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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  October 7, 2016 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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hurricane matthew churning on the ominously alongside united states as catastrophic category three storm threatens the atlantic coast. >> it is here. it is absolutely here. we are starting to see impacts and it is a monster. >> the how long wind and the driving rain already, pummeling florida, when we can expect this massive storm to make a direct hit. back here at home there is volunteers who are gearing up getting ready to head south to help all of those right now in the storm's path. as thousands and in the south are already without power. also, in haiti. worse then we thought we have
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seen heart breaking images of what this storm can and did do, there was a bridge collapse making it impossible for survivors to get help and the death toll continues to rise, into the hundreds. good day it is a friday, tgif, october 7th, 2016 and this morning the storm is our big story. we have live team coverage of the effects, time line and we have dave kinchen at philadelphia international with the flight updates. jenny joyce over at peco where volunteers are heading south to help those in the path but let's begin with sue serio with the forecast, sue. >> karen, even though we are not getting the hurricane, itself, just about all of us know people down to the south, in florida, georgia, south carolina, being affected by this storm and this is it, hurricane matthew, live 3t satellite picture and through can see the eye, it is still moving in the northwesterly direction but this thing has continued to move parallel to
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the coast all night, and continuing this morning, well it make land fall there is a good chance it would but we're probably further north closer to daytona or jacksonville as that north westerly direction continues. here's radar picture of the outer band of the storm and rain from it, and the prediction as it is now back down to a category three but it is a a high three if you will, very strong storm at 125 d this project path of a circle, but it is a lot weaker when it comes back, probably middle will of next week, so, that is what is going on with that. lets go to philly international and see is what going on there. we have 56 degrees our current temperature. just a 5-mile an hour breeze out of the north/northeast very calm out there this morning. 7:04 is your sunrise time and just like yesterday we expect a high temperature of around 75 degrees, and mostly sunny skies, very nice afternoon, today, sunset time is 6:33. so that is your friday.
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looking good today but as we have been telling you we have unrelated to matthew rain on the way, we will talk about that, coming up in just a few minutes, bob kelly. >> is this a relative to matthew. >> not enclose, second or third cousin. >> good morning, everybody. 4:03 on this friday, crews are still out here wrapping things up before we call it a weekend for work crews. this is ramp from the westbound schuylkill expressway to head north on the roosevelt boulevard just one of the work crews out there, i-95, crews working near betsy ross bridge but kind of quiet, so far this morning. now vine street expressway, still closed, between the schuylkill and broad street, until about 5:00 this morning. they are normal drill jump off at spring garden, 30th and south coming off of i-95 and use vine street local and push off there at broad street. market frankford, broad street subway using shuttle buses until 5:00 a.m., 5:00 is that witching hour there and as sue mentioned with hurricane
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matthew coming up the coast all of the airline travel advisories are out there, steering planes away from the carolinas all the way down to florida, all flights to and from florida out of philadelphia international has been cancelled and vice versa. even if you are not expect to go to florida and out west, planes that originate in new york that would typically stop, somewhere along the hurricane path are being rerouted. so just check with your airline to make sure that your plane abe adjustments that they are making will not impact your air travel. forty-two, 55 from new jersey, looking good, and later on today they will close olney avenue between third and masher at 7:00. so watch for delays, throughout the neighborhood. otherwise we're looking good up and over the bridge. karen, back over to you. dave kinchen will tell us about travel in just a moment but first right now we are watching what is happening in florida. storm is parallelling the to the coast and in less than two hours it the is expected to make a direct hit.
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officials say wind are picking up ape there are already more than 140,000 people, without power, as this hurricane, gets even closer, to land. also from south caroline at president has declared an emergency, and has ordered federal aid to help respond to this massive storm, emergency declarations are design to help provide services to protect lives, and property, and to lessen the threat of a catastrophe. in the meantime, they certainly have that in haiti, death toll there has listen, to 283. and now after the storm is gone they are starting to find bodies that have been appearing in the flood waters. two taste aftermath you smashed concrete walls, flattened palm trees and tore roofs from homes. right now people from our area whenever something bad happens they say they raise their hand up and they are willing to help, they are packing up and heading south. our jenny joyce has more on what some people are doing from our area, jenny.
