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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  October 6, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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coast. the latest track and why some trying to take shelter straighted to our area. >> a local mom that returned hundreds of dollars that came di the news in 30 seconds. yes. you know, that reminds me of geico's 97% customer satisfaction rating. 97%? helped by geico's fast and friendly claims service. huh... oh yeah, baby. geico's as fast and friendly as it gets. woo! geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more. note no. >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 10. tonight at 10, brace fog impact right now people in the southeast are starting to feel
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the hurricane strength winds. rain coming down. the first effects from hurricane matthew a storm the likes of which we have not seen in more than a decade. >> we've already seen heartbreaking images of what this storm can do and the carribbean officials blamed it for hundreds of deaths. and the false scope of the damage is impossible to know at this point as the storm continues to churn at this hour. it continues to change. leaving millions of people wondering what's next? good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. it will be a long night for a lot of people. so far more than 280 deaths in the carribbean blamed on hurricane matthew. the storm is packing winds at 130 miles an hour forcing about 2 million people to leave. first in the storm's path florida where history was made in orlando earlier today. disneyworld did something it's only done four times before. it closed. airports are closed. thousands of flights canceled. amtrak has suspended service between miami and new york. already it's rainy and windy in
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florida. here's what fox reporter aaron mesmer is seeing tonight in juno beach florida. >> this is going to be one of the first spots that takes the biggest brunt of this storm. those trees this is probably the best it's looked within the last half hour or so. they were just bowing and there was a point at which i thought some of these trees you might see them uproot or snap. i mean this is 140 miles an hour winds we're talking about coming in and we're not even close to being there yet. >> and that of course is aaron messner in juno beach for the very latest on the storm's track and the strength let's get to meteorologist kathy orr. >> lucy, we've been talking about it all night in our newsroom analyzing these radars. you can see the center of the storm that eye clearly defined. this storm is only about 70 miles away from the coast of florida. already feeling tropical storm gusts some strong tropical storm gusts along the coast. let's take look. ft. lauderdale 36 miles an hour
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near tropical storm force. west palm, fort pierce 38 miles an hour winds the same in melbourne and cocoa beach feeling some strong winds at this hour. we do have those warnings from ft. lauderdale threw jupiter, melbourne and heading toward daytona beach the track very similar this is the 10:00 o'clock update. the national hurricane center updating hourly now since this is eminent at this point. wind speeds 130 miles an hour. still category four storm moving northwest at 13 miles an hour. so a similar speed earlier the pressure 937 mill bi will he bars it continues this track toward the northwest. and you can see right here by 6am this is cocoa beach, florida. it could pass by or be dangero dangerously close to that area during the early morning hours. so sue serio will be monitoring it at that point. then it quickly moves offshore. and curves over the southeastern seaboard. through savannah just offshore of charleston on saturday but the storm will be hanging out off the coast of jacksonville
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even by tomorrow night and then of course over the week and it makes that loop and look at this it could be tropical storm on tuesday just to the west of where it is right now. pretty amazing so it continue to update on mur mat and total about our local weather coming up but most likely coming very close crossing cocoa beach by about six, 7am tomorrow morning. all right, kathy, thank you. here's live look at daytona beach, florida, right now where the wind is picking up a little bit and the rain but tomorrow will be the big story there. we of course will be bringing you live pictures throughout the newscast. as the hurricane moves in about 2 million people in florida, south carolina and georgia are being urged to leave. the national guard is helping move senior citizens and hospital patients to save areas with gas and food in short supply thousands of people are heading to shelters. >> too risky to stay, and just wanted to stay safe and really
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hope we have the grace to accept the aftermath. >> coming up life report with joel waldman from savannah, georgia. >> the storm is hammering the bahamas. emergency responders say they've already had to rescue dozens of people trapped by very deep flood waters and this is what things look like in haiti aftermath tour through the country. just sheer devastation. officials say at least 283 people are dead and right now they cannot reach many areas. the storm washed away a bridge that spanned this river forcing people to risk wading through the fast-moving water. volunteers from our area are heading south to help those in the storm's path. >> some of those people are heading all the way to our area for safety. fox 29's brad sattin is live at philadelphia international airport and brad people are trying get as far away from this hurricane as they can. >> reporter: no doubt about it iain. a lot of people coming and going. a few volunteers will be driving to florida tomorrow morning. florida residents we saw a bunch
