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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  October 5, 2016 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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>> it is straight up 4:00. breaking now "fox29" morning news, two people died following that house fire in the northeast. what we are learning about the victims right now. plus hurricane matthew blasts through haiti and moves to cuba and the united states coast shows how this could impact us here at home, and this. >> donald trump during the campaign called mexicans rapist and criminals. he has no up nrex of the insults of hillary clinton level -- >> time kaine and mike pennsylvania had a campaign that turned out more firey than expected from political low blows to policies on taxes.
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>> and could you soon pay more at the pumps in new jersey. how much more you could be shelling out per gallon of gas. it's wednesday, october 5. thank you so much for waking up so early with us in the middle of the night and joining us let's get a check of the forecast at 401, you know, bad day yesterday. >> cloudy and cool. >> we have a lot of improvement for today. we'll go with big old 9 out of 10. yesterday was a 7. you'll see the difference later on. breezy out there this morning, you can tell. 10 mile an hour breezes or mor more. 58 at the airport, 7:02 run rise time. checking other temperatures, mount pocono 49, 55 trenton, 56 atlantic city, 60 wilmington e those breezes are coming in out of the north east. we'll see sunshine today, 65 by
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lunchtime. be prepared for a cooler start. you may need a sweat they are morning and lovely afternoon with high temperature of 71. that takes care of wednesday. the latest on hurricane math awe ahead. >> bob kelly. >> an early morning vehicle fire getting taken care of her, tow away actually. blue route near the schuylkill not blocking any lanes. any water used to fight the fire all over the roadway ther there. karen, did you pay the bill, electric bill. >> lights are out. >> put a stamp on it. northeast philly whole power grid along 95 the lights are not on. as you step out the front door you'll feel something is different as you drive into downtown. good morning, to delaware, no problems route 13, market frankford and subway. no problems at the airport. karen, back to you. >> thank you, bob.
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breaking news this morning out of the north east. that's where a man and woman died in a house fire. it happened bridal road. let's go to the scene with dave kinchen is with this story. good morning, dave. >> good morning to you. a tragic scene here. look at these pictures here. this fire took 35 minutes for fire crews to take hold of the flames. you could see it completely decimated this house in northeast philadelphia. this is 9800 block of bridal flowed northeast philadelphia. investigators are telling us a man and woman perished inside this fire overnight. a firefighter suffered minor injuries, we're told. firefighters got to the scene before midnight. it took them 35 minutes knock down the flames. investigators describe it as aggressive fire fight there. and we're told that they found the couple on the first floor. >> unfortunately bustleton section of philadelphia suffe
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suffered a tragedy today. and companies found two victims on the inside on the first floor. they brought them out and started cpr immediately. but i'm sad to announce we lost both of them. >> we seen their car in the drive way. knew they were in there. my other neighbors thought it was my house because the flames were so high in the sky. and they just ran around the corner and heard a lot of screaming and everything. just trying to get to them. and unsuccessful. >> and you can see that car right there. it says vande on it reference to vanderbilt university. a neighbor tells us this couple had just taken their duingt college. such a tragic, tragic situation here. we understand this house had been in the family for sometime but the couple who pass away moved into this home about a year ago or somewhere along that time frame. we want to pass along a note
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officials ordered emergency vaction for a minor gas leak although it's not clear if that gas leak is linked to this fir fire. fire crews have not made link at that time. again a man and woman day died in this fire and firefighter suffered minor injuries. the cause is still under investigation at this early hour, back to you. >> so sad, dave, back to you. there's a man that died after a shooting in allentown last evening about 9:00 on the corner of 9 and liberty streets. there was a man and woman sitting in a car when someone started shooting at one of the windows. the woman was shot and taken to the hospital. we don't know her injuries. investigators are still looking for a motive. political news. gloves came off at the vice presidential date in november. pence and kaine went tat on a whole host of issues. one of the biggest clashes happened over some things trump said during the campaign.
