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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  October 5, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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♪ >> well, sure, it is hip-hop, you have to hip-hop award. >> this ain't drip drop this is hip-hop. >> yes. >> hip-hop award, top moments, a lot of people said last night was really big for
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philly. >> i agree at one point there were close to ten till i artists on stage. >> big music town. >> people are recognizing it. >> do you want to recognize. recognize karen hepp. >> of course, good morning, guys. >> i love this outfit. >> now look at her, we are a combination of the blue, orange, and, and, blue orange. >> yes. >> and black. >> yes. >> that is cool. >> earlier when i saw karen because you looked like a -- i said what are you, you said mark rofco, mark rofco and you are basically wearing a canvas. >> paint all over he. the odd thing is, also, about this dress i just ordered this, this weekend and i saw it on saturday night live, i don't know if you remember from the skit. >> which skit. >> hillary clinton and donald trump. i am watching, laughing out loud how funny it is and watching them recreate the debate with alex baldwin.
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she's got that same ugly dress i bought. there is that ugly dress. >> why did you buy it? it is not ugly. >> i thought it was cool. but in a different setting. >> well, megan, kitkat will can i will fine that because we just played that yesterday, right. >> replay. >> saturday night live was are funny while were you out of town. >> yes. >> okay. >> best things about the weekend, weekend shows, on good day, when we come bank. >> next day. >> it is wednesday, october 5th, 2016. you know that. no sympathy, fashion icon karl lagger felt, who has the best, shirt colors ever, and i need them, he blames kim kardashian forgetting rob. >> wow. >> why he says she should not be advised she was targeted, in that paris hotel room. plus this. >> that is awesome. awesome, awesome, awesome. >> oh, hand.
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>> not for reason you might think, this is a blind football player, okay. he hade a huge touchdown, he will join us in the studio to talk about this off the told. >> he is a senior at pottstown. sure, they got smoked by pottsgrove but that was the best play of the day. >> everybody is talking about this moment here. >> by the way, you can see him here with his hotter as a matter of fact. >> hi, jen. >> it is too early. >> it is too early. we just got started. so we're in the reading terminal market and i have found this guy. he is 100 percent crazy. this is that personal trainer and 50 percent baker. that is right, he is a trainer but he will let us eat bread. you will want to check this out. he we love it. we are going to audubon. he will put the some produce in the bread. by the way he is 100 percent crazy. >> you go out to the restaurant these days do you want basket of bread? it looks so good.
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>> it the is always good. >> but sometimes trying to keep your weight down, no, do you want more bread. no more bread. this is bread, you do not feel guilt bye eating. you can put ingredient in bread that is somewhat healthy. >> i love bread. it the is my favorite part, dip it in the oil. >> yes. >> do you remember that. >> it is almost okay to do anything, i do it. >> i love bread. >> yes. >> but i think that is because she was doing weight watchers. >> okay. the here's something, let's just get this over with, all right. you know how things trenton line, you know, what is trending? this discussion is trending, it a peers you just can't be friend with someone on the opposite sex according to this doctor, not that dude. he says it is just not possible. this has been debated, forever, karen. >> actually, i agree. someone always has era tension behind it. this come from a doctor, author, mental health
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specialist says couples should not turn to people of the opposite sex, for their friendships because they should be turning to each other. said a friend needs a need for closeness with someone of the opposite sex it gets this is way of your primary relationship and makes you be more distant with your partner. >> karen hepp, we will start with you. have you ever had a close, best friend, who was male, and that you have never kissed. >> yes, but somebody always wants to. >> he wanted to kiss you you. >> someone always want to. i think that they always have have. i don't know if that doctor is right. i think one person doesn't have to answer all of your needs in life. you can have separate interests and separate things. i don't think my husband is my best friend on everything. >> does he have a best friend who is female. >> well, no. >> let's just stop right now. >> don't play that. >> that is the thing you made me want to leave, new
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relationships, yes. he is talking on the phone but problem in the relationship. you realize he can lay down and all he could think about was the girl he was on the phone with. >> did you see footage of the woman face timing, skypeing, isn't face time what skype used to be. she's skypeing with her boyfriend, i miss you so much, you know, she's out of town. and a guy, in just a towel walks behind her. >> no. >> yes. >> no big tiehl. >> just a friend. >> yes. >> explain that one away. >> i have very close female friend, her name is lisa, i can tell her anything. there was never anything going on. >> never, never happen. >> one night we were both doing a job, both staying at waldorf as story in new york city and she showed up at my apartment. we talk about the the show tomorrow. at the end do you want me to stay. >> no, no, no, absolutely not.