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>> reporter: yeah, karen, later this morning more than 160 utility crew from his peco here in eddystone will be leaving, heading south, utility experts say effects from matthew could be one of the nation's largest power restorations ever. additionally last night our camera got video of members of the pennsylvania emergency response task force loading up to head down to florida. this group left from northeast philadelphia, and plans to to what it can to provide aid to struggling communities that will be dealing with the aftermath of this storm. yesterday, we also saw red cross volunteers loading trucks with supplies that will make its way to the least leave center in columbia, south carolina. the red cross says it has hundreds of volunteers, helping the south right now with evacuation centers for anyone who needs to get out of harms way. >> one of the things that makes the red cross so powerful is we run toward danger but we run for the soul
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purpose of helping our neighbors. you know, we have a saying here that heroes don't wear capes, our heros wear red cross vest and they run into danger to help our neighbors. >> we have over 500 volunteers across the south, right now. we have 90 emergency response vehicles from across the country in the south now prepared to help and we are standing by ready to assist if needed. >> reporter: later this morning more than 160 peco employees will be joining these crews providing a 35 truck caravan that will make several stops before arriving either florida or georgia depending where assistance is needed. for next two weeks these workers will repair damage that is expect from hurricane matthew, some utilities are projecting more than two and a half million customers, will be without power, after this storm, karen. >> all right, jenny. we are seeing those outages right now. if you have plans to go to that area florida, georgia, carolinas right now check with your airline. they have rerouted those
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flights for the account of the storm. lets get over to the air poverty where dave kinchen is, dave, what are you seeing. >> reporter: well, we're definitely seeing a lot of cancellations for flights to the florida area. look at the big board there, orlando, the numerous, flights that have been cancelled, and most flights to and from florida have been shut down, although they will be coming back on line, airport officials tell us those flights will be coming back on line starting this afternoon. we are looking at people in line going elsewhere like cancun and their flights don't appear to be affected. we talk to people that say everything looks on time for them because they are not directly impacted by what is happening in florida with hurricane matthew. phl international says flights from fort lauderdale will resume later today, flights to and from miami international airport, and other locations. we did speak with people, with local ties, who are directly impact by hurricane matthew, including june lesco who has
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flown from florida to philly by her daughter to get out of harms way just in time. >> if you don't use your brain to get out of there you're going to be dead. >> reporter: that was enough for to you hear. >> i kept saying i'm not going to go. my daughter said i'm calling. >> i'm a little bit nervous, april advertise patient is getting worse and i think we all just want to get it over with, all of my friend and everybody has levittown at least just outside of town so yes, getting kind of nervous but my husband keeps reassuring me that we're in a safe place report. >> that is a montgomery county native who is taking cover in florida avenue leaving her home near st. augustine. as we come back live here, another live look at the his of departures which will change and fluctuate throughout the day but we can tell thaw southwest airlines appears to be shut down for
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rest of the day. that was their latest tweet. it doesn't look like they will be reactivating any flights today because of everything taking place in florida, that is latest situation here at philadelphia international, now back to you. >> dave, that is surprising that the airlines are even saying they might least zoom service. we will check on. that we appreciate it. we will bring you live coverage of the hurricane all morning and all day long and we will have live reports from florida, beginning just about an hour to see what it is like there. all right. happening today, news from our area, whatever you fill up the gas tank in new jersey, it has always been less expensive then other areas in the the tri-state area. but it is all about to change. we have been talking bit. lawmakers and governor christie are set to inact a 23 cents gas tax hike, so if the vote passes this will raise the state's gas tax from 14.5 cents to 37.5 cents, every single gallon, now there is still lower then new york and pennsylvania but higher then
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alaska which has lowest gas tax in the the country. if you want your vote to count in the november election, five days left to recommendation store in pennsylvania. vice-president joe biden urging people to sign up and get ready to vote. he will speak at bucks county community college in bristol starting at 11:30. this is opened to the public if you want to come out and hear him. no doubt pennsylvania is very critical in this election, senator tim kaine campaigning in philadelphia for second straight day yesterday. democratic vice-presidential candidate, making a surprise stop at spring garden elementary school yesterday. he was telling a small group that hillary clinton's life has been about helping families and children and that is a big part of what they will continue to do. >> if you can really focus on the path to success for family and kids and so much else in society manager toes work out the right way. family, children, success is a great barometer storm success of the whole country.