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>> donald trump during his campaign called mexicans rapist and criminals and women slobs, pigs, dogs, sguingting and i don't like saying that in front of my wife and mother. he went off john mccain a pow and said he was not a hero because he was captured. >> he says ours is insawment driven campaign. to be hon fest donald trump said all the things you said he said in the way you said he said them he still would not have a fraction of the insults at hillary clinton level when they said half of our supporters were a baskets of deplorables. >> the word defend was a hot topic last night. many times senator kaine asked pence could he defend his running mate this the is one of those exchanges. >> six times tonight i have said to governor pence i cannot imagine how you can defend your running mailt's decision on one issue after the next and all
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six case his refused to defend the running mate. >> don't put words in my mouth. >> and yet he is asking everybody to vote for somebody he cannot defend. >> let's talk about this say topic that has come up. i'll give you an opportunity to do that. >> i'll take them one at a time. >> more nations should get nuclear weapons. >> he never said that. >> he absolutely said that. >> gentleman, gentleman, >> data from facebook that the fight over the campaign that is insalt driven was big topic of the case. and the subject of illegal immigrants mentioned by kaine twitter reacted to governor pence's reaction to those. >> when donald trum says women should be punished or mexicans are rapist and criminals and john mccain is not a hero he is showing who he is. >> senator you whipped out that mexican thing again.
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is. >> there are criminal aliens that came into this country illegally perpetrating violence and wanting to -- you. >> want to use our -- >> he also said many of them are good pext you keep leaving that out of your quote. if you want me to go there, i'll go there. >> after that heated exchange people voiced their opinions on social media. these are response to the khent. he said mexican thing #vp debate #sglail i'm going to buy a taco truck and whip out that mexican thing you. >> whipped out that mexican thing and jiv of anderson cooper with eyes bugging out and presidential nominees took to twitter to support their nominees. he wrote mike pence won big we should be proud of mike and hillary clinton's director of communicate indications donald trump lost his second debate.
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pence and kaine w running against trump. matthew continues sgruk sgrukttive path after hitting haiti. it is expected to head up the coast of u.s. with multiple states issuing evacuation orders. here's the latest from new york. >> hurricane matthew is barreling towards the u.s. with winds reaching 140 miles an hour. a state of emergency is in georgia, florida and care line as. >> we're looking at category two or three hurricane which will be 5 to 7 foot surges. >> category four hurricane hit hate didn't and eastern cube with winds devastating island and trees downed and homes damaged. >> there's always been fear. what can you do. that's normal? >> residents in the bahamas are worried about what is next. >> basically i'm getting
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something to put on the back of the door ft. water comes. >> the storm is it expected to move up the east coast of florida which has not seen a hurricane in ten years. many people are pulling boats out of the water ahead of time. >> we waited too long and the hurricane goes directly another us and with you go with a bottle neck over at the marinos getting boat out of the water and traffic jam. >> boaters are worried the land will be ruined and traer trying toe salvage crops as usual. >> there's a possibility the storm moves east into the atlantic. if the storm hits the u.s. coast it could make landfall in the carolinas by the weekend. fox news. >> it's 4:10 now. new jersey drivers and anybody else that goes through the
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state get ready to pay more at the gas pump. law makers in set to vote to raise the state gas tax by 23 cents per gallon. i know who has opinion on this one. it's steve keeley. >> karen, you're the perfect person to do this i need to you go to the boss's office at 9 and say, hey, i want to keep pace with what they're doing in new jersey and my cost of living, so what i need, starting next paycheck is $158% raise okay, karen? and then you can talk -- you'll have snag talk about on the weekend show. let me know how that goes. that's the percentage the gas tax is going up. this is likely the last day to see gas under $2 a gallon. they're not even holding public hearings it likely will pass gene right into effect. no 90 day waiting period. or january 1. so the great deal you have gotten in new jersey for years is now going to go. we'll go from second lowest gas tax in country to the 7th hig
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highest. karen, this is not sitting wel well, even with a lot of democratic politicians we'll tell you why later in the show. >> steve? we lost you. we'll get back to you. people are disappointed. i was thinking they came back and all of a sudden i was thinking i can't get my gas in new jersey more. shocking allegations about behavior from a grown up who supposed to be carrying and watching students. what a bus aid in burlington county is accused of doing. it's causing outrage this morning . >> how hurricane matthew could affect the midweek warm-up that >> how hurricane matthew could affect the midweek warm-up that is underway right now.