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>> aim he trying to think back, is there anybody. always one of you kind of want to get with the other one. >> otherwise you wouldn't spend that much time. >> i wouldn't waste my time. >> if there is a guy friend or someone i'm cool with. is he talking on the phone? he checking in on you. no man wants to be doing all that unless they think they get some type of return. really, hike. do you still stand by that statement. >> i still stand by that. >> what if they are nice, conversation, he thinks he is going to, you know, that is the only reason. >> it the is like putting gasoline in somebody else's car. >> seriously. >> i'm just saying. >> why can't a man enjoy conversation and leave it the at that. why does it always have to be something more. >> i agree with you, why can't we. we need to see psychologists. i just think some of these dudes are talking to you for two hours at a time at night, you know what i mean.
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>> who puts in that kind of time if there isn't potential of romance. >> and here i was thinking we both enjoyed gillmore girls. >> there are guys in your life who go shopping with you, go to the mall. >> what? >> who are you thinking about. >> it is not me. >> well, we have code names for everybody so it seems. >> okay. >> is it possible. >> i don't think it is at all. i don't think my husband would never do anything like that with me. that stuff people do in the beginning. i used to make him do rock climbing, you know, first date thing. >> you made your husband go antiquing with you. >> wow never do that. never go shopping. >> he would when you were dating. >> in the beginning they would do anything. >> how about this, you know, i do all this triathlon. >> trying to impress her husband by running triathlons. >> yes. >> because he does that.
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>> yes. >> you know. >> you got the engagement ring and wedding ring. >> have you done it, when was last time did you a triathlon. >> not since i had quinn as a baby, maybe one after. that i did philly triathlon. i have a picture of me, that is why i know. >> i'm a good swimmer. >> i am a good swimmer and good biker. >> yes. >> one of my best friends is a guy. >> who is that. >> is he attractive? is he gay. >> he doesn't play on our team >> yes. >> male and your best friend. >> and study the exact same thing, even for the gay couple, that if they are spending time, too much time with somebody else that they might be, they cannot just have friend either is what i'm trying to say. >> gay man can't just have a gay man as a friend. >> correct. >> that is what they said.
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>> i don't know. >> i like to think we can all be more mature and have more self control. >> i wish that too. >> how is that working out. >> it is not working out. >> okay. >> i will not say this i will just put up the paper because, i do want to work for the daily news and than in the head line writing department, so you know kim kardashian got robbed of ten million-dollar worth of jewelry. that is their head line. who robbed kim of ten million-dollar in jewelry. do you know the story by now, and it broke while on vacation. whole world was talking about it. kim remains silent after being held at gunpoint by five guys that she says in her hotel room in paris, karen. >> trench police are still looking for those five suspected gunman who rob the reality star with ten million-dollar worth of jewelry because she has big picture of her and her rings and everything. so now she's back at home. she has not talk about what had happened but other people
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because we all like to talk and gossip. you were showing them off. karl laggerfield famous channel designer said she should not have displayed her wealth and be surprised someone else wants to share it with her. she requested why she didn't have security with her at the time of the incident. >> i know why. >> why. >> her security detail took her sisters. >> kendell and courtney. >> yes, to a nate club so they could dance the night away. >> yes. >> leaving her alone in her hotel room. >> now there is a they are that i somebody at the hotel knew about this, and the security guards were gone, and they mask guys could move? >> inside job. >> i would think. they have great jewelry heists, at least in movies and real life too huge jewelry and art heists. >> thomas crown affair. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> anyway, lets get back to this, it is not blaming the victim. i'm not fan of kim or any of them.
