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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  October 6, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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matthew. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. the path of matthew is a wide one. the storm spans more than 700 miles. president obama declared a federal state of emergency in florida. matthew now expected to make landfall near cape canaveral early tomorrow morning. so far this deadly storm has claimed 100 lives. it's behind the cancellation of 1500 flights today alone even disneyworld has closed for at least today. and tomorrow and some experts say when all is said and done damages from the storm could top some $7 billion. this is game day. these catastrophic levels can completely wipe out homes and destroy neighborhoods. you're going to lose power if you're on the east coast. >> the storm already creating nasty surf conditions as it races this way. it's the most powerful storm to threaten the atlantic coast of the u.s. in more than 10 years.
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>> in the bahamas residents are now battling widespread flooding. massive damage including buildings ripped apart by violent winds. trees and power lines they're down. officials too early to assess how long it will take to clean up. this is video from earlier today in nassau. >> in haiti devastation is severe. more homes may have been flattened than survived. the united nations is calling this the worst humanitarian crisis since the 2010 earthquake that killed thousands of people. 350,000 people need help and the death toll there has climbed to 114. meteorologist kathy orr is tracking when matthew will roar a shore in the continue figure wuss 48. a lot of stuff going on. >> it sure is. you see that path of destruction. it's just so sad and now we're looking at the whole east coast of florida. north of miami is where we have the warnings and you can see the storm is not that far away when you think about the technology that at this moment this radar is life and the eye of the storm is passing right over free port in the bahamas.
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it's amazing to see and our hearts go out to the folks there. hopefully they have evacuated and heeded the warnings. the storm is moving right toward the east coast of florida not going to be that far away from west pal and beach later on tonight. possibly touching or kissing the coast and then moving toward fort pierce and possibly making a landfall near kaine cape canaveral early tomorrow morning. feeling the impacts of the storm with tropical storm force winds hurricane force winds are expected later tonight. by tomorrow morning at six of a m you can see that category four storm right over cape canaveral close to melbourne heading toward daytona beach with hurricane force winds obviously a storm surge and intense rain then the storm curves around and loops back down into the open waters of the atlantic in a weaker form by the beginning of next week. so here are the details as it closes in on florida. category four storm less than 100 miles away from the coast right now. hurricane force winds expected overnight along the east coast and that possible landfall tomorrow morning between about
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five and 7:00 a.m. more details op this storm and our local weather coming up later in the broadcast. >> all right, we got a lot to talk about. hurricane may not affect us much but that's not stopping locals from helping those who are going to get hit hard. hundreds of volunteers are packing their bags and heading south. red cross is sending teams to help those in matthew's path. fox 29's dawn timmeney is live in center city with more on their efforts to help. dawn? >> reporter: as you can imagine, the red cross has launch add huge multi state response to help those in matthew's path. shelters and vac weighing centers set up all across the south we more ready to open at moment's notice. we were here this afternoon as two local red cross volunteers packed up and headed out from the facility here on vest of chestnut street to try to lend a hand and make a difference. >> you can't prepare yourself. >> you never know what's going to happen. >> reporter: robert van ness and his wife denise all smiles as they load up the red cross emergency disaster relief
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vehicle in philadelphia and get ready to hit the road. these two volunteers know all too well they're headed right into danger. >> it's always interesting. we have to be very cautious. >> the couple from east stroudsburg among a group of local volunteers headed to south carolina to help victims of hurricane matthew. >> as of last night, we had sheltered over a thousand people already. >> reporter: many in florida, south carolina and georgia feeling matthew's wrath. >> we have over 500 volunteers across the south right now. we have 90 of these emergency response vehicles from across the country in the south now prepared to help. >> reporter: red cross in philadelphia fielding calls from its regional disaster coordination center. >> get this to our response team. >> reporter: van nesss say they will drive as far as they can tonight. they say they do this as a way to give back. >> i have family who lives in florida. every time there's a hur can i worry. i'm hoping somebody helps them like we're helping other people. >> reporter: definitely takes