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>> starting off with a check on hurricane math uxt overnight matthew weakened a little to a category 3 with 125 mile an hour winds. we'll get an update on the hurricane at 5:00. it's now clearing the east coast of cuba expected to go back over on waters and strengthen again back to the dangerous category four. plus another tropical storm to factor in. tropical storm nicole formed yesterday not expected to hit any land. but it could affect the direction of hurricane matthew. so we'll factor all that in as we said. there's a look at hurricane with enhanced satellite. here's a look at projected pat path. this is what everybody is watching so closely. straight through the bahamas
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and direct hit on that saw and other island and next to east coast of florida as category four and then dangerous category three off the georgia coast, south carolina coast and we see it take that turn hopefully right after north carolina and move east. the latest models have it moving further out to sea and still category one hurricane and big old cone of uncertainty here. we have to watch th closely as we head into the weekend. right now, we don't have too many clouds out there or showers to talk about. in fact we're predicting sunshine for today. how about that? so 58 is current temperature. it's a little cooler throughout as you walk out. 58 lancaster and reading and 49 mount pocono and 60 dover. sweater weather if you start off early. breezes to make you feel coole cooler. 10 mile an hour wind out of northeast in philadelphia.
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your average high is now down to 70. because these days are getting notably shorter. if less daylight we have lower average temperature for high. now, monday was great with 76 degrees. yesterday with all the clouds we got to 68. let's see where we're headed today, 71. two other cute to full days thursday and friday. p chance of showers friday from matthew and sunday we look for same situation. atlantic city alzheimer's walk on sunday and since it's at the shore, we really have to keep a close eye on that. we're presenting sponsor of alzheimers walk bob kelly we'll let you know what they decide to do. >> you step out the front door this morning on my walk this morning it was a little chilly. it had me thinking of what jacket i should wear. good morning, everybody, live look, 4:17, north east philadelphia, live look i-95 northbound.
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there's tacony street as you head up to the tacony palmyra bridge. there's construction crews out both directions on 95. live look at bennie caming to downtown philly. quiet at the moment. you'll work along sitey line avenue later today. one lane between 63 and wynnewood avenue starting 9:00. new jersey transit, same scenario as last couple days. no problems at all up and down the northeast corridor. they have regular service. because of last thursday's train accident service in and out owe of hoboken is still suspended and they are cross honoring with ferry and bus services. market frankford and broad street subway shut buses until 5:00 this morning and regional rails getting better one day at a time. normal service patterns resumed on monday. just make sure you follow that new schedule we posted up on our web site at >> karen back to you. >> atlantic county attorney is looking closely at police-involved shooting that
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left a vet norman dead. a neighbor captured the standoff on video. put your hands up. put your hands up. >> 49-year-old john feder junior threatened his father with a shot gun on monday evening. officers did get fester's parents safely out of the home. when he came out of the house he point aid gun at the swat team. officers shot and killed him. federal investigators had their hands on several key pieces of evidence in the hoboken train crash. ntsb recovered a data rerecording, video recording and the phone of the engineer. he told investigators he does not remember the crash. investigators found his phone in a backpack in the cab ever the front train car. a woman died when the train plowed into the station last week. 4:19 a crossing guard is sharing her story with fox 29 a driver struck her and sped off.