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but is she does have a -- kanye gave her a second wedding ring, 15 carat. >> huge. >> that might be worth. >> ten million-dollar. >> itself. >> yes. >> it is not normal kind of blame victim. they tell you when you go to vacation you are not supposed to write on vacation i'm on vacation come rob my house. that is tip off to people i'm not at home. i've got all this jewelry on my body. here's where i'm staying. >> she even admitted that she nap chatted the ring. >> yes. >> but that is what people do nowadays they take stuff especially for kardashians they get paid. look at this, you know, lotion that i use now, i love it. she's always advertising. that is way she showcases herself. >> showcase yourself, to these companies that she snap chats and instagram pictures of paid her money to do it. >> that is her business. >> what do you do now in now she's out this 15 carat ring. kanye said he would buy her another one. >> wow. >> so, yes.
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>> must be nice. >> she doesn't want it. >> weigh in on twitter. >> didn't he just cancel a concert. >> he postponed it, it will be december 13th. >> it is now tuesday, december . >> um-hmm. >> if you have it, is it okay to flaunt it? >> well, why have it if you cannot wear it. >> it is so extravagant. >> maybe she should have it in a lock box. >> well, i have it. >> i don't know. >> i think you should be able to wear it but people will want it. it is something like girl olympics or something, i got this thing. >> my parents do this, where ever they go travel my mother wears a fake ring and leaves a real one at home in a lock box, that way if something, special occasion, because they had someone design the rings and person passed away. if something happens they cannot get them fixed. i have seen her wear her real wedding ring really i can count on one hand, very
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special occasions, everything else she has another ring on. >> left hand. >> her wedding ring. >> which hand do you wear your wedding ring on. >> left. >> left. >> you don't know this. >> i can never remember. >> that is how you know you are a single guy, you don't even know. >> i cannot tell the difference between fake diamond and real diamondy could not either. >> what is the point. >> why can't i get a cheapy. this is why, i don't know why. >> there is guys agreeing saying none of us, come up friend, and none of us are that nice. >> yes. >> we will go to weather because it is important today. is this another stall job? what are we doing after you. >> we're going to load quincy harris in. >> probably, he is hanging around the studio. >> plus let me give you the seven day forecast, and we will talk about matthew, on
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facebook live at 11:00 o'clock on the fox 29 facebook page. make sure it is shortly after 11:00 when we get next update from the national hurricane center. i will be discussing that then. in the meantime we've got beautiful wet's ahead in the 70's for high temperatures, today, tomorrow, and friday. saturday, chance of a shower, nothing to do with matthew. we will still watch matthew for the weekend but as you probably heard all morning the computer models have taken quite a turn, away from frustra, for the weekend, and of course, it is still early, that could change so we will keep an eye on. that columbus day looks sunny and cool, and a high of 66 degrees. so, that is a look at the seven day forecast, again next update from the hurricane center on matthew is at is 11:00 and i will go facebook live. >> you go facebook live at 11:00. >> right after the update. >> some of the country's hottest hip-hop artists
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stepping out on stage for bet hip-hop award. >> can i just say, we will give a hello to everyone that performed from philadelphia last night. >> yes. >> we have core, mix jade, petey, sparks, nef, freeway, beanie segal, yas, yas the greatest, breezy, chocolate dropa, and dj drama if i forgot anyone a pol guys. >> wow. >> a lot. >> that is a lot. >> it is like philly hip-hop award. >> because they were doing, and he performed on stage but philly has a lot of wrappers. >> what was your best moment. >> i didn't get to see it. >> can i just say one, before we get to the philly, ti. >> yes. >> he was great. >> i love had ti is doing. he is finally using his voice, for power. >> yes. >> a lot of people like my
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chain, my watch, my car, my girl, i got the her, i cook her. this one was about police brutality and he touched on another just issues in his new album. >> let's listen. >> ♪ >> he just released his new album and this song is really good. i like when they take a stand. >> he wasn't the only one, there was also another performance people are talking about yesterday, and he was in a police uniform and a he was using a broken word piece about a lot of people talking about that yesterday. >> we will talk about the black panthers too. >> beanie. >> beanie came out. beanie came out with petey, sparks, nice, and freeway and
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he did this. >> ♪ >> can you explain. >> okay. it goes back to the early days of hip-hop, you get around and have been is just rapping. >> it is free style. >> it is free style. >> this is too good to be written. i'm not saying they are not good but this is written. they get together. this is what hip-hop award are known for. they put wrappers together you have seen before together and they come together, they rap off the same beat, and they hot fire. >> yes. >> did you like that. >> yes. >> do you think kevin hart.
