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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  October 5, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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what the latest track for this storm has to do with our weekend forecast. the cast empire a commercial that could affect the november elections. your news is next. i survived breast cancer. if the doctors hadn't caught it early i might not be sitting here. so i'm outraged that pat toomey voted to defund planned parenthood... which thousands of pennsylvania women depend on for cancer screenings. pat toomey was even willing to shut down the federal government to eliminate funding for planned parenthood. shut down the government over planned parenthood? i think we ought to shut down pat toomey. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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>> i was stocking up on water. i'm not whether or not i'm heading out of the town. >> i think i'm going to get a generator, too you know just in case there's no lights. >> americans from florida to the carolinas are bracing tonight for hurricane matthew. this storm that looks like a monster even from space and we've seen the damage already left in its wake in the carribbean. >> tonight the storm's toll is coming into sharper focus. at least 16 people have been killed in the carribbean. heavy damage in haiti and cuba. in florida, georgia and the carolinas nearly 2 million people told to evacuate ahead of a storm packing the kind of power americans have not seen in more than a decade. good evening, i'm iain page.
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>> i'm lucy noland. u.s. could start to feel the storm's strength in a matter of hours. take look what matthew did to haiti the storm packed winds of more than 100 miles an hour pomeling towns, farmland and resorts. united nations calling this the worst humanitarian crisis to hit haiti since the 2010 earthquake. the u.s. has offered helicopte s and search and rescue crews and also cleanup crews. >> let's get over to meteorologist kathy orr for what's on our radar name kathy. >> it is a major hurricane. category three storm that is strengthening into a four as it continues to barrel through the bahamas and you can see the center of circulation trying to get more well defined strengthening the pressure lowers and that eye will become more defined during the day tomorrow. hurricane matthew already impacting the coast with some rain, some outer bands along the eastern coast of florida and we do have hurricane warnings from ft. lauderdale up to daytona beach and there could be a landfall with this storm
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somewhere between melbourne and cape canaveral. the jury is still out on that one it is looking possible. the advisory as of 8:00 p.m., we have a storm with 115 miles an hour winds moving toward the northwest through the bahamas at 12 miles an hour. it puts the storm very close to the east coast of florida by late thursday early friday morning and then curves it around through georgia and south carolina, pulling it back toward the open waters of the atlantic over the course of the weekend. very unusual loop. as we track matthew in the rain associated with it, you can see those outer bands really hitting miami during the day tomorrow. and late tomorrow night. curving through is he van in a and also near the coast of south carolina, high pressure to the north will keep it well to the south of us. this frontal boundary will help to kick it out but also push it back toward the own water waterf the atlantic. we'll continue to update you on hurricane matthew and have our weather for the weekend coming up later in the broadcast. we still could see in rain. more thon with your seven day.
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>> all right, kathy, thanks. fox 29 weather authority of course staying on top of the storm. you can as well by heading to and clicking the weather tab at the top of the home page. you'll find live radar and satellite images and the latest information on the track of the storm. a woman shot and killed in kensington tonight and now police are trying to find the gunman much police say the killer shot the 47-year-old woman three times including once in the head. she died at the scene. on the 100 block of east sterner street just before 8:00 gunman was last seen in green chevy trailblazer. >> a developing story out of new jersey. the investigation into an explosion in trenton that sent two people to the hospital. the blast was so strong it damaged two homes. authorities evacuated nearby residences. >> fox 29's dave schratwieser is at the scene with the latest developments. dave, you spoke to some neighbors? >> reporter: iain, we did. amazing to night that only two people suffered minor injuries in the explosion and collapse here. take close look.
