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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  October 5, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> interruptions, insults, accusations. >> the people at home cannot understand i'm one of you when you speak over each other. >> sound familiar. mike pence and time kaine taking after running mates in one and only vice presidential debate. things got heated. but who came out on top? we're live in washington d.c. with reaction and we have a recap from our political analysts. >> plus, flames engulf a northeast philadelphia home overnight and two people cannot make it out in time.
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what neighbors are tell us this morning about the victims. >> and hurricane matthew leaving a path of destruction in the caribbean. the storm already responsible for multiple deaths and it has u.s. in its sights. where hurricane warnings have already been issued and how the storm could impact our weekend. >> and look who played last night. it's been a long road for si sixers player joel embib and after two years of injuries and setbacks the big man takes the court for sivrmers. highlights from his debut and good one as a matter of fact in update on teammate ben simmonds injury and surgery. okay, the big story it's only wednesday, i know, the 7:00 hour. women are worried about the weather. it's def tateing to haiti and
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east coast of florida over the next 24 hours. no, i i'm fascinated by hurricane season and what they call pa ghetia models. you have europeans weighing in and ten different weather org diseases. >> right. >> now so i started to study it last night. >> ut, oh. >> and here's my, what i think will happen. >> stop it. >> stop it. , stop it. who but that in. >> was it tasty. >> that's from -- are you kidding me. >> spaghetti squash. >> you guys got me. here's sue. our weather is fantastic. >> they through that on me. >> congratulations everybody i'll get coffee. >> and he's out. >> somebody get him parmesan. >> we have another look at matthew. because if are you just waking
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up you're wondering what is going on with the storm. it weakens slightly. it's not weak. 125 mile an hour winds and strengthens again over the next 24 hours. it's anybody is a nine out 10. we're expecting a beautiful day on the cool side this morning. you may want to grab a jacket temperatures in the 50s. sunrise official at 7:02. you see the camera wobbling a bit. it's breezy out there with 12 mile an hour winds. high today 71 degrees. and tonight we're down to about 53. so it will be chillier tonight than it was last night. but that's all right we have more sunshine ahead. we'll talk about affect of matthew and big changes we had overnight in path of the storm coming up. bob kelly. >> it will make a sharp right
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turn. 20 minute delays after septa inbound they're having problems this morning. if you plan to travel, today, through the weekend, airlines stating they'll tear their planes away from the ma'am of mass co. it will not be smooth in the air as far as hurricane goes and eastbound on bypass as we make our he way to king of grushian ep rush hour on its way. and a half hour trip academy in through girard avenue. vine press ways backed up at both ends and down in wilmington shiply road. >> i'm not fog to watch thating for presidential candidate. something big happens. i'm glad i watched.
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it was chaotic at times. feisty, contentious, do we need hop topics of course emailed scandals and tax returns and comments donald trump made about women and mexicans. >> things got a little heated last night. >> every now and then. >> newly embolden aggression of russia. >> heavy hand add approach. >> you both said blad mere putin is -- >> we'll goet back to russia. >> thank you, thank you, thank you senator, i'll did youimize imizedimized vladimir putin. >> we have that comeen up her here. >> it remind me of did day philadelphia when we talk over each other. >> i don't talk over you. >> all the time. >> no, i do talk over you and i apologize for that. >> you just don't listen. sorry. i jukd talked over you. >> you don't listen.
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>> what? >> exactly. >> and we'll have a live repor report. we would play more clips for you he said time kaine of virginia look like one of the billions in a back ma man mov movie. >> have you revealed. i don't know what he's talking about. >> you don't see it? >> i don't know if i see it. >> okay. >> and we'll put what is this? do we -- no it's not that girl. my goodness. many of you are reacting to debate on twitter is and facebook. ways checking those out. >> karen you have opinions from people in our area and most talked about 40% ever the conference was about kaine and 60% pennsylvania. kaine gained more followers after the debate. overall i checked their numbers and turns out kaine has more followers overall and most
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retweeted comment coming despite him coming mike pence should have won wig we should all be like mike. >> the biggest moment pick aens to to him on unity. second most sweeted moment was debating num here weapons and number one most treated unit when candidates were talking about russia and putin. many in our area weighing on this one. pence deflected not united with trump ideas. here's another person's opinio opinion. penceing more tom posed and hillary's campaign was being petty changing my vote and who do you think won, timer, they both kept interrupting and talking over each other. and here's facebook dmrents paul. i think it was even but i will say i wish they were our
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choices for president in november. and the entire country weighing in as we do now. as we watch that. >> cha if they were choices. >> you have to think that way. candidate 7 the old cliche these two are a heartbeat away from coming our president ever the united states. >> let's get back to donald trump. he was sweeting his lips off saying tim kaine looked like "batman" villan character. >> i wept right to the joker. >> did you? >> i don't know about that. >> you did not it was a cue to put up the picture ever a joke joker. >> i see. >> there it is you were ready. >> nightly done. so here's a challenge? i think that is michael. >> all right.
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mishp. >> how about that. >> and put him back-to-back. >> you're making requests this morning. >> that will take a while. >> you have that pope fly in and do a blessing. >> you can discuss these things ahead of time. >> that's true. >> back in the old days, back in the old days of television, the technology was faster. we're getting worse. >> you think so? >> yes. >> and there's pros and cons to everything. >> okay, there's tim kaine. >> now you look -- >> see you're mumbling. >> you have a picture on your desk a physical picturing. >> that's too easy. what i need is -- >> you need one from last right. what i need is split screen. moving on to a fire overnight a couple died in a house fire in northeast is the muscle ton in the area. details now about what happened. >> investigators are working this case closely.
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police. they are taping this home bridal road in bustleton. we have picture we want to show you to show intensity of the flames. a man and woman, possibly husband and wife, perished in the fire. firefighter with the to the scene before midnight and it takes 2 mintd to deal with the fire on the fist floor. >> my husband woke me up and said there's a house engulfed across the street. across street i seen the flames higher than the trees. i ran out. my neighbor was screaming and running up to the door, banging on the door, she said the front of the door was hot. >> the company reported not hearing fire alarms and because of the damage inside we have not located damage on the inside. company reported not hearing smoke alarm as all.
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>> kaibs told us they took their daughter to ledge and moved a year ago. the fire marshall is looking to see if a gas leak is related to the fire. the investigation continues. back to you guys. >> mike, alex. >> horrible, 7 seven new jersey drivers get ready for increase in taxes at the gasoline pump. >> i would say it's any skanlt increase. >> state lawicers are set he to go between ex. >> they want to raise the gas tax per gallon. >> you got me thinking with the heartbeat away. i don't want to make bob kelly nervous. with vacations you take scuba diving who knows what you're doing or where you're doing it bob kelly is a heartbeat away from hosting this show 6 hours a day. sorry, bob, i want you to keep in mind and keep in sglaip he's
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always skairing me. >> he's trying to kill me. >> well here's a scare why you thought, too, as we ebtser halloween. see that one before the decimal point. get a good look at. it because you with kiss it good-bye maybe forever. look at seagull perched up there. he's wondering i'll change to nrev nor ot they fraing feet months and months. suddenly new jersey transit train crash alleging realized we couldn't fix trains and tracks and stations and sudde suddenly they can agree and then then call a us in conversation. they're up new newark and down in south jersey, the fans and they announce this deal and raise the gas tax 23 cents a gallon. $3 more for a fill-up for these people after today maybe. no public hearings.