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she has a long road to recovery ahead. right now, she wants to find the person who did this, dave has the details. >> every year for recovery and they hope they can get it all most back to normal. >> she is still suffering from a torn rotator cuff and pain from several other injuries but this 56-year-old crossing guard spoke to fox 29 hope the hit republican and driver that police say deliberately ran her over will come forward. >> i hope he turns himself in or something. >> police are looking for driver of older model ford focus confusion like this. >> i can't believe there's actually people that would intentionally do something like that to somebody. >> september 21 incident happened as the crossing guard was escorting a little girl to school when the driver made a left on to summerdale and almost struck the pair as they crossed the intersection. the guard alerted the driver about children crossing and
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quickly stopped. >> stopped the car and put it in reverse and backed over the crossing guard that jumped up on the median. >> that's pure evil. >> i'm trying to cross childre children. they're little kids. >> dave shratwiser, fox 29 news. >> accusations of more shocking behavior on a school bus as an adult supposed to be watching over students. this comes to us from mother in eavesham township who said a bus aid spit on her teenage son and police, along with the district, are investigating. >> ew! >> he just spit in my ear. >> ew. >> marcus meyers goes to squool kids with emotional issues. he was going to school when a 65-year-old aida caused him of playing music too cloudy. her son was not the one playing the music that was not the main concern. >> no matter what my son said or did, he did not deserve to
4:22 am
be spit on like annie mccormick mall. i will go through every channel i can to make someone listen. i don't want this to ever happen to any of my kids or anybody else's kid. >> police consider spitting on someone simple assault. you can hear it. the bus company is cooperating with investigators and has suspended that aid. >> all right, 4:22. >> joel embib made his nba debut and showed why everyone should be excited of the season coming up. we have reports in one sglint first here's the winning we have reports in one sglint first here's the winning lottery numbers.
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>> i'm sean bell the iinglees are one of three teams left in the nfl. everything has gone perfect on the field. they can get minded by all the love. they made sure they kept the blinders on. >> i don't think nobody would have complaints, because they know what this year is about. we're doing good, like i said, everybody is patting us on the back. we have greatest fans and they want to see us win and we want the team to keep them happy. >> and joel embib made his debut and showed us why everyone should be excited. a dream like fade away jumper
4:26 am
nails it and you know this is what he does. block shots at the rim. he'll always be able to do that. such a big man. later he showed ability to hit the jumper from outside. look at that. embib had six points, four boards and successful debut. sixers win 92-89. 4:26. we know two people died following that house fire in the northeast. where the fire possibly started details coming up. >> and we're tracking hurricane matthews path. >> here it is karen. we're headed towards the bahama from cuba, matthew, of course, is a powerful storm. we know you want to know what are we going to get? we'll have the answer coming up are we going to get? we'll have the answer coming up fox 25 morning news continues.
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and you can tell them to go [bleep] themselves. get him out of here! get him out of here! get the hell out of here! priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. priorities usa action is responsible >> welcome back, 4:29, break being news two people are dead of of after a fire in northeast. what we're learn about the victims. >> and hurricane matthew blasts through haiti and how it could impact us at home. and this. this sxhee struggling. the answer to this sxhee not
4:30 am
more taxes. >> governor -- >> i'm asking if he will defend his running mate not releases taxes and paying taxes. >> it was a show down between tim kaine and mike pence. highlights from virginia. you could pay more at the pumps in new jersey. if today's vote passes how much more money you'll shell out for gas. "good day" on this wednesday, not necessarily good news to status off. we'll be joining together. it's not that bad. it's going to be a nice day weather-wise. sue has wonderful news. >> really. if there were no matthew to talk about we would be saying la, la, la, what a great weekend we'll have. but can't promise that yet. he with give you 9 out of 10. for today though, then, and no rain to show you on ultimate doppler radar. that's a good thing. we have wobble cam action going on at the airport because it's breezy out.
4:31 am
there 10 mile an hour winds. and sunrise not official until 7:02. 49. much chillier in mount pocono than yesterday and most temperatures are in the 50s today, 60 wilmington and dover. factor in the breezes and you will notice a little more of a chill outside today. the breezes are coming in from the northeast. when we get them. little breezier in south jersey and central delawarele. we're expecting plenty of sunshine. we should clear whatever clouds we have. 65 by lunchtime and high temperature 0, 71 degrees in our estimation is lovely afternoon. you want to know what it going on with matthew and we'll have the latest coming up. bob kelly is here. how are we looking this mornin morning. >> sue, kind of quiet as we step out the front door. if you come out of northeast philadelphia be careful. overhead street lamps all out in the construction zone for pretty much woodhaven to
4:32 am
academy to cottman avenue. you'll feel something different as you drive southbound. market frankford broad street using shuttle buses as they always do. and south on 95 watch for construction. they're still out there as you work to 42 freeway, vine expressway still closed between schuylkill and broad and they have tractor-trailers with big steel beams along the parkway getting ready to set those beams endplay. so a lot of construction still out there. mass transit looking good at the moment. karen back to you. >> bob, thank you. just passed some of those beams on my way n 4:32. breaking news from the bugle ton section of city. that's where we learned a couple dayed in a house fire. dave kinchen is there at the scene and he has the latest on this now, dave. >> yeah, karening, it's a tragic situation as you look behind me you can see what's left of the fire that started overnight a few hours ago here on bridal road in the bustleton
4:33 am
section of philadelphia. and we want to go to pictures sent in to us showing intensity of flames on 9800 block of bridal road investigators tell us a man and woman perished in the house fire overnight and we're told a firefighter suffered minor injuries. firefighters got to the scene before midnight and a fire chief tells us it took them about 35 minutes knock down the flames with about 44 firefighters working this case here. investigators calling it very aggressive effort to get the flames under control. fire crews then found the couple one in foyer and one in living area of the first floor. >> my husband woke me and said there was a house engulfed across the street. i seen the flames higher than the trees across the street. a ran out my neighbor was screaming and running up to the door and banging on the door and trying -- she said the front of the door was hot.
