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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  October 5, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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be unprecedented. the state of florida could be on the cusp of its largest evacuation ever. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. right now only two counties in florida have evacuated but that number is expected to climb and quickly. we begin to witness fox's darrell nail in one of those evacuated counties. >> reporter: this is one a few state roads that go into the area that is have been under a mandatory evacuation. the barrier islands merit beach, cocoa beach, cane can nav val and melbourne beach. there are a number of cars coming off than they are going back in. we still found some residents who plan to ride this hurricane out. merit island residents packed into this race track to squeeze out the last drops of gas. >> i'm just topping it off because i'd rather be safe than sorry. if we do decide we're leaving. >> reporter: not a single driver we talked to planned on using that gas to comply with today's mandatory evacuation. >> i just have confidence in the
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fact that, you know, nothing happened to me before, and our neighbors say they've always stuck around and partied through the hurricane so we'll try to do the same. >> reporter: some residents are heeding the hurricane warning. ray and judy's family helped board up and secure their merit island home so they can leave tonight. >> well, we want to live. if it stays out to sea about 70 miles i'll stay here but since it's coming in a lot closer we're leaving. >> reporter: on the barrier islands similar urgency. port canaveral was empty after mandatory evacuation went up at noon. and help first even advantage waited the coastal hospital of cape canaveral making the costly move of transpor transporting e0 patients to inland hospitals. >> i will tell you i've sat in many meetings and we've not discussed cost. what is in the best care and interest of the patient and their safety. >> reporter: for anybody that changes their mind there are eight shelters have been opened further inland.
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but there's concern about the use of this cause way the closer the hurricane gets. when 40 miles an hour winds starting getting at the top of that bridge it becomes very unstable for vehicles and according to the emergency operations center, anybody who tries to go over could have a problem. and there will be few first responders to help them if something goes wrong. in cocoa, darrell nail, fox ne news. >> here's what we know right n now. officials have so far blamed 11 deaths on this incredibly powerful storm. moat of those who have died were in haiti and the dominican republic. matthew's threat forced evacuations in south carolina, parts of florida as you just heard with more expected. states of emergencies are now in effect in georgia, florida, south carolina and north carolina. the latest storm track clearly spells very bad news for the south but good news for our ar area. meteorologist kathy orr we've been talking about this for days now. >> yesterday at this time we talk about a new computer model the european model coming in and
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really focusing on the southeastern states and all of those other models have come around to the same conclusions. so north of cape hatteras really not going to be an impact and it is great news for us, but not for south florida and the carribbean. right now you can see the storm it is located in the southern part of the bahamas moving toward the northeast. no defined eye at this point as it is inter acting with the islands and we're seeing a break up a little bit. dangerous category three storm and it is expected to regain category four status over the next 24 hours. where you see the red from fort later call to daytona beach that is a hurricane warning in effect because of the impact expected from this storm. now, here's a look at the spaghetti plots all of the models these hurricane models are saying yes, it's heading toward florida possibly curving hugging the coast of georgia and south carolina, and then going back out some of the models looping it back down toward the south and the national hurricane center does agree.