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special people to drive into the path of a storm like matthew. the van nesss say they expect to be down south for at least two to three weeks helping people in need there. they say they are head to do columbia, south carl, that's where they're going tonight. but then that will be deployed other places depending upon the need. now the red cross says if you want to help here in our area, you can do two things. you can donate money or you can donate blood. a lot of the blood drives in south carolina and other places have been canceled because of the storm. so there's definitely a need for blood donations. lucy. >> all right, thank you very much, dawn. the fox 29 weather authority staying on top of the storm. you can, too. by going to clicking the weather tab at the top of the home page. you'll find live radar, satellite images of course and very latest information on that storm's track. >> expect delays on the pennsylvania turnpike tonight after multiple cars were involved in an accident in downingtown. i-76 is closed westbound between valley forge and downingtown so if you're traveling around that
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area you'll want to take rout route 202 south as an alternate to get around that crash and get back on the turnpike. we don't have any word yet if there have been any injuries. surprise for ticket holders today that philadelphia's popular put controversial ride the ducks attraction is no more. the vintage craft part bus part boat had been roaming the streets of old city and the waters of the delaware river for years. >> now, with no notice and little explanation they're gone. our bruce gordon has got on this story and joins us from the boat ramp tonight on the delaware. bruce, there was a mixed review on the ducks. >> reporter: look every time you saw these boats they seemed like they were chock full of happy tourists walking away on their plastic duck bill shaped quack kearse. but let's face it. there were fatal accidents on the duck boat resume and some folks will not be sorry to see them go. >> if the buck dote launch site these childhood friends in town for girls vacation found out their morning ex occurring has been postponed indefinitely. >> we were hoping to ride the
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ducks. the flock has flown. no more ducks. now we make it up as we go along. >> reporter: ride the ducks announced wednesday night it was suspending its philadelphia operation immediately. the surprise tourist who's had purchased tickets for the rides as late as wednesday afternoon. >> first we heard about it. we just walked up to the booth here and nothing. so -- >> reporter: whole lot of nothing. >> i'm not sure exactly what happened or where they went. >> reporter: outlets like the independence visitors center were selling ride the ducks ticket as far so call philly pass up till close of business wednesday. unaware of the company's plan to shut down the philly operation. >> we didn't find out until last evening so we're scrambling a bit ourselves. people that bought tickets we're going to have to deal with refunds. >> reporter: ride the ducks came to town back in 2003 by all accounts was a popular attraction. the company says it served more than million visitors it's vintage craft wiping through the streets of old city then trolling the waters delaware river until a statement on its
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website the company blames the did he mice of its philadelphia business in part on a 330% increase in insurance premiums. that hike is no doubt linked to two fatal incidents. a 2010 accident in which a barge ran over a duck boat in the delaware killing two hungarian tourists. and a 2015 accident in which duck boat struck and killed a female pedestrian a tourist from texas as she crossed the street at 11th and arch. plaintiffs attorney robert monk lewis see. >> it is a good day for public safety in philadelphia. duck boats are dangerous on the road they are dangerous on the word. >> will fully tourist survive the loss of this new attraction. our girls vacation group traded ducks for horses and carried o out. >> the demise of the ducks, you know. >> duck boats still operate elsewhere in the u.s. in boston, seattle, branson, missouri, for example, but despite was may still be seeing on some tourism web sites, the philly operation
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is officially kaput. don't waste your money on reservations that can'ting filled and of course if you bought tickets now worthless over at the independence visitors center for the local duck boat operation check back at the visitors center to so bore fun. iain. >> bruce, thank you. lawyers for bill cosby or once again trying to get the sexual assault case against hims toed in court papers filed today, cosby's lawyers say that a quote perfect storm of mistakes by a federal judge and misconduct by a prosecutor led to his arrest. they say key evidence in the case is now lost and witnesses have died since those allegations were made more than a decade ago. montgomery county da says this new filing is an tempt by the defense to rebrand the same failed efforts that they've used before to try and get that case thrown out. demolition crews are still on the scene of an explosion in trenton one day after the blast tore apart two homes. sky fox over wayne avenue pse&g says it still doesn't know exactly what set off the explosion.