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of them arriving here at the airport coming to safety here to philadelphia. other delaware valley natives who are now living in florida are down there tonight and they are bracing. >> i haven't slept. i was up all night packing. >> june less company escaped her daytona beach home in the nick of time. her daughter in south jersey bought her a plane ticket last late night and today she caught the last flight out. >> i was through it in 2004 when we got hit three hurricanes. >> west palm beach also bracing. cindy from yardley shot this video out their front door. they live a couple miles from the beach. >> it wasn't until maybe, you know, late in the day around 5:00, 6:00 o'clock that people started to get seemed a little antsy and worrisome. tonight that's not happening. >> melissa stevens montgomery county native moved from her one-story home near saint augustine into a hotel for the night and talked to us from her
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balcony overlooking the beach. >> i'm getting kind of nervous. my husband keeps reassuring me we're in save place. >> reporter: peco energy being called to action. 50 employees, 35 trucks will be headed south in the morning exact destination unknown it but predictions are 2.5 million people could lose power. and from philly international tonight all flights headed to florida are now canceled. if you're flying cruise or or head tolling disney aaa pack your patience. >> updates and changes will be made on a day by day basis. it will be 24 hours at a time as all of these entities get back online. they assess the damage. >> reporter: triple a also saying this hurricane could impact flights system wide. as a result you're expecting to jump on flight that may not be there so wherever you're flying even if it's not to the south certainly tomorrow check the status of that flight. lucy. >> thank you brad. storm set to make landfall tomorrow morning for breaking details stay with fox 29 morning
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news starting at 4:00 a.m. and good day starting at 6am. sue serio will have the very latest on the storm's track and constant updates on the impact of course your fox 29 weather authority tracking the storm all night. go to fox and click the weather tab at the top of the home page for the latest life radar images. police are investigating after a man was hit by a car in center city. skyfox was over the scene around 8:00 on 18th and jfk and right now we don't know the condition of the man had was i it's also unclear right now if the car stayed on the scene. in fair hill, gunfire between several men killed 37-year-old man. police say three gunmen shot him in his head and chest about 7:30 tonight and medics pronounced him dead at the scene on the 2300 block of north reece street. so far there have been no arrests. to developing story now from south jersey. parents in one cumberland county city are concerned after there's been a number of recent shootings some of the violence happened right by a school in
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the mill of the day and now parents hoping for change because they fear for their kid's safe team fox 29's shawnette wilson live in millville with more of the reaction from parents tonight. shawnette. >> reporter: iain, they are afraid. they say that shootings are happening almost every day now and they're pleading with officials to step in and help. >> children are walking by as a man is laying after he had been shot. they had to walk passed him and see this. >> reporter: header is fed up with the shootings happening in millville. she gathered with other concerned residents at buck and foundry street where someone shot a man yesterday it happened just as this elementary school amy few blocks away was letting out. >> i'm worried one of these children are going get shot. >> reporter: shaw owns this 7eleven on the corner. his security camera captured the video of the shooting. the victim shot several times is in his 20s and is a regular customer. he had just left the store. >> mom came in.
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i know her and he's in stable condition. that's what she said. >> reporter: there have been at least 15 shoots in millville in the past six months. >> nobody should be living under this. this is conditions of war. >> reporter: he's worried about raising his children here. he has four-year-old daughters marguerite and laura and a 13-year-old son allen. >> i worry about them every day. between riding in these areas going back and forth to school. i'm concerned about all the kids in the city. >> reporter: others say the shootings are only getting worse. and they want officials to do more to stop it. >> you can't even walk out your house without bullets ringing out. bullets flying everywhere. don't nobody want to live like that. >> reporter: and one of the residents i spoke to tim carty has been leading the cause to get shot spotter here in the city a technology that will show exactly where shots are fired and help improve police response times. lucy, back to you. >> shawnette thanks. i'll take it. investigators say the train that crashed into the hoboken
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terminal last week was going twice the speed limit as it enter the station. the national transportation safety board released that information today. and according to the ntsb it was going 20 miles an hour where 10 is the limit. the ntsb says the engineer hit the emergency brake less than a second before it slammed into a concrete bumper. the impact brought down part of the terminal roof. one woman died and more than 100 others were injured. meanwhile new jersey transit implement add new work rule conductors have to join the engineer whenever a train is pulling into the hoboken terminal or the station in atlantic city. a local woman gets hundreds of dollars out of an atm but this was not what was supposed to happen. >> the money was coming out at me, and so i took the money and i kind of just sat there for second and then i checked my balance to make sure it wasn't from my account and it wasn't. >> what she did next with the cash that has lot of people talking tonight. and two armed men bust into local fast food joint.