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they don't care what public thought. they were add matly now we have avote next month to sell politicians to spend this you this gas tags which we don't even have yet because if we don't strot do that the guys will spend it like they did the other 14 on the gas tax. none of it goes to roads. it goes to pay debt. it's like that credit card statement that takes forever to pay the minimum payment you never end up paying this off. that's where we r and expect votes today. expect a little bit of fight they'll pass this and hold nose anyway spend more and this has 1 plt 5 hole in the budget. there's more problem down the road. >> guys. >> cameras there. we'll have the vote for you "fox29".com. back to you. and a report vote. should be in by then by 5 and
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6:00. >> we'll have it. >> you'll know either say. let's get back to matthew, he's huge. >> and they're saying stron strongest caribbean storm in a decade and haiti kiing five people from the storm and these videos of sdaming in the area. forecasters say that they want to reach 140 miles per hour and hurricane matthew is headed to the east coast. state of emergency is declared in florida, georgia and carolinas so far. there's been mandatory evacuation we're talking about this in some sparts of florida, 3 . south carolina also vk evacuations could be serious. >> we're not taking chances on the east coast of united state states. boats have been pulled out of water head of time and farmers in north carolina are worried the hurricane will ruin their crops. and they're trying to salvage as many of those crops as possible and there's possibility the storm moves up the east coast. atlantic ocean of course. ft. storm hits the east coast
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and it will it could make landfall in the carolinas by the weekend by east coast of florida within the next 24 hours. we'll have a live report from miami and east coast of florid florida. this is the change. cone ever uncertainty. major change. it's myrtle beach. >> could not it more over. >> and we'll show you more in a second and weaker than yesterday and still strong with 125 mile an hour winds and thing is as this thing moves up the coast that's prop call storm nicole and a look at undefined eye of the storm. it's gaining strength north ward. here's path of storm. takes spaghetti models parallel to coast.
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as category four without a direct hit the wind and rain ramifications are great. then here's that right turn mike was talking about. right around say north or south caroline we expect east ward turn and with a lot of uncertainty about the exact path of storm this latest -- it's dramatic change what we had yesterday. we're not factored in, in philadelphia or delaware beaches or the jersey shore. and as far as this storm is concerned. but, again, these things can change. it's awe hurricane after all and we'll have to watch it closely. don't rest on your layers just yet. keep the weekend planned and keep an eye on forecast not only on tv but social media as well and we'll goat 71 today. mid 70s friday and saturday rain in the forecast. it's unrelated. bob kelly, to matthew. there's a chance of shower an
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anyway. >> we'll call it 7:17. good morning. live look at 295 southbound three car fepder bender as you come south through route 7 it will hit us in the head like a stale bagel on the schuylkill. yesterday an accident knocked out the cable fiber optic for all the penndot cameras into and out of city. you have a penndot crew along city avenue ramp to hopefully correct the wires back togethe together. 30 minute delays inpound on west trenton because of snl issues this morning and we got a slow-go on the 30 bypass as you work your way eastbound to downingtown and if you intend to travel today and through weekend they're posting travel advisories. you check with carrier before
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you put bags in trunk. mike, alex back to you. >> that's coming up 7:18. >> were you watching the first preseason game. >> you should have. >> sixers was not used in there. >> he's actually listening to me for once. >> it's a first. >> anyway the point is joel embib is back and playing. >> he got off to slow start in the game ease tron go in mrom -- in his defensive skills that's one of his high point. fretty g joel played 13 minute, 6 points, four boards that is what we call a rebound. and two blocks alex. i think a pretty gi start. sixers win the game even though it's just preseason game, 92-89 against boston celtics. >> felt great being back out there we don't have the same
7:19 am
amounts and minutes #trust the process. >> there's a joke that somebody like mike jerrick has the same points as joelel embib had never shaped. >> is she showing a little hanky. >> maybe a little bit of trade. >> now that he's gone are we done talking about processes. >> forget with the process but none one draft pick. >> they thought they would work back. how about keep him out the full year so totally healthy when he comes back. >> i want to see him play. maybe after christmas. >> if it's going to mess him up more we don't want joel embib situation going on. >> some fans say let it go to the next season. >> to the eagles now. they're talk of this town. looking to move to 4-0.
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you can imagine if we beat lions in detroit on sunday. there's good news who will be on the field when they play sunday. >> and lane johnson may be there. >> espn is reporting lane is expected to play sunday. he had hearing for appeal of ten came suspension for violatesing league substance abuse policy. >> here's the reason he gets to play. ful a final giveition is played desh -- is it bet to get the ten over so he's good to go at the end of the year. >> that's true, mike. >> is it anything like when you're doing a trial, if you're in jail they give you the verdict, you already paid time wonder if they sit out and when they count them up he can come right back. >> much more on looingt nigh
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night's presidential debate. our yil experts talk about that in a home. it got heated. >> there's good stuff in there. >> and future is now. how you can get your hands on nike back to the future show. >> and they lace themselves. >>.
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>> yesterday i was talking to one of my friend at "fox news" and he said do you know lauren simonetti. and she smells like a fresh mac ipad. >> that would be good. >> there's a scented candle out nowadays, right, lauren? >> i'm so insulted so insultd you are likeening me to this scent of a box, computer? piece of hardware. >> it smells like. >> there's a candle that smells like that. >> smells like warm metal warm
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aluminum. >> fresh metal. >> even better. >> there's a company called twelve self and they make apple accessories and they're brilliant/just pathetic. they're coming up with candle they're calling the new mac candle it burns for 50 hours and smells exactly like a mac computer when it comes out of the box. >> how do you get the smell. >> the canned sl sold out. >> ah. >> candle lasts 50 hours longer than battery use power you stickin' mac. >> they make new car smell there's candles like that why not new mac smell. >> i like these lace-up shoes we snaw back to the future. >> the sneakers from nike. you can enter right now in fact you have until 11 to buy a $10 online raffletic tote enter the draw to find out if you can be one of 89 people to get a pair of these shoes. they're really cool. limited. they adapt to feet
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automatically and self tie and self untie. if you are anything like me i'm wearing sneakers now and i didn't tie them. >> because i'm lazy. >> they automatically tie. >> all we saw was leg. >> there's the sneaker you. >> need to tie that up tighter. >> i guess i neat marty mc fly sneaker. you go to nike/mag to enter or get a $10 and then you get a chance to get the shoes. limited edition. >> is it bad. >> all the money goes to parkinsons foundation. michael j. fox foundation. >> the one thing i'm wondering why $89 and not $90 or $91 is that the year the movie came out. >> no it was -- i don't know. >> why $89. >> wait, mike, you don't know this random piece of treeia. >> the reason i used 89 that'sel year taylor swift was born. >> that's what it is.