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>> and they are ping-ponging over pennsylvania, after philly they went to pittsburgh. unless our state republican vice-presidential candidate mike pence, indiana's governor hosting a town hall in gettysburg and touring a historic national military park yesterday. pence was touting plans he and running mate donald trump have for u.s. military. >> we'll store the arsenal of democracy and america will once again lead on the world stage with strength and we will have peace through strength. >> latest polls show that trump has ground to make up in pennsylvania, hillary clinton has 49 percent, among likely votes to compared to 42 percent. it has happened again up in smoke could there been another recall, for samsung? another incident and what they are investigating. plus we are tracking this hurricane as it is blasting towards our country. where the storm is heading right now.
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whaaat?! thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant. look at what is already happening, those winds are so strong, right now, obviously hurricane strength, they were no match for whipping and pounding rain and the wind from hurricane matthew, the outer bands from this storm are already creating a lot of damage, being that there is so
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many power outages, 140,000 people without power and flying debris, there is the scene in juno beach, and that storm is packing power and people are listening to advice sue and so many of them right now are in shelters. >> yeah, it is a good thing. the storm has not made technical land fall but it is here and it is just parallel as we predict to the east coast of florida. here's 4:00 a.m. advisory, national hurricane center is issuing hourly advisory on this storm, it the is 120 miles an hour wind which makes it a category three and moving toward the northwest at the a rate of about 14 miles an hour, northwest means toward the coast. we look at project path and we see it coming really close but what we tend to do is look at middle and we see this projection with you look at the cone of uncertainty it could jog further out to sea and further inland and we could still easily have land
4:17 am
fall and stays that close, through the coast of georgia, south carolina and around in that circle we were telling you about, and possibly middle of next week coming back to florida but as a much weaker storm with much lower wind, and much less rain. but, still, there is the rain as it moves northward and we will see it continuing with very heavy rains in georgia, in south carolina effects of this storm very, very great with the rain, storm surge and wind. wind gusts right now fort pierce 61 miles an hour, 69 miles an hour in melbourne, so just under hurricane strength. so much to show but that storm lets talk about our seven day forecast. today should be mostly sunny and nice, probably some clouds by end of the day with 76 degrees. seventy tomorrow with clouds and showers around, and clouds to sunshine on sunday, and monday, columbus day we have mostly sunny skies but it is a cooler trend as we head into
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the middle of next week, aside from saturday we don't see any showers in the forecast but of course we will keep an close eye on matthew, bob kelly. >> it looks like our soccer and softball and baseball and all that outdoor stuff could be impacted on saturday. good morning everybody. 4:18. tgif, live look at 202 where crews are working southbound right here near route 401 down to one lane ben franklin bridge looking good, quiet, up and over in philly. lets go to philly international a live look at philly international airport planes all line up ready to go. no problems at the moment on the tote board except as we go to the maps we will find cancellations galore up and down the east coast. we can go to the maps again all flights to and from florida, pretty much from the carolinas all the way down to florida, you will see cancellations. one thing i want to caution is even though as dave mentioned, you may not be going to
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florida, you make sure you check with the airline because airlines have been rerouting planes say for example from jfk that would make a stop in the carolinas or florida, and then go out west, to either say austin, out to l.a., they are avoid ago this whole east coast trip part. so check with the airline no math ther what and even once this storm does move out to sea and they open up the ticket counters there is no planes down in the path of the hurricane. all of the airlines moved them all out. so there will be a lot of restaging they like to call that even when we do get back up and running. bucks county community college set for 11:00 o'clock today, motorcade madness for the gang in new town impacting traffic on i-95 ape route 413. market perhaps forward ape broad street subway is using shuttle buses until 5:00 o'clock this morning. amtrak has suspended service all along the south east coast