4:34 am
>> they reported not hearing fire alarms. because of damming on the inside we have not seen any smoke alarms. >> the couple actually just took their daughter to clem for the year. so just incredibly traumatic to think that daughter, that child will get a call or has gotten a call about the situation here. another note officials ordered evacuation because of what's called a minor gas leak here. but fire investigators have yet to link the leakage of gas to this actual fire here. that's all still under investigation here again. a man and woman die in this fire and a firefighter injured. we're told suffering minor injuries. back to you. >> all right. dave. thank you. >> also breaking, police say a man died after a shooting in allentown. it was a couple shot. this was 9:00 last evening corner of 9 and liberty streets a man and woman are sitting in a car and all ever a sudden
4:35 am
someone starts shooting into into the car. the woman was shot and rushed to the hospital. we don't know extent of her injuries and we know the man died. investigators are looking for a motive. political news right now the only vice presidential debate now history. governor mike pence and senator time kaine squared offer last evening from immigration to women's issue, email scandal and taxes. nothing was left out during the night. one of the more heated exchang exchanges came when it came to donald trump not releasing taxes. the "new york times" said he may have avoided paying income tax nearly 20 years after suffering losses of nearly $1 billion in 1996. this is the responses to not releasing taxes. >> donald trump is a businessman not a career politician. he actually built a business. those tax returns that came out publicly this week that showed he faced tough times 20 years
4:36 am
ago. like virts you'llly every other business including "new york times" not too long ago he used net operating loss. we have a tax code, senator, that actually is designed to encourage entrepreneurship. >> why wouldn't he release the tax returns. >> we're answering questions about the business thing. >> i do want to come back to that. >> his tax returns showed he went through a very difficult time. but he used tax code the way it's supposed to be used and did it itly.ian >> how do you know that. >> because he created a business worth billions today. >> how do you know that? >> with regard to paying taxes the whole riff of about not paying taxes and people saying he didn't pay taxes for years. donald trump created tens of thousands of job and paid payroll taxes. >> heated moments came when talking about immigration coming up 4:45 we'll have the highlightsing from last night's debate. speaking of election this is chris christie's last term as new jersey governor his term will end in january of 2018 and
4:37 am
there's eye lot of speculation of who will run to fill the chair. we have one name, assemblyman jack terelli and joins phil murphy. the republican and democratic primaries june 2017 and general election is november of 2017. the strongest caribbean storm in almost a deck ate beat haiti and moved to bahamas. one died in haiti and four others killed by collapsing walls and mudslides in nearby hispaniola. winds reached up to 140 miles an hour. >> all right. new jersey drivers getting ready to pay more at the gas pump this morning. state law makers in set to vote
4:38 am
on agreement between govern nor chris christie and leaders to raise the gas tax by 23 cents. that hike will be dedicated to the state transportation trust fun to repair roads, bridges and other infrastructure. price could rise under the new blan. chris christie would like to phase out new jersey estate tax. >> coming up later in the show the vice presidential debate we'll talk more about that what happened and the fires works there and plus keeping our eye on what is happening with the storm matthew. it is so large. sue serio will give us the latest on the tracks and latest sue serio will give us the latest on the tracks and latest on the runs that are coming in.