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>> i'm goggling it now. >> we'll see you tomorrow. >> let's get back to we have a republican and democrat weighing in on who do you think won the debate we'll goat that in a minute, right? >>. >> yes and then to jen -- of course, wikipedia is not telling me. >> 89. >> back to future part ii 89. >> that's why the shoot is 89 dollars. >> it's fall of course, autum autumn. there's certain crops that come out this time ev year. >> yes. and there's people if you want to save time you can get some of this stuff precut up. you want to save cash my man chuck is here to show us how to turn this stuff into real food and not a decoration. >> and not just a decoration. >> we'll come back. where else would we be. >> we'll come back. where else would we be. it's produce.
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>> we're out there to help. not hurt anyone. >> we're out there to help. >> a house fire claims two lives in northeast philadelphia. a man and woman found dead after the fire bustleton. no word started the fire. >> and tracking hurricane matthew, of course, cube a. haiti, already hit hard. the latest on expected path towards the delaware valley. good morning, everybody, it's exactly 7:30. >> it sure is. we'll keep you updated on that
7:31 am
in the morning. >> we have a nine on the weather scale in the delaware valley. how do you beat that? with a 10? i'll take 9. >> hey wait until tomorrow, tomorrow could be a 10. >> look at that. >> just waking up this is where hurricane matthew is now. already cleared east coast of florida and now set to strengthen again as moves over bahamas and dangerously close to east coast of florida. we'll have more details on that coming up. yeah, it is a nine today because we already have the sunshine and it's looking nice. now, it's breezy and cooler than it was yesterday and that's why we put a jacket on bus stop buddy and sweat erin good idea waiting for the bus this morning. it's lovely. lovely start to the day with 56 degrees. we had our sunrise officially at 7:302. we'll get to high of 71 today. with that decent amount of sunshine we call that a nice afternoon and little bit chillier tonight and it is autumn bob kelly and we're supposed to have chilly nights
7:32 am
autumn. >> it was chilly this morning. getting hot now. 7:32 accident involving overturned vehicle on blue route. this is live look at 476 northbound right before the schuylkill expressway. it looks like they have all the lanes blocked now. this is look from the schuylkill interchange. from st. david on upward a stand still. northbound lanes and blue route 476 and st. david traffic at a halt now because of accident involving overturned vehicle. slow going in new jersey, 295. two separate accidents one southbound route 73 and this other one here southbound near 561 interchange and pennsylvania turnpike south on extension crash before lansdale and looking at 30 minute delays step west trenton line. back to you. >> vice presidential debate i'm not going to watch that, it
7:33 am
will be boring. it was not. i warned you. you have to watch these things. eleanor good to see you. democratic statgist and republican strategist. let's go to the first bite. tim kaine challenges mike pence to defend top of ticket. that's what these debates are supposed to be about. vps defending running mate. here's kaine talking to sgleps six times tonight i said to govern pence i cannot understand how you defend your running mate position and all six places he refused to defend. >> don't put words in my mout mouth. >> this say topic that came u up, i'll give you app opportunity do that. >> we'll take them one at a time. >> more nations should get nuclear weapons. >> he never said that senator. >> he absolutely -- >> so, renee, if had job is to defend donald trump why wouldn't he take the bait ther there. >> he was doing best he can i think he performed well and it gives people an idea about what
7:34 am
this team will be about. he helms calm down trump. he did what he he need to do and did it well good you have to understand he was talk show host and he's got a lot of experience. tim kaine i think don't confuse enthusiasm with confidence. i think he came across as competent. 70% of population that watched this agreed either candidate is qualified. so i thought they both were very qualified. and i think it's a shame we don't have another debate with them. i think one time is not enough. >> so 70% of people that watched said ninler one are equal fitd. >> no, both are qualified. >> they're both qualified? >> lutely. >> they've been around a long time. >> they did a good job. >> no question, both have been along a long time. >> they had to bring up insults from the top of ticket. here's that byte.
7:35 am
>> donald trump during his campaign is called mexicans rapist and criminals and called women slobs, pigs, dogs guess cust custing i don't like saying that in front of my wife and senator. >> senator, you whipped out that mexican thing again. he says ours is insult driven campaign. to be honest if donald trump said all of the things he said you said, in the way you said he said them, he would not have a fraction of the insults that hillary clinton level when she said half of our supporters were a basket of deplorables. >> would you say that line deplorables is worst with rapist lines. >> i don't like to be called a deplorable. >> what insult you about that. >> who is she to say i'm deplorable. does she know what it means that's my issue. as far as what donald trump said in the past it was not
7:36 am
good. and he said that several times. he'll continue to say that. we now need to move on. i think kaine was via bankrupt a lot of times. hi interrupted over 33 times. he was out of control. >> i don't think he was out of control. i think again it was passion and he feels strongly. and he showed he really support the clip ton platform. i think it was obvious that penn was very, very awful on supporting some of the things donald trump is supporting and he really is not in sync with him on so many issues and that came across that he really is having problems working with him. and of course, you know, there was tweet ago way all night and i think pence will get a call today. i don't think trump will be happy with him. >> i think trump was very happy with him. >> he did not support his platform and i don't think donald trump has people not
7:37 am
being tote amly insync with them. >> a lot of people want to see the tax returns. let's roll that one. >> donald trump started this campaign 2014 said if i run to president i will absolutely release taxes. >> he has not broken his promise. >> they stood on the stage last week and when he said he was not paying taxes he said that's smart. it's smart not to pay four our military and veterans and teachers and i guess all of those that go to those things is stupid. >> gentleman, i need ask you about social security. >> richard nixon -- >> and. >> -- >> under audit. >> gentleman, gentleman the people at home cannot understand either one of you when you speak over each other. i would please ask you to wait until it is that the other is finished. >> so we'll talk about trut interruptions. let's get back to the tax returns. donald trump's son eric
7:38 am
mentioned post debate interview he would release the tax returns of hillary clinton sorting through the emails and what happened to the audit excuse renee. >> he has given everything he was supposed to do to run. he will release the taxes. i think he weep beating it and beating it and beating it. >> they say if you don't release them you're trying to hide something. >> they know who he is and what he's about. let's move on from darn taxes. >> eleanor, you move on. >> no, 2014 if i run for president i'll release taxes. release them. let's see what it's all about. every candidate releases tax return and you know something, if he really is as rich and successful then why should he be afraid to release them. there's something in there he is trying to hide. now, in that interview. >> i don't think so. >> if you notice he -- they were pushing him on did he pay federal taxes?