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so a new contact amtrak, for all of the information, this morning. karen, back over to you. more local news right now search is on for three men wanted in connection with the shooting that happened in fair hill, police say there were three gunman who shot a 37 year-old man in the head, and also the chef, this is about 7:30 last night. medics pronounced him dead at the scene. shot at 2300 block of north reese street. so far, no arrests. in south jersey concern is growing in one cumberland county city over a lot of recent violence in that area. there has been a whole string of shootings including one right by the school in the middle of the day. parents are pleading for help because they are worried about their kids. our shawnette wilson spoke with parents who are pleading for help. >> i'm worried that one of these children will get shot. >> reporter: heather is fed up with the shootings happening in millville. she gathered with other concerned residents at buck and foundry street where someone shot a man yesterday. it happened at this elementary
4:21 am
school just a few blocks away, was letting out. >> she owns this 7-eleven on the corner and his security cameras captured this video of the shooting. he says that the the victim, shot several times, is in his 20's and is a regular customer. he had just left the store. >> he is in stable condition. >> reporter: tim says there has been at least 15 shootings in millville in the past six months. >> nobody should be living under this. these are conditions have of war. >> reporter: he is worried about raising his children here. he has four year-old daughter margaret and laura and a three-year old son alex. >> i worry about them every day, you know, between riding in these areas going back and forth in school and i'm concerned about all of the kids in the city. >> reporter: shawnette wilson fox 29 news. all these people so worried will be attending a commission meet to go talk about this increase this crime. lets get the latest on what is happening with that horrible train crash we had, new jersey transit officials
4:22 am
say damage commuter train that crashed in the hoboken's terminal is ready to be taken out of of there. the train which was bound for hoboken coming from spring valley, new york crashed on the morning of the september 29th. investigators say the train was going twice the speed limit as it entered the station. according to the ntsb it was going 20 miles an hour where ten is the speed limit. ntsb as the engineer did hit the emergency break less than a second before it slammed in the concrete bumper, the impact brought down part of the terminal roof. we know one woman died and more than 100 others were injured. meanwhile nj transit implemented a new work rule conductors must join engineer whenever a train is pulling in the the hoboken terminal or the station in atlantic city. time right now 4:22. we will be coming up on sports because both sixers and flyers were in preseason action. we will have all that coming up in just one minute but first we have your lottery
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welcome back. it is exactly 4:25 right now and this is a live look at
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what is happening, in orlando, florida. you can see this storm is here, it is already pounding florida, it is right off of the coast but you can see the effects, they have shut down disney world, that is how strong this storm is, they have only done that four times in 50 years and this is one of them a lot of vacations cancelled and people live there certainly have have moved inland and they are staying in shelters. we are tracking the latest developments and when it will hit and we will have more, as you can see the track right there basically smothering, florida, georgia and carolinas. we will get updates every single hour. we will be back with more on that but first here's a check on sports with sean bell. >> this is fox 29 sports in one minute. i'm sean bell. sixers still without jahlil okafor and jared bell as both guys still recovering from injuries. but should return soon. nothing serious. focus is still on joel embiid,
4:27 am
of course, trying to catch up to speed with work in the post, looks solid big man move. he was two for six, 5-pound, three boards and a block. he played 12 minutes. dario saric, he has been playing well, first two games, he is playing well. it still counts. he had 14 points, four board, he played best out of any sixers first two games but they lose, 125-119. flyers, in the preseason action off the power play with the rangers jay voracek at the right place at right time and gets the goal. and then later, voracek, you can see it, gets the steel, gives to it trav i can konecny, flyers win four-two. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. all right. here's is what coming up at 4:30, jenny, what are you doing? >> reporter: good morning, karen. peco business to send 160
4:28 am
employees down south to help with the devastation, expected to be brought by matthew, we will have a live report up next, dave? >> reporter: jenny, here at philadelphia international airport flights, people still going to florida but could that change as early as today? we will tell but that after the break.