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they had specific instructions. what police say they told the diners to do to make easier to rob the place. an armed man is terrorizing a city. going on a crime spree in a jogging suit and a clown mask. what he did while police were chasing him that has officers very worried this is about to get even worse before they can lock him up. and -- so why did eagles cornerback nolan carol invite me for a sip in his ferrari? ♪ >> reporter: i'm chris o'connell. i'm taking you along for the ride that was serious business. >> all night we're watching hurricane matthew as it gets closer and closer to the us. we are watching the satellites, radar and conditions on the ground. ahead of a storm unlike any we've seen in more than a deca decade. ♪
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too night millions of americans are bracing for hurricane matthew. here's live look at miami which is south of where the storm is forecasted to make landfall. but most certainly not out of the danger zone. skies are looking ominous but that's about it. this storm could be unpreceden unprecedented in modern histories as it tracks north and across a highly populated east coast. we are bringing you details live all night with these pictures. it's already getting dangerous of course. >> landfall hours away now along with a worst of this just huge storm. holly bristow in melbourne, florida, right now where the weather is getting worse. >> reporter: good evening. we're here along the inter coastal in mel bourne, florida, about 6:00 o'clock tonight we were over at the beach checking
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out the waves there which were getting huge and it was definitely getting pretty windy. i was talking to a police officer and he warned my photographer and i if gets any windier it's time to head over the bridge before the conditions get too dicey so that's exactly what we did. we took a slow drive over the bridge. getting blown around little bit and we decided to come mainland where we're now here along the inter coastal. since we've been here it's gotten progressively windier and rainier. you can probably see it look like the rain is almost coming in sideways. if you take look behind me, this river is typically full of boats sailing. people water skiing, wake boarding in fact i grew up in this area and used to spend my time after school and on weekends doing just that. typically, this is a pretty calm river. it's great for water sports but if you could see it right now, it's white caps from one side of the river to the other, and it's really really really rough. every now and then we'll get a good splash in here. if i were to jump in on boogie
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board i'd actually be able to ride the waves like i was at the beach that's just how windy and how wavy it is out here in the inter coastal. the weather seems to be getting worse out here as time goes by. we're going to stay around here as long as we can but as soon as it gets a little bit windier we're probably going to have to head a little bit more westward. to block the wind for us. hurricane at this point is expected to make landfall due east of where we are. so at this point, we're preparing for the worst and hoping for the best. for now report from melbourne, holly bristow, fox 29 news. fox 29 weather authority tracking the storm all night. head to click the weather tab at the top of our home page. get the latest life ray march images. >> night out to eat fast food joint during a frightening turn for diners in overbrook. two arm men stormed into poppy's last week.