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gas crews and city workers out here still making repairs as the investigation continues into just what touched off the explosion here. >> my house felt like if an earthquake came through really quickly. >> reporter: that's how neighbor describe thed the explosion that rocked her wayne avenue home in trenton wednesday afternoon sending her scurrying out into the street. >> there was like debris and glass and stuff from the house in the middle of the street, and high to blink a couple times like is this real? >> i heard like loud boom and like the house started shaking a little bit. >> reporter: collins and others quickly reached these apparently collapsed homes across the street and went into action. trying to save those inside. >> i'm like, hello? is anybody in the house. like a scream for help. >> reporter: the other rescuers bashed in window and pulled an elderly woman and man from the home. they suffered my nor injuries. wednesday evening the state police urban search and rescue team arrived on scene with high-tech cameras and specially trained dogs to search the homes
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again. >> the other house was reported as vacant house. as a result, we're not 100% sure if in fact someone is underneath the rubble or not. >> something about a gas leak that caused the house to like go up. >> reporter: crews from public service electric and gas shut off the gas and power to the neighborhood while firefighters and search teams worked. >> come on ya'll. >> reporter: neighbors were he is cored back on to their block just before 7:00. tray sean collins tells fox 29 she was just glad to help out. >> i just thought, okay, if i needed help, i would expect people to come help me as quick as possible. >> reporter: now, as you can see, the force of the explosion literally blew the windows right out of their frames on the two homes. again, urban search and rescues teams were out here tonight. went back in searched those homes with dogs and high-tech cameras you saw earlier in the story. they did find any other casualties. demolition crews will be back out here in the morning to begin taking down these two homes.
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investigation is on going. luce gee. >> thank you very much dave n south jersey a crash involving a tractor trailer back up traffic. we know at least one person is hur. we're not sure how badly. police say the truck overturned on to a pickup on 295 south in carney's point township. it happened right around 6:30. right where the highway merges with the turnpike. the southbound lanes are closed at exit two and traffic is now diverted to route 130. happening right now in the city's overbrook section police want to find two men who tied up a st. joe's student after she forced their way into her home. they actually used duct tape to bind her, then rummaged through her house. >> things took an even more dangerous turn. fox 29's jennifer joyce is live on campus now with details of that woman's terrifying night. jennifer? >> reporter: good evening, iain, police tell us these two robbers did get off with some of the victim's valuables including her car. the car was later recovered,
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however, these two bold robbers who have caused shock in this community have not been caught. >> i thought it was very cruel honestly. >> it could have been any of my friends, too. so it's definitely -- it was definitely surprising. >> reporter: police say early this morning saint joseph's university student was asleep in her home a few blocks from campus when she woke up just before 5:00 a.m. to a flashlight in her eyes and two masked men in her bedroom. one with a knife, one with a gun. >> they grab her they put her into a closet in the basement. >> reporter: they snatched what they can including her car keys, then took things a step further. >> they take her out of the closet, they put duct tape on her mouth and they sip tie her arms. >> reporter: philadelphia police say the robbers escorted the frightened student out front and told her to get into the trunk of her car. when the bold young men weren't looking she broke free. >> it was definitely shoc shock. it was alarming because, you know, you feel safe on campus and then something so close can
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just totally catch you off guard. >> reporter: philadelphia police were back on the scene tonight to look for more clues. director of sju public safety arthur grover says the school has increased its patrols and add advises students to to ask landlords to take additional safety measures. >> to install cameras and robust light and trim back foliage. >> i know she must be traumatized. i wish her the best. god bless her. >> reporter: police urging anyone with any information about this crime as well as anyone who sees anything suspicious in this area to give them a call at 215686 tips. >> iain? >> jennifer, thank you. tonight ride the ducks has stopped their tours on the streets and waterways of philadelphia. the company saying that they have quote suspended operations indefinitely. ride the ducks amphibious vehicles were involved in two deadly incidents here two hungarian students were killed when a duck boat turned over on the delaware back in 2010.
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and a tourist from texas was hit by duck boat crossing the street in chinatown in 2015 when she crossed against the light. tonight a northeast philadelphia community is mourning after a fire killed a couple. neighbors say they had just taken their daughter to college. medics desperately tried to say the mom and dad when the fast-moving fire ripped through their home on the 9800 block of bridle road in bustleton. 40 firefighters balanced these flames around midnight and were able to pull the couple from their burning home but they could not revive them. >> i seen the flames higher than the trees. i ran out. my neighbor was screaming. >> i cried. can't help it. they were -- they were nice people. >> authorities are not yet released the name of the couple. their investigation continues. we do know the home did not have working smoke detectors. a horse in chester county is recovering after quite an orde ordeal.