7:39 am
he said yes. but he equate today back to the business. there's something in personal taxes he will not release. >> i will be happy we can move on. this is ridiculous. >> he will release them before the election. >> absolutely. it will be done. do i, eleanor, don't go there. >> listen to this i hate bringing this up it's what tv people do. like a tennis matc match. >> renee who would the debail debailt? >> i kind after agree with you. i think the country does. most say he won. >> thank you, mike. >> but it was very, very close. it was no slam dunk for pence. i think our guy was passionate in the beginning and needed to settle down. it's not something he's done. >> he was overwhelming people. it was out of control. he was so nasty sometimes interrupting and -- >> should i bring that up
7:40 am
renee i just interrupted you. should i bring that up. i have seen on twitter is are a little bit, would she have interrupted a man? i hate to bring up gender thing here? built you know you got off to a bad start whvrment they walked off to shake hands elaine who i thought did a good job of moderating get buried in the back ground and that's bad by the director of the thing. >> i didn't like the setup either. you couldn't see what she was trying to do. it's a tough job to moderate with two strong personalities. >> mike can do it. >> we'll you have do it next time, mike. >> you should do it. >> you two won't be quiet. i'm kidding, i love you both. >> we lover you too. >> i'll see you every week. >> eleanor is great. >> is she -- how about me, type, mike. >> you're a good kisser. >> i know that too, pass that on. >> thank you, both, see you
7:41 am
next week. kim kardsahian keeping quiet about her robbery in paris and not everybody -- there's people talking about the big booty that the robbers got. why one famous designer says she was begging to get robbed. i always love hearing from carl lawingerfeld we have to show a picture of his collar, shirt lawingerfeld we have to show a picture of his collar, shirt collars, epic.
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serious accident on the blue route. we're getting ready to land a medical helicopter. here's the sceeb of 476. right near the schuylkill expressway. right now, there was one lane squeezing on by. but a penn star medical helicopter is en route to get on the schuylkill most likely we'll close this will cause a accident. it involves app overturned vehicle. not sure how serious injuries
7:45 am
are. serious enough to bring in medical helicopter. at a stand still true 3 to st. davids as you approach the schuylkill expressway that is where the closure comes into play. you may land a helicopter off to the grass. i'm not sure. >> this is trying to get up to pennsylvania turn pike. i could -- a combination of signal issues and equipment. we had a couple accident on 29 5 this morning one southbound of 7 and another near 561. obviously folks are hurt. now we have rescue squad and fire engineer and plus dealing with sun glare. 259 hot mess as well. watch for that crash right before lansdale.
7:46 am
sun glare how long does it hang around for. sue serio has the answer in 15 around for. sue serio has the answer in 15 seconds. >> 7:46. another update on hurricane center on matthew. this is just north of cuba still a category 3. wind speeds down more to 115 miles an hour. still a strong storm. and still expected to strengthen as it moves over the bahamas. there's eye of the storm as we mentioned norm of cuba and beginning that restrengthening process and this is where it gets dangerous as four and goes par tlol highly populated east skooingt of florida. and georgia south and north carolina as well. the good news for us we've been
7:47 am
removed from the cone of uncertainty here as we look at prom exes ever the storm. nothing to like at on radar. be prepared. you may need a sweater. mostly in the r50s this morning with a breeze. it will be lovely day. it is already. with 71 for a high. 74 tomorrow or friday and unrelated to matthew, rain, possible saturday and then 66 on sunday. and the forecast is improving for the weekend. >> at least so far jen fos your fingers. >> you know him, you love him, it's brian duffy. he'll show us how to pick a good squash and then show us how to make it without spending so much money having it predon predone. we're at the reading terminal mark they morning. we're at the reading terminal mark they morning. this will be
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i think my strongest asset, maybe by far, is my temperament. i'd like to punch him in the face, i'll tell you. i would bomb the [bleep] out of 'em. i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go [bleep] themselves. get him out of here! get him out of here! get the hell out of here! priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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priorities usa action is responsible >> saving money, jan, let's go to terminal market because the butter nut squash is it. hey, jen you there? >> i'm totally ready. you cannel tell time ready. as i aborn ready. we have chef brian duffy and jimmy you cannot do produce without him. two minutes to gets this done. are you ready. >> ready. >> here's my thing if you want to save time you can get your vehicle is here you save money cut them up. what are we doing here. >> two different parts to
7:51 am
butter nut squash bulb and shaft. i take the bulb off first it's hard to work w i ice this for soup and stocks and stuff like that. think ice for what i'll do today a nice salad. i take knife and run around the outside. >> as doing thatfy pick one how do i pick good versus bad. >> obviously i'll tell you shiny is the way. you don't want blemishes or anything like that on there. you can easily see that and heavy for the weight you know you got a good one. >> you're going to turn this into something in the next hour. >> right. >> did you say a salad. >> i did. >> he's not mess around with cutsing. >> what's that thing. >> spaghetti squash sim thing, winter squashsh, clean, you can toll and he see if it's good.
7:52 am
ft. stem is good you'll be oka okay. >> i told you i don't know how to do it. you say i'm doing it wrong. how do i do are t right. what do i is take a sharp knife and right through center and full for wart like that and take knife again same thing other side and spoon, knife, i wul full through. when i put this in the oven i do salt and pepper, whatever flavor. you can do it upside down that steams the inside thor way and all juice pools in center of it and i'll do that today i need that for tasty stuff. cheers. >> we did that less than two minutes. welcome to reading mark wret
7:53 am
you can slice and dice. >> ben stiller says a simple test saved his life the same test that saved our friend steve morrison. steve, let's talk to sfweev that. where are some saying don't that. where are some saying don't take the test.
7:55 am
7:56 am
>> when i heard about ben stil stiller said he was diagnose twod years ago with prostate cancer because he took a simple psa test and steve that immediately brought the years back. >> it was happening at the same time apparently i was 2014 when i got the diagnosis and it's the same. a test that sometimes gets
7:57 am
dismissed by some doctors. you don't want to worry people. it could be a false positive. dr. mike things it's lun asy and it shaved my life and i'll go and speak to guys facing suvrmry and going through the whole process once a month. they saul a -- not all of them but large majority say psa test was warning that mobilized them to get everything checked and it's a simple blood test and saves lives. >> i have seen steve add drs a couple groups about this and you preface and you here of people fighting up cancer and he deposit are have to take care of it it was psa test that raised red flag and men are
7:58 am
hesitant to go because they're afraid of dijal scam which is no big deal whatsoever. and that i should go ahead and not avoid this and go get it done because there. >> there are ability and treatments that can wipe that out. >> same with ben stiller he had robotic surgery same hi. if every intact and removed early enough it can be removed. hi undeticketable psa for a year and seven months now eight at this point and that's what you want. it's extracted from the body and that's it go willing. >> guys worry about t. oh, my gosh if i get this and is have surgey my sex life will be destroyed forever, steve? >> what happens they're able to spare the nerves. so the sensation -- i talk about it and say in the class and i'm candid about.