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they told all the customers to get out. made their robbery by doing so. once all left one of the guys went behind the counter, then both of them worked together to grab cash from the register. the two ran off without hurting anyone. but police aren't sure which way they went. torments night demolition crews are on the scene in trenton to clear the debris from that explosion that tore apart two homes. this is the view from skyfox just a day after the blast on wayne avenue. pse&g says it still does not know what set off that explosi explosion. yesterday police had said it might be a natural gas explosion. the red cross is now helping more than a dozen people who cannot go home. two people have minor injuries. you decide 2016. no doubt pennsylvania's critical in the presidential election. senators tim kaine made a surprise campaign stop in philadelphia today. the second day in a row the vice-presidential candidate was in town. the democrats stopped at spring garden elementary school in north philadelphia. the campaign called eight pop-up campaign stop meaning no announcement before happened. kaine told a small group that
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hillary clinton's life has been about helping family and inn and that's what a big part of what they would consider continue to do. >> if you can really focus on the path of success for families and kids so much else in society manages to work out the right way. family and children success is a great barometer for the success of the whole country. >> after philadelphia it headed to pittsburgh for another event. meantime donald trump hosted a town hall tonight in new hampshire the presidential debate on sunday is a town hall format as well. the trump campaign said this is not a practice run has nothing to do with the debate. trump says he just wanted to be with the people of new hampshi hampshire. you can watch dote bait sunday at 99:00 right her on fox 29. >> a day after learning mcdonald's workers hit the fast food chain with 15 sexual harass many complaints an couple dozen local fast food workers filled the mcdonald's along city
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avenue. recent survey conducted by the national partnership for women and children found 40% of the women in the fast food sector report sexually harassed. mcdonald's says it takes the accusations seriously season reviewing the allegations. you saw the story last night here on fox 29. about the neighborhood fight over dog do. tonight the city is responding. a woman in mayfair says her neighbor hasn't been picking up after his dog and on his back deck and it's forcing her to put up with a foul smell. kelly took the issue to court twice but says the dog do still there. we are told that the city's clip program went to the property this morning to remove the animal feces and clean the deck. the deck is being assessed to see if there were any structural issues. >> lumberton township, new jersey, police are now don something new gear. officers are now equipped with body cam. they latch right on to the front of their uniforms. police say the cameras help reduce frivolous complaints against police and the new technology will help the
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departmenting more transparent. shoppers ran in err terror at a mall, you remember this, fleeing for their lives after man started stabbing at random. tonight a new look inside that building on that fateful day. intense drama inside a courtroom spills outside. people screaming for help from police. why passions and tempers were running so high. a little boy survived a car crashing through his bedroom. what he heard just before the car plowed over him and what he thought immediately afterward. now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. look out for delays tomorrow. blocking olney avenue between third and mascher during the midday. also, the roosevelt boulevard inner drive construction continues between strahle and rhawn and as we track hurricane matthew, all the airlines have a travel advisory out steering planes away from the eye of the hurricane. check with your airline even if
10:21 pm
you're not flying into florida or the carl leap nass if your night was going through there initially they're making adjustments all through the weekend same deal with amtrak. they've suspended service all along the southeast coast. we'll have the latest on the hurricane. we'll check the jam cams. see you tomorrow starting at four. planned parenthood.
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i would support legislation in pennsylvania that would ban abortion and i would suggest we have penalties for doctors who perform them. would you put people in jail for performing abortions? at some point doctors performing abortions i think would be subject to that sort of penalty. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> now your winning lottery numbers. ♪
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police, police! bleep. >> check out this brawl outside a courthouse in detroit after 16-year-old boy and 23-year-old man get charged with the brutal murder of a pregnant woman. the uncle of the victim amanda benton started punching a family member of the teen charged. benton was found beaten and burned to death in the trunk of her car. she was pregnant with her fifth child. her uncle was arrested in the fight but her mother was the one to make piece with the other family and walk away. in minnesota police released new surveillance video from the stabbings at a mall last month that left 10 people hurt. in the first video, you can see a store employee run up to the door after he hears the commotion. the 20-year-old enters that store and stabbed the clerk. the clerk was able to run away. in the second video people you can see them running just frantically. off duty police officer ended up shooting and killing akmed. the fbi believes he had be radicalized recently. a contractor for the
10:25 pm
national security administration faces charges to night. >> he's accused of of stealing classified information. according to an affidavit from u.s. district court harold martin who lives in glenn bernie maryland just outside of washington, d.c. is accused of of stealing top-secret government property including computer codes used to hack into foreign government networks. fbi says if released the information could cause grave damage to the national security of the united states. his wife gave a brief comment while the white house is making sure safeguards are in place. >> he's a goodman and that's all i can really tell you. >> the federal government has taken a number steps to enhance the protection security of classified information including guarding against unauthorized disclose insures. >> the concern now whether martin released information that could potentially put the nation's defense or foreign relations at risk. >> eagles cornerback nolan carol just invited fox 29 for a spin
10:26 pm
in his ferrare reach look likes like fun but this is actually serious business and making a big difference in the lives of children. >> one of carol's teammates hadn't been playing long but caron wentz has lot of fans. tonight we're taking a trip to wentz street an actual place in the city where fanned moan yum is at a whole new level. >> kathy orr is tracking that big forecast. >> we have our eye on the storm to say the very least. you can see hurricane matthew is only about 60 miles to the west of west palm beach and closing in quickly. what to expect down south and locally coming up when we come back.