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>> welcome back. today is last chance to get in on southwest airlines twice a year fare sale. the airline is offering one way if a fares as long as $49 from january 4 to february 15. southwest new international routes are also included in saixz they will be higher rang ranging from 99 to 239. and also, frontier airlines is hiring in our area. the airline says it needs 100 flight attendants to the trenton mercer airport and also philadelphia international airport. frontier is hosting on house next tuesday and wednesday at the four points by sheridan
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right near philadelphia international airport. the airline has a couple of requirements for people interested in applying. for details come to our web site >> well, today's daily news cover asking a question a lot of people want to know. who robbed kim of $10 million in julie. the latest on the investigation in julie. the latest on the investigation straight ahead.
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>> parting with a look at watches and warnings. everything in dark red is a warping. they're still guest rain in haiti and right fly parts of turks and okay kos and through bahamas and hurricane warnings day tone app south to st. point lucy miami is under hurricane watch, tropical storm watch for what's going to happen. that's, of course the big question. hurricane matthew we'll get the next update 5:00. it's still category 3 with 125 mile an hour winds moving north expected to strengthen. tropical storm nicole we'll see if we have to factor that in. this is enhanced picture of how big the storm s clouds from the storm. you see it's 3 right now and then we look at the spaghetti models they keep it consistent moving through the bahamas. what happens after that? we're kind of all over the place past the east coast of florida. as we move further north ward
4:46 am
none of the models have direct hit for us most have it moving offshore right after north carolina. which is a good thing. but we could still factor in rough surf. high winds and some rain especially along the shore lines as we get closer to the weekend. stay tuned because you know hurricanes they're notorious nor changing direction. we have nothing to show you on radar now. temperatures cooler than they were yesterday. 58 in philadelphia. 60 dover. 59 wilmington and 48 in mount pocono and factor in breezes and feels a little cooler out there than it did yesterday. very autumnal if you will. today looks beautiful. 71. 74 tomorrow and friday and then we have the chance of rain on saturday. possibly sunday. now sunshine for sunday is as if we were not getting nay infects from matthew at all. we have seen that glass half full bob kelly as we look to
4:47 am
the sgleekd you're using all your graphics there towards end of week. 4:47 wednesday. hello to shadeers. a live look at 73 mapleshade, new jersey, kind of quiet. nothing crazy going on. live look at the sdul kill out near king of prussia. they're still working on the vine street expressway that is closed between schuylkill and broad street. and they're putting big steel beams in place. they're blocked and tractor-trailers lined up along the parkway. they may be out there longer today than they are on some other weekdays, 42 freeway looking good. no fog in the cam. that's good for today. roosevelt inner drive blocked between trail and rhawn and they'll be working along city avenue between 63 and wynnewoo wynnewood. philly international. no problems at the moment. based upon sue's forecasting there if you intend to travel through the weekend or leaving today and coming back on the weekend you may want to keep an eye on that hurricane matthew coming our way. and then normal service
4:48 am
patterns again back on regional rails. rail service is back on cynwyd line. no parking festival pier. good news they're allowing free parking to continue end of the month at the fringe lynn cente center. >> last night was vice presidential debate and we're look ago head to the presidential debate on sunday. if the last debate is any indication we can expect more fireworks. how did things get so ugly and personal. hour hank tried to find out. >> this say man that called women pigs, slobs and dogs. >> go to her web site she tells you how to fight isis on the web site. >> are you not seeing respect or slow thinking and appreciation it takes to make good decisions and sew what makes the world great is what we're lacking in a way [ [ laughter ].