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here's the latest advisory at 5:00 p.m. wind speeds at 120 miles an hour moving toward the northwest at 13. heading toward the florida coast possibly north of cape canaveral and then hugging the coastline near south carolina by saturday. and pulling back into the waters of the atlantic and weakening to category one by monday this could loop around some of the models having it cross back over florida into the gulf. it's just amazing storm to watch and we'll be studied for long time to come. but we'll have the latest on this what it means for the south and our weekend weather coming up later in the broadcast. for now we'll send it back to you. >> kathy, thanks. you can stay one step ahead of any storm with our fox 29 weather app. you can get extended forecasts and live radar right there on your phone. it's available in the app store and google play. as we continue to track matthew, stay with for all the latest changes in the forecast. we've a link at the top of the home page to hurricane coverage. so you can take a look at all of those projected paths that kathy
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has been talking about. breaking news right now out of new jersey. firefighters or the scene of a building collapse in trenton. you can see in this video from sky fox the home just fell forward there. it happened around 3:30 this afternoon on the unit block of wayne avenue. pse&g is on the scene. officials say this appears to be a natural gas explosion. witnesses telling fox 292 people came out of the home and they were taken to the hospital. we do have a crew on the scene we'll have live report for you coming up in just a few minutes. tragedy in the city's bustleton section. a couple killed in a house fire. medics desperately tried to save them after firefighters pulled them from that burning home. >> neighbors are devastated. fox 29's dawn timmeney is outside the home in bustleton where investigators are searching for clues into what happened. dawn? >> reporter: lucy, and iain a huge presence today by the philadelphia fire marshal's office as they sift through the debris trying to find out what exactly caused this fire. officialsare not yet releasing the names of the husband and
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wife pending notification of family. but certainly a loss for those who knew the couple. cell phone video from a neighbor shows flames shooting into the dark sky. it was just before midnight when a fast-moving fire tour through this home on the 9800 block of bridal road in the bustleton section of philadelphia. >> i seen the flames higher than the trees. i ran out. my neighbor was screaming. >> reporter: it was a terrifying sight. lives right next door and was watching television when he saw the flames shooting from the home. >> all of a sudden i looked up at the back window and there was nothing but big flash. >> reporter: he says the neck thing he knew, a neighbor was warning him. >> somebody was pounding on the front door and said get out of the house. get out of the house! your house may go up, too. >> reporter: 40 firefighters with 11 pieces of equipment fought the fierce flames but sadly the couple who lives here did not make the out.
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one found in the foyer. the other in the living room. cpr was unsuccessful. >> it was an aggressive interior fire fight. sad to announce that we lost both of them. >> oh, my god, seen their car in the driveway. knew that they were still in there. >> reporter: today investigators from the philadelphia fire marshal's office poured through the debr debris. looking for clues twos what caused this deadly fire. the house nothing but a shell. this man choked back tears as he spoke fondly of the couple who lived here. >> i cried. i can't help it. they were -- they were nice people. >> reporter: he says the husband and wife had just taken their daughter back to school in new york. i talked to them before it happened and they enjoyed the trip up to new york and everything else, and now this. can't get it out of my mind. just can't get it out of my mi
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mind. lots of heavy hearts in this neighborhood tonight. many wondering exactly what happened last night that caused the fire. philadelphia fire investigators still on the scene trying to get those answers. iain? >> dawn, thank you. terrifying scene for a st. joe's university student. two robbers tie her up and take her valuables. police say the guys forced their way into the students home early this morning on the 5600 block of woodbine avenue in overbrook. they duck taped her, took her wallet, iphone, i-pad even her car. no one was injured. one neighbor who has lived there for more than 40 years says she's shocked. >> i'm sorry to hear that, because this is usual al quiet neighborhood and we settled in they're going to be here as long as they mixing with the neighborhood we dope have any problem. they have been doing that. they haven't been loud. >> police say the student's car 2006 dark blue green hyundai sonata pennsylvania tag jdy
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jdy-9233. no arrests have been made. if you have any information about this please call police. >> philadelphia police are trying to figure out moo shark the windows of two dozen cars in fairmount. at leave 26 people had their car windows broken out overnight along the 800 block of poplar street. officers discover the vandalism just before 5:00 this morning. delaware county tractor trailer crashed on route 2 sorry two in glenn mills. fox 29 viewer david, shows the truck skidded off the road and ended up in the grass right around noon today. no word yet on how the driver lost control or if there were any injuries. in west chester it was a long hard rescue after a horse got stuck in a mud pitt this afternoon. took about two hours for crews to free the horse. the horse had to be sedated during the whole ordeal. but the stable manager with thornberry farms stable says the horse's vitals are being check. we do not know it's current condition. >> key witness in the bridge gate trial took the stand for his eighth and final day today. david wildstein yet again
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testifying this time that in the aftermath of george washington bridge lane closures everyone's job was to insulate governor chris christie. that is protect him. governor christie repeated last week did he not know about the traffic scheme. prosecutors say he did. but have never charged him. >> turning to you decide 2016. both vice-presidential nominees back on the campaign trail today coming off last night's feisty debate in virginia. both tim kaine and mike pence will be in pennsylvania this week. while governor pence won't be in our immediate area, senator kaine scheduled to make an appearance tonight in philadelphia at a sheet metal workers union event. a priceless military keep sake stole stole sold on the stt for $20. tonight it's back where it belongs with the family thank to one man an story that aired here on fox 29. a mother is just outraged after her son who has autism ended up locked up in a padded room at school. what happened, why and this mom
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is now considering a lawsuit. big surprise today for one local teacher. what she did that landed her a huge reward and nearly left her speechless. >> later at 6:00, police say these two guys are roaming around one local town taking stuff that did not belong to them. what else cops say surveillance video caught them doing. ♪ katie v/o: she works hard.