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shut down the government over planned parenthood? i think we ought to shut down pat toomey. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> right now millions are in the path of the most powerful storm to threaten the u.s. atlantic coast in more than decade. in fact some are calling it the national hurricane center unprecedented. possibly unprecedented modern history. this is just off the florida coast right now. live look at daytona beach, up and down the sunshine statens of thousands are without power. officials have warned millions to get out of the storm's path.
10:30 pm
now as i said, the national hurricane center says this thing is unprecedented. the damage could be catastroph catastrophic. president obama has declared state of emergency for florida, all the way to south carolina and up into the north carolina. some brave local residents, host, are heading south as hurricane matthew prepares to make landfall. >> volunteers are packing their bags and preparing for the worst to help victims of the hurrica hurricane. fox 29 at the american red cross in center city today. that's where robert and denise van ness packed full up a trucl of supplies. they have evacuation shelters ready for anyone whose leaving and trying to get out of the way of the storm. kathy will have more on that track coming in your forecast. >> from live on the football field to live in the fast lane. one philadelphia eagles veteran is getting hype the wheel. he teaches young men and women about how to chase their dreams.
10:31 pm
>> having plenty of fun along the way. our chris o'connell goes along for the ride. >> reporter: for the white ferrari pulled up and eagles cornerback nolan carol was behind the wheel, i have to be honest i wasn't sure what to expect. >> it's a ferrari 448 italia. it was made in 2012, and it's all really just all horsepower, man. >> reporter: carol is a car buff long before he was picking off passes for the eagles. >> i'm fast. i like fast cars. >> reporter: he's not a flash she guy just drives a flashy c car. this ferrari his dream ride. a long awaited $200,000 gift to himself for the seven years of hard work in the nfl. >> it's almost like football field right before the kick off you get that excited feeling.
10:32 pm
>> adrenaline. >> pretty much it is adrenaline. >> i got to ask. how fast does this thing go? >> it goes 220. but i've never gotten it up there before. >> you tried, though. >> i've got on it a couple times. i never tried to get up to 20 but i've got on it just to see how it is. >> reporter: this was no joy ride. no, this was a business trip. >> they're waiting for you. >> okay. >> reporter: he wanted to show off this place. the automotive training center in warminster. a place where he started mento mentoring future auto technici technicians like list see rue it. >> ruiz learned to be a master at boat engines much she's now back here studying cars. she plans to run her own repair business some day. >> a lot of computer knowledge. a lot of hands on but also using your brain. not all like everybody thinks being mechanic is just being greased up.
10:33 pm
>> they also have access to -- take a walk around this massive garage, and hear the roar of the engines, you learn fast. this ain't your grandpa's auto shop. it's high performance and high technology. >> you won't find agrees see finger anywhere. this is all about what techs can do with the keyboard. >> state of the art. >> not wrench. >> getting your hands dirty is something of the past. a lot of these guys have clean hands they could probably be a hand model. >> getting a job at carol's nfl career more than a million to one. but here graduates have a 90% chance of landing a job the day they walk out of the door. >> when the computers first came out and we needed it people, that's where i think automotive will come technicians will be in high demand. >> that's why carol comes here.