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>> well, kevin hartist but chocolate dropa is. >> it is the same. >> his alter ego. >> he showed up last night. >> with his shirt off. >> ♪ >> beautiful. >> yes. >> that is where you have too much money and you can do whatever you want. >> so wants to be a rapper though. >> but, those lyrics can never, he can never be a rapper. it is just bad. lil wayne was good. what they have put together, karen was a battle, okay. you have one people battle like smack dvd's yo, i take
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your brain, and do this to it, so, lil wayne came on out who is one of the best wrappers, he had his lyrics first and then chocolate dropa did that which was in the really good. it is funny because it is kevin hart. >> yes, he is a comedian. >> you are not still doing your momma jokes. >> no. >> nowadays if you do that someone can get hurt. >> yes. >> we don't want to get hurt. >> i was doing this in the car with my son on the the way to the beach. we were doing little rap battles because they were making finch each other in the back. >> yes. >> and the bombs, we were like back and forth. >> give her a beat. >> here we go. >> the pressure is too much. >> and... >> no, stop it. >> you cannot tell us if you
9:21 am
rap in the car and cannot rap here. >> my son, who happen to be nine and seven, easily impressionnable and i will not lose my credibility. >> my mom's driving. >> yes. >> she's hungry, all i need is a back of my juice box. >> holler. >> i'm sorry, guys. >> you guys know me, or previous life a pol guys for just what happened here. it shouldn't have happened. >> we can give her some pointers. >> i had to watch the debate. >> i was going back and forth. >> yes. >> some people think, it is on empire or not as another just when it comes to hip-hop, how do you do that. >> yas did good. you guys got to know he was a real rapper, before empire, you know, empire, they watered him down to fit in the role. >> that is why, because his
9:22 am
real name is bryshere. >> yes. >> ♪ >> so they have a in addition movie coming out. >> it is bet produced it, yas is playing, michael in the background. and breezy, hoist also from philly on empire she played michael bevins cousin so old new addition tie in. >> see you at noon. >> yes. >> good show. >> hey, sick of your partner stealing the covers? oh, man i have an issue. new invention that may get your peaceful night sleep for you. people rip your covers off off. >> every night?
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oh approve this message.
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i'd look her right in that fat ugly face of hers. she's a slob. she ate like a pig. a person who's flat chested is very hard to be a 10. does she have a good body? no. does she have a fat [expletive]? absolutely. do you treat women with respect? i can't say that either.