7:59 am
it third or fourth day after having catheter out i'm going to take myself out for a spin and i did and i was well within the ballpark. >> ki speak from sgleerns ballpark. >> steve is still a tender lover. >> nothing has changed. >> nothing. >> it's all the same nothing to wore question about guys. dying is on anticipation you don't want. if you're not feel anything and you have no symptoms get this simple test. it could save your life. >> we talked to dr. mike about this earlier this morning. he said knowledge is power. >> i say wait until 50. >> real quickly guys i was listening yet what is camp out for hunger, you're asking for donations. >> we're starts to collect no now. it's the week after thanksgiving. >> we're not accepting donations we have an 'vent
8:00 am
tomorrow night and get involved in the khivrping a live broadcast pierre arivera show and we're having a workshop with friend at subaru who have become experts raising huge amounts of food. they won several years in a ro row. >> you can go to and register for that. >> "good day" to you wednesda register for that. >> "good day" to you wednesda wednesday, october 5, 2016. >> this deadly, huge hurricane matthew. heading for bahamas. and heading towards us in the delaware valley. just got word there could be a big right turn. >> fall is in the air. now it's time to bring autumn into your kichb. how to turn spaghetti squash into a dish the entire family
8:01 am
will eat. >> how many cups you have had this morning. >> sglun sgliv yours is better. gilmore girls are back. what aim talking about? you can enjoy a piece of the show right here in philly. how does that make sense. well, we will make sense of that. >> and no offense the fashion icon blames kim kardsahian forgetting robbed why he says she should not be surprised that she was targeted. >> 8:01 i said this again it's the last hour and we're all concerned about the weather in the delaware valley this weekend and because of that gigantic -- look at the size of hurricane it got into a four as it hit haiti. >> i'm pass it eping i hurricanes. you have everybody weighing in and i started studying it last
8:02 am
night. i came up with this spaghetti model. now i think i have this covered right? >> yeah. >> there's a lot covered here. >> there's possibilities it will take this particular course i would evaluate. >> can't rule it out. >> one turned into eye heart down at the right. >> did you use your etch a sketch for that? >> they look at this and it could go anywhere. but, when you tee them start to converge you get a better idea what happened. if you go back to hours you see a path over the bahamas and parallel to the east court of florida. as category four with parallel path that's still dangerous. >> look at the one that turns back on it saevrl. >> there's always one odd bal
8:03 am
ball. then die verge after south carolina. >> the penguin furnishes and then goes back to tampa. >> that's what we're concerned about not only one but circle around and direct hit. now, these models bode well for us for the weekend. >> sure does. >> not so much for florida. they may have to be concerned about a couple of visits. >> right. okay. >> so, anyway, it's still early as far as we're concerned but as of 5:00 this morning the predictions started to look better. here's another look at enhanced sat lights picture and storm happening again and more skax of all that and ma spesy and bus stop buddy has a sweater on it is cooler than yesterday. temperatures in 50s and started at philadelphia international. right sunshine, 57 with breeze out of north east at 10.
8:04 am
71 is the high. today, sunny skies and a loverly afternoon with winds out of the northeast, 5 to 10 miles an hour and since that time, bob kelly, 6:36. days are getting shorter. >> yes, delays getting longer we're shut down on the blue route 476. here's medical helicopter i told you would be landing in northbound lanes exactly what happened. just a few moments ago. and this is a live look at the north bound lanes of 476 closed between st. davids,ville november and schuylkill. an accident involving overtur overturned vehicle serious enough. you can't bet it's eye serious crash. all northbound lanes are closed now and we're bumper to bumper from pretty much route 3 in expressway. here's a still shot of the
8:05 am
helicopter when it went in for a planning over 476. if you get ready to leave the house forget the blue route. best bet, 320, 252 as you make your way through neighborhoods. 30 minute delays west trenton, media and paoli thorndale lines because of early morning signal problems and equipment problems on septa this morning. mike, alex, back over to you. >> 8:05 a man and woman just before midnight it took them 35 minutes to not down the flames. fire yiingters put them out of the home. it was too late. takes of the fire is still under investigation. >> and in allentown we now know it was a 17-year-old boy killed during a double shooting last night. police say it happened 9 p.m. along the 400 block of ninth street the 17-year-old and woman were sitting in his car when someone started shooting
8:06 am
at one of the windows and the woman was shot and taken to the hospital with unknown injuries. police are looking for a note. >> strong winds, heavy rains and dangerous storm surge is spreading as matthew continues. >> this storm slammed into haiti big time and eastern tip of cuba most infected. newspaper called and in philadelphia they shared this with us from haiti. take a look at this. [ screaming ]. >> wow. >> you can hear the people there. with thus morning journalist mary-jo receive from the inform ter you moved from haiti but was there in july. >> what did you see. let's go back when was earthquake how many years ago.
8:07 am
>> 2010. >> six years ago and hurricane four years ago. >> yes. >> what does country look like. >> it's not that nice. >> no? >> and infrastructure is not good and situation is real lay largeing. >> and then look at footage from yesterday afternoon. the infra stuck turz not well. >> it's a mess and there's no help from the government and the people are by themselves. >> why no help from the government. are they devastated by the two disasters. >> yes, yes. >> how can we help. how baiing is haitian communicate any philly. >> according to some information we get 40 to 50,00 50,000. >> is that right. >> here in philadelphia, i would. >> we know there's been some deaths in haiti. five people died and they're surveying damage. have you been if touch with family members and everyone over there.
8:08 am
>> they're okay except my family on wife's side house is destroyed. but they're okay. they're okay. >> house is gone? >> house is gone. >> seems to me it's mostly floodwaters are causing biggest problem. >> yes, actually. >> because the wind comes and goes and this will last probably for years. >> absolutely. and there will be. >> they have no help from the government to rebuild. >> is it money issue. >> it's not money issue we have money in haiti it's corruption. >> corruption. >> people use the money for their own and don't want to help the community or corp races. >> was there not supposed to be election. >> it will be delayed indefinitely because there's a bridge that connects and there's no bridge. so there would be no way to
8:09 am
communicate via car. >> it is based in port au prince. >> i hesitate to give money. don't want to go with cument governments. if you want to help you can go through the government anyway. >> red cross a good option. >> red cross is good way to g go. look at that. >> yeah. >> my god. >> what do you think about what you see this and the damage. >> devastating and country is already in bad situation. it's not good at all for us. >> i was looking even today there's more than 50,000 people still living in shelters from the earthquake that happened 6 years ago. >> 6 years ago still because the help you guys provide they go through mental health organizations and government and some of the people misuse
8:10 am
that money. >> keep the best to your family. >> tough laws for local football team. there's no play -- well one play that they'll never forget what a blind player gets the ball, scores a touchdown. he and his mother are in our studio and he's from our area. he lives right here. >> amazing. >> let's get to karen. >> i have a new job, guys, yeah, i am. i'm working right now, luke's i decided i wanted to get a new job lukes coffee shop the line outside coming all the way in and all the i what around and where you get free coffee and and all the i what around and where you get free coffee and we'll be writing back.