10:34 pm
>> not only learns about the latest technology under the hood his on field celebrity inspires students to follow their career dreams. >> defense looking strong right now. >> we're on a bye right now. >> to give back carol started his own foundation helping young men and women with scholarships for this kind of schooling. >> thank you. >> he is helped by his mother jennifer the former lieutenant governor of florida who taught him football isn't everything. >> education is is the foundation for anything that you do, you know, the more you can learn, in anything, it can better your life. it can better your career. >> carol is now looking towards the future off the football field. maybe even owning his own high performance car shop some day. >> ya'll be working on it together? >> speaking of cars, i had to ask. >> who's got the nicest car on
10:35 pm
the eagles? >> i got to think about that. i'd have to say vinnie curry. >> oh, that ride around buck county, let's just say we had in fun. >> that was nice ride. i won't tell you how fast we went. >> in warminster, chris o'connell, fox 29 news. >> i'm absolutely positive they did not break the speed limb. >> chris had good time. great story because he's doing great things to get kids educate glad exactly. >> armed men terrorizing is a a city going on a crime spree in a jogging suit an clown mask. what did he while police were chasing him that got officers worried this could get worse before they lock him up. >> a little boy survived a car crashing through his bedroom. what he heard just before the cloud plowed over him what happened he thought immediately afterwards.
10:37 pm
when i was one year old, i was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer on my spinal chord. but i spent my whole life fighting back. so you can imagine what i thought when i saw donald trump say... "i don't know what i said, ah, i don't remember!" "that reporter he is talking about suffers from a chronic condition that impairs movement of his arms." i don't want a president who makes fun of me. i want a president who inspires me, and that's not donald trump. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. i can't believe gus, you're not scared are you? you're the second most famous groundhog in pennsylvania. i don't like thunder! (bashfully) this is getting creepy! (sfx: loud thunder clap) grrrr, did you say creepy? creepy cash?
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the new instant game from the pennsylvania lottery. yeah, with top prizes of 50 grand. that's a monster of a prize. keep on scratchin' ♪ scary clown sightings now spread to michigan. man in clown mask caught on camera pulling a gun on someone at a hotel in the suburbs of detroit. police say this guy may also be involved in five armed robberies in the area in just two days. miss this morning he held uploads at embassy suites hotel
10:39 pm
at gun point. hours laderman wearing similar clothing walk into the days inn. police are tired of the clown crime. >> this whole social media thing with the clown masks across the country is getting out of control and it needs to come to an end. >> i think he's starting to get desperate. he's trying to get money quickly for reason and obviously shooting at officers he doesn't want to get caw. >> police chased the guy but he then began firing at officers and somehow they lost him. in your money night new research is showing changes in the job market. new study look at how the nature of work has changed in recent decades. >> it confirms that jobs that require a higher education are growing much faster than those that have physical demands. the pew research center look at labor department data. it says that job gross is happening quickly occupations that demand more preparation. the study also found that women are making gains in the work force. researchers say the median up nation adjusted salaries of working women went from little more than 30,000 to 40,000 over
10:40 pm
the past 35 years. for men it dipped from 51,000 to 50,000. so the competition hitting. boeing climbs it will beat space x with the first humans or mars. the ceo of boeing made that pledge. the company is building a rocket with nasa for the mission in fact it's called the space launch system an evolution type of thing, very cool. biggest bad defendant rock ever. less than a week space x owner unveiled his plans to colonize mars. >> in massachusetts young boy lucky to be alive tonight. a car comes barreling into the bedroom of a 10-year-old in the town of revere. that's just outside of boston. so the kid said hosannas sleep when his wall came crashing down and all of a sudden he was looking at the bottom of a car. >> boom it collapses. >> you're under the car. >> i'm under the car. >> and what are you thinking? >> i'm thinking like, whoa,
10:41 pm
there's car under me. have i to get out and evacuate my room. >> his dad pull him out. aside from a few cuts he's okay. his mom and brother and a neighboring room were also not hurt. >> he's so cute lucky. hundreds of dollars fly at a local woman at an atm. not supposed to happen, though. >> the money was coming out at me, and so i took the money, and i kind of just sat that for a second, and then i check my balance to make sure it wasn't from my account, and it wasn't. >> what she did next with the cash that had a a loss of people cheering her on. kathy orr is tracking your forecast. >> yes, we are. we're watching all of the computer models we close in on the last hours before this hurricane could make landfall along the central east coast of florida. and then continue along the southern states. we'll take look at our local weather for your weekend as well when we come back.