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collette 25. >> when you sleep does your partner constantly steel the blankets and covers, wake up and you are all cold and everything. >> yes. >> snuggled up like a pig in the blanket. well, cover hog keep it the from getting a peaceful night rest. one company said it found a perfect solution. new invention called the cover clamp. do you see it there. it has a grip, covers it secures it. it hold it like mattress on your side of the bed, and it can withstand 50-pound of force according to the company. >> okay. >> no matter how strong he or she they cannot steel those covers with this cover clamp and goes for 20 to $25 on line. if you buy now you can get a second one free. >> yes. >> do you you need a sponsor. >> we have three minutes left. >> yes. >> buy now, and, a recipe book. >> yes. >> you have to pay for that. >> okay. >> zero bucks, would i get one of those. >> would you. >> i have an issue.
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i have a big issue. by the way, megan, kitkat, wilke could you rerack that footage. let's say, that is one of the most ugly comforters i have ever seen. not that one. wait until we get the color. but i think i may need this clamp. >> yes. >> i mean. >> there it is. >> it is colorful. >> it is paisley, do you remember that from the 80's. >> rich colors, yikes. >> what color is your comforter, mike. >> it is apple green as a matter of fact. >> really. >> very nice. >> mine is lavender. >> white, boring old white. >> that sound like you. >> yes, yes. >> when we come right back we will talk about something that is wonderful moment that just brought so many people together, and a football player, who cannot see scores
9:28 am
a touchdown and he is from our area, and he and his family are in the studio. >> yes. pottstown is proud. when i was one year old, i was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer on my spinal chord. but i spent my whole life fighting back. so you can imagine what i thought when i saw donald trump say... "i don't know what i said, ah, i don't remember!" "that reporter he is talking about suffers from a chronic condition that impairs movement of his arms." i don't want a president who makes fun of me. i want a president who inspires me, and that's not donald trump. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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>> ♪ >> okay. you heard a voice. you're about to meet him. a senior at pottstown high school gets the ball and runs 60 yards for a touchdown with three minutes left in the game. we have the footage. >> remarkable for any athlete but this player has been mind blind since the age of 10. >> going to put the blind guy in. that is awesome. awesome. >> that is cool. >> he oh, man. [laughter] >> that's what high school
9:32 am
sports are all about right there. >> sure s that's what high school sports is all about and pottstown senior marvin pierson is with us right now with his mom and dad. welcome marvin. >> thank you. thank you so much. >> he so, how did that feel? >> it definitely felt exhilarating running down the field and -- 'cause i've always been a fast guy and i always liked to run and given that opportunity i took it and i was happy. >> i guess the obvious question is how did you know where you were going. >> so basically me our quarterbacks owen morton and our other guys on the field we basically practiced that play extensively. the coach had us practice it and made sure i knew what i was doing and made sure i was kept safe at all times. >> he so how did you know when to start running though. >> number 44 earnest mccalvin i was told he was behind me the whole time trying to keep up with me. when i got to the end zone i heard five, 67 people yell stop so i slipped. >> nice. >> touchdown.
9:33 am
>> now you need a touch dance right. >> yeah i'm going to take on the dab by cam newton. >> right right. >> can't go wrong with the dab. >> oh, mom and dad so proud right mom. >> very much proud of him. >> wow. so, take us back how this all started. when he did he start to lose his sight. >> he started -- we noticed he starter losing his sight when he was in second grade. >> is my gosh. what was it. >> it was a matter of him going to the eye doctor's and marvin was always so playful so he wasn't sure if marvin was actually going blind or was he playing. i was telling the lady i spoke to yesterday i don't know if marvin remembers but i put his hat over his left eye just to see if the doctor was correct and sure enough marvin had immediately tripped over the curve. i knew that -- >> it was real. >> it was real. when did the other eye go then dad. >> that went about forth grade. that's when i started losing my vision in my one eye my left. my right eye they tried to save my vision. different laser surgeries tried to he preserve the
9:34 am