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>> it got stuck in the mud for at least two hours and 18-year-old clydesdale named cyrus disappeared from thornberry farms. when police arrived, they found him almost completely submerge the in swampy area. they called in help and between unionville equine associates, police and firefighters they were eventually able to lift cyrus to safety after building a platform around him and using trench rescue tools. they had sedated the big guy during the rescue so he wouldn't hurt himself. his owners are just thrilled he's, well, back. >> there's nothing you usually train for in these kind of events and all of a sudden it's amazing everybody just came out of the wood work and really pulled together. really makes you happy to be in an area like this especially to have a happy ending and to see what can all come of it. >> cyrus is back at thornberry farms tonight under the care of veterinarians. the doctors say he is in guarded condition. ♪
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new video keith scott's final moments after he was shot by police in charlotte. scott handcuffed on the ground. why the police chief released the video even though doesn't want the public to see it. >> he was a hard working father of 3-ton night he's gone. >> my family is torn. we're broken hearted. at this point the man, you know hooks did a lot of things in our life, he's no longer here. >> he died in a crash with a philadelphia police suv racing to an emergency. it happens more often than you might think. what it's costing families and costing you. and police say a robber tried to steal cash from a local store but quickly learned he cannot get into the register. they didn't stop him, though. what he got away with instead of the money. >> a mother is considering a lawsuit after her son with autism ended up locked up in padded room at school. what happened and why the school says it had to do it. a frustrated neighbor angry over the dog poop on her neighbor's deck. would you go as far as she did
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to get it cleaned up?
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♪ fight over dog do in a philadelphia neighborhood already been in front of a judge twice and it's not over yet. a woman says her neighbor is not picking up after his dog and the mess is not on the sidewalk or the grass. >> nope, it's over a back deck basically. >> just however she's gone to get the all picked up of the shawnette. >> reporter: well this morning says that it is tollly worth the fight because smoke longer enjoy sitting on her deck at the home where she's lived for more than
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20 years. now, we have blurred the picture of the dog's business because, well, it's just gross. >> this has been going on for little over five years. i've been taking pictures and reporting it to the philly 311 site. >> reporter: kelly jacoby is pinching her knows over a search she says is coming from her neighbor's deck on the rear of his mayfair row house. >> he let's him out on the deck several times a day for five to 10 minutes to do his business and then he goes back in the house. >> reporter: kelly says her neighbor leaves dog feces on the deck that's connected to hers. she claims it forces her to put up with the foul smell and sometimes flies. >> i have two back bedroom the windows cannot be open. i have kitchen window i cannot open it. i can't open anything at this point. >> reporter: she complained to city officials and says license and inspection and the city's clip community live improve many program got involved. court documents show the premises was found to be quote a public nuisance due to the health and safety risk the condition posed to the general
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public. issue went to civil court twice in the past two months. the most recent was septembe september 15th. kelly said her neighbor didn't show up to either hearing. a judge ordered the resident to clean up or face fines. >> she basically said that he had 10 days to clean the property and meaning clean and seal the deck, power wash and seal the deck or they would start to incur fines of $300 per day. that did not happen. >> we knocked on her neighbor's door to get his side of the story. but no one answered. kelly now fears the issue won't be resolved. and e-mail she received from city official as few days ago assures her it will. >> they will come out and clean the deck next week. i said that's great. five minutes after you leave the dog will go back out there and do his business. that's the reality behind it. >> reporter: spokesperson for l and i says that the matter is still under litigation. so she was limited on what she could say about the case. in the meantime we'll let if you know and when we hear from that neighbor. iain?