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♪ imagine going an atm and cash starts flying out and it's not from your account. would you give it back? well one woman in delaware county was faced with that decision. >> the bills just kept spewing out of the wells fargo machine when she just wanted to get a little grocery money. fox 29' is that so bean in a kuriakose outside that bank in
10:45 pm
glenn olden with the details of what that woman did with the money. >> lucy, she could have cried at the irony right here she is a struggling single mom and suddenly she literally has money flying right at her. but the only catch was, it wasn't hers. so she had decision to make. >> $20 bills started coming out at me. just for like 30 seconds, and there was like some of them were in stacks of 20's. some were singles. >> christina edwards could not believe what she was seeing hundreds of dollars pourin pourt of the drive through atm she will been using in glenn olden sunday morning. the single mom was just taking out grocery money. instead the universe was handing her almost $400 through the deposit slot. >> i was in shock. the money was coming out at me, and so i took the money and i kind of just sat there for a second and then i check my balance to make sure it wasn't from my account and it wasn't. >> reporter: just like that the mom of two found herself at
10:46 pm
a crossroads. should she take the money from the broken atm even though it wasn't hers? perhaps it was an answer to the prayer the struggling young woman had said the night before. christina was alone there was no one around to claim the wad of bills. >> i was concerned that somebody deposited their paycheck and they don't have their money in their account. >> she thought of others perhaps it was her training as a registered nurse or the understanding of what it's like to work hard yet never have enough. >> i know what it's like to struggle with money. $180 an lot of money to a lot of people. >> christina call the bang and next morning when it opened she and her mom dropped off the bills. character after all is what do you when no one is looking even if you can use the cash. besides what would her children think? seven-year-old ava and nine-year-old gavin good it was very nice to do. >> i love my mom and i want her to do good things.
10:47 pm
>> reporter: i spoke with the wells fargo spokesperson and he tells me they are grateful christina did the right thing. lucy yes. >> she definitely did and she's got good kids and she's a good mom. thanks so much sabina. tell was we've got big weather. that you know. >> kathy orr tracking it all. kathy? >> absolutely. we're tracking the storm as it goats closer and closer. moving to the northwest at 13 miles an hour and it will be dangerously close to the coast wip the next couple of hours. already feeling tropical storm force winds along the coast of florida. you can see the center of the storm moving toward the northwest and getting win about 60 miles of west palm beach as it continues its track heading toward fort pierce and melbourne during the early morning hours. die a track point. it's only 57 miles to the east right now of west palm as we follow up that i-95 corridor. this computer model pick up the fact it's going to stay very close to the fact and possibly make a landfall early tomorrow morning.
10:48 pm
we're still looking at that possibility. it could shift but you can see the eye of the storm just to the north of melbourne possibly over cocoa beach early in the morning, and going toward the latter part of the morning hours. so our sue serio will be talking about this and we'll be live on "good day philadelphia" as the storm passes by and possibly makes that landfall. then it moves offshore but brings very heavy rain to savannah by tomorrow night and tropical storm or hurricane force winds even into charleston with a lot of rain. about five to 10-inches of rain possible with this, and then it will begin to curve back down into the open waters of the atlantic. so this is what we know. category four storm. possibly making a landfall less than 60 miles away from central florida rhett now. the east coast of florida. hurricane force winds expected overnight and intensifying tomorrow morning. and the possibility of that land fall tomorrow morning between about 5:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. could be 10, 20 miles offshore or little further inland. it's not an exact track but it's
10:49 pm
the best we can at the current time. now once the hurricane gets even closer to land, the hurricane hunters will not fly no it any longer as the storm inter acts with east cost of in order. what is a category four mean want kind of damage can this incur? talk more about that with scott. scott has the latest g evening, scott. >> hi there, kathy. of course, we are keeping tabs on matthew. it is still a category four hurricane. but also we have hurricane nicole. it is now up to a category two status. let's talk about matthew and talk a little bit about the storm surge potential once again we'll go up the scale but with a category three storm extensive damage is possible. eight to 11-foot storm surge also trees down, power lines down, likely as we go toward category four status that's when we can see a storm surge of over 12 feet. so extreme damage would be possible but once again major
10:50 pm
power outages a possibility. so future wind gusts as we go in time, watching how that system kind of hugs the coast, by tomorrow morning, when you're watching sue, we're looking at winds gusting close to hurricane force around cocoa beach, daytona beach around 50, 60 miles an hour. by 8am looking at winds gusting in daytona beach up to hurricane force. as we look at the power outage index the closer you are to the coast, places like melbourne, cocoa beach, moving toward cape canaveral extensive power outa outages possible. kathy? >> thanks very much, scott. it is very dangerous situation. the worst for that part of the country in decades. as we take a look at miami we do rain and whipped but miami will be spared the brunt of this storm. that is got news for them in south florida. for our weather locally, we're talking about temperatures in the 50s overnight. 40s in the suburbs the high tomorrow 76. very quite weather day and on your seven day forecast the
10:51 pm
threat of rain saturday afternoon but mess san sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday and even thursday in your seven day forecast. of course, the very latest on matthew tomorrow morning with sue and good day. >> hi, sean. >> kathy, the sixers and flyers in preseason took night. the sixers get another look at joel em plus the temple owls were double digit underdogs. tonight they came out rolling. could they keep it going in the second half. check it out next in sports.