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straight up, 4:31. this morning on the fox 29 morning news it is the big storm that is the big story, hurricane matthew is now a category three and it is pounding the atlantic coast. how long wind and driving rains, already pummeling florida, when we can expect the storm to make a direct hit and where we expect that to happen, in just a moment. >> also, right here we're trying to help out, there are volunteers gearing up getting ready to head south to help those already without power, 140,000, that are down there in the south and, of course, devastation in haiti. plus, gas tank in new jersey and it is cheaper, things are about to change why you could be soon paying more at the pumps. it isfully, tgif. i'm karen hepp in for lauren johnson hoist off, it is
4:32 am
october 7th, 2016. lets get to sue serio. while we have nice weather here we are thinking and looking at that storm. >> right. >> if you just woke up latest update is that hurricane matthew weakened but only slightly, it is back down to a category three but 120 miles an hour wind and 45 miles east of melbourne florida. there is melbourne just off the coast, staying there though which is a good thing because it keeps worse of the wind off shore and there is a look at the hurricane matthew. 76 degrees is our high temperature for today, mix of sun and clouds nice afternoon. your sunset time is 6:33. that is your weather for friday. we will have a seven day forecast coming up and we will talk about the rain heading our way which is mostly unrelated to matthew, it is all ahead in the forecast, would bob kelly, good morning. >> good morning everybody. we are dry here n problems at all. 432 on this friday morning. live look at vine expressway
4:33 am
everybody push off at broad street. close in your until 5:00 between schuylkill and broad. normal overnight construction. ben franklin looking good coming into downtown philadelphia. again, coming off of the schuylkill you'll use the spring garden, south or 30th, coming off of i-95 you are push off there at broad street. airline travel advisory up and down east coast cancellations all along from the carolinas down to florida, check with your airline. davis standing by. he will give us an update on more airline and air travel. even the cruise ships were all redirected and if that matthew makes a u turn laverne and comes back around they will not be able to get back into fort lauderdale there bucks county community college a campaign event later today at 11:00. so we will have motorcade madness later this morning, karen, back over to you. we look at radar we can see how large this storm is and how it is over florida, georgia, south carolina they are getting ready, they are bracing, or dealing with the
4:34 am
effects because storm is a category three it has wind as sue just updated us 120 miles an hour. lets get latest from savanna, georgia where we will have correspondent caroline shyly. >> we have been doing our best to try to be prepared. >> reporter: evacuation order forced millions from their homes from florida, to south carolina. many without homes are finding shelter too. >> i'm home less living in the tent. i came here to ride out the storm. >> reporter: as intense storm continues to move north officials have been urging anyone remaining in coastal areas to leave. >> well, i would say to those in the area where we have declared it a mandatory evacuation area that they should take our advise very seriously. >> reporter: one point matthew produced wind of 130 miles an hour with stronger gusts. high waves and heavy rain are expect to cause flooding. >> we're talking up to 11 feet of storm surge that is
4:35 am
catastrophic, and that is where people drawn. there will be no one to help them because we cannot put our first responders at risk. >> reporter: georgia has not seen a hurricane in decade. >> we have had anything in this magnitude come around in a long time so it is first time for a lot of people. >> reporter: that as caroline, reporting. is there so many people from our area getting ready to help. the lets get out to jenny joyce over at peco in chester county with what some of the crews are doing right now, jenny. >> reporter: good morning, karen. utility experts say that the effects of hurricane matthew can yield one of the largest utility restoration projects, in history. peco and several other utility companies for that very reason are planning to head down south. our cameras got video of members of the pennsylvania response task force loading up to head down to florida. this group of fire fighters left from northeast philadelphia and plans to do what it can to provide aid to
4:36 am
struggling communities that will be dealing with the aftermath of the storm. yesterday we saw red cross volunteers, loading trucks with supplies that will make its way to the relief center in columbia, south carolina red cross says it has hundreds of volunteers helping the south right now. >> it is mostly just running food back and forth to the shelters, for feeding in the shelters, it won't be out in the field as much just yet because how badly the storm hits and how many people go back home. >> we can watch weather, we can watch the projections but until you get into the storm you really do not know, what we do know is there will be a lot of people affect and a lot of people that need help. >> reporter: later this morning more than 160 people and employees will be joining these crews providing a caravan that will make several stops before arriving in either florida or georgia depending on where assistance is needed. some utilities are row joking
4:37 am
more than two and a half million customers could be without power after this storm, karen? >> wow, serious situation, of course, jenny. there is a lot of flights that needed to be cancelled, from our area because people had travel plans and vacation plans in florida. lets get the latest with dave kinchen in the airport, dave? >> reporter: we're seeing cancellationness place right now, showing you big board list of departures, flights to orlando cancelled, also to one to jacksonville, cancelled, as well. we are hearing that flights to florida are set to resume at some point today gradually, some flights even out of the certain parts of the florida like fort lauderdale to areas like philadelphia could resume later today. only hitch seems to be southwest airlines. we understand southwest does not have any flights to orlando, today as well but again, as bob has been saying check your flight plans if you
4:38 am
are traveling, there could be delays if your flights aren't cancelled so call your airline before making your way to the airport. people here are flying elsewhere like places like cancun not affect by this but going if you have issues with florida definitely check your flights, back to you. 4:38. up in smoke again could it be another recall, for samsung? a number two recall? they had a massive one already. there is another incident and officials are investigating. lets take another live look at the storm as it is right now just swallowing what looks like florida, georgia and much of the carolinas right now still parallelling the coast but soon will make land fall we will have be on top of it.