8:11 am
katie v/o: she works hard. she stays late. but she gets paid 21% less than her male coworkers. pat toomey has voted time after time against equal pay for women, against pay that helps hard working families get ahead. katie o/c: for my daughters and yours, i'll fight for equal pay for women. families need it; you've earned it.
8:12 am
katie v/o: i'm katie mcginty, and i approve this message because it's your turn to get ahead. i can't believe gus, you're not scared are you? you're the second most famous groundhog in pennsylvania. i don't like thunder! (bashfully) this is getting creepy! (sfx: loud thunder clap) grrrr, did you say creepy? creepy cash? the new instant game from the pennsylvania lottery. yeah, with top prizes of 50 grand. that's a monster of a prize. keep on scratchin'
8:13 am
>> 8:13 good morning everybody jam on owe the blue route 476 northbound because of accident. we had to land a medical helicopter in the northbound lanes between st. david and schuylkill expressway. look at this almost 2 hour parking lot.
8:14 am
that's right, 115 minutes on the blue route between 95 and schuylkill expressway. now helicopter landed. taking off with the injured. we wish them the best of luck. but only one lane on here north on the blue route as you head to the schuylkill expressway. look at this. jammed from 95 up folks hayat hayat boumeddieneing out where bowing out while they k this is another incident northbound lanes 202 near paoli 222 in the back behind the sign here. watch for delays. 30 minute delays on west trenton and media and paoli thorndale line and this is picture sent to me by my sister-in-law of the gas line she's sitting in at hilton head as folks are trying to evacuate with matthew on the way and track of manning uhow it's changing sue has the answer track of manning uhow it's changing sue has the answer coming up in 15 seconds
8:15 am
sgrvr september, october, big month for hurricanes because water in the atlantic is so warm. matthew was a 4, 5 and now category 3 and it's expected to strengthen as it moves north. it's eye is norm of cuba and moving as we predicted through bahamas strengthening to dangerous category 4 hurricane and maintaining status as it gets close to miami and rest of east coast of florida. and now we look at projection after that. it weakens a little bit and stays parallel to coast and with this area of uncertainty as we call it where it could go
8:16 am
either way further inland is even more devr stating a little further out to the east means a little better of a forecast. but we see all the computer models now have this storm by sunday and monday missing us completely and perhaps looping baca round. we have to just still continue to keep a close eye on the storm. nothing on radar there and temperatures if you have not walked out the door yet are a little cooler than yesterday, 5p degrees in philadelphia. in the 40s to the north of us headed to high of 71 later today. and lovely warm for thursday and friday. some rain in the forecast for saturday. and so far looks good for first alzheimer's walk of the season in atlantic city meeting up at boardwalk hall on sunday morning. but we'll keep a close eye, alex and mike on matthew. >> sue, did you watch gilmore girls back in the day. >> i was not a gilmore girl.
8:17 am
>> my daughters have. >> i have seen an episode or two. >> they're bringing it back for four episodes and in celebration of that there's free coffee. you can see the line where karen hepp is. explain where you can get more cover he. >> this looks good. >> taken over by the j crew catalog. >> look, baby. >> i never want to hear that out of your mouth. >> yellow ball. >> yellow dog. >> yellow ball. >> luke's diaper that was popular occasion for the vo. >> they're recreating duke's diaper at a few places in the delaware valley. karen where are you with the line. >> photographer jared and i came up here -- oh, goodness it's fine. >> in the control room. >> i think there's something wrong. >> you can hear me. >> can you hear me now. >> go ahead, karen. >> so i'm at the university ever pennsylvania and photographer jared and i came around this corner. would you look, we said oh, my
8:18 am
goodness there were all of these gilmore girl fans out here. i saw one way tee shirt on. you have the right one on. >> luke's coffee. >> what do you think about the show coming up. >> i'm excited i cannot wait good clearly a lot of people cannot wait. thank you so much. these are all of the people coming out one to get free coffee and who doesn't like free and this is actually hub bub is the actual coffee shop. today until noon it's officia officially luke's. ill show you the crowd. come on guys. >> nice to meet you. >> how are you. >> good. >> here's the sign that his luke and people inside. >> okay, hi ladies. >> this is owner of the coffee shop. drew cracken good morning. >> good morninging. >> can you believe this
8:19 am
resglons it's pretty awesome. i knew there were gilmore girls following to see it in person it's cool. >> you have the cup here. what do they get when they come in today. >> we're give ago way first 250 coffees. but there will be cups for rest of day. you know as long as supplies last. >> are you through the 250 cups of coffee already. >> i don't know off the top of my head. we have to be getting close. it's been pretty busy in here. >> the thing about the cup if i get the cup i'm coming here. >> there's a quote from the snap chat filter and quote on the cup. >> we have luke here in case you want to get your picture taken with luke and i think this is cool back in the day the show ran 10 years ago. no man buns i didn't realize there was a thing. >> they're back. >> so guys if you want to go to luke's 17 and arch and
8:20 am
radnor and up until noon it is luke's. >> if you're a fan of the show -- >> would you wait over an hour for eye cup of coffee. >> i'm not a big coffee drinker any way. they're doing it because they're nostalgic of the gilmore girls. >> and a widow fights over the right to use your husband's frozen sperm and why she has a chance to get pregnant with her and. >> the chef brian duvry is here making it happen. forget boring broccoli and builter for a side -- you i don't know what this will. >> roasted butter nut salad fresh mozarella and end of summer tomatoes and aruing la.
8:21 am
>> come right back we'll show summer tomatoes and aruing la. >> come right back we'll show you how he's making it. approve this message. i'd look her right in that fat ugly face of hers. she's a slob. she ate like a pig. a person who's flat chested is very hard to be a 10. does she have a good body? no. does she have a fat [expletive]?
8:22 am
absolutely. do you treat women with respect? i can't say that either.
8:23 am
8:24 am
you hear about the vandalism in the fairmont section of city. >> dozens of cars vandalized where you are now steve? >> let's me show you, police are here now. you can see this woman trying to do the right thing getting electric car. she came out as we arrived and look at her window. chris will walk now down the street. it's not just her car. he'll walk down the street and show us other cars. to the left look at volkswagen back window chris to the left. we'll look at this volkswagen. this owner has not come out yet and on the conner above the stop sign the honda owner has come out and already but a bag and tape on their window and you see the police on conner here he told me as many as 50 cars so far counted here in the ninth district fairmont section and sixth district we know so well in chinatown. just off the parkway center street and expressway somebody
8:25 am
and i'll try not to the curse on the air somebody got jollies off by ruining people's days this is hundreds of dollars. ki tell you firsthand after having my windshield smashed on 95 di debris 450 bucks, 500 deductible tape was all out of my pock eliminate. not kout be being late to work and late to taking kids to school and all other inconveniences that's what people think is fun in philadelphia. and people watch the though every day and no, i tire slashings and this drives us nuts. the kopsz on normal patrol started seeing it and thought it was break ins. this is break into the car look at the window you can see where it's smashed we go where we started on ford electric car. you're smashing that window not to break in and steal stuff but
8:26 am
to do damage and ruin somebody's life for a bit of time. this is a financial windfall -- these aren't thieves. she has a baby seat in the bac back. and guy i talked to had two cars windows smashed by his house and he thinks he has it on video. and hopefully he has a clear picture of this. we know this happens at night. people usually cover their fac face. someone went down the street with heavy pole and slashed victim for fun. >> can i borough your hammer. >> could you mean, driving? >> trying to get ready for work and head in and it's smashed. >> really. yeah. >> it's time to take the pledge against domestic violence.