10:52 pm
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♪ the eagles taking on the lions this week trying to stay in the land of the undefeated. jim schwartz going back to the place that he used to coach and actually said he has no hard feelings there. he faces the lions end just wants them to play well when they're not playing him. schwartz is a guy that always honest. always straight forward. today he's very blunt about his feelings on nigel bradham bringing a gun to miami airport and being arrested twice in four months. >> facts facts. i mean you do dumb bleep things, um, pretty soon you're going to be labeled a dumb bleep and he's got a lot of ground to make up because it's not just him. it's the ref of us also. everybody that wears that helmet he represents everybody and he's got ground to make up that way. he's got to earn some trust ba back. >> gary cobb, howard eskin, dave spadaro and myself will give you a full break down on "game day
10:55 pm
live" on sunday at 10:00 then after that, there will be a special fox 29 post game report after the game. we'll have meadery actions and player interviews. temple, owls had 10-point lead at half time and everything blew up in the third. walker was intercepted by avery. that's a pick right there. that was part of a 17-third quarter. owls currently down 20 to 13. to the sixers they have their second preseason game tonight at home against the wizards. jahlil okafor and jared sitting out the second straight game. continuing off season recovery. joel embiid trying to catch up to speed. little rusty but doing work in the post writ here. big man moves that. look good. he went two for six, five points, three boards an block. played well minutes. saric getting some luck. it still counts. saric played very well over the
10:56 pm
first two games. 14 points, four boards. sixers lose in double overtime 125-119. the flyers and preseason action of their own. taking on the rangers. third period power play, jake vorachek getting it done right place right time. gives the flyers the lead then later in the period off the steal very check sets up travis for the goal much the flyers within four-two the regular season starts next friday. to the major leagues. the playoffs have been unbelievable so. two thrilling games went late and had a heroic. alds kicked off and cole hamels couldn't keep it going. cole hamels not giving his normal post season performance. look at this in the third. already down three. blasts one to right field. three and one third giving up six earned runs rangers get smoked losing 10-one. >> wow. >> big win. >> what's coming up at 11:00. >> all about hurricane matthew tonight. you know itly people in in order
10:57 pm
are just starting to feel the wind and rape from the storm. things are about to get much worse we're taking you live to the southeast as millions brace for impact and your wake up weather and seven day forecast in the first five minutes. it's a big show. ♪
10:58 pm
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11:00 pm
♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia, this is fox 29 news at 11. right now at 11:1 waves of hurricane matthew are roaring ashore in florida. this is live look at daytona beach. things are about to get much worse. in fact they have picked up substantially since the top of the 10. people in the southeast are bracing for what could be our worst hurricane in decades. in fact the national hurricane center says it could be unprecedented in modern history. the storm has been vicious killing hundreds of people in the carribbean and leaving behind untold damage. tonight people in the us are still packing up and getting out of their homes or hunkering down just praying for the best. good evening, i'm lucy noland. hurricane matthew is powerful and hours away from landfall. but conditions are going downhill fast in florida. fox's aaron


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