4:40 am
4:41 am
welcome back, happening today get ready to pay more, one of the wonderful things about new jersey, one of the many wonderful things is gas is kind of cheap you don't to have get out of your car. soon prices will be going up because lawmakers and governor chris christie have agreed to inact a 23 cents gas tax hike. so if today's vote passes and it is expected that it will, this will raise state gas tax from 14.5 cents to 37.5 cents, which is still lower then new york and pennsylvania. and if you want your opinion to count in the november election five days left to register to vote in pennsylvania, the vice-president joe biden will be making a stop in our area, urging people to sign up
4:42 am
getting ready to vote. he will speak at bucks county community college in bristol, this is opened to the public and it starts at 11:30. if you do want to go you need to rs vp. and hundreds of dollars, can you imagine, going there to an atm machine and 20's pump out of the machine, not from her account. what is she doing with it, that is the question? we will tell you what happened.
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yeah, with top prizes of 50 grand. that's a monster of a prize. keep on scratchin'
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it is already dangerous, it is already happening and it is already here, the winds, the rain, coming down sideways it looks like, the trees are blowing over, hurricane matthew is right off of the coast of florida, this is taken right off of miami, video, these are outer bands from the storm already, pummeling that area right now, sue. >> yeah, and that is what will continue to happen even if we never had land fall from the stormy affects from a powerful hurricane and we consider a major hurricane category three or above. it has weak went 120 miles an hour wind. we will get an update soup because now they are to go hourly updates now that it is just off the united states coast. we will show you project path of the storm with the spaghetti models, two little
4:46 am
rogue models have it coming northward but everybody has consensus even with the cone of uncertainty with it staying far south of us. now having said that and here's the rain right now, from the hurricane, we're going to show you what is going on out to the west. this is a cold front that will be moving east. some of the northern tropical moisture from that matthew will probably merge with that and give us some rain for tomorrow. here's future cast to show that happen. you can see math on you moisture moving northward with the cold front and time rine shows tomorrow morning. the is there merge. then we will get rain on and off throughout the day and evening and then everything pushes off shore by sunday morning and hopefully stays off shore but if you are at the shore you'll still to have watch for cloud cover on sunday, for most of us we'll some sunshine, so the philadelphia forecast, 56 degrees. forty-eight in pottstown. forty-two mount pocono.
4:47 am
not quite as cold as yesterday or chilly as yesterday, 59 degrees in dover, average high is 70 degrees. where do we get yesterday? right above average with 76 and we will probably be there again today. then things cool down in the mid 60's by sunday with the sun coming out, couple nice days monday, tuesday and wednesday of next week. only rainy day is saturday, bob kelly, sorry, but it is very little to do with matthew. >> i will need to cancel all chore. i was going to do outdoor stuff and clean up all those flower beds, i was going to repave the driveway inn and all that clean up the deck. sorry. morning everybody. 4:47. live look at the schuylkill expressway. off ramp to the vine street expressway still closed another ten or 15or so coming in or out of philadelphia use spring garden south or 30th coming off of i-95 pushing
4:48 am
everybody off at broad street. live look at ben franklin bridge no problems or delays coming in the city and south jersey looking good here along i295. if you are traveling via philly international just a airline travel advisory even if you are not going south down toward carolina or florida check with the airline because they are rerouting the planes over next couple days and even when they do start to ramp things backup, there is no planes. they have get planes in there in order to take folks back out. they call that restaging. the just keep that in mine and check with the airline no matter where you are flying to and from over next couple days. market frankford and subway they are using shuttle buses and regional rail off to a good start, so far so good this morning. lets update you on other news from our area lawyers for bill cosby are once again, trying to get sexual assault case thrown out in court papers filed yesterday. his attorneys say that there
4:49 am
was a quote perfect storm of mistakes made by a federal judge and misconduct by a prosecutor that led to his arrest. they say key evidence the in the the case is lost and witnesses have died. however, montgomery county district attorney says that this new filing is just another attempt to try to get the case thrown out, all previous attempts have failed. in new jersey, fedy wap appears with a lot of honey. he brought $165,000 in cash, to the cedar grove municipal building yesterday, judge ordered him to pay $360 in fines for charges including driving with tinted windows and suspended license. had would you do is the question, let us know on twitter, you get to the cash machine and then 20's they start flying out, do you keep the money or do you give it back? this happened to a woman from our area in delaware county. bells were coming out, this is wells fargo cash machine.