8:27 am
how you can join the philadelphia movement. we have a rally today over by city hall and i get to emcee the event. city hall and i get to emcee the event. i love these people. i survived breast cancer. if the doctors hadn't caught it early i might not be sitting here. so i'm outraged that pat toomey voted to defund planned parenthood... which thousands of pennsylvania women depend on for cancer screenings. pat toomey was even willing to shut down the federal government to eliminate funding for planned parenthood. shut down the government over planned parenthood? i think we ought to shut down pat toomey. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
8:28 am
when i was one year old, i was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer on my spinal chord. but i spent my whole life fighting back. so you can imagine what i thought when i saw donald trump say... "i don't know what i said, ah, i don't remember!" "that reporter he is talking about suffers from a chronic condition that impairs movement of his arms." i don't want a president who makes fun of me. i want a president who inspires me, and that's not donald trump. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> 8:30 we talked about this question before. can men and women be just friend. how about this, though, one doctor is stirringp a controversy because he says no. why it can damage our romantic relationship. and no sympathy. fashion icon carl lawinger feld mraimingz kim kardsahian forgetting robbed. why she should not be surprised she was targeted. >> men in our area taking a stand against domestic violenc violence. >> doing so by making a pledg pledge. >> i have my sharpie ready. >> i'm the community educator at the luj earn settlement
8:31 am
house. >> they've been around since 1902. >> men around a long time domestic violence program been around since 70s. >> we're starting to have an affect you know what i mean. >> good to see you again. >> yes. >> i'm the chairman of board of lsh right now. >> sort of. >> but that's things that is most important to me right now. >> what are new real life. >> lawyer with one of the big law firms. >> why are you involved. >> because lsh does tremendous stuff as a man we have key responsibilities. you can never do it and can't ignore it if you see it. you have to step up. i believe in its it's a social message we can solve. >> my name is robin worker. >> and we have a rally, 11 to 1. and let me tell you location.
8:32 am
i'll emcee this things. 11 to 1 across city hall on jfk boulevard. it's where game pieces are. some call it frank rizzo plaza. you know where it s what's idea of the pledge. jorming, why don't you -- by the way george was number one thank you for signing this number one signature. as you read come here and let people read the pledge. ralph what does it say. >> it says fundamentally you never use violence in any way in a family situation and you never tolerate it if you see nip else doing it. it's a pretty simple -- the pledge is longer than that but fundamentally we as men have a responsibility to. >> maybe if people come they'll read it and sign. >> they can network and use
8:33 am
soys voices to speak out and makes sure violence stops. >> a pledge is a man making sure he'll never doe these things and call it out if i see it. >> this is the third time i'm going to sign it. i'm a big believer. >> we love your support all it time. >> thank you. >> yes, indeed. >> i like to stand with the boyish art there i like to live over there. see you at 11. >> thank you so much, take the pledge. sue, it look like it will be sunny while they're out there. >> we have a beautiful day in store. you can see it looks good. it's on ot cool side but getting better. we're keeping, of course, eyes on matthew the eye of the storm now moving north ward getting closer to bahamas and the path we predicted earlier with strength eping back to category four and more details coming up right now with bus stop buty
8:34 am
it's pretty and cooler and little kids you may want to do that if you have not gone outside yet. 57 in city and getting to 71. yeah, we promised you a nice average. you'll get one, sun seat time 6:36. it's wednesday. what about the weekend? and will matthew factor in at all? we'll let you know projected path of the storm coming up in a few minutes. bob kelly? >> what a mess on the blue route. >> things are getting better we had to land a medical helicopter and close the blue route all in the last hour. jammed swathmore to schuylkill expressway. the accident occurred between st. daivdz villanova and schuylkill expressway. they had to shut all trving down in northbound lanes to land the medical helicopter.
8:35 am
we're still over a four-hour parking lot 95 to schuylkill. don't through it all the side routes through half town and never ayou see delays there. 10 on paoli line and. >> thank you, bob, 8:35. a wid goes to fight over using her husband's frozen sperm and why she finally has a chance her husband's frozen sperm and why she finally has a chance get pregnant.
8:37 am
8:38 am
>> can we grow back to the airport shot of the look at the plane on the left look at the colors.
8:39 am
it's orange. is that southwest. i have never seen colors like that on an airplane. >> southwest aren't they red and blue. >> there's orange. >> it is southwest look at that. >> that's a new color scheme. >> is that the california flag on it it looks like on body of it. >> i don't know. >> today is last chance to get in on the south west airlines twice a year. fare sale. they're lovering one way fares as long as 49 southwest new international routes are included in sale and those fares range from 99 to $239. >> i have never flown overseas on southwest. >> i have not either. >> do they have where you fly backwards. >> some of the seats used to be backwards when the plane would take off your back was going up in the air. >> that would be flying backwards, yeah. >> i don't know. >> the plane is going forward.
8:40 am
>> you know we're american airlines family. >> you are. >> their headquarters is dallas. >> your mother works for them i through america down to miami. >> you did. >> how was your flight. >> perfect, lovely. >> except i will say. >> that remind me. >> extent what. >> i have pictures on the flight back. >> what kind of pictures. >> how do you get bumped to coach. >> i thought i was ready to go and they were gone. >> tickets. >> seat. >> wait, this doesn't make sense you went to airport and didn't have a seat on plane. >> they got over booked. something was mix-up. >> usual any over booked they make announcementp anyone want a voucher. >> it was not you specifically there. >> there was a complication it was my fault. >> you didn't book your ticket back. >> i screwed up. >> no you brought it up. >> i know.
8:41 am
>> what happened? this was in miami and you were stranded. >> i want to tell you the treatment between first class and coach even though i'm i maybe a. >> do they have the little curtain. >> i hate the curtain. >> is it still see through. >> i make them shut it again. >> if you want to use the bathroom you can't use first class bathroom. >> i'm four feet back. >> you can't pay for that honey. people are sold at this point. >> no, i'll explain. >> i'll do it on the air. >> good. >> i have picks. >> miami of plane? >> i took pictures in miami.