vision in my left eye. unfortunately it didn't work. >> what can you see? do you see light. >> yeah i have light perception. i can see lights and i'm blessed with at least that ability 'cause now i got to be waking up at 3 o'clock in the morning thinking it's morning. [laughter] >> thinking the sun is out. >> well, here's the thing though. when did you start wanting to play football? did you say hey dad i want to play. >> i basically -- you know i've always been that type of physical kid, i've always wanted to play. i wrestled when i was in fourth grade but i realized that's not enough for me. i what happened to play the sport i loved for so long. finally in seventh grade like they said in my youtube video when i was in seventh grade i went up to the coach and said i want to play football. >> once you realized these issues including a hearing issue dad you took him from pottstown to overbrook for special schools? >> well, he primarily lives
9:35 am
with his mother i'm a truck driver over the road. during that i maybe don't see him once a month if that so i can't take credit for anything. >> well -- >> this was mom. >> a little bit of credit. why did you go to pottstown. >> marvin felt it was more suited for him as well as i did and better prepare him for college. >> he missed his friends. >> right he missed his friends. he wanted to graduate with his class. >> makes sense. >> marvin i want to know what the coach said when you walked up and said hey i want to play football. >> the current coach. >> yeah. i called them back in july and at first they said they couldn't understand what i was saying like the number that i left so they was like when i called back they was saying they're happy i called back and that they were able to hear the number to be able to reach back out to me because they said they were intrigued by the fact that i wanted to play football and part of pottstown. >> number is 28. >> you said you wanted to keep that number or. >> what number, 28? >> yes. no, i meant my phone number.
9:36 am
>> he okay. >> they didn't understand the phone number. >> oh, okay. but then once you guys finally talked, i mean how does practice work? how do you know the plays. >> we -- there's certain plays we learn, certain plays they put me in. i'm primarily used as a feature power back for two-point conversions and in that situation it was just when i ran my touchdown that was just the opportunity and time, our team was -- it was a disappointing lose so basically the coach from pottsgrove he came out and he asked my coach are you going put the kid in? and of course my coach said you know, sure. that's what we'll do. >> hats off to pottsgrove, too. >> yeah. >> for being a parter of this. what do you want to do now? you're going to temple. >> i want to go to temple or kutztown university. >> temple has a good football team. >> temple does have a good football team. that's my favorite team. i'm hoping to get a track scholarship.
9:37 am
>> nice. >> what? >> so you run track too. >> yes, i do and i also -- >> what event. >> i run the one lunn to 200 and the 4x1. >> those are the big ones. >> he also wants to get into sports management. >> you want to go into sports management right. >> yeah. i want to become a sports agent. temple they have a great, great sports management program. >> you got a great personality you're a good talker. >> great sense of humor, too. >> got a good future in that business that's for sure. >> congratulations. >> great to meet youly. >> beautiful family. >> thank you. >> we'll stay in touch with you. number 28 we'll be watching you. >> 28 on 29. >> well, winning the fight. a widow goes to court over the right to use her husband's frozen sperm. why she finally has a chance to get pregnant. >> all right. >> ♪
9:38 am
i survived breast cancer. if the doctors hadn't caught it early i might not be sitting here. so i'm outraged that pat toomey voted to defund planned parenthood... which thousands of pennsylvania women depend on for cancer screenings. pat toomey was even willing to shut down the federal government to eliminate funding for planned parenthood. shut down the government over planned parenthood? i think we ought to shut down pat toomey. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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i would support legislation in pennsylvania that would ban abortion and i would suggest we have penalties
9:40 am
for doctors who perform them. would you put people in jail for performing abortions? at some point doctors performing abortions i think would be subject to that sort of penalty. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising.
9:41 am
>> ♪ >> see that woman she's talking there. she had a victory in court. let me explain this. a british woman whose husband died two years ago will be allowed to keep the frozen embree he yo's they created together. 42 years old samantha jeffries was told that her -- that after her husband died the embryos would only be stored for two years that time is up not the 10 years they had agreed to. what a difference. the case went before a british court which decided that her last chance to have a baby with her late husband should not be denied because of red tape. she should have access to those frozen embryos. >> that makes sense.