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yesterday police had said it might be a natural gas explosion. the red cross is helping more than a dozen people who cannot go home. two people after all of that only have minor injuries. a day after learning mcdonald's workers hit the fast food chain with 15 sexual harassment complaints, local fast food workers raised their voices today. >> a couple of dozen workers filled mcdonald's along city avenue. recent survey conducted by the national partnership for women and children found 40% of women in the fast food sector report getting sexually harassed. mcdonald's says it takes the accusations seriously season reviewing the allegations. thousands are already without power as hurricane matthew's bands hit florida. florida is not the only state affected. we have south governor nicky haley talking about that right now. we'll have the latest coming up sean. >> eagles defensive coordinator jim schwartz telling it like it is. listen to what he said about linebacker nigel bradham
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bringing a gun to the miami airport. that's coming up later in sports. i survived breast cancer. if the doctors hadn't caught it early i might not be sitting here. so i'm outraged that pat toomey voted to defund planned parenthood...
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>> police are looking foreman who robbed a bar in fairmount last saturday. police say the armed robber threatened the employee with a gun at the bar on the 2300 block of fairmount avenue. he got away with some cash. no one was hurt but if you've got any information please call police. things are deteriorating very quickly in florida. thousands are already in the dark. no power as the category four hurricane just begins its assault of the florida coast. president obama is declared a federal emergency in the sunshine state. georgia and carolinas are under a state of emergency. as we get back to your fox 29 weather authority now, it's bringing kathy, this thing is getting close to making land full. >> wow it's eminent iain. it's hours away and late tonight it's going to be very close to the coast. so the florida coast already feeling the impacts of hurricane matthew with tropical storm force winds.
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those hurricane force winds extend out about 60 miles. later tonight, the coast will be feeling those impacts as well. the storm continues to move pretty quickly to the northeast and we're seeing it only about 95, 96 miles to the east of west palm beach and later tonight they will be feeling hurricane force winds. so it's not that far away. the heavy rain has begun and you can see the warnings continue from ft. lauderdale north through melbourne all the way to jacksonville along the coast of georgia and also south carolina. now, this is the latest track as far as the forecast track with our computer models with the precipitation and the eye of the storm. you can see the eye very close to fort lauderdale as it is right now tonight near port st. louis see and west palm. by tomorrow morning making a landfall somewhere near melbourne, cocoa beach, cape canaveral, in that vicinity. the models are very consistent with that. and then moving offshore potentially near daytona beach,
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still seeing massive extensive damage potential here and power outages with heavy rain moving toward savannah and charleston on saturday and after that, the storm is going to loop back down into the open waters of the atlantic. but it will weaken. so what does a category four storm mean as far as storm surge and wind and true damage to the coast? for more on that, here's scott. scott, this is one for the record books. >> yeah it really looks like that is going to be the case, kathy. over the next 24 to 36 hours as it continues to just kind of barrel the coastline of florida and the southeast coast. tropical storm force winds extend out wards from that center of circulation about 200 miles. hurricane force winds extend out wards from that center about 60 miles. so with a category one hurricane you're talking some minimal damage, some rough storm surge and them it continues to kind of ramp up as we move toward a category two hurricane moderate damage and moderate storm surges
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likely we're talking tree damage, power outages, also, structural damage to some of those homes and also shingles comely off of those houses. extreme damage with a category four hur cape and storm surge over 12 feet. so that could potentially be the case with matthew and then a category five definitely catastrophic damage and certainly homes would be leveled and wiped off of the map. but right now matthew is a category four hurricane as it continues to approach the coast. let's talk about the damage and also the power outage index. you can see where we have that red extensive power outages likely right along that i-95 corridor and points eastward toward the space coast. even toward orlando. daytona beach, moderate power outages are likely. so, kathy, it looks like millions will be impacted by this system over the next several days. back to you. >> and since we've been talking about this storm, they've been talking down in florida about the i-95 corridor.
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we use that as a cut off up north and they use it down south always concern about that particular area and that is where the storm will be. as far as our local weather torque night lows in the 50s. tomorrow highs in the 70s. another beautiful day. and our seven day forecast, we'll see some rain with a frontal boundary late saturday. then sunday looks great. for the walk to end alzheimer's down the shore in atlantic city. nice day sunday. monday for columbus day 66. yom kippur on tuesday night into wednesday looks good and thursday parly cloudy, 70 degrees. so quiet in the normal but a huge storm in the south will continue to update you with a new update on matthew later tonight. all right, kathy, thank you. speaking of that savannah, georgia one of the spots expec expected to get hit hard tomorrow. that's where we find joel waldman. >> it looks like a ghost town behind you already, joel. >> reporter: lucy iain good evening to you. proverbial ghost town right now in savannah, georgia. across the street you can see the shops are bored up one is a commercial real estate office. the other a bakery.