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>> all right, shawnette. thank you. you decide 2016. today on the trail for the white house all about last night's vice-presidential debate. both campaigns are attacking their opponents from remarks from the fiery back and forth. of course donald trump saying his running mate won and hillary clinton supporters arguing he had a tough time defending his running mate clinton was off the trail today to prepare for the neck presidential debate on sunday. tim kaine attacked trump on jobs while holding a rally in philadelphia. meanwhile trump attacked clinton in nevada. >> what's the difference between hillary clinton and donald trump? it's 14 million jobs and i tell people that's the difference between you're hired president and a you're fired president. >> she's merely the vessel for the global special interest bleeding our country dry. they are bleeding our country. i'm running to represent americans and we are going to make america rich again. >> you can watch the next
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presidential debate this sunday right her on fox 29. well you have got a small reprieve on the gas tax hike in the garden state. in trenton today lawmakers pushed back a vote on the bill that would raise the tax that's now slated for friday. democrats failed to get enough support needed to pass the measure in an emergency vote. the bill would raise the gas tax by 23 cents a gallon to help pay for road work. supporters say the hike is desperately needed because the state transportation fund is basically broke. critics say the hike would hurt working class families. happening now, the southeast coast bracing for the impact of hurricane matthew. this is the destruction the storm has left behind after working its way across haiti and cuba. the storm now blamed for at least 16 deaths in the carribbean. now, that storm threatening florida and residents there and the carolinas are on notice. >> officials urging 2 million people along the southeast to evacuate ahead of the storm. fox's kristin delgado is in cocoa beach with how the state to preparing for the massive system.
10:19 pm
>> reporter: good evening, guys. the wind and the waves are kicking up here atco company beach, and local beach restaurants that would normal be open at this hour are closed and their windows are protected now with storm shudders. now businesses and residents alike are prepping their homes and their businesses for the arrival of hurricane matthew. but many residents say they're simply not going anywhere even though brevard county is under a mandatory evacuation. things are calm at this point but things will look very different 24 hours from now. at this point tomorrow we'll begin to seat effects of hurricane matthew here on cocoa beach on all the coast. things will get pretty bad thursday late thursday into early friday morning with the peak of the storm projected right now from 8:00 to 10:00 a.m. friday. reporting from cocoa beach florida, kirsten delgado fox 29 news. >> fox 29 weather authority staying on top of this storm. you can too by going to and clicking the weather tab at the top of the home page.
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you'll find live ray darn satellite images and the very latest information on the storm's track. a baby found in a field she had hypo therapy but doctors say she'll be okay. why the man who found her says he's positive made a miracle possible. >> there you go. the cast of empire just did a commercial that, well, could it affect the november election? >> if you had tickets to see drake in philly next week you're about to be disappointed. the injury has got the rapper pulling the plug on the big show. >> now with tomorrow's traffic, here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. watch for lane shifts in the construction zones here like along 295 and the 42 freeway. crews have been out there all this week making up for lot of time with all the rain we've had, and if you plan to travel between now and the weekend, check in with the airline all of the airlines have already issued travel advisories for commuter they'll be steering those planes away from matthew's path and of
10:21 pm
course we'll have the latest on the path of matthew and we'll check the jam cams when we join you bright and early tomorrow morning starring at 4:00. approve this message.
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>> now your winning lottery numbers. ♪ police in charlotte have released new video of the fatal police shooting of keith lamont scott.