8:42 am
>> what does fear and gourds have in common. jeff can turn it into something yummy. >> we'll do fancy stuff this morning. >> come back we're saving you time and money and making you look good. time and money and making you look good. >> beer and produce, have fun♪ redid you say 97?97! yes. you know, that reminds me of geico's 97% customer satisfaction rating. 97%? helped by geico's fast and friendly claims service. huh... oh yeah, baby. geico's as fast and friendly as it gets. woo! geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more.
8:43 am
taste the many sides of brookside.
8:44 am
smooth dark chocolate outside. exotic fruit flavor inside. brookside. for all your sides.
8:45 am
brookside. >> hi we had last update on hurricane matthew 8 this morning and the last one the big update and revisal of the forecast and track of storm will come 11:00 this morning. so i'll go live "fox29" facebook page. so make sure you like our fox 29 facebook page and shortly after 11:00 once we get data and we can interpret it we'll see what's up for the weekend. meantime it's category 3 hurricane with 115 mile an hour winds and expected to strengthen again as it moves north ward. there's the eye of the storm east of cuba or eastern tip of cube and strengthening to a four. and maintaining four status as it goes parallel toll east coast of florida and then as we move up to georgia and then
8:46 am
eventually south carolina and north carolina and we see it maintains two status and there's cone of uncertainty. best news for us, that sharp right east ward turn deepz away for the weekend. that can change. our radar is quiet now. let's look at 7-day forecast. 71 today and rain up related to matthew saturday. if we don't get anything from mastracchio matthew it's all systems go for alzheimer's walk on sunday and high of 66 monday and tuesday sundown is jewish holiday of yom kippur and we have everything for you in the 7 day forecast. >> thanks for listening. >> she saving us time. >> there's jen. >> she's saving us time. let's look at fall produce and
8:47 am
something even kids will eat. >> i confess to mike and i a couple weeks ago i was with broccoli you have to kick it up a notch. >> you have to have more fwun broccoli. >> begin with what we begin with. >> favorite things to do with potato hasselbeck it's ridged potato take knife and cut really, really thin in potato to create ridges so i don't cut all the way through. bake 45 minutes, 350 degrees fresh rosemary nice salt on top makes a great dish. >> this right here was dish we made earlier roasted builter nut squash fresh mozarella and roasted it in beer. this is october fish which is awesome stuff. >> then a take a little honey
8:48 am
or tweezers and tongz and do a little drizzle over it. >> and without a stickyicy mess. >> now we'll do a version of pad tie and use spaghetti squash. we'll go super crazy. here's how the dish is done. we'll take little bit of sesame oiling in bottom of pan and now take shrimp. these are small. i bought them at acme they were $5. super cheap. now take brussel sprouts. >> really? >> brussel sprouts get them in and put them down and shataki mushrooms and then a french spice. no ginger. i put that as well. give that a quick toss. let it sit for a second. i need your fork. now i have my fork for my
8:49 am
spaghetti squash okay. >> you cut lengthwise and bake it. >> i cut lengthwise and bake it and now i have to just take my fork and pull it over. >> that's not real. >> it's look a glass noodle or forming of ling weany. >> it feels cash tastic without all that stuff in ther there. >> i skop it through and i get amazing moodlees and nad little rice whine vinegar for acid. >> if you can't keep track it's on >> it's like a white so i and has sit trous it. and this here is oyster sauce i cannot on because my hands are sticky and wet and you take oyster sauce and give it a little shake in. >> i would buy all this stuff and it sits in my cabinet. >> i pulled this out of my cabinet and now know i have to
8:50 am
buy more rice whine vinegar. we give that a nice stir and toss altogether like this. >> we should mention we're at the -- what's the name. >> kitchen in the reading terminal. >> can i tell you something my hate when i make chinese. now we have you covered. >> it looks like delivery. >> the last thing we do for a little color we'll take arugula and toss right in. and anybody who loves my favorite movie my blue heaven it's a vebetable. >> all of that together like that. that's my version of a pad ta inches that happens super fast. >> and kids can still goat soccer practice. some this is literally like 4 minutes. get your work donna head of time. have fun with this get it all done. some see us at the flying fish
8:51 am
craft house. >> he's opening up a restaurant. >> i am in brewerytown. >> flying "fishtales. >> ki come. >> yes. >> this and this and this, right you cannot stop. >> i'm a big fan of spaghetti squash. >> you are? >> i am. >> chef duffy is making it -- >> he could turn my shoe into a gourmet meal. >> let's have him do that i would love to see you heat your shoe. >> you would? >> you always have your into the your mouth anyway. >> i was sitting on a beach thinking of things coye say to mike and all the things i wanted to say and now i'm back. now you better get ready. >> what did you say my shoe would be soul food. >> that's a good one. >> we're back, baby. >> have you ever had tongue? shoe strings -- >> no you cannot keep going i don't have any more. >> don't be a heel [ laughter
8:52 am
]. >> a play no one will forget. a mind football player once again scores here he's mind. also has difficulty hearing. there he goes. scores touchdown. here's here. his mom is here and i'll tell you which high school in our his mom is here and i'll tell you which high school in our area he goes to.
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
>> 8:5 a5 breaking news out of overbrook section of city. >> scary moments after home invasion, dave? >> a home invasion that happened 5 a.m. here on 5600 block of woodbine avenue in overbrook. this is area right here looks like some apartments here. you can see the police tape and also this entrance right in this way with this all taking
8:56 am
place police are looking at two suspects all dressed in black armed with gun we're told around 5:00 in the morning or so they had broken in with armed with a gun and broke into this private residents and they duck taped a woman as they took her 6dz blue or green hyundai sonata aand took her wallet and iphone and ipad and fortunately no injuries were reported and we're told again police are looking for two suspects here. they don't have specific description of them yet. but this was a 5 a.m. home invasion a woman who was duct taped apparently while thieves took her cellphone -- or i should say took iphone and ipad and wallet and her suv as well. so police are on the hunt looking for these people and we'll give you an update throughout the day "fox29". back to you. >> okay. >> and thank you for that. god, can men and women just be
8:57 am
friends? i think so, yeah. >> one doctor is stirring up couldn't versusy because he says, no. this is the classic friends episodes also the classic when harry met sally. why he says this researcher can damage our pro mantic relationships if we try to just stay friends. you hear that alex. stay friends. you hear that alex. >> i hear that.
8:58 am
i can't believe we're doing this. gus, you're not scared are you? you're the second most famous groundhog in pennsylvania. i don't like thunder! (bashfully) this is getting creepy! (sfx: loud thunder clap) grrrr, did you say creepy? creepy cash? the new instant game from the pennsylvania lottery. yeah, with top prizes of 50 grand. that's a monster of a prize. keep on scratchin'
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♪ >> well, sure, it is hip-hop, you have to hip-hop award. >> this ain't drip drop this is hip-hop. >> yes. >> hip-hop award, top moments, a lot of people said last night was


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