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public's help to identify this man. they say he may have some critical information about the identity of a child sex assault victim take good look at the sketch and the partial pictures. if you recognize him, you're asked to call 800 call fbi in bensalem 12-year-old arrested in connection to clown threat made on social media. >> they say police do that the students made the threats against schaeffer and schneider middle schools. the image posted depicts gun, a knife an needle. investigators say they traced the threat back to the 12-year-old who now faces charges of terroristic threats and harassment much police say the threat was only that, nothing more. so far this week police depth tide at least three on the children who they say made similar threats in our area. these clown incidents or whatever you want to call them have been an issue across the united states. in north philadelphia, police are looking for this man wanted for a brutal sexual assault. police say the guy follow add 27-year-old victim. pulled her behind a truck on 21st and york streets last
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month. then sexually assaulted her, beat her and stole her phone and debit card. the suspect is seen on this surveillance video using her card at an atm. if you recognize this guy, please call police. in trenton, lawmakers pushed back a vote on bill that would raise the gas tax. that vote is now scheduled to happen on friday. the move comes after democrats failed to get enough support to pass the measure. >> supporters want to raise the gas tax by 23 cents a gallon to help pay for road work. the tax alone gets up to 37.5 cents. new jersey has the second lowest gas tack in the nation. things need to change because the state's transportation fund is plain out of money. governor christie and the legislature struck deal on the increase last week. >> it's a difficult vote. this is not an easy vote. anybody who says this is an easy vote is kidding themselves. this is a very, very difficult vote. it's an obligation, it's a
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difficult decision but it's a difficult vote for many people. >> difficult being the key word there. but conservative law make say the tax increase is too bad and passing would be a burden on working families. the legislation would raise the gas tax others sales and estate tax boss drop. eagles are back from their by week they'll play the lions on sunday a game you can see right here on fox 29. the problems for one eagle off the practice field not the first brush with the law this season. sean bell with dot distraction the three-zero eagles don't need, sean. >> during the by week nigel bran ham got in trouble for the second time in just four months. arrested for having a gun in his backpack at the miami airport. branham in july was charged with assault after a confrontation with a man in south beach. everything has been rosy for the eagles new regime so far. hiccup they didn't need right now. something you don't want to deal with going into a road game in detroit.
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doug pederson says he probably won't take any action wait until the legal process plays out branham has to know better all of this is on him. >> everybody knows -- take control of my actions be spore responsible for everything die. >> he'd been talked to by a lot of people already and he understands and i'm just going to wait and see what happens, and i'll keep talking to him like normal all the guys and just keep reminding them we got to make -- make good smart decisions away from the building. >> basically dug p will wait and see if he gets suspended by the nfl first. later in sports we'll have more reactions on bradham carson wentz talks about facing the lions and trying to go four four-zero. lucy. >> talk to you soon, sean. fox 29 getting results tonight. reuniting a south jersey family with the american flag. the family received it at a funeral 14 years ago. >> our bruce gordon brought you the story yesterday and joins us
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in the stewed eighty seven bruce it didn't take long for our viewers to come to the rescue. >> reporter: it got that right. all because of good samaritan got us involved and then we got you involved. >> i think i've got something for you. >> thank you so much. >> i can believe this. >> reporter: for the first time since her big brother larry's death 14 years ago, loretta pipitone, has the inner loop flag that once draped his casket. >> it's very touching to me. i'm going to keep it definitely keep it. >> how are you. >> dave nunez of vineland gave us the flag in hopes we could find its rightful own are in. he says he bought from it a stranger for 20 bucks suspecting it had been part of veteran's funeral. >> i thought it was the right thing to do just to give it back to the family and see who it belongs to. >> reporter: loretta did not see our original story detailing our efforts to find the flag's family but a childhood classmate in our viewing area did. quickly called her. >> she saw pipitone and she said i went to school with a pipito pipitone. >> a couple of phone calls later
5:19 pm