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they've got tape up in the windows further down the street you see they are bored up with some sand bags as well. might be a little difficult to make out, but you can rest assured people here are boarding up. this is the first mandatory evacuation along the georgia coast since 1999 when hurricane floyd came through. this is another shop which is a late night diner as you can see it says we love you, savannah and over here it says, matthew go away. savannah actually has not taken a direct hit since 1898. hoping to keep that it way, but it looks more and more like hurricane matthew is making its way here. one of the only places that you'll find open is sweet melissa's pizza which is an institution here in savannah, georgia. as you can tell people are enjoying their food. one of the only places literally that is open. so you know what we are eating to night. meanwhile most people are
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heeding the warning and heading out of town taking this storm seriously as they should. iain and lucy? >> thank you very much, joel waldman. i can't believe the pizza place is staying open, right? >> i know. >> you know what i mean. >> leopold's ice cream is terrific down there. >> in case anyone wants to know. >> everything is safe in eagles land. at three and zero you have nothing to be worried about. everything will be fine. eagles defensive coordinator jim warts was on fire. he gave a couple answer that is will surprise you. listen to what schwartz calls his linebacker next in sports.
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i think my strongest asset, maybe by far, is my temperament. i'd like to punch him in the face, i'll tell you. i would bomb the [bleep] out of 'em. i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go [bleep] themselves. get him out of here! get him out of here! get the hell out of here! priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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♪ eagles lions sunday in detroit it's a homecoming for defensive coordinator jim schwartz he used to be the head coach of the lions and was fired after five seasons and only made the playoffs once. schwartz was young, fiery hadn't legendary moments. see this right here. jim harbaugh. but now he's brought all that fieriness to the eagles and number one defense. schwartz has already got revenge on the lions when he coached for the bills but how he feels about his old team that actually fired him will surprise you. >> i think you guys are probably be surprised how much i root for the lions, you know, as long as it's not in direct conflict with the eagles, i want those guys to win every week. i got too many -- too much, um, blood and sweat in that building and a lot of guys that mean an awful lot to me.
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>> if you know jim schwartz you know he keeps it 100% real a hundred% of the time. today he held no punches back when talking about nigel bradham bringing gun to my am me i was pour. he loves bradham. coached him in buffalo as well here but today he held back nothing. >> the most disappointing thing for me is it takes way from the nigel that we see every day, um, a good teammate, a hard worker, a trustworthy player on the field, but facts are facts. i mean, you do dumb bleep things, um, pretty soon you're going to be labeled a dumb bleep and he's got lot of ground to make up it's not just him. it's -- it's the rest of us al also. everybody that wears that helmet all the people in the organization he represents not just himself he represents everybody. he's got some ground to make up that way. he's got to earn some trust ba back. >> jim schwartz never going to hold his tongue. of course gary cobb, howard eskin, dave spadaro and myself will have full break down on "game day live" sunday at 10:00. aft the game check out special
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fox 29 post game report after the game. we'll have meadery action and player interviews but of course jim schwartz is the man. someone needs a camera on him at all times. before that he said listen when someone is in front of me in line and has a water or anything like that, i throw my hands up. don't you know how many times have you been to the airport. >> nigel you come in with gun? come on, man. how did you not know? >> exactly. good point. >> all right. >> jim schwartz. >> join us tonight at 10:00 o'clock. an armed men terrorizing a city goes on crime spree in jogging suit and a clown mask. what he did while police were chasing him that's got officers worried it's about to get even worse before they lock him up. >> that does it for us here at 6:00. >> we'll see you right back here at 10:00. have a great night. inside edition is up next.
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♪[ music ] an anchorman's dire warning. >> go west, go north, get out of here. >> and they're trapped. forced to sleep in a hotel ballroom by the wrath of hurricane matthew. >> toddlers, lots of babies crying. >> and look whose estate is at risk by a district hit. donald trump's. >> the shocking encounter in front of a fancy manhattan restaurant. >> and is the presidential election making you sick? anxiety, fatigue, stress. is worry over the election -- >> wrong. >> that is absolute -- >> wrong. >> driving people nuts across


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