energy and are interested in solar just visit nrg and they'll help you put solar on your roof. >> those are good people nrg. because we're playing the lions from your hometown we wanted to set up a segment where you fight a lion live on tv. >> i heard about what happened. >> but we couldn't get a lion >> [laughter] >> one of my colleagues -- one of our producers has this dog. go on over here. so, let's try to set this up. >> hey. >> what's this dog's name. >> i think it's beau. >> is it beau. >> beau, beau get him. >> get him, beau. go get himly. >> are you a puppy. >> goat get 'em beau. >> awwa. cute little dog. >> and that's exactly what's going to happen in detroit this sunday.
9:52 am
[laughter] >> he'll be kissing the opponent. >> he's a lion. >> my gosh i love this dog. >> hey, buddy. >> hopefully this is how it ends up. >> how the end of the game is is. >> cuddling the opponent. >> i have a dog that looks just like this. >> you didn't spike the dog. >> that's not what was supposed to happen. >> good luck this sunday. >> good luck. >> thank you. >> bruno mars. >> he's back baby. bruno mars uptown funk is going to get you. >> you can't hear the song but i'm going to tell you when the new music is coming. >> connor, get him, sic him, beau. >> ♪
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
9:56 am
>> ♪ >> ladies and gentlemen bruno mars ladies and gentlemen quincy harris "the q" show. you'll see him in seconds. what's this about bruno mars this friday something big? why don't you explain. >> coming to a speaker near you. >> his new single comes out. >> going to drop. >> yeah, this friday, the new album. i can't wait. >> it's been four years. >> four years. we love bruno. >> four years since what. >> since unorthodox jukebox i believe. >> this last video. >> yeah. >> was that uptown funk was on that. >> yes. >> ♪ >> four years since we've -- >> no. >> it probably has. >> i know the song. >> 24k magic. >> thank goodness. >> we love gold. >> 24 karat magic.
9:57 am
>> who is going to be on the show today. >> anisa have a -- from real world. >> she's on. didn't she play a doctor. >> yes, she he does. >> you'll learn more about her today. >> you'll learn if she's a doctor or not on "the q" at 12:00 noon right here on fox 29. >> you want a dog. >> my kids want a dog but i don't want to do it. >> it's not for us to give away. >> he oh, yeah we can do that. >> why don't you want your children to have a dog you mean man. >> because it will be our responsibility. don't we have enough responsibility. >> yes. >> i can barely see you guys outside of work so no dogs but look at that dog. so great. >> do you know who else is on the show this week. >> yeah. man don't put me to the test. >> what is wrong with you. >> day by day. plastic cup boys are going to be on. they -- the comedians they travel with kevin hart nyeem
9:58 am
lynn spank from pennsylvania. >> spank. >> have a great day. we'll see you at noon. >> ♪ fios is not cable. we're wired differently. we guarantee to make switching easier. we'll show up on time. you're right on time as promised, to install fios and set up the wi-fi that janet, jamie, jenny, jemma
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"the wendy williams show." >> we won't judge, but we're judging. >> it's going to be juicy! ♪ ♪ ♪ >> now here's wendy! ♪ ♪>> wendy: yeah! ♪ ♪ ♪ >> wendy: i'm going to give you a show today, man! hey! thanks for watching! say legal to my co-host, my studio audience.


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