9:42 am
i thought it was because of a divorce. he's dead and she wants to be able to have his children some day. >> why did you have to think about that more than five minutes. when you go to a restaurant you say i don't want the bread don't push that basket of bread towards me. did you know you could make bread a little more healthy for you. >> and it's okay? we won't feel guilty about it? >> i don't think he so. jen is this possible. >> it is possible and wait for it. mr. man the single baker lieu vis personal trainer and baker sis you can make them in no time. we're going to save you some time, save you some money and save you some, you know. come on back. we'll give it up . >> [laughter]
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>> ♪ >> okay we are going explain this whole display. that's right that dress you have on does remind me of the family feud skit. >> the political edition kate mckinnon playing the strategist for the trump campaign so i saw that when we were looking at the clip on sunday morning i was like oh i just bought that dress. >> kell anne conway who she is playing right there. mitch molinaro right. >> correct. >> from a place called carlino's bakery in ardmore just dropped off a tomato pie. >> everyone has their favorite place. i think they're some of the best certainly in the entire valley daly. >> i like the mozzarella on the top. >> love the mozzarella. >> some of you saying bread,
9:46 am
is there any way you can make it in a healthy way. jen says yes. she found somebody who can do it and he's also a personal trainer. >> reporter: yes, okay, so this is my new friend louis. good morning. >> good morning. >> reporter: i love that you're a personal trainer. >> i am. >> reporter: baker. >> crazy. >> reporter: i am. >> are you a baker first i. >> i am. >> reporter: you want it to be healthier. >> i'm a baker but you don't want to give up everything with fitness giving up the gluten and all that so i wanted to incorporate things healthier. >> reporter: i said i'm not on the whole pumpkin bandwagon but you say you have to do one. the thing people hate about pumpkin you said is. >> the pumpkin spice. a lot of people get turned off by that pumpkin spice flavoring. i love clove. i think it's great for your body medicinal reasons for that but other than that i think people get turned off by
9:47 am
that too. this has nutmeg cinnamon greatd ginger with my micro plane take you have the skin put it in there, pumpkin,. >> what makes it healthy. >> what makes it healthy is we're using an oat flour. we use ap flower. if it says ap flour. >> white flour. >> white flour says a cup and a half. to substitute use a cup of the ap flower all purpose and then use other flower, oat flower. i made these at home using my coffee grinds. >> showoff. >> i am showoff. if you get a call from this lady you have to bring it. >> what is this. >> this is the almond bred. these are all quick breads, meaning they need no yeast. you're using baking powder and baking soda. >> there's two bowls. there's a wet bowl and a dry
9:48 am
bowl. >> wet bowl and dry bowl. you put all your wet ingredients in one all the dry in the other and mix them up. combine the two with a spatula or wooden spoon. you don't want to mix it. >> hurricane matthew is going to mess up everyone's stuff this weekend. you say you can make some of these quick breads and freeze them for later. >> freeze them which is great. >> that's what's great about the quick breads. they're great because the flavor gets better the next day. >> oh. >> which a lot of breads it's the opposite. you want to each eat fresh bread right away. >> that's really good. >> right. >> what's in this. >> this is going to be the almond bread. an almond quick bread. almonds, what else did i put in there? i don't remember. so, almonds the almond flour -- apricots. >> okay. >> turkish apricots really great for your body trying to get that fruit in there. look how beautiful this is. >> reporter: it is pretty.
9:49 am
>> even with the almond flour i'm still getting a nice bread. >> reporter: next thing is you said this thing cooks for an hour. >> cook for an hour. what i normally do -- mixing my two bowls excuse me jennifer i'm on my countertop doing my legs. i put my bands on i'm doing my legs, holding my core in. you got to hold that core in if you want to get it done. the last one is it's made with -- made with the whole wheat flower. cranberry chia seeds, i know you make that face, it's an ancient grain. ism there's a reason it's ancient. they retired it. >> no. cleopatra used it. >> reporter: just to be clear he said before we went on camera if it's dry lie about it. it's actually really good. i don't have to lie about it. i'm serious it's good. he did say --
9:50 am
>> i did say that because whole wheat flour dries things out. >> reporter: it's good. >> oils instead of using. >> reporter: okay. >> i agree. >> reporter: does he get to come back? i think he does. >> he brings it. >> he brings it. >> he does. >> he goes there until we do at forecast. i should do squats while i'm eating my tomato pie. >> that's good advice. when i am blowing out my air i do leg lifts. >> takes about an hour doesn't it. >> does take like an hour. it's a huge waste of time that's why i'm doing leg lifts, squats. >> i have to try that. >> "empire" airs tonight right. >> it does. >> and we have been waiting for this moment. mariah carey. >> is she on tonight. >> she's on tonight. >> i'll be watching. >> he she plays herself as her character tries to help jamaal. remember at the end of last season he got shot.
9:51 am
jussi smollett says he was able to hold it together while recording with mariah. >> i was very proud of myself because i didn't like mess up. i didn't like crack or anything like that because mariah was around. i handled myself in a classy way. >> a classy way. they have a song together called infamous available for download. check it out on "empire" right here on fox5 29. make sure you tweet with me. >> i heard that lady gaga is going to be at the super bowl. she's got some competition. somebody else wants to work her way onto our stage. >> from our area. >> she grew up around here. i'll tell you. >> i wonder who. >> plus a big announcement from tori spelling is. the bombshell baby news. we'll talk about that next. >> she still around? >> ♪
9:53 am
9:55 am
>> ♪ >> did you hear that. >> i want to talk about tori spelling first and her baby news. >> how many kids does she have? >> oh, tori right now -- tori has about four kids right now i think. >> yeah, four. >> yeah. i think it's time for her to have some more. i think it's a good thing, her and her husband are trying to work things out. i think it's a good thing. >> so, i thought they were getting a divorce? now they're having another kid, kid number five. >> a lot of people in relationships they do feel like if they're able to have a baby they call it a baby that can bring them back together. not always the case. you have to make sure your foundation is solid especially if you already have kids and if they didn't help the situation that means a new
9:56 am
baby will just be that, just a new baby. >> i got you. orange is the new black engagement news. who is going to get hitched? [laughter] >> i'm sorry, i can't hear you. >> orange is the new black. does she know about this folks? is there an engagement announcement? who is getting engaged? >> hold on one seconds. >> she can't hear. >> let's go back to that. we'll see porsche tonight on dish nation here on fox. before we get to wendy williams do you watch orange is the new black. >> i do. >> yeah. >> so two of the contact terse are, characters. >> one of the characters and a writer who was married to a man who said i thought i feel this way and they got together and got engaged. >> the actress has the ring on which you can't quite see. >> which one is is the writer. >> the writer is the blond woman. >> okay. >> all right. i got you now i think. >> he so, the writer wrote so
9:57 am
much about, what lesbian relationships she's become a lesbian. >> she wrote this long open letter explaining it. she said she felt like she was living a lie and something she could identify with and it happened and then she found love onset. she says she discovered onset. >> good for her. >> she found love onset. a lot of people are very happy for her on the orange is the new plaque fans. >> i-- new black fans. >> taylor swift may show up at the super bowl in houston this year early the first week of february. >> it's before the super bowl though. >> got you. >> going to be saturday night in houston the night before. >> it's the night before. >> would it be so great when the eagles go. >> she said when the eagles go. >> i like that thinking. >> can we go four and o with a win in detroit sunday? if that happens this city is going to go crazy. >> of course. we're already going crazy. the went wagon is full baby.
9:58 am
>> full baby. keep the wheels on that wagon all right. >> thank you for joining us. have a good day. it's "the wendy
9:59 am
10:00 am
>> wendy: wow! >>. ♪ >> now, here's wendy! [ screaming ] ♪ >> wendy: welcome to the show!


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