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scott's family has been pleading for the release as you might imagine this video is very difficult to watch. this new footage shows officers actually shooting scott and it shows him lying in a parking lot dying with his hands cuffed behind his back. you can see three bullet wounds and officers using his t-shirt to try to stop the bleedingly the city's police chief said did he not want to release this but he explains why he did. >> the family quests that everything go out and i had the authority to do so at this time. i chose to do so. officers are going to make sure people are secure. that they're dealing with and obviously that's a piece of it but everything else will have to be assessed in the investigative process. >> you can also hear the police reference a gun in the video. still key questions remain such as where was the gun in relation to scott. out of chicago tonight a heart wrenching story. >> police are trying to find the mother of a baby who was left in the middle of a field. a man walking by discover the
10:25 pm
now born yesterday. investigators say the little girl is safe tonight. that man found her in chicago heights yesterday morning and says he's thankful he was in the right place at the right time. >> it was like destined for me to walk through that field. like, god pointed me in that direction i'm sure, i'm positive that is what happened. because i never walk -- i don't walk. >> police are pleading with the mom to turn herself in. doctors are caring for the baby at a hospital. she had hypothermia but she's going to be okay. he was a hard working father of three and tonight he's gone. he died in a crash with a philadelphia police suv racing to an emergency. it happens more often than you might think. what it's costing families and costing you. coming up at 11:00 a huge surprise today for one local teacher watch she did that landed her a big money reward and nearly left her speechless. kathy orr is tracking that big forecast. >> absolutely. hurricane matthew continues to
10:26 pm
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♪ you have seen them on our newscast almost on regular basis. crashes involving philadelphia police officers who are responding to emergencies or calls for help. it happens more often than you might think and tonight fox 29 investigates crunches the numbers on those crashes and how they're costing the city taxpayers millions of dollars. >> and as dave schratwieser reports in some cases those crashes not only april injury police and the public, they can take lives. ♪ >> he was just great. he was just great man to be around for the life and really fun. >> reporter: those are the memories ivory has of her brother curtis a hard working father of three who lost his life in violent crash with a police vehicle one month ago. >> my family is torn. we're broken hearted.
10:30 pm
at this point, the man, you know hooks did a lot of things in our life, he's no longer here. reach out to me or my family about the situation and i just feel like, um, someone should take responsibility for what happened. >> reporter: this was the scene as worrell was headed to the store on his motorcycle september 3rd. approaching wister and chelten as he went through the intersection, he and a police suv collided and he was thrown from his bike and killed. police claim the officers were responding to an officer assist call and had the green light. worrell family disagrees. >> the video tape shows that the officer went against the red light. we also have multiple witnesses who have testified and have come forward saying that there was no siren on at the time. >> reporter: the death of curtis worrell is just the latest police crash causing concern in the police department. ♪ >> reporter: information obtained by fox 29 investigates
10:31 pm
shows that in the last 26 months, more than a thousand police vehicles have been damaged or involved in accidents costing taxpayers millions. >> in all of these accidents keep in mind they're not necessarily the fault of the police officer. we certainly have our share. >> got short of personnel so you're trying to get to help another officer quicker, um, you know, you're traveling further. >> reporter: this was the scene two weeks ago when a police suv on its way to call collided with this car at frankford and cheltenham in the northeast. two officers were hurt along with the driver and passenger in the car. >> we're concerned about everybody involved. police and community. >> reporter: fox 29 cameras found almost two dozen cars at the city's auto body repair shop two weeks ago in south philadelphia. others were being repaired at private shops. >> we have an obligation both to the public and to ourselves to ensure that we respond to
10:32 pm
assignments safely. >> reporter: our investigation showed in fiscal year 2015, there were 315 police cars damaged or involved in accidents costing over $750,000 for repairs. that number jumped to 552 in fiscal year 2016 almost a third of the department's fleet of 1600 cars. the cost, $1.4 million for repairs. and in this fiscal year, which just started in july, there are 143 cars needing repairs. >> we're out there. we're crashing them up. it's a dangerous time especially at night during the summertime we're flying all around the city and we have to be more cash. >> reporter: documents obtained by fox 29 investigates show that since 2011, the city has also paid out close to $20 million for damages to cars and property belonging to civilians involved in police accidents. >> $20 million to put in
10:33 pm
officer's pockets for wage increases for health benefits, for better pensions. >> we have a responsibility to the city and the people who pay taxes here to make sure that we drive as much as we can. >> police accidents have become such a financial issue within the police department that the discussed each week at the depth's com sad meeting. district captains are questioned about accidents and what they're doing to prevent them. >> you don't want anybody to be killed from these or injured severely or what have you and so we're very concerned about this. >> reporter: many of the police accidents occur at intersections. police policy requires officers to use lights and sirens when approaching intersections. but the policy does not require officers to come to a full stop before crossing an intersection against a light or a stop sign. >> our policy does strongly suggest that do you that, though, when you have the option
10:34 pm
obviously we don't mandate it. >> i don't think the policy necessarily needs to be changed. it's just the officers have to beside by it. >> the policy of common sense. if come to an intersection you want to stop, look both ways and then proceed. you can't help if you can get there roar report the city fear department requires lights and sirens when crossing an intersection against traffic. ambulance and fire truck drivers are required to stop before proceeding through the intersection. sources say that policy caused accidents and damages at the fire department. >> sometimes we don't have that luxury many we're flying in on, you know, gunshots. we're flying in on priority calls. people screaming, screaming for backup. >> the cops aren't getting there what's the point of them speeding. report roar police officers involved in accidents are investigated by police investigators. officers can be disciplined and barred from driving depending upon the investigators finding.