4:50 am
our sabina kuriakose has what she did. >> twenty dollars bills started coming at he, and there was like some of them were in stacked of 20's some were singles. >> reporter: cristina edward could not believe what she was seeing hundreds of dollars pulling out of the drive through atm she had been using, sunday morning. single mom was just picking up grocery money, instead universe was handing her almost $400 through the deposit slot. >> i was this shock so i took the money and i kind of sat there and i check my balance to make sure it wasn't from my account and it wasn't. >> reporter: just like that she found herself at a crossroads. should she take money from the broken atm, perhaps it was an answer to the prayers for struggling young mom had said night before. cristina was alone there was in one around to claim the
4:51 am
bills and yet. >> i was concerned that somebody deposited their paycheck and they don't have their money. >> reporter: she thought of others, perhaps her training as a registered nurse or understanding of what it is like to work hard and never have enough. >> i know what it is like to struggle with money, one will zero dollars is a lot of money. >> reporter: cristina call the bank and she and her mom dropped off the renegade bills. character after all is what you do when no one is looking even if you can use the cash. what would her children thing. the seven year-old and nine year-old gavin. >> it was very nice to do. >> reporter: i love my mom and i want her to do good things. >> reporter: sabina kuriakose fox 29 news. how about that, it is what you do when no one else is looking. we will talk with her this morning. that mom will be on the show, amazing, love her what an inspiration. mike and alex will be talking
4:52 am
to her late they're morning. speaking of money in your money news, could samsung, the phone maker, be forced to make another recall? one of those replacement samsung galaxy note seven smart phones caught fire this weekend. so before we knew we had a problem with the original then they sent out replacements saying in problem at all. one just lit fire on the southwest plane before take off, a flight from loose iville to baltimore that had to be evacuated and cancel. now samsung will get the phone back and confirm the cause of the fire. they are trying to figure out if they need to do another recall on the recall of both original and the replacement phones. coming up in our next hour, beware you could be paying more for health insurance specifically one state in the delaware valley is going to be paying a whole lot more. latest on that plus also lets take a lot storm right now. this is latest satellite radar we are taking a look at, satellite imagery we are
4:53 am
seeing. it is a massive storm and it is affecting so many millions of people. we will have live reports coming up. thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant.
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trying to make me eat my greens?low. no, just trying to ve you some green. whaaat?! thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant. welcome back. we will have good weather for this event in our area so please join us this sunday our first walk to end alzheimer's event for the season this walk on sunday is right on the boardwalk in atlantic city, great event, i have done it in the past and our new member of the team will be there to mc. it is a walk after that,
4:56 am
saturday october 15th in wilmington and saturday november 12th in philadelphia we will hope to see you at the anyone of these great events. it is 4:56. peco energy is sending 50 people, and 35 trucks to that whole area down in the south, this morning, peco says it is hearing and expecting 2.5 million people could lose power, 140,000 people are without power. at philadelphia international airport airlines have been planning for this they have a lot of advanced warning, they have already cancelled flights, southwest has decided they will have no flights flying today, possibly some other airlines may make different decisions but we will follow it and track it to see what will happen. woman from our area melissa stevens and she says that she has locked down in the hotel near saint august stein. >> i'm if thing kind of nervous but my husband assures me we're in a safe place. we have our supplies and candles and batteries and our
4:57 am
water and we filled our bathtubs and we're just waiting it out. >> this could affect everybody in that entire area check your flight status if you go anywhere near there. it is 4:57. it is our big story this morning. lets get over to sue because we're expecting new information to come in any minute. >> it did and it maintains category three status of hurricane matthew, many more details not only about the strength of this storm and its location and its forecast but our forecast for weekend is coming up.
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
hurricane matthew is here, millions are already in shelters, thousands are without power. >> it is here. it is absolutely here. we're already starting to feel i am agos and it is a monster. >> how long winds, the driving wind, pummeling florida already when we expect this master storm to make that direct hit on the coast and where we project that to be. we're trying to help back here at home there is always those who raise their hand and say we will hell out, folks, many heading south to get power and lights backup, folks from the red cross that are getting ready to help. so many that will need help. in


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