4:49 am
>> while locked in debate members ofville aming and debate society st. joseph university going from broke. >> what scandal? what scandal? who told you that? you believe this? >> honestly hi questions i thought kids could answer. the level of personal conduct in national level debates has been apaling. >> at least i have a plan to fight isis. >> no, no, you're telling the ep my everything you want to d do. >> from prime areay behavior that would not fly in a collegiate meet. >> do you have any idea who i am? >> this is already going horrible. i'm embarrassed doing this sdeerz with the kids. it's behavior in debate. represent you supposed to actually conduct yourself in a manner your mother would be proud of if you're in front of the nation? >> a judge can know if you're novice or not that talented. if you are getting headed about the topics, and you are kind of
4:50 am
losing your composure and cool so it's very much established that the best debaters are the calm ones. >> that's one difference. village team members say in 'debailt meet one goes for the win. there's no winner until november. college format is constant not ever changing as national debates. why does it have to get personal. >> i think my husband did a pretty good job. >> incomes went up for everybody. >> you would never, ever, attack someone in a debate about their personal life ever. you would probably be reported to the tournament directors. >> that's my question as the next presidential debate approaches are presidential candidates past the point they can civilly argue the issues. there's an awful lot of stake. you get the notion, clinton, trump and others could use instruction from the city of villager st. joseph.
4:51 am
@fox 29 or at fox 25.philly. >> registration deadlines are around the conner. act soon. pennsylvania votesers have until next tuesday to register. delaware voters have until october 15 and new jersey deadline is october 18. 4:51 looking at top stories, kim jong-un is silent after held up at gunpoint during armed robbery any paris. police are still hunting for the five suspected begunmen that robbed the reality store of more than 10 million george of jewelry. that has not stopped other celebrities reporting including charles lawingerfeld. >> she should not have displayed her wealth and been surprised when someone wants to share it with you. >> coming out of hollywood. ben stiller breaking silence on cancer.
4:52 am
i revealed that he battled prostate cancer in 2014 a specific antigen taste or psa saved his life. he was four years younger than when american cancer society recommends they get it. >> children are in danger just trying to get to school. they would like a couple more protections in place and why they may be wait are for a protections in place and why they may be wait are for a while
4:53 am
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what? is he gone?? finally, i thought he'd never leave... tv character: why are you texting my man at 2 a.m.? no... if you want someone to leave you alone, you pretend ke you're sleeping. if you want someone 's what you do.alone, if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. tv character: taking selfies in the kitchen does not make you a model.
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>> shoot it you see it. free music from the philadelphia orchestra yesterday. all day the orchestra played at 20 different musical events around the city and in new jersey. this comes to us from one of our viewers anticipates shows performance at st. paul's episcopal. this is part of second annual customer apreciation concert. it was two days after they ended their strike. >> speaking of that strike that began last friday the leadership of philadelphia sork stra unanimously approved a 3 year contract with the musician. they stage aid walk outright before the big gala opener that had about 1,000 people sitting in their seats. in montgomery county, golfers came together for a good cause. the county spca held a benefit
4:56 am
at the talamor country club in ambler. they paid $150, golfing, lunch and dinner and it was awareness to shelter animals. the 7th year the spca has organized the events. >> if you see something be sure to take a picture and stoned our newsroom. >> 4:56 is the time now. >> matthew is the word on everybody's list. what will matthew do to us if anything for the weekend? well latest projections are out. we'll give it to you. coming up in just a few minutes. dave. >> sue it's a tragic morning in northeast philadelphia where a man an woman die in a fire coming up. what neighbors are tell us about the family here. here's steph. >> well, economic news in new jersey and applies to folks in philly, too, a lot of you buy gas in jersey to save.
4:57 am
the savings is about to end, gas in jersey to save. the savings is about to end, unfortunately.
4:58 am
4:59 am
snvr breaking right now "fox29" morning news two people are dead following that house fire in the northeast. what we now learning about the victims. plus her are hurricane math awe blasts through haiti and comes to the coast. how that could impact us at
5:00 am
home. and this. >> donald trump during his campaign called mexicans rapist and criminals. >> he would not have a fraction of the insults at hillary clinton level -- >> the gloves came off between vice presidential nominees mike peps and tim kaine that turned out more fiery than people anticipated from the political low blows. we have the highlight from virginia. >> we could be paying more in new jersey to fuel up. if a vote today passes how much more money you could shell out on average for gas. >> "good day", everybody, we're halfway through the week. wednesday, october 5. thank you for waking early and joining us. we have good news. i like to bring it to you by sue. it's nice when we can have something to look forward to, sue. >> sunshine and cloudy days yesterday. it was not raining or anything for whole day. you may have gotten a sprichkle or two.


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