10:35 pm
>> our officers are retrained after, you know, their time is up on the accident they get a non-driving status then go back up for training. >> there are many that are avoidable and those are the ones we have to work on. >> training becomes the key issue when you look at the numbers and you look at the impact. >> reporter: all this still leaves the worrell family with unanswered questions about the accident that took curtis worrell's live and why officers are involved in so many police crashes. >> just basic safety or basic precaution would stop things like fatalities from happening, just basic things like having a siren on so that we can hear you coming. >> something has gone wrong. this is, you know, a perfect storm that something has to be done about it before it attacks more people. >> we're out there to help the community. we can't help it if we can't get there. >> we can do better, and we needed to better just for the safety of all concerned. >> reporter: dave schratwiese
10:36 pm
schratwieser, fox 29 news. police say robber tried to steal cash from local store but quickly learned he cannot get into the register. that did not stop him, though. what he got away with instead of the money. if you had tickets to see drake in philly next week you're about to be disappointed. the injury that's got the rapper pulling the plug on the big show. planned parenthood.
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♪ caught on camera in the citi' bridesburg section a man held up 7eleven armed with knives. the robbery happened last month but police just released this video. police say when the robber walk up to the counter and demanded money the clerk said he register won open without a transaction that's when the robber called an audible demanded cigarettes and lottery tickets instead. he took off with loot without hurting anyone. if the man looks familiar, you know how to play this one call philly police. in your money tonight, are you looking to book a vacation soon? you can now add new country to your list. today philadelphia international airport officials announced they are adding a non-stop flight to iceland through iceland air. the flight to the capital city starts in may have 2017. it will be the 37th international non-stop destination for phlf you were planning on seeing drake next
10:40 pm
week at the wells fargo center, you'll have to make new plans. he has an ankle injury. he's been kind of dealing with that for while. rapper told fans today he has to postpone at least thee concerts. but he gave a shout out to philly in the announcement saying, you guys were among the loudest and showed the most lo love. that's how they roll in philly. no word on when or if that show will be rescheduled. cast of empire taking some time out from their explosive drama on screen to weigh in on the presidential race. >> the cast announced who they're backing in the race in a new political ad. >> only one person in this race who said black lives matter. >> so many women and men died for to us have the right to vote. every time we sit out, we dishonor their sacrifice. >> i'm gabrielle yes and i'm voting for hillary clinton. >> i'm tasha smith. >> i'm jussie smollett. >> i'm trai byers. >> rashear gray. >> grace buyers. >> i'm voting for hillary clinton. >> empire's creator lee daniels director the ad just aired during the show. daniels spoke of the democratic national convention here in philadelphia urging young people to vote.
10:41 pm
>> mother is considering a lawsuit after her son with autism ended up locked up in a padded room at school so what happened and why why the school says hit to do it. >> the vote over to raise new jersey's gas tax delayed for another few days but the it's only heating up in trenton the arguments for and against charging drivers more. >> kathy orr tracking your forecast. >> new update on hurricane matthew coming in from the national hurricane center and the same system that's going to help keep this away from the delaware valley will bring us rain. we'll talk more about that with the seven day coming up.