loretta her had her brother's flag. >> used to fix the plains. my brother, yeah. >> it was hard because my -- they took both my brothers and my mother was raising all the girls by herself because my father passed away. >> we visited larry's gravesite for our original report. his italian name was florindo. loretta's remembers highs 2002 funeral and believes a family member would have been given the flag from his casket. >> i don't know who had it. but they should have never given it away. >> reporter: now it's back where it belongs. >> what does it mean to you to have this now? >> it means a lot to me. it's my brother's. what can i -- you know, it means a lot. i'm going to call my two sisters to come and see it. they'll probably say i'll take it. i'll take it but oh, no, they found me first. [ laughter ] >> reporter: we sure did. loretta wander to us publicly thank dave for making the effort to buy the flag in the first place and then take the time to reach out to us to try and find
5:20 pm
the rightful owners. dave? thank you. >> iain. >> bruce, thank you for making that possible. we continue to follow brea breaking out of new jersey tonight firefighte firefightersn trenton trying to figure out why a building collapsed. let's get out to dave schratwieser live on the scene. dave, what can you tell us? >> reporter: iain, let's start with some good news. fire director bashir just told mow that two people were successfully removed from one of the houses that collapsed. both of them were taken to the hospital. they have minor injuries. take a look at the scene here. we're about a block and a half where from where this happened being kept here by police and firefighters. gas crews are here from pse&g. firefighters the mows department, this happened around 3:15 this afternoon. neighbors reported hearing an explosion. this may be a gas leak. they're still investigating that. two homes were affected. one was abandoned. the other had to two people it in p the two people were successfully removed from the home. we were fortunate enough to talk to good samaritan here someone who lives right across the
5:21 pm
street. tray sean collins. she heard the explosion and quickly went into action. >> i had to bling couple of times is this real? the first thing that came to mind run across the street and make sure is everyone okay. as everyone is yelling i'm like everybody be quiet. i'm like, hello? is anybody in the house. ? there was scream for help. so somebody got a big rock, guy in white shirt with braids he through a rock at the window and somebody followed up way tire. i escorted the older guy and the woman out the window. told him to be careful. he was still half a sleep he didn't understand what was going on he cut his left right and left foot and right hand really bad. >> reporter: now, police still going to bring in the new jersey state police search team with cameras and a dog to check that abandoned house to make sure no one was inside that structure, again, two minor injuries. police are firefighters still who are on the scene. iain? >> dave, thank you. have you ever wanted to see ice caves, volcanoes or the northern lights? the new
5:22 pm
airline coming to philadelphia international to make it all possible. and it's a moment people with furry members of the family dread. you realize beloved animal getting older and might not be around for a whole lot longer the tough choices a member of the fox 29 family is facing. >> and thieves break no a bank without ever tripping the alarm. how they managed to get into the bank that had two businesses cleaning up a mess.
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>> in delaware police arrested five people they say were dealing heroin out of zips suss six county of police raided homes and they say they found almost 500 grams of raw heroin. more than 3500 bags of packaged heroin and almost 2100 grams of marijuana. they also confiscated a gun and more than $21,000. a michigan mom is furious. she wants answers. >> she says her son's teacher locked him in padded room and then left him there for hours. her son has autism. the eight-year-old boy attends paint creek elementary school in lake or i don't know an hour north of detroit. his mother says his teacher sent her message that he'd been acting up and was put in the room so she later learned he had been in there for 3.5 hours. now, she's considering legal
5:26 pm
action. >> call me to come pick him up because he had defecated and urinated in there. and they suspended him. >> officials with the school say they've been in contact with the boy's parents to try to address his needs and they're working to give him the best learning opportunities. >> versus say a padded locked room. the family little boy who died after shooting at his school in south carolina has now laid him to rest. six-year-old jacob hall's mother says he loved super heroes and wanted to save people from danger. she didn't want the other children who she knew would attend the funeral to be scared she decided to hold a super hero themed funeral. jacob had a batman costume on. police say 14 year old boy shot jacob and two others last wednesday at townville elementary. teacher and student wounded in that shooting are both recovering. people are dropping their yahoo counts left and right today not because of a data breach. not this time. what some reports are saying the tech giant was letting happen to
5:27 pm
your e-mails. >> hurricane matthew bearing down on the southern part of the us. the last minute preparations people are making for the storm, kathy. >> we still have the threat of rain over the course of the weekend. not associated with matthew but we'll take a look at the latest track. lock ahead toward the rest of the week and the weekend with details on matthew coming up when we come back.
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>> blue skies out there today. here's live look at reading right now. looks warmer than it feel. temperatures in the upper 60s for most of the day. >> a vastly different story us a head south. millions of people are bracing for hurricane matthew. this storm is barreling through the carribbean making its way toward florida and the east coast. as those areas prepare for matthew' rival president obama met with officials from fema and other disaster relief organizations. >> the president got a briefing on how they plan to handle the storm's aftermath. fox's phil keating has more from jupiter, florida. >> reporter: the eye of the violent and slow-moving category four storm slamming the western tip of haiti overnight. u.s. national hurricane center says strong winds, torrential rains and a storm surge with massive waves also causing significant damage to the dominican republic and cuba as it heads towards the bahamas. state officials warning the storm is expected to hit the us coast on thursday. >> i can tell you that national guards is already mobilized. we have 700, um, traffic control points along the inter state you'll see lots of, um, law
5:31 pm
enforcement officers as well as guards. we will have the comfort stations which will have the bathrooms as well as water. >> you must leave before it's too late. during the storm we cannot put first responders lives at risk. you've got to prepare yourself. >> reporter: residents from florida up to the carolinas preparing for the dangerous storm stocking up on supplies. >> we're buying a bunch of canned food, bunch of water. >> battery and land terps and flashlights. >> going to get some more canned goods. some more paper goods. >> reporter: dwindling food and water and long gas lines mean shoppers are preparing for the worst. >> thing outside that could be blown around bring inside. >> reporter: it remains unclear and uncertain exactly where hurricane matthew will make landfall. could be in florida. could be up the coastline. either way, the governor is urging everyone now is the time to take action. in deerfield beach, florida, phil keating, fox news.
5:32 pm
so we're all about weather right now. your fox 29 weather authority of course on top of all of this. kind of a collective sigh of relief from a lot of people with outdoors plans this weekend again still shifting. >> still a few days away. chief meteorologist kathy orr has your forecast in 15 seconds. so we are relieved in the northeast and even through parts of the mid atlantic. but all eyes on florida and of course the bahamas at this hour. with hurricane matthew really losing some of its well defined inner core eye right now it inter acts through the bahamas but that is going to change. dangerous category three storm. it is expected to regain its strength to foot category four storm in the next 24 hours. you can see the outer bands of precipitation already brushing
5:33 pm
against the coast of florida. where you see the red north of miami from fort lauderdale to daytona beach, this is a hurricane warning evacuations already going on because this storm is eminent as we track matthew you can see the sent of circulation through the bahamas heading toward miami. this tomorrow morning at 6am. by 6:00 p.m., the outer bands of the storm brushing against fort lauderdale up toward cane canal natural possible landfall by friday as this brushes by the cove heading toward georgia, south carolina and then possibly curving back toward the south and the east after that. but high pressure to the north keeping it to the south and keeping it away from the philadelphia area. the jersey shore and the delaware beaches. we do have a front that will help to kick it out but once again, the track continues to change. we saw the first indications of this yesterday afternoon and all the models are getting on board through the bahamas, possibly kissing the coast or making a landfall on the east coast of florida, and then curvin curvind
5:34 pm
tour the northeast on saturday and by monday, still seeing the storm off the coast of florida as a category one storm. of course, the hurricane hunts continue to investigate this and for more on that part of the story, we turn over to scott. hey, scott. >> hi there, kathy. of course those hurricane hunters have been investigating matthew that really kind of helps them with that projected path. you can see massive hurricane. still a category three storm. now, hurricane force winds extend out wards from that center of circulation about 45 miles but tropical storm force winds in excess of 40 miles an hour extend outwards from that center of circulation about 175 miles. the pressure down to 960 millibars. so decreasing pressure means those winds are going to go up. how much rainfall to expect around the florida peninsula you can see from miami through orlando toward daytona beach charleston, savannah we're looking at five to perhaps 6-inches of rainfall. now take look at the forecast
5:35 pm
wind field. you can see in the yellow those are tropical storm force winds in the red we're talking hurricane force winds. so we're looking at high impacts for fort lauderdale, west palm beach we can be talking about hurricane force winds around port st. lucie by tomorrow night and then continuing up the coast. orlando, tropical storm force winds. hurricane force winds around cape canaveral and then it continues to head on up the coast savannah and charleston kathy looking at tropical storm force winds, flooding, power outages likely. >> i'll tell you very sad, scott. thank you very much. so we are watching our forecast locally. we do not expect any direct impacts from matthew at this point so overnight tonight temperatures in the 50s at home. 40s in the suburbs. tomorrow a beautiful day. 75 and sunny and that will continue during the day on friday. another gorgeous day. now we do have some showers from that front that will help to kick matthew out. it's just a few showers and clouds on saturday. sunday looks nice.
5:36 pm
and monday looks nice, tuesday for the holiday into wednesday. little bit cooler with high temperatures backing into the 60s and morning lows on tuesday in the 40s. it is october after all. we'll continue to update you next update on hurricane matthew at 8:00 p.m. and of course we'll see you again at 6:00. >> talk to you very soon, kathy. have you ever perhaps wanted to see ice caves and volcanoes and throw in the northern lights for good measure? the new are a line coming to philadelphia international that can make all of that possible. and thieves break into a bank without tripping the alarm. how they managed to get into the bank that had two businesses cleaning up a business. later at 6:00 man convict evidence manslaughter in a deadly center city building collapse is getting help appealing his prison conviction whom is coming to his aid and why. ♪
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♪ good mews for world travelers. philadelphians have another country they can travel to right from philadelphia international airport. today airport officials announced they're adding a no non-stop flight to iceland through iceland air. the flight to iceland's capitol
5:40 pm
city begins in the spring and mayor jim kenney says this is a big deal for our area. >> the decision by ice lapped air to create this non-stop night starting next may signifies international recognition of the strength of the greater philadelphia area as a travel destination. >> this flight 37th inn national non-stop destination for phl. the fbi is searching for a burglar who broke into a bank in california through a hole in the wall. >> police say the thief made the hole through two connecting properties. he broke through the glass of one building cut into the wall leaving a large hole. the suspect was later caught in these photos taken by a bank camera. >> we've been here for almost five years now, and community west bank has been here even longer. we've always, you know, known each other and been good, you know, neighbors to each other. never would have suspected something like this would happen. >> police say the robber got away with significant amount of money.
5:41 pm
whole bunch of yahoo members are dropping out and here's why. reuters is reporting yahoo allowed us intelligence officials to scan private e-mails. yahoo is denying that allegati allegation. government officials, well, they're not talking. normally the biggest news in north dakota is the weather until the moose decides to go on target. while animal control officers decided against tranquilizing. >> it's the moment people with furry member of the family dread. you realize your animal is getting older. might not be around for much longer much the tough choices a member of the fox 29 family is facing.
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♪ in center city dna global tax group celebrating the
5:45 pm
opening of a new location hopes to support international business for the city and the area. 25 employees will work at the new location the company hopes to increase its work force there. it's an inevitable for those of us with fury and feathered members of the family your beloved old animal is showing change signs of sickness and you don't really know what's going on so you got to explore the options of course and you sometimes, well arc lot of times have to make tough decisions. >> fox 29's hank flynn understands. he's facing that situation with his own dog murray. >> reporter: still got plenty of juice left. watch this. murray, where is the squirrel. go get him. where is the jill. >> not really a squirrel there. beside the point. he's willing to get out there. that's my dog murray. >> for the sake of this story, let's say he's yours. 10 years old. amazing dog beloved family friend. a couple months back he starts
5:46 pm
pooping under the bed. every day. nobody knows why. >> what's the matter old man? >> come on out. >> come on. >> you got to go outside. dude washington did you do under here? question at this point is what do you do? >> first step obvious you take him to the vet. but you're worried none of us are getting any younger and the possibilities freak you out a little. >> especially when we do get a hard diagnosis and we know that we're dealing with cancer and the prognosis isn't good. >> that's dr. kerry at holland veterinary care who gave mer murray good going over. murray seems good tough to tell if there's a deeper issue. >> i can't determine if there's any cancer his spine or potentially could be progressive overtime. his symptoms seem pretty minor
5:47 pm
at this point. it's hard to know how things might progress. >> reporter: the doctor adds she could order up neurological tests, blood work but that adds up. >> murray wants to say he's got no issue. >> reporter: americans spend more than 60 billions dollars on that you are pets. but how much is in your budget? >> come on buddy. taking murray down to doctor the chiropractor. >> dr. howard bloom weather vain wellness center in southampton strong human clientele but he's seen a dozen dogs week. >> a couple of people say, you know, have you tried the dog chiropractor. initially i was like have you lost your mind. >> they have spines, too. >> and in nervous systems. >> dr. bloom did his thing on murray told me the old buy boy needed an adjustment. >> his hip was off. >> the nerves in there and that could be one of the reasons why he's even doing it in the first place. >> right. >> all right. here's the verdict. chiropractic worked.
5:48 pm
sort of. >> you like that. >> over the week since he's seen dr. howard he poop in the house once and not under the bed. that's progress. we'll get the tests. we owe him that. so that's the question. you can call me callus for asking, i don't care. how far are you willing to go? how much will you spend to keep a beloved old dog around? get in on the conversation on twitter at hank fox 29 and here at fox 29 philly. >> big surprise for a philadelphia teacher andrew jackson elementary. janet pug list see was awarded the milton education award she teaches fifth grade and was recognized today for working to get her students rest interested in the stem field. stem stands for science, technology, engineering and math. the award comes with a $25,000 stipend. pugliese has taught in philadelphia for nine years. >> it's an exciting day in philadelphia for gilmore girls fans. they got to soak in luke's diner
5:49 pm
like on the popular show. it's been 16 years since gilmore girls premiered. pop up cafes have opened all across the country. the one on the 3700 block of spruce street. the cafe is giving away free coffee. they gave away free coffee to the first 250 people. many fans waited in line for the, um, unique experience. >> i'm so excited for it. i literally were c not wait. >> it's pretty awesome. i knew there was a gilmore girls following but to see it in person it's cool. >> netflix organize the event to get fans excited for the premier of the show on november 25th. genius marketing on that one. here we are talking about it. local high school student celebrated for heroic touchdown stopped by our good day studio. >> marvin pearson is blind but he made headlines for making this big play that went viral. the teen said it was a team toast get him into the end zone.
5:50 pm
>> it definitely felt exhilarating running down the field because i've always been a fast guy and always liked to run. that was one of my favorite things to do. given that opportunity, you know, i took it, and i was happy. >> i guess the obvious question how did you know where you were going? >> um, so basically me, our quarterbacks morton and our other guys on the field we bas basically practice day extensively. the coach had us practice it and made sure i knew what i was doing and make sure i was kept safe at all times. >> marvin started to lose his site in second grade but says he always loved football. so he does what he could do despite his disability. he also loves track and feel and wants to become a sports agent. >> i love it. good for him. nothing like the smile of a child to warm hearts and in san diego lot of hearts have been warm. fleet week means visits to children's hospital by sailors and marines and members of the coast guard. fox's tara moriarty has the story. >> reporter: you might not normally see a marine or a blue angel in a children's play room.
5:51 pm
>> am i winning? >> j-10. >> okay. >> reporter: then again this is no normal play room. >> c-five. >> c-five. report roar this is ucfc chirp's hospital. >> you put olaf in the firefighter. >> where patiently are seriously ill some of them with cancer. >> it's the bev. i have two kids of my own, so being here to spend some time with them see them smile, you know, enjoy their part of the day it's greatest. >> reporter: many of the kids had no idea who these visitors were. >> i'm a maintenance chief of the blue angels. >> do you know what the blue angels are. >> no. it didn't seem to matter. >> that's pretty nice. >> levi whip this opponents in in round after round of battleship. >> you're just a good guesser. >> or you have solid intelligence, don't you? um-hmm. >> close but a miss. >> it really means a lot to us because it's a lot of what we
5:52 pm
like to do especially flying the jets. smiles on kids faces it's up in the skies and right here. it's pretty awesome. >> normally these marines are manning the ships and giving tours during fleet week. and the blue angels we met are part of the maintenance crews for the jet that is dazzle crowds with their seemingly impossible formations. but today,. >> thanks for hanging out with us. >> more smiles than did he when he came in. >> reporter: they were just play mates. >> how many games of battleship did you lose to levi. >> every single one. >> thumbs up. >> yes, i got it. >> this experience is one dana will never forget. >> not so much what they said but the smiles. i mean that's what really got to me. >> in san francisco, tara moriarty, fox news. some of the greatest table tennis players in the world will be on display in philly this
5:53 pm
weekend. how one olympian gave some average joes a chance to win a ticket to the show. coming up at six the man convicted of manslaughter in deadly center city building collapse is getting help appealing his prison conviction. who is coming to his aid and w why. >> why police say this duo was roaming around one delaware community. what investigators say surveillance video caught them doing that has police trying to track them down.
5:54 pm
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when i was one year old, i was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer on my spinal chord. but i spent my whole life fighting back. so you can imagine what i thought when i saw donald trump say... "i don't know what i said, ah, i don't remember!" "that reporter he is talking about suffers from a chronic condition that impairs movement of his arms." i don't want a president who makes fun of me. i want a president who inspires me, and that's not donald trump. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. not often you see a moose target parking lot. in business mark north dakota
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that's exactly what happened. animal control officers raced over to that moose on the loose. but they decided not to tranquilize it. here's the deal on this one. it takes awhile for that drug to work, and in that time the moose could get frightened and hurt someone or itself. the moose however managed to outsmart everybody and run off back into the wild. some of the world's best table tennis players will be right here in philadelphia this weekend. >> one olympian put her skills on display few days early and invited challengers to step right up. fox 29's photojournalist bill rohrer has the story. >> inside shops liberty place midday lunch distract of sorts moving 50 to 60 miles per hour. us olympian jennifer woo is holding center court. >> i'm sure she wasn't giving me anywhere near what she has. >> anyone with time on their hands could challenge her. >> i just to play her. >> score a point against one of the world's best will win you ticket to the woman's world cup
5:58 pm
of table tennis in philadelphia. this weekend 20 of the best female table tennis stars competing for a chance at $150,000. inside temple liacouras center. >> this is table tennis. >> jennifer woo's first time competing. some of the challengers can hold their own. maybe. >> did you go easy on them. >> no. little bit but different balls, you know, different game. >> lucky now get three during his game. >> three points, three tickets. >> saturday, sunday and friday. all three days. i'm all set for the weekend. >> don't go easy on me. >> don't go easy. >> i did not so well. >> you said don't go easy on you? maybe i need little bit more practice. in philadelphia, bill rohrer fox 29 news. ♪ right now at 6:00 hurricane matthew is one powerful and
5:59 pm
deadly stop. >> something to take seriously. hope for the best but we want to prepare for the worst. >> its track has changed drastically in a matter of hou hours. your fox 29 weather authority is keeping an eye on where it's heading. ♪ >> and look at this pair. someone's home security cameras captured them rope aig round a local community. cops say they stole business they had no business taking. >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. 6:00 o'clock and hurricane matthew now barreling toward cuba. vast swaths of destruction line its wake in haiti and dominican republic. meanwhile here in the us people are stocking up and getting ready for this deadly storm. we'll have much more in just a minute first though breaking news out of trenton. skyfox over the unit block of wayne avenue about 4:00 this afternoon. officials say a house has collapsed after an apparent
6:00 pm
natural gas explosion. our dave schratwieser live at the scene. dave? >> reporter: lucy, the new jersey state police urban search and rescue team just arrived here in trenton. they will search one of the home that is partially collapsed. it's believed to be abandoned house but they want to be extra sure so they'll go in and take look with special cameras and search dogs. this is right her on wayne avenue. the 100 block this was around 3:15 this afternoon when the explosion occurred. neighbors described it as an explosion. may have a natural gas explosi explosion. public service electric and gas is here on the scene with fire department officials and the police. they continue to investigate and try and remove some of the rubble. so far no signs of others there are two people who were pulled from one of the homes that partially collapsed. they are at the hospital with minor injuries. we were fortunate enough to talk to the fire director a few moments ago along with an eyewitness to the explosions. >> the house felt like an earthquake came through real


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