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♪ michigan mother is furious and wants answers. she says her son's teacher locked him in a padded room and then left him for hours. her son has autism. eight-year-old boy attends paint creek elementary school in lake or i don't know that's about an hour north of detroit. his mom says the teacher sent her message he had been acting up and was putter in the room. she later learned he had been in there for 3.5 hours and now she's considering legal action. >> called mow to come pick up because he had definite indicated and urinated in there. and they suspended him.
10:45 pm
>> officials with the school say they have have been in contact with the boy' parents to try and address his needs and they are working to give him the best learning opportunities. new jersey's roads and bridges are deteriorating and garden state officials are looking for money to fix the problem. as we told you earlier, lawmakers were set to vote on plan today that would raise how much you pay in taxes per gallon of gas. >> but they delayed that vote until friday and likely be a lot of debate and two now and then. our hank flynn has both sides. >> reporter: awful lot of praying going on at the new jersey state house today. a loft praying. gnawed. >> you had the road workers camped out in the upstairs gallery praying since 10:00 o'clock for the gas tax vote. that put them back to work. >> we have probably about 1200 members currently out of work. members that were working that
10:46 pm
are no longer working due to the shut down. >> reporter: it was july new jersey got nor chris christie pull the plug on road construction projects statewide to ration the remaining money in the state transportation trust fund that pays for those road projects and emergency vote to pass a 23-cent gas tax that would replenish that fund didn't happen today due to opposition from both sides of the aisle. let us pray. >> i pray that i can get the guidance from god and i can follow that guidance. >> reporter: union county democrat senator ray lezniak says the good lord knows there's no way he can vote for this gas tax bill. no row forms he says and too many give aways. >> there's no reforms. we have the highest cost of road construction in the country by far. we need reforms to go along with any tax increase and no give aways to the wealthy of new jersey. >> reporter: the most senate republicans opposed to gas tax hike on basic principal.
10:47 pm
it's attacks hike senator beck of monmouth county says the whole thing feels like a hustle. not too cloak. >> it's sort of cloak and dagger announcing it late on a friday trying to move it can be before people know what's going on. so we'll see. >> reporter: soon too as a matter of fact friday morning at 10:00 a.m. the senate will vote on amended version of a gas tax bill that's already passed the new jersey state assembly. my friend bill spady has been on the war path on twitter so you need to speak up as well. what do you think, 23-cent gas tax to sure up new jersey's crumbling roads and bridges? there's been awful lot of waste over the years. his me up at hank fox 29 or us at fox 29 philly. all right. whole lot of stuff happening in the weather department. >> let's check in with kathy orr. kathy? >> we're talking about the latest on hurricane matthew right now category three storm expected to strengthen into category four over the next 12 to 24 hours.
10:48 pm
it's moving through the bahamas, the eye becoming a little bit more well defined as the storm begins to strengthen and as you can see, it's not that far away from the peninsula of florida. as we look ahead we're watching the latest track of this storm and looking at the very latest from the national hurricane center. now, this is the 8:00 o'clock advisory. we are minutes away from the 11:00 o'clock advisory but we think it will be pretty similar from the bahamas to florida. you can see it comes very close to the coast of florida. some of our models have it making an actual landfall along the east coast then it curves around the coast of georgia, reallreally outlines the curve t here through south carolina going through charleston and then hooks back around in a loop back toward the open waters of the atlantic. a very unusual track of the storm but our computer models are in consensus that this is where the storm is going to go. this is our latest computer model. rpm very good in the short term taking it threw the bahamas and then moving a little bit farther
10:49 pm
to the north and west, and making a landfall along the coast pretty obvious landfall with hurricane force winds and also very heavy rain taking it up towards jacksonville and then moving it toward charleston. as far as the potential rain is concerned we're talking about at least five, maybe even seven or 8-inches of rain along the coast going up through jacksonville, savannah and charleston. the hurricane hunters have been going out gathering the information from the storm, and putting it into these models. here's scott with a look how that works out and these models pretty similar, scott. it's amazing. >> they really are especially the european and the gfs model that we've been looking at, kathy. but take look at that satellite perspective on the storm. that burst of convection right around that center of circulation so with that latest 11:00 o'clock advisory, it will likely have intensified let's talk about the models as we compare that european and the gfs. of course, we're looking at how they go up the coast over the next several days, and it really
10:50 pm
is impressive to see how those models have really come into a better agreement. the european and the gfs model. we'll switch sources and show you how it kind of tracks up the coast of florida parallelling that coast society european is in green and gfs is in red as we go hour with hour by friday at 9:00 a.m. you can see they're pretty much identical and we continue to follow that system over the next several days. so, of course, that is something that we will be watching, kathy, over the next several days with matthew as it tracks up the southeast coast. >> it is amazing. thank you. we also looking at the amount of wind associated with this. so hurricane force winds will absolutely continue along the coast and possibly moving their way up through places like savannah and into south carolina as well. overnight temperatures will be very comfortable. in the 50s. tomorrow the high temperature 75. on your seven day forecast, quiet at home. a front brings some rain on saturday. sunday, monday, tuesday for the
10:51 pm
holiday into wednesday, temperatures cooler. feeling a little bit more like october. we'll send it back to you. >> kathy, carson wentz hasn't played in a couple of weeks but the love affair is still strong from philly all the way back to north dakota. plus nigel bradham his second straight off the field incident in miami. doug pederson talks about possible discipline. that's coming up next in sports.
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♪ >> he goes over the middle and it's inter accepted. it's intercepted by bradham. bradham take it by the five all the way down to the three. >> that's nigel bradham's second career interception. unfortunately, this past weekend he got a second career criminal charge. bradham was arrested on sunday for having a loaded gun in miami airport. charged with a second degree misdemeanor and today he has been form nally charged with fell honey as subtle from an incident back in south beach in july. two incidents in four months. both could have easily been avoided bradham has to do better. has to make changes and he says he will. >> obviously it's a disappointment. i have to stand for my responsibilities and be way more responsible.
10:55 pm
two incidents i was irrelevant and i'm in the situation i'm in now. >> again like he said two incidents, four months, that's ridiculous. nfl definitely going to take notice and you would think doug pederson would make an example out of bradham to prove a point to the rest of the team, but right now he's taking a wait and see approach to the situation. >> he's been talk to by a lot of people already, and, um, he understands, i'm just going to wait and see what happens, and, um, you know, i'll keep talking to him like normal all the guys and just keep reminding them we got to make good smart decisions away from the building. not good look. you got to do something. fine, suspension, something. at least there's no drama with our quarterback. carson wentz is doing things rookie has never done and the legend just keeps growing. number one selling jersey, president obama shouting you out and now hunting bucks during the bye all things heading to his. he's rocking the pink cleats for breast cancer awareness month. the golden child getting love from near to north dakota where
10:56 pm
he's even more of a super star but he once to ignore all that noise, stay level headed and keep grinding. >> everyone is just kind of, um, fired up back there. so there was lot of really well received, um, i mean people back there support the heck out of me and support the heck out of like i said here and the buys. it was all really good. i'm very cautious about taking too much praise. i realize it's only three games and we got a lot more to go. >> one other eagles note. doug pederson expects lane johnson to play sunday. the team still waiting on that suspension much this sunday gary cobb, howard eskin, dave spadaro and myself will be breaking down eagles game at detroit we'll have special fox 29 post game report after the game at 4:30 meadery action and player interviews out in detroit. they're trying to revenge their loss from last year. they got destroyed 45-14. >> exactly. >> lucy what's coming up at 11.
10:57 pm
>> how long will you live? iain got an answer. >> forever. >> that's not his answer. he has definite date. new study suggests you stand a good chance of reaching very ripe old age possibly passed 100 of course there's limits the age you probably will never see and your wake up weather and seven day forecast in the first five minutes and powerball is